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Thursday, October 18, 2012

SDL: upholding your birthright does not mean you're being racist

FIJIANS: Struggling to hang on to their land and customary rights.

Detractors might be rubbing their hands with glee, but the long awaited submission by the country's biggest political party promotes honestly - and without apology - the interests of native Fijians.

The SDL party, which reminds the Constitution Commission that it had the majority to form the country's last two democratically elected governments, makes a good case for the rights of the indigenous community.

Denouncing the campaign by the Bainimarama regime to deliberately trample on customary rights by removing traditional power structures such as the Bose Levu Vakaturaga as part of a 'bigger agenda to plunder Fijian resources', SDL says the key to a stable Fiji is recognition of the rights of native Fijians.

So, yes, there is support for Fiji to be a Christian state, for Fijian to be the first language, for parliamentary seats to be allocated according to ethnicity and population but there is also commitment to nation building and achieving 'peace and security in a multi-racial country'.
Note: C4.5 has added some headings to these excerpts from the submission to summarise the information. The full submission at end of story:

Preamble in the submission
The SDL Party has reservations in taking part in the exercise and this should not be construed as lending legitimacy to the process but nevertheless, are taking part in this exercise, for one reason and one reason only. It is the means, as opposed to the many others that are available, that the Military Regime has accepted to facilitate its return to
the barracks and return this country to democratic rule.  We are all acknowledging this gesture,  because we owe it to the people to return this  country to a democratic government.

Indigineous rights are not 'discriminatory'
It is now clear that the Regime's intentions are to remove entrenched customary laws and institutions in order to create their own idea of a unified Fiji. This will not work without the prior consultations and approval by the Fijians. History has taught us that what is imposed will never last whatever the good intentions may be.

There are less than 600,000 Fijians the world over. To take away these customary institutions is an attempt to undermine and deny Fijian cultural  identity.  The very essence of being Fijian in their own land is grounded in their culture, heritage, identity, language, resources, land, traditions and values and contained in their institutions.

There is nothing racial or discriminatory about upholding your birth right, your right to indigenous land ownership and your right to be identified with a particular race or tribal group. Fijians should not be ashamed to be identified as such. To deny Fijians these rights, is in direct violation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, 20075; particularly the ILO 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 19896; which had been ratified by Fiji.

The challenge as contained in the Declaration is the need to balance indigenous rights with the rights of others so that one does not trample over the other but there is no doubt about the Regime’s intent to trample over these rights.

The Fijians comprise the majority of the population, approximately 57% and owning more than 87% of the land area, were never consulted on the issues above on their representation on the NLTB, removal of the Fijian name, reduction on the entitlement of chiefs and the termination of the BLV.9

The  recognition of indigenous rights is not lost  when their population becomes a majority as the self-identification criterion of being indigenous or tribal is sufficient for their protection under the  provisions of the ILO 169 Indigenous and Tribal  Peoples Convention, 1989.   

An observation of the submissions already presented to the Commission reveals that
the predominant issues emanating from  Fijians is that of  insecurity arising from the trampling of their right to be consulted on issues that affect them. This confirms their high level of dissatisfaction with the treatment they are receiving under the Regime.

The global economic agenda
Unprecedented demand for the world’s remaining  resources, combined with new technologies to extract previously inaccessible resources in the remotest regions, are putting  indigenous peoples  under increasing threat from governments  and  private companies wanting to profit from the resources found on or under their lands.

Indigenous peoples all over the world have either been poorly compensated or forcefully removed from their ancestral lands to make way for mining, forestry, electricity dams, weapons testing, or tourist development.  Some examples from the Pacific include: the people of Nasomo  in  Vatukoula  Fiji, Banaba in Kiribati, Nauru, the  Kanaks in NewCal edonia, Mururoa in Tahiti, Enewetak in the Marshall Islands, and Bikini in Christmas Islands.

It is now 72 years from the time Fijian chiefs agreed to the request by the government to hand over the control of their land to the Native Land Trust Board. Previously the voice of the indigenous Fijians was heard in the Board through the group’s representatives’ of the BLV. The Regime is in full control of the NLTB since  2009. And yet, there are numerous commentators who stridently propound that Fijians have nothing to fear about their land and institutions; that all is secure. This must be exposed for the fallacy, that it is!

Agenda behind the removal of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga
The unilateral suspension of the BLV by the head of the Regime therefore was not an
isolated incident; it was part and parcel of a bigger agenda to plunder Fijian resources by weakening the apex of Fijian institutions. It is not the first time, this is happening, but unfortunately, it is the first time after independence when we should be in control of our country and our resources and it is being done presumably with the support of the Fijian military. The advice and the action taken represent the worst form of neo-colonialism inaction  in Fiji.

Constitutional Process
We acknowledge that there will indeed be compromises, these compromises must be made in a transparent and amicable manner and we are prepared to sit and talk through the difficult issues in consultation and dialogue with other communities and agreement under the appropriate forum. It is our hope that we can once again adopt a Constitution that addresses the concerns and hopes of all. It must be a Constitution by the people for the people. It cannot be imposed. Only then can we move forward as a united nation with a united vision.

We certainly have reservations about the process. From the beginning the process has been  fundamentally  flawed.  Firstly, members  of  the  Constitution  Commission  were appointed  by the without any consultation with  key stakeholders.  There are  serious reservations about the independence of certain members of the Commission who are perceived by the people to be too close to the current Regime.

Secondly, the restrictive environment in which the constitutional process is taking place will not encourage free and open discussions on the subject. Draconian decrees that suspend  and  violate  human  rights  especially  the  right  to  freedom  of  expression, assembly and association, remain in force as instruments of fear and intimidation. The local  media is still  operating  under  constraints  that  undermine  its  freedom  to disseminate news fairly and in a balanced manner without fear of repercussions from the Regime.

A  civic education programme on the Constitution  has  been  completed  but  key stakeholders, such as, political parties, trade unions and other important civil society organizations have been excluded from participating in this exercise.

Furthermore, while NGOs and other selected civil society organizations are allowed to hold as many meetings as desired under a one-off application for permit, political parties and trade unions have to seek separate permits for any meeting. Political leaders and party activists are still being closely monitored and harassed by the security forces.

We re-iterate, no meaningful dialogue or  consultations can take  place in such a restrictive  climate.  In short the process is not inclusive  or  participatory and it lacks credibility and legitimacy.

Christian state and protection of language
The SDL proposes that the Republic of the Fiji Islands is a sovereign democratic Christian state
The SDL proposes that the Fijian language be the national language (lingua franca) 30 of Fiji
The SDL proposes that fluency in the Fijian  language be a pre-condition for entry into the Fiji Public Service
The SDL Party proposes that “Christianity” be proclaimed the state religion of Fiji 
The SDL Party proposes that dual citizenship in Fiji should not be allowed
The  SDL recommends that the term “sexual  orientation” under Section 38 (2) (a) to be deleted 
The SDL party therefore expects a Constitution  which respects marriage and establishes its parameters according to Biblical order, historic Christian practice. Same-sex marriage is not an option.

