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Friday, October 19, 2012

Suspended Fiji lawyer in hospital

Suspended lawyers: Marawai (right) in ICU.
Suspended lawyer Kini Marawai has been admitted to hospital and is in intensive care unit  reportedly in a critical condition.

It is unclear if he had a heart or an asthma attack but sources say he has been depressed since he was suspended several weeks ago for professional misconduct, along with fellow Suva lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry.

Chaudhry's hearing with the Independent Legal Services Commission is scheduled for this afternoon - behind closed doors.

A letter (see left) advising the son of the leader of the Fiji Labour Party about the closed session doesn't say why. Chaudhry's appeal against the five year suspension will be heard  next Wednesday.

Meanwhile the chief registrar is reported to have shut down another law firm - Gordon and Co in Nadi, which is owned by the brother of Chauhry's law partner, also by the name of Gordon.


Anonymous said...

rajend stop posting up your own stories on 4.5 no use promoting yourself, its a known fact to the public that you and your father are both crooks!

SEMI MEO said...

We all pray for his speedy recovery and comfort to his family members ..

...deductions are that the young Chaudry may be provisionally reinstated under supervision of some sought....

...mmm…not that his Christian praying Mum condones any form of evil…but she sure prays for mercy from the supreme Judge all us will appear…uh…on day!

Simione said...

Rajen ChoodDhry does not deserve any mercy from anyone. The Judge needs to send him to Afghanistan on one way ticket. He sure will fit in there very nicely.

Vir Mati the Christain mum has endured abuse from Mahen ChoorDhry all her married life. The poor woman needs to move on just like the daughter in law did. Vir mati take a clue from your daughter in law.

Anonymous said...

Kini Maraiwai is a known heart case patient. I don't think his suspension has anything to do with his admission to hospital as Kini is a known fighter and cannot be easily affected by such a decision against him.

Anonymous said...

RPC deserves no mercy... He has lied and conned so many poeple in his profession, it is unbelievable. Even now (yesterday) he is sending his staff to visit the drug lady Muskan at the prisons, why? Is he even allowed to do that knowing very well that he is suspended? What is he hiding from everyone? He does wrong and blames it on the system??? Vir Mati should preach to her son first before asking the Lord to intervene.....

SEMI MEO said...

Mothers will never …never ever desert a child of her womb, especially in a time of the child's greatest need for counsel and prayers….especially a praying mother like Mrs Chaudry…never!..of course moms do not subscribe to the notoriety of children……

..those who differ may be mirroring some probable relationship deficiencies with their own mother or dominant feminine figure?...I could be wrong…but, may be

…why wish it on others, we then ask??

Anonymous said...

Why closed session? whats there to hide from public? is the judge so incompetent? why the secrecy? is this a transparent process ?

Anonymous said...

Fiji: Major Rabuka casts doubt on 2014 elections

12:55 PM Friday Oct 19, 2012



Sitiveni Rabuka talking at the Pacific conference on democracy at the University of Canterbury today. Photo / supplied

Major General Sitiveni Rabuka, who led two military coups in Fiji, has cast doubt over whether the elections in Fiji will go ahead in 2014 as scheduled.

The former Fijian Prime Minister was the keynote speaker at the University of Canterbury's Democracy in the Pacific conference today.

He said he hoped the elections would go ahead.

"But that hope is not based on very good grounds," he said.

"When we talk about democracy in the Pacific, one size does not fit all. Military has always had a presence in the Fiji culture. We think of militant ways of changing things, rather than waiting for the next elections.

"It may be that we have corporate cooperation in 2014 where together the government and the military keep tabs on our civil military relations to prevent things from breaking down again, as it has happened many times in Fiji."

Rabuka said he visited the deconstruction this week of Christchurch's QE2 Park, the venue for the 1974 Commonwealth Games where he was a decathlete and captain of the Fiji team.

He passed on his sympathy to the people of Christchurch because of the earthquakes.


