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Friday, November 23, 2012

Budget 2013: Sweetners and ironies

Investing in Our Future or preparing for the 2014 elections?

$1million renovation for first sitting after elections.
The illegal leader Frank Bainimarama revealed the regime's 2013 budget yesterday and as expected there was a whiff of Chinese dollars, sweetners for voters and blanks.

He didn't detail spending on two key areas - the military and salaries for government ministers, including himself and the illegal attorney general - but used the budget to again justify the 2006 coup and extolled the virtues of a government that wouldn't tolerate corruption, tax evaders and welfare cheats.

He claimed the economy will grow by 2.5 per cent in 2012 with an expected revenue of $2.1 billion and a total expenditure of $2.3 billion for 2013. He said they have an operating expenditure of $1.55 billion and $722 million for capital expenditure. 

See below for a quick look at some of the more obvious allocations.

Escapee fiasco: CCTVs on the way. pic Fiji Sun
2014 elections: $1 million for the controversial Constituent Assembly, $11 million for the Elections Office and $1million to refurbish and upgrade for 'first sitting of Parliament under the new constitution'.

Law and order: After all the publicised problems within police, $8 million dollars to improve operational capacity. $2.5 million for equipment and $800,000 to upgrade stations and quarters. Police budget to be tweaked and 100 new prison officers. The embarrassment over the escapes from prison, especially the fiasco over the recapture of the five Naboro inmates, having a lot to do with $21 million going to prisons and corrections and an upgrade that includes CCTV cameras in prisons. FICAC $8 million dollars. 

Poverty: Poor households to get $150 dollars a month and a $30 dollar food voucher. Pensions for people 70 years and over. But regime plans to weed out people on benefits via a Welfare Graduation Scheme saying 'Fiji cannot support a culture of dependency. We must commit ourselves to the idea that poverty is a temporary state.'

Public service: All civil servants to be on a minimum salary of $10,000 a year. Ten percent pay rise coming in January for some government workers and performance based bonuses approved.

Bainimarama says poverty is  'temporary state.'
Tax: Campaign to lure foreign dollars continues. Regime to introduce a 17 per cent corporate tax rate – plus other incentives -  to any foreign company that establishes its regional or global headquarters in Fiji. Companies that list or are listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange will also pay a reduced corporate tax rate of 18.5 per cent – down from 20 per cent - provided they have 40 per cent local shareholding. Similar deal for the region from Korovou to Tavua: it will be declared Tax Free Regions for the agricultural sector. The minimum $250,000 required for foreign investors has also been removed.

Renewable energy: Regime to introduce a user pays Green Tax. An extra two cents a litre will be imposed on all imported fuels, except kerosene, white benzene and pre-mix. 

Ali: Bullied by Bainimarama who wants to empower women

Empowering women: A change of heart from the man who kicked a pregnant human rights advocate and who recently bullied Coalition of Human Rights spokesperson Shamima Ali after she spoke out about the flaws in the Constitution process. Bainimarama says regime will give $550,000 to implement the Women’s Plan of Action to 'empower women'. Monies also going into womens resource centres plus regime backing a MOU with the 'Barefoot College of India' to establish a regional branch of the college in Fiji. 

Sugar: The big recipient in last year's budget, the regime says the Fiji Sugar Corporation has 'made a remarkable financial turnaround' so 'direct financial injection into FSC will cease in 2013.' Ministry of Sugar to still get $15 million dollars.

Roads: $422 million supposedly going into roads and bridges with the regime downplaying the more than one thousand job losses expected in an industry shake up. The Department of National Roads is now Fiji Roads Authority and three New Zealand companies have got the contracts; the Chinese and Malaysian companies have been ditched. Bainimarama says 'many unestablished employees from the old Department of National Roads will move from the public sector to the private sector' and he is sure 'many of these casual workers will be employed by our new partners.'

Water: No mention of the $14 million debt that has been partly written off but regime is topping up its allocation to the Water Authority of Fiji by $3 million. 

Education: $12 million dollars top up, new scholarship scheme via Fiji National University, the regime's favoured tertiary institution.

Health: $2 million dollars for vaccines, extensions to Sigatoka hospital, new health centres in Cuvu and Nadroga, drop in duty for imported vegetables.

Budget allocation 2013? file pic
Sports and Youth development: $4.2 million dollars to Fiji Sports Council to upgrade national stadium and  $2.7 million dollars for sports facilities in rural communities, thanks to Chinese dollars.

Legal: $4.5 million to extend Lautoka High Court, $1 million for continued refurbishment of Suva High Court complex, $350,000 to relocate bar magistrates court.

Maritime and emergency services: Regime showing new interest in this area. $6.6 million.

Tourism: $23.5 million for Tourism Fiji, a given since its the regime's number one earner. Tourism Fiji was recently re-banded under the slogan “Fiji: Where Happiness Finds You" along with Air Pacific, which is now Fiji Airways.


Anonymous said...

hahaha vote buying started and election promise.
fiji in more debt and tax payers to pay for regime loans for 25 years.
why cant he make ag account public since 2006 to 2012
why can he make his salary public.
tenders awarded public.
time fijian have stand up and ask some bold questions.
god bless fiji people.

tattifala said...

Frank in full suit to prsent "the peoples' budget" although the people have no business knowing what the military budget is and what Frank and his gang are getting.(I think that other outfit in the C4.5 cover page suits him better and gives a truer picture of the real Frank .The business suit looks so pretentious on the man).
And of course the green goons are also present in their full regalia at the budget delivery by their leader for "the protection of the people", no doubt!