I) Chapter 6- The Parliament
·  The SDL Party proposes that the Parliament should continue to consist of the President, the House of Representatives and the Senate.
·  It is proposed that the House of Representatives should continue to consist of 71 members.  But of the 71 members 25 are to represent different ethnic communities, roughly in proportion to their numbers in the population.   At   this time, the allocation of the 25 seats could be as follows:
i.    Fijians (56%)    -    14
ii.    Indians (36%)    -    9
iii.    Others (8%)    -    2
(100%)    25

Role and powers of the president needs to be reined in
The SDL proposes that the powers of the President are to be clearly defined in the Constitution and there be no ambiguity in the limits of his  powers  particularly  in  the  perceived  retention  of “reserve powers”. The Constitution is to clearly state that the President has no reserve powers except those that are defined in the Constitution.

The powers of the President have been at the core of legal interpretations in the court cases  in  regards  to  the  coups  particularly  the  perceived  reserve  powers  of  the President. It is crucial that the powers of the President be clearly defined and that he or she acts within these.

There have been instances in the recent past especially prior to and during the coups
whereby  individuals  have  had  undue  and  excessive  influences  on  the  office  of  the President.   The Constitution is to state clearly the protocol and procedures wherein the President is to receive advice and for him to act in his own deliberate judgment.

·   The  SDL proposes that the Constitution to  state that there be no undue and unwarranted influence on the office of the President.
·   The  SDL proposes that the Constitution  to  establish  a  Council of  Advisers38 to assist the President when he is required to act in his own deliberate judgment.

Back to the barracks for the military
There should be provisions in our Constitution and in other laws to effectively deter the RFMF or anyone else from contemplating the illegal removal of future Governments.

·   It is proposed that  Section 112 (1) of  the    1997  Constitution be amended by removing reference to the 1990 Constitution.
The RFMF should be subservient to the Government of the day.  There should be no room whatsoever for the military to intervene in the political leadership and governance of Fiji.
·   The SDL proposes appointment of the Commander is to be made by the President on advice of Cabinet.
·   The  SDL  proposes  that  Parliament  must  review  the  Fiji  Military  Forces  Act  to  undertake  the  following:  determine  the  size  of  the military as approved by Parliament from time to time; the minimum  qualifications requirements of the Commander.
The military in Fiji has one of the highest ratios of military personnel relative to Fiji’s population. They have consequently also become a very heavy burden

A change from the advice of the Minister to that advice to be given by Cabinet for the appointment of the Commander of the RFMF

    Chapter 8 - Bose Levu Vakaturaga (BLV)
·   The  SDL  Party  proposes  that  the  BLV  be  established  under  the Constitution;
·   The Party also proposes that a BLV Act be passed by Parliament, setting out the role, functions, powers etc of the BLV.
(ii)    Amnesty not immunity

·   The  SDL  Party  proposes  that  immunity  should  not  be  granted unilaterally to the coup perpetrators in this and future Constitutionsas it would desecrate the sanctity of constitutional documents.

Immunity from prosecution was granted to those involved in the 1987 coup

·   The  SDL  proposes that if amnesty  is  recommended  following investigation by a Special Commission on Coups and amnesty could be  offered to those who have met all the conditions.  After appropriate investigations by the Special Commission on the Coups, the following would apply when and if amnesty is given:

That all military leaders be:
i.    terminated from their positions and dishonorably discharged from the military including all military personnel taken in the civil service after the coup;
ii.    stripped of all military awards, medals and honors/decorations;
iii.    not be allowed to take part in political elections for life;
iv.    not be allowed to take up any public office for life.
Furthermore all plaques or public monuments  made in their name be removed.

·   The SDL proposes that for those that aided abetted or were in active support of the coup to be:
a)  immediately terminated from their public positions in government or statutory organizations;
b)  not be allowed from taking part in political elections for life;
c)  not be allowed to take up any public office for life. 

·   The SDL proposes that there should be thorough investigation into all alleged cases and appropriate legal measures undertaken.

The SDL proposes that a Caretaker Government be appointed on 1st April next year 2013 to oversee the smooth transition of Fiji through to the general elections and the appointment of the new Government in 2014. 

SDL submission in full


Anonymous said...

The SDL submission is an honest account of indigenous feeling and shows how the indigenous people of Fiji have been consistent with what they believe should be enshrined in the constitution of Fiji. This is no different from what the SVT Party formed after the 87 coup believed in. 25 years later the same sentiments are heard again which means indigenous Fijians have never changed in their political beliefs, so it cannot be taken lightly and discarded as just another nationalistic agenda. It is an honest appraisal of what they hold dear deep down in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

The SDL submission is an honest account of indigenous feeling and shows how the indigenous people of Fiji have been consistent with what they believe should be enshrined in the constitution of Fiji. This is no different from what the SVT Party formed after the 87 coup believed in. 25 years later the same sentiments are heard again which means indigenous Fijians have never changed in their political beliefs, so it cannot be taken lightly and discarded as just another nationalistic agenda. It is an honest appraisal of what they hold dear deep down in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka SDL Party.
Well done guys i hope the CC will take heed to this submission .
We had great submission from SDL.FLP. and Others.
People and party have given the verdict.
God bless Fiji..

Anonymous said...

General Elections in Fiji 2020!!!

Anonymous said...

worth reading in full

SEMI MEO said...

Phew!..big ask that SDL!.big ask..

.now, realistically; who’s gonna implement, police and execute this propositions? …UN sanctioned International monitoring Force??

We tend to agree with SDL that “History has taught us that what is imposed will never last whatever the good intentions may be.”…but…but..Ai’nt the SDL proposing just that in many various regimental provisos and absolute claims?

..big ask, indeed SDL….big ask!..but hope Ghai & Co may glean and compose pointers for the Assembly..

We only hope this assembly, if convened, is not haphazardly attended by our “elite” i Taukei as many did in the Constitutional Joint Parliamentary committee of mid ’90…like.. go to meeting sign attendance then back to United Club or some back street motel in Robertson Road…while Dutt & co and few others may have mapped the i Taukei demise…

What are we saying?..oh.. didn’t you know?...we the "i Taukei" are the course of our demise as a race, culture..and.. no we are NOT THE MAJORITY ANYMORE…the dual citizenship decree has pumped up numbers of other races way ahead of us the protected species..uh..i Taukei lot!!

Still..I may vote SDL...

Anonymous said...

Load of crap. What about honest birth rights of non I-taukei? or the massacre of original Lapita people?

