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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Attack on NZ tourist prompts regime to vet all international conferences


An admission by the regime tourists are not safe in Fiji.

This circular was sent out to all permanent secretaries and department heads warning the Ministry of Defence National Security and Immigration must be notified of all international conferences or seminars, regardless of whether they've been organised privately or with donor agencies, so it can 'conduct a security survey in advance'.

The priority circular discusses 'Security for International Conferences' and says 'intruders' have been targeting hotels in Nadi. 

It cites the attack on a New Zealand tourist at Raffles Hotel as the 'most violent and recent incident'.

"To avoid the repetitions of such gruesome and unwelcoming incidents, it is necessary to inform you that any Conferences/Seminars organised either independently or in conjunction with donor agencies in which international participants are to attend that the Ministry of Defence National Security and Immigration be informed to conduct a security survey in advance.

"The recommendations emanating from the survey must be seriously taken into account by the organizers of the Seminar/Conference to ensure safety and security of all participants."

The New Zealand tourist had tried to fend off robbers. He had to be airlifted home after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Lautoka Hospital.

Four men have been charged with the assault and of aggravated robbery and theft and were found to be in possession of a .22 rifle. 

The regime has been gun shy about publicity of tourists getting hurt or having bad experiences in Fiji because it depends hugely on the tourism dollars and has boasted about increased tourist numbers. 

Several incidents involving the deaths of tourists have previously been kept out of the news by the regime.


tattifala said...

further evidence that the usurpers are creating a "better fiji"

Anonymous said...

Tourists are robbed everywhere, even here in america a tourist was shot in san francisco and another was shot in vegas for taking a wrong turn.
Tourist bus shot in giza egypt by moslem fundamentalists and the list goes on. It was an unfortunate incident and hotel security must be reviewed and whoever screwed up should be fired.

Ratu Sai said...

FLP is surprised at the President’s attack on trade unionists in an address he gave to the Fiji Human Resources Institute’s 2012 Convention held at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort last week-end.

He said Fiji “needed to guard against the work of some unionists who tend to use the union movement as a veil to achieving ulterior and self-serving motives”.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was referring to Government concerns that the livelihood of thousands of Fiji workers could be jeopardized should Fiji be removed from the list of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) under which it enjoys duty free export quota into the US.

Fiji is currently being investigated by the US Trade Representative, following complaints by trade unions, for its violation of workers’ rights under several draconian decrees which have affected their right to collective bargaining and freedom of association in the public sector and selected key industries.

It has been given three weeks to respond to complaints lodged by the unions.

The President, in his speech, said trade unions needed to “address issues for the collective good of all workers and the nation as a whole, instead of working in the interests of a select few”.

We find the President’s criticism of trade unionists having “ulterior and self- serving motives” unfair and unwarranted. This regime has shown by its policies and actions that it is anti-worker and anti-poor.

Its anti-worker decrees have violated international conventions on trade unions and workers’ rights, in particular ILO Conventions 87 and 98. It has assaulted and harassed trade union officials and stopped them from holding legitimate union meetings.

Time and again, it has held back or denied the awarding of pay increases to poorly paid workers in the unorganized sector, knowing full well that low wage rates are the root cause of poverty in Fiji.

If anything, it is the regime that needs to be censored for its violation of workers’ rights. We do not wish to see Fiji being reduced to the same status as some Asian nations known for their abuse and gross exploitation of labour.

For Fiji the message is clear: if it wishes to benefit from trade concessions offered by the international community, it needs to abide by the rules and norms of the community.

Ratu Vore said...

What has a robbery to do with conferences? amazing national security analysis.

Anonymous said...

Your article C4.5 and angle taken shows your complete ignorance and politically biased stance. The point of the memo is the safety of tourist and reference to one incident which we don't want to happen again. See Australian, New Zealand and other tourist destination statistics on tourist attacks and you will value how safe Fiji is and such actions to ensure safety at all times. This is extremely good action by Ministry of Defence. Your negativeness will only lead you very early to your grave. Try and have a positive attitude and you will surely enjoy life. Do not delete this post like you always do!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Permanent Secretary for Defence for helping to make Fiji a safer place for our visitors.

If it was not for the few scum who refuse to live by decent moral values or work to make a living you would not have had to bring this to our attention.

Anonymous said...

robber says...

People of Fiji, this is a sign of hard and struggling times for us,

The longer Frank holds on to power, and the declining economic conditions and unemployment, the more crimes and violations done.

Military and police strong forceful technique is not the answer. Force against force will only hurt. What we need is good transparent and accountable government and fair judiciary system. A system we and investors can have faith in and boost employment so we can stop looting and focus on feeding our families.

This coup has brough to us, unemployment, oppressed conditions, arbitrary laws, poverty - whilst Frank and his family and company have build their own wealth. People of Fiji are not blind.

We can see this physically Frank, you have stolen from the government of Fiji and the people of Fiji whilst preraching your bull-shit propaganda.

Anonymous said...

jag says..


Anonymous said...

fence that was rebuilt by a Chinese company at a cost of $1.5 million has been officially handed over at the Public Service Commission (PSC) headquarters at Berkeley Crescent in Suva.

