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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Question mark over Constitution after Ghai admission regime has interfered

THORN IN BAINIMARAMA'S SIDE: Fiji's last democratically elected prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, outside the Fiji High Court recently.

The Constitution process is in trouble but no sign from the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama that he wants to salvage it.

He has instead today told Fiji Village it's up to the Constitution chair Yash Ghai to decide for himself whether he wants to be part of the process.

Bainimarama has denied harassing the Kenyan constitutional expert saying Ghai needs to stop thinking it's his job to amend or repeal existing laws.

He says Ghai's job is to produce a Constitution and get it to the President: any public discussion on the draft will be done by the Constituent Assembly. 

Yash Ghai yesterday admitted in an interview with Radio Australia there has been 'massive interference' by the regime.

He also revealed he thought Bainimarama objected to the Commission appointing Jon Madraiwiwi as a consultant because Madraiwiwi supported former prime minister Laisenia Qarase at his mitigation hearing several months ago.

Ghai also said he was concerned at the regime's perverse decision to remove the provision that allows public consultation on the draft Constitution.

The constitution expert has taken cover but has left the big question of where the process goes to from here since his admission his team's four-month long work has been contaminated.

The United Peoples Party and the Fiji Trades Union Congress have meanwhile waded into the stoush.

FTUC national secretary Felix Anthony says the attacks on Ghai constitute blatant interference.

"FTUC calls on the Government to demonstrate its sincerity and commitment by not interfering in the work of the Commission to ensure a report that fairly reflects the will of the people of Fiji. The report must reflect the true aspirations and will of the people as Decrees 57 and 58 mandate the Commission.

"Of greater concern is the fact that Decree 58 empowers the Prime Minister to appoint a "Constituent Assembly". Having experienced and witnessed the behaviour of the Government in the review process and the Commission being treated with contempt, it is now becoming clear that the Assembly will simply be a rubber stamp, no more, no less.

"Yet we have witnessed how much faith has been placed by the International Community in this process and more so because the process was headed by Professor Ghai who is well regarded internationally.

"We call on the Government to repeal Decree 64 immediately and allow the Commission to perform its work unhindered. Any further instability created by the regime would invite more sanctions and cause grave hardship to the people of Fiji who are already suffering."

UPP leader Mick Beddoes says the decision to tinker with the decree shows the regime is incapable of governing in a free society without resorting to draconian measures.

And he says Bainimarama's outburst over Madraiwiwi was  orchestrated to allow the regime to remove the provision from the decree that allowed Fiji citizens to debate the draft.

Beddoes says Madraiwiwi's appointment as a consultant has nothing to do with the decree and it's clear the regime has realised from submissions against the question of immunity that it is not as popular as it thinks.


SEMI MEO said...

Even if Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi is an SDL supporter,..which he probably is, still Ratu Joni should be allowed to continue as consultant..it is no crime at all to tell us who is be paying for his keep in the Ghai troop.

Of course one day…one day we will all learn how much the Rear Admiral pays himself and his advisors..oh and while we are at it we better ask/ investigate all our former Prime Ministers privileges on shore and off shore, over the table and under the table ……
Have we forgotten how the populace’s grunting when few former Prime Ministers and some Cabinet Ministers during their reign used to receive favours …like brand new cars as spouse birthday gifts, prime real estate, even some famine favours…oh….even cost us a Bank….sorry , we have forgotten!

All we are saying…how can we in Fiji of all places under the Pacific sun expect a perfect constitution, perfect process and perfect Law guru to guarantee us one. Even before Aiyuz wore “sulu vakataga” and wed a Marama as alleged to hoodwink the ‘I Taukei” we were already an imperfect country of people!!

Now we demand perfection; instantly!! Hello…hello…any body there???

Seems all of us are tainted one way or the other and when we admit that..then let’s rebuild from the same level of humility…otherwise…the I Taukei will say they are supreme…the kaidia will claim they got all the paisa to control…the elite will claim they have the wisdom to determine our future…and the rest of us claim 800,000 different views on how to clean up our blooming mess…deep stinking mess..!

..let’s start form the right step of the ladder to reconciliation and redemption of our nation…yep..let’s do that, shall we?..we’re in the same team, right?..lets do that lets our grand kids will spit on our unmarked graves!

Fiji First said...

Sir looks very good. Looking forward to your return.

Coup 4.5 said...

Barack Obama told the American people "Don't boo, vote!"
The American people turned out in huge numbers to vote.
And the overwhelming majority voted Obama back as the President of the USA.
People - like Paul Kokoski of Canada - who wrote in to say Obama " did not deserve to be re-elected" (Letters Fiji Times 28/10)
please take note of what a truly popular leader looks like.
And leaders elsewhere who want to lead a nation democratically should learn from Obama's example.
Obtain the consent of the people by winning their hearts and minds in a free and fair election held under the country's constitution.
When the most powerful country on earth can do that no reason for third world banana republics not to.
Shame on tin pot dictators who hold power by force.
rajend naidu

Jagat Reddy said...

Rajen Gandu come and say that in fiji,you petticoat gandu.

Just Saying said...

Exactly. What does Ghai think should happen now that he has admitted what has been happening for months?

Anonymous said...

We should not ask what should Ghai do next but ask whether Frank will maintain his consistency and his promise for a people's government. Normally critical documents such as the Constitution is discussed and debated in parliment but in this case the process mapped by the regime is to go through the Constitution Assembly. Who are these people and how are they selected. It is a shame that Frank wants the discussion on the the Peoples Constitution to be done on his terms and not on the peoples terms.

