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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sons of a senior military and prisons officer behind taxi-robbing gang

Police at Marist Grammar.pic Fiji Village
Irony at its worst with the police commissioner visiting Marist Grammar to warn off brawling students, urging them to respect the law.

A 19 year old has been charged with assault and will appear in court tomorrow, following a spate of incidents including brawling at Service Street and Sukuna Park last Friday, an attack on a school bus and the assault of a head boy.

A curfew is also in place with Fiji Village quoting the school principal as saying no Marist student should be seen in uniform in Suva after 4 o'clock.

But this is not the first incident involving law breaking students.

While Iowane Naivalurua is warning Marist students not to break the law, in July - high school students at Nabua Secondary School, who were part of a criminal gang - were found to be the sons of a senior military and prisons officer.

After three weeks of investigation, Police arrested and started questioning the group of boys who had formed a group to rob random individuals and taxi drivers.

Investigations revealed the boys robbed individuals of amounts ranging from $50 to $190. Their total loot over a three week period was about $2500.

They also stole two taxi meters.

When Police went to look for the leader of the group at Nabua Secondary School, they found a taxi meter inside his school bag.

A Police source says the boys come from well-to-do families and can't understand why they would go on a robbery spree each weekend.

One of the boys father is the Officer in Charge of the Dog Unit at Naboro Prison and all of the students were under 16.


  1. Woof woof, birds of a feather !
    Sins of the Father.
    The leaf doesn't fall far from the tree.

  2. When you can whup any man in the world, you never know peace.

  3. We have to expect this kind of behavior from our children because they know very well that there is no rule of law in this country. We hardly have this kind of behavior during normal times.
    The quicker we get back to constitutional government the better for every one especially for the future our generation.
    Let's all pray and hope that the regime will come to their sense soon as the worst thing is that the young generation are displaying the soul of this regime.

    I again ask the Commander to please speed up the constitutional process so that an elected government to be in placed soon.

    Cakava na nomuni mata ni gasau na mataivalu me rawa ni dodonu nai lakolako.

  4. na vanua ga era na lai tini kina na luvedra qori,nai benubenu! na curse ni vanua qori.na vaka wale taki kece nomuni sasaga

  5. thats what they learn at home,cnt expect to teach kids to be good when their fathers are not setting a good example themselves.

  6. In the New Fiji, doesn't everybody carry a taxi meter around in their backpack?

    Sounds to me like the boy has the makings for a future attorney-general.

  7. Why can’t we all accept that parenting in these post modern times is not easy at all! It is very sinister to point fingers only at Police, Army, Civil servant parents for their children’s misdemeanours and conveniently turn a blind eye on misdemeanours of children of other parents..say..like Chiefs, Talatalas, Pastors, Pundits, Hajis and other professionals etc…

    Oh boy…we pity the children of these elites in our society….probably we unfairly scrutinise their behaviours like a hawk, and worse still pressurise and blackmail them to conform by tightening their boundaries ……no wonder they react against societies unfair demands…

    Let them be like any other kid…though for any..,who ever they be, who breaks the law, shall reap the consequence…simple, whether one lives in Muanikau or Muaivuso…son of cop, coup or who ever…

    Of course, there are recently evidences of heightened lawlessness …that is the reason we may have to bring back the curfews, even check points….this time local Governments, businesses etc may have to contribute to civilian/security forces security details to protect property and all of us…

  8. Quite comical really....here the police is going around telling our YOUTH to follow the law and that lawbreakers go to jail...Well! they should never look far to find out where these YOUTHS are getting the idea from to brawl, fight, loot, steal, etc...THE ILLEGAL REGIME AND THEIR HANGER-ONS!!!!! DUH!

    We said it was going to happen and 6 years down the road it HAS happened...of course people cannot PROTEST in public BUT look! our YOUTHS are brawling in public...HAHAHAHAHA!!!! in your face Voreqe, Iowane, Teleni, Aiyaz, Sharon, military thugs, police lackeys and prison loosers! our security system has become a laughing stock AGAIN!

  9. Pigs will always wrestle in mud

  10. I was watching the news last night on Compol speaking to the school students. in one of his opening speech he said " i am here today because the PM is concerned..." hello!! isn't Compol concerned? HE should have been the one concerned BEFORE everyone else. and his speech..well we've heard his usual ravings on law and order over and over again. all talk and no action.

