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Sunday, October 21, 2012

SDL: MMP voting system a good option for Fiji

By SDL party official Pio Tabaiwalu 
(Taken from SDL's newly-launched website and its Think Tank page: see link at end of story)

Ideally, the Constitution of a country should organically evolve over time. In Fiji, the 1997 Constitution has been the supreme law for just over 10 years during which time two coups took place in 2000 and 2006. The coups were not due to defects in the Constitution as such, but to other reasons. In the normal course of events, some changes would be effected in the evolutionary process of our Constitution. One such change would be the voting system.

The movement from communal voting to election under the principle of “one man one vote one value” has been gradual since independence in 1970. Many people believe that this has been in the best interest of a multi-racial country such as Fiji. The 1997 Constitution prescribes a total of 71 seats in the House of Representatives with 46 “communal seats” and only 25 “open” seats.

It was thought that with gradual evolution there would less and less communal seats with the eventual result of all open seats with everyone voting for one candidate of his or her choice

The principle of one man one vote one value is the ideal voting system we are all striving for.

The gradual evolution process of the constitution has been overtaken by the events of 2006. We have asked to move away from communal voting.

The proposal in the SDL submission to the Constitution Commission is for Fiji to consider a voting system similar to the New Zealand Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting as an option for Fiji in the coming general elections in 2014. The MMP system recommended by the SDL is one that combines constituency voting and party voting where the voters have two votes: one for the constituency vote and one for party.

In this instance there will be two ballot papers; one for the constituency vote which will contain the name of the candidate and one for the party vote which will contain only the party symbol. A voter will cast one vote for the constituency and one vote for the party.
In a 71 seat parliament the SDL recommends that there be 46 constituency votes and 25 party votes. In the constituency vote a candidate is successful on a “first past the post basis.” 46 candidates will be determined this way. On the other hand for the party vote; ballot papers will be counted to determine on a percentage basis the number of seats a party is entitled to from the 25 seats available for party votes. For example, if a party wins 60% of the party votes, the party will be entitled to 60% of the 25 seats which is 15 seats. So in addition to the constituency seats already won by a party it will add to this the party vote seats of 15.

So if a party wins 25 seats from the constituency votes and another 15 seats from the party votes it will have a total of 40 seats and will form government in a 71 seat parliament.

How are candidates chosen for the party votes?
For the party votes the names of the candidates will be from the party list determined by the party concerned. The list will have those who may not contest in the constituency and those contesting in a constituency. So if a party is entitled to 5 seats from the party votes it will then choose 5 candidates from the party list to take up these seats. The party list will be handed over to the Supervisor of Elections Office before elections so that the eligibility or all candidates are determined beforehand.

There are several advantages to the system.
The party votes can be effectively used to balance out representatives of the party.For instance if there are just two women successful in constituency voting then a party can increase women participation by adding three or four more women from the seats won through the party vote.

Secondly, the SDL Party won a small percentage Indo-Fijians votes in the last elections but in this system it get Indo-Fijian candidates from the party list. The same logic would apply for minority groups’candidates that the party wishes to be represented in parliament.

Thirdly, if a good candidate loses in the constituency seat he/she can still get in through the party list as he/she will also be listed there.

Fourthly, even if a party loses all the constituency seats it could still get seats through the party votes. For example if a party loses all constituency seats and yet received 20% of the party votes it would be entitled to (20% of 25 seats) which is 5 seats.

Furthermore, the system will allow parties to choose high quality candidates for the party list which would improve overall representation in parliament.

Advantage for small, minority or special interest parties.
The system would also allow small parties a chance to be represented in parliament. This would depend on the minimum percentage a party has to win to be entitled to a seat. For instance in Fiji the minimum could be 5% of the votes cast for the party vote.So if the United Peoples Party (UPP) wins 5% of the votes cast for the party vote it is entitled to one seat in parliament. The approximation of percentage with number of seats entitlement will be determined beforehand by the Supervisor of Elections Office.

One just has to look at the NZ system and ballot papers to see the array of political parties seeking representation in parliament and how small parties are playing a crucial role in political governance in that country. Furthermore, New Zealand is a multi-racial country like ours and the system is working well there in terms of fair representation from minorities and interest groups.

