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Sunday, November 11, 2012

British union's Fiji protest targets Twickenham rugby fans

TUC LEAFLET DROP: British rugby fans get the lowdown on Fiji 'island paradise'.

British rugby fans are getting a reality bite about the true situation in Fiji thanks to a major leaflet drop by TUC at Twickenham yesterday.

The umbrella union for 54 affiliated unions representing 6.2 million people, urged match goers to use social media to show their support for Fiji's 'repressed people and its regularly-intimidated trade union movement.'

Rugby-goers were asked to support the campaign for greater freedom for Fiji workers by tweeting #fairplayfiji to @FTUC1 (the Fijian TUC). 

The major leaflet campaign also called on rugby supporters to email the illegal attorney general to register their concern at the human rights abuses and to demand an end to draconian restrictions on freedom and human rights.

In a statement TUC says most see Fiji as a tropical island paradise, but the reality is that it's run by a military regime which has been suspended from the Commonwealth and reprimanded by the International Labour Organisation for 'widespread abuse of workers' rights'.

"The Fijian dictatorship controls almost every aspect of island life - it even appoints the team manager of its national sport. Rugby coach Aseri Rokorua is a Major in the military government and the Prime Minister's personal official.

"It is alleged that Major Rokorua has been behind violent attacks on trade union leaders and workers across the islands, threatening not just union activists but their families too. (see Coupfourpointfive's story this week called 'Fiji's sleeping bandas and rugby goons')

TUC says the Fijian economy is collapsing, 'with its people being driven into increasing poverty, yet the islands' population has virtually no means of speaking out.'

"There is no free press, the army has sacked independent judges and expelled an international human rights mission. Unions across the islands have been told they can only negotiate with employers if the police are also in the room."

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber says ironically while 'The military dictatorship is passionate about rugby - one of its senior officials is over here to manage the national team - but sadly the government is less enthusiastic about improving the lot of its people and restoring democracy to the islands.

'Meanwhile, as workers are becoming ever poorer, it is only the trade union movement which dares speak out, and for doing so its leaders and their families are living in fear of arrest and assault.'

The TUC plans to follow the Twickenham campaign with more leaflets when Fiji play Gloucester on Tuesday and Ireland A next weekend as it continues its tour of England, Ireland and Georgia.
Those rallies are expected to be outside Gloucester's Kingsholm Stadium and Limerick's Thomond Park.


Anonymous said...

You poor sorry sona levu stupid suckers. You need people overseas to fight your fight cause your too stupid to fight your own fights. What sort of kaiviti are you guys. Warriors....no wonder the Tongan's came close to taking over your country...

mark manning said...

There should also be a call for tourists to boycott Fiji as a Holiday destination.

Anonymous said...

Fiji team will lose all their games.

Tatti Maila Mohammed Ghar Khan said...

This Military Government has been here for 6 years and there is no end to it. It is high time that it has to go otherwise people will starve to death. The country is in ruins after six years of militarization. The poverty is rife and the standard of living has gone down,prices of things are very high,there is no jobs for people. The question is how to get rid of this muslim government.

Anonymous said...

General Petraeus, Director of the CIA and former Commander of the US Army in Afghanistan, resigned on Thursday because he committed adultery.

Rokoura tortured and sodomised unarmed civilians.
Will Rokoura do the honorable thing and resign from the Army and from FRU.
Or is he just another fijian soldier lowlife who does not know the meaning of "honour"?

-Valataka na Dina.

tattifala said...

even the rugby team manager is a military man. it can't be because bai said no one from the military is to gain from his coup.
but the word of a dictator can't be trusted, can it?
not this one for sure.
he's been caught lying from day one

Ratu Vore said...

Bai's word carries the same worth as a used toilet paper.

tattifala said...

sorry first things first.
I forgot to thank the British union people for the tremendously good work they have done by organising this protest action to educate and raise awareness amongst the rugby public of the oppressive military dictatorship under which the people of fiji are currently living.

Anonymous said...

Flying Fijians got their wings clipped by England. In fact thrashed 54-12. There is no honor in such a score because FF being led by dishonorable people. Everything is going to the dogs.

Coup 4.5 said...

We read in the Fiji Times (9/11) "PM warns profiteers".That's a warning the PM should give to himself and the fellow beneficiaries of his military coup.
I am sure as a broad minded person the PM does not mind me pointing this out.
As a democrat he is open to criticism I am
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

There is no room for politics in Sports..period. The England Rugby Union will not accept such actions to bring disrepute to their Sporting fraternity. Its a good build up to the 2015 world cup. A squad will 80% local players..its a good showing. Lets not bring politics into sports...there is a clear demarcation between the two bodies. What a shame for FTUC..very soon they will be protesting inside the church of England.

tattifala said...

can someone please post me a copy of this excellent protest pamplet which I can treasure in my anti- fiji military dictatorship archive

Anonymous said...