I-taukei own about 85% of land and another 10% they traded with whites for box of matches etc.There has been I-taukei government over 90% of the time since independence.Why not be honest and admit I-taukei leadership has failed them.
SDL is a party for racist and will play race card to keep vulnerable I-taukei support.
Talk about honesty, the only honesty is if it was not for the non I-taukei the indigenous in Fiji will be same as Australia,Canada and USA with no rights.

FijianTalk said...

Mostly honest and sincere and voicing the sentiments of indigenous Fijians. However, we should respect people's sexual orientation. Overall, very good.

Anonymous said...

SDL can go veethai under a tree. Indigenous rights have not been taken away by this government and has been cared for more than when SDL was in government by all the infrastructure etc going into rural areas. Indigenous are not that stupid to fall into SDL promises before elections and after elections they don't appear at all. Indigenous are still the itaukei and every other Fijian. Their land is still their land and the land bank offers them more returns than what ILTB offers. They are giving land to land bank because the returns are better. SDL wants only the chiefs to get royalty and not the poor land owner whose chief gets the biggest payout and demands service from them again. sa,e as the talatala of Methodist church, they not their to serve as Christ did but want to be served and drink the first bilo of yaqona before the chief now.

The Oracle said...

Unfortunately, the SDL line continues to be overly nationalistic. They need to adapt to the times. Without question, there is genuine need to accomodate/safeguard the interests of the iTaukei - as a people with a unique identity - in any Fiji Constitution. This can still be achieved without having to trample on the rights of the other people of Fiji to be governed in a fashion which is democratic and based on the user-pay system where people who pay taxes decide how governments should be run. The indigenous iTaukei system can run in tandem to the "foreign" democratic governance much like it has in the past but with more modern guidelines and safeguards. The failure of the iTaukei system in the past needs to be identified and corrected. The Great Council of Chiefs should be one that comprises chiefs who are voted in by their provinces. The GCC should be the "gatekeepers" of iTaukei interests. The Advisory Councils and Provincial Councils should be merged into one homogenous body and comprise elected members from all ethnic groups in Fiji. This is because at that level, the funding comes from the Government coffers and therefore falls within the area of "democratic governance". The iTaukei should continue to maintain their identity and be known as Fijians while all other people in Fiji should be known as Fiji Islanders. The current trend of ethnic violence throughout the world is based in large part on the attempts by ethnic groups which have been "submerged" to re-assert themselves and their identities. If we are to attempt now to "suppress" the iTaukei identity then our future generations stand to bear the brunt of more bloody and violent conflicts because of our inaction at recognising and addressing this key issue. Frank Bainimarama came in under the pretext of wiping out corruption. He missed the only real opportunity to effect changes which would entrench recognition of the iTaukei identity as a people. Because he failed to do so we now have the re-emergence of political grandstanding, blowing into the ambers of nationalism and re-fueling the "old ways" without really addressing the issue which needs to be addressed: recognition of the iTaukei identity in a fast changing world and laying the necessary foundation to ensure the iTaukei identity as a people will continue to thrive in what will - without question - become a more homogenous Fiji (governance-wise). Once the SDL recognises this, it might then begin to have greater political appeal. Pandering to nationalism will not help the iTaukei as an indigenous people, or Fiji, as a country. And the sad thing about it all is that come the 2014 elections, the same sentiments of nationalism will probably win. And Frank will continue to lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce and extract his pound of flesh - blood all.

Vinay Achary said...

The SDL proposes that fluency in the Fijian language be a pre-condition for entry into the Fiji Public Service.
This is the most fuck all racist submission one would have ever thought of.
Bainimarama I think you should continue till your retire.

Ashamed Fijian said...

This is X Butodroka's submission. This man will destroy SDL and plant hateracy amongst other races. The son of a bitch is non other than Tupeni Baba with no Indigenous ORIGIN.

Mafi- USA said...

Good submission indeed SDL.

Brief and to the point. Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent submission. Especially appreciated its challenge of the Ghai Commission's standing and of this entire BS exercise. Also impressed by its forthright defense of the 1997 Constitution, the BLV, and the notion of Fiji as an officially Christian nation. Not so sure amnesty should even be put on the table post-Jericho, although the idea is well-developed in concept. And immunity, of course not.

Now, if we could just get Ghai to leave us alone, keep the Constitution, restore the BLV, begin acting as Christians, and bring justice to Fiji's traitors and their victims, then we could begin to sort ourselves out.

Anonymous said...

To all those who still SDL and Fijians or I TAUKEI as we have been branded are just plain racist, please stop and take a minute to think about it. Yes we are proud to be Fijian and proud to sweat and labour for a better life for our children, but look around you. We fijians are looked down on by the well off businessmen etc etc. They call me names at work because I do not shovel dirt quicker then they like. they do not know how much i hurt when i am treated like an animal in my own native land. they do not know how much it hurts when i am a nothing in my own country.please recognise that we hold our native roots dear in our hearts and not in our bank accounts.

please do not look down on us.

Vinaka vakalevu, kalougata tiko.

Anonymous said...

It is good to help I-Taukei, but not at expense of others.
I can not understand why not call everyone Fijian.If Jim Ah Koys step daughter, full chinese, born in China can be in BVK, then whats wrong with 5th generation White or an Asian be called Fijian.

Changaiya Naidu said...

The former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Sada Reddy, says Fiji citizens will be affected by the 20 percent devaluation, but they can be spared if they move away from consuming a lot of imported items.

Mr Reddy who owns tourist villas at the idyllic location of Volivoli, Rakiraki near Wananavu Resort is confident people will survive some how.
What he denies to tell as to why he shifted his $750,000.00 to nz two weeks prior to devaluation and quietly sneaking to nz for permanent stay. After all he is CHORWA Jai Ram Reddy's Bro.

Anonymous said...

waste of time SDL

Anonymous said...

So where to now ?

As the CC submissions come to an end it’s fairly obvious that there are three distinct areas of concern (disregarding the subjects of immunity and the armed forces). These are namely, what the citizens will be called, Christian or secular state and indigenous rights to land.

It could be said that it would be fair for decisions on these matters to simply be based upon majority as long as the choices do not affect the human rights of any citizen in Fiji.

In the putting forward of submissions by various groups and individuals relating to the above three areas one would hope that they fully considered the affect that they would have in relation to the future prosperity of Fiji and the well being of its citizens.

Whatever government, system of governance, constitution or laws there eventually are it is fairly obvious that just about every citizen wants an improvement in their standard of living. To improve such areas as health, welfare, infrastructure, schooling etc is going to cost money and any government is restricted primarily by what they can bring in to their budget by taxes.

We continually hear the experts, academics and politicians telling us what’s wrong at present but how often do we hear them telling us what needs to be done and what Fiji should be aiming for in the future to improve prosperity for all ?

