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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Casino decree but no sign of a casino

The Fiji regime has introduced a decree to protect the interests of the American company behind the proposed multi-million dollar casino, even though there is no sign of the gambling venue yet.

According to the original plans, One Hundred Sands Limited was supposed to have already started building the casino on Denarau Island.

Larry Claunch said the five star casino would open in October 2013 and have 500 slot machines, rooms 50 per cent bigger than any other resort in Denarau plus a 1600 seat convention centre.

Under the new decree, Claunch and his company will be able to have:

1) a license for 15 years
2) only pay Gross Gaming Revenue Tax to FRCA (no estimate on how much)
3) pay a Community Fund Levy annually to FRCA (again no estimate on how much and how this money will be used)
4) pay $500000 to the Fijian Gaming Association (who are they and how will they operate? And will they favour the company and not consider a second application?)
5) pay no Corporate Tax for 15 years
6) pay no Duty on any capital goods (gaming machines etc) that will be brought in from overseas
7) pay no annual license fee
8) and pay no legal challenge to the validity or legality of the licenses or the operation of company


PER said...

Obviously there is something amiss here: The decree needs to redrafted urgently to include the small 15% fee aunty Nur is going to charge for facilitating the investment. Khaiyum, you are getting a bit sloppy in your decree writing.

tattifala said...

another "good sign" of the promised "good governance" by the bainimarama gang.

Mukesh said...

If wishes were horses then beggers would ride, the saying came true

Anonymous said...

the mother of all scams of junta and despot of fiji--

one-billion dollar waila city development 10 year scam.

second-casino scam-no casino ever.

SEMI MEO said...

OK…so, what will be the spin offs in so far as assured increases in employment and other sub and secondary Industries created as a result in the Western Division.

We think these generous investment conditions are just to prime the pump..uh…once all’s following then..well..mmmm.. who says no repeal of Decree or future Casino legislation reviewed to suit the time when we cross that bridge…no Decree or legislation is lock stock for ever!!.

.hold on, before you shoot!..even democracies like Australia change investment laws;recently Boarder protection Laws, Fishing Bulk Shps Laws, or what ever you call it etc changed to suit the time…most of these were deemed set on concrete many moons ago….so chill..

Feared adverse social problem effects on our populace may be minimal as foreign holiday spenders will be the major clients.

Morality of it?..best left to the biblical gurus…eh…take a peek at the Foster Brewery share list and ..eh..read their name out at Centenary, Calvary temple, CMF Kinoya, New Methodist Voda drome, Mosque Torack, or temple Nadi etc…hheee…heeee…

oh...would there be a .."veitiri" hidden path to the casino...you know..for some of us like to keep our super spiritual persona...

Anonymous said...

Fiji Rugby Team should just go home as they are making a fool of themselves in Europe - Shame, Shame, Shame.

Put them in a sandbox and teach them to tackle, tackle, tackle before you send this bunch of knigknogs overseas again please.

While we carry on with our mickey mouse competitions at home like the Sukuna Bowl and Service Day the rugby world goes by us leaving us further behind.

Just look at Serevi and the development work he is doing in the US while all we have in Fiji is people vaqara overseas trip.

Rupeni Tamani would have done a better job than the CEO & Manager who are there because of the December 2006 Coup and not because of their talents or what they can bring to Fiji Rugby.

tattifala said...

casini decree with no sign of casino.
reminds me of meat pie with no sign of meat. in both cases you just know something is very not right!

Anonymous said...

Semi when are you returning to Fiji (home)?

Anonymous said...

Fiji rugby will be better of if we get reed of all military personnel..all the post in the Fiji rugby are run by the army..they need to get out ....

Anonymous said...

@Semi 12:22 PM

Keep up with the postings.

It's a breath of fresh air to read your balanced and deeper views of the situations.

Anonymous said...

as usual more lialia comments from sam the pussy cat meow

Vegas Kid said...

Decree makes it a sweet deal. What's stopping Larry from bringing on the dancing girls and the pokies?

Kai baulevu said...

Well said my Tau Semi… but seems to be coming from an empty tin…
The main spin off as far as profit goes will benefit someone from the IG and better ask Nurbano for the details….My Tau Semi Meo mentioned about democracies changing investment law but those countries my Tau youve mentioned are legally binded to do that whereas the Fiji IG in here are not as they are all bunches of thieves without any transparency.
My Tau Semi Meo should be well versed with those gambler addicts sleeping beside him in the street of sunny Brisbane???mostly those tourists visiting Fiji are people who can control their pocket whereas profit mainly come from countries whose population are mostly addicted to gambling…There’s no money in Fiji and probably the figures given are only good on paper but practically its all crap …no casino company will ever come to Fiji only to be ripped off by Voreqe and kaiyum?????...for real it’s nothing to do with morality of it…as you know that now days Christians are also believing in Voreqe bulshit like some bloggers in here and to top it off most Christians are trying their best to change the moral of the coup to make it looks good like some monkeys in the blogs.Se vo na vinati my Tau....lol

SEMI MEO said...