Anonymous said...

Typical politics of Fiji. The jewel in the Pacific for two people. The Banana and his illegal and useless AG>
Tourists dont visit Fiji this is only way to get rid of the crooked Banana and his henchmen.
Why maintain the Fijian Army.
Why do the UN still use them?
Why why why.

Ki-Bau said...

Baini is hurting himself by doing all this. It looks like there will be no election.

Anonymous said...

Sa vinaka ni ratou sa veiliutaki tiko na Matanitu o Kubuna-meda raica sara mada se na yacoi vei. Vinaka Kubuna ni kauti keda tikoga yani vakamalua i vale ni p........

Sire said...

Bainimarama is the last one who should be lecturing other people on their jobs. The job of RFMF Commander is to defend Fiji, defend the Constitution, amd stay out of politics. What kind of job is HE doing? Flipping hypocrite!

Jone said...

Beddoes need to be seen but not herd. Just like GCC, he has outlived his usefulness date. Days of Mara and the gang is gone Mick. Wake up bro and just live your legacy. Oh sorry there is none.

Anonymous said...

I have just listened to Obama's victory speech.Can someone translate it into Fijian and ask Baini to listen to it three times a day after meals plz?--democracy in a diverse nation . I feel sorry for Ghai--having to deal with Hitler was never easy for intellectuals.Hitler believed in guns not logic and good sense.

Anonymous said...

Why is the ponga poet Dr Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None- Done sient? Can he not supprt Ghai?--the coward must be cowering in Meigunyah under a mango tree protected by his nephews .

Anonymous said...

We the people of Fiji were already doing what you are advocating.
Its called Democracy.
In the past, each of the 800,000 with our own different opinions would choose to vote whichever person we liked.
If someone was dealing under the table, we voted them out.
We did this at every election.
But the Army came and took it away from us.
You shouldn't be trying to educate us. You should educate the Army and its stupid leaders.

There is nothing new in what you are saying. We were already doing it.
Why try and re-invent the wheel?

The problem is not "the people". The problem is the Fijian Army.
May be you should go and preach to the Army, because they don't seem to know what the definition of "PROTECTING democracy" is.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

VB publish how much you and your Ministers have been paid since 2006and your Mataivalu Ni Solisona also.

If not shut the fuck up you dickhead as you will never win a free and fair election.

Without your guns you and your Mataivalu ni Solisona will be history today.

Maybe maybe Obhama should make an example of you and your Mataivalu Ni Solisona and restore democracy and freedom to the long suffering people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

"it's up to the Constitution chair Yash Ghai to decide for himself whether he wants to be part of the process"

Is this a threat - behave or else!?

Anonymous said...

Anon nov 8 @6.56 am

Your last paragraph for obama to make an example of voreqe and the army, why. Obama is trying his best to solve the syrian crisis through diplomacy and you want him to vaporise the fiji army. The fiji crisis is a mickey mouse issue to the US and there is no oil here amigo. You think the US would want to waste a million dollar hardware on some army still armed with .303

If Voreqe had been a threat to US interests here the CIA would have taken him out a long time ago.

Ratunaca said...

Actions speaks louder than words....still the circus continues...OH MY BELOVED VITI!

Anonymous said...

ni vana i rau mada na boci qori meda bula na kai viti

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sa vinaka ni ratou sa veiliutaki tiko na Matanitu o Kubuna-meda raica sara mada se na yacoi vei. Vinaka Kubuna ni kauti keda tikoga yani vakamalua i vale ni p........

November 7, 2012 9:03 PM

Sega nio Kubuna e veiliutaki tiko o ira na Sotia Tukai...Meda masu tiko ga...na Kalou ena qai vakarautaka edua sala meda bula kece kina na Luvena e Viti.

Anonymous said...

Barak Obama is an enemy of ISRAEL. He does not care about them like his predecessors. In 2 years time we will see that the US elected the wrong leader. He bought the votes through yameyame and vesumona. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Let's cut to the chase, shall we...the bottom line to all this to-ing and fro-ing is... NO ELECTIONS IN 2014...!!!

Kamlesh said...

Knock knock
Who's there?
I'm Semi
I'm Semi who?
I'm Semi literate.

PER said...

How stupid can Ghai be? Massive interference by the regime? Did he really believe a murderous, thieving dictator turns into a human rights activist supporting democratic change? You got to be kidding, professor. Take your consulting fee and go back under the stone you came from.

Ratunaca said...

@Anonymous said...November 8, 2012 9:37 AM: I really hate to admit it but I tend to agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Ghai shud bite the bullet. He has seen now that Bai is an inteferer. What else is this so-called constitutional guru doing, he shud desert the process because it has been heavily compromised. What's holding him back.. must be money

pat said...

If that STORY is TRUE, then I want this to end. All this commission thingy to be thrown OUT. BUT WE NEED A NEW CONSTITUTION. NO matter what because in the current moment we have no CONSTITUTION. Just amend some or most of the 1997 constitution. Hearing that NOT many people were consulted for the 1997 constitution compared to this one. Why don't we form a new team and compile the thousands' of submission into one GREAT constitution without interference from ANYONE, even OUTSIDE Source.
We need GREAT PEOPLE like Ratu Joni, Jon Apted, former CJ (Mr. Fatiaki), some of our great Minds to LEAD this Commission for our Constitution. Why don't we hold hands and lead this to happen? Wake up FIJI.

tattifala said...