Lets all hope that whatever the conclusion to the decisions, the constitution and final governance system it will aid the entire citizenship in being able to live and use their skills and resources together to sustain a continuing prosperity for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

imateralistic,waste of time contribution,
Christan state meaning wearing sulu with bible in hand,forcing hard working investors whos earning runs the countrys taxes as in revune to close down bussisnes and sit behind doors and pay for the christans laziness acts.Then these same church goers will rob their store ,steal from they so called loved neighbours and go to Christan prisons to sing christian hymns with the idea of christ will forgive them,
SDL Real coup plotters,soon the killinng feilds of fiji will be in cinemas and blame it on SDL as they have once agian come out to manipulate the illeterate ,uneducated naive i-taukeis

Taukei ni Qele said...

Annonmous 2.58 pm
Mind your language pls.

It is true that you were born in this country BUT you do not have any cultural and spiritual connection to this land. You mean to say that Chinese or white Austarlian born in Austarlia will have the same customary right as the Aboriginal.

Do you think the we are stupid as Semi Meo, Baini and others.

Go back to school and learn your history pls.

What Lapita you talikig about...no school.

JC said...

Good submisssion

It is now or never...what is written counts in the new constitution.

But 1997 constitution is the best for FIJI but remove the immunity clause and bring to trial all coup perpetrators.

Jone said...

SDL wake up and smell the coffee. This is a party that has become a history. You have no say and your Nationalistic agenda, you can take it to some place where people care. We have no time for your crap.

Do submit your submission to someone that cares, of course we don't have ither time or patience for all you BS.


Seth said...


Same old racist views of the SDL.They are still living pre2006 no lessons learnt. These guys are after filling their their pockets again. Must be counting relentouly how much they lost in dishonest revenue in last 6 years.
Hey military, think 2020 would be better. Donot scumeb to these guys.

Grog Swiper said...

I would have been all for a Christian State if the SDL were genuine, but this party hardly sets an example. It contains some of the biggest crooks, fornicators, liars, and opportunists in the land; predators who prey on their own people; some who were selling off natural resources for personal reward (Jale Baba - logging; Navi Naisoro - consultancies and one Peter Foster can shed more light on this);

party also has those selfless christian individuals were kept the most lucrative FHL shares for themselves (ask SDL leader lai Qarase) and were busy lining own pockets, and promoting racial hatred to mask their activities.

Methodist Church was also invited to the party, and their ethno-nationalist poster boy, the right hon. Rev Manaso Lasaro, can tell usa thing or two about adultery and the 2000 mutiny at the army barracks.

The bible warned us about wolfs in sheeps' clothing.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

SDL represents majority of iTaukeis. - Thats fine.
Fiji Army is 99.1% iTaukies. The Military Council is 99.9% iTaukes.
However they are against race based politics and they did the coup against SDL. SDL leaders should learn from your iTaukei brothers from the Military Council and the Fiji Army. Dont use Aiyaz as a escape goat. He represents only 1% of the cabinet. SDL is a racist party and has no place in modern multiracial party.

Coup 4.5 said...

Twenty yo Mah Gul was beheaded when she refused her mother in laws attempt to force her into prostitution ('Afghan woman beheaded for refusing prostitution' Yahoo News 18 Oct).
Afghan police have arrested the murdered woman's mother in law, father in law, her husband and the man who killed her.
What kind of human beings are these?
Are we really all made in the image of the one same God - only called by different names?
I don't think so.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

If SDl keeps crying over its racist policies, it means it has not learnt any thing till now. May be SDL needs more time. Therefore, the current regime of Baini should continue for another 10 years till SDL old folks have gone Ian's included in history books for primary schools.

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu 8:12 PM

You can find bad examples everywhere but what's the point ?

Anonymous said...

If SDL comes to power again,there will be trouble and for good reason.This racist party should be banned.--it is like the Nazi Party of the 30's. Do they know that Israel is not a Christian state.Do they know that England,France ,Germany,etc are not Christian states .Do they know Christianity is 2000 yrs old-and there are religions which are 1000's of yrs old.Is Heaven reserved for them and Christians only.Do they know there are many versions of the Bible.Do they know that blessings and prosperity come thru hard work and not simply labellin Fiji Christian.Do they know that when it rains it falls on Christians,hindus,,muslims alike.The idea of a Christian state belongs to the dark ages.

Count Me In said...

Some determined people here who like to stir the pot with the 'racist' ladle, SDL support is stronger than you think and is more honest than any party Frank comes up with.

Anonymous said...

With these types of submissions, what would be the most logical thing for the IG to do? Why should they hold elections if they are not given an exit. Even Ratu madraiwiwi had said some time back that the IG and military have to be given something otherwise why would they hand power.

In the absence of ERPn we now see the real politics. MPc who hid million and stole from the poor and Micky mouse who has loans from NBF but is paying peanuts are now wanting the GCC. For what? To please the fijians and plead for their votes.

Let's get realistic. People don't like Semi Meo but I think the Man has brains and can see from far.

Poised for Justice said...

The Oracle - it is possible Frank would've found any ecuse to take over. He clearly relishes the power and all the trappings that went with it.

Anonymous said...

The Constitution Commission Chairman, Professor Yash Ghai said it would be difficult to give special preference to one particular religion in the country in the new constitution.

Although it has been made clear by the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama that one of the non negotiable principles in the new constitution is for Fiji to be a secular state, Professor Ghai said they are deliberating on the views expressed in the public submissions.

Some people including the SDL want Fiji to be a Christian state while others have stressed special preference should not be given to a particular religion.

However, when questioned by Fijivillage on how the commission is dealing with the issue, Professor Ghai said they have to think hard about this.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Professor Ghai said more awareness is needed on this issue.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

In reference to the article in regards to 10th October reshuffle of cabinet members,I have not seen that has been a reality. This sort of disinformation discredits the blog. Same applies about Taleni story. Last year around this time, you had said that Taleni would return from China and take over as PM. Nothing such happened last year or this year. Is this blog now becoming a Rumor Tabloid?

Brad Wong said...

Taikei ni Qele,

Did not find anything wrong with the language of Anon 0258.

For your information Whites and others have more rights in Australia.Can-not speak for USA and Canada.In fact Australian Aboriginals were not even cosidered as Australian citizen or could vote till 1970s.Till now there has been only one Aboriginal in the parliment.

Anonymous said...

SDL's submission is to create a nationalistic feeling for fijians, which is like vote buying. How many of their leaders are clean? How many have them have mistresses and iLlegimate children. How many of them lied and claimed more allowance. How many of them took bribes.

Let's act like christains not pretend to be one.

Anonymous said...

beyond belief

christian state is satanic
anybody asking for christian state is "anti-christ"

sdl leaders are shamless in their politicising of "lotu" and 'Vanua" and can not keep separate the "matanitu".

beyond belief,
better army stay till 2030.