China’s Ambassador to Fiji, Huang Yong handed over the newly-built PSC fence constructed by China Railway No 5 (Group) Company Limited to Public Service chairman, Josefa Serulagilagi.

The fence project was part of a property upgrade for offices within the PSC compound.



Anonymous said...

fence that was rebuilt by a Chinese company at a cost of $1.5 million has been officially handed over at the Public Service Commission (PSC) headquarters at Berkeley Crescent in Suva.

China’s Ambassador to Fiji, Huang Yong handed over the newly-built PSC fence constructed by China Railway No 5 (Group) Company Limited to Public Service chairman, Josefa Serulagilagi.

The fence project was part of a property upgrade for offices within the PSC compound.



Anonymous said...

Come on you guys. This is called being responsible. There were criminals before and there are criminals now. Big deal. What's it got to do with the regime? You guys are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one and the posting before on Mark Johnson. Sounding more and more desperate by the day.

Money Talks said...

Fiji making out it's all paradise this side of the world but tourists nearly getting killed trying to fend of robbers shows we third world danger. People should know. As a traveller the first thing I consider is how dangerous the country is and whether it's worth going there or taking my money to another sunny shore.

SEMI MEO said...

Thank C4.5…but everyday…everyday !...we are amazed by prophets of doom amongst us..always painting a bleak picture..as if our people are no praying at all and God not hearing their prayers!!

Why not for once, let’s all look through the binoculars of hope for Fiji’s redemption…uh…like, be thanking we have at least “half glass full of milk”…not blooming ..’half empty bowl of nagona!..

If we ourselves cannot have hope for a better, corrupt free, Military free Civil service, Coup free Fiji…then…uh….we better take the next flight out off Nadi or…uh….fishing boat out to Funafuti….or paddle in the HMS NO COME BACK” TO NZ…

Goodness!!...the Ministry of defense are doing what they are (under) paid for;…defend whatever is left of our integrity as a nation…!!

Vutuki Meo said...

Well what do you expect. They are umnemployed . They are hungry . They need money to buy food. Too bad it was the tourist. Sorry bro.
This is modern Fiji.
The only good thing from here is these boys can now have free food at her majesty's service.

Ganesh said...

These thieves are just trying to feed their families during hard times -- isn't that the same argument used to justify the conduct of the President and other regime supporters?

What these thieves are doing is morally reprehensible, but less so than what the regime has done and is doing. These thieves rob on a small scale; the regime robs on a very large scale. The robbers use violence and the threat of violence on an individual level; the regime uses violence and intimidation at the national level. These robbers sometimes take hostages; the regime holds the entire country hostage, and it abuses its prisoners.

The regime commits treason every day it illegally holds onto power. That is normally a capital crime, worse than almost anything the robbers could do, short of cold-blooded murder, just half a step beyond the hot murder practiced by the regime.

Call it as it is said...

C4.5 you should;'ve said hidden by the regime and downplayed by the media. Media have sometimes known but have chosen not to do anything (just as they did with the Naboro escapee story where the prisoners were beaten and one of them lost a leg) because it would have got them into trouble.

Anonymous said...

hi,these are small robbers how about the big ones ,Mr Sharma Neil who is robbing us of our tax money and ha=ealth care,treats ministry of health as his own bank account ,corrupt from all areas ,suppliers,contractors and FICAC sleeping on the job ,lamu to go for big ones Langman only does small time benefactors and charges them,military council should be disbanded and Aiyaz will do a good job alone /DIN MARO all in power ,where will all of you be once the election happens if it happens ,No one will want to know you guys and only choros will be at your funerals

SEMI MEO said...

..heee…heeeee..lol…lol.. oh boy, I like this lapping dog @ November 1, 2012 11:56 AM.

He/she/it loves my name…heee…heee…it has been engrained in his heart and painted on the wall of his subconscious ever since I gave him that Cyber left upper cut

…when he sleeps..I am in his mind…when he eats my name is in his mouth…he is addicted to my name…I like him..opps no…no…I might be guilty of committing adultery with this dirty filthy mind…!

37,000 tourist travel to Fiji from Aust EVERY month…!!...like Australia, our Tourism gurus are targeting the modern day mega Tourist markets…surprise..surprise…China and India!

..Oh..and Chinese Military officers are now training with the Australia Army. The Indonesian SAS just left recently…

When are members of the Chinese Army, Indonesia or Cuba coming to train with our Military?...

Anonymous said...

The Ministry of Defence isn't defending Fiji. It's defending Frank's regime. It's committing treason.

Anonymous said...

What the wokers in the tourist trade are being paid is "scandalous and not fair" says Fr Kevin Barr.
Some have pay increase of 20 cents.WTF

Wage rate 'not fair'
Nasik Swami
Thursday, November 01, 2012

The new minimum wage rates announced by the government for the country's workers are disappointing, says former Wages Council chairman Father Kevin Barr.

Father Barr said it was sad to note that the inflation rate, increase in value added tax, and the delay of the Wages Regulation Order were not taken into account.

"VAT has increased by 2.5 per cent and the cost of living continues to increase. The new minimum wage rate is simply not fair," he said.

Father Barr said giving the increases in percentage was misleading.

"By putting the increases in percentages, the government is hiding the fact that the wage increases are very low. It is like increasing the pay of some workers by 11 cents or 20 cents," he said.

