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Monday, November 5, 2012

Another foreign company 'not paying FNPF'

MD Sharma
One of Fiji's major IT players revealed today: Mayadutta Sharma, owner of the company, The Digital Group, which is getting major government tax breaks but who has hired very few local staff and who is putting his money into off shore accounts so no revenue is going to local economy.

Industry sources say major scams are going unchecked in the IT arena as no one really knows where the money, which usually amounts to millions, is going and how it is being spent. The illegal regime is turning a blind eye, and letting these dodgy companies, most of them Indian owned, make their own rules while they stuff their pockets full of money and send it out of Fiji.

Sharma lives in Suva by himself while his family stays in the U.S. Locals whisper about a mistress and young girls but industry sources say the 80-something year old has made a killing in recent years thanks to connections in the ranks of the unelected government.

One of his 'benefactors' is the manager of the government ITC service, Eliki Salusalu, who has put a lot of work his way and who industry sources say gets priority use of Sharma's Pacific Harbor villa for 'him and his gang.'

"All alcohol, beverages and food is always stacked there and house maids are provided at request. The house maids are coming in different forms to entertain the visitors almost all weekends. In return, Sharma gets projects and they are all done in India."
The head of IT in the Fiji police was also giving highly sought after projects to Sharma and paying him 20 thousand dollars a time - the limit that he can approve without having to go higher, before he was eventually moved to the illegal prime minister's office.

"Sharma was given the job of implementing the police payroll. The contract was originally awarded to another IT company and taken back by Roqo to give to Sharma. This was done as a backhand.

"But it was leaked to ITC and someone stopped all payments, apparently police commissioner Ioane Naivalarua when he was tipped off. But by then Sharma had already raked in over 200k's without doing a single thing."

Sharma's Digital Group has also been doing work for other government departments like FNPF. Ironically, he is another foreign company not paying FNPF. 

Industry sources say he's good at conning the regime - one time advertising to recruit 50 staff as software developers, designers, account managers, consultants but he never hired  anyone.

"He used the ad to get Aliki Salusalu to get involved in the e-gov project and managed to get a contract for over two million dollars. This project is paid by ITC apart from the soft loan of 20 million from China, which was paid to consultancy firms recommended by the Chinese.

"But he never recruited any locals and his only staff was an Indian national, Mukesh Chotrani, who was doing the talking with ITC and sending all the work to India. "

Mayadutta Sharma has also been recruiting trainees (students out of USP) and paying them just $10 a day, promising pay rises but getting rid of them after a very short time.


  1. It is a free for all going on, if you are with the right mob. Law and order is merely a facade. The integrity of Viti has been comprimised by Bainee the and his theiving comrades. They are the burglars who broke into the inner recess of the state to plunder the resources and assets of state. He is the biggest enemy of the Fijian people. All those who have aided and abetted this rogue regime must be brought to account. The commissioner of police is the biggest joke after Bai and Aiyaz.

  2. Though this piece has yet to be absolutely authenticated… still kudos must be afforded to C4.5 for yet another brilliant investigative journalism.

    …..and yet some say that we; “i Taukei” should just stay in a thatched Bure, put our feet up and forget about the industries and commerce engulfing all we own and are..

    In retrospect, this may have been the freighting attitude and culture of us “i Taukei” and our leaders soon after independence.

    How so?..well glad you asked…you see, pre-independence we revered the Colonist as semi-gods esteeming them in nearly all facets of our everyday living..from church to Medical to Agri to commerce…like WR Carpenter, Morris Herdstrom, Marlow Ltd etc.etc..even barbershops, tailors were operated by the colonists lords..

    Then slowly the Colonists were bought out first by the second wave of Asian migrants (Chinese/Gujrats) and later by descendants of the hard working Indentured labourers…

    Oh..uh…what about the possibility of us “i Taukei” stepping in the gap during that transition period?...no..no..no…the institutions of “Vanua and Lotu” were more important (repeat “Lotu” as in Institution not necessarily God)

    ..sure, a few visionary “i Taukei” of commercial mind and aptitude stood up but were deemed to be rebels and exiled as common criminal….in other words..keep the “kaivalagi” control the commodity market like banana etc…"i Taukei"…stay in the koro and serve the 2 semi-god institution..”vanua and lotu”

    IF ONLY….IF ONLY… our past leaders had had spend more money educating us to meet the real need and for our future..