@Kai baulevu...of course , I have enough "vinati" for monkeys like you!

The Heckler said...

Sounds like another regime "wish sandwich" -- i.e., two pieces of bread and you WISH you had some meat.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the regime bet the farm again, and again it crapped out. The regime leaders are not too broken-hearted about it, though, because it was your farm, not theirs!

Anonymous said...

tamata vakilakila toka O Semi MEO....fire mada mai vit tamana!

Kaching Kaching said...

Tailor made for success but as C4.5 says no casino in sight. Companies in New Zealand, Australia and the United States couldn't get a better deal.

Anonymous said...

Thousand Sands and its investors are fools if they think that once lawful government is restored they won't have to pay to defend against a whole slew of legal challenges to the validity and legality of the licenses and its operations.

I don't see it, personally. Larry Claunch is a fraud, but he's not a fool.

Anonymous said...

This casino is doomed from the start. Saipan is already having trouble staying afloat, and it's a short, direct flight from the Chinese coast. A Chinese company also plans to open a casino on Yap, which will destroy Yap but also cut deeper into Fiji's potential foreign customer base. Why should the Chinese come all the way to Fiji when they can spend the weekend in Macao or Saipan?

Santana Maharaj said...

Casino will provide 100 of jobs plus attract Tourism. This way more Fijians can marry white women and migrate.

Anonymous said...

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa goneiii....sa yawa sarala o Kai Baulevu lamusona. O sa bau lai expert talega ni casino. Sa nomu la na veisaqata. Cebo mara...vosota naita.

Anonymous said...

Semi meo, why did you desert Fiji? Now you want to be smart from Brisbane. If you can't answer the question, then shut up

False Legacy said...

Again, it's amazing what the regime can do when it wants to. Frank and his ugly mate Khaiyum willing to write laws up to help their buddy Larry but not ready to lift pay of underpaid workers or those scavenging at tips for food.

tattifala said...

Oxford University Press on Tuesday crowned the word - Omnishambles - as its top new word of 2012.
The word is defined as " a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterised bya string of blunders and miscalculations".
I think the word beautifully captures the prevailing situation under the dictatorship in fiji.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...Semi your a brave man...Brave because you are showing us the anon and pretend wanna be democratic fighters that to be heard is to be seen and posting your photo (hope it's you) is a big step. Obviously you are well learnt and have an touch of sarcasm and innuendo in your writing which makes it difficult for many of the perhaps unschooled bloggers to quite understand your views or side you stand. Nevertheless, I salute your bravery and this is and should be a call for all of us to do the same. Why fear one man (Frank)when we are christians and should rather fear the wrath of GOD. Of course we may have disagreements about certain things but the cause is the same. Frank is abusing and making decisions on Fiji which will impact us for many moons to come and such a decree will of course have its effects which is rather unfortunate. We can perhaps sigh with the relief that whatever decrees or agreements this Military Dictatorship Government has made can be deemed as unlawful given they are an unelected undemocratic Government. This Decree they have created is perhaps a rubber stamp or assurance to One Hundred Stamps of their commitment but rubber stamps can be erased.

You all leave Semi Meo alone because he is the DAQUWAWA you lost and he is brave to post his picture and full name.

Let us all do the same as this will be a true reflection of our stance against the Bainimarama Government. Perhaps this will encourage our brethrens to stand up against Frank.

Kacidaveta Matai

The Oracle said...

Special priveleges for the selected few while the poor ordinary Fijian is losing his job with the Fiji Roads Authority - with a week's wages for each year of service for permanent staff and a month's notice (with no redundancy package) for temporary staff. The word temporary has been abused by governments for years. Throughout the various ministries there have been "temporary" staff employed on what amounts to a permanent basis over many, many years - and in this case, because just over 300 workers fall into that category, they miss out on any redundancy packages.
Here we have a Decree giving a foreign owned company tax concessions to come in and line its pockets on the one hand while poor Fijians are being laid off in the hundreds on the other (over 1000 in Roads Authority).
And the million dollar question is why half a million to the Fijian Gaming Association? Who are the members of this Association and what is its purpose? Shouldn't the fee be payable directly to FIRCA or the Ministry of Finance? All sounds good on the surface -- more money for government coffers, but will it be sufficient to meet the growing demand on the Ministry of Social Welfare in the not too distant future when all those road workers begin seeking welfare cheques?
We are going down the same path many foreign governments have gone - outsourcing. And, in most cases, these same governments have increased rather than reduced their permanent workforce. Shouldn't we be outsourcing to local companies rather than the foreign ones? Or are "spin-offs" better transacted in foreign banks?

Coup 4.5 said...