Disadvantage to the system
The major weakness of the system is that it can generate too many small parties with the possibility that no one party wins the majority. This then will require coalition with other parties to get the majority seats. The consequences could be coalition governments hobbled by the demands of its partner(s). We can only look at New Zealand for some lessons on this, where despite some initial hiccups coalition parties have been able to govern effectively. And parties had ironed out major differences before agreeing to the coalition.

Is it the answer for Fiji?
For Fiji this may be the answer to take us out of the communal voting system and allow parties to have balanced representation in terms of gender, youth, and ethnicity or minority interests whilst still respecting the “one man, one vote, one value” principle.

New SDL Party website


Anonymous said...

Where does that leave Independent candidates. Two won seats in the 2006 election.

Vutuki Kumar said...

Vinaka SDL, the silent majority in Fiji still supports you. We'll vote SDL come 2014.

Singing Frank's tune now so we can have free bees ;)

SDL 2014! Forward Fiji.

SEMI MEO said...

Phew!!…this is probably the best recipe for continued Coups in Fiji….uh…are you sure this is the same SDL many of us may vote for in 2014….

In a sense, all these hypothesis fails to consider a very vital “geographical, ethnic, Provincial and …uh even the easily manipulated “social political “constituency boundaries”….. Population shifts….migration, re-admittance, new voters..may be different from what SDL is used to…..

Oh…no kapish??.....unless rigidly legislated; voters have the liberty to “conveniently” change addresses to their respective work, home, parents, church address..or opt for to within a boundary on the eve of voting day!!

…..could you start to imagine the unexpected results when ..things like “block voting” of absentee/postal voters of the Military Regiments overseas, Security and overseas workers oversea…oh..yes, and the Fiji Citizen Diapora…

It is a number game!!...and numbers can easily be manipulated…belive me, our generation has been involved in many National, Local Gov elections..and some may have just become experts in just bending the rules in zest for one additional indivuadual, family of church vote..

Still…we may still vote for SVT….opps..sorry..SDL...may be!

Landliner said...

Was the constitution causing the coups in Fiji?No...its the Army who are doing all this just get rid of them and keep the constitution easy.Take them back to where they came from to their villages and take the present military to Naboro and throw away the keys you bunch of pufters.Release the prisoners in exchange with the costitution murderer the boys in green.These people are a nuisance to Fiji and the world not realising that the very goverment that employed them from their village thyve turn back and killed all its mechanism.

Vunirokete said...

Yep, this is an improvement on the incumbent regime. It allows minority parties a chance of gainning seats in parliament and in some cases controlling government. Any other way will cause the minority voice to be smothered. I would support the MMP approach. It will be a step up for Fiji. A good path to follow for the nation - it lets all voices to be heard - all feel like they are sharing in running the nation. It is an inclusive model.

Kai Bau said...

All around Fiji and almost all the taxis and most public places I went to were all gossiping about the IG.Completely diffrent from what we are hearing and seeing on the media.Just a couple of weeks ago here in the capital a soldier was bashed up in a local night club.Help arrived from his collegues but too late all the tough guys who bashed that poor bastard were gone.So its totally a diffrent story on the ground and what the media are broadcasting and printing.Come the election it will be a big land slide.Lets keep our finger crossed that we will cross the that bridge without any hinderance from Voreqe

Anonymous said...

Good enough for people with IQ equivalent to their shoe size.

Anonymous said...

SDL good idea but hope the regime will hold election in 2014.

Anonymous said...

what's up with the new background for this page?i like the old one better,who wants to see those soldiers?lol

Anonymous said...

sounds like another moron

Apisai Tora said...

Whether we have MMP or FP or any system SDL will win 2014 election.After the win K-Bau and I will lovo ASK,Kamlesh and Semo's head. We will than
send all the Indians to India.Fiji will become mega-paradise as we will have no problems.We all Fijians will live in harmony for ever after.Fiji is for fijians only. Ki-Bau will agree with this.

Kai Bau said...