Savenaca Waqa. said...

What a great budget? All Baini's budget has been good. Not like Rabuka and Qarase's budgets which bankrupted the country. Baini is a People's Prime Minister. Fiji projected growth of 2.7% is a good news. Fiji's overall debt as a % of its GDP is not bad compared to countries like NZ, Greece, France, etc. Please note the election is in 2014 and Baini has presented 2012 budget. How come then this budget is vote buying? The vote buying if any will come next year. Baini is second to the Great Prime Minister Late Sir Ratu Kamisese Mara. Baini is a people's Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

SW We the people at grassroots level and right minded are with you we support Frank, he has brought joy to the fijian people in almost everything he does he is defenetly are peoples PM

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:54 Yes lets celebrate Bainimarama. He has made more Fijians poor than ever before. Yes that's really great, you dickhead.

Anonymous said...

The 2013 revenue projection of $2.1 billion is gross misrepresentation. The 2011 FRCA annual report states that total tax revenue for 2011 was : $1.59b. So, where does Bainipajama gets another $500m to expect the $1.5b to jump to $2.1b????? thats a million dollar question all bullshit figures in the budget pie in the sky is it? can barking dogs move mountains? may be but not Bainimrama budget please.

Anonymous said...

So now we await the acedemics and political parties to tell us what's wrong with this budget.

But how long will we have to wait for them to say what they would have done ?

Ratunaca said...

Will there be another budget announcement later in the year or early next year....? The one announced yesterday seems to be incomplete. They haven't announced the allocation for the military and I thought they used to announce the cabinet ministers pay too but I stand to be corrected!

Class of 2009 said...

The sweteners have been coming for some time and will keep coming right up to 2014. Regime knows it would be too obvious to starve Fijians and then suddenly give them lollies. This game has been well planned and planned in 2009.

Anonymous said...

I hope the presenter of the budget understands what he is talking about or is he merely presenting what has been prepared for him by Nur Bano and Co. Worst minister of finance as he does not understand what it is all about being a fourth former dropout.

tattifala said...

Investing in OUR future?
Thug rulers investing in THEIR future?
Empowering women?
Emplowering themselves ?

Anonymous said...

Marimari na basket.

Coup 4.5 said...

Truncated Lounge on the literary parasites, the Budget and the two Frankies:

Darling Grubbers.

ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!!!! If I hear you whinge once more about Professor Edge I swear I will get your Fiji passport revoked and never let you come back to Fiji ever again. For 2 months we have nothing of any use or interest on your blogsite. You then stop writing for 2 weeks, I wrongly assumed you were doing some investigative piece on how Commodore Bananas is in fact the rightful King of Fiji. Instead you produce 5 articles on Professor Edge in as many days.

You have become obsessed with the poor professor and it seems to me he has pushed you over the edge. Now I say this once more enough is enough and if you write another thing you are toast.

In fact I am fed up of with all you literary parasites of the regime. I asked Crazy Welsh to send me a positive story to write on this week and lazy SOB could not be bothered to send me anything. I know there are not that many positive stories out there at the moment but you would think that after we gave him a free holiday in the tropical paradise of Fiji the least he could do is come up with a at least one good news story. I have got a good mind to fly to NZ and shove his ivory tower where the sun does not shine.

In fact I am pissed off with all men at the moment you are all f***ing useless Even our Glorious leader has been very needy recently. We wanted to make a good impression with the budget and we had put Commodore Bananas through an intensive Qorvis media training session. He had never used an Autocue before and so he needed a lot of help. The trainer was very positive but told me in private that the word speed of the Autocue was running at its slowest setting normally reserved for 1st year primary school kids.

To be honest he did pretty well but he still struggles with the longer words, as you know. I had to sit in the front row directly behind the auto cue and mouth all of the long words for him; he would copy my mouth movements and get the words out almost correctly. He did give his most fluent speech of all time but it looked as if I was muttering to myself the whole time. The French Ambassador was sitting next to me and he was giving me funny looks. I have never seen anyone get out of his seat so fast at the end of a speech. He obviously thought I should be sent to St. Giles.

We made one mistake and that was not to put the National Anthem on the Autocue. You would have thought the Glorious Leader would at least have learnt the words but obviously not and he looked a real retard trying to sing along and remember the words at the same time. I asked him about it afterwards and he said “what was the point? As soon as the Constituent Assembly proclaims him leader for life the anthem will change.” He then told me he was having a go at writing the new one but he could not think of a word that rhymed with Bananas.

By the way Grubby when the invite says business attire I do not want you turning up in a blue bula shirt again. It looks well, grubby next to all those smart suited businessmen. Did you see those 3 colonels sitting in a row? Now they looked smart. I was sexting with Qilio all the way through the boring bits.

Coup 4.5 said...

part two

By the way Grubby when the invite says business attire I do not want you turning up in a blue bula shirt again. It looks well, grubby next to all those smart suited businessmen. Did you see those 3 colonels sitting in a row? Now they looked smart. I was sexting with Qilio all the way through the boring bits.

I have spent most of this week keeping stories out of the media. Working as hard as ever, Not. It is a pretty easy job when you control the media.
We have had another example this week of why the military can’t run a thing. What’s that phrase the soldiers use “Can’t run a target practice in a rifle range”.
It was decided that the Flying Fijians would perform better with a military man in charge. So we sent Major Rocky along as manager. He has a reputation for being able to whip people into shape in minutes. Literally!