    ….not until after 1987 Coup did the our Chiefs through the Fijian Affairs Board realise that “i Taukei” can also be Lawyers, Scientists, Electronic specialist, IT gurus, Bankers..hence FAB/Bond Uni Law programme etc finally came into being!!..too late??

    Now, unfortunately, those in the know in transnational wheeling and dealing game are running rings around us…since independence opened $1 company and siphon off millions to foreing accounts..

    Hello…these kinda "chorr" has been happening well before Greens won the Queens Road High way contract, Emperor Mines “ore” shipped through Ellington, Bilash Fiji Ltd buying from Bilash Hong Kong Ltd etc…etc…

    This Mr. MD Sharma may just be tactfully manoeuvring unrestrained within the preexisted environment presented to his company and using reciprocal initiatives and Tax exemption with Fiji/US/Aus…uh…probably with others, help cover the sand tract…..

    ...mmm...history repeating itself...bottle a wisky and a rusty gun for a piece of land...in postmorden Fiji??...well, you tell me!!

    Oh how we have come so far and so deep into the swap..…God help us!

  3. This gay is an Arkathee,usp gang $10.00/day wont get you a decent meal.

  4. This is alarmingly dangerous and scandalous. Now we can clearly see how Dictatorial regime operates. They put a tight noose around its own people and let those who filled their pockets loose and run havock in the govt's coffers.
    People should take this illegal regime out. Now the govt has gone to the dogs and will very soon goes to the pigs...

  5. If all these rumours are true can someone ivestigate Salusalu the govermant IT expert...what he owns,his life style or otherwise it might be just amother Marys Bainimaramas crap where they claimed that she brought a property woth 13million...thats pure bulbul crap lie...so if we cant not get throgh to the salaries and pay for these IG some one just have to see what their lifestyle and thats say it all especially if his a Fijian..?????These people were just soldiers before so if they live like kings now than..... whoops something fishy going on with out tax payers money....

  6. is this the same MD SHARMA who was one time a banking lecturer at USP?...IF he is then no wonder this person is high time con artist even during his time at usp he always manipulated the system to get his young indo-fijian girls at Telau street... Fiji IT is in the hands of wrong people and the regime should try and rectify the problem ASAP...

  7. Sounds like this article has been put together by someone who is rather jealous and believes they should have got the work.

    It may be that they believe they are capable, but simply are not ?

    Cheap shots like suggesting 'house maids coming in different forms' as an attempt at character assasination suggest the credebility and ethics of the moaner are suspect.

  8. under thug rule unscrupulous business thrive
    this IT businessman is obviously such an unscrupulous scoundrel.

  9. let me put it another more colourful way : when shit happens and shit has happened big time via the bainimarama coup shit flies - tatti wallah makhi - come to do business!!

  10. The corrupt scums at it again. These people have corrutption in their genes and in their culture. If they don't steal anything a day they will get sick. All these corrupt slave decendants should be rounded up and send back to the slums they were taken from.

  11. @ Paula Raqeukai, You got it right...it is the same old hag and still doing the same. Some of our locals selling their souls and their daughters to quench the old man's thirst. He knows very well how to manipulate the system with his banking expertise

  12. How does FIRCA give the gold cards ,only to good freinds of AJITH ,Muni at Firca masi polo and just follows orders not the criteria .