My Tau Semi Meo Tukai Kamlesh..... is bloody a lucky man...never in his life he has been abused and sworn at as much as his getting it in the C4.5.Rear Admiral Voreqe should reward the poor bugger for putting his body on the line for the IG.Tukai Kamleshhas been exposing himself to the bloggers and letting the people abused him and saying a lot of bad omen against my Tau.Can someone in Brisbane tell the bloggers who is this strange guy we are dealing with in here.Ive been calling him old feela according to the other bloggers here.The only conclusion Ive come up with is that this guy is struggling to make ends meet or he might have been sacked or kicked out of a job in Brisbane.Tukai Kamlesh must be insane or something is wrong with his brain probably a wrong signal wiring coming from his rear instead from his dead brain.Taura ga my tau me kani veiwali.....vavei tiko o bui Kamlesh Tau...drau qai lotu sa siga tabu na vanua ka kua mada na vaka boi sari tiko

Kai Bau said...

Apisai Tora I totally dis agree with you sorry brother.I need my Indian brothers in Fiji.They are hard working and making Fiji prosperous..The reason Mr Tora if we do that we will go back fighting against our own kind but with the Indian in Fiji its a blessing in disguise that God put them there as a buffer.See what the military did... killing their own kind and thats Fiji of today.Tora if we send them away we will end up fighting amongst ourselves like inthe Solomons and no one likes that.Im here as an indigenous Fijian fight for my right and not as a racists brother.As Ive said that sometimes my Indian brothers classified me as a racists but im not as there is a very fine line between fighting for indigenous right and making a racial comments and sometimes if you are too sturbone on one side you will surely cross the line.Vosota sara taciqu au sega ni cati ira qoka ia mera kua ga ni vakayavalata na nodai tuvatuva me vaka sa yaco tiko qo.

Anonymous said...

I support SDL Christian State submission on following condition---no Christian should be allowed to attend schools run by non Christians like Hindus,Muslims,Sikhs etc .They should only attend Christian schools.And no non christians in Christian schools.Otherwise no blessings will flow from on High.Blessings will instead be chanelled to China and India.Sa Kila??---No Christian sholud hire non christian taxis--otherwise-no blessings.FSC should be renamed =Fiji Sugar Christian Corp-----and you see how blessings will flow.!!!

Anonymous said...

Under the UN Dec on Indig Rights ,,,Kai Viti have a right for separate seats,,,,,try to listen to the people,,,,,DOU KUA NI VAKAU NOMUDOU DA DOU LEQA

Semi Meo = galu mada bavulu,,,,sa da sosa mai

Anonymous said...

Apisai Tora U R RIGHT Once Indians are gone FiJI WILL BECOME MEGA PARADISE!
Best of luck. In the next 35 years, Indians will be gone anyway.

Anonymous said...

@Landliner, totally agree with you. Army with its present size and mentality will bring no end to coups. We can put all deterrent we can in the constitution but if some crazy guy in the army gets off his rockers and become kuku (coupcoup)theres no stopping this idiot carrying out the coup for some concocted grandiose cause. I have this nagging feeling of pessimism about all this cock and bull charade bai is taking us on a ride. He has a lot to lose and he knows it. Reason why he pushed the immunity issue with the sham constitution commission exercise. He knows damn well his chances in election are slim so if he exits politics he has his get out jail card to evade the course of justice.

Anonymous said...

Indiginous Rights? INDIGENOUS TO WHICH COUNTRY? Like Indians ancestors came from India, Taukei ancestors Lutunasobasoba came from Africa.
Why dont you take whatever those rights are or from whoever granted them so that the country can move forward.
The moon does NOT belong to Neil Armstrong decandants or have special rights just because Neil came first!

Praveen said...

Nice layout C4.5. And yes SDL 2014.

Anonymous said...

All this chit chat for nothing as the election never gonna happen bro. We r wasting our energy here unless we remove the regime before election.

Anonymous said...

Fijian shouldnt blame the Indians for coups.
How many Indians are in Fiji army?
Fijian army did the coup from 1987 to 2006 for Fijian power struggle.
Fijian fought many battles before the indians arrived in fiji.
So we have to stop playing racial politics anymore.
If you believe in God Than we all are brothers and sisters and god s children.
We had Indians fighting 2006 election for SDL and Fijian fighting election for FlP.
Fiji people need to be united now than before.
Some people commenting on this sites need to think hard before you write racial comments.
God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

apisa tora you bloody racist...go to hell

Tavita said...

Salaam Mohammed Tora AKA Apisai Tora. So you are going to be in the boat too?

