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Friday, November 23, 2012

Aussie magistrate bundled home after challenging neutrality of Fiji judiciary

Khaiyum lackeys: From left: Siromi Turaga, Charles Ratakele and Ro Alipate Maitaitini. Mohammed Saneem, who was singled out by Greg Bullard, is at far right.

An Australian magistrate, who was a former legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, has been dismissed after just a month with the Fiji judiciary.

Greg Bullard, who was also a solicitor at the Law Society of New South Wales, has revealed he was 'terminated' and bundled out of Suva after challenging the independence of the Legal Practitioners Unit and the abnormal practice of judicial officers being beholden to the Chief Justice.'

In a letter he says: "The judiciary, the legal profession and the ILSC are all under the direct or indirect control of the Chief Justice. This is a dangerous precedent. Justice cannot be done in Fiji until this is remedied. How it came to be like this can only be answered by the Attorney General and the Chief Justice."

He also says he was 'unlawfully arrested and detained at Nadi Airport and escorted onto the first plane back to Sydney' on the 'Orders of the High Court.'

Bullard, who signs off as 'Fiji’s shortest ever serving Resident Magistrate', is the second magistrate to go public about the  compromised nature of Fiji's judiciary in recent months. 

In September, the former judge, William Marshall, confirmed what blogs have been saying for along time: that Fiji's judiciary is not working independently but is following the biased directives of regime boffins the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and illegal Chief Justice, Anthony Gates.

Bloggers can see for themselves from Bullard's letter below, the scale of 'rubber stamping' going on within the Fiji judiciary.

Note, too, his comment that all of the decisions made by the Independent Legal Services Commission 'will be appealable on the basis that the Commissioner (Justice Paul Madigan) is not independent' and there is the possibility of 'some very large damages claims made, if and when, a new government is formed.'

Making a mockery of justice: Anthony Gates
To Whom It May Concern,

The following is a summary of my legal observations of the justice/legal regulatory regimes in Fiji. These observations are derived from my own legal research and not by virtue of my position as Fiji’s shortest serving ad-hoc resident magistrate/ Head of the Legal Practitioners Unit.

Judicial Oversight: 
The judiciary of Fiji is regulated by the Administration of Justice Decree 2009. Section 16 states:

Judicial Service Commission
 16.-(1) This section establishes a Judicial Service Commission consisting of:
 (a) The Chief Justice, who is to be its chairperson;
 (b) The President of the Court of Appeal;
 (c) A Legal Practitioner with not less than 15 years post-admission practice, to be appointed by the President on the advice of the Attorney-General;
 (d) A person, not being a legal practitioner, appointed by the President on the advice of the Attorney-General.
Paul Madigan, middle, under the thumb of Gates.
 (2) The quorum of the Judicial Service Commission shall consist of the Chairperson and one other member.
 (3) In addition to the functions conferred on it elsewhere in this Decree, the Judicial Service Commission may investigate complaints about judges and judicial officers of courts subordinate to the High Court and may take disciplinary action against them.

(4) For the purposes of taking disciplinary action under subsection (3) above, the Judicial Service Commission may make such Rules as it deems fit for the performance its functions.

(5) The members of the Judicial Service Commission are entitled to such allowances as may be fixed by law.

(6) The Secretary of the Judicial Service Commission shall be the Chief Registrar, or any other person performing the functions of that Office.Firstly note section (s) 16 subsection (ss)(3), above. The effect of this section is that any judge or judicial officer s, subordinate to a high court judge can be subject of any complaint. and dismissed by the Judicial Services Commission, a quorum of which is the Chief Justice and one other member.

This work of legal trickery ensures that the judiciary of Fiji can never be independent whist this decree exists. All judicial officers are beholden to the Chief Justice. In New South Wales, by way of comparison, all judicial officers are subject to parliamentary oversight, not judicial oversight. Whilst the Judicial Commission has the power to investigate complaints, it is Parliament alone that has the power to dismiss, not the Chief Justice with a presidential “rubber stamp”.