I refer to Areki Dawai's disparaging letter (Fiji Times 14/11) on Fiji citizens who have migrated overseas to countries like Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand, even England
Dawai has determined that these people have migrated purely in pursuit of "paisa" (money).
Have they? Is Dawai aware that many people had left after the trauma of the first military coup of 1987 virtually losing all their life's earnings and hard work? Apparently not. They had left then and many others followed in their footsteps in later years after other coups - because they wanted peace of mind and a more secure future for themselves and their children.
Anything wrong with that?
By saying these people had migrated only for paisa Dawai is only adding insult to the injury many of the post coup migrants experienced.
I wonder what drives Dawai to do that? I wonder what Dawai would have done if he had got a chance to migrate ? (which quite obviously he hasn't)
I have a sneaking suspicion he would have made a dash for the Nadi International Airport without waiting to tie up is sulu properly!
Rajend Naidu

mark manning said...

Anyone who invests in Fiji at the moment, is an idiot.

Kai baulevu said...

To my naita anon cebo mara....gusu mara cebo mara mu tai......Im not an expert on the casino but Ive seen its operation and the effect of the casiono's to ordinary people.....lamusona biuta na kemui taba se bai dua la na vuli vaka vo o naita mai delai nabua ko mai via tono mua i muri tiko eke..cebo lwaqa....naita

Kai baulevu said...

Oso my Tau Semi Meo I didnot called you a monkey but Im prefering to those monkeys who are supporting the IG.Are you guilty my Tau that you are also in that catergory?????kemuni ni sega ni maqe ni dau volitaka ga na kedra na tama ni maqe....solia eso vei noqu naita ko na caga buku vai nona tai ko vosavosa tiko qori mai cake vaka dua na tama ni maqe...lol

Anonymous said...

Rajend...worry nai karta...Your right Dawai would probably be on a plane if he was capable of obtaining a visa and what he fails to state is that money sent back to Fiji from overseas families is one of the biggest economies helping keep the country afloat. What if everyone overseas boycotted and stopped sending money to Fiji for 6 months...Well our families will be hungry but the impact on the economy will be tremendous...

Karavaki Matai

Anonymous said...

In large measure the failure of investment may be attributed entirely to the lack of investor confidence, caused by the military coups of 2006 and 2009, and associated decrees which have broken the sanctity of contracts.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning or put it this "anyone invest in Fiji at the monent is a thief"

Anonymous said...

1/2 Mill and jobs created, wheres the downside. You idiots would probably complain if you won the new hyundai at MCC.

I con only assume that you can't get to your trough. What happened did brother sister aunty cousin next door neighbour school mate lose their graft money. Boo hoo hoo You might have to work hard now. what a shame!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it not so obvious that ALL if not a GOOD chunk of the concessions will go to the Vore's and the the other PIG Arse's accounts!!
The two are really, really making hay while the sun is shinning at our expense!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and Khaiyum is so desperate to casino deal that they will put their wives to the investors. Mai Chood

Blip Blip said...

Fiji needs jobs. If you haven't heard 1,035 people are to lose their jobs from Fiji Roads Authority in the next few weeks.

717 permanent staff and 318 temporary staff of the Roads Authority will be made redundant as the Authority begins outsourcing road works to the overseas contractors.

According to Fiji Village 318 temporary staff will be made redundant and as they are only employed on a temporary basis, they do not qualify for redundancy.

90 permanent staff will be deployed to other Ministries and Departments, 27 contracted staff will continue under their current conditions, 717 permanent un-established staff will be made redundant and redundancy packages will be offered to them.

Fiji needs jobs!

Mere said...

Count our lucky stars that the casino osn't happening yet.

We don't need more Chinese triad gunplay and murder on our streets. We don't need more Angel clubs. We don't need more red envelopes stuffed with cash passed under the table to our police. We don't need the morals of our youth further corrupted. We don't need Bainikhaiyum skimming off more money to their offshore accounts. We don't need people drinking alcohol all night and then carousing in pur streets. We don't need another money laundering and drug smuggling operation.

We already have the RFMF for that.

SEMI MEO said...

“Anyone who invests in Fiji at the moment, is an idiot.”..another foreign taunt to our rebuilding process.

The 300 Million dollars we the Global Diaspora invest annually in the lives of our loved ones back you is now taunted as a probable idiotic benevolent act. These monies are known to finance cottage industries, shares in listed companies, invest in secondary and tertiary education for Fiji future leaders.
Investment in a produce processing plant now buid in Deuba, facilitates sources of produce from semi-subsistence farmer, mostly I Taukei villages…mainly for export toward the Fijian Diaspora, Asian Diaspora and African Diaspora in 3 major existing markets…that is now deem an idiotic investment

Bottling plant in Taveuni,light Industrial in Sigatoka, recently a Sydneysider former Fijian with A$500,00 cold cash..I saw..I tell..sent to Fiji for BISINISI..better stop before divulge privy info, but suffice to mention in context of topic.
What we do not want is $1 company of some overseas con artist travelling first class to Fiji with a $20 Rolex watch, 3 piece suite hires a Lexus..borrows 99% schemes and hoodwinks us all and…disappears in thin air…many around, but they dare come to our shores with their $1.00..they now where that will end up…these are the real idiots!!