He was in charge of the boys and they were not performing well and so he tried a bit of QEB discipline on them.
He remembered what had worked really well with Ken Zinc. So he ordered them to run around the field. They just laughed and set off at a sprint leaving poor little Rocky far behind. They ran around the field a few times and then disappeared. He chased after them but he is not very fit. He finally caught up with them at a cozy pub in Gloucester as they were on their third beer.

He was spitting with rage and he went up to the first player, who happened to be Leone Nakawara, the lock. Standing on tip toe he and looking up he said “I am going to knock the S**t out of you!!” Nakawara just laughed and patted him on the head and ordered another beer. Poor Rocky he was so humiliated and vowed he would get his revenge.

So the next night after the defeat to Gloucester he got in the team bus and ordered it back to the hotel with only a few players on board. He would make the other players walk back to the hotel in the rain that would show them who was boss. Unfortunately his plan went wrong as the team all got lifts in the cars of the Fiji supporters and taken to the another pub for a jolly party without Rocky’s interference.

Coup 4.5 said...

part three

One bit of good news for the Glorious Leader and the True Leader is the new deal they have done on Mahogany. It is going to bring them millions of dollars each and better still they will be paid in US dollars straight to their accounts in the Dominican Republic. They have given all the Mahogany rights to 2 American Companies: SMI (Steal Mahogany from the Itaukei) and Forcedsaleofland.

Your boss Rex from Qorvis gave me a present the other day. It is a new camera they developed especially for the US Presidential Elections. It captures the subject’s thoughts as well as their image when you take a picture, I took this picture of Frankie Reid the US ambassador and Commodore Bananas at the SMI launch this week.

(Image here but we cannot include unfortunately but it shows Ms Reed and Bainimarama in a candid moment: C4.5 )

I have not dared show it to the Glorious Leader!

I have also had to keep a lot of other stories out of the news. Such as the ILO saying we have reached the top 5 in Workers rights abuses.

Fiji’s Shortest ever serving Magistrate, Greg Bullard lasted a month before he realized there was no justice to be had in this country and so he resigned.

I quote “I will not provide details of the despicable treatment I received at the hands of the (acting) Chief Registrar, Mohammed Saneem. I will not give details of the evidence I gathered that would warrant the laying of criminal charges against Mr Saneem and Commissioner Madigan. I have alerted the relevant Fijian authorities of these matters. It is not a matter for me. My story will never be told. I gave an undertaking to that effect.

I pray that JUSTICE may one day come to Fiji.”

Luckily for us he gave his evidence to the True Leader, Aiyarse. He of course immediately put it into the shredder and told Bullard. If you ever want to leave Fiji you better sign this non disclosure agreement.

I hate Aussies like him they make it so much harder for the rest of us. You and I Grubby, we had to work for years for free and become Fijians before the Dictator would let us jump on the gravy train. He comes along and is hired immediately and then he walks off in a sulk after less than a month. Honestly what sort of justice did he expect to find in a dictatorship?

One bit of good news was we got readmitted into the negotiations for the PACP. It actually means nothing because we have always been part of the ACP. However, now we will be able to have a chat with our island neighbours before the True Leader next jets off to Europe.

The PNG government paid for an Air Pacific Plane to fly the Glorious Leader and his entourage to Port Moresby. When they came here they brought some Government Ministers and about 100 businessmen. They thought the Glorious Leader would do something similar. Instead Commodore Bananas flies to PNG with 42 people on board. He takes Kubbumbollocks 2 civil servants and the remaining 38 passengers are his security detail. The other heads of state all thought this was stupid and were laughing about him behind his back. One of the jokes doing the rounds was this one,

What do you call a nun sitting on Commodore Bananas?

Virgin on the Ridiculous

Hugs and kisses


This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. However, some of the people and events mentioned are real.

Frankie Reid is a professional diplomat and unfortunately the dictator lives to rule his people for another 1,000 years

FijICTION of the week: “What are we promising? A Government that works for all Fijians.” Said Commodore Bananas

Anonymous said...

So, after 6 years of ruling fiji, Bainimarama on the 7th years talks about starting from scratch to fix pot holes in Fiji? where are the millions already paid to Neim constructions of malaysia and china rail way companies since 2007? in 2014 he will start fixing sugar and in 2015 he will make fiji crime free!!

Anonymous said...

A budget is abudget nothing new. The question to be asked are:
1. the effecft of the reform on the operational cost of the civil service.
2. is the military part of the reform and how is their allocation affected
3.what is the diffrence of Agri Scam and this budget

Anonymous said...

Oi! Qorvis and team you're overdoing it. There's no way Bai speaks the way you've got him doing at the moment. Sure, no harm dressing him up to give all these speeches but no one believes the paradigm shifts and the budget trajectory. Hello!

tattifala said...

I see no mention in the Budget for an order for a real lifesize statue of the Glorious Leader from Madame Toussart.
That's so not right.
The people of fiji (especially all those traditional apology offering village idiots)should pass a hat around to do a collection so that a magnificent statue can be commissioned for the MAGNIFICENT LEADER.

tattifala said...

If you can't give us the image of Frankie Reed and Crankie Bai then give us a drawing capturing the true likeliness - like they do in courtcases!!

tattifala said...

"Frankie Reid is a professional diplomat..."
I know another "p" adjective that might better describe the diplomat!!
Any guesses?

Julab Dean said...

To: Tattifala

Please limit your blog writing. You are a waste of space. This blog is also for others. You just repeat things. Many bloggers have left the site just because of you.

The Oracle said...