The existence of this situation is a cause to the high volume of complaints that are received by the Legal Practitioners Unit. In my short time in office, prior to my dismissal (for reasons unknown) I was unable to ascertain the percentage of complaints that are attributable to the lack of legal profession/judicial independence.
How can judicial officers in Fiji exercise their functions without “fear or favour”? They simply cannot.

Regulation of the Legal Profession in Fiji
The legal profession of Fiji is regulated under the Legal Practitioners Decree 2009. The power sits with the Chief Registrar, who in turn acts under the direction of the Chief Justice. This means that the legal profession and the judiciary are under the powers of the Chief Justice. The position of Chief Justice is clearly the most powerful position in Fiji.

The Head of the Legal Practitioners Unit cannot be independent as they are under the direction of the Chief Registrar and the Public Service Commission. This represents a complete lack of independence of legal profession oversight.

When I raised this issue I was terminated and upon my attempted to return to work, prior to being notified of my termination, I was unlawfully arrested and detained at Nadi Airport and escorted onto the first plane back to Sydney. This was done under Orders of the High Court. 

In NSW the Legal Profession is oversighted by the Office of the Legal Services Commission. This is an independent body with powers to investigate and institute disciplinary proceedings. The Office of the LSC is answerable to Parliament alone. Not like Fiji, where the legal profession is regulated by the Chief Registrar who is answerable to, guess who, the Chief Justice.

In NSW, disciplinary proceedings against the legal profession are prosecuted by the OLSC and taken before members of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal. The members of the ADT are independent and not judicial officers per se.

In Fiji, the Chief Registrar is the prosecutor and the Independent Legal Services Commission (ILSC) is akin to the ADT. Sections 84-98 of this decree establish the ILSC. Section 85 states:

Appointment of Commissioner
85.—(1) The Commissioner shall be appointed by the President, on the advice of the Attorney-General.

(2) The Commissioner must be a person who is qualified to be a judge under section 15 of the Administration of Justice Decree 2009.

(3) In advising the President as to the person to be appointed as Commissioner pursuant to subsection (1), the Attorney-General must be satisfied that the person—
 (a) is familiar with the nature of the legal system and legal practice in Fiji; and
 (b) possesses appropriate qualities of independence, integrity and fairness.

(4) The President may appoint a person who is not a citizen of Fiji as the Commissioner.

(5) The Commissioner may be appointed either on a part-time or full-time basis. 

Note section 85(3)(b) above. It is a prerequisite that the Commissioner be independent. In Fiji the Commissioner is also a high Court judge who is under the direction of, guess who, the Chief Justice. He cannot be deemed to be independent. Remember, justice should not only be done, it should be seen to be done. This very fact is an offence to the basic principles of justice.

All of the ILSC’s decisions will be appealable on the basis that the Commissioner is not independent. There may be some very large damages claims made if and when a new government is formed.

The judiciary, the legal profession and the ILSC are all under the direct or indirect control of the Chief Justice. This is a dangerous precedent. Justice cannot be done in Fiji until this is remedied. How it came to be like this can only be answered by the Attorney General and the Chief Justice.

I will not provide details of the despicable treatment I received at the hands of the (acting) Chief Registrar, Mohammed Saneem. I will not give details of the evidence I gathered that would warrant the laying of criminal charges against Mr Saneem and Commissioner Madigan. I have alerted the relevant Fijian authorities of these matters. It is not a matter for me. My story will never be told. I gave an undertaking to that effect.

I pray that JUSTICE may one day come to Fiji. 

Mr Greg Bullard
Former Head of the Legal Practitioners Unit
(8/10/12 to 9/11/12)
Fiji’s shortest ever serving Resident Magistrate


Anonymous said...

Thank you, but you owe your story to the ordinary people of Fiji who have been denied justice for the last 6 long years.

Anonymous said...

Can Fiji's meek media publish Bullard's letter please??---or will you continue pissing and shitting in your pants and panties ??

Anonymous said...

When I read stories like this , I'm happy that there are still honest men around.
Thank you Mr Bullard.
In the words of St Paul, "We are thrown down by our enemies but we are NEVER DEFEATED".