Anonymous said...

I agree anyone who invests in Fiji or to go even further who travels to Fiji as a tourists is an IDIOT.

Solution get rid of the Banana and his sidekick idiot the illegal AG.

Anonymous said...

Someone told me that the Village six Complex and Telecom Ganilau House is earmarked for the casino site thats why the market bridge was closed not for repairs that is if you see any public works guys there but the whole area is being bought by the Casino people.Must have got this from the Bati ni Tanoa Guys, God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Karavaki Matai says....redundancies and people in Fiji still support and put up with the Franks bullshit. Come on guys stop the bullying...Kai Bau...instead of attacking your Tau why dont you put your real name and face on this blog like Semi has done in his defiance of Frank or are you too stupid to understand him. Come on everyone, it is time to stop being afraid. So what if Frank and his idiot military goons know who we are. Many have been beaten, killed, raped, molested and abused by the military over the past 6 years...Why should we continue to be afraid to show and tell who we are and speak our minds. Why continue to whisper. Show Frank and his sona levu military goons we are not afraid. Put your names down on this site. Speak out. When people use anonymous tones, people tend not to be afraid to say stupid things and its time we read and see proactive resistance on this blog. If one continues to use an anonymous name, they should not be on this blog. Lets stand up and show Frank and his goons we dont give a shit anymore.

Like Freddy Fesaitu sang...we are the victims of this political war...we do not want our children to suffer more.

What Frank is doing now will impact on the country for many years to come. People must understand and realise this and fight to return Fiji back to the democratic country we once believed in and not live in Fear. Sign off with your name. How many of us can they beat up. What more can they do that they have not done. Remember if they are not punished now, they will have to answer to God and no matter how many prayers for forgiveness will be said, in their hearts these soldiers know what they are doing against their bretheren is wrong. They cannot continue to let us the people suffer just because of past leaders whom they blame.

Anonymous said...

Amazing this so called "money-making-business" can't afford to pay tax for the next 15 years. (ie from 2014 to 2029)

Whose bright idea was it to bring this kind of business to Fiji?

Must be a really stupid person.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Mickey Mouse Freedom, what else do you people expect? Levu ga na Con. Ena qai tobo ga na lasu!

Anonymous said...

Hey, good time to established a Mafia
type organization? Pass-off
some legit dough to
the Bai&Khaiyum and we're ready to
do legit business. Hey don't cry over spilled milk,
join in and make
some real gree papers?
Forget the tin fish, go for the huge Beef Steak?
don't kill the tiny Moci,
bring in the monster Urau?
forget been an asseole and join-in
with the 40 thieves? GOLD,GOLD,GOLD

Anonymous said...

Any tom..dick n harry can write any shit decree like the above. For as long as its fill up my pockets and no accountability. Dou kitaka...ke mani 100 na yabaki na nomuni vakaloloma taka tiko na vanua o Viti. Mo ni kila tiko na wrath ni Kalou ena qai yaco ga mai ena kena gauna ga. E na vua mai na vei ka kece e da cakava.

Anonymous said...

BAIMAN comments on borrowed information from Mr Chaudhry

The worst economist [Baiman Prasad] Fiji has ever produced. Why I am saying this because any ordinary cane farmer knows very well that without financial support the sugar industry will not survive,so what new this failed politician is suggesting? go back to Deketi and do some rice farming you black owl.



Anonymous said...

Sa baci dua tale na mata ni pusi lialia mai Tailevu

Tikina presents traditional apology to PM
Publish date/time: 15/11/2012 [07:57]

Print this page
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The tikina of Buretu in the province of Tailevu has presented a traditional apology and also reaffirmed their allegiance to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his government.

Speaking on behalf of the village, Niumaia Bekanimoli commended government for the reforms that are being implemented and the changes taking place around the country.

Bekanimoli told Commodore Bainimarama during the ceremony that some of the villagers were previously double minded and some of them lacked judgment because of their own ignorance and lack of knowledge and understanding.

He said they presented the matanigasau to seek the Prime Minister’s forgiveness.

In accepting the matanigasau, Prime Minister Bainimarama asked that elders to always prioritize the future of their children and ensure that measures are always taken for a bright and prosperous future.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

any news on KISSING PS for trade and industry

tattifala said...

Tikina presents traditional apology to PM
old colonial method : get the chief get the whole village.
seek the Prime Minister's forgiveness? For what??
what wrong did they do to the "PM"?
speaking on behalf of the village...
will the spokesman also vote on behalf of the village?!!

Ganesh said...

Fiji needs jobs!

True. So, so true.

Bainimarama means jobs. Let's examine the record.

First Bainimarama effectively laid off all parliamentarians, honest police and loyal soldiers through his treasonous military coup.

Of course, most investment fled, both foreign and domestic, costing Fiji what could have been many, many new jobs.