In the Fiji Times of today 8/11 under ' Constitution dilemma' we are informed " the period for the public to access the draft constitution before it is put to parliament has been reduced to one week".
Well, not a surprise, is it?
I mean let's face it this whole constitution "process" was a phony thing from the very outset. It was never about the public of Fiji, was it? It was not about giving the people of Fiji a better system of democratic governance, was it?
There really was no need for a brand new constitution, was there?
This constitution making thing had one ulterior motive only : to give the illegal powerholders in Fiji an air of legitimacy and respectability - especially for the international mob. The regime does not give two hoots to what the people of fiji thinks or wants.
It'a all about what they - the usurpers - want. Let's get that clear

rajen gandu naidu said...

you will discover the last two sentences in my piece on obama's re-election victory (above) got lost in transit from sydney to the Fiji Sun editorial desk in the letter titled 'American election' (FS 8/11)
I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Valataka na Dina November 8, 2012 1:38 AM..

Really…really..really?? … have “…people of Fiji were already “…voting out “ those dealing under the table” in “ every election” ???...really??

Yours truly, then as a fit handsome young man was on the campaign trail in 1982 under the Indian dominated NFP first hand experiences proved otherwise…..nearly all cogs of the Methodist Church machinery and Vanua Institution were …uh….”faithfully” geared towards campaigning to return the glorious Alliance party back to power!!...I am not going to mention incongruous dealings, not yet revisited by any legal or moral referee and common knowledge to many patriots .…I say no more as probable defamation actions or tinted glass car may start to park near my home…uh..want to be around to see my grandson graduate from Uni in 2020!

Now…where did we go wrong…let me see…mmmm…oh..can you tell me, please?

We say…offer absolute amnesty and immunity to all “political” prisoners and those convicted with criminal acts circumstantial to the Coups or political motivation!!...of course with appropriate compensation arrangement for precious lives demised and properties lost…on a case by case basis work out possible restitution

We say progressively release from Prison Mr. George Speight & Co, Mr. Mahendra Motibhai & Co, Mr Qarase …all CRW soldiers (if any still incarcerated), total and absolute amnesty and immunity to the Rear Admiral and his cohorts…and of course appropriate restitution and compensation to those ravaged and wronged
And the preamble of the proposed “absolute amnesty and immunity” may also retrospectively rope in the ills the few surviving PM/MPs of previous Governments

Then reinstate the death penalty to be meted out to any culprit who wanna cook up or execute a blooming Coup ever again!..oh….we believe a US state/Indonesia/Malaysia who may approve use of their gallows /electric chair…just that costly to maintain our own and we’re too small a populace for a fulltime hangman…

Well by now…all these theologians and human rights guru may have their mouth open in approval or disgust…whatever the case…just gurgle a sip of Fiji water and think again!..and let us know if you have a better solution to stop the rot and the …uh…circus!

Q and A said...

Damage is already done mostly by Frank but also by Ghai. What was he hoping to achieve b y revealing the extent of the regime's interference? In doing what he has he must surely be prepared to walk away or consider bypassing the government altogether and handing the Constitution directly to the people. But what would we do with it?

Ki-Bau. said...

Baini has cut his own foot. He has lost his face once again with the International Community and The People of Fiji. Election- What Election for another couple of years?

Aussie Cobber said...

Fiji leader slams constitution consultant

FIJI'S military strongman Voreqe Bainimarama has accused the academic charged with drafting the Pacific nation's new constitution of "hijacking" the reform process and overstepping his role.

But Bainimarama, who seized power in a 2006 coup, denied harassing Constitutional Commission chairman Yash Ghai and called on the Kenyan scholar to consider his future as the country prepares for elections in 2014.

"No one person is more important than the task of producing a constitution for the Fijian people," he said.

"Yash Ghai can decide for himself whether he wants to be a part of this process," he added in a statement issued late Tuesday.

Bainimarama was responding to an interview Ghai gave to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday, in which he complained the regime had backed away from a commitment to public consultation on his constitutional blueprint.
Digital Pass $1 for first 28 Days

Ghai, a legal expert who has previously helped frame constitutions in Kenya and Nepal, also accused Bainimarama of undermining his independence.

"There has been massive interference," he said. "Now I get emails from the PM (Bainimarama) to do this or not to do that, and this is a kind of harassment."

Ghai has a reputation for fiercely protecting his autonomy. He resigned as the US special envoy on human rights to Cambodia in 2008 after a war of words with Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Bainimarama dismissed the harassment allegation as "totally without foundation" and said Ghai's role was to produce a draft constitution for the government, not to dictate what public consultations subsequently took place.

"It is not for the commission chairman to hijack the constituent assembly process," he said. "Professor Ghai seems to fundamentally misunderstand the process."

Fiji is preparing a new constitution after experiencing four coups since 1987, largely stemming from tensions between indigenous Fijians and ethnic Indians descended from labourers brought in by the British in the colonial era.

Bainimarama tore up Fiji's previous constitution and replaced all judges with hand-picked officials in 2009, after a court ruled his coup was illegal.

He has said the new constitution would enshrine principles such as one-person-one-vote, an independent judiciary and transparent governance, as well as concentrating on establishing a secular, corruption-free state.