Kai Bau said...

To the untouchable Kamlesh Kumar you probably forgot what your grandfather Ghandi or ghandu did to the British.Fiji is the land of our ancestors and we want to keep it that way.It doesnt mean that we are racists its our indigenous right to keep it that way.If the Indians donot like the British rulling them like untouchable second class citizens in their own country than you should understand our plight as an indigenous race of Fiji to also voice our right .You are lucky that 99% of the military are blinded by some greedy bastards like you and Kaiyum or otherwise you will be forced to go back where your grandfather comes from in a manner that you will not enjoy.Remember what you do to others will be done back to you.Your garndfather chase the British away from mother land and one day you will also be chase away from Fiji if you kept on thinking that we are racists rather than taking it as our indigenous right .

Anonymous said...

Did anybody or group make a submission that the army should have a quota system in place.

Anonymous said...

Notice that some are increasingly beating the drum for 2020 instead of 2014. 2020 has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? This will be the next date to which Bainimarama will postpone elections, and the very same people who have been assuring us that elections would be held in 2014 will begin unabashedly making the same promises about 2020. And when Bainimarama makes the announcement, there will be gasps and a few expressions of outrage from abroad, but no one will lift a finger.

Fiji lies prostrate on the Road to Jericho -- how right Dakuwaqa was. But.. but.. let's just move to the other side of the road and keep walking. Pretend not to see anything, just keep walking.

Anonymous said...

Now comes the fun part where Yash Ghai will try to come up with a document and process that will satisfy Bainimarama and yet have some semblance of legitimacy. Bainimarama is acting in bad faith, so Ghai will be forced either to quit and admit defeat or mask Bainimarama's obstinence with a pretense of legitimacy. In that case, Ghai will likely choose to swallow his pride and accept his new role as just another regime toady. Goodbye, then, to his reputation and all professional credibility, no matter how he and the regime will try to spin it.

Rajen Naidu-Paramata said...

rajend naidu

Free Feejee said...

Marist schol principal now trying to restore respect to the school after all of the violence and fighting .... something the regime was going to do and hasn't. Despite its flaws, my votes with SDL or a coalition party.

Anonymous said...

The Indians chased the British out of India - Fact. The British were ruling India - Fact. The Indians were treated as slaves, second class - Fact. It is not the same in Fiji. The Indians are not ruling India. Indegenous Fijians hold top positions, have access to everything like everyone else. Why the insecurity then,. If your logic is to used, then all Pakeha should send Fiji and Samoans back to the Islands because they are taking their positions in the All Blacks. Learn to live together. Same applies to the Indians.

Vutuki Qiliho Tonoki Naliva said...

Isa, I lament. The truth really does hurt. For those of you that are hurting, yep, you know who you are, pls accept the faact that you never were, never are and never will be a Fijian. Vosa mada va Viti me matata....
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....I'm not hurting. I'm preparing to spank your Kaidia ass to Pakistan, Then you will see how good you've had it in Fiji
. Waraka. Namaka

Ross said...

@ Anon 11.21
Yeah bro....Army quota = 100 na buke.
After that...masi na dakai. after that kubuti voreqe, after that samuraki meli, after that kabati mary.

Anonymous said...

Re Kai Baus comments
Your ignorance says it all.
Most Indians will very happy if SDL and I taukie force them to leave Fiji.
They are desperate and will be happy to live in a country where idiots like Kai ( short form of Nakai- species which are lazy and bludge).
Kai - I will vote for you if your agenda to force Indians out of Fiji is made a reality.
Go Kai go. At least you will get 25% of Indian votes.
For campaign, please do not Kere Kere money from Indians.

Anonymous said...

Where is the regime's submission to the phoney baloney 'Constititutional Commission'?

Since it missed the deadline, then the Commission can disregard the regime's views, correct?

Anonymous said...

Support 2020 general elections in Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

We should only be so lucky as to end up like the indigenous people in the United States -- raking in money with our own casino monopolies. Who would need Larry Claunch?

The Oracle said...

@Poised for Justice... YES, Frank would have used any excuse to usurp power and avoid what was about to befall him. But, the fact that we, as a people, let him get away with it means we deserve some of the blame for the situation we are in. It's obviously human nature that one will begin to enjoy the trappings of the "high life" once one gets a taste for it. Rabuka did until he fell from grace. The same will happen to Frank. I am simply lamenting the fact that Frank, who wields almost "absolute" power, has failed to seize the opportunity to ensure Fiji carves its own unique niche in a world where democracy can still flourish while fostering and nurturing the rights of indigenous peoples. Frank and Aiyaz's focus is, supposedly, on equal citizenship which is a right under democratic rule. And, in trying to assert that right (among others), Frank and Aiyaz have ignored the real issue that needs to be addressed - moulding a new Fiji where non iTaukei can feel they are treaed as equals by the governments they elect while at the same time recognising, respecting and preserving the rights of the iTaukei. In Frank and Aiyaz's endeavour to fast-track the westernisation of Fiji, they have lost sight of the uniqueness that is Fiji .... a laid-back people, happy with themselves and content to enjoy each day as it comes. They have become so obsessed with "material" things and buying votes in readiness for the next elections that they've mortgaged our present and our future through massive loans. At the end of the day, we - the people of Fiji - have ourselves to blame because we have stood by and let all this happen - and mark my words, despite our dislike for what is happening, we will turn out in huge numbers to vote in an election that will really be manipulated by Frank and Aiyaz.

Anonymous said...

LOOK AT NZ , AUSTRALIA AND AMERICA ??? where the natives have literally no land , resources whatsoever and are now out populated by foreigners ?? they are now the minorities in their own land . THANKS TO BAINIVUAKA all these kai dia will prpbably wanna ccome bakk to fiji :((( but no worries , one day my dear kai dia friends , our CLUBS will come swinging down your throats !!!

Anonymous said...

Seth is a nut.
SDL is not after filling their pockets, they do it the legal way and everything is transparent.
This Government is not disclosing anything they are doing behind our back. Their salary is being done by a private accountant Aliz Pacific where Nur is Aiyaz's aunt (corruption). Qarase invest from money borrowed normally and will be repaid normally. no corruption.

Kai Bau said...