Everything the military touches turns to shit

Anonymous said...

they got completely knocked out from CEO rite to the water boy...valoloma

ben-to much taubale
veikoso - aimless throw
manu - time is over for him
apenisa - not that bad
nakarawa - to much individual
naikaini - good but to much give away panalty
ravulo - not good enough
Qera - sud shave
matawalu - running like a aimless chick
talebula - practise his kicks
votu - need to come up on defence-learne from cjane
sireli- too heavy - sud learn from conrad smith how to tackle
goneva - sud be on the wing
saimoni - aimless chick
konfireti - he thinks like he is playing in the koro --learn from dagg
nauereure - not bad
saulo - sud be given game time
somoca - sud put clue on his hands
kalou - lucky to score
ratuva - not bad
bola-too slow on delivery
ravai- masi polo to tuilagi
matavesi - sud play looseman now
male - no game plan
mocelutu - no qualification
satala - this is not the maroons team
aseri - fuck all
logistic - site seeing
doctor - qauri
water boy - not enough water supply

Anonymous said...

No room for politics in sports? Oh, really? Then why did Bainimarama harass Ratu Saki straight out of the country, put his own daughter on the sports commission, make Rokoura rugby team manager, etc.?

Anonymous said...


Thanks Rajen....whenever you say something that is worth every reading, many of us here in Fiji do the opposite....living in denial.

The REAL Profiters are the Military. Just look at Frank Bainimarama and his family. from zero to now woning a number of very expensive homes.
This was never possible when he was commander in the Navy and Army.

What we are seeing right before our eyes is Greed & Power and "lamu to go to Naboro" thats why they waht the immunity. So why not be man and have some real balls like George serving his life in prison. levu ga na vosa macawa and bull-shit.
vote buying big time and nepotism. Corruption highest we have see ince 1970 independence.

Corruption will thrive because these THUGS and MURDERS are not accountable to anyone accept to themselves.

Good luck there in Sydney Rajen, we will have to rough it out here in Fiji and suffer under Frank, Gates, Nazhaat Shameem, Shaista Shameem,Aiyaz Khaiyum, John Sami, Mahendra Chodo's coup.

Its just a metter of time now...hey rajen you're right, No election in 2014. again reason..."lamu sona fallas" no exit and will hold on to power for as long as they can.

We have already planted casssava as back up - chineses taking most of our space - illegal regime collecting black monies.

Oh, by they way, News last week, mary bainimarama bought former American Ambassador's house - $1.4million - profiter's man.

God Bless Fiji.

HIT LA said...

Rajen Gandu stop addressing a dictator/terrorist as PM. Prime Minister's are addressed as HON but this bastard is a horribly. Gandu stop legitimizing this SOB, the 4times FJC failure. And also to you gandu "stop putting butter on both sides of the bread" and learn to call spade a spade if not than you are unfit in this forum. sala tabetabe boci.

Anonymous said...

Who says sports and politics do not go together.

Are you out of you mind?

Bai is now a politician and the Fiji team should be banned from the IRB and world cup.

Na tour go e vakaoti lavo ga qai vakamadua.

We must learn from the Samoans and Tongans?
They get their intellegent people to take care of rugby.

In Fiji o ira ga na yavu No School.

E ra na lusi kece.

Anonymous said...

Common you guys can someone clip Rokouras ears........

Anonymous said...

At Tattifala

Good name. Smells like tatti what you spew.

Aust, Uk have no problem with the regime. UK even gave visa to the military guys including the manager. Why don't you protest againgst the UK Govt.

Anonymous said...

Rajen naidu

I hope u can say the samething if you come to fiji. Pls give details of your family members still residing in fiji.

Oh, it seems you will only rest when your good friend and uncle MPC is back in power as your son was working for him.

Stop barking and come to fiji if you got any balls.

Anonymous said...

The Unions should lobby the Olympics to ban Fiji 7s from Rio. That will make the army stand up and take note.

Anyway how come all of the army gang got visas to the UK, please lobby Her Majesty to deny visas to active army people as well as regime supporters like ANZ do now.

That will really hit them where they live. Rokoura is Tikoitoga's bum boy. He has sex with men, like Male and the other goons.

Fiji military dogs said...

Fiji military dogs should be banned from everything.

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 8.49 PM
Smells like the Truth.
And that's what you find unpalatable.
But you are not alone. You are in good company of like minded shitheads.

Anonymous said...

The TUC in the UK is despised by many as they see it's greedy leaders getting more and the paying members getting less. Where have you heard that before ?

The UK has it's own problems, benefits (free handouts) being slashed, pensions being slashed, food and fuel heavily increasing, low interest on savings and all the same problems as Fiji. It has a demotratic government but still you read as many complaints about it as you do here in Fiji.

Does anyone really believe that the citezens of the UK care about what is happening in Fiji ?

Fiji is a dot in the Pacific and there's nothing of any significance happening there greater than in any other thirld world country that is going to stir up the rest of the world.

Until you actually have problems there do not expect help from others, try sorting yourselves out.

Anonymous said...