SEMI MEO said...

Coward of October 21, 2012 10:02 PM
Truth stings?..or you have no idea of the elections and campaign variants I was on about..based on experiences of more than 5 National elections, 5 Local Gov election (Fiji)…local, State and Fed elections in Aust

…I’ve assisted/campaigned for a sitting National candidate whose popularity had been crawling on its belly..assisted installed an Alliance Party Mayoral candidate in a predominantly NFP stronghold to unprecedented victory, assisted the second biggest swing to conservative party in State/Fed elections…..

Oh…what am I wasting my time replying to a novice in the "manipulation" of the number games in politics..though my offer is for free.. I could salvage your pathetic profile by first each morning with a name excising…uh,,,..you repeating your miserable name 10 times while looking in the mirror, then I shall put you in good stead against your competitors .. and point ticks your way…

Shut me up?...no way, even your Prime Minister Rear Admiral can not do that!!

Anonymous said...

What does it mean to be a Christian State?
Part of the answer is allowing freedom of Relgion.
God never force is will on us but gave us the freedom to choose even to Reject him.
Christianity is not like other Reigion where we grasp for Power.
We are the Light and the Salt of the Earth.
The State and Relegion should never be one.
They are two different Institution with different mandate.
The State must make sure that there is Justice to all it Citizen in all area of Life.
Wether business,social ,education, relion.
The role of the state is to PROTECT the Innocent and PUNISHED the evil.
The Relion or church should teach it Citizen to obey God, love Mercy and Justice. compassion, offering,and teach is congregation to Influence their areas of influence for God.

When a evil doer breaks the law the State must give punishment for example sent him to prison.
When he is in Prison than the Church or Religion should play their Role by going to visit and trusting for a wholestic rehabilitation.

Kai bau said...

Fijians are not blaming the Indians because you dont have the guns you idiot.Probably you are mixed up on why Fijian thugs usually devour on you guys:
1.Fijian is a type of race that we tend to respect each other.(not only us its been proved through out the pacific people).We respect our own kind becasue when we were brought up in our villages we were never taught on how to live with people who do not respect our culture and traditions and there was no Indian family or mataqali in our villages.We live in a unique system that only us will understand.We share,we kerekere sometimes(no payback remember)we help our fellow villages.We operate as a community rather than individual.Thats why we are struggling ineverywhere we go because of our upbringing as living together as a close unit.If look at the way we live its all the opposite way of doing things in this new century so please bear with us as will get there soon.It doesnt take a day to build rome brother.Or may be I will put it this way for the sake of other races in Fiji to live with people with diffrent culture as my previous comments directed to some of the Indian bloggers who are talking down on Fijian like Kamlesh and company.I do not know how well can I expressed my self with another idiot asking about indigenous right. This must be a real blockhead comparing people landing on the moon with us the indigenous of this land.My grandfather and even my father never been on an aeroplane than how can they understand Neil Armstrong you dickhead.The people back in the village never understand that the tides are caused by the moon position in reference to our planet earth.That is exactly the type of comments that will cause racial division as we know and not only us that this Fiji belongs to the Fijians. You are welcome to live here and as Ive said time and again not even one Chief took part in your transportation from Indian and we did not make that decision.Now we are all living in paradise so be thankfull for that. What more you think can Fijians offer you ?
2.Secondly why you people cant defend yourself when Fijian thugs attacked you….hurt them before they hurt you or else do what our forefathers use to do during the war era submit your self and don’t complain.Two ways to deal with it fight back or give it to the Fijian thugs and go some where else to live..best place beside the military canp at Nabua for your safety.The tone of your letter seems to be coming from Kamlesh the grandson of my Tau Semi Meo.Kamlesh Ive got some Indians friends and they never talk like that infront of me because they learned to respect other cultures and if you are still sturbon like that than no Fijian can help you brother but will all go for you.You racists bastard

Vutuki Kumar said...

Fijians should do away with village solis and try to improve their immediate family first. Time and £££ are wasted unnecessarily on things, would've been worth invested in the family.


Kai Bau said...