To Kamlesh Kumar and annon about Indians.......The Fiji Indians should be glad that the military are backing them up and you people should realise by now that you are siting on a time bomb raedy to explode.Probabaly you Indians think that Voreqes way of going forward will bring peace and harmony to us (Fijians and Indians) but I just want to remind you that Voreqes way of doing things is just a catalyst to stir up hate amongst the two races especially us the Fijian race to hate you people to the bottom of our guts.You Indians should remember that Voreqe is not doing it for Fiji his doing it for himself.Indians have been living in Fiji for quite sometimes and our history of wars should ring a bell for you guys .Our wars were mostly resolved in our own Fijian way of politics called the "Vere vakabau".So now native Fijians have plentyful on their plates now:land politics,Goverment politics,church politics,traditional politics and the most dangerous one "the vere vakabau politics"... where we will use one of your own kind to cut your balls off than you will realiose that his not your brother but your enermy.But again our chiefs comes up with the idea of preventing wars amongsts ourselves by intermarrying our chiefly ladies to other conferandancy.So to Kamlesh and to you indian Annon arrage for your sisters and daughters to marry Fijians boys to prevent Fijians beating you up.If your grandmother still alive I can arrange her for my Tau Semi Meo,he can have both your grandmothers.

Vutuki Ghandi said...

SDL FOR 2014!!!!!!!!!!!

Magaitinana na kaidia.....farkoff back to where you came from!!!!

Dabeca na Qalai Qiliho domica na Qalai Naliva said...

@ October 19 2012 8:11AM vakacava mo suaniu taki rau mada na yaco o vakayagataka toka qori. Kua ni leak taucoko me yaco a ga na vujini soresore... Hihihihihi

SEMI MEO said...

Well…don’t know who’s cutting whose economic and patriotic “ball” here...

‘Kai Bau”….last time I checked… over thousands of former ‘Indo-Fijians” have regained Fiji Citizenship!..while increased of “i Taukei” migration overseas…

...last time I checked, the over glorified 82% Native Land we i Taukei guard tenaciously from (to use your term) “bottom of our guts” produce and contribute less than 30% to the national economy..compared to the 20% Indo Fijian owe which produces more and valued more that your indegeonous “kovukovu”

…uh…you can not take a “kovukovu” or village plot docs to the bank…nur!..banks rather take your prime land your grandfather gave to Bary and Bilash for a glass of sparkling wine and “dinau tawa saumi rawa”..

…so now, who’se got whose balls….uh…If I were a mormon I may have entered into the matrimony you suggested…just ‘cause these ‘Indo Fijian gradmums may have more staked away then the few $100 bills tired at the seams of their sari…

sure, continue to hate the Indians from the “bottom of your guts”…just make sure to put a diaper at the very bottom of your guts …barewa ga vei iko Kai Bau

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo....You should be thankful that Ive done the hardest yard of "veilakovi" to the grand nana's.Now on you will be be Tutu Semi Meo Kamlesh...lol se o tukai Kamlesh beka tau...lol
But my Tau I cannot understand wher you people are coming from about our land lying idle...never will our land lying idle because our land was not meant for economic gain for any tom dick and harry...Nai balebale ni qele na vanua,na veiwekani,nai tovo etc,etc never in the history of our traditonal land ownership require us for the economic benefit of the goverment.If my land is lying idle its not for you and me to bother becasue that land was lying idle when we enter this world.Na qele e sega ni nodaru e nodar talega na muri tiko mai.Na dinau Tau qori e dua nai vakarau e sega ni noda ka da sa mai vulica ni sa yaco mai na gauna vou qoka.O keda e da dau solia na keda na meda vei ira na wekada kakua ni tiko vei iko na vakasama macawa ni raivaqori baleta ke gunu ti drau ni moli tiko o tukaqu se tiko ena bure ena sega ni saumi dinau ka sega ni mate ni uto vakataki tukamu ni kana roti vakari.
Nai lavo,na bisinisi qori e ka vou vei keda ka sa nodra bula na kawa tamata ko saki taki ira tiko mai qori na uluwai nai lavo.Na ka ga meda na cakava da marorya na noda veiwekani da vakasaqara eso nai wali ena vuku ni vakayagataki ni lavo ,bisinisi keina veika vovou eda sa donumaka mai na gauan qo nai taukei.Kua ni leqa taka na kamunaga nei Bui Kamlesh qai noqu i tavi...kemudrau Tau drau vakagatara vinaka ga nai selekava ni Namuka qori me musulaka ka caramaka na veidovu nei Bui Kamlesh.Barewa tale yani

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau

you are a sick down to your guts, i tell you what, your hatred for indians will one day divide Fiji into two countries and not a thing you can do but dirty your diaper.

one country will for those who want to live in peace and the other for idiots like you who want to go back few thousand years.

you can have Qarese as your leader, import from Lau because bau people are idiots

SEMI MEO said...

Tabu sara..tabu sara mo dou kevu sobu mai bau mo dou mai “veilako” ena vukui keitou na nomudou tauvu…matai, o dou kawa ni ulumatua, kena I karu, dau kilai tani o kemudou ni dou dau via tovolea I liu na vuso ni lolo ni bera ni qai keimami mai kana vakalolo…balabala..bhaut bakarerebaki kemudou Turaga mai Bau!

Now objectively…let’s visit the Registrar General Office and make a quick tally on the “Tutu Semi Meo Kamlesh”, Mere Parada, Paula Sharama, Adi Bunene Vikash, Ratu Mucunaikutari Ali…phew!...many have graced the pages of the RG..then, we cross over to the NLC..oh..and make sure you bow to the bust of Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna…let me see…mmmm….yep..in the Mataqali Dinamati, Tokatoka Veitabibi are names registered as legitimate, blue blooded ‘I Taukei are name like “Tutu Semi Meo Kamlesh”, Voreqe Obama, Adi Kakua Livingston Patel, Ratu George Faka’pelapela, and so forth..
…Got my drift?..’cause the very ones you “hate from the bottom of your guts” are probably “vasu turaga in Bau se vei keitou mai Namuka…

..of course…we hold dear our culture, tradition and the rest of it….but a lot of water has gone down Rewa River…even a new bridge has been built!...ia, sega ni dua na bubu mau Bau e galala tiko me lai qoli ura tu la ni Namuka..?? au la’o!

Coup 4.5 said...

Notwithstanding what some highly placed and influential people in Fiji have been saying about Australia, the reality is that Australia must have been doing somethings right to win a temporary seat in the UN Security Council with good support from Pacific and African countries.
To win 140 votes out of 193 in the first round of voting is no easy feat and is clearly a solid endorsement of Australia as a key player on the international stage for the promotion of global peace and development.
rajend naidu

Fiji Rainmaker said...

iTaukei should own all land in Fiji - Karavaki
Publish date/time: 19/10/2012 [13:13]

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Former Supervisor of Elections, Semesa Karavaki and former SDL Party President and chief, Ratu Kalokalo Loki have proposed to the Constitution Commission that all the land in Fiji should be owned by indigenous Fijians.

Fijivillage has questioned the basis of this suggestion as native land is well protected under current laws and the laws are clear on freehold and state land on ownership.

When asked, Karavaki maintains that they believe people of different races who have accepted the Covenant of relationship with God may have the right to be assimilated with the indigenous people and be entitled to the proceeds of ownership of land.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Karavaki also said Fiji should have Saturday as a day of rest as he said that is the Sabbath day.