Stop theatening Rajend Naidu, you coward anonymous.It's you who got no balls.---there's a big hole there and a bigger hole in your dumb head !!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous November 11, 2012 8:49 PM

Who do you think you are..threatening people which is a sign of defeat in itself.

Boci... you can only think about threat and instill fear on people.

We are not in Iran or China or North Korea.

Rajend has the freedom to express his right and whats wrong with that soldier boy.

Are you scared now because 1014 will be the year when justice will be served and treason to the regime.

Anonymous said...

Not so blessed Fiji team could be in for a winless tour.







Anonymous said...

TUC chief will receive £100,000 'golden goodbye' when he retires later this year - four times the average salary

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2202367/Brendan-Barber-TUC-chief-receive-100-000-golden-goodbye-retires-later-year.html#ixzz2BwiMBpfR
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Britain's leading trade unionist will scoop a 'golden goodbye' of more than £100,000 when he retires this year, the Daily Mail can reveal.
Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, will walk away with a windfall which is four times the average annual salary of a full-time worker.
The handout will enrage millions at a time when they are struggling to make ends meet, with many forced to make drastic cutbacks to cope with soaring bills.
Mr Barber, 61, who has spent 37 years at the TUC attacking the rich and campaigning for the rights of ordinary workers, was accused of 'gross hypocrisy' for accepting the handout.
The news comes just three days after he used his speech at the TUC annual conference in Brighton to warn that Britain had become a place of 'stratospheric inequality'.
He made a stealth attack on David Cameron's privileged background, talking about the country which exists beyond 'the boutiques of Notting Hill and the mansions of Kensington'.
Mr Barber's 'golden goodbye' is equivalent to one year's salary, which the TUC admitted yesterday is paid to all its general secretaries if they have completed 'satisfactory service'.
One senior union source said: 'The idea of a trade union feathering his nest with such a massive fat-cat payoff is just offensive.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2202367/Brendan-Barber-TUC-chief-receive-100-000-golden-goodbye-retires-later-year.html#ixzz2BwiBWYj9
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Anonymous said...

Mary Bainimarama bought that big beautiful house for 1.4million dollars? really?

Anonymous said...

What level of Edcation or business experience does the Chairman of FRU have ?

Anonymous said...

Nadi residents struggle to cope up with water cuts

Publish date/time: 12/11/2012 [07:11]

Print this page
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Residents living around Meiganiyah Nadi have been struggling to cope with water cuts every afternoon for the past three months.

A resident, Ajnesh Kumar said when they contact the Water Authority of Fiji, they are given the number of a contact person who they cannot get through to and when they do get someone to answer their queries, they are told that water is being rationed or they are filling up the reservoir.

Kumar said sometimes they do not get water in the morning and they have difficulties when it comes to cooking, washing and getting ready to go to work or school.

He added that more than a thousand people are affected in their area.

Questions have been sent to the Water Authority of Fiji.

Story by: Praneeta Prakash

Anonymous said...

Why do people say that Mary Bainimarama bought the U.S. Ambassador's residence? Wasn't it really the EU Ambassador's house on the corner opposite the U.S. Ambassador?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:52 AM

Perhaps more importantly is what level of education, business and rugby experience do YOU have to judge if his is suitable ?

Perhaps you can advise us what is suitable.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 9:52
Rugby Experience:
Yes Rokoura is very experienced in rugby. He has been watching the kids play pani in Nabua.
After Fiji got thrashed by England, his solution is for the boys to communicate better. WTF?
Business experience:
Yes he was the understudy to his boss. A very successful businessman ripping off the people of Fiji.Well versed in the art of stealing money at the point of a gun.
Level of Education:
Went to Duntroon but learnt fark all. Only learnt how to prod people's arse.

See the Chairman see the results. Need we say more.

Anonymous said...

What ever this Government does is not to perples satisfaction.There are scams after scams and till to date Bai has not been able to resolve them. The latest is one of the Permanent Secretaries was found molesting his staff. This PS is the favourite of the AG as both are Talibans. Mr Shaheen was trying to kiss one of his staff and he was caught by the tea lady at the ministry. The PS Public Service is aware and Bai must sack this guy it this regime wants credibility.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:24

Did i judge the Chairman in my question ? I merely asked what his qualifications are.

Its a perfectly valid question given that my taxes (and that of the people of Fiji who pay taxes) have been going into keeping the FRU afloat.

If i remember correctly, $4 million went to the failed RWC 2011campaign this Chairman presided over

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous 11Nov. 11.18PM
Thank you for telling the threat makers to stop threatening me.
I wonder what these people will do if they can't threaten people ? That's the only thing they can do. That is the way of the tyrants and their henchmen : to threaten people who oppose or question them with "lethal force".
You pity such men of arbitrary power over their fellow men because they are really men of very limited intellect even if they are educated and might even hold fancy degrees and titles.

Anonymous said...

Rocky should teach them the Vuya Road carata. That will have them right in no time !

Lack of communication let us down-Rokoura

Publish date/time: 11/11/2012 [12:16]

"Lack of communication in defence let us down"

Those were the comments of Flying Fijians team manager Aseri Rokoura after a humiliating loss to England 54-12 early this morning.