Father Barr said alleviating poverty could not be achieved with such small increases.

"Increasing wages by such low figures is simply making a joke of government's commitment of alleviating poverty," Father Barr stated.

He said the wage increases being small were not encouraging workers to be more productive.

Father Barr said giving hotel and catering workers an increment of 7.9 per cent was not fair considering it was a billion dollar industry.

"It is scandalising the tourism industry and abusing the workers," he said.

Meanwhile, the last wage increase was in 2011 and varied for various sectors.

Anonymous said...

These goons just trying to look good in the international eyes

Anonymous said...

So some think the thieving is due to the poverty caused by someone else, no surprise here. Same old lame excuses by the no hopers.

Just ask yourselves how come so many various groups of supposedly poor people are fundraising and contributing to many worthwhile causes such as schools etc.

If people in a village can afford to raise $60,000 towards building a new methodist church to save walking 1.5km to the closest one there's money around.

Anonymous said...

You nail it on the head...the thieves are just doing things on a smaller scale..after all they also want to share some crumbs of the cake...The bigger thieves & Chorwa are in government eating the bigger slice..Look into the Mirror Frank & cronies! Na BUTAAAAAAAAKO!

Radiolucas said...

The point is not that Fiji has crime, but that the Ministry for "Defence" has thought it necessary to intervene to assist international conferences with safety and security.

The robberies are just pointing out one fact: life in Fiji is getting much, much harder and forcing more people to desperate measures.

All the regime can do is spend more money on itself and give everyone a 10c pay rise.

Kai Bau said...

Breaking news...Naviti resort on Fire???? hope its not for security reasons...

Coup 4.5 said...

Bula to you all,
Well done Adi Tupou for standing up for what is 'right and just' in Fiji more so for the caseagainst Hon PM Laisenia Qarase who was convicted of something he allegedly had done 20 years ago. If that was to be the case why did Bainimarama and his regime not convict Sitiveni Rabuka for what he did in 1987?
There is something sinister in the air each time Bainimarama signs off a decree or orders the people of Fiji as if he is the king-pin. Has he forgotten his roots or something?
Theres is enough evidence coming through from people making their submission to the Fiji Constitution Commission for the people of Fiji local and abroad as well as the International Communities to figure out that there is something so wrong with Fiji's current regime.
Whispers has it that Bainimarama's wife has just bought a house across the road from where they currently live for a substantial amount of money close to $13 million. The house was owned by one of the Lodhia family and used to be rented out to the Representative of the European Union for a large some of money. Could Mary Bainimarama have been able to afford this purchase if her husband was still in the navy? The story gets dodgier by the day and we will wait for the day that Bainimarama and members of his 2006 coup team take the stand. We have had enough of his wanting to control Fiji under gun-power. Now its Hon Qarase's turn and the next will be Bainimarama's turn in jail.
Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.
Qarase's lawyer to appeal
Nanise Loanakadavu
Thursday, November 01, 2012

FORMER Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's lawyer Tupou Draunidalo is looking at 17 grounds of appeal on the one-year prison term imposed on her client.

She made this known while making a brief preliminary application on leave to appeal Qarase's conviction in the Fiji Court of Appeal yesterday.

Qarase appeared before Justice Suresh Chandra.

In her application, Ms Draunidalo said there was a miscarriage of justice and lawyers were confused in the trial.

She said all of those would be included in her grounds of appeal.
Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) lawyer Vincent Parera however, said none of the grounds of appeal was arguable because Ms Draunidalo did not specify how justice was miscarried.

He also told the court that FICAC lawyers were not confused in the trial and Ms Draunidalo's applications should be dismissed.

Justice Chandra would deliver his ruling on the application by Ms Draunidalo on notice.

Posted By fijian-kiwigal to FIJI GLOBAL COMMUNITY VOICES. at 11/01/2012 02:41:00 PM

beep beep said...

Apparently fire has died down although the fiji village pic looks dramatic!

Anonymous said...

SDL's Tupeni Baba wants fluency in Fijian Language as a prerequisite for entry to civil service.OK--Mr Baba---Fijian children should have fluency in Hindi and Urdu before they can find entry into Hindu amd Muslim run schools.It's just fair ,dont you think.I am shocked that this Idiot Baba was once the Deputy PM of Fiji.Where the hell did he get his Phd from?His submission is a joke !!-a very bad joke.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Legal Aid Commission still using tax payer's money to tale out probate for people who can afford lawyers??--and denying legal aid to the poor . Can Mr Sunil Sharma explain??---the corrupt Idiot!!--he shouuld be investigated.Where is Ficac ??

Anonymous said...

It is sad that we have to find out through C4.5 about this issue. We hear and even talk about community policing and all this yellow ribbon and other capacity building programs through the government and by NGO's but it seems we have to still deal with some individuals or groups. Crime does not pay but if you are caught u will pay. We should not have pity on this criminals even if it by Fijians or the Military or even government official one day you will pay."You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time."
That is the resolve of this current Government now and the result just shows in this incident mentioned.

Santana Maharaja said...

This letter is fake and masy be written by some SDL members just to discredit the Government. There is no Fiji Government Logo on it.

Anonymous said...