Tourism tanked, causing many folks in the hospitality industry to be laid off until numbers could rebound. Numbers eventually did, but not before some workers emigrated. Also, the type of tourist Fiji now attracts is not as desirable and doesn't spend as much.

How did Bainimarama repay Indo-Fijians for their support after the coup? To avoid any accountability, he forfeited millions and millions of Euros in EU support money for the sugar industry, leading to its virtual collapse, and the displacement of many -- mostly kai idia -- farming families.

Next, he chased away all real journalists.

After that, he laid off Fiji's entire judiciary.

Then he harassed Fiji's best attorneys straight out of the country.

Bainimarama lowered the mandatory retirement age for civil servants, although he made exceptions, of course, for himself and his key accomplices.

He forced the resignations of Fiji's best clergy and best college instructors.

He kicked out of his cabinet those politicians foolish enough to lend him their credibility, and he arrested or caused to flee those army officers who developed misgivings about his leadership.

He passed up a low-interest IMF loan in favour of a high-interest loan in order to avoid accountability, again, and to borrow further against Fiji's sovereign credit, so that he would have more money with which to campaign.

His fascistic and imbecilic anti-labour decrees, together with other of his recent actions, will ensure the loss of at least 15,000 more jobs when Fiji loses its GSP preference in the United States.

But Bainimarama has found new jobs for people. Nailatikau, Khaiyum, and Nurbano Ali couldn't be happier. Mongolians are pleased to be taking over our peacekeeping duties. Sri Lankans are still coming to take over our courts. Americans enjoy their airline jobs. Chinese prostitutes and organised crime flock to Fiji. They're glad to take our highway construction jobs as well.

Yes, Bainimarama means jobs -- perhaps your job next, until we start meaning business -- until we start doing something about HIS job.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make sense, does it -- another blogger telling us we should stop blogging anonymously... and then signing off anonymously?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:03 Another sonalevu trying to fool everyone on this blog.
We know who you are Graham.
Why didn't you put down your real name a...hole.

Anonymous said...

This fool Frank thinks that he is getting support for this apologies,,,,old kai viti tricks from the cannibal days,,,,,welcome them to give them a false sense of security & club them when they relaxing ie watch them vote come election Moce Jo

tattifala said...

@ Ganesh said
Well Ganesh has pretty much said everything that needs saying.
I wonder if Tom Racket wants to say anything on what Ganesh said?

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Drastic drop in roll

Luke Rawalai
Thursday, November 15, 2012

THE expiry of agricultural land leases has affected the student numbers at Waidamudamu Primary School in Labasa.

Normally, the school has a roll of 160 and 180 students but this has dropped to 40 in the past three years.

Waidamudamu Primary School headteacher Gaj Raj Prasad said farmers had been evicted from the area which used to thrive on cane farming.

Mr Prasad said the school reduced their staff and was running composite classes because of the school roll they now had.

Waidamudamu cane farmer and school manager Raj Patel said farmers in the area were evicted after the expiry of their leases and they chose to find greener pastures in other towns, with many of them moving to Viti Levu. "It is very expensive to renew leases with the high fees that we have and a farmer normally has to pay lease renewal fee of approximately $12,000 and an annual land rent of $700 to $800," said Mr Patel.

"This is very expensive and many farmers have opted to move out as we cannot cater for other expenses incurred during the process of cane farming, taking into account the cost of labour, fertiliser and transportation costs.

"This area used to thrive with cane farmers which saw the need to build a school but the current school roll is evidence of the amount of farmers who have moved out and opted for other means of generating income other than cane farming, thus affecting the school roll in this cane belt area," he said.

Anonymous said...



Vutuki Meo said...

@Kamlesh, if the Lease expires, it's upto the Landlord what he wants to do with his property.
Which part of that you did not understand?


That is normal policy whether you live in India or New Zealand or Australia or America or wherever.

Stop crying like a baby!and Get over it!

Its stupid people like you who want to be handfed all the time but no responsibility.

Radiolucas said...

@ Semi

Given Ganesh's well thoughtout statement, do you have anything to add about Frank and Aiyaz's "record"?

Those two idiots have done nothing to aid Fiji except to line their own pockets and maintain their grip on power. An incidental investment of $500,000 is nothing when compared with the billions of dollars lost every year by the regime ($500,000 is not a gift to the poor, it is money invested).

I would have thought that as a supposed politician, you would have had something to say about the waste and corruption in the regime and your proposed efforts to fix this.

Kai baulevu Rt Emosi Kamanavanua said...