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

"PM calls on citizens to build country based on honesty
Publish date/time: 23/11/2012 [17:17]

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has called on the people of Fiji to build a country based on honesty, decency and goodness starting from our homes as we progress towards the 2014 elections.

After delivering a historic budget yesterday, Commodore Bainimarama said it is now time for everyone to play their part.

He also relayed a story about the number of thefts at a hotel by the staff.

The Prime Minister said such practices need to stop.

Commodore Bainimarama said with all the budget initiatives in place, people have to ensure that they follow the law..."

This conman Bainimarama does not even register in his brain that he is talking about himself.
What a loser!

Anonymous said...

Publicise it

Anonymous said...

@ 10.58pm.....what story does mr bullard owe. Remember he just worked for a month 8/10/12 to 9/11/12 - so whatever happened in the past 6 years was not during mr bullards term. Be happy that he has exposed what we suspected all along.

Anonymous said...

Either hes stupid,uninformed or
just a plain asseole? I mean doesn't he knows that he's accepting a position in a dictatorship Government? Doesn't he knows our Prime Minister doesn't stand people who comes in
from foreign country and thinks that they knows better then us? Doesn't he knows that the Prime Minister of Fiji had from time to time, SHUT THE FRIEKEN FRONT DOOR
WHO interfeared with Fijis' internal welfare? You'd think that
been a lawyer in Aussie, he would have consulted his local ambassy to
get the whole lowdown on Fiji before accepting the post? WHAT A

bainimagana levu said...

Yours is only one of the unfortunate stories coming out about the corruption, lies and the manipulated and non independent nature of the fiji legal and justice system - ALL controlled by Kuntyum through his parasitic and sodomite chief justice Gates.

Please dont hold back your story, telling may just be the straw that gets our sisi neighbors to find their balls and stop this nonsense in Fiji and show some authentic concern for the oppressed people of Fiji - rather than just focusing on how much they can milk out of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Can the US government take note of this and proceed with the trade ban on Fiji preferntial market access into US? Please help the people of Fiji from the maichodo kaiyum and bacharu Nur ke Bano tere maiya chodo

Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE!! Just what do you expect when you join an ILLEGAL government in the first place.
When, oh, when are you expats going to learn? The hard way?
The man is also guilty of aiding and abetting and should be taken to task!!

Anonymous said...

Greg you have to spill the bean and let the auss and nz govt know.
what is happening in justice system in fiji.
fiji people have been denied justice under this regime..
god help fiji people

tattifala said...

Fiji is a country that has been under military rule since the military coup of dec 2006 . In a military ruled country everybody is under the orders of the military mob in power - and that includes the judiciary. there is no such thing as an independent judiciary in a military regime. There certainly isn't one in Fiji as Australian magistrate Greg Bullard found out for himself from the inside of the Fijian justice system.
some of us have known this from the outside from day one of the installation of the military "government". But it is good to have Bullard give the world a confirmation of the true nature of things in Fiji from his experience even if some high profile people like the American ambassador Frankie Reid is not able to get it.

tattifala said...

Remember all ye manipulators - gates, kaiyum, bainmarama, nailatikau - what happened to ratu mara in the end.
what did all his manipulating do?
it made him mad
then it made him dead.

Fijiwala said...

I know Mr. Bullard from Fiji. He is a very honest,dignified and professional gentleman. It was his intention to contribute his knowledge, experience and whatever he could to Fiji. As a matter of fact he had started to learn local languages and culture. His wish was to stay in Fiji and accept Fiji as his adopted country.

It is extreme unfortunate that he was humiliated, and ill treated by the power hungry.

I wish Greg all the best my friend and we will keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

I guess that the proud AG Mr Khaiyum will always have an explanation which would counter these allegations!

Even though it has been so clear that the Judiciary has never been independent and despite the numerous comments to this effect, this Government is so thick skinned that it would say that all these are matters of opinion!

Mr Bullard knew very well what he was getting into when he accepted the position here.

Lord what else can the simple man on the ground in Fiji do to fight for his rights against these usurpers of power?

Anonymous said...

Bullard owes us his story. We have been denied justice in the last 6 years. Even though Bullard had only worked for 1 month in the judiciary, his story based on his knowledge and brief experience in the judiciary will no doubt support the injustices in the country that others have also raised in the past.