Vutuki Kumar.
What type of soli you are referring here?I Agree and also disagree to your comments.No goverement have ever assist our people in the village not omly us but the unemployed or lower salary earner ever in Fiji.Thats why we always work together as a unit and the soli will be burden .I think as for the methodist church of Fiji they should be thinking on setting up businesses around its vaccant land/poperties around Fiji rather than burdening the people in the villages for paying the padre.We have been sometimes asking our selves why our great,great grand father were giving away our land to the Methodist church...We must all remember that it was not them but God himself inspired them to do this inorder for their sons and daughters (us today) not to be burden by the methodist church in these trying times.But I stll cannot understand the methodist church with all these land lying around idle and still they are burdening the people with soli.Common Methodist church sell the land to the Indians and build rental business aroud our main Cities and use the money to pay the padres instead of burdening the people.We have been doing this for quite a while and when you going to stop.So if God says that evrything will come to an end so will be our soli believe me.Remember guys Iam a stauch methodist.For the soli ni yasana the villages should not give anything to the yasana because of the IG attitude in taking our own Fijian scholarship away and also by dissolving the GCC.I believe in the past we were only carrying out this task becasue of our veivakaturagataki and since these IG donot recognise it than dont bother about it.Keep the soli going but use it to develop our own villages.But again these bloody money managemnt think is a risky business amomgst us in the village because we are not use to it like our brothers the uluwai's.But I still cannot work out from many years and Im praying for it on the oga's we are commited in.Tevutevu,so mate,siga ni sucu etc,etc which all involve money abd also when we are participating we are strengthening our relations and traditions.All these things involves money and money nowdays is hard to come by.I dont know really I dont know so help me God

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Ki Bau- Brother good to know that you dont hate indians and you dont blame indians. Like wise I dont. Fijians are very nice people and my best friends are fijians.I was brought up with fijians. I was just correcting you in my previous blogs not to generalise and blame indians all the time. Now we should concentrate in fighting for the welfare and betterment of all fiji citizens. Everyone is suffering in fiji because of past coups. Things are very expensive, very few jobs, poverty is increasing, etc. We need good and clean governments in future. Fiji has so much potential for everyone to do well.

Tagimaucia said...

Vinaka C4.5

Luv the new format!!

Anonymous said...

@Kai Bau 1:26 PM

I have read many of your posts and have often wondered exactly where you are coming from. From your writings it is obvious that there is a resentment towards a section of society in Fiji but only now do you voice some of your true concerns so we can understand you better. What is more encouraging is that you have ideas how things could be improved for some.

It is all too easy to use this blog as many do to simply slag the world but offer nothing.

My view is that village life in Fiji must be maintained for those that want to participate in it. It is unlikely that any government is going to be able to subsidise it fully when those bringing the majority of income into the government want, better schools, better roads, bridges and health systems etc.

So if the Church has all these idle plots of land why can not some form of co-operative farming be set up ? One set of machinery and gang to go around land preparing. Another gang for training and the vilagers in the village locality undertake the planting and minding. Another gang for produce collection and selling.

Perhaps it's been tried before, I do not know. But if we do not do it first you can be sure the Chinese will be doing it the near future with the profits unseen by most here.

Anonymous said...

Change the subject. SDL showing its racist colours.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Kai Bau.
Dina sara ga o iko. Sa dodonu me caka bisinisi tiko na Lotu Wesele.
Sa rauta mada na solivakamisinari.
Sa rui levu tale ga na blarry soqo.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:46 The Chinese are already doing it in Waibau.
Using methodists as slave labour.

Anonymous said...

Escapee's leg amputated

17:00 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Devendra Narayan

One of five prison escapees, who were recaptured in a joint friendly forces operation, is unable to appear in court for another two weeks.

The Magistrates Court in Suva heard that Epeli Qaraniqio has had his right leg amputated for injuries allegedly sustained during the recapture.

Qaraniqio was to have appeared in court this afternoon.

Director of Public Prosecutions lawyer, Lisiate Fotofili told Magistrate Janaka Bandara that Qaraniqio won’t be able to appear in court for another two weeks.

While presenting a medical report, Fotofili said the dressing on Qaraniqio’s leg was only removed on Friday.

Qaraniqio is still recovering at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

The case has now been adjourned until November 5th.

Qaraniqio and other four prisoners allegedly escaped from the Naboro Medium Security Prison last month.

They were arrested a few days later in a joint operation by police, prison and military officers.