Speaking to Fijivillage Rokoura said that they have a lot to learn from the loss as this is the first time for some of the players to play together.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

England scored seven unanswered tries while Fiji only scored two to Nikola Matawalu and Sekonaia Kalou.

Meanwhile in other test matches this morning France and Argentina created the first upset of the November Test Series with France beating Australia 33-6 and Argentina defeated Wales 26-12.

Italy defeated Tonga 28-23.

Story by: Aliki Bia

Anonymous said...

Mr Shaheen Ali from the Ministry of Trade and Publuc Enterprise I think must resign to bring some credibility within the staff of the Public Service. Mr Pramesh Chand must work on this also and find out the facts.If this is true then Bai must be informed and have this guy investigated.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy. They not only want the money, power and glory that come with the positions these warped people also want to wet their undies with pleasures of the flesh. Like the PS above and main boy iarse. This is a common trait amongst most people holding positions of power who have loose morals. They are not there to serve the people but to get served by the people.

tattifala said...

Mr Parmess Chand and all the other lackeys are there only to bai and kai yom's biddings. they can't make any independent decisions to do ANYTHING because they have NO INDEPENDENCE to do anything.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:44 PM

Perhaps they get their guidance from some of the religious leaders in Fiji ?

SEMI MEO said...

This is one of the best Fiji Rugby team to leave our shores!!...local and overseas based players...brave sons of Fiji....and the officials are real professionals and seasoned Managers.

The team may have an audience with Her Majesty soon...and we're told, the Fiji teams popularity in England precedes them to schools, towns and communities

Let’s not be too worried about foreigners cursing in this highly esteemed column, some even pretend to be Rugby gurus but only play “buka” and “backyard mapolo” in their younger days.
Go Fiji

@The cursed looser of November 12, 2012 10:50AM….for your information there are over 200 praying Meo around…be warned!! We do not have to know your miserable name or the dark internet cafĂ© you hiding in or your IP ID…..we will hunt you down …uh….in the spirit world!!...the very foundation of your being will shake…knowing how dumb, am not surprised my warning will not be headed by you…hey…YOU CAN NOT HIDE!!...is this a threat?..if you see it that way, …so be it!!...doubt it?...then be my guest!...go on…make my day!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone inform us if the protest by TUC was a success???

Anonymous said...

TUC protest was a success. Fiji remains suspended from the Commonwealth and from EU grants and Development Cooperation Instrument under Cotonou.

Next stop the US GSP. Coming to a cinema near you this summer.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Semi. You gonna "hunt me down in the spirit world".
WTF is that!
Have you taken your medicine this morning or did you forget.
You are totally whacked out man!

So the Bible is teaching you to hunt people down in the spirit.
So this is what Jesus is teaching you.
What Bible you reading man?

You must be reading from satan's bible.
You must have the yalo velavela.

Semi, lako mada lai sili. O sa boidada valevu.
Iko sa out sara tu ga valevu.Sa velavela mai na ka o va tukuna tiko ena forum qo.
Tiko vei iko na yalo velavela.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji team's performs against England was dismal. We need to get better players, a better coach and better manaher. Their new version of the cibi was terrible. Everything is not working out for the illegal government because the curse of the people is upon them.

Anonymous said...

@ Semu Me0 "This is one of the best Fiji Rugby team to leave our shores!!...local and overseas based players...brave sons of Fiji....and the officials are real professionals and seasoned Managers".

Gonei au sa teri rawa ni vosa vei la qo.
E sa dui kadakada dina.

E ratou vodo vata tiko kei iratou na nona Tauvu mau Gau....too little truth.

Au sa qoroqoro na levu ni yalo wai!

E ra professional mai vei ni warai na vulu ...O male, O Rocky, O Strecher>

De va qara Job.

Anonymous said...

was Shaeen PS kissing Seema Sharma his secretary who promotes him in her FACEBOOK

Observer Returns said...

My apologies...I meant the CEO, not the Chairman, who is satisfactory by my standard...

Sa dri yani!

Anonymous said...

This is a very serious issue facing the current Bainimarama illegal government.

People have been promoted left right hand centre but with NO or very little leadership experience. The real people who stood their ground not compromising their principal must be commended even most have lost their jobs and with reduced income.

Mason was caught pens down (having an affair), Tikoduadua have been warned many times of insubordination and near corruption and kilavata, The Roko Tui Cakaudrove, Aca Mataitini was involved with another lady in Savusavu who owns the massage pa lour, Mo Tikoitoga and the lady in the Judiciary who have been put aside, the latest PS Ali Baba and many more.

Leadership ethics and principals flows from the top to the bottom.
If criminals rules at the top (container money stolen by army officers, Drug dealers work with PM and AG, Naivalurua and his police gang) then surely the PS and senior officials are all tainted.

But I still take my hat off for the honest and hardworking senior army officers and senior civil servants.