SDL's Tupeni Baba wants fluency in Fijian Language as a prerequisite for entry to civil service.OK--Mr Baba---Fijian children should have fluency in Hindi and Urdu before they can find entry into Hindu amd Muslim run schools.It's just fair ,dont you think.

Jone said...

What Fiji needs to do is to get rid of mandated wage hikes, Fr. Barr, and this illegal regime. Let the market operate in a system built on free men in free enterprise. Then Fiji would flourish.

wakey wakey said...

It's true toutrists get hurt, robbed or killed in other countries. Still, few of these countries go to such pains to hide their problems as Fiji does because it's got so much to lose. Frank and co want the world to think all is perfect in paradise but alas it is not!

The Heckler said...

In Fiji, crime doesn't pay...

as well as treason!

Anonymous said...

Jone said...

"What Fiji needs to do is to get rid of mandated wage hikes, Fr. Barr, and this illegal regime. Let the market operate in a system built on free men in free enterprise. Then Fiji would flourish".

Jone is exactly right - we do not want Fr.Barr, Felix Anthony, Attar Singh, Mahendra Chaudry, Voreqe Bainimarama and the like. We do want a free Fiji, with free men in free enterprise with no red tape, low duty/taxs, no monetary control regulations. THEN Fiji would tear ahead.

Anonymous said...

Prof Ghai yet to comment
07:04 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ritika Pratap
The chairman of Fiji’s Constitution Commission, Professor Yash Ghai has not commented on a statement by the government, claiming that the Commission is impartial.

Ghai says he was in a meeting all afternoon yesterday and hasn’t seen the statement from Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Bainimarama has instructed the Government to alter the terms of the decree covering the Constitutional Commission’s activities.

This after it was discovered that Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi was part of a delegation that made a submission to the Commission in direct contravention of the non-negotiable principles while he was a paid consultant to the Commission.

Ratu Joni was party to a submission by a delegation calling for the declaration of a Christian state in Fiji.

Bainimarama says Ratu Joni’s contract was shown to him for the first time which stated that he started work with the Commission on 1st October and his contract expired on the 31st.

Bainimarama says the Commission is in breach of provisions in the decree that stipulates that its staff and consultants must observe the non-negotiable principals and be politically neutral.

A government Gazette released yesterday promulgates a change to the decree requiring the commission to publish the names and salaries of all its staff and consultants.

SEMI MEO said...

All we wanna know is if Fr Barr is the only Religious leader who cares for workers rights?..how abaout other Churches,Temples, Mosques, Chiefs, etc???..of course he a former chair of wages council...but..other leader with families and flock should have spoken out!...

Oh...with all due respect to Fiji's brilliant Lady Lawyer Draunidalo...uh...is'nt there a Fiji Lawyer with balls to assist her?...or are they all afraid of being de-barred....

Though some of us may not have agreed with some racist SDL policies..still, Prime Minister Qarase has rights to appeal!...what??.. some prosecution witness have left the country??...not good!!....not good!!

Anonymous said...

About the tourism attacks, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the plant operators along the coral coast including Intercontinental are very concerned about the theft from their ocean front rooms. This is because surrounding villagers and some staff members are stealing from the rooms to make ends meet and passing the goods out along the beach, circumventing the security checks at the gates to the resorts. And its going to get a lot worse before it gets better. ANZ should issue travel warnings to their citizens now.

Mere said...

Another typically moronic statement by Bainimarama. Ghai's commission cannot observe the regime's totally one-sided, unfair, and undemocratic 'non-negotiable' principles AND be politically neutral.

Kavi said...

Why is the Ministry of Defence even involved in what is patently a police matter?

Anonymous said...

Levu tiko nomudou vosa na sotia ni tiko vei kemudou na dakai. E rawa ni wase veimama mada na dakai ka tiko qori me da qai vala. Ya sa qai fair se vakacava, e sega ni rawa ni keimami yavala ni keimami liga lala. Levu tiko na qara mai cake qori.

Anonymous said...

@ ANon 12:24..well you live in Fiji and not India. If you want Hindi and Hurdu to be learnt.....move back to India. Respect must be shown to the original occupiers of the land like it is now acknowledged throughout the world. Stop being a selfish Indian because even though Indian migrants have contributed tremendously to Fiji, they were fortunate to have had the opportunity to move here and this has resulted in the wealth and prosperity enjoyed by majority of Indians living in Fiji...Indians continue to want more and want to take and strip Fijians off everything.

V for Vendetta said...

In possession of a .22 calibre? How can we get more for proper distribution?

Sotia ni solisona said...

Hey Meo. What would you do if your boss told you are going to have an annual pay rise, there in Brisbane.

And when you check your payslip, its only 20 cents.
What would you do?
Would you join a union? Can't do that if you a hotel worker in Fiji.
How sad.

Do you think we should have unions for this kind of stuff?

I agree with Fr Barr, this is grossly unfair to the workers.

Coup 4.5 said...