  11. These are not misdemeanors but felonies. Still nowhere near as bad as the felonies -- like treason -- committed by their fathers.

  12. Listening to the police commissioner screaming at school students of a school in suva yesterday is just so sickening.....talk about the kettle calling the pot black. What law was he talking about?

  13. I think we have all forgotten that this culture has been breeding at those two schools for more than 20 years now. There has always been a hate nature brewing amongst them. Even small things like hate vandalism everywhere between the two schools have reinforced this attitude over the years resulting in this this. The simple fact is the hate that has been passed down from one generation to another in both schools. For people thinking this is a isolated case that happens only in Fiji. Open your eyes this has been happening in other countries for many years now. In my opinion the only way to change this is for both schools to redefine their image as a more academic based school. Just thank god that we only have few schools that display this trend. As for the Nabua incident... well that is beyond me. Maybe they wanted to start a taxi business??

  14. The boys think they are above the law. It's all about parential care, family values, etc that must be instilled in them from early days if the parents have time for the kids. The tree can only be bent when its flexible.

  15. Naivalurua how can u tell the kids not to indulge in crime when u youself abused your powers in the FCS which is tantamount to crime. U hypocite. What goes around will come around.Kua mada na viavia.

  16. Sa levu na cakacaka sara guilecavi na gone,incident dont just happen by mistake,it shows the way we live ,the children are being neglected for a long time,by doing these means they need attention from their parents........

  17. frustration being shown in different forms by the young kids ,Big question WHY????

  18. This is a very sad state of affairs but we have said this all along.
    We said that there was going to be increased lawlessness, increase in rape, increase murder and increased child molestation etc etc.
    I'm not a wizard. I don't have a crystal ball but I believe what the Bible says and that is You will reap what you sow.
    Whether you a Christian or non-christian this Law applies to everyone. Just like THe Law of Gravity.
    As I have said in the past, No amount of praying will affect this law.

    Our children will start killing each other, if we don't stem the tide.
    This is the natural progression of this law.
    No amount of praying or crying, weeping or wailing or soli or money or whatever will ever change this law.

    God has set His laws and we must acquiesce to it.

    God is a God of Justice and He expects us to execute it.
    Bainimarama needs to be brought to justice for all his crimes.
    Only then will the land heal.

    If we continue to disregard this law and receive some persons bullshit apology (or matanigasau or whatever) then we will continue to reap our stupidity.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  19. We need a strong leader in this country like Bainimara and thats why all of us should support Bainimara. Baini has supported (us) muslims very well likewise. We muslims have benefited from his regime so much. We should wholeheartdly support this regime.

  20. Coup 4.5 well done and please could you get the names of those soldiers and Police officers who bashed those prisoners?
    This will be the only way to stop those bastards in taking the law into their own hands which initially they should be protecting it.
    Tau Semi sa bai mai via vakaraitaka eke na kena maleka nomu dabe tiko vei Voreqe....kani tauvu qori e kamica tau.Qarauna ga qori na kani Bau de lakolako o bukete vatu...Why are you so worried about the chiefs,pastors etc,etc you are mentioning here.We are talking about the military and police officers mainly because they ate the ones that should be upholding the law and not abusing it ....Yes you are correct pity on the children of those soldiers because they are born out of murderers,thieves thugs and so on.Ka mada me lako vei iko na mua ni dakai ya mo qai kila na kena ca.....Sa bai o dabe tu ena loma donu na nomu i vola.....vavei mo dabe vei Vorerqe ke sega mai dabe vei au......bai o bese ga na tucake qori baleta nomu kamu na dabe yarayara.Tau barewa ga vei iko nanuma na mua ni dakai nei Voreqe mo masia vinaka...kani veiwekani ga qori sega ni dua e jealous takji kemudrau.

  21. The kids are just following what they're seeing around them. When people like Voreqe Bainimarama use force to take whatever he wants and gets away with it, these young criminals think they can do exactly the same. They're also be feeling safe in the knowledge that since their fathers are military they'll never get anywhere near a jail cell as they've seen what happened to people like Francis Kean who is now rewarded with PS positions and reinstated as head of navy after killing someone. Why are we surprised?