Pacific leaders maintain Fiji's suspension
Still too early to let Fiji back in, advises Key

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Be part of the news. Send pics, video and tips to nzherald.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka permalink

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New Fiji – Labasa Airport close down. Two main bridges in Suva city close down. Another in Taveuni collapses and no medicine in hospitals hahahahah frank fuckall

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.54pm
Get your fax correct before accusing RPC. so far we dint heard anythng like that how come all of a sudden you are so much after his life now. and if he did maybe he did on humanity grounds.dont you think you shudnt be saying anythng to others parents, well you got your parents why dont you go and learn some manners first.. for your kind information if RPC was hiding something surely it will come out one day why are you so much bothered... live him alone and you go get a life...

Anonymous said...

You got spellbound by the Chaudhry aura and got hurt. Many others have, and thats no crime.

Get well Kini,

A personable man, a friend.

Anonymous said...

hooray to Chaudhry and his team. Many people dont know how important he means to his clients his clients are relying on him and they know very well that his the one who fights for their rights, he should be given justice.his a man who stands out for truth unveils the cowards. why this people are after him they know very well that his a fighter and wont give up so easily no matter what happens... so all the best to RPC... my well wishers are there for and we will pray for you.... lets see does fijis judiciary abides the law or they just taking out as their personal issues..

Anonymous said...

fiji's judiciary is totally fucked up...people with powers no longer rely on the right facts that is from the books of law,instead formulated there own...to all Lawyers i think its time we stand up and do something...with few law firms been closed down...you never know things can happen anytime under the directorship of the man with four eyes...

Anonymous said...

This Regime is scared shit of this person Rajend! He is the only one standing up to this Dictatorship without fear. I cannot say the same for the many who flaunt their views supporting this illegal regime.

Fijians should learn from this person who speaks without any regard for his safety! Most of the people of Fiji can only whisper curses against Frank and Khaiyum but scared shitless to be seen or heard talking against the military.

Go get them Rajend!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5.30
Why arent you doing the same as RPC? Or are you shit scared of the regime as well like the others.....gutless prick

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:30 PM

So why would those supporting the goverment stand up to them as you suggest RPC is ?

Some confusion in your logic there.

Biswaas Karna said...

Immense amount of support coming for the real hero Mr Rajendra Pal Chaudhry. Never step back bro keep on the fight. The corrupt regime has gone hollow and just struggling for survival. They will celebrate xmas in NABORO,that's for sure Anna.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Ki-Racist Bau

In the previous blog you rubbished and wrote anti,hatred and abusive sentiments about Fiji-Indians,Fijian Army,Fijian Prime Minister and The Fijian Military Council. On one hand you want Fijian supremacy in Fiji but on the other hand you are against your own people that is your own Fijian Army, your own Fijian Military Council and your own Fijian Prime Minister. You sound very hypocritical and sad. How can you hate your own people.(The Army, The Military Council and The Prime Minister.)You also want Fiji to be a Christian State but you are very unchristian by hating your own people,your indian neighbours and your own Fijian institutions that is run by The military. This is against the teachings of Jesus Christ. You basically are saying that Fiji belongs to Fijians only and all other citizens born in Fiji are foreigners.Fiji should be ruled by Fijians only. However in your own confederacy (BAU) you guys havent yet decided who is going to be Tui Bau yet for years because of bad blood,rivarly and politics. This is very unchristian and unFijian. You guys dont have unity in your own Vanua and yet you want to run Fiji.
Please note that from 1987 to 1986 Fiji was run by your nationalist lleaders with etho-nationalistic agendas. However during that period the lives of masses of rural fijians didnot improve and in fact went down. Your nationalist leaders
used the poor vunerable fijians for their own personal pockets.Corruption, Nepotism,Discrimination was rife during that period. My advice is to change your views and fear god. Remember that you take your deeds with you when you die. In eyes of god everyone is equal irrespective of race, colour, sex,age etc. You classify Indians as an immigrant race. According to history everyone in Fiji is an immigrant. This has been proven by traces of the lapita pottery.