Coup 4.5 said...

As someone who has worked as a social welfare officer in Fiji for over two decades I have no doubt that any increase in welfare assistance,no matter how small, would go a fair way in bettering the lives of the welfare poor because their needs are so many and their resources so few.
I am not sure however if any such increase means "There are exciting times ahead for social welfare recipients in the country" as the Fiji Times reporter Nasik Swami seems to think.(FT 24/11).
I could,of course, be wrong because I worked in the old Fiji.
Nasik Swami and others are better acquainted with the new Fiji which is being shaped by the current military rulers in Fiji.
Rajend Naidu

tattifala said...

Why should anybody be surprised at the scale of the rubber stamping going on in the "new fiji"?
The phony president is a rubber stamper, the illegal chief justice is a rubber stamper, even the self-appointed prime minister is a rubber stamper. with rubber stampers like that at the top level of society it is to be expected that rubber stamping will be a national duty!!
the eo sakas and the yes men rule!

Anonymous said...


Greg thank you for affirming what the world and Fiji knows regarding Fiji Judiciary system..."a circus and animal farm judiciary and court system.

Second you owe the Fiji people to publicly reveal the truth and nothing but the truth, otherwise your statement is just another trash..

We know that Frank and Aiyaz speak from their asses and cannot be trusted or made to believe what they say. They speak something and do the opposite...

We were attending and listening to the budget, 6 years now in illegal & unlegitimate leadership, the guy still cant speak properly and pronounce words articulately - he is a dump bull shit.

We just laugh at his presentation knowing that 90% of the things he presented - he knew nothing about.

In fact if he does not know it - Aiyaz is making him look like a fool in public. that's the mentality he has. Our group at the budget session unreservedly ashamed of the quality of self proclaim leadership that we now have - very low rated IQ and knowledge.

Again back to the judiciary - its not a surprise Greg, we wonder why did you come to Fiji in the first place when you know we have an illegal government.

God bless fiji

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu@11:29...Sorry bro,but
you're not counted in this new
pension scheme for over 70. Now
remember you gotta be 70s and above, to get this pension? Also
you have to live in here too? If you apply from Australia or anywhere abroad, then we,ll sent
you back your letter with a notation, that sorry you don't meet the qualification? Also if you still owe back-Rent to the Itaukei leased land, from the
time you were here,then you'd be
expected to settled your arrears
first, before pension application is been considered and reviewed?

tattifala said...

Aussie magistrate bundled home after challenging neutrality of Fiji judiciary.
This has been a speciality of the current military regime in fiji. anyone who has the audacity to raise any questions regarding the status quo in fiji is swiftly bundled out.
C4.5 can you do a list of the people who have been bundled out since the dec 2006 takeover.

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous 12.50PM
I am still owed money by the fiji government after the high court in fiji made an order that I be paid back the extra money that was unlawfully deducted from my salary.
I have not got that money back.
I don't owe the Fiji government or anybody in Fiji anything.

Anonymous said...

As I keep saying, REVOLUTION
What are you all waiting for
March up to these goons and show solidarity

have no feAr people of Fiji

God is with you

Too Kind a Fate said...

Greg Bullard was dismissed because he had the temerity to show some integrity. This regime has zero tolerance for integrity. Bullard deserves credit for objecting to the system contrived by the regime to deny independence to the courts.

On the other hand, how is it that Bullard didn't already know the compromised nature of Fiji's judiciary before coming here? It beggars belief to suppose he just didn't know and only learnt of it during his month in office.

Whatever undertaking Bullard made here regarding nondisclosure was surely made under duress. If so, ithe undertaking was coerced and is not binding legally or morally. But don't take my word for it; just talk to another attorney or an ethicist -- I'm sure they'll say the same.

One final observation. Gates should hang, together with Bainimarama and Khaiyum, should he not? His treasonous role in subverting Fiji's justice system is beyond question and unspeakably foul. He should be hanged by the neck until dead -- yes, I think he deserves nothing less.

tattifala said...