Ni tu dei toka e na dina kei na rerevaka na Kalou baleta o ni na qaqa vei ira na meca ni vanua oqo. Me da masu vakalevu ka dau nanumi ira na wekada era tu ena i tutu lelevu.

As a blog now some new investors are drug dealers and criminals are entering this country through the AG who is now influencing Bainimarama.

Some are just deliberately turning blind eyes on things that are happening and you too will be responsible.

Ni yadra na noda mo ni tarova ni bera ni na levu na ka lelevu ena yaco.

SEMI MEO said...

Copout?@ Frienghtend rabbit of November 12, 2012 4:17 PM....sa vaka mo sa tata na gusumu savu na weli vaka na gata o rairai qarava tiko.....waraka...you'll reap what you show!!...

Foreign coward of November 12, 2012 5:32 PM...phew! we are surprised that you've learned our “I taukei” language, unfortunately you've use it to curse our National Rugby team......your curse will fly x 10 times your way...

Goodness!...some people can never learn!

Anonymous said...

At anonymous yeah Birds of the same feather flock together. Their government setting bad examples with it's troops killing alot of Muslim civilians in Iraq. So what's stopping them from granting visas to a regime which does the same thing as Bainikhaiyum group of thugs.

Anonymous said...

Yep true sona levu those Dallas supporting this bullshit regime. Ka ni Raiwaqa thugs all dressed up wanna be Mr Clean. Bloody corrupt bastards.

Anonymous said...

Well well what do we have here. Another Taliban PS trying to emulate MC. WTF are these fuckers doing. This falla will not receive 10 virgins when he meets Allah & Mohammed. He will get only one virgin and it will be a male virgin.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fiji has been suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations for a long time now. EU stopped all grants for a long time now. How is TUC linked to this?? Just another waste of time and resources. Can anyone say that the protest was a real success??

Anonymous said...

Every protest is worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Fijian troops killing lots of Muslim civilians in Iraq? That's BS, mate! The UNAMI role is one of UN defense only.

Sounds like you're another Taliban supporter. Why don't you go live in Afghanistan, and take the AG with you.

Anonymous said...

Protest was a success. A very big success. It has kept the focus on the Fiji issue both at the EU and now in the US with the USTR via the AFL-CIO.

That is the point of a protest. To bring the issue to the fore and to effect and influence decisions at that level.

If you are not aware, let me enlighten you: Unions were part of the NGO parties involved (and consulted) under Article 4 in the dialogue which led to Fiji's suspension from the EU grants under Cotonou, and they remain in dialogue today as a partner in that process.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:51 AM

I, and I'm sure all others fully agree with you that the TUC protest in the forn of circulating leaflets at the rugby WAS a total sucess.

This action has again put Fiji under the spotlight of the worlds greater nations with a similar impact as the bus stop grafitti did last year.

Kai Baulevu said...

My Tau Semi Kubounalovosinaitukinanada Meo,
O viavia masu tiko i vei my Tau...nomu masu e tavutu tu ga ena ceiling baleta ni o vakabauat tiko na lasu.....ve vei na vinati se vo.The Military think that they can manage any organisation including the FRU.....managing rugby now days are not for stupid people like Rokoura.Tikoitoga,Male.They even pick the military lock forward who doest know how to hold the ball when contacting a tackler.He was doing exactly the same thing in the world cup but no one seems to notice or correct his body positon....How can those military rugby strategist will come up with their second plan becasue of the curse of the land and the people of Fiji are following the military people around.Anything they do will be unsuccessful.Even the All Nation Pastor was an ex soldier...he had shown the nation what military people are made of...rapists,thugs,theives,murderer and most of all they are LOSERS

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10am, 13th Nov

Yes and thats why Fiji remains suspended from the DCI under Cotonou despite the best efforts of Khaiyum to gain international traction and the veneer of respectability by lobbying for Chairmanship of the Ministerial Trade Committee (Qorvis paid out a few thousand to get the votes) and for the G77 (same thing, Qorvis doled out a few thousand for the votes).

Those tactics do not work at that level because the engagement goes beyond that mere facade

The Trade Unions were (and are) also consulted by the EU under the NGO and third party provisions under Article 4 of Cotonu (and incidentally still are being consulted).

The TUC is a recognised NGO organisation in the EU.

This is on the EU Human Rights website:

"The European Union is committed to defending the universal and indivisible nature of human rights. It actively promotes and protects them both within its borders and in its relations with other countries. It does this by working in full and active partnership with EU Member States, partner countries, international organisations, regional organisations and civil society"

"The EU has put the human rights issue at the forefront of its relations with other countries and regions. All agreements on trade or cooperation with non-EU countries contain a clause stipulating that human rights are an essential element in relations. There are now more than 120 such agreements."

"The most comprehensive is the Cotonou Agreement – the trade and aid pact which links the EU with 79 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (the ACP group). If any ACP country fails to respect human rights, EU trade concessions can be suspended and aid programmes curtailed. The EU sees democratic political structures as a precondition for reducing poverty – the main objective of its overseas development policy. It applies the same principles to other partner countries."

Anonymous said...