Sorry to go broadside of bloggers this time around but one has to admit, overall, it's a budget that "appeals" to most sectors of Fiji society - big business to small farmer to man on the street. The main issue of course is the deficit and the expanded borrowing it will entail. Already, foreign borrowings account for 75 percent of our GDP. So, yes, it's a fairly appealing budget, but one that continues to further mortgage our future. It is also overly foreign-investor friendly at the expense of the ordinary Fiji citizen. Korovou to Tavua being declared a tax free zone is a white elephant as it requires significant NEW capital investment to qualify for the tax incentive (locals won't have the kind of invetsment money being sought and besides, if they're expanding their existing business in the zone, they don't qualify for any incentive). If the tax free zone succeeds there will be an influx of foreigners just as there is an influx of foreign companies/individuals to upgrade our roads and other infrastructure. And slowly, but surely, the local dairy farmers in the zone will be slowly suffocated so much so into submission that they'll sell off their properties at giveaway prices. Also, no mention of whether land in this corridor will be made readily available. Obviously FIRCA is streamlining its tax collection system with the need for personal tax returns being abolished and the push, as Bainimarama kept repeating, to go electronic. This is where FIRCA is hoping it will make its own life easier without the huge expense of having to process personal tax returns. If it works, sure .. FIRCA will rope in the maximum taxes it can. So, yes, the budget does try to appeal to all sectors of Fiji's community but reading betwen the lines, the hidden and well buried fact is that this government is not only entrenching the mortgage that our future generations wil have to bear but slowly and surely, working against local business interests. Nur Bano, Frank and Khaiyum are going to have a fairly good stash of cash in overseas accounts with most transactions taking place abroad. And, because the Budget is appealing to the ordinary man in the street, Bainimarama and Khaiyum are hopeful of two things: (i) that they wil win the hearts of Fijians at the 2014 elections or (ii) they will be able to justify any continuation of their unelected government by saying - "see My Government gave you this, has any other government done the same?" The fact that it continues to be an unelected government seems to have been lost on Frank and Khaiyum. Just as it is lost on them that the FNPF is a savings scheme for ordinary Fijians - not a cash cow for government. The FNPF's buying of Fiji's diplomatic properties and renting back to the government - really, will this be of benefit to the fund's members or is it simply passing on the exhorbitant costs of maintaining these properties abroad, to the ordinary Fijians? A bold budget it is but then again, who's there to question it?

Anonymous said...

C4.5 the answer to your question/////

Military budget cut

13:05 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

The Fiji Military Forces has had a reduction in its budget allocation for next year.

It’s getting $106.8 million for 2013 compared to the $112.4million it had this year.

The Government Shipping Services now no longer comes under the RFMF – hence no allocation was given to it under the RFMF budget.

The 3FIR gets $18.8 million, the Naval Division gets $14.2 million, the Sinai Peacekeeping Mission gets $14.8 million, the Iraq Peacekeeping Mission gets
$11.6 million and the Land Force Command gets $8.5 million.

The RFMF has over 3000 established staff.

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest lies in the budget is the "remarkable turnaround" by the FSC. Abdul Khan had mentioned a few weeks back that FSC needs around $52m to operate in a year. They were given a loan of $120m this year. This means they have $68m left. Add this to the $175m then you have an outstanding loan of $275m. To say that the outstanding loan has been reduced to $36m means FSC had made a minimum profit of $239m this year which no one can believe especially after the disastrous 2012 season. Mr illegal PM, wake up to the lies of big mouth Abdul Khan. The reason FSC does not need money in 2013 is because they have $68m left from the loan you gave them. Come the 2014 budget, you will see that all of a sudden,FSC will need another humongous loan.

Seafish said...

one good thing come out of the budget yesterday is the 11 million allocated to the election. now we wait and see if bainimarama will full his words on election. ni sega qo , ya?. i hope the international community take note, and support the Fiji government in giving some aid to help restore us to democracy[democratic election]we thankful for the aid they already given, but i believe as election come near , many more aid will be needed [technical people and observers]. we all want to get out of this mess we a all in.

Coup 4.5 said...

With reference to the public debate between Boladavui Uluitavuki ('The Price of Labour' FT 10/11) and Fr Kevin Barr ('Just Wages, a key issue' FT 23/11) I wish to add the following:
The state in which the bulk of humanity finds itself in today's world despite decades of growth orientated capitalist development shaped by neo-liberal economic theorists suggests humanity could use a lot more "well intentioned social workers" to play a more central role in human affairs and even environmental protection.
The conventional economic theories have failed to deliver a just society anywhere - even in the advanced capitalist world. So the problem of poverty and inequality is not unique to Fiji.
But to better understand why the problem persists I invite readers who are following the debate to visit the works of Susan George. They will find her works relevant and illuminating.
"Susan George is a well-known Franco- American political and social scientist,activist and writer on global social justice, Third World poverty, underdevelopment and debt". (wikipedia) She has written 14 widely translated books..
I will let genuinely interested readers do their own research and reach their own conclusions on who might be making more sense in this not so new debate.
Rajend Naidu

tattifala said...

@Julabu Dean
If my julab tatti is driving many bloggers off this site then the blog owner would seriously consider censoring my postings. He/She is doing no such thing. Because they don't believe in censorship - the way you Julab fala and your buddies in the regime do!!
what's your problem : finding me too difficult to handle,eh? well, that's understandable we are not in the same intellectual league. that's why you are trying to wish me away! it won't happen!

Anonymous said...