The military leader appointed Ghai earlier this year, hailing him at the time as an "internationally renowned constitution and human rights expert".

But the pair have clashed on a number of occasions. Ghai called on the regime in August to allow greater freedom of speech and assembly ahead of the 2014 elections, prompting Bainimarama to tell him to stay out of politics.

Peace Love said...

It seems Joni Madraiwiwi tried to do the right thing by resigning, gave a resignation letter only to realise his contract had expired anyway. Good on him though for taking the step and saying he knew the focus on him was 'detracting' from the Constitution's work.

tattifala said...

Can anyone who is well versed in these constitutional matters tell me if the Honourable Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama is guilty of "overstepping his role" when he took over the government of fiji by staging the 2006 military coup when he was the Commander of the Fiji Army?
Now of course as a diktator he is many other things besides being the
army commander. so there is no issue regarding his present role of course.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.03pm. The Kubuna Conf did not appoint Bai as a PM.. please kindly mind what u jot down on this forum. It has nothing to do with the Kubuna Conf this is purely him and himself..

Anonymous said...

Quote by VB ""It is not for the commission chairman to hijack the constituent assembly process,Professor Ghai seems to fundamentally misunderstand the process."

Who decided this process - surely not an unelected soldier boy!

Tom Ricketts said...

Semi Meow has well and truly hijacked and bullied his way into this blog. We should rename this blog ...CoupMeow. Sick and tired of reading his mindless crap. Lets hear other people's view for a change. Or start your own. we know it failed to take off two years ago becos people saw thru your shallow substance lacking shit. Time to go and sit down.

Kubir Nand said...

Thakur Ranjit Singh,
Auckland, New Zealand

[Thakur Ranjit Singh is a Fijian-born, Auckland-based media commentator and journalist who has been slated by Indian leadership in Auckland for comments about India. This Diwali message he says is meant to shower light on darkness existing in India. His Communications, Public Relations and Event Management business website is: www.mediarelations.co.nz.]

I wish a happy and prosperous Diwali to all my readers, and let us begin with some prayers common for Hindus during Diwali:
Asato maa sad-gamaya, Tamaso maa jyotir-gamaya; Mrityor-maa-mritan gamaya, Om shaantih shaantih shaantih.
Lead us from Untruth to Truth, from Darkness to Light, from Death to Immortality. Om peace, peace, peace
Sarve bhavantu sukhinah sarve santu nirAmayAh sarve bhadrANi pashyantu mA kaScit dukha bhAg-bhavet
Let all be happy. Let all be free from disease. Let all see the Truth. May no one experience suffering.
This Diwali message comes with sincerity from the heart of a media commentator, a political analyst and a journalist who has recently been at the receiving end for speaking bitter truth about Bharat Mata – Mother India.
I picked on these prayers, because like Hinduism, our prayers are rooted in TRUTH.
RANGIT SINGH-Fiji Indian Leader in Auckland.

Anonymous said...

Rt Joni's loosing it. He cant even remember his contract expiry date. Another mistake in addition to appearing in the Bau delegation with super dad Rt Apenisa!!!

Raku Da said...

Who appointed Thakur Singh to lead Fiji Indians in NZ.

To me Rakuda's leadership skills is just like an old Indian shop keeper in Turaki.

He does not have the quality and even the look you can easily tell this guy is the Junglee plucked out from the Jungle of India.

Anonymous said...

Tau Semi Meo........why former PM to be investigated....ex PM were democratically elected and every dollar they received is transparent whereas your rear admirals thief is not !o vela!!! ……The bank robberies are been dealt with by the court and any accusation from a Daurairai like you is now all toilet paper???how can you justify Voreqes back pay.....Fiji was indeed imperfect and no other country in the world is perfect but they are free and not living in a country where you are told what to do...thats the diffrence...you tell us how a perfect leadership works...na demu se toka la qo mai cara mada..... the best recocilliation and which is cheap just down the road...throw all of them there...NABORO.and free all the prisoners.....oilei..if they can throw a legal PM there why Voreqe have to walk free????where is the fairness here.....the last one thats walking free on

Anonymous said...

Semi, what have you got against SDL?

Anonymous said...

Someone is really worried that no one is going to vote foe them.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Tom Ricketts..Oh..we are indeed flattered to be visited by Cyber royalty like you… why bother reading my 2 cents piece?..what?...it tickles a hidden never in yah?...my name is Meo..be careful or you’re be meowing like a alley cat for a very long time!..my advise?..let me be..and may be tell us what is your royal solution to Fiji’s blight..what you’re a foreigner and don’t care?...opps sorry, I asked?...kai ya na qala?...but I give you permission to read the rest of this post....go on!

@faceless prisoner of his own fear of November 8, 2012 6:47 PM...
Well…since your eagle eyes to spot “da” has unearthed what is alleged to be mine…then…soap it up!...uh…wear a glove or you’ll be “methanelly” sorry!

But, as I begged from cyber mates earlier, if you abhor my suggestion than…” tell us your practical, realist, achievable and workable solution that THIS generation could witness to produce favorable results so we could then return to be the way the world should be!…tell us then!

SDL supporter of November 8, 2012 6:49 PM…..nothing!...as I may vote for SDL in 2014. Now SDL may not be too extreme racist party any longer and they have recently pledge to represent ALL Fijians…that , we like! Will the reborn SDL mean Socialist Democrats Labour Party?..Standing for inclusiveness, Democratic liberty and human rights of all who bring home the bacon..well…rice and kasera??..Who knows the Rear Admiral might contest for an office bearer beforethe 2014??...who knows!

Anonymous said...

All of Fiji & the world know that Bai & Epeli are sons of Kubuna whether they are elected or not is beside the point They are showing all the characters of Kubuna wanna be chiefs/thieves-always SUGURAKI THEMSELVES..READ your history!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meow AKA Fence sitter/rider trying to get free trip on the tax payers expense just like his pal Crozbie Walsh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thakura Runjeet Singha is a bafoon--a coup aplogist/supporter.He the laughing stock of the Indian intelligensia in NZ.He likes to see his picture evrywhere.The ex DAV ba boy has not changed.He used to bullshit in the 1970s--still does.Writes bullshit about Rarawai,Fiji--women glued to TV . What nonsense.Aap kiyon jhoot bolte ho ? hum Fiji me pagal nahin hai .

Anonymous said...

Joker says..

Fiji "Diwali is approaching" lets all pray to the God of lights AG included so he and his leader Frank and understand what is real light.

We have had enough sick and tired of Franks bull-shit, cakacaka vakabuto-buto, yet accussing others of the same.

This Rama festival should be a festival of rarama.

By the way drove by on Sukuna road, interesting to clear my curiosity. Former USA Ambassador house in the corner (Marou Road/Sukuna Road) is on Sale.

Drpve pass and had a few kava bowls with friends in Nasese - OH my GoSH......I hear that same house has been sold.

And the new owner of the $1.4 million home belongs to Mary Bainimarama.

You see Frank, you have buld your family wealth from this bloody coup, where did you get your monies from....

Your children has suddenly become propeerties and executive job holdders as well - no swet man.

Anyway my point after really is - my intel army guys at the Suva market tells me that .....
Surely NO ElECTION in 2014. No surprises here anyway. That box was ticked already.

NZ & Australia is being fooled again by our Banana republic self appointed PM.....

Anonymous said...

Semi-Yes...Now I know ...You have all the time to blog.
Do something useful please.

Kavi said...

Thakur Ranjit Singh might be 'slated by Indian leadership in Auckland for comments about India', but he's slated for buturaki by Indian leadership in Suva for his comments about Fiji.

Anonymous said...

You all have to understand that Yash Ghai or SDL or NGO's or Political Parties or unionists are not in charge if the country. THE RFMF IS IN CHARGE OF THE COUNTRY AND THEY CALL THE SHOTS.

The Oracle said...

JUST ONE COMMENT: While I applaud the Electronic Voter Registration process, I ask the question... with the millions of dollars that went into it, how is it that there are up to 1000 irregularities and one peron got to register up to 10 times (albeit taking the time to dress differently on each ocasion!!)? With modern technology, all registrations for a day should be downloaded to a common Server and then re-issued the next morning to all computers at registration centres. This way, the system picks up someone who attempts to register more than once (That's what the photo and finger print images are for). So, for all intents and purposes, it appears Khaiyum's fail-proof, transparent, election process has already begun to run into a snag - despite the millions invested in it. Now he wants to count votes at remote polling stations - where's the TRANSPARENCY??? The only thing clearly transparent about Khaiyum is his bungling.

SEMI MEO said...

Coward of November 8, 2012 8:55 PM.Ratu Crozbie Walsh is a brilliant and widely respected journalist. Commenting on Fiji issues like he does is no cardinal sin at all! I am no jorno, though have worked or involved in Media in Fiji/NZ/Aust, I sometime am compelled to “commentate”…simply putting it as it is!...like or not!...didn’t you know there are myriad of political ideological fences crisscrossing Fiji’s political landscape?...even you may not know which side you’re fence in to!

SEMI MEO said...

Coward of November 8, 2012 11:42 PM….you new in the cyber sphere?..sorry..email advise blimps on PC/LT screen 24/7 and some may warrant reply..others in the bin…

..though, I will take your advise to do something useful…mmmm…march from Flee market to Government Buildings demanding Rear Admiral return to the barracks??...I’ll march with you!..it is ok you could disguise yourself as a wheelbarrow boy..I pay for the barrow..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:58, if you really think Semi Meow is funny and articulate, then you're a moron. You should either check yourself into St. Giles or buy yourself a oneway ticket to Brisbane, where you can hang out with Semi in one of his lavatory stalls.

tattifala said...

You say :
"You all have to understand that Yash Ghai or SDL or NGOs or Political Parties or unionists are not in charge of the country.
We understand that all too well. And we understand the harm that is doing to the country. The RFMF is calling the shots but they can't hide the FACT that the country is getting fucked as a result.
Anonymous please tell us how long do you think the RFMF will continue to call the shots?
Not forever are they?
In Argentina they are still rounding up the military mob who were calling the shots in that country during the rule of the military junta in the 1970s.
Now that's something for you to understand and reflect upon !

Anonymous said...

Pls i want to know why the police force keeps changing they uniforms from one pattern to the other n ontop of that diffent colours of police uniforms around OMG are they doing sthing useful for us ...nothing at all better if ADT to take over from them.

Anonymous said...

Pls i want to know why the police force keeps changing they uniforms from one pattern to another n on top of that diffent colours of police uniforms around OMG are they doing sthing useful for us? ...nothing at all better if ADT to take over from them.

Enosi Labalaba-Ltka said...