We read in Alhaj Prof.Dr.KHwaja Anwar Ullah Khan's book Pearls of Wisdom : Some Sayings of the Great Suffis and Their Short Biographies (1995) the following pearl of wisdom from Hazrat Nizam Uddin Aulia : Wherever you stay be open hearted and truthful.
Father Kevin Barr has clearly taken this wisdom to heart.
Hence notwithstanding the fact that he has stayed with the Bainimarama government since the military man's 2006 coup Father Barr has followed the dictates of his conscience to point out that:
"This government is more and more declaring itself to be anti-poor and anti- worker and that is very sad for those who had hoped that greater economic justice might finally be championed in our country" Instead he has come to realise (some would say belatedly) that "the small lobby of greedy employers have once again got its way with Government in a way consistent with crony capitalism".
Father Barr the former Chair of the Fiji Wages Council was reacting to the token wage increases approved by the Bainimarama government.
He had earlier on resigned as the chair because of the procrastination and failure on the part of the government to implement the Wages Council's recommendations.
I applaud Father Barr for staying true to himself.
Hazrat Sheikh Daud Tai tells us in the same book " If you believe that God is with you then do not be afraid of anyone".
Father Barr has shown that God is with him.
Rajend Naidu

Coup 4.5 said...

A Friday Special from blogger Truncated Lounge

Darling Grubby,

It was great to have you in Fiji for a weekend. I enjoyed holding hands and strolling along the sea wall. It was so sweet of you to say that I was your muse for your piece in the Fiji Sun, Suva the City of Dreams. Though it is a shame we could not get too romantic as there is always some jogger or walker who wants to stop and talk to important people like you and me. Still it was fun later when we parked in the dusk up by Suva point. Just as well my new 4 wheel drive comes with Government Issue tinted windows so no one could see what we were up to.
Talking of which I was watching the news with my daughter on Thursday night. She watches it every night, because she likes to see if mummy is on the news. If I am not on often enough she writes a rude letter to Tarun Patel at Fiji TV.
“Dear Mr Patel,
Mummy told me to write to you because she only appeared once this week on the news. If she does not appear every night next week you can kiss your license good bye.
Hugs and Kisses
Shazzer’s daughter”
I obviously dictate it for her but I think it is less threatening if it comes from a 10 year old as opposed to the very important Permanent Secretary of MisInformation.
Anyway back to Thursday night. The PM was talking about the lack of transparency from the constitution commission and how it as quite wrong for them to employ an independent thinker like Ratu Jone as a consultant. They have forced his hand and now the AG is going to come up with a new decree to force them to have greater transparency and to base the new constitution on the Military submission. Anyway my daughter asked what is transparency.
“Well” I said “It is a like the special windows in my new car. I am part of Government so I get to look out of my windows and I can see what all the naughty people of Fiji are doing. But the naughty people of Fiji cannot see through the dark tinted windows and see what the Government is doing.” Just as well considering what we were doing in the car on Saturday night.

part two to follow

Coup 4.5 said...

Truncated Lounge continues

I am getting really bored because this job s just so easy. There is no challenge any more. I can just say what I want, any time I want and I never get asked any difficult questions by the media. I can understand why the local journalists don’t question me but not even the International media.
For example I said we would hold an Inquiry into the vicious beatings of the escaped prisoners. Even when it came to light that one of the prisoners had had his leg amputated no one asked a single difficult question. In fact I got the police Commissioner to say that we amputated his leg as an act of kindness due to his advanced diabetes. Not one journalist in the world questioned a statement that was so obviously a lie. And no one has asked what has happened to the inquiry.
By the same token Ravuni, the idiot, has announced a record year of investment and the creation of 4,000 (on paper) jobs. He puts out a statement and no journalist asks the question where have the jobs been created? Why are so many graduates unemployed? Now I have successfully cowed the media there is just no challenge, it is SOOOOO boring. Anyway as we have got away with it this year we are going to put out a statement next year that we have created 10,000 jobs. This will help my election bid, I am so looking forward to being an MP and a minister. Actually it is not such a big lie. We have created thousands of jobs this year but they are all in China or for Chinese workers in Fiji.
We did have some good news this week and we have climbed a number of places in the World Bank Ease of doing business table. Aunty Nur has done really well making it easy to set up businesses in Fiji. You pay her a fee and she will ensure you get all the Government approvals you need. Depending on how much you pay you can get them all in a day. If the fee is big enough she will insure a police escort for all your imports and exports into the country. As a result the black market economy is booming and the number of illegal immigrants is at an all time high. The great thing about this part of the economy there is no tax and no financial records so all the money is shared between the regime and the Asian crime gangs.
Grubby thanks to you and Qorvis for writing the President’s speeches recently. It has made a big difference to the popular perception of the regime. Previously it was always the AG that was attacking institutions such as the Methodist Church and the Unions. The Itaukei element were beginning to believe that an Indian was running the country, as if. As a result they were beginning to turn their backs on us. But now the President has weighed in on our side and has recently attacked the Methodist church, the SDL and his own people of Bau for their support of a Christian state. He backed that up with an attack on the unions for acting in their own interests and not in the interests of the regime’s elite.
It makes such a difference when you give a speech to someone and they can read it properly. I am always scared when I give a speech to FB because he struggles to read English if the words have more than 2 syllables. I gave him a speech about how it was a joke the SDL want Fijian to be the national language in Fiji. But he kept getting confused by the words. In one attempt he said “It is a joke that your Prime Minister cannot read English and an even bigger joke the Minister of Finance cannot read a set of accounts.” Afterwards, he even asked who the Minister of Finance was. My new policy is that we will just give out written statements and avoid future embarrassment.
I am afraid some of your employer’s, Qorvis, internet tricks have recently been exposed on a blog.