There are so many "tabetabe" people in Fiji who continually praise Bainimarama and his leadership despite the fact Fiji is heading for the doldrums. People like Calvin Prasad (Fiji Times) who is amazed that Bainimarama is not reading from his budgetary notes during the 2013 budget session; Aben Dean (Fiji Sun) who says only anti-government people will oppose the budget. Then we have the likes of Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa who talks of God and religion and praising the appointment of Ratu Epeli Nailatikau as the President and saying there is no better person for the job. Where did he get that assumption from? A supposedly God-fearing man like Savenaca should not be glorifying a drunkard gambler like the current President. Then we have born-again Chrisitians like the PS for Finance and Minister for Agriculture and many more supporting a government that governs through a barrel of a gun and eliminating freedom of speech for the people of Fiji. My advise to them; no more preaching my brothers or you may be classified as hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:52 PM

It sounds like it's upset you that there are so many around that perhaps do not agree with your views.

Will you also be upset when your view is not agreed with when Fiji does return to what you consider a demoracy ?

Joeli said...

My question to anti-government bloggers.

Was Rabuka or Qarase able to present a budget like this?

Fiji's total debt as a % of its GDP is 17% which is nothing.

Look at the level of investment a Military ruler is able to atttract. Just immagine what Fiji will be like when we have democracy and have Baini as the elected PM.

Anonymous said...

Fijis most successful businessman Mr Punja has called the budget "well thought out"while former Trade Unnionist Mahen Chaudary calls the same budget ïrresponsible""
This tax evader Mahen must think the country is full of fools!
What would a trade unionist know about finance?

Anonymous said...

The green goons at QEB got a whopping $106M, yes, ONE HUNDRED AND SIX MILLION DOLLARS. The Police came in second then Prisons.
$106M for what? How can he justify all this!! What is the rate of return on the $106M? To build bridges? No, can't be, because that has been catered for in the Ministry of Works budget. For the Army Engineers to maintain cane access roads? Again, that too has also been catered for in the line Ministry responsible!!
For the Army Engineers to renovate Govt institutions? Again, that too has been included in the respective Ministry's budget.
Who is he trying to fool?

Anonymous said...

Sega na leqa people. Part of the $106M will go towards our back pay BEFORE Christmas!! We were told that at one of the boss's parade.
Ask the Fiji Sun. The only problem is they chose not to report it for obvious reasons. Ask Cabenalawa, the fat PIG!!

Anonymous said...

Frank was overheard at the Remembrance Day Parade function that people like my uncle, would get a rise in their Army pension in the new budget.
It seems that the poor ex service men are really, really a forgotten lot - direct opposite of Frank has been telling us.
Your lies and promises Frank will catch up with. That I assure you you PIG!!

Anonymous said...

Remember this is the PM for the people especially the unfortunate ones..most of the Elite people wouldnt like the PM because one he has told them to share their wealth with ordinary people thru tax cuts..two he has given everyone a level playing field where all Fijians will be promoted thru merit based...3 the PM doesnt listen too much to these Elite selfish,arrogant serving people because they do have personal corrupt agendas like Chaudary Senior and Junior, Qarase and his conspirators former FNPF boss No1.and 2, Former FDB boss, former NLTB boss, former FRU boss,former FEA boss nearly all the Elite bosses in SUVA...the beauty of all this he listen to the plight of the unfortunate and the ordinary Fijians...Just look at the FNPF now there a surplus of $100M..Thats what this Military Comd has did to this Nation..Oh I forgot the recent waivered of the unfortunate water bills which previous PM can't do..Where are all this Elite corrupted people..Yeah either they are in Prison or waiting to go to Prison or runaway overseas like TABETE IN NEW ZEALAND WITH THE FNPF NO2 FOANA NEMANI...Levu ga na vosa..Cava tiko mada!!!Maybe we are not as good as those outside the Military but one thing that seperate the military and those against them is we are here to serve the people of Fiji with the ordinary citizens and unfortunate Fijiand..Mai tara koke!!!Qaraunia koto o lematu Turaga Naita tavu (PM) ra cebolaqwa..GB Fiji...

Anonymous said...

"Fijis most successful businessman Mr Punja has called the budget "well thought out"

It is well thought out for Punja because it protects his monopoly and ensures that he can continue to run negative gearing on his interest deductions for the massive debt portfolio he has from the FDB and the other banks.

necani boleanatera said...

Savenaca qaqa,vutuki bainimarama!!!!

Anonymous said...

Punjas said the same thing last year.

It was good for him, but not god for the rest of Fiji because the roads went kaput and now people are being laid off by the thousand from jobs.

By the way, Punja's also laid off 900 workers this year from their Walu Bay factory

This is what he said at last years budget announcement

Punja: Good for business

November 25, 2011 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom
Fii Sun

Written By : Source: FBC NEWS,Radio Australia. The budget has slashed taxes on poor and middle income earners and corporations in what is being described as a bold initiative to stimulate growth.
The top income tax rate of 31 per cent has been reduced to only twenty, and the tax paid by corporations comes down from 28 per cent to twenty.

Professor Biman Prasad Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of the South Pacific, says the budget handed down by Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama represents one of the most significant changes to Fiji?s economy in recent years.
Business leader Hari Punja says they didn?t expect such a beautiful budget.
?Very bold budget, very happy with the budget and huge drop in the corporate tax that?s a bonus to us – another important feature of this budget is a shift in tax collection from the poor people to the richer people – people who can afford.?