  22. Project Jericho was highly successful. I was standing at Sukuna Park and the only noise that I heard has when I farted.


  24. The 19 year old boy was to appear to court today but I heard that students have ended up in hospital pretty badly injured. Comments have been made on people's Facebook.

  25. Student charged with assault to appear in court today
    Publish date/time: 03/10/2012 [08:13]

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    A 19 year old student who has been charged with assault in relation to a bus attack in Flagstaff on Monday will appear in court later today.

    Police are also trying to establish the alleged involvement of an ex-scholar in the incident where some items were thrown into a school bus at Flagstaff.

    Spokesperson, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri has said that students should not be loitering around town and head straight home after school.

    He confirmed that they are investigating the brawl at Service Street and Sukuna Park last Friday, the attack on the school bus at Flagstaff on Monday and an incident of an assault case on the Head Boy of one of the schools on Saturday night.

    Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua has issued a stern warning to students that anyone breaking the law will be taken to task.

    He personally visited Marist Brothers High School and Suva Grammar School yesterday after the involvement of some students in the recent brawls.

    Commissioner Naivalurua has called on the students to respect the law.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    He has called for a resolution to be reached.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    A curfew has been put in place from yesterday for the students of Marist Brothers High School.

    This has been announced by Marist Principal John Atalifo following the recent incidents involving some students from the school.

    Atalifo said all students should leave for their home at 3:10pm and no Marist student should be seen in uniform in the capital city after 4pm.

    The Suva Grammar management has also instructed all students to follow the rules and to go home after school.

    Counseling sessions have been conducted with the parents, students and teachers.

    The Grammar students also had a school assembly and a gender assembly after which all Grammar students took a pledge on Monday that they will maintain law and order.

    Story by: Vijay Narayan and Watisoni Butabua

  26. What is the irony of the police commissioner speaking to students about unacceptable behaviour. It is their job and it is also parents roles to speak to their children about violence.

    The Marist v Grammar problem is not a new problem. It has always been a outside school competition that has existed since even when the oldest person on this blog was in school. The students are being warned of the law and it is necessary and for the police commissioner to attend the schools himself reflects the police are taking the matter seriously and so should parents who should play their role and speak to their children.

    Why politicise an issue of soldiers and prison officers children doing wrong. Are your children saints. You guys are a laugh. There are many examples that can be mentioned here but we wont lower ourselves like you guys are doing on this blog site. Find something more interesting for us to comment on. The Consitutional review committee, the ILO is one is worthy of following. Where is DAQUWAWA, RUM, BALEDROKADROKA, KEN ZINCK, DAUNITUTU, MERE...Whats the matter this assignment getting too hard for you....lol at daquwawa. Not getting enough or any money at all because no one supports ANONYMOUS BULLSHITTERS.

  27. Anonymous 12:45, was that your fart I heard during M-Minute? Because if so, it was so loud that I heard it over on Marks. It sounded like car horns, tins, whistles, and even music.

    Is that what your farts sound like? That's quite a talent.

    If they're that loud, I'm just glad I didn't also catch a whiff!

  28. Next the school boys will be sodomising their rivals with rifle barrels.

    Where, oh where, do they learn such behaviour?

  29. ..oh…hack!!...the very graphical description of sodomy by some experts from Bau in this highly esteemed column astonishes many of us who were led to believe that at one glorious time in our history Bauns only advocate righteousness…no…not to be any more!!..

    We will not accept that my tauvus from Bau have helplessly unleashed sodomites to ravage and haunt us…they’re even privy to infor of alleged sodomy from across the straight in Viwa..alleging the supreme commander of the Fiji Armed Forces is in their sodomy club…

    All we are saying is if Bau and Viwa are running after each others backside…then God help the rest of us…may be time for my Tauvus from Bau and Viwa to again revisit the tenets of righteousness and good governance they championed in the last century….or is it only a few faceless Baun like my tauvu “Kai Bau” who're members of the sodomy club?

    ...her explicit description rather qualifies her..him(?)

    No one is above the Law..even Police or Army kids and the rest of us!

  30. A sociological study on Fiji is timely, perhaps by one of the womens groups. The coups have taken their toll as has the RFMF mentality that says soldiers and military can do anything. We'd all hate to even think it but the aggro and the male violence that is prevalent in Fiji today is all too.