Four other escapes have already appeared in court.

mark manning said...

Let's hope that those responsible are afforded similar treatment when they are sent to Naboro.

Kai Bau said...

To Anon about Kai Bau @October 22, 2012 4:46 PM.
Yeah my resentment is all about Voreqe and the Military…period. I probably will forgive them but I reckon that all of them have to pay the price by serving their time @Naboro and that’s my own opinion and I don’t expect others to be the same. I have been offended by these IG greedy bastards in treating the Fijian Chiefs like hooligans and it will be the same for me if I’m given the chance I will treat Voreqe and his military the same.What do you mean ideas???About the Methodist Church? Yes it has been long overdue for someone to look into the idle lands lying idle around Fiji while we are preaching about love than sell some portion to the Indians to prove the talk. You quote to “slag the world but offer nothing”!!!!!Are you generalising your comments or who do you directing it to? If its me than put down your name so we can see who is polluting Fiji with waste????...I disagree with you here my friend by quoting” when those bringing the majority of income into the government want, better schools, better roads, bridges and health systems etc.”…..That is exactly the thinking of Fijian government and even now we tend to think upside down. Probably there’s too many accountants running the show in Fiji and all they think is money, money and more money. I did brought up some ideas about the Fijian street kids a few years back and all I was told is exactly what you are saying here.The government doesn’t realise that by improving the street kids welfare will be big contributor to the economy by employing less policemen and preventing the extension of our Prison institutions even our court sysyem. These Fijian street kids running the streets of Suva are our future criminals.Those comments are typical Fijian Government way of thinking by ignoring the social structure and trying to build the government economy!!!Short term or first aid treatment may I call it.Here in Fiji we talk about economy, economy ,economy all time without realising that poor social impact of the country will reflects in extensions of our prisons,employing of more policeman, extension of hospitals, employing more nurses and doctors and machine and the list kept on growing. All we are doing is spending our economy on buffeting the problem and not solving the problem which is an expensive exercise.
You mentioning about co-operatives and machines…..you are contradicting yourself here mate…on one side you’ve mentioned about no government can subsidise our villages and now you talking exactly as I’ve said in my post. Our villages I think needs Fijians who are well educated and can prove themselves in leadership or in business. Until now I still cannot work out on how we can keep our traditions and cultures and also control the money side of things…. so please help us Fijians God for an answer.

Anonymous said...

@Kai Bau 7:51 PM

Firstly my friend, my comment regarding bloggs as an easy media to simply slag the world was a generalisation and not aimed at you.

I am simply trying to learn what some of the fundamental problems are in Fiji to improve my understanding of the country.

Any government (hopefully) is going to want to improve the livlehood of all its citizens but unfortunately this is never achieved for all at the same rate.
Some need to get rich before others as they are the ones that will invest and employ the less fortunate. It's a fact of life.

In boosting the economy in any country this happens around the main towns and cities where the offices and factories are built and the newly found money is earned and mostly spent there. This is always at the detrement of the rural dwellers, unfortunately where traditions and culture are at their strongest.

It is pretty well practice and proven throughout the world now that for any man to survive honestly he has to work 8 hours a day with a fair wage. If Fiji is also going to maintain the village life with its culture and traditions for those that wish to live that way there has to be work for them. So the only real solution is to get work to the villages.

Of course there is a problem here in that once the money comes into the village, the kids get a better education, get jobs in the city or go abroad and we know the rest ....

Kai Bau said...