Coup 4.5 said...

third and final part of Truncated Lounge

http://fijimediawars.blogspot.co.nz/. I wish that these people would realize that Internet black arts only work if no one knows about them. Now they are all out there for everyone to read. By the way can you make some edits on this page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bainimarama You need to do a search on "Prime Minister" and replace it with "tin pot dictator".
I was following up on this bid to ship all government data and the electronic voter registrations to India. I was talking to Mere Vuniwaqa in the elections office and she told me that the electronic voting machines will come from the Yalamanchili company of India. Apparently it is important that they are preloaded with all the data and that way it is easier to manipulate the result. This really pisses me off. Where is the challenge of running an election campaign for the AG when his victory is guaranteed by a geeky Indian programmer.
Got to dash the weekend is approaching, the sun is shining and I need to get to Trends make myself gorgeous. I am on a hot date tonight and no I am not going to tell you who I am seeing. I will tell you this much I have given my driver the weekend off and I will be driving my heavily tinted car myself.
Hugs and Kisses

This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. However, some of the people and events mentioned are real.
The 2014 elections will happen. The votes have already been counted in India.
The Minister of Tourism has warned all hotels it is important to keep their protection payments to his Aunty Nur up to date otherwise they too will have a Naviti style lovo.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, now who still thinks the fire was accidental. Follow the money and the short ugly Chinese wu tang clan versus Taliban. Dixon Seeto vs Hafiz Khan, oh how thhe thieves are falling out.

Kai Viti dina said...

Anonymous November 2, 2012 12:28 AM

Fijian Children are living in their own land and they have the right to attend any schools.

Your comment seems to suggest that Taukei children have to learn the languages of the immigrants.

Is this so?

Is is cultural manipulation?

Fiji will still be Viti Land.

Anonymous said...

Some people are still trying to defend Garase, he committed a crime 5yrs or 50yrs you will be tried and brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Leave tourism alone, we hotel workers need the tourist & the job. We got families to look after, and jobs give us money and the tip if we do good job

Anonymous said...

Very nice letter Shazzer. lol.
Graham must be really scratching his head trying to figure out who is spoiling his fun

Jone said...

Kai Viti Dina @ 5:04 PM

You are so right but which immigrats are you talking about? The ones from Africa or the ones from India?

tattifala said...

why is the ministry of defense even involved in a matter that is patently for the police?
good question Kavi.
It's because Fiji is currently a Police State
and in a police state the military has its nose in everything.
The ministry of defense is just a front.

Anonymous said...

Kai viti dina--I and my chn have evry right to join the civil service without being fluent in Fijian as proposed by the lunatic Baba.This is also MY land .You are also a migrant from Zanzibar !!--sa kila ?? No wonder racist SDL got the boot.

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua is always quick to castigate police officers for negligence, corruption et al but he is silent when military officers were involved in the recapture and assault of prisoners.

It proves the point that he is a puppet Commissioner and he will never investigate any complaint against military officers or Voreqe’s relatives. He should do the honorable thing and chuck in the towel…as it is he lacks the integrity and independence required for the post.

He is only good in modeling new color/styles of uniforms so he should be on the catwalk rather than police HQ.

Anonymous said...

civil servants secretly making money ,Parmesh knows it but can not say as his job would be on the line,one particular staff of ministry of health refused my dinner offer because i was a foreign supplier and they are not allowed,but same evening i go to maya dhaba there she is having dinner with a local supplier,I have been told thid id norm as local suppliers give cash for commission.this regulatory lady of health ministry gives info to local supplier on tender process and has even handed docs ,Tora wake up before Miss V gets a scholarship

Anonymous said...

Its good to see Mary B relaxing in her Black tinted Cefero,its her personal car valued at 95 grand plus ,money does flow in some homes and Bai has it all but Frank if Qarase was not spared you will not be forgiven too

Anonymous said...

AG quiet and calculating right now as some tremor on the Delainabua scale ,sunami on the way and before christmas

Anonymous said...

Lankan based Fiji register of high court has prepared a 120 page report gone to UN and other legal bodies,some names hard to believe on the list and Ajjit Kodakoda ,Nalin Patel,Suruj Vimal Sharma,Sashi no school CDP singh,Tom No base Ricketts ,Bai , Aiyaz,Nur ,Naaz and Aslam are some of the names and funny not many Kaiviti Names all Indians ,whose running the show

Anonymous said...

Jone what African immigrants you talking about??

Anonymous said...

Funny reading Fiji Times Today Illegal Minister for Health mentions previous governments did not allocate enough Morg Space,people were healthier than and not dieing in numbers like now as no doctors ,no medication ,and You have been in office for last 6 years ,thats more than a term of a normal legal government.check your numbers of INFANT death last month,i have been told 15 and mostly at CWM .you will rot in hell Sharma abortionist ,Bai keeping you because you supply him FOC Viagra from Rohits Nabua Pharmacy

Mere said...