He said observation should commence from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday, and no secular activities to be conducted during this time.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

When questioned on reactions from other groups, Karavaki maintains that extensive education programs should be conducted on the day of rest.

The government has already stressed that Fiji will be a secular state where people can practice any religion however no religion will be given preference by the state.

Anonymous said...

the sentiments expressed by the SDL and its idiotic mouthpieces like semesa karavaki are exactly why i think we need the army to continue as a moderating force in Fiji. As much as I detest having an army run the country, the racist elements will need to be kept in check.

Kai Bau said...

To sick Annon October 19, 2012
2:02 PM about Kai Bau....probably you have a dead brain..why blame me for the hated you should be blaming Voreqe for the deep racial division he has created.Secondly if the Indians hate the British and chase them away from Indian because the British want to take control over your mother land?.Do you think that we Fijian will let the same thing happen here?As I have said before my fight for my indigenous right will sometimes be taken as a racial attack but take it anyway you like I dont care as Fiji belongs to us and you as well but you have to keep the boundaries.Why do you people want to be identified as Fijian.....do you look like one?or atre you ashame of your race?Im proud to be a Fijian wether Im here or going away overseas but donot want to be identified the same as you.I was born a Fijian and I will die as a Fijian.Listen and listen properly to what Im going to tell you guys my Indian collegues,if the military leadership take a turn today for the worst it will be much much worsr than the Rabukas Coup when angry Fijian mob attacked the Indians in Suva and I hope that we will not end up that way.Now as I ve said bro we are sitting on a time bomb era where the military is the only thing thats preventing the eruption of deep hatered from the native Fijians.Its a fact and most of the people are trying to deny it like my Tau tukai Kamlesh Semi Meo hiding under the church's blanket.Tukai Kamlesh will be the first one to throw the stone..remember the vere vakabau.

Soqe said...

The SDL submission make Bainimarama look like a rescuing angel for Fiji. The SDL wants to take Fiji down the same path of NAZI Germany. That is a stupid way that wont build a better Fiji. They want the same failed models that created disaster and corruption on a grand scale in the years after independence . The revival of Fijian ethno-centricism will spell disaster for Fiji. No, thank goodness Bainimarama is here and his glorious Fiji army to save the nation from ethno-nationalists. Identify all the ethno-nationalists, flush them out from everywhere and send them to re-education classes. It is the old guard and their families, who had their snouts in the trough of Fiji and who have been denied it these past few years, who will gain from ethno-centricism. Bainimarama needs to follow reformers like the Turkish general Attaturk. Look to Oliver Cromwell of England also and how he handled those who wanted to perpetuate the divine right of kings. Clean them up for Fiji's sake. Bai you stay there but build up a sustainable structure. God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Every dog has his day....Hitler,Mussolini Saddam, Gaddaffi, Mubarak, now Assad losing the grip-ALL HAVE EXPIRED/EXPIRING..who says Bainimarama is immortal? Remember Rabuka...Come on ppl THINK!

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Kai Bau
In this blog you have rubbished and wrote anti,hatred and abusive sentiments about Fiji-Indians,Fijian Army,Fijian Prime Minister and The Fijian Military Council. On one hand you want Fijian supremacy in Fiji but on the other hand you are against your own people that is your own Fijian Army, your own Fijian Military Council and your own Fijian Prime Minister. You sound very hypocritical and sad. How can you hate your own people.(The Army, The Military Council and The Prime Minister.)You also want Fiji to be a Christian State but you on the other hand you are very unchristian by hating your own people,your indian neighbours and your own Fijian Institutions that is run by The military. This is against the teachings of Jesus Christ. You basically are saying that Fiji belongs to Fijians only and all other citizens born in Fiji are foreigners.Fiji should be ruled by Fijians only. However in your own confederacy (BAU) you guys havent yet decided who is going to be Tui Bau yet for years because of bad blood,rivarly and politics. This is very unchristian and unFijian. You guys dont have unity in your own Vanua and yet you want to run Fiji.
Please note that from 1987 to 1986 Fiji was run by your nationalist lleaders with etho-nationalistic agendas. However during that period the lives of masses of rural fijians didnot improve and in fact went down. Your nationalist leaders
used the poor vunerable fijians for their own personal pockets.Corruption, Nepotism,Discrimination was rife during that period. My advice is to change your views and fear god. Remember that you take your deeds with you when you die. In eyes of god everyone is equal irrespective of race, colour, sex,age etc. You classify Indians as an immigrant race. According to history everyone in Fiji is an immigrant. This has been proven by traces of the lapita pottery.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with Kai Bau about Fiji sitting on a time bomb, no matter the propoganda the regime spewing out about a better Fiji he has taken race relations back.
The pot is simmering.

N Chung said...

Kai Bau

Few problems

Most of I-Taukei dont hold your views.Many are related via marriage or share close friendship.When Indo-Fijians were attacked during 1987 and 2000, it was I-taukei who came to their help.Many I-Taukei are also deeply practicing christians and will find hard to do what you are thinking.Some bonds are very strong and been like that for many years.
There are also many respected non I-taukei and non Indofijians who will stand for fairness which is the case right now.
The international community will eventually act and outcome may not be good for people like you.
There is also a just god who would not allow any harm to any of his children including you.
Last but not least every dog will bite back when there are no options.
At the end, like Speight you will lose and your family will suffer.
Just look at Rabuka left with nothing and can-not even look after his illegal children.

I dont know what you fighting for, if it is land then Indofijians only own less then 5%.I also dont know whom you fighting with, because if it id Indofijians, then they are minority and migrating.

Kai Bau said...

To Mr Kamlesh Kumar na makubui Tau Semi Meo....You must be a dick head...Im not a racists but Iam standing up for what I termed as my indigenous right.And I dont care at which ever way you take it in as that’s my right in a Country I called Fiji. Yes you are dead right the army are all Fijians and it will only take a slip in the leadership to ignite the racial tension I’m talking about and you better believe me. What about if Bainimarama died today and Pita Driti or someone like that took over? Who knows…better take you back in the Rabuka’s coup when those angry Fijian mob attacked all the Indians in Suva and I still can vividly remember that day and that is a very good sign for you to dwell on and please stop ignoring the fact……you fool…I feel sorry for them but what can I do.Now Im warning you and that is part of my christian belief to tell you the truth.What Bainimarama and the army are doing are only creating a lot of tension and stressing us Fijians because of the gun they are holding.They are force feeding us with their crap and that is not a Fijian way of doing things. Our forefathers never uses guns to kill their enemies they use pieces of wood (wau) which is mostly available around the country which we still can use when the time comes .And as I’ve said the only thing that stopping the Fijians from taking you people on is the military which you should be glad of....... What wrong with a Muslim state what qualification do you need? You were talking about Christian teachings which you know nothing about.... but what about Hinduism teachings/Rama/Shiva. To be greedy bastards, to change your status from Indian to Fijian, to get the land free? You can go to hell…. You are blaming the Fijian leader of corruption what about Chaudary?That is part of human beings ululala not only Fijians filling their own pockets illegally….. what about your sisters in Sukuna park?...Yes I’m glad that you are using the proper term in your comments Indian to classified you people and Fijian us that is one good point from you but the rest I’ll take it down the toilet where it really belong.Dont you agree to my previous comments in bringing the two races together?..... give your daughters and your sisters to marry those Fijian boys and your grandmother for my Tau Semi Meo. From now on you are related to my Tau Semi Meo and call him grand Pa

Kamlesh Kumar said...