The mass public demonstrations which is taking place in Egypt against the Egyptian President Emosi giving himself extra constitutional powers has led the US State Department to issue a statement saying they were always concerned about "the concentration of power in one person's hands".
Fiji does not have that problem.
Everyone in fiji exercises power only constitutional given them. That's why the american ambassador frankie reid is so impressed.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Greg Bullard's letter is as much for the international community, notably his own country, as it is for Fiji citizens who prefer to see the regime as a government that has served them well. Ironically, it appears that contractural obligations may have tied Bullard's hands. Still, he has revealed the essence of the story ... the rest is a bonus. Now, the question is what regional governments will take note of it?

Just Saying said...

@Too Kind A Fate: Pretty clear that those who've had contact with the regime have recoiled in horror. Perhaps Bullard has not had the stomach after all to do what seems to come so easily to old hogs (or should I say old fags) Gatesnand Madigan?

The Antidote said...

ASEAN leaders, including Obama, have been in Myanmar this week ... the country that has been under military rule for 53 years. They met Opposition Leader and democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi who was able to articulate her country's case very well, including the argument that the name of her country is Burma not Myanmar as dubbed by the junta. Where is Fiji's Aung San Suu Kyi? Where is she or he hiding? We have bad need of them. Please come forward and help our beloved country now.

Anonymous said...

Fijians it is time to stand up like others. They stand for their rights.Yuo guys have to have guts to stand up and fijht.Protest, marches it is your right.

Anonymous said...

Can Fiji Labour Party leader please lodge a complaint with NZ and Australian law societies against lawyers that support illegal regime? some of the lawyers include;

1. Aaiz Khaiyum
2. Adiswar Narayan
3. Anthony Gates
4. Nazhat Shameem
5. Shaista Shameem
6. Davenesh Sharma
7. Sharvda Sharma
8. Christopher Pryde
9. Subash Parshotam
10. Satish Parshotam
11. Robert Newton
12. Ana Tuikatei

With only 20 months left for the general elections, these people must be made unemployable both in Fiji and overseas.

Greg Bullard said...

The reason I came to Fiji was one of a genuine willingness to assist. Gates told me in March 2012 that the LPD was based on NSW legislation, hence his offer. I thought my role included the proposal of amendments to bring the LPU into transparency.

I soon realised that this was almost impossible due to the Admin of Justice Decree. I stupidly assumed that my amendment proposals to theses two decrees, that I presented, would be at least considered. Yes I am a fool. However, my intentions were true.

Yes I feel stupid. I am altruistic and idealistic. Gates has given me a cold hard lesson in reality. Thank you to all of the comments above. They are all valid. I deserve some criticism. My desire to see justice done sometimes overwhelms me. I will co whatever I can. However, I am banned for life from Fiji at this point in time.

I will draft my "full story". My undertaking was to contain these matters to Fiji. Whether I involve the foreign ministries of the region will depend on the PM's actions henceforth.

Greg Bullard

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister - The head of the cabinet and often also the chief executive of a parliamentary democracy. How did frank get elected as PM? Can someone refresh my memory please.?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

I'm not sure if C4.5 has any way of verifying if this is indeed Mr Bullard given the comedic hands often at play on this blog but I will give it the benefit of the doubt and thank Greg for responding and ecnourage him to take it further. That is what William Marshall should've done (and we hope he still will) and what Greg needs to do. And please don't base your decision totally on NZ, Aus and Aust foreign minister's - as governments of the day politics being the cynical game it is - they support Fiji's 'govt of the day'. The truth will go unacknowledge if you limit yourself to the protocols of norm.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's Aung San Suu Kyi isn't hiding. She's right here in plain view providing leadership. She is The Lady in Rewa.

Ganesh said...

Mr. Bullard, you're not the first to be misled into thinking you could make a positive difference, only to find you've been cynically played by some very despicable people. Mr. Yash Ghai springs immediately to mind, but there have been many, many more who failed to study the hard lessons of those who went before them.

Yes, they embarrassed you, but at least you left with your integrity still intact, which is more than most can say.