Meanwhile, consumers and the business community are singing the same tune. It?s good news.
Consumer Council chief executive officer Premila Kumar describes the budget as a consumer-friendly budget.
She told FBC News: ?Smart, clever, well constructed, well thought out budget and for the first time the consumers of the country would be so delighted because the whole budget focused on people.?
Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Permanent Secretary, Govind Sami says an increase in the allocation for food voucher assistance of $1.6 million will benefit more vulnerable people.
?We are extremely elated about the fact that all programmes have been retained in the 2012 budget and the ministry is hoppy that the budget is very much pro- poor and we will be able to continue extend assistance to the poorest of the poor in the country.?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 23, 8;24pm:
You must be a loose cannon and an illiterate soldier.
You accuse people left right and center.It is obvious that you are shooting from you mouth with not a single iota of economics.
Your swearing speaks volumes of your mentality, I must say. You are a true reflection of your so called boss.

Anonymous said...

Punja's company lays off workers earlier this year

FMF concerned on export losses

Taken from/By: fbc
Report by: Dev Sachindra
One of Fiji’s largest biscuit importers is now proving a difficult market.

FMF chief executive – Ram Bajekal has revealed their exports since January have dropped costing the company millions.

“Last three months exports went down 50% that is very unusual for Australia. We have never had it suffer so much particularly in the month of March, we were very down by 78%. We actually had to let go 200 pople.”

Bajekal adds they also had to lay off around 200 casual workers

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 3.52PM
you too right about the tabetabe people in Fiji but you forgot about the ones from overseas like colin deoki

Sharar said...

Sad...trying to move the country forward and people still complain...When we do have a proper democratic government after elections, those of you who ran away overseas and commenting negative here will be the first ones coming home singing praises...Mark my word.

Anonymous said...

@ Savenaca Waqa.

Kua mada na masipolo tiko. Bai's Budget is an illegal budget and it will only bring more bad things than good for Fiji. I can assure you that, because there is no transparency in its usage. Where are the Auditor's Report for the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

@ Sharar

These are not complaints, just statements of the truth.

Is the fact that Punja has laid people off in 2012 a complaint ?

Not it isn't.

Its merely exposing his hypocracy in pretending to hail the Budget only because he can exploit it for his own benefit

Anonymous said...

@Joeli Masipolo
These "so many investors" what are they doing to your relatives in the village?
Only ripping them off.
That guy from India with his IT service ripping Fijians off.
Those Chinese companies, how many fijians are they employing?
The mining companies, how many fijians have they employed.
All these investors Joeli just ripping off your relatives.
We can see all your relatives in Vatuwaqa and Jittu. No job.

Anonymous said...

Hey tattifala, WHAT A GREAT BUDGET
eh! You're been the trash leader on this site of the illegal PM, yet
hes come out with a budget that will definitely sent you to the Waimanu riverto cleanup your act?
Wow look at the the growth at 1.9
in 2012 and 2.7 for 2013 that is more then US,Australia,NZ Eu,Japan
jees man, bring in the wheel barrow
and get ready to be rich? But gotta warn yeah,no abuse of the system,no dishonesty taken from
anyone,no smartasse will be tolerated-A NEW FIJI TOWARD A NEW

Anonymous said...

Bai and his propaganda. His unelected he uses the barrel to instill fear to the common Fijian citizens. The country is a Banana Republic ruled by an unelected illegal regime.The poor will get poorer, the rich would not get any richer. The country needs to return to democratic rule. He is over-paid his wife is becoming influential on affairs for the state, see whats happening this is all fooked up.

Anonymous said...

@necani boleanaqaqa vutuki tamamu!!!

Anonymous said...

@tattifalla drau veikubuti mada kei necani boleanaqaqa!!!

tattifala said...

@ Sharar
when we do have a proper democratic government after elections ...
what will happen to the coup makers? that's the more important issue not what the fijians overseas will be doing.
if we will have a proper government after elections what kind of government has fiji been having since the 2006 coup?
let me end this post with a complaint: people like you are not helping to move the country forward. you are helping move yourselves forward whilst the opportunity is there in this illegal regime for mediocre people like you . you stink of tatti to me.

Anonymous said...

Thats 1.9% starting from a lower baseline GDP of 3.6 billion USD. Its peanuts relative to what Australia's or the UK's or even the USA's growth is.

Australia's baseline GDP is 1.37 trillion USD and Australia is projected to grow at 3.3 %. That is 3.3% of 1.37 trillion

Sydney Morning Herald
7:16AM Saturday Nov 24, 2012

The International Monetary Fund has trimmed its 2013 forecast for Australia's economy and warned of sluggish global growth for this year and next.

However, the Fund says unemployment is only likely to rise slightly, and the wave of mining investment has insulated the nation against much of the slowing in Asia.

In its latest World Economic Outlook, released this morning, the Fund says Australia's economy will grow by 3 per cent next year, a downgrade from its previous April forecast of 3.5 per cent.

In 2012, it said the economy would expand by 3.3 per cent, which is consistent with the latest published view of the Reserve Bank.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/imf-downgrades-australian-growth-outlook-20121009-27a03.html#ixzz2D4xJjYy5

tattifala said...

@ Sharar when we do have a proper democratic government after elections ... what will happen to the coup makers? that's the more important issue not what the fijians overseas will be doing. if we will have a proper government after elections what kind of government has fiji been having since the 2006 coup? let me end this post with a complaint: people like you are not helping to move the country forward. you are helping move yourselves forward whilst the opportunity is there in this illegal regime for mediocre people like you .

Sharar said...