To Kai Bau a Nationalist and Racist IDI Amin of Fiji.

You have a very low IQ. Why blame the indians for what the military is doing in Fiji to you nationalists? The military is 99% fijian? Then why are you blaming the Fiji-indians? The Fiji-indians have nothing to do with the army. You are a dumb ass as you can reason things. Your ancestors came from Africa like my ancestors who came from India.eg Traces of Lapita Pottery.
You Bauan people cant sort out the differences there and want to run Fiji. Why is not Tui Bau being announced yet? Because of politics and disliking between two step brothers. You are very uneducated thats why you use abusive and swear words. You seem to be a violent and angry man who cannt reason things out. You are using indians as escapegoat of what your own Fijian man(Voreqere) is doing to racist like you. Dont condemn India, India is emerging as a major economy and things are changing there each day. Look at your cousins in the African countries. eg. Zimbawabe. If Fiji Indians will all migrate you will be like your cousins in Uganda, Somalia, etc. You are lucky and thank your ancestors who somehow drifted to Fiji.Try to update your self. Dont use threat and violence to control and create fear in the Fiji-Indians. If violence is used you will be taken to the International Court and sentenced.

Kai Bau said...

To MR N Chung, October 19, 2012 9:23 PM
Yes my view is my own and I don’t expert everyone to hold the same view. If we hold the same view than it will be a dull world to live in. Yes Mr Chung many are practising Christianity even the military officers who murdered fellow Fijians are all Christian. Christianity doesn’t stop any one from doing the wrong thing, it’s how you practice the teachings that counts. It’s easy to say that most Christian will find it hard to do what I’m thinking but during that day at Suva most of the Christian were caught stealing.
What we Fijian cannot believe is the way these Fijian Military people killed and abused their own kind in a cowardly manner sir. Yes you are right, there are also non Fijians and non-Indians who will stand for fairness and that’s exactly what I’m doing as an indigenous fighting for fairness. Indigenous right can only come within you if you are an indigenous yourself like the people in mainland china sir. You talking about the international community acting Mr Chung…….where is the international community when the Fijian Military were murdering and abusing the people of Fiji sir?....Yes I understand that god won’t harm anyone but god does not act in that way Mr Chung… how come those poor Fiji citizens who were abused and killed by the army Mr Chung where is your God principle in that case???…..God won’t come down from heaven to make me stand up for my right it’s my duty to do it myself with the help from him…
Dog will only bite back in their own territory Mr Chung and most of the dogs you are referring to are all in my territory?when you are in Rome do what the Romans do…..Never I will lose the fight for my indigenous right because it is within me as an indigenous which I think that you cannot grasp because probably you are an immigrant also and sorry for using that clause as I want to make my point clear to you…You won’t know what Iam fighting for because you are not me.Rabuka and Speight also fight for what they think was right to them and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Kai Bau said...

To Kamlesh na makubui tau Semi Meo...there you go again ...you making people nuts.You are repeating yourself.Go get some fresh air and go to sleep.
Thanks my friend for commenting.

Vokete Wai said...

To try an claim saturday as a day of rest is not Christian it is Jewish. Fiji is not a Jewish country. This idea emanates from that crazy cult Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) foundered by a plagiarist woman who went nutty due to being struck by a stone - Ellen White. She plagiarised most of her writings. The SDA is a bunch of nutcases of the pseudo scientific bullshit theology put out by Mrs White. They have their own Bible so that it makes them look good. Eventually, they get you away from the Bible and reading all their cultish books and booklets. The Jews are not the chosen people that is crap fabricated in the Schoefield translation of the Bible. Fuck Israel. Let Fiji be Fiji. For Christians it is Sunday which is the day of worship. If you want to worship on saturday go to Israel. There is enough religious nut cases in Fiji, to make it official would be even more crazy. Just keep Fiji a secular state. Oh, and that SDL submission is not even worth being used as toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama isn't Jerry Rawlings. He's Samuel Doe.

He isn't Cromwell. He's Charles I.

Poised for Justice said...

The Oracle @10.53am Moulding a superior Fiji is a good sentiment but one that can only be achieved by a genuine attempt to look after the interests of both itaukei and others who've made fiji their home. also, the new fiji can only be 'created' by those who know what they are doing because as new zealand and australia (south africa, america and all countries colonised by europeans etc) have discovered, it does not happen overnight and in fact may never happen. frank and khaiyum have tried to do it by force and decrees but nation building requires inspirational leaders and sacrifice.

SEMI MEO said...

To all the Cyber Kai Bai...cava na leqa??...may be time you go and worship Aiyuz...just that I dread you following me around kissing my heals and repeating my name.I AM NOT YOUR HUSBAND!!

....please...turn your royal Baun nostril on your lord Aiyuz.

De o rairai sega dina ni kau Bau..ka dua ga na dau volitaki vinati e Bau street...lol...lol

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Mero tukai Kamlesh....vinati ni vava qori hahahaha.O au mai na kea qai au kaci vakacava vei iko qauri...lolAu rawa ni vakamacala taki bau kei na kena politiki vei iko...kei voli taki vinati tu la mai Bau st de o rairai kila leca taki au tau de o tukamu beka o Madar....taura nona vinati

Anonymous said...

kai bau

any one ever tell you are a DICKHEAD.

nice to see people winding you up

Kamlesh Kumar said...

To Annon Thank you DICKHEADKAMLESH ..no one can wind me up because Im not that dickhead like you to be sress out on this blog.

SEMI MEO said...

Oilei Marai...lol...lol..Kai Bau..October 20, 2012 10:18 PM...vaka e sa tatacaqe na nodaru vosa?...o ora na vinati...heee...heeee..heeee

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh, I am an Indo-Fijian too. You see everything very simplistically as do those who make racial comments on both sides of the debate. There is no black and white issue in this debate. The issue is nuanced. The colour of truth is grey. Military dictatorships will never bring about social justice even if they say they are doing it for multiracialism. It is the nature of the beast that you cannot bring democracy and peace throught the power of the gun. Do more reading and educate yourself about the history of other countries.