My Tau Semi Ratu Meo...drau bula rau... sa ra kana oti na maqe mai na Zoo??Semi Meo thinks that he is feeding monkeys at the Brisbane Zoo with his piece of crap in this blog.But anyway tahnk you for the photos.My Tau I will pin some of your photos under the Baka tree infront of the ANZ and also put up some at Sukuna park for those who roam around that area at dawm.Valevu mai na vinati me ra kana na maqe...lol...sulu vakataga se tarausese balavu o dara tu qori....vaka e titi toka i ra...lol


To Vutaki

Please read the article on Drastic Drop in Roll which appeared in the Fiji Times TODAY. The blame has to go to Qarase and Rabuka government's policies on confiscation of the land in the name of indigienous fijians. Those lands are unproductive now. Please also note that I dont condone a military government either. What people in fiji need is peace, fairness to all,low crime, jobs,better education and health services,better infrastructure, better housing
and positive discrimination in certain areas for i-Taukeis to better their standard of living. You cannot defranchise a community to better another community's standard of living. This is what Rabuka and Qarase governments were doing and at what expense. There was a coup in 2006, the whole economy has collapsed and everyone is suffering.

Anonymous said...

1,035 people to lose their jobs
Publish date/time: 14/11/2012 [17:05]

Print this page
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1,035 people will lose their jobs with the Fiji Roads Authority in the next few weeks.

717 permanent staff and 318 temporary staff of the Roads Authority will be made redundant as the Authority begins outsourcing road works to the overseas contractors.

In a statement this afternoon, it has been confirmed that of the 1,152 staff, 318 temporary staff will be made redundant and as they are only employed on a temporary basis, they do not qualify for redundancy.

tattifala said...

Where was Bainimarama when Rabuka was effecting his policies?
He was not in the same Fiji military force which Rabuka used to carry out his coup, was he?
So what was Bainimarama's thinking at that time?

Anonymous said...

SEMI MEO CV DETAILS FROM CYBER SPACE.....very interesting reading through this genglements archivemnets.

I am Ratu Semi Kuboutawa Maisala Meo and my paternal link to “Namuka na Qaqa” and “Vunimasei Vunivalu Tawake’ and maternal link to Tui Maba, Qamea and also to the Sharma's clan from Vatuwaqa, Suva…unfortunately the “slip” of Ratu Sir Sukuna’s pen in 1948 or thereabout slotted us in a Saqani village..”Nautosolo” I am still a decendtans and son of Namuka na Qaqa and my name is still “ Kuboutawa Maisala Sharma
I have never ever purported or outrightly supported the treasonous acts since 1987 (which some thugs nationalist and a few Methodists like you supported) …never did I!!...I am on recorded to vigorously and openly, under my own name and never cowardly; abhor and refute to smithereens Rabukas, Speight and now Bainimarama actions…all acts of treason..all legally wrong all biblically deviant! ..but I also support Rear Admiral due to the fact that he recruited my son in the military few years back.
What is the solution?...sa bau wadrega …for the Rear Admiral and Aiyuz to shift…sa bau wadrega, unless of course devine will and intervention…or anyone in the blog have another better “realistic, workable, achievable, sane, credible and Fijian solution”???
The Rotary International in 1990 selected yours truly as one of the “Most outstanding young business/professional ” 4 indians and me from Fiji awarded for an overseas tour of Industries of our choice was humbled to be the only “i Taukei”..,selling peanuts around the Suva bus stand and market Media Marketing, International trade etc

Anonymous said...

By the look of things, there is a real risk that the current Yash Ghai-led constitution making process will end up a waste of time and money exercise. It is now a fact that the process has been heavily compromised going by Ghai's claims that there have been massive intereference in the process by Bainimarama himself who has been sending e-mails to Ghai dictating what he wants incorporated in the document. There have also been exchanges of harshly worded statements between the two gentleman. It paves the way for anyone to challenge the credibility of the process in the courts and with the evidence that we have, the courts will have to rule that the constitution is not a fair document because its processing has been severely interfered with. This will mean that the current process will be scrapped as a result of the ruling. This would be good for the regime as it will as a consequence prolong its stay in power as we await the formulation of a new process.

SEMI MEO said...

@November 15, 2012 1:45 PM...lol...lol...lol...o'ilei maria...lol..lol good one, the best cut paste joke post eclipse..

Oh my good Lord!

But..you forgot to list my notoriety in giving you sleepless night….mumbling my name sensually in your sleep and to your wife’s disgust!..and when you woke up my memory was probable the purpose you took the next breath and step in life…lol….lol…lol…
Hold on…hold on…let me reread your most previous post…lol…lol…lo...some one pass me a bag o' peanut for this...uh....nut!

Anonymous said...

15 years tax free for a exclusive casino lol only in Fiji

Warlord said...

Talk about corruption in the highest order!!!

NadroKid said...

Wonder if this letter by the Hereditary Chief of the Snoqualmie people in the US to Larry Claunch has anything to do with the delay of the Casino. Also makes me wonder what kind of investor we are allowing into the country.

The link to the PDF is here:


I quote part of the letter below:

It is in the spirit of our history, and of the rights and responsibilities as Hereditary Chief of the Snoqualmie Indians, to protect the rights of our people, that I say this to you today.