@tattifala November 24, 2012 9:27 AM

Very good question..what will happen to those that commit treason? Only the next DEMOCRATICALLY elected government can make that decision. Right now we're just moving ahead on faith...or fate...

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 3.42AM
Read the posting immediately after yours as a reply to yours!
I can honestly tell you it's not mine but the view expressed in it is 100% my own thinking.
We can't afford to be dishonest with you people - you are such an honest lot Holding Power Dishonestly and Illegally!!

Anonymous said...

Voreqe is getting mad day by day as well as his stooges. Whatever he is saying about honesty, transparency, integrity are just meer words. In fact he does not know their meanings. If he did, then he would would value these words and would not be contradicting himself. What an hypocrite.

Ratunaca said...

Nai bulubulu boro vulavula.....that's what I call the Fiji 2013 budget. Thik of it guys, with all the freebies being handed out, whose going to pay for them??? They may be freebies but definitely they will NOT BE FREE....!

tattifala said...

Bainimarama says poverty is "temporary".
But poverty in fiji will be around much longer then Bainimarama's illegal rule however much he extends it.
Bainimarama's rule is therefore temporary!
Rabuka's rule was temporary.
Bainimarama can confirm that with his fellow Fiji military man. Rabuka the coup leader of coup no.1 and Bainimarama the coup leader of coup no.4

tattifala said...

can someone check if the pond in front of the Government Buildings still has freshwater prawns in it and report back to me?
if they are no longer there I want an investigation to find out why they have disappeared.
why haven't we maintained the pond in the same condition our colonial masters had given it to us?
come to think about it why haven't we maintained the many other good things the colonials gave to us at Independence - like the constitution, a free press, an independent judiciary,an independent police force, and an independent army and an independent public service and an independent attorney generals office and an independent auditor-general and parliamentary government?
what will be new in the new fiji?

Anonymous said...

All professors of DOOM & GLOOM,
especially tattifala,rejoice the
honorable Prime Minister Voreqe
Bainimarama has presented his Government Budget for 2013.What yeah gonna do???Are you gonna trust
the Prime Minister of Fiji or a faceless,smelly tattifala? I think the man is smiling at the Prime Minister of the cook Island,his
Government is been accepted back
into the ACP which the AG had attended a Chair of the meet?Most
pacific Islanders Representatives
are pushing to bring back Fiji etc?
Bai you're doing good!We're marching to the right tune and lets
keep it going????

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 3.31PM
plez not that word TRUST when talking about your sweet smelling self-appointed prime minister!
everything else is okay we can live with it. we did with rabuka remember.
but don't get us to also put our trust in the man. that's TOO MUCH!

Anonymous said...


No more prawns its breeding mosquito's and frogs. All the fish long gone too. Only weeds and mosquito's in the green sliny water.

The Clock on the clock tower at Government Building is also kaput and cannot be repaired.

The flag up on the flagpole on top of Government buildings stays up there 24/7 at full mast.

Nobody to raise it at reveille and bring it down at retreat.

It was even at full mast when the late President passed away.

All gone junglee style

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 5:45pm.

You must be a fool. With democracy, you have the freedom to say just like it is without fear of prosecution or being taken up to the Barracks. These "tabetabe" people both local and from abroad are so keen to speak well of this IG that they intentionally become blinded to all the poverty etc. here in Fiji. With a democratic government, you have the liberty to vote them out if you are not pleased with them. With this IG, your life is at stake if you become aggressively disobedient.

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 4.32PM
many thanks for the status update on the pond and surroundings.
isa all really gone tatti, hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Why are we bloody entertaining this illegal government
I can never ever understand

People this is an ILLEGAL leadership

everything about it is ILLEGAL

rEVOLUTION. Is needed

God bless fiji

Prof. Doom & Gloom said...

Yes, I'd trust a faceless, smelly tattifalla long before I'd trust an inveterate liar, shit-pants coward, and lowdown scumsucking traitor like Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Tattifala, Fijians didn't maintain all of the good things left them by the colnonial masters because these were all handed to them. They never fought and struggled for their rights like most freemen. These things were simply handed to them. Unearned, they were, and apparently remain, unappreciated by Fijians.

Pretty pathetic, actually.

Anonymous said...

Joeli and Savenaca, you two must be sharing the same bed judging by your support for Voceke. Gay bastards lol

Anonymous said...

Tattifala@1:25pm...thanks for finally coming out of the closet to
declare your total support for the
glorious leader and even suggest to
passed around a hat to collect funds to build a statue for our
MAGNIFICIENT LEADER? Well,well,Tattifala you are truely an enigma and could we trust you with the collection hat?
Where do you want the money to be send to? Oh, by the way, you want
to know about the prawns in the Pond by the Sukuna statue? Well the
person answering your queries,knows
nothing about the prawn in the Pond
or he'd have choro the prawns? They
are still there and we're cleaning
it out every once in a while? The Big Ura are sent to the President Kitchen and the small Moci are donated to the old peoples home?

Singh said...

Fiji Sun published PM's speech which he said manager of a resort tells said Fiji has the highest rate of theft by the staff. PM said this "shames us all".

The bloody resort manager needs to be told the resort owners in Fiji are the biggest crooks around, paying their workers peanuts while siphoning off millions in profits offshore. This is what should shame PM Bainimarama and tourism minister Khaiyum. Instead of scapegoating poor hotel workers, stop the grand theft. The petty thieving will take care of itself.

It's hard for the PM and his tourism minister to empathise with workers, busy as they are enjoying the perks, claiming hefty backpay, rubbing shoulders with the elite and getting photographed at parties and functions.