  13. this MD Sharma was kicked out of USP for misconduct with larakee kaidia usp sudents

  14. A big party at Neel Sharmas place last weekend funded by a friend cum supplier of hand gloves of inferior quality to the health ministry . Friends say he Neel so drunk pissed on his bed and the wify made big issue Sunday morning,searing and all ,in fact Neel is having a dog life at home so part time mistress The Indian Lady doctor from India at CWM gives him a shag bit to often now

  15. I thought this Govt had zero tolerance on affairs and if we military guys are caught we are take to task,so why is this Ministers and other civil servents doing it freely,heard PM is also sleepin around with a young gal and when drunk goes to big mouth Sharon. Double standard PSC

  16. On Firca,nothing rosy there They got no Monet to pay vat refunds as at todat they owe me 6 months of refund and a call this morning i was told they have run out of funds ,will have to wait until 15th when some money comes in, why is Jitoko giving wrong picture to Minister of Finance


  17. Tau Semi Meo ..kept on blaming the leaders????Chief the Lotu and the Vanua for our failure...luve ni borthy...I disagree with your bulshit...What about the Qarase's,the Baba's,Samisoni's,the Ratuva's etc,etc...they are Fijians as well and their parents were from the village like most of us but yet they/we were acrhivers and successful in what we do.You must be a failure or you are so full of jealousy that you tend to blame the leaders of yester years ,the vanua and the Lotu my head...why blame others for your failure you old lunatic crook.Vosota Tau sa na tau tiko vei iko eso na kuita mo rawa ni vulica na nomu sala.....Why didnt your father work hard like oour parents in sending us to school and be success like the others..You kept on saying about the Vanua.... than tell us how can we get rid of our vanua and koro's thing but still keep our culture and tradition intact....Thats what we Fijians should be asking ourselves????...Sa rawata nomu vuli loto ena FAB schoolarship qai vosa taki ratou na Fijian Affairs???you hypocrite...Lotu ni cava ni ca tu vaqori na yalo.You quote"If only our past leaders spending the money for our education...luveni kana loto kaya vei tamamu me oga taka na nomui curucuru...luve ni namu..vakasevaki mai,,,,sana voleka sara niu na vosa ca taki iko.....its coming

  18. @Kai Bau. Bring the uneducated fijians from the koro to come and investigate it.

  19. Time to change the Minister in charge of FICAC and his boy George if there is ever to be any hope of stopping the grand theft they turn a blind eye to.
    The Emperors new clothes are becoming very transparent.

  20. @Anonymous 9:04
    You obviously did not read the article.
    If you read it, it says that the Police investigated it and once Naivalurua found out , he put a stop to it.
    So its not cheap-shot-journailism.
    Go get a life. Ulukau.

  21. investor.org.fj. very nice website but asleep on the job.
    Cant even catch a frikin indian thief.

  22. @Meo. We don't want an explanation we want a solution

  23. S Meo the story is about another kaidia corrupting the so called anti corruption regime. Nowhere did chiefs and church fit into this.

  24. Uneducated in what way you you idiot....they are fully qualified within their own enviroment you piece of shit....leave them alone you coward....Have you watch the "SURVIVOR" wher the well educated and actors were thrown into an unihibited island some where in Fiji?????food water were arounding them but they caanot identify it???are they clever???no,no and no....so survival is more important than just education you idiot....Take you eat your degree or qualification when it comes to situationlike that...no so have some respect for Fijians in the villages.

  25. “Kau Baulevu….ae…o sa baci ci’ci tale tiko mai gusumu Ratu Tau!!...sa rauta mo dou vakatutu taka me ‘Christian State” o Viti…sa laurai levu sara ga ena nomudou vosavosa ni dou sa gadreva vakalevu mo dou lai vakalotutaki tale…..

    Ratu Tau…ke o via vosa ca…cakava sara na kena levu…kua ga ni guilecava ni u kila vinaka tu na noqu i yaragi ni sasabai kei na kena meu na vakavukaca lesu tale yani na nomu vosa ca me vaka tini na kena ravuravu vei kemuni…mai!…vosa ca mai…oti lai wawa sara toka ena katuba ni ‘Emergency” e vale ni bula mai Nausori….qai kerea ga vei iratou mo kua ni kau ena vale ni vakasucu de ratou na nanuma cala…!!

    @ November 5, 2012 11:27 AM…admit, I may have overdone the ‘explanation bit..by was only trying to bring to perspective the sins of “omission” of the past…

    Solution?..glad you asked… uh…why not you tell us yours…oh…and do not forget your real name…let's go over the first "name " problem, then..........