Dear Semi Meo of Saqani, Cakaudrove.
How can you support a regime that had been proved by democratically appointed Judges that they were wrong when they took the county by force.
So these law breakers then turned around and declare this decision null and Void and make excuses that they need to protect people and properties etc.

They were about to be taken to prison because of the murder of the CRW soldiers

The container of money that was disappeared under the watch of the soldiers well planned by the AG

High fly investors but most are international criminals encroaching our borders and exclusive zones and some drug syndicates.

The illegal AG controls the immigration and border and exclusive zones and the Navy has chosen to a blind eye on this problem.

Mary Bainimamrama has just purchased a property in Suva for more then $1 million dollar. Where does he get the money from.
This is blood money and will soon kick back on her and her children.

Semi-Au sa kerekere vei iko to try and talk sense because we all know that your contribution to your village is ZERO, and to the whole society is nill and you have not reached that level of intelligence.
O dau no job wavoki tokala i Suva qai dau viavia lotu toka.

You however have a very powerful and deadly weapon ...you MOUTH.

Au kerea mo ni sa cegu toka vaka lekaleka because very time you open you mouth you are at the same time expose your vulnerability.

Na mataqali regime va qo e sega ni dodonu me dua e tokona .... oira saraga e ra tamata yalowai, those that can not differentiate the a cat from a dog are those that have their minds being controlled through deceptive ways and tricks of the Dictators and cronies.

E Viti e se caka tikoga qo na veimoku or psychological harassment but they do it in very clever & cunning way to make it look legal. O ira oqo na wekamu era lose taka na nodra job, harassed and sidelined.

How many families have lost their fathers and mothers Semi through the early force retirement introduced by the Dictator and cronies.

The hardships and heart aches etc.

Pensioners who have suffered as well.

All political parties are now rallying together for the return of under democratic governance in this nation.

Please look within yourself before responding.

O ira na ai Saqani arai sa dau madua toa nio dau vosa tio ena blog.

Kai Baulevu said...

My Tau Ratu Semi Meo....my tau pen off right now and be annon becasue your are a shame to al who know you and the people from na Koro.See that anon above..might be someone who knows you well....no job..what????you are writting like a professor in here but bush professor.....cegu tau lai cakava eso na ka yaga me ra bau kila mai na Koro na kemu yaga....o sa dredre vaki ni sega tiko madaga na vale mai na koro.....sa kua na volitaki vinati my Tau....na soli ni vanua me caka hahhaha...solia vei turaga ni koro nomu soli ni yasana...lol

SEMI MEO said...

Viavia vuku @ November 13, 2012 12:48 PM…if you were indeed my friend and relative,’ which you had a poor attempt to insinuate” then you’d elevate your miserable self to a more humane level and give us your name or Tutu vakavanua…but since you’re probably a “borthy” ni vanua..I am not obligated to heed your slimy spew of nothingness!

I know crytal clear who I am and my paternal link to “Namuka na Qaqa” and “Vunimasei Vunivalu Tawake’ and maternal link to Tui Maba, Qamea…unfortunately the “slip” of Ratu Sir Sukuna’s pen in 1948 or thereabout slotted us in a Saqani village..”Nautosolo” I am still a decendtans and son of Namuka na Qaqa and my name is still “ Kuboutawa Maisala”…..dra'gani’emu!!

Listen, “come lately to these cyber sphere”..I have never ever purported or outrightly supported the treasonous acts since 1987 (which some thugs nationalist and a few Methodists like you supported) …never did I!!...

I am on recorded to vigorously and openly, under my own name and never cowardly like you; abhor and refute to smithereens Rabukas, Speight and now Bainimarama actions…all acts of treason..all legally wrong all biblically deviant! ..goggle the global web!...ciqobaca, ulu lala!

Fast forward to the present….all considered, unless a foreign Military invasion (which is very very unlikely and which people like you blindly wish to kill our innocent), attack of a fifth column of a another Coup ( which is unlikely and very damaging which people like pray for daily), Bainimarama and Aiyuz to abscond to China or Dubai (which people like you hypotheses over a dirty bowl of grog and miserably spitting home when no can do)…

.in other words, let’s find a realistic, workable, achievable, sane, credible and Fijian solution..does that mean we shift in our values and patriotic zeal no..never ..only heightened our passion for our beloved FIJI to escape from these circus and quickly move forward to sanity and democratic rule…

What is your solution?...sa bau wadrega …for the Rear Admiral and Aiyuz to shift…sa bau wadrega, unless of course devine will and intervention…or do you have another better “realistic, workable, achievable, sane, credible and Fijian solution”???

Oh..yes while I was ..” dau no job wavoki tokala i Suva qai dau viavia lotu toka”…the Rotary International in 1990 selected yours truly as one of the “Most outstanding young business/professional ” 5 from Fiji awarded for an overseas tour of Industries of our choice was humbled to be the only “i Taukei”..I will not elaborate on work as paralegal, Media Marketing, International trade etc….ca’aca’a i naoro?…tonoa sara na nomu i voco!!...volea sara mo boreti!