Anonymous said...

RPC used the funds his father got for the poor farmers to pay for his own Law school in aust.

RPC joined his father's govt is private secretary which was nepotism;

RPC sent his own lawyer (kini) when he was disqualified by the court (dumb decision);

RPC took money from Nausori airport taxi and left them dry and cold on the day of the hearing;

RPC gets Udit Narayan to vet all his papers as he knows his own submissions will be thrown out (Udits own words);

RPC supported IG with his father and became an opposing force when PM found out about MPCs millions hidden in Aust;

RPC has no moral values as he has bitten a minimum of 4 of his partners who have all left him;

He stole from the corner dairy shop while studing in NZ and also from his own father's bank account;

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Rpc, where is the $17m valuation that you were talking abt? Btw, pinky has still got job where as you dont. Go and help Barbara file her Defence as she will be charged next week.

Anonymous said...

If i was RpC, i wudnt drive my car in town.....plenty of 10wheelers do happen to have brake failures......lol!

Anonymous said...

If I was RPC, I would just shut my big mouth and enjoy the $3,000,000.00

Anonymous said...

When Chaudhry Govt was in power the Fijians were marching--Mohd Tora and co wearing red head bands.Now they are shitting in their pants and writing on blog sites.--the cowards

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kai Bau said...

Kamlesh makubui Tau Semi Meo...you are out of your mind,,you are posting your blog in the wrong topic....Tui Bau my head...have some sleep and wait for my club on your head.Probably you dont need a club just a nice slap to your big mouth to keep you quite..Go to sleep and dont come back
RIP Kamlesh.Fiji wont miss you ,die you nut case.





kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo tukai Kamlesh,
This is not a place to show off your Christian value. This is a blog where we put in our views and our opnion. Who cares weather you are going to church or to a massage palour. Sa levu na lotu vakarairai vei keda na I Taukei Tau vosa madaga ena topic au sa oca na vakavulici iko mo turaga yalomatua ka valataka na dina.O sa na tarogi mada vaka dodonu o totaki cei tiko mada o iko?Ni keimami cata tiko na matanitu me baleta na union o lai totaki ratou o iko,ni keimami sega ni dua vata kei na kena sa bokoci eso na ka me baleti keda nai taukei o tokona o iko.Eda sega ni cati ira na uluwai ia mera tiko ga vaka malua ka kua soti ni vakasaga eso na ka e sat u makawa oti tu vei keda me vaka na BLV,Lotu wesele ,sikolasivi ni FAB na yaca ni koronivuli me sa veisau……cava na betena oya ena noda buala veilomani?
Sa na vakarau mo sili boro taki mada Tau mo rawa ni o yalo matua vakalailai.Sa vaele vinaka tiko na ose ni dawara Tau…..lol..na veilakovi vei bui Kamlesh sac aka oti sa qai vo ga qo me vodoka na ose ni dawara….o Bui Kamlesh….kiuta taka ga vaka malua Tau de mate tale na buinigone ya…..lol

Kai Bau said...

Yalomatua mada...thanks Im tired and fed up of talking to an idiot like Kamlesh about making such comments.This man is a nut case and should be hanged and thrown into a toilet pit.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

To Kai Bau a Nationalist and Racist IDI Amin of Fiji.

You have a very low IQ. Why blame the indians for what the military is doing in Fiji to you nationalists? The military is 99% fijian? Then why are you blaming the Fiji-indians? The Fiji-indians have nothing to do with the army. You are a dumb ass as you cant can reason things. Your ancestors came from Africa like my ancestors who came from India.eg Traces of Lapita Pottery.
You Bauan people cant sort out the differences among itself and want to run Fiji. Why is not Tui Bau being announced yet? Because of politics and disliking between two step brothers. You are very uneducated thats why you use abusive and swear words. You seem to be a violent and angry man who cannt reason things out. You are using indians as escapegoat of what your own Fijian man(Voreqere) is doing to racist like you. Dont condemn India, India is emerging as a major economy and things are changing there each day. Look at your cousins in the African countries. eg. Zimbawabe. If Fiji Indians will all migrate you will be like your cousins in Uganda, Somalia, etc. You are lucky and thank your ancestors who somehow drifted to Fiji.Try to update your self. Dont use threat and violence to control and create fear in the Fiji-Indians. If violence is used you will be taken to the International Court and sentence

Nur Bano said...