  31. Hey Mark Manning...your not much of a bird yourself...What are you doing in Australia mate...Whats the matter, in Australia your nothing but whilst you were in Fiji, people ACTUALLY listened to your BS. Make something of yourself in Australia where you can be respected and if you succeed we might listen to you here in Fiji...Dont waste your time here on this blog or believing Fiji can be the place where you can continue to exploit women like you did when you first came here you poor pathetic fool

  32. People can hate the truth but it won't go away. Police visiting another two schools and one more student charged.

  33. Schoolboy fights and brawls are nothing new and have been happening since schools started.

    The only difference these days is the dumb pack mentality of so many indaviduals that just have to copy what ever others are doing.

    Just look at the rioting all around the world.

  34. If Daquwaqa is still swimming these shores, can he email C4.5 on pacificinthemedia@gmail.com

  35. We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion:
    The stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases,
    While the citizens may act only by permission;
    Which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history,
    The stage of rule by brute force.
    - Ayn Rand

  36. Speaking of Dakuwaqa, I earlier wrote that it stands to reason that whoever is most effective at mobilising support for Operation Jericho will also be most effective at toppling the regime. Whichever party, whichever church, whichever chief, whichever whatever -- that's who will deserve our support. Well, from what I saw, the most effective mobiliser was Dakuwaqa himself. But if now he's gone, who does that leave? We need ideas, people. We need leadership.

  37. Tau SEMI MEO...why you keep on changing your tune...hot cold...hot cold...sometimes for Voreqe sometimes you against him...some thing must be wrong with your head.The Fijian words dabe doesnt mean sodomy....where the hell did I mentioned that in my comments 'sodomy'...but anyway if you wish to be sodomised ....go to the military camp in Nabua they are the expert of looking after peoples rears.O iko Tau sa sega ni rauti iko na mua ni dakai na M16 sa rauti iko na dakai ni Vanua.....na levu ni nomu veidabeyaki o cakava tiko mai.

  38. Anon says to Kai Bau...Isa luveni Yali ko sa qai basika mai. Yalo vinaka sara kua ni vakaloloma taki keitou mai Bau Luveni Yali baleti niko Luveni Yali, Luveni Macawa, Luveni Kawa Ca. Isa kua ni vakayagataka nodatou vanua lomani moko vosa tiko ena 4.5 site macawa oqo. Bau lomani keitou Luveni Vuaka. Dua na nomu dabedabe esa vakarautaki tiko moko na dabe kina na gauna keimami na kai Bau na kilai iko kina. Ena sega ni dede baleta na dina ena ceburaki. Vakabibi niko via vakayagataka ka yavalata na vanua. Namuna tiko ko Bau na Vanua e sega ni nomu se baleti iko Luveni Caiti Tamamu Magaitinamu. Vosota noqu vosaca ia keitou na kunei iko. Ena sega ni dede. Kua ni nanuma niko na vuni rawa. E lailai na M16 se qala lailai ko kaya tiko vei Tau mena dabeca. Na gauna keitou na woti kina vei iko, ena sota vata na qara ni socomu kei na gusumu. GALU MADA DE VEVE NA GUSUMU.

  39. Naivalurua is equally guilty of breaking the law by siding with dictator Bainimarama thus commtting TREASON as well and now wants to tell the school kids to follow the law. What hypocrisy. Kenneth Zinck

  40. too much reviled in this blog-site...I had been saying this before and I will say it again that Fiji needs to start new again forget about the 2014 poll lets establish a genuine truth and reconciliation commission first....the culprits need to apologize while the victims must be compensated...sort of restoration justice....this the only exit point for the current regime in order to make Fiji a genuine and a God fearing nation...the ONE AND ONLY LIVING GOD JESUS CHRIST...NO OTHER GOD OR GODS IS GREATER THAN HIM...AMEN...THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THE IG...

  41. @ Anon 4:30pm It leaves you to start the revolution you fucking dimwit coward

  42. @Paula 8:30PM

    Perhaps this invisible 'God' that so many want to use as an excuse for all their and others wrongdoings is the cause of societys problems.