Anonymous 5:29, what crime did Qarase commit, and when will you begin to hold Bainimarama accountable for the much more serious crimes he's committing?

tattifala said...

if it is true that bainimarama's marama has bought a $13 million house then it shows bainimarama is a very trustworthy man for did he not promise the people of fiji upon taking over to " clean up" the country that no military man going to gain from his "clean up"?
the man has clearly kept his promise.
hasn't he?

tattifala said...

one of the greatest if not the greatest leader in fiji's history
the only one to have a statue made to honour and remember him
died virtually a penniless pauper
ratu sir lala sukuna's marama was eventually provided a house by the Fiji Government almost like a welfare destitude getting a poverty home.
Now the Fiji Government has again made it possible for a leader's wife to acquire a house.
But don't expect a statue to be made to honour this leader
the self-appointed one
the unscrupulous thug

Anonymous said...

But there should be a statue to whoever rids us of him.

Anonymous said...

Please repeat after me:

The 1997 Constitution lives.

Return to the barracks. No negotiations at gunpoint. New leadership for the RFMF.

Just Say No to Immunity for treason.


Repudiate illegal debts.

A Truth & Reconciliation Commission rendering impartial justice.

Free men in Free Enterprise.

Are you getting this, Yash Ghai?

The Heckler said...

I hope the thugs didn't accost the guy, beat him to a bloody pulp and then sodomise him.

That's the Army's job!

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad to see Fiji got rid of all crime by the end of 2009, just as Teleni promised!

Anonymous said...

To all the fuckwitts who r trying to outdo each race n say they r superior please remember we r gods creation and equal in his eyes. That's what matters. At the end of the day everyone wants a better life away from poverty and to be free. Stop these problem child behavior and discuss the way forward so we can leave a better place for our children to enjoy their freedom. Sorry to say if someone had poked your butt, whilst u were growing up don't do it to others as its not right and not the normal behavior expected out of civilized human being and if you guys are you might understand what I am talking about. Get out of this racial slur r and discuss how we can bring back accountability and transparency because both Indians n Fijians have been stealing whilst in Government. We need a stop to this so I hope we can leave Fiji to a better generation who discuss health care and free education till university rather than whose sit doesn't stink.

Anonymous said...

Baini deserves the $13 million dollar house. He has worked hard for it. With so many portfolio to look after and no one to help him share the loot. He him a break guys.

Anonymous said...

Anon asshole @5.29. Qarase was tried and convicted in an illegal court because there is no legal judiciary in Fiji. Bainivuaka and his lap dog Aiyarse made damn sure that he's out of the equation.

My question to you is...how much money did Bainivuaka and Aiyarse fleece so far? It's no school asshole like you who should be admitted to St Giles because clearly you're mad. Your parents must be ashamed of bringing an asshole to this world.

Coup 4.5 said...

I find nothing wrong in Father Barr's use of the term "greedy employers". We have them just as we have dishonest politicians. Is it wrong to describe a dishonest politician as a dishonest politician?
This letter is written with the utmost respect to the many good employers who are committed to providing their workers with a decent living wage.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

ok to all the critics who are complaining about wagwes being low in Fij. Lets see if you guys can put your money where your mouth is. Come and set up a hotel, garment,flour mill, security company, manufacturing industries. Pay themyour so called fair wage you want too and lets see how long your businesses last. Make sure you have idiot bush economist kevin barr sitting on the boards of your companies so that he can keep an eye on the living wage. that bugger has been living off aid money.

Anonymous said...

Who are these thugs robbing international visitors - the methodists church members, the criminals showing their true christisnity colours?

Its high time the laws be ammended in the new Fiji constitution to bring back "caning" to these bastards,

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 6.53PM
kevin barr the bush economist champions the cause of the poor.
not hard to see whose cause you champion.
are you a "greedy employer" who thinks only about himself and how much more he can get for himself?

Jone said...

Anon @12:49 AM

I am sure that you are not that stupid to figure out what African I am talking about. Or are you?

Anonymous said...

Anon1.38. Another asshole commending thieving Bainivuaka for making himself rich through corruption. Are you his garden boy Ulukau?

Anonymous said...

Wow, a house costing 15million in Fiji? That is incredible, at least
Mary knows quality but if i was her, i'd be thinking overseas property? Who knows, Bai could have
a stroke,heart attack,Cancer or just keel over? Think long term Mary?

Anonymous said...

Actually,there was no Fijian kids
in these criminal elements as they were all Indians? I say, sent these thugs back to Madras or New Delhi, where they can do whatever
they want on the street.

Kai Baulevu said...

Its the army who are robbibg these people so that they can hold on to the power for safety reasons.....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:53
You raise a very good point.
Lets pay them 20 cents an hour.
We've got a business to build.
How dare they complain about 20 cents an hour. Bloody lazy workers.

Vutuki Kumar said...

Come on folks, business in Fiji don't make much money these reflects on workers pay.

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 6.53 PM
Do you have any idea why trade unionism started historically?
Do you know what was the basis of the success of the colonial economy?
what was the one crucial "commodity" for the colonial entreprenuer?
not cheap labour by any chance?
the exploitation of cheap labour is not something that only happened in the past.
it happens today . that's why critics fight for workers'right to fair wages. you of course don't believe workers have that right.
that's why it is "so called fair wage" . well you are lousy reactionary. all progressive modern societies, even in communist countries mind you, acknowledge the need for a fair wage for the workers.

mary B said...