Mahendra Chaudhry Trial set for Sep 2013 permalink

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Chaudhry trial date set for next year

The trial date for Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry’s case has been set for next year.

Chaudhry who faces three charges related to violation of tax laws appeared with his solicitor, Anand Singh today as his lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry has been suspended from practicing law.Singh asked the court to adjourn the matter to February next year as their incoming counsel needs to study the whole proceeding.High Court Judge Justice Paul Madigan today set the trial date from 23rd to 27th of September next year.DPP lawyer Nancy Tikoisuva told the court that the trial will be short as they are looking at calling five witnesses.
The first count against Chaudhry is in relation to failure to surrender foreign currency, where it is alleged that Mahendra Chaudhry between November 2000 and July 2010 retained the sum of $1.5 million Australian dollars for his own use and benefit, without the consent of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.The second count is in relation to dealing in foreign currency otherwise than with an authorised dealer without permission.The third count relates to failure to collect debts where it is alleged that Chaudhry having the right to receive a sum of $1.5 million Australian dollars from the Financial Institutions in Australia and New Zealand, caused the delay of payment of the sum, in whole or in part, to himself by authorizing the continual reinvestment of the sum together with interest acquired back into the Financial Institutions without the permission of the Governor of the Reserve Bank

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Ki Bau-Idi Amin of Fiji

Choose humanity over indigenious right. Dont use indigenious right to gain personal gains. Honesty and justice will take you long way. Learn from what happened to nationalists like Rabuka,Tora,Veisamasama,Savua,
Speight,Qio,Ahmmed Ali,etc.

Anonymous said...

A lot of errant nonsense, I see, and from the same serial offenders. Obviously the regime feels very threatened by C4.5 -- so much so that it increasingly resorts to using its Vodafone texting battalion to send in pro-regime comments. Similarly, it's taking the gloves off against RPC because he's one of the most visible and effective opponents of the regime.

Yeah, yeah, I know all about RPC's transgressions. But dispense with the mock moral outrage. His alleged crimes are youthful peccadillos that pale in comparison with what Bainimarama and others have done and continue to do. The fact that his critics don't show the same indignation at their much more serious offenses is proof positive that their motivations are mainly political. They're upset about RPC's womanizing and the fact that his daddy paid for his education with disputed finances, and yet they can't seem to muster a complaint against Bainimarama's treason, murder, plunder, etc., etc., so they're not to be taken seriously.

The same semi-literate hand and petty mind seems to be behind many of these postings -- presumably an army private assigned by the RFMF or MININFO to post comments critical to RPC. It wasn't enough to pack Grubsheet with pro-regime comments -- now they're trying to do the same with C4.5.

Go ahead and try. We'll puncture your arguments and personae dramatis until you go simpering back to your hole, just like so many other regime apologists have before you.

Or try to linger on, like Kamlesh Kumar, and just make yourself look like an even bigger idiot. Just look what he's saying now -- opposing the dictator, his junta, and the army is hate our own people?! Opposing the RFMF is tantamount to opposing Jesus Christ?!

Let me ask you this, Kamlesh. Didn't Jesus oppose the Sadducees? Did this mean Jesus hated the Sadducees? Was Jesus un-Christian?

Another Kamlesh argument seems to be that the Vanuatu isn't united, and so the regime should continue to run Fiji.


Isn't this the same regime that used to consist of people like Pita Driti, Roko Ului, Epeli Ganilau, Mahendra Chaudhry, Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai, and John Samy? What kind of 'unity' has the regime shown?