The coup was carried out in the name of the poor - so far it has been in name only. The AG has shamelessly thwarted moves by Kevin Barr for just wages while enjoying a hefty pay increases himself and shooting his mouth and preaching to the rest of us at every opportunity.

The PM pontificated, "We need to reaffirm basic standards of honesty, decency and goodness...these standards are not old fashioned. They are timeless and we need to work much harder to uphold them. Being honest means many things. It means being an honest person and an honest citizen".

Being honest means not accumulating and claiming leave pay for 30 years. This being both greedy and dishonest. Honesty is lacking first and foremost in this regime. So PM and AG better stop pontificating and start setting an example. Their big and insincere talk is getting nauseating.

Anonymous said...

I just find it amazing that when Qarase announced deficit budgets after deficit budget year after year and continued borrowing to make the chiefs aka thieves happy none of you mongrels said a thing. We have never had a surplus budget in recent memory. We are in debt and that is a fact. The problem in Fiji is that a lot of us do not pay direct taxes as most are earning under thrash hold. We will only have a surplus budget when government has managed to create other revenue streams such as mining royalties casino taxes etc. Every day i read this blog site and everyday i read mindless hatred filled comments about the government which are neither well thought out nor researched. Frankly i do not see how this or any government can ever get a surplus budget unless they increase economic activity dramatically which these recent budgets are doing. The numbers just don't add up unless they start sacrificing everything from healthcare to law and order and nobody ones that. We cant have our cake and eat it too. That is not how it works. I also challenge Pacific in the Media to write a detailed economic plan for Fiji and show us what you would do in ten years if the lot of you were running this country. It is not that easy mate. Talk is cheap.

Anonymous said...

Lol. The President is eating out of that piss pond ? E dina ?!

What prawns ? The only thing in that pond are frogs and tadpoles

Everybody who walks out of Bar 66, Traps, the Ranch, Birdland and going past there towards Draiba pisses in the pond or on the bushes around there on Friday and Saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

"Frankly i do not see how this or any government can ever get a surplus budget unless they increase economic activity dramatically which these recent budgets are doing"

But isn't that what Qarase ws doing ? Under him the economy grew between 3% and 4% over that period 2002 to 2006

Under Chaudary it grew 9% in 1999.

Under Bainimarama it dropped to minus 6.6% in 2007 and we still haven't regained any of that lost ground. The highest we have gone is 1.9% under Bainimarama(2011) but thats still hasn't regained the lost 6.6% of 2007.

So what growth are you talking about when under Bainimarama poverty has grown to the extent that 70% of the people working in Fiji now earn wages under the poverty line ?

Proud Kai Viti said...

I can say that its a good budget especially taxfree threshold being moved up to $16500. Iam working out of the country but we also contribute to economic growth by sending remittances to our families back home. Fiji needs to improve its economic growth and we wish that the economy improves next year . God Bless our Homeland

Anonymous said...

There is no differnce in what the SDL or IG are doing in their budget. The common denominator is buying votes. The SDL budget are debated by opposition and the media also include altenative opinions with full details but not with IG budget.

Anonymous said...

This is definetly a vote buying budget alright. You cannot compare this budget to Rabuka, Qarase & other previuous budgets because those budgets are made by democratically elected govermets and their budgets are scrutinised by opposition. Vore does not have to worry about opposition, he does not have to answer to anybody, he does whatever he wants whether it is right or wrong. He does not have a clue about economics. People who thinks this is a good budget do not understand the consequences of such a budget to the future people of Fiji, more loans from China. This is going to take Fiji to bankrupcy. this a goverment run by a ulukau,corrupt ass dictator who pretends to be good but is evil. He is tring to save himself by pleasing people now so he can be voted in the next goverment.People who idolise him are just as stupid ana ignorant Vore. God bless Fiji

V for Vendetta said...

I agree with the idea of passing around a hat to ask for donations for a statue to Bainimarama. I, for one, am always ready to contribute to the purchase of his cemetery headstone.

Anonymous said...

anon@9:36...Just because a budget was presented
after it had gone through it's democratic process,
doesn't mean it was a good budget? Remember,
the people elected to parliament,
most were really not
qualified to represent anybody or anything,
the people that comes to mind were:
blockheads like Mahendra Chaudhry,
Veshnoi,Rajesh etc,etc,etc.
You probably know more
names, not qualified to be in there?
So how can,in good faith,can
anyone say that they made the right
decision in the budget?
They were all yes men&Women for their party leaders?
We are currently on a new direction-
very similar to a colonial administration?
Do you question the Governor decision when
he puts out his budget?NO!
We are in a similar situation,how long?
we don't know? Was the old-ways better then the new way?
We don't know? One thing is for sure,
we need to give Bai our
support to
see how & where he can take us
without opposition?
Just remember-Bai,
he is a full blooded- Fijian!

Anonymous said...

Joeli, Fijis official debt to GDP ratio is 71% not 17%. That is the debt we know about. Thge danger is also that the FNPF is being tapped for all sorts of ventures. This is risky. Hari Punja's assertions are flip flop. He just needs to stay on the right side of any government esepcially this one. CJ Patel is laughing all the way to the bank.
Also the agriculture incentive for new diploma qualified graduates is a joke. 100 acres each and 70k. So 100 graduates front up for the grant. Thats 10,000 acres and 7 million dollars. Let alone the issue of why you would give a fresh graduate 100 acres to cultivate it works out to 700 dollars an acre. Agriculture scam anyone??