You're under no obligation to maintain the terms of a contract that was unlawful in the first place. You're an attorney, and you know that, so unless the regime has a gun to the head of your wife or child, you definitely should speak out with the truth.

Jone said...

I remember Dakuwaqa always arguing that foreign bar associations and law societies should refuse membership to any lawyers who assist a regime like Fiji's. Anyone remember how he put it?

Anonymous said...

Whose that guy with the glasses in the front??

...GWF... said...

...the shoe shine boys are making jokes about Madigan for paying them $$$ so they can F@@k his rear...n ...to make it worse...the law society is been tainted by gays n lesbians...so how can we have justice...as this lawyers n law makers or whatever...been seen found to be lacking ...INTERGRITY...so dont be surprise...that things will be ugly very soon...

SEMI MEO said...

We ask..uh..What is the Fiji Labour Party’s "baigani" in the NZ and Australian law societies??...as if these two law clubs have got an iota of influence on our autonomy…in fact, these 2 Law club shuns any insinuation of seditious act to mingle in our domestic affairs….let us be….she’ll be right….uh..we’ll be right…

Mr. Greg Bullard knew he was jumping into the Lion’s den…we wish him well in his job hunting in US or other jurisdiction as the Aust and NZ legal fraternity may give him a cold shoulder….of course he meant well…so did the Rear Admiral in December 2006…well…as we’re led to believe!

All that aside…let’s keep to this path way foe imminent elections in 2014!!...shall we?, please!!

Anonymous said...

Shaista Shameem,

Fiji, Shaista who said that the coup was legal has ran away from Fiji and seen shopping around Auckland............bhahut tati women..

We wonder what she is saying now, whilst her sister sex orgy Nazhaat Shameem is milking us tax payers here in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Greg Bullard--please expose the lawyers who are collaborating and how.Some have been named above-there are others--all they think of is money--eg the Parshotams.These lawyers should be struck off the rolls in the country where they graduated.Aotomatic striking out should follow here.People like Gates are already unemployable overseas.--who will ever hire the dude??---maybe Mugabe !!

Anonymous said...

The lady in Rewa is the new leader in waiting.

Anonymous said...

anon@11:18am...actually Bai became
the PM when the former President Boci Iloilo, appointed him to the post to lead an Interim Government
toward a democratic Election.Now that was in 2006 but it has taken
them a long time (6 Glorious years)
to fixed and put thing rights? Now
2014 has been fixed to be the year
for Fijians to go back to the poll?
Why did you ask? Got problem with
that? Do you have a complaint?Do you think may be we're not ready to
go back to the poll?

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu...first of all- yeah,you
darn right, you still owe the Fijian land
owners, your 30 years back rent for
which we demand immediate payment?
Good thing we didn't renew your lease, for another 30 years,since you would still have done exactly
the samethings you had done previously? Funny, that you claim that you didn't make any money from
your sugar farm,and thus can't pay
your rent for 30 year?Yet you sent
all your kids to school overseas,have a house in Lautoka been rented to others,and found dough to travel&live in NewZealand?
Did the good lord Krishna gave you
all this money?
Please stay away and don't come back to Fiji cause we really don't need dishonest fala
like you?

Anonymous said...

$740M spent on domestic violence since 2002 was recently reported in the media. What needs to written is how much spent since 2006 coup? The amount spent will surprise you.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has been independent for the past 42 years of which Fiji has been under military dictatorship for 17 years. Seven under Rabuka from 1987 to 1994, three years under Frank from 2000 to 2003 and further seven years under Frank from 2006 to date. Fiji has only enjoyed 25 years of democratic governance, 8 years more than military dictatorship. By 2014 this will be reduced to 6. How much longer are the children of Fiji expected to live under such tyranny. How much longer are we expected to sit back and complain on blog sites rather than commence proactive actions to oust Frank. We saw after 1987 people allowed Rabuka to continue with his rule and if it was not for Unions who had foreign countries place bans against Fiji strangling the nations economy, Rabuka would have continued with his rule and abuse of law, corruption and illegal practices. We are giving Frank free reign with ineffective protests and divided ideals. Fiji needs a Moses to step forward and lead Fiji back to democracy.

Anonymous said...