Kamlesh talks about the period from 1987 to 1986. Earth to Kamlesh -- what kind of calendar are you on, mate? Maybe like Benjamin Buttons, your idea of going forward is to go backward in time. The rest of the world is moving forward through the Christian era, Anno Domini, but Kamlesh seems to think this is still BC, the era before Christ.

Anonymous said...

Why is MPC's trial date set so far in the future? Also, weren't the FLP and UPP supposed to make a joint constitutional submission with the SDL? Is it possible that Chaudhry has cut another selfish deal with the regime?

The Queen of England said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kai said...

Go Rajendra Chaudray u got the fijian races all nationality behind u, fite for all the homeless people out there and stand up for the right of human beings in Fiji. Go hard brother.

Anonymous said...


SEMI MEO said...

Kai Bau...kua ni veiwali taki makubumudou mai Naua o Kamlesh..de rairai sa tiko talega na nona i davodavo e na sautabu...dou sa na qai laki bulu ga i na loga raisi e tai na 'ai Bau...lol

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo Tukai Kamlesh..oso kua ni o cavu yaca vaqori...dua na qase veilecayaki tale o iko Tau.Iko relax ga baleta na lakovi na vakamau e noqu i tavi...sa qase ca sara o bui Kamlesh tauri koya ga vaka malua.Se qai bogi rua madaga qo o sa vuki mo kai dia hahahaha.Vinaka Tau kerekere kua so ni cavu Vanua sara va qori baleta e ra wilika tiko na mataveiwekani mai Naua na ka qo ka sega ni na rogo vinaka.Barewa ga vei iko ....via laudumu?

SEMI MEO said...

"Kai Bau"...vosota...sa suka tale na veiwali oya..

.ca oga ni da sega tiko ni veikilai yaca..de rairai drau makubui dau vavai madrai o Wing Song Wah mai nausori ka drau mai qima qama taki keimami tiko

Kai Bau said...

Tau Semi Meo Tukai Kamlesh..sa ca gona qori na biu yaca....na veikilai ni waci sa iko ga mai Namuka o au mai Bau.......Qarauna la na bai dua e soqoni kedaru vata tale tau.Loloma vei Bui Kamlesh,Kitaka Tau me bukete ka me drua tolu...lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, admin, why u removing all anti RPC comments,?

SEMI MEO said...

'Kai Bau" street....sabusabu...qori na nomudou qito mai Bau ka ni dou kilai tani kina...na "multiracial" cava e da vaqara…da mai vuni toka la ena vanua ni vakalele me da sarava….ia, keimami sa mai vakamuri kemudou na vo kei Viti…
Dou sa raica na VKB?...sa ulu ni tokatoka, kei na Mataqali na Chong, Vilash, Phillips, Uraia,..dou toka vakadua…

Allegations against RPC or against anyone else by some faceless goose in this widely read and esteemed column is baseless..until the accuser/s willfully provides a credibal and legitimate ID …otherwise, the accuser is an angry faceless Bull and the post; bull crap..blown away by the cyber winds even before they remember their miserable names..

Anonymous said...

It seems fijians are hoping RPC will fight on behalf of them to topple the IG. Fijians have long accepted that this govt is here to stay. Why did chaudary and Flp cronies join the govt. Why did ratu epeli and his FA party join the Govt.

RPC will do anything that makes him popular. He wants to replace his father as Leader of FLP and will defend anyone if its against the govt. Nothing wrong with it as long as he follows the law. But he broke the Law himself. Ask any lawyer and they will tell you that he thinks he is above law.

RPC will not succeed. He is not richard naidu, john apted or G leong.

RPC will be history just like RUM.

Anonymous said...

Well said anon at 1.20pm. Excellently put,

Anonymous said...

Father and son will go to Naboro...few others will join them soon. In addition, Nikhil Singh from Sydney needs to join his father in Naboro.