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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Egypt and Fiji: both struggling over Constitutions and battling dictators

Tens of thousands of Egyptians are gathering again at Tahrir Square.

Sukuna Park: all too quiet
A population difference of almost 81 million sets Egypt and Fiji apart but politically they're at similar places.

Like Fiji, Egypt is drafting a new Constitution. And like Fiji, it's not going well.

Egypt had until recently been working towards democracy, albeit slowly, after last year toppling longtime dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

It's new president, Mohammed Mursi, last week introduced a new decree, though, that gave him sweeping powers to ban all challenges to his decisions

Mursi, the Islamist leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, says the move will bring progress to the country because it will allow the Constituent Assembly, which is drawing up a new Constitution, to work unhampered.

Mohammed Mursi: Egypt's 'new pharoah'
The 100 strong Assembly, which is dominated by Islamists and criticised by secular political forces, is tasked with ensuring Egypt has a new governing document and can proceed to new legislative elections.
The Constitution was supposed to have been rewritten by  next month but has been dogged by dozens of lawsuits questioning the make-up of the Constituent Assembly.

Last month it suffered a major drawback when the Supreme Constitutional Court rejected a first draft saying it limits the powers of the courts and interferes in judicial affairs.

In April the first Constituent Assembly was suspended, amid accusations it was dominated by Islamists.

A new panel was agreed to in June but liberals continued to complain about the distribution of seats, lodging 43 legal challenges to the Assembly's constitutional legitimacy.

Fiji's Constitution process has not had the chance to be challenged so thoroughly but there has been similar concern about its legitimacy with many still supporting the 1997 document.

And like Egypt there has also been questions about who will be on the Constituent Assembly and how much power it will wield.

As with Fiji's illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama who will have total say over who sits on the Assembly, Mursi claims the decree that gives him such encompassing powers still allows dialogue and does not impinge on the work of the judiciary.

And in an all too familiar rhetoric, he says it's also aimed at 'cleansing state institutions' and 'destroying the infrastructure of the old regime.'

The work of the Yash Ghai Constitution wrapped up several weeks ago and the country now waits for its draft Constitution before a Constituent Assembly takes over.

The Fiji Assembly will have the power to challenge, change and even reject the draft Constitution.

But it's power is even more assiduous now that the regime has decreed citizens will not be able to see the draft and give feedback (thanks to Bainimarama getting in a snit over the appointment of Joni Madraiwiwi as a consultant) before it  goes to the Assembly.  

In Egypt, which has a population of more than 82,500 million, there has been widespread rejection of Mursi's intention with the judiciary saying it's a 'power grab' and the Opposition  accusing him of acting like a 'new Pharaoh', despite Mursi saying his new powers are temporary.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians, young and old, have this week returned to Tahrir Square saying they only just got rid of one dictator and do not want another one.

It was the rallies at Tahrir Square last year that led to despot Hosni Mubarak being toppled in October.

In Fiji, Sukuna Park, singled out for several unsuccessful democracy rallies, remains quiet.


tattifala said...

Dictatorial Rule Will Not Be Tolerated. That's the message the Egyptian people are sending to their elected President.
It's a message our unelected President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers should heed.
Just because the Fijian people are not gathering in our Tahrir Square does not mean they have accepted dictatorial rule . They are waiting and watching ...

Lutumailagi said...

The glaring stark difference between the citizens in Egypt anf Fiji is that the Egyptians have the courage, initiatives and commitment to take direct mass action against their Dictator and the Fijians???? ..... Meek, lamulamu, lack courage, lazy...just satisfied with waiting and see...even going to the Dictator as droups to ask for forgiveness for opposing him.

Anonymous said...

fijian have to have guts.fiji is controlled by muslim brother hood now .khaiyum and cronies.
time to wake up before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Muslim Brotherhood is known to be a secretive organisation that can buy a lot of support. But what I've seen in international coverage supports the claim that protests are widespread. With Opposition parties united and people protesting Mursi could back off. The peoples power works in Egypt not in Fiji.

SEMI MEO said...

It would be grossly unfair to even compare Egypt and Fiji, or Egyptians and the Fijians. Though, the absolute executive authority of Hosni Mubarak and our present Fiji leaders may have some resemblance.

Fiji, with our maritime boarders is a natural deterrent for any “extreme foreign’ elements to assist local resistance like foreigners who were report to cross the Egyptian border of all fronts prior to Mr. Mubaraka’s fall .

That said though, Fijians do not need foreign influence to heighten our resolve for patriotism or democratic vigour to act seditiously…uh…again!

Fiji believes in the Fijian way!...what ever it is..definitely, further killings of innocent lives and damaging of properties are NOT Fijianess at all!!

500,000 extremist of the 8 millions populations is a lot of pawn to tactically shift around and sacrifice. Hence, in our case, we view it counter productive and to the detriment of mass innocents to even think about such revolt!

Now…back to refocussing on the 2014 election…and effect changes while inside not as barking dogs from far far away land!

Mafi- USA said...

Fuck Bainimarama and Khaiyum..something must be done asap. We can't let these two people and their cohorts ruin our country!!!!