Though your faceless but I thought you deserve this very timid reply..or do you prefer a ruthless one??...your call...now, you look within yourself!!

SEMI MEO said...

@Kai Baulevu kauti nomu boy yani qori..10.00am 8 ni siga Diseba..Sukuna Park...kua ni kau mai na vinati..ni sa cici mai na Sotia, au na biligi kemuni i liu..ni dou veiliutaki tiko mai 'Ubuna..

Anonymous said...

Sa bai kodro toka mai o Kai Baulevunakakecelevunaceke. Sa rauta mada. Sa dua na ka na la na viavia vei buturaki sobu sa tu vei koko. Bau mada ra i nakoro mo yaga. Solia ra nomu soli ni yasana. O sa mai tu dede susu madrai tu na qoi i Suva. Sa raute ra na macawa you bokosi....

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Semi drau wawa mada na kai Namuka qo meu sa cakava mada dua na nomudrau veitarogi vanua...Tukutuku mai liu o iko Ratu Semi Kubuta Maisala.opps slip of the tongue....Slip of RT Sukuna's pen !wow!...when was that Tau......1939???veitarogi vanua's????Rt Suknas pen only slips when he knows that some people will cause trouble and also like you to be a small Chief in your area.Likewise if RT Sukuna included you with the Tui Namukas clan than you might fit in to a lower caste society or the untouchables...au lasu Tau iko na turaga ka nodra i liuliu na dau volitaki vinati kei na borthy....ko a taura gona kina na.....“Most outstanding young business/professional ” 5 from Fiji awarded for an overseas tour of Industries of our choice was humbled to be the only “i Taukei”.lol.Taki mai Tui Namuka levu na luka

Anonymous said...

Kai Baulevu...iko sa leqa tiko. Bau tukuni iko mada se cava o sa bau rawata. O lai vosa vakacaca taki Biu matavou, semi meo, kei ira era vaka koroi ka rawati ira vinaka tu ena nodra cakacaka kaukauwa kei na buna. O iko vaka dua na bula wiwi levu tiko vei iko baleta o sega beka ni rawa ka vakalevu se vakavinaka. bau galu mada na gusumu nio se borthy ena veitalanoa ni qase. na vakagonegonea o cakava ka vakaraitaka tiko qo. lai drodroi mada me sava na kora. sona.

SEMI MEO said...

@Kai Baulevu...vinaka....leqa gona gauna e vasaqarai na gone i taukei drau kaba tiko na quwawa....lol...lol...sa rauta mera liu sara ena ka vakavuli, bisinisi ko o ira na Idia, uro ni noda qele era lisitaka, keda?..da taukena levu tu ga e vica na baba dravuisiga ena yasani koro ka kovuti tu me kua ni dua vei keda na lewe ni koro e rawa ni lisitaka, levu taudua na marama i taukei vakawati Idia..mai na marama ni Idia vakawati taukei..baleta?...no paisa..ira na noda marama era sa va qara bula ena taudaku ni noda koro kei na kawa tamata...o se bau sarava na veiqaravi vakavanua eratou vakayacora eso na gone ni Idia ni Viti mai Niusiladi?..tu ena 'YouTube"...phew!...qai cava me vo me noda?..ka qima sa nodra...qele, marama, i tovo..sa kei an nomu soresore!!...opps tulou!

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Semi......ko ira na marama ni dia qori me ratou tara mada na Kamunaga ni Namuka ratou guilecava na paisa.....era ratou na lako yani vaka veitamani warai ni ko na marama ga tagane talega.Dina qori Tau ia au kainaka wacala na cava na betena na ka kece qori baleta ni daru mate nikua teri dua e kauta na watina se nona i lavo i kea qai tale mai dua na Kumar mai vakatawana nomui tutu Tau...Ke ratou sa qaravi yaqona rawa na kai dia mai NZ sa vakaraitaki ni dua na vei lecayaki levu ni nodra tou bula nai lala kulina qori.Au bese madaga niu via kila se cakava nodrai tovo ia au na doka tiko baleta sa sega ni dua na ka e caka rawa kina.....Vinaka Tau Semi ke o yali o iko eke ena matemate na blog qo...Au sa taura na gauna qo ena vukui koya na Peresitedi o Nailatikau kei Voreqe me keimami kere veivosoti vei iko ..Tau Tauri rau mada..lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, so many people seems to be
ticked off at Mary for buying a BIGGER HOUSE? Hey,she may know what
is happening to Bai's health? He
could be on the verge of dying?I mean the man is continously going
to India and China for medical checkup? Is he dying of bowel cancer?
We know from his past medical records, that he has Type 2
Diebetes,Goute and advanced Arthritis.
These medical conditions
in 99.05% of the time, leads to Stroke and Heart attack.
Mary may be trying to buy things in Fiji,
and maybe banking her part of the loots, in overseas accounts,
knowing that should
something Be-fell her ALI-BABA,she's gotta scatter like the 40 thieves?
She may have to take flights just like:Nailatikau,
Gate,Khaiyum,tikoitoga,naliva,Aziz and 80%Indo that supported her ALI-BABAS'Coup? But whatever
we'll track her down, just like every living priks and well bring
them back to stand trial in a Fijian

Anonymous said...