Scrap metal seized

A scrap metal company’s shipment was seized by the authorities in Lautoka on Wednesday.The company stole metal from FSC,PWD,Fisheries Yard,Telecom,FEA and few other Govt and Corporate Bodies. The company director was heavily involved in bribing senior officers. Company boss known as Iqbal Janif has been taken in for questioning as possible be charged in due course.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo useless blogger, why did you run away from Fiji? This question has been asked many times before yet you keep dodging it. Come on old fella, answer the question.

Anonymous said...

@The Oracle
November 9, 2012 8:31 AM

You make a valid comment and it's very dissapointing that no one seems to have explained to the public how the 1000 irregularites happened.

Whilst we have had a laugh about the one guy changing his shirt ten times you would have thought that once his picture and fingerprints are in the system a duplication should be impossible. Surely one of the main functions is to stop duplication by auto recognition ?

Also what caused the other 990 duplicates or errors ?

Whilst we all know systems have teething problems would it not be a good idea to explain to the public in more detail what happened and why to at least try and give some confidence and balance.

I suspect some believe we are all dumb or wish we were.

Where are the journalists in Fiji, they run stories in the papers without thinking to ask, investigate and report on such an obvious question ?

Tom Ricketts said...

yeah Semi Meow... why did you abscond from your beloved Fiji? With so much love and interest in Fiji, why don't you bite the bullet and go back and do something constructive. Blogging doesn't count especially when its so trivial the crap you dish out. Put your money where your big mouth is, do it old fella. What you got to lose except your medicare benefits.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meow, how does getting shot in the back whilst fleeing pell-mell from his position ahead of his troop make Rokoura some kind of hero?

The Heckler said...

Said Bainimarama: "It is not for the commission chairman to hijack the constituent assembly process."

A moment later he added: "That's MY job!"

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, you keep referring to 'we'. Who is sharing the toilet with you in the mall?

V for Vendetta said...

Semi Meo, I have a better idea. Let's first release all of the political prisoners -- Qarase, Patel, the CRW guys, Speight -- and then reinstate the death penalty. No absolute pardon or immunity to Baini and his boys. No immunity for treason, whatsoever, whoever or whenever.

Given what they've done and continue to do, their only option now should be whether they prefer to be hanged with a blindfold or without.

Timoci said...

Mere, there's more to it than that. Just look where we're at now. Bainimarama is poised to give Yash Ghai his walking papers.

What your boyfriend Dakuwaqa always called the (un)constitutional dia/monologue is now proven to be precisely that, an unconstitutional monologue -- a process controlled entirely by Bainimarama, with people handpicked by Bainimarama to rewrite and approve for Fiji's 'constitution' whatever Bainimarama wants it to say, without public comment, review or ratification.

I think Pat actually has a pretty good idea this time. Ghai should follow The Oracle's advice, by keeping his head down and seeing the process through to its ludicrous conclusion. When Bainimarama inevitably rejects the steps necessary to legitimise the process and gives Ghai the boot, Ghai should share all of the submissions with Rt. Joni, Apted, Fatiaki, Naidu, and other credible people and come up with a new draft constitution that will be ready off the shelf when we arrest or kill Bainimarama.

tattifala said...

@ Timoci
no killing Bainimarama
no killings at all
the democratic opposition must ALWAYS uphold democratic values and norms.
those guilty of illegal and criminal conduct must face justice under the due process of the law.

SEMI MEO said...

Toilet cleaner of November 9, 2012 3:33 PM…oh…you pervert, can’t you go to the toilet alone?...your fat carcase gives no chance to others to use the urinal..

We the 99.9% of Fiji Citizens are tired of this long drawn circus and eager for imminent elections in 2012..Ghai or no Ghai, Aiyuz or no Aiyuz, Bainimarama or no Bainimarama”…our return to democratic rule in our life time is bigger than any of them or any nameless sanitary expert lurking in this highly esteemed column!

SEMI MEO said...

V for Vendetta of November 9, 2012 3:34 PM…mate, we now see that you are indeed a scholar and a brilliant strategist…of course we fully agree…” release all of the political prisoners -- Qarase, Patel, the CRW guys, Speight..”

Now, plan to articulate precision the second and third phases of your very brilliant proposal….phew!..he is a son of Einstein, this Mr. V.

Anonymous said...

That Ghai should start ferreting away all dialogue between him a Bainimarama that can be used against regime in a later date.

Anonymous said...

This article has prisoner Garase's picture yet no one wants to comment about him!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will comment. I have known Lai Qarase for 36 years. He is a gentleman who is concerned about his own race BUT NOT a nationalist. His background as a development banker is just what Fiji needs.

Nameless Cyber Bully said...

Meo, you've got the biggest mouth and the smallest brain on this blog. Are you in the right place?

You say 99.9 percent of Fijians are tired of the circus, which is probably true, but who are the hell are you to say that we're all waiting for elections in 2014? Where's your proof?

You're a friggin idiot if you believe that. If 2014 brings elections at all, they'll be meaningless, just like your rambling postings.

SEMI MEO said...

@Tis good, come 2014 all us 99.9% patriots will vote whosoever we will to lead...uh..not the .1% "Nameless Cyber Bully" who of course will be floating in the cyber sphere of nothingness while we Citizens move on....

..phew!...elections are like sieves of democracy process…in time successive parliaments repeals legislation progressively until the vague becomes clearer toward moulding a constitution and political frame work that will then be inclusive and near acceptable to all..

…mmm..…say, Zimbabwe for an example…did they start with a pathway to democratic process with a constitution, political system and environment the opposition leaders and international community ticked?...no necessarily!...years on, what is happening now?..oh….fierce rivals are now leading the nation together!

Do we have hope in the system and a blooming piece of paper?...may be!...but our well placed hopes are in each other!...that spirit or intuitive kindreship, though challenged but given time..shall heal and point sembracing each other…after all, we are in the same zimbabwean team….uh…Fiji Team!!

Mukesh said...

Rot in jail you bastard Garase, because of you whole nation is suffering. Hopefully, by going to jail some of your sin is pardon, but definitely you will be in Hell , you bastard.

Constitutionalist said...

In retrospect, maybe it would have been better if all had refused to give submissions to the Ghai Commission. It had no standing whatsoever. It deserved no submissions. The whole thing just the latest in a long series of misdirections and betrayals by Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Mukesh, check your DNA because by the sounds of it, your father is a monkey. I invite you to visit Qarase when his family are there, and say that to his face in front of his family. It's assholes like you who need to be taught a few lessons. Perhaps you're one of the people who are used by the military for ass probing exercises. You piece of shit.

Coup 4.5 said...

Latest statement from SDL on the shambles over the Constitution talks.

Independence and Integrity of the Yash Ghai's Constitutional Commission.

The people of Fiji have responded to the Constitution Commission in a manner almost unparalleled to any previous appointed body in recent history.Part of this is due to the the popularity of Professor Ghai, and the recognition of his professionalism and his qualifications in the field of constitutional making, and constitutional law.

The people of Fiji see this Commission as the best way forward in the political dead end Fiji has been in since 2006. It is unfortunate that he has been constrained by unnecessary hassles which will not help his work.

Constitutional discussions of critical issues are important in the process of constitutional making especially in a situation where there have been censorship and restrictions in the freedom of the people to meet openly, and discuss constitutional and other issues of concern to them.

Short of having a Parliament, Constituent Assemblies that truly represent the views of the people are the best alternative forums to discuss recommendations of a Constitutional Commission.

The Constitutional Assembly of the type envisaged in Fiji as outlined in its relevant Decree falls far short of that. It is most likely to be stacked in favour of the Regime and against the interests of the people.

This is why it is important that Yash Ghai and his Commission should be given all the support from the people and especially the Regime to complete its work.

The whole International Community is keenly watching what is taking place in Fiji and the whole credibility of the outcome of the Commission’s work will depend on the full and uninterrupted insolvent of Yash Ghai’s Commission in its task.

We therefore appeal to the good sense of the Military Regime to allow the Yash Ghai Commission to do its work in accordance with their oath of office if Fiji is to return to full constitutional democracy.

Anonymous said...

'Full and uninterrupted insolvent'? What the heck does that mean?

Nameless Cyber Bully said...

Semi Meo, Zimbabwe is hardly a model for democratic development. That's one of the last places to which Fijians should turn for inspiration.

Meo, you talk a lot of crap, and half of what you say contradicts the other half.

Tell you what I'll do. You're always issuing challenges. Well, here's my challenge to you. If Bainimarama allows your 99.9 percent of Fijians to have free and fair elections in 2014, then I'll go away and quit blogging. You'll be rid of me. But if, on the other hand, Bainimarama does NOT hold free and fair elections in 2014, then you’ll shut the eff up from now on and stop blogging here.


Timoci said...

What masipolo nonsense is this now from the SDL?

The popularity of Yash Ghai? Recognition of his professionalism?

Doen't you mean our indignation over the role illegally accorded to Ghai and our recognition of his mercenary opportunism?

This Commission as the best way forward?

How is giving credence to the work of a commission handpicked by Bainimarama with no legal standing whatsoever a better way forward than following Fiji's Constitution and the lawful ruling of the High Court?

Full and uninterrupted insolvent? If the whole credibility of the Commission's work hangs on that, then that must be a polite term for wet toilet paper.

Appealing to the good sense of the military regime? That's the silliest statement of all.

What the hell is happening to the SDL? This was Fiji's leading party when its government was toppled through treason, and yet THIS is its approach?

Stop playing along with the Commodore's game, you idiots! Go abroad. Bring back money, guns and lawyers. Stop kowtowing and start mobilising patriotic Fijians, the unions, the vanua, the lotu, and international opinion to fight for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Quote; " Jone said...

Beddoes need to be seen but not herd. Just like GCC, he has outlived his usefulness date. Days of Mara and the gang is gone Mick."

If Jone was 1% of the stateman that Beddoes is it would be a miracle. Mick calls a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

You are already dead guy.
There are already signs of dark hole in your lungs and please drink some fresh water and go to the toilet and prepare for the final.
The toilet is the only right place for people like you because you heart is full of hatred, and fear and yalo ca.

You have the mind of the devil and please you need to change.

Monkey love child said...

@ Mukesh
Are you Mahatma Ghandi's love child with a monkey?

Mukesh said...

What makes you happy you are welcome to say to me, but it seems that the critics of me are Fijian, the Cowards. If you guys have little pride in being Fijian go and overpower your Bainimarama who is destroying your identity.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Beddoes,he's a
Vasu and i'll vote him in comes 2014? He could be the best PM of
all time in future Fiji? Further
more, Qarase is truely a first class Fijian Nationalist-nothing
wrong with that too? If you want
to get rid or shoot someone, these are
the names:
5=all soldiers
6=all police members
7=all naval members

Anonymous said...

What's the matter with you, Semi Meo? Afraid of the challenge from Nameless Cyber Bully at 9:13 AM? You normally have so much to say...

Anonymous said...

People have been deceived at the highest degree to believe that the regime has made tremendous improvement on our daily lives.


The quickest way to measure the well-being of any society is very simple....

Go to all the rubbish dumping sites all over the municipals in Fiji.

The number of people has almost triple which is sure sign that POVERTY HAS INCREASED THREE TIMES IN THIS COUNTRY.

Well done Bai and gang.

On the same note as it is always true under dictatorship relatives and cronies of the inner circle of the Dictator will always thrive.

Mary Bainmarama has recently purchased a $1.4Million property in Suva.
Her daughter also purchased noe property at Namadi Hights.

Please keep this on the record so that these properties can be repossessed by the state in future.

Kemuni na Sotia o ni supporter tiko nei Bai ni bau yadra ka raica na veivakalolomataki sa yaco tiko.

Semi Meo o se support taki Bai tikoga?

Nameless Cyber Bully said...

Semi Meo, stop hiding. Come out and play. Either accept my challenge of 9:13 AM or concede now, in order to avoid wasting everyone's time.

SEMI MEO said...

…now to answer the 50 cents question… why did you abscond from Fiji?...I had to hold my grand son back from tracing his IP address…I told him…son, just look for his daughters contact….lol…lol…
Oh..yawn….the question?…have been travelling overseas since 1981..ages before your blooming Coup culture…..may be the same time mucus was liberally flowing down your royal nostril in primary school…
3 passports after, and after looking in the mirror I decided Sunny Queensland was to be my temporary home, close my to my children to my grandson.
Have been back to Fiji many time since, I am still a Fiji Citizen (unlike some I Taukei who’ve sold out their Fiji Citizenship), am still in the VKB, still cough, laugh and ….uh…phat in Fijian!
Just recently I was in Fiji, visited Prisons, attend Methodist Church, Pentecostal Church, slept in living room floor in Raiwai tabarua and slept in 5 star Fijian hotel etc, sat at the 3 markets and talanoa with farmers, met 3 Cabinet Ministers for a cuppa, permanent secretaries, senior civil servants, Lawyers, waiting inline at some Government services..had nagona in piala with some kaidia friends,taralala in Fijian grog party…oh…went into FMF HQ to prove a dare I made to a mate..lol..lol…these were all done after I blustered the intent of the Coups…did I go in fear…may be…but, hey…I die, I go quicker to heaven…I live..well..I keep taunting you until you call..oile Na!..
..do I fear coming back to Fiji…well, who fears coming back home?...better to be buried on Fijian soil then foreign cabbage patch….
You wanna meet me in Suva…tell me when!...I’ll take a photo and post it on this esteemed column to prove that 99.99% Fijian still mean what we say and say what we mean!..are you one of us??????now your turn to answer our easy question..

Nameless Cyber Bully said...

It's now been five and a half days since I issued to Semi Meo my simple challenge. See November 11, 2012 9:13 AM above.

Check it out, the guy is STILL ducking me.

Now you see he's all talk. He doesn't even believe his own rhetoric, so why should we?

Anonymous said...

Mukesh@7:45pm...You wanna know what
&why i'm so happy? We'll first and foremost,
a Fijian Nationalist is
still in power?
Look here buddy,no
need to call us names and in your next breath,
you asked for help in
taking out our own family-Bai?
buddy, let me offer you my middle fingure,
if you want Bai out than you go ahead and do it yourself ?
Cause we're not doing your dirty job for you,
against our brother?
you want to hate some asseole, i suggest you look real close, inside your
Indo community?
The one that comes to mind is Chodo,
he manipulate you and than robbed you blind?
I bet
you by 2014,
Bai will recalled the GCC and with a dozen Tabua & 50Kg Yaqona, ask for forgiveness.
The GCC will accept the appology,recalled parliament,allow Bai to run the IG till the next election-which of course will be
heavily won by Fijian?
No Indo will
be elected (what with 35% left)and
life in our Fiji,
will go on as usual? Actually, i'd rather you remain where you're at and please
don't come back to paradise. We have enough of your nicer brothers
whose willing to honour their contract and pay the rents
when rent is due?

Nameless Cyber Bully said...

It's been a full week now since I posed my challenge to Semi Meo. All should now recognise him for the blowhard he is.

The guy is full of himself, constantly using this 'esteemed column' as he calls it, to issue public challenges, obviously trying to position himself for a run at public office, even though he's not the least bit qualified.

Well, if Meo is the only alternative to Frank or Aiyaz, then I'll support him, even campaign for him. But nearly anyone else who contributes to this blog is more fit than he is.

Semi Meo wants us all to sit and wait till the free and fair elections in 2014. I say there won't be elections, or, if there are any, they certainly won't be fair.

If I'm wrong, I'll stop blogging on C4.5. But Meo first needs to agree now that if he's wrong, he will be the one who stops blogging.

All I'm asking Semi Meo to do is to back up his words. And you're all my witnesses how, for a week now, he's been dodging me.

Anonymous said...

You've been called out, Semi Meo. Stop running.

Don't be such a pussy, Meow.

Anonymous said...

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