  26. Tau sa kua niu vosa ca sa na vosataki tio ga baleta ni o sa qase se o sese tiko.......Vale ni vakasucu se mo kau i Koronivia mo lai sele mada kina mo rawa ni yalo vinaki taki keimami na tu ena koro.....nomu mona tau vaka vei au e sema cala tiko beka kina nomu ceke ko lao tiko mai kina na sakasaka ni gusu...io ceke ni Kai Namuka e kamica meda vaka i lokolko tu kina se me i vutovuto ni luvu na waqa...lol

  27. M D Sharma was not the first wrong man recruited into USP, is he?
    USP has a bit of a history in recruiting wrong people.
    And what's worse is this foremost institution of learning in the South Pacific has a bit of history in compromising its independence as an academic institution to be politically onside with the political power-holders.
    And that's a real shame.

  28. This Maya Datt Sharma was at USP at one time as a Banking Professor, a reject from India, who was also USP VC Rajesh Chandra's close friend. What a shame that shits like this are allowed to egage in daylight robbery in Fiji.

  29. Kai Baulevu..o vela...sasagataki tiko mada ga qo na toso i liu me bula o Viti lomani..

    ..warai...o iratou na noqu tauvu mau bau ratou saga tiko ga na vakalokoloko ceke..

    ..welei...da dro me da bula...

    Now..lets talk solution??..any one??...uh..well a part from the baun "pillow fight"

  30. Vinaka Meo.... any solution???

  31. Semi Meo
    Sa keimami oca saraga vei iko,,,,
    Vakacava mo drau veivutu mada kei nomu kai drau tamata lasulasu dau dara vesu yalewa lalai o Kisoko???

  32. http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2012/10/disquiet-over-companies-and-khaiyum.html

    The above article is the reason y this article is here.... Pacific Energy and the IT gurus from India got some good PR guys

  33. Pacific technologies Guru is a Muslim...
    Who has the blessing of the AG...

    I rest my case.

  34. @Faceless and nameless goose of November 5, 2012 2:13 PM...what’s your problem??...

    ..of course we know you're probably a low down pervert, may be a paedophile and wanna pin blame of your trade on the astute gentleman of integrity Senior Superintendent Kisoko!

    …ia, ke o sa oca vei yau…ia, mai sara na vola ni veisere!...

    ….mmmm…well…may be the Fiji Labour Party legendary prophecy of Fiji being a "small Indian" is slowly rebirthed….our Fijian Indians and the rest of us are transfixed
    bitting our nails while the REAL KAIDIA from India taking the sweetness from our sugar and...uh..now..of all places reining in our cyber sphere……phew..all our IP addresses are recorded…..but..but…may be they’re doing a favour for us cyber mates as we’ll have the opportunity to finally learn…WHO IS THE GOOSE BEHIND THE KEYBOARD!!

  35. Tau Semi Meo.....Why you want to know about his name......his requesting you for a reason my Tau....never been a civil union in Fiji before and please my Tau take Kisoko as your partner and lover so you can stop that child pervet Kisoko from rapping young girls......ke ka drau vakasota ceke mada...bai lusi ga o Kisoko ni o iko my Tau o kawa ni ceke vatu.qai vatu ni qoca ko dredre ni kavoro.lol,lol

  36. Kai Baulevu! Yalovinaka gole mada va ya lai dabe-tucake taka mada na ceke nei Semi Meo.

  37. Kai Baulevu nona ceke

    O iko edua na tamata ulukau. Na ravisi ga o vakavola voli kawa ni koli.

  38. lol someone should check out extreme business solutions , Mr yogen Sharma as well close friend of comm of police and sponsor his sports teams , made millions from air Pac and other government department Sala so called Sharmas real crook,

  39. To kawa ni koli anon ...and your point is.....luveni tamata vuku.Ke o sega ni volavola tiko eke ke drau lai cici vaka na matanitu kei voreqe...luve ni sese

  40. Is this extreme business solutions a akl based company?? Owened by yogendra Sharma?? Ask him him how much he made from usp and Fiji police he should be investigated by khaiyum and ird, so called Sharmas.