The people who have been representing themselves to you as the Snoqualmie Council members have been invalid since June 1, 2011 when they refused to call the Constitutional traditional May elections of 2011 of the Snoqualmie people. As a result, the Snoqualmie Tribe is currently in litigation over these intra-tribal matters. The people you have been meeting with have no authority under the Snoqualmie Constitution to carry out the affairs of the Snoqualmie Nation. All matters and business conducted since June 1st 2011 will be challenged in Tribal or U.S. Federal court by the Snoqualmie people including the recent unauthorized Fiji investment.

NadroKid said...

Havent read this one yet. But the title seems to be telling. Some people have apparently couped the legal leaders of the Snoqualmie and are the ones working with birds of the same feather illegal regime in Fiji.

Sa veikilai ga na Toa ni Qamea.

E vo sivia na giri.

The Snoqualmie Princess and Tribal Council Secretary speaks out in a public letter to the ones who have occupied the Snoqualmie Tribal government illegally since June 1st, 2012 and put millions offshore in Fiji. LINK HERE: http://www.snoqualmiehereditarychiefs.com/arlene%20venturas%20letter%202012.pdf

tattifala said...

All ye good people of Fiji do yourselves a favour and get hold of the film SEEDS OF DECEPTION. The scumbag doctor in the film proudly advertises himself as the "baby maker" and takes vuneral,gullible, trusting people on a ride regarding the conception of a "miracle baby".
Substitute the doctor for Bainimarama the ""coup maker" who has been taking the people of Fiji on a ride regarding the making of "true democracy".
You will find an uncanny parrallel between the two.
The film is based on true events.See the film and ask yourselves if you are not unwittingly falling victim to the same kind of deception?

Julab Dean said...


20 more villagers of Nawailevu have recently found employment through the Bua bauxite mining which started last year.
Aurum Exploration Fiji Limited mine manager Vanuaca Basilio said they have been contracted as carpenters for the Chinese company to build halls that are required.
Basilio said currently they employ 150 200 foreign and local workers who are truck drivers, operators, security, caters and office workers.
According to Basilio $15,000-$20,000 is paid in terms of payroll.
Meanwhile, approximately $10 million has been generated from the Bua bauxite mining so far.
Mineral Resources assistant director Venasio Naisara said this is after five shipments of bauxite were shipped out to China by Aurum Exploration Fiji Limited

tattifala said...

au sa tukuna oti ve kamuco when tatti happens - as has happened via the bai coup - shit flies converge to do bijinis!!

Anonymous said...

More jobs to go
Timoci Vula
Tuesday, November 06, 2012
Fiji Times

ANZ CEO Vishnu Mohan addresses guests during the Diwali celebration hosted at his residence in Suva. Picture: IVAMERE ROKOVESA
THE Australia New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ) Fiji will commence a limited voluntary redundancy program in its approach to control costs in the banking business.

The voluntary redundancy package announced yesterday, following a review of its business, will be offered to eligible staff who had been employed with ANZ Fiji on or prior to December 31, 1989.

ANZ chief executive officer Pacific and Fiji Vishnu Mohan said the redundancy packages would be offered in recognition of their loyalty and long-term contribution to the bank.

He said after an expression of interest period, ANZ Fiji would advise staff who would have their application accepted. He said approximately 60 staff would receive the package.

He said the decision to offer a voluntary redundancy program was a considered approach to reducing costs in ANZ's Fiji business to reflect a more challenging business environment.

Anonymous said...

Casino not approved yet because Bai and Kaiyumu havent received any under the table gift from the company.

Anonymous said...

Now things are starting to emerge as to why semi Meo has been sending mixed messages about the current regime.

He always refer to Bainivuaka as Rear Admiral. FYI semi, he's Commodore NOT rear admiral.

So semi's son is in the army. Now that explains a lot about his disguised support of Bainivuaka. Semi you can fool people some of the time but you can't fool them all the time.

Stop wasting your time spewing shit in here because you're a coward to run away from Fiji in the first place.

By the way, you haven't answered the question; why did you run away from Fiji?

I like your cv posted above lol

Anonymous said...


20 more villagers of Nawailevu have recently found employment through the Bua bauxite mining which started last year.

Oilei please what kind of jobs oqo?
.Masi valepo

How many accountants?

Is this a long term job commitment?

Remember guys these are international investors who are well know all over the world for stealing and destroying natural resources.

You ask the people of Wailevu and the Bua provincial council.

How much is the Bauxite cost?

$4 Billion

How much comes to the poor and stupid land owners?

Less then 2 million
How much goes to government?
May be $2 million a year.

How much under the table deal?
Ask Mary Bainimarama.

Aurum Exploration Fiji Limited mine manager Vanuaca Basilio said they have been contracted as carpenters for the Chinese company to build halls that are required.
Basilio said currently they employ 150 200 foreign and local workers who are truck drivers, operators, security, caters and office workers.
According to Basilio $15,000-$20,000 is paid in terms of payroll.
Meanwhile, approximately $10 million has been generated from the Bua bauxite mining so far.
Mineral Resources assistant director Venasio Naisara said this is after five shipments of bauxite were shipped out to China by Aurum Exploration Fiji Limited

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama government is also forcing people out of their land to give priority to soldier families and also giving them special preference to the army personnel to the Fiji Development Bank Coffers and any other Government owned Financial institution if they require financing in whatever project they wish and no scrutiny is given to their application and the workers of this institution know whats going on.God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

So, after five shipments of bauxite to China, generating $10 million, the workers have only been paid $15,000-20,000?