What a load of crap. No house in Fiji is worth $13m. You could buy the whole of Raiwaqa for that and maybe even parts of Toorak which are not owned by Gujis. Like Charles street. Stop sensationalising crap, focus on franks real problems like his looting, etc

Anonymous said...


Arvind said...

Frank should send these thieving scums back to the canefields or send them back to slums where they were taken from. The army should whip them on daily basis.

Who is John Galt? said...

Who is to decide what constitutes a fair wage? The market should decide -- not the employers or the employees or a third party.

Drop the artificial minimum wage, and what will happen? Immediately some wages will fall. Some employers will insist on paying less, and some employees will refuse and quit their jobs. But prices for many commodities will lower due to the lower cost of labour. And employers will be able to employ more people. Unskilled workers would find jobs. They wouldn't pay well initially, but they would give experience and impart skills that would enable those who have been chronically unemployed to find higher paying work or demand higher pay from their employers.

Investment would pour into Fiji.

The result, after a period of some dislocation, would be a more fully employed and productive work force gaining skills and experience and paying less for goods and services.

Restore democratic governance and the rule of law, and free the economy to the balancing effects of a free economy, and Fiji's economy will grow phenomenally. That's because free men in free enterprise is ultimately an unbeatable formula for economic and social success.

You can call that reactionism. We call it liberty.

Anonymous said...

JONE 11:29pm. ENo tell us what Africans you talking about Jone, if you talking about the real Fijian the indigenous Fijian your wrong.
DNA tests shows Africans and Fijians and othet Melanesians are 2 distinct races but on the other hand, yours Jone is and will always be Indian.





SEMI MEO said...

Coward of November 2, 2012 3:02 PM …look, I’ve got a spare pair of spectacles you may wanna borrow?..re-read my post..I was just probing,

“All we wanna know is if Fr Barr is the only Religious leader who cares for workers rights?..how about other Churches, Temples, Mosques, Chiefs, etc???..of course he is a former chair of wages council...but..other leaders with families and flock should have spoken out!...”

..or may be you wanna stick to your pet trade of “soli _ _ _ _” no no no better not!

Coup 4.5 said...

I don't find anything wrong in Father Kevin Barr's use of the term "greedy employers" to describe some employers.
We have such employers, don't we?
I therefore can't see what Francis Verma of USA (FT 3/11) finds so objectionable about Fr Barr's terminology.
We have dishonest politicians and we have no qualms in describing them as such. So what's the fuss about employers?
It's nonsense.
Let's face it
There are good employers even very good employers who are committed to the welfare and well-being of their workers and pay just wages.
And there are bad, selfish and yes greedy employers who exploit their workers for their own selfish gain. They put profit ahead of people and do all they can to avoid giving their workers a fair wage. One of the main things they do is to keep influential politicians happy in a certain way.
Father Barr was making reference to these latter employers.
He has described them quite appropriately.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Is it always the employers who a 'greedy' ? And why, because they're trying to maximise profits and to justify themselves to their shareholders?

Really, the term betrays a fundamental ignorance of, amd bias against, the organising principles of capitalism, which in its truest forms has been the greatest economic system man has ever devised.

Ever hear of 'greedy employees'? Me, neither. Passing strange, that. I guess giving people jobs leads to immorality.

J.J. said...

How low can some of these comments get!? Why would you ridiculously call Indians 'BUGS'??? DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS FOR YOU ARE JUDGING GODS CREATION. We are all created in his image.
C4.5 - I feel that you're promoting a lot hatred etc from posting degrading comments. An anti-govt blog site is exactly that a BLOG SITE but why don't you take the higher ground & not publish swears, degrading comments that is just so upsetting!

tattifala said...

one greedy employee I know is Frank Bainimarama . he is greedy for money obtained via crooked means and he is greedy for power obtained by thuggish means.
I am pretty certain there are many more,no?

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Meo qa vaka vinati.....why the religous leader????sarcastic comments and soon you will blame the methodist church?????O sa papitaiso se sega?....sa tei nomu vicovico se wara vicovico levu va elevadi.Very simple just get these IG and soldiers back to where they come from and evry thing will be good.
Ceke i mean kai nanukas ceke not yours because your got the stone ceke good for nothing....yadre vaka vinati.......Sa dri yani mai tau se vo na vinati????biuta na lewena kania na qana.

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 12.59 PM
Ever heard of "greedy employees"?
I wonder what you'd call all those Wall St banking ceos and other corporate crooks who swindle the public and their employers?

SEMI MEO said...

@Kai Balevu November 5, 2012 2:24 PM...

...oilei...keimami sa dro...ni dou sa gusugusu "ceke" ga mai Bau..levu...ya, sa macala ni dou sa dakuvusi ka raisobu tu ga...sa leqa o viti...

no wonder you talking from the level of your 'ceke"...all make no sence to the brain upstairs...

Anonymous said...

Good point. Of course, greedy employees exist, but all we ever hear about are "greedy employers."

Self-interest is the main motivator in a capitalist system. They can call that 'greed,' but it always seems that they define the 'greedy' as anyone who makes more money than THEY do.