I hope that it is not action of the Fijian PM that you wait for before publicising your report. He has shown to bury his head in the sand when issues like your have arisen. Case in point is the petition filed by Marshall. The Fijian poeple deserve much more from a leader whether itmisnthe PM or President. How on one hand can the PM say that they will fight corruption whilst at the same time turn a blind eye to the corrupt dealings of its own judiciary. He is invariably being misled by those with their own agenda. And more importantly he is allowing to be misled.

The rot always starts from the top and trickles down. The PM needs to deal with the judicial office starting at the abhorrent AG.

I also wonder how the new Fiji deputy DDP from Australia fairing in all of this...


Anonymous said...

The IG is making smoke screen everywhere for the people not to see what they are doing for their own benefit. What this short live magistrate from NSW has revealed and Justice Marshal dismal has displayed that the change which the government is doing through Frank and his team are fake because law and order( AG, CJ, P Com Consulatant Shameem) are not managing the justice system nor do champion what they are preaching and making the PM the mouth piece of all these behave like a puppet. The president on the other hand are derailing the people to what the NGO role are in any civil society.What coiuld be the outcome of their actions and the illegal decrees they are passing through to us, will the election be taking palce after all these?

Anonymous said...

Mr Gates, that book you holding is for you to read...mite give guide you in the right direction..

Anonymous said...

The book he is holding looks like a bible but it's a fake cover. Underneath inside is Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes people mistake the way I talk for what I am thinking. I never had any formal education -- not even nursery school certificate. But, sometimes I know more than Ph.D.'s because as a military man I know how to act, I am a man of action."
Prime minister Frank Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Long time before I would visit Fiji I suggest all tourists do the same.

Stay away the place stinks.

Fijiwala said...

C4.5 has forced the issue and now the government has released a statement.

Greg Bullard no longer a magistrate
Publish date/time: 28/11/2012 [07:25]

Australian Greg Bullard is no longer a magistrate in Fiji.

This has been confirmed by Acting Prime Minister and Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Sayed-Khaiyum said Bullard left the country after receiving all of his legal entitlements.

Bullard was appointed as resident magistrate by President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau early last month.

He was admitted as a legal practitioner at the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 1999.

Bullard returned to Australia earlier this month.

Fijivillage has been told that no further information will be released on why Bullard is no longer a magistrate in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

anon@8:26am...Please don't be offensive! The only stink going on
in Fiji is when the Tattifala was
here? Since we threw his ass out of
our country, we're right back to Paradise smell???So come-on back you georgeous people of the whole
planet earth,we're always open with
our wide arms and genuine smiles?So
you all be good, and come on back,you hear!!!

Anonymous said...

The question was, did this Bullard
slipped and almost gave away Chief
Justice Gate's cover as Assie Spy in the Military Dictatorship in Fiji? Isn't it strange that he continously brings back judges,to
Fiji's judiciary and keep them for
a short period before firing them?
The bastard really thinks he's too
smart for every body? I hope that
someone gets smart and take him out
before he knows what hit him?

Anonymous said...

Greg Bullard@10:29pm...please don't
even bother to make a report, we don't want it? Just answer, this
why the fuck did you even consider
to take the frieken job in a dictatorial Government?Didn't you know that the regime illegally overthrew our elected Government
6 years ago? Didn't you realized that there are people in Fiji who
are working underground to throw
out the Military dictatorhip regime
in Fiji today? So heres my advised
to you and all Australians,don't
take any Government post in Fiji
until we're back in electing our
own Government!!!

Fijiwala said...

Greg Bullard

have been trying to send you E-mail with no success. You have my E-mail address so please do write to me. I am the car fellow from West and am back at home abroad. Hope you remember me.

Bound for Jericho said...

Jone, i believe the Dakuwaqa statement you're referring to was when he said: The law societies of other Commonwealth countries should consider disbarring members who take up appointments in Fiji, and in any regime suspended from the Commonwealth, if they adjudge those members' actions prejudicial to the independent functioning of that nation's judiciary."

Excellent suggestion, I think.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Dakuwaqa. I always loved the way he made Graham Davis look like such a chump.

Masood said...

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