  41. benhanchod madarchod kills them,let them learn their lesson that no one can fuck around in Fiji..In india they do lot of BPO for other countries at cheap rate..this behandchod MD sharma saying his a IT firm need to check if he have even a single IT studies up his ass??

  42. Io da wele na kaiviti na veivakacacani ra caka i lavo vakailawaki na idia...uwwii!

    Semi Meo sa tu ga o iko mo vakacacani keimami tu na kaiviti drau veicai mada kei voreqe

  43. Last year when the Egypt uprise took place, when the entered the secret police hq they found overseas companies had helped the Egyptian government with software technology to spy and track the citizens. One company of interest was FinFisher. Check the site www.finfisher.com. Also several Dutch and Indian IT companies were supplying IT services in this area.

    Ask yourselves can you trust ASK with so much information about you? I know my answer and I know how to make sure he doesn't get it.

    Next time you do a finger scan put a some extra hand cream on the finger tips. As you take your finger off scrap some off. This will jam the scanner for the next person and slowly stop working.

  44. Kai Baulevunakakece....o veeeeka veka...iko sa vinaka ga mo tara e dua na valenivo e drakamu. Sa rui levu nomu vakilakila..sa kilai mai qo ni o iko e dua vei ira na qauri qase gusukabasu ena levu ni bothai o suputa jiko ena veisiga. Bau yali tu mada..tamata teri coki o iko....bothai nomu gauna.

  45. MD Sharma was sacked from USP.
    He has no IT background.
    He owns two property at rifle range and many more.
    Such bastards come with nothing to Fiji and collude with people here and make millions whilst our people stay in poverty.
    MD Sharma's Fiji citizen must be cancelled.

  46. Ratzman aka Pat LAUSAMU! vaka e veisugusugu mai gusumu na boci nikua

  47. semi meo...so what exactly is your point? You seem to go off topic constantly. How about offering some solutions. You do reckon you have a brilliant mind don't you? Or just all fluff and abuse when others disagree with you?

  48. @ Tom Rickett...ni sa bula vinaka..pls re-read my post slowly...or email me semimeo@gmail.com or skype...semi.meo...vinaka.

  49. Noqu tauvu Ratu Semi Meo.....why you have to ask people about e-mailing you and put their names down....cant you read"DUE TO HEAVY CENSORING BY THE MILITARY PUFTERS"thats why the C4.5 created this blog.Lots of people been abused so badly and even some were killed by the fools in the military.Cant you remember my naita fron your land of posperity Avisai????you must be some dumbass prick of a person who wnats to show off because you are sitting on the fence.We all know that you wont rock the boat like most of us here.Those military are not soldiers anymore they are animals my Tau..you tell us it is normal for those bastards to poke my Tailevuan Gearge Speights rear???where have you been all this time???sa kua so na dokadoka mo mai qaciqacia taka tu ena loma ni blog macawa qo ni o iko e dua na tagane.....era tu na veiwekani,na matavuvale...ko sa ra vakalolomataki ena tautau ni vosa sa caka tu eke...iko dua dina naa tamata bavulu sega ni o tagane o bavulu....raica na yaca qori na Meo qai vakasamataki iko Tau...ulukau

  50. Infact Yogendra Sharma is looking at selling Clariti to the Digital Group. FHL is at lose.

  51. Yogen Sharma should sell himself to pay his debt, so called chor Sharmas,

  52. @Kaibaulevu...November 8, 2012 8:51 AM...ke o noqu Tauvu dina,ia, sa na dredre sara mo beitaki au ena vica na ka o tukuna....rairai o sega beka ni kila na noqu veiwekani kei iratou na vuvale vaka turaga na "Speight"...

    E tawase rua na yame ni vosa qori me vaka na gata dau kata gaga...ia,sa dredre me kerei vei iko na dina baleta ni o bula tu ena lasu..ka matai mada ga ni o lasutaka tu na yacamu...dua na bula lolovira na rere...


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