Anonymous said...

So, even ANZ needs to lay off more Fijian employees because of the 'more dhallenging business environment' -- i.e., a no-school banana dictator and his Taliban AG henchman acting arbitrarily with no rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:45, aka Semi Meo, you're not fooling anyone, mate. Your illiteracy gives you away every time.

Stop using C4.5 for self-promotion. You're an apologist for this regime. Probably 90 percent of the postings on C4.5 are more thoughtful and make more sense than yours, so why should anyone support your self-centered political ambitions?

Oh, by the way, still ducking the challenge to you from Nameless Cyber Bully?

Coup 4.5 said...

In a speech to Indian leaders in India the iconic pro-democracy activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung Sung Sui Kyi said the more enduring relationship between their two countries should be one based on the people to people relationship because the point of democracy is to see governments come and go.
In her country Myanmar the military government has yet to fully appreciate this essential point of democracy.
But her country is not alone in this regard.
Rajend Naidu

Bula Vinaka-Fiji said...


1. When was she appointed adviser to FICAC?
2. What were the terms and conditions of her engagement?
3. What was she paid?
4. Is she still engaged by FICAC?
5. How much is she being paid by FICAC?
6. How much has she been paid in total by FICAC from the date of her engagement?
7. Can she confirm that she was assisting in prosecuting the case of FICAC v Rajeshwar Kumar & Anor (Criminal Case No: HAC 001 of 2009) in February 2010, ? What was she paid for this?
8. Can she Nazhat Shameem confirm or deny that the Attorney General was calling on a daily basis to enquire on the case?
9. Can Nazhat Shameem confirm or deny that such discussions with the Attorney General was on loud speaker and heard by her, prosecutors, investigators and George Langman?
10. Can Nazhat Shameem confirm or deny that she entertained and advised another very important person connected to this case and after discussions with this person who called FICAC after each days’ hearing had concluded to give directions for the next day and that such conversations took place and was heard on speaker phone by her, prosecutors, investigators and George Langman?
11. Does Nazhat Shameem think it was ethical to have joined FICAC as a consultant so soon after leaving the judiciary as a judge and where she heard in part the FICAC v Rajeshwar Kumar & Anor (Criminal Case No: HAC 001 of 2009) matter?

Anonymous said...

Strip this guy-Larry Claunch-off all his face makeup and we'd see
Peter Foster in disguised? Yep,this
is the same dude who lied to Bai and his 40 thieves gang,that the 2006 Fiji General Election were tainted & fixed? The military (Bainimarama)
used his lies to justify their treasonous coup? Wonder what they're up to with Claunch and his
gang? No doubt this thief is trying
to manuever the two king thieves,to
open up accounts in the FNPF or loans from Fiji Banking industry?Bai don't let this asseole screw you and live to tell the tail?

Anonymous said...

Good questions from Rajendra Chaudhry for conwoman Naz Shameem,

tattifala said...

@ Bula Vinaka Fiji
a good thinking man/woman ask good questions for the public good.
but we must not expect good answers or any answers. not from nazet not from any regime cronies.

Anonymous said...

Mahen Chodo says...

One of Franks objective of carrying the coup was...

Transparency, Nepotism, Corruption, Race etc...

Just look at how this regime is operating and the huge corrupt practices - its because they are NOT accountable to anyone.

They are quickly filling in theeir pockets, buying properties, promoting themselves and their beneficieries etc.

Family driving around and shopping like never before - everytime they pass me in MHCC, I want to spill...

boi dada ga, no swet, kana loto..

Anonymous said...

Kamleh Kumar...Cut out the blame game.
Over 99.9% of Indo holding a
30 years lease on Fijian native land, owes
29 years back-Rents on their lease!
According to Professor John Davis in one of his many
articles he wrote on Fiji.
Indo owes over 2 billion dollars in Back-Rent
to the Fijian land owners?
WTF you asseoles have been robbing us
blind for the last 150 years!! So
stop the frieken bullshit crocodile tears and try your choro
elsewhere!We've had it up to here
with you bunch!
If you wanna live in Rome,
than do what the Roman do
Pay your Rent, Pay your Taxes
and support the indegenous
Government of the day?

tattifala said...

@Anon 16/11 , 3.12PM
coup-makers' families" driving around and shopping like never before".
actually I saw that once before- after the 1987 first military coup.third rate people who were catapulted to ministerial and other top dog positions in the civil service behaved in that way as well.
the whole thing was simply too good for them - just like getting free goodies which is what a coup is about in a banana republic!

Anonymous said...

We've been had.

FB Government wake up

Nazet said...

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Philippe Nazet said...

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