To My friend Anon @ October 22, 2012 10:47 PM…Thanks for coming back with this one …..As the saying goes “A friend in need is a friend indeed” So the friend that really need help are our people who are sweating and toiling the land to make ends meet in our villages. You quote “I am simply trying to learn what some of the fundamental problems are in Fiji to improve my understanding of the country.
Popular saying goes’ in our Fijian society problem is every where”aound the corner,on top of the tree ,under the ground everywhere.
Sounds like you are not from here or you are living in a urban area??? I’m confused!!!My friend if you are an outsider than I will advise you it’s a waste of time because never will you understand us unless you respect the way we are. Some of our Indian brothers been living with us for ages and still do not understand us on the money side of things. Fijian people are very good in asking for credit but we are very poor in paying it back not because we are bad people but the kerekere system we were brought up with in our villages and family have gone into our soul and we think that we can still can do that nowadays .Someone have to de- soul us and purify our blood from all these habits and it’s not easy my friend. To my Indian bloggers who are reading this if you don’t want to have headache just don’t give as it pain to keep on hearing this” kerekere “thing in the blogs. We were taught to give and don’t ask it back but whatever you got give it away even if you have to go and borrow it again. That is the problem my friend…but if you think that’s an easy problem to solve ,,,think again….there are consequences in both ways weather you help or don’t want to help your Fijian brother in the village and it’s for you my friend to find out. I cannot find the solution as I’ve said before…..so help me God! As you may understand that we are operating like one of the richest race in the world... yes we are…if you talk about our tradition and cultures but on money wise we are the people with pocket full of holes …funny isn’t it! But that’s the fact.
Most of my time growing up in my village I’ve seen my grandfather as we were about to share our breakfast and the last pot of sugar left for us that morning when a relative came looking for sugar…..to our surprise my grandfather gave away that sugar and we have to go without sugar that morning…that’s us Fijian if you can understand that small drama than carry on with your learning and I will rest my case. Nanuma ga de o Turaga ni Viti

Raivotu said...

The perennial problem that has to be solved for Fijians once and for all is to declare in the constitution that Fiji is a Christian State. No amount of rhetoric about secularism, blah blah blah should be accepted. This is the clear wish of the majority of the Fijians.

Christianity is a tolerant religion and other religions will be able to practice without interference or barriers in the country. But, we need this declaration inserted in the constitution. Why? Because it is connected to our identity as a people and links us to the intentions of our ancestors since the Deed of Cession.

To leave this door open, is to invite undesirable elements that could penetrate and fragment the integrity of our Fijianess. We are not a powerfull and great country. On the contrary, we are small and fragile. Thus, our defenses must be fortified against possible invasion and capture of the internal space.

Kai Bau said...

To Vutuki about the soli.....lol...lol...lol
Sa dina sara na oga sa da commit taki keda tu kina so na gauna sa lai vaka vuan tale na tawase ni veiwekani ni sa sa sega dina tiko nai lavo qai mai vaka tu yani me levu tu nai lavo.Koqo na ka meratou a cakava tiko na Fijian Affairs ni gauna ni matanitu nei Qatrase me racakava eso na study lako vata na survey na wekaqu baleta eso na soqo kei na soli da cakava tiko e lako vata tiko kei na noda i tovo.Sega ni rawa ni da via maroroya noda i tovo qai biu na soli....lol.Dina na wekaqu na lotu wesele sa dodonu me ratou na raica vaka vinaka nai cici ni lotu.Ke sa cici vaka bisinisi kakua tale ni bai kau yani nai vola tabu i loma ni bisini de kasura ni sa ruui rabai levu na loloma..vakayagataki ga kina na lawa ni bisinisi.Ko sara ga nodratou nanuma tiko na qase ni lotu ni rawa ni mix taki vata nai volatabu kei na bisinisi ko leqa tale tiko.
Sa kenai wali ga vei keda nai taukei sa bau botani toka eso na taga ni noda tarausese meda sa liga kaukauwa ka veivuke yani vei ira ke sega sara na qase totolo ga mai na koro ra tubu na dra kei na veika vaka oya.Dua na laba levu e vu tiko mai na Lotu wesele ni sa ra cumuwaqara na lewe ni koro me ra sa vakasaqara nodra vaka misinari..sega tiko ni kila na lotu ni 'madua' e dua ena vuku ni nona sega ni rawata nona soli e rawa ni vakavuna na tubu ni dra ka leqa sara.
Kemudou saka na qase ni lotu dou nanumi ira na wekada mai nakoro ke sarawa vua na lotu wesele e Niusiladi kei Australia me cicivaka na lotu vaka bisinisi cava keda dudiudi?E lala tu na nodra valenilotu mai valagi ia e saumi tu ga nodrai talatala ena veiqaravi.

Lesley said...

MMP in NZ is a dog. The tail (minority) continuously wags the dog (majority). Don't even THINK about supporting this system of voting. MMP has made a mess (and joke) of NZ politics and it certainly will not work in Fiji! You do not want the politcal grandstanding and "sideshows" MMP brings.