Sukuna bowl is coming up. Good opportunity to protest and show our hatred for this IG. I call upon all Fiji to stand up against this IG with placards at the game venue. Maybe the TUC could assist us also. Operation Jericho failed miserably..i suggest we begin Operation ??????. Any name suggestion?? This is our best opportunity to tell our relatives, friends, families in the military, police, correction and navy to stand to, stand up against this evil. Any volunteers...tattifalla, kai baulevu, tom rickets, coup 4.5, rajen naidu, all anonymous bloggers...lets get our democracy back.

SEMI MEO said...

uh..operation bowl nagona wala...heeee...heee...heee

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time protesting at the Sukuna Bowl.

Protest where it counts and has impact. At the EU, at the USTR, at the UN at the Commonwealth Secretariat. At the ILO.

Protest intelligently within the international legal frameworks and conventions that apply.

It may not be spectacular but its is effective

Kai baulevu said...

To anon Sukuna bowl protest ....Protest for what????only to be killed and tortured by those animals in the camp.And secondly my brother there is still food on my table and also money still coming from where I work.....Thats the two things that a human being need to live and survive.Are you boasting about the gun you are holding???Remember that when the time comes no one will be afraid of the gun and Voreqe.Look around the world today where people been supressed for decades...it took that special moment and time to turn the table around....Ni waraka tiko na gauna ena sega na veisureti me vaka taka o cakava tiko qori.Na gauna ni via kana.dravudravua,sega na cakacaka, sa roro tiko mai ena sega ni dua e bucina ena yaco ga mai vakataki koya baleta oya nai tovo ga ni tamata ena gauna ni leqa ni na tini i wai na mataivalu kei na nomuni dakai...waraka tamana.Whats the purpose of playing the Rt Sukunas bowl when the FRU and the fiji team cannot perform by those military idiots running the show...ni yavu ulukau ni lesu i na keba ni lai masi dakai llaiva vei keimami na vo ni kai viti me keimami vakayagataka na ka keimami vulica ena buturara keimami kena dau kina.

Kai Baulevu said...

To Sukuna bowl ...Fiji lost to Gloucester again...Rokouras threatning the boys for any indisipline on tour will be dealt with at military camp back in Fiji....Fiji team morale are at its lowest and its the military idiot to be blamed......rugby game now days are for the educated and not for idiot like the 3 stoogies Rokoura,Tikoitoga and Male...

Anonymous said...

Hey did someone say "PROTEST"? i'M
READY?Give me the day,time,where,
when who,what,etc,etc,? Hey i love
that making noise for Jerico! Some
police officers leg is going to be
messy again? Hey Joveci keep your
ears to the ground,have the Zipper
well oiled as we may have to do a duoet on someones leg,
if you know what i mean? I just love this protest,
cause it gives people a
venue to take off the pressures? I know that
our group are ready & willing ,
to do whatever is neccessary, to bring this injustice
to a halt.We will do anything legal to see, that what we
should have, materialized immediately?
May our good lord-Degei-blessed you
all!! Kaibau please shut the frieken front door!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rokoura to the team: Floggings will increase until morale improves.

Anonymous said...

Operation Jericho scared Bainimarama shitless again but then fizzled out anyway. A few of us protested but where were the rest of you?

If people won't devote just sixty seconds to Fiji, even just by making noise, then what are the chances they'll do the hard yardage? None, it seems to me. The whole country has become lamu.

Bainimarama knows best said...

Still talking about Operation Jericho? Why? A few people made a racket on my block but apparently that was it. No army or police mutiny. No mobilisation by political parties, the unions or the church.

So in the end, Jericho didn't prove the emperor had no clothes, it proved the opposition has no clothes. It was the best thing that could have happened for the regime.

You guys had your chance. Dakuwaqa was a fool to put his trust in you.

All hail Voreqe the Great, emperor of the new Fiji, founder of the Bainimarama dynasty!

Simi said...

The Bainimarama Dynasty -- now there's a happy thought! No elections in 2014 or ever.

As arrogant as he is now, just imagine his coming generations of descendents.

No doubt Khaiyum's grandson will sit on the Bose Levu Vakaturaga.

Too bad about YOUR grandchildren!

Anonymous said...

What's the problem with his son
sitting in the GCC? The son would be half-Fijian and half Muslim ,do
you have a problem with that? Lots
of modern iTaukei has white Mother
or half-caste like Bainimarama,where would be classified these class of Fijians?
There comes a time when we'll all
have to remove discrimination against our very own people? So if
Khaiyum kids are half Fijian,i'd have no problem in accepting them
as Itaukei.

Simi said...

Yeah, I have a problem with that.

Having traitors as ancestors should not get you a seat on the GCC.

It's not a question of discrimination. It's a question of integrity and loyalty.