    It's about time some started to realise that it is them that determine what happens in this world rather than some mystical fairytale hero.

  43. After Naivalurua spoke to both schools, on Tuesday night another student from Suva Grammar was bashed by some marist students at Tacirua. They went to his residents and asked to see him, he came out of his house and saw the boys from flagstaff. He told them that Naivalurua had spoken to them not to fight, as he turned to go home, he was hit on the back of his neck with an object. They punched him and kicked him.......he was badly beaten......well where from here....Naivalurua should now see that even the students of marist are not listening to him....even as he is an mob......c'mon GROW UP.....

  44. Situation with violence in schools worse than we thought.

    The Fiji Police Force is now stepping up its investigations into the alleged incident where a student from a prominent Suva school was assaulted at his home by a group of students from another school.

    These schools were in the limelight recently for assault.

    The incident happened on Tuesday night.

    It is alleged that the group of students went to the home of the victim and asked to see him.
    They then allegedly assaulted him outside his home.

    The victim’s mother reported the matter to Police.

    Police Spokesperson – Ana Naisoro says they have identified the student who led the attack.

    “We can confirm that we have a suspect that is known to Police and we are narrowing down to the other students who were involved in this incident. This is very unfortunate because this follows the Police Commissioner’s visitation of the schools on Tuesday. It shows that the students are disregarding all the directives given to them.”

    Police are warning students not to cross line

  45. To luveni yali annon Oct 3 @6.14pm about Kai Bau...Kai Bau is for me to identify myself with my comments you idiot.I knew where you coming from because youve clearly identified yourself by abusing and swearing which is the trade mark of the vuli vaka vo in Delai Nabua luveni ulukai o iko. Nanuma tiko ke o Kai Bau dina o iko rairai o luveni dua na kai Bau e gaunisala baleta na nomu vakayagataka na vosa vaka Bau ena nomui vola e sa vei calati. O Iko e dua na sotia ko tomiki tu ga mai ena kani veikilai kei na masia na nodra dakai na turga ni valu ulukau vakai iko ga mai na keba.Vakacava ke lautono mada na mua i muri nei tamamu ena gusu ni dakai ena vinaka vei iko.Na ka e baleti Bau keimami kila ga na Kai Bau.Ke o iko e dua na sotia ulukau o lai curu tu vakalialia ena mataivalu mei vurevure ni nomu bula nanuma tiko na noqu vosa qo; ena cakava tale vei kemuni na vere vaka Bau o Voreqe.. ni na vakaloloma ni oti na coup qo baleta keimami na qai vaka tonoki kemuni na lewe i Viti sega ena dakai ena i koba....

  46. The God-mocking atheist @ Anonymous 9:01 reminds me of the guy who says we need to stop following 'western' ideas like democracy. Fiji doesn't suffer from too much God-fearing and democracy but too little!

  47. Anon says to Kai BAU...Vakacava mo dabeci Voreqe mada. Dua na kai Bau qala levu o koya. Keitou na qai cheer taki koya. Nomu vosavosa, iko kevaka ko yalewa ko suasua tu ga ena vei gauna...woilei na kai Bau solia madaga mai vei au dua na marama ni Bau meu caita...kevaka e sega CU mada mai Kai Bau mena lau Vutu na nomu sona levu

  48. To annon dau dabeci voreqe Oct 5
    @1:35.How come you exactly knows Voreqes size...been there my man.Sa sivia na sara karakarawa sa vaka cacana na qavokavoka.Vaqara e dua na cakacaka ka kakua ni kana loto tiko ena nodra i lavo na sa cakacaka tu.Sa dua na tama kei na tina kawa ca saraga o tubu mai kina o kemuni.Se o kemuni e dua na luve ni turaga beka e gaunisala ena caca ni gusumu.O Voreqe sa rauti tau Semi ga sega tale ni dua.O iko ke o biu vei ira na vuaka era na dro taki iko ena ca ni gusumu.Luveni lali

  49. Lol at Kai Bau. This site is pathetic to allow all your disgusting words to be printed. Go to church, get a life and be the woman you are.

  50. all i wanted to add is that we cannot clap with one hand...the curfew should not be imposed to students of marist only..y isn't there curfew in place for SGS!!!!!!! i guess somethings jus cannot be argued with the current government


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