Anonymous said...

The people's power can also work in Fiji. It is just a matter of time someone will start leading the protest.

Anonymous said...

How come you wre all marching-Tora and co---with red bands on your foreheads when Chaudhary Govt was in power?---How? --lamu sona now.

Anonymous said...

Fiji people you maust get together and protest, When are you going to stand up MEN to fight fot your country ??

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the truth is that there just aren't enough people upset enough at the consequences to their lives caused by the present government.

And how many have been shot so far for protesting ?

Lets face it, with Fijis track record any one with half a brain knows that you can change the government tomorrow and there's an 80% chance it could get removed by another coup in four years.

For many lifes too short care.

Anonymous said...

The itaukei indigeneous community should not worry about the dictatorial type of government currently exist in Fiji. The itaukei should vote wisely in the coming election. Do not vote for any party or people who will turn around to be your enemy. One best example is Mr Mahendra Pal Chaudhary, who is a racist and always try to break the itaukei unity. He always complained about the SVT, SDL, the Bainimarama Military Government and still now want to join with SDL again. He is one of the polotician who planned the coup with Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Barking dogs from far far away....semi you're talking about yourself ulukau.

pst pst said...

A dictatorship is a dictatorship be it Egypt or Fiji although I'm hearing political observers say Mursi may back down. It's agreed he's brought in a chainsaw when he should've used a scalpel but there's a thought he might've see the error of his ways.

The same can't be said about Bainimarama. He hung on to power because it felt so good and there were so many goodies for him and his family to enjoy.

The only way we will get rid of him is to vote him out or you know what.

Anonymous said...

time is finally here to free fiji from these people for god is great!

freedom at last is just around the corner.

we have had support that we need and we will kill these bastards and their families from home made bombs!

we will sacrifice our live so that our children can breathe freedom !!!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 10.20p.m. You almost sound like a paid goon i.e. a goon prostitute or sapota equiv. trolling anti-junta blogs.

Why do you assume people would prefer to resort to violence i order to rid the BAND of THIEVES stealing from the nation's coffers while posing as Fiji's legit government? The people haven't waited patiently for the last six years to go down that route, that is the CLASSIC MO of the LOSERS and TOSSERS in the junta.

Nice try thou..

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:20pm...
Sa o qai varaitaka sara na nomu ulukau !...maroroi keda rau...so when u kill these bastards and their families..and then their extended families turn aorund and do the same or think the same way as u do and then it goes all round and round in a circle...u blow them up ...they blow u and ur family up ...sa o qai tautauvata kei ratou na brotherhood kei na taliban...c'mon bro i thought we fijians have more sense then tht!...valoloma o iko taciqu kauta nomu vakasama...laki savata vinaka mai..vakayagataka na janola rau!...tini tale na taliban suicide bomber o keda!..isa viti!

SEMI MEO said...

Anon….cyber dog of November 28, 2012 9:55 PM...mate, I am happily married, thank you...so, stop flirting with me!!

We may just support Mr. Felix and Mr. Urai’s new political party…what was the name of the party again??...may be they will form a coalition with the Bainimarama/Aiyuz party…

..still dogs will bark from far..far…away land!...uh…cyber dogs that is!

Komai said...

The submission period closed on October 15, 2012. Yesterday Col. Aziz made an announcement that the army is now going to make a submission. The rule of jungle is very much alive in Fiji. Not a single person has question about the statement. Not even C4.5 has picked up on it nor questioned the legality.

Is it not about time that someone with backbone start questioning?

luminary said...

To anon @9.35pm.
A 100% chance mate! Anyway with a population of less than dua ni millioni, and the majority ehtnic group owning a majoriyy of the prime land (83% I believe?)why in God's name is there so much abject poverty in Viti? Not only lamusona but also Vucesa? Are they waiting for someone or something to get them ouy of their quagmire? Get out your kudari and sele kapa guys and till the land as the good book says so you and your kith kin amd offsptring can benefit from the sweat of yor brow.What? Did someone mention sweat? That didn't raise any eyebrows did it? Talo mada!

Anonymous said...

Mafi-USA lube ni magaijinamu, caijitamamu, kubuji tukamu, caijibumu, sonalevu, Qaralevu. Rauti iko ya? Dua tale? O iko a lauvutu tu la nomu sona mai Saineai.

Anonymous said...

Just want to congratulate Sahayla Shanaya Ali for getting the dux at Suva Muslim Primary.

Rupeni said...

I thought there was no dictatorship in Eygpt. They had an election recently.

Anonymous said...

I heard tourism numbers are down and that's why air pacific flight was cancelled to force tourist to stay in Fiji.

tattifala said...

ok the fijian people are gutless to take on the thugs ruling them.
remember they did NOT ask for this thug rule. it has been IMPOSED on them.
the question is why aren't all the countries who put their signatures to the various international declarations ( Biketawa Declaration, Harere Declaration etc) acting and following through with what they had declared in a principled and ethical manner? where is the point in coming together in fancy meetings and even wearing fancy clothes and making fancy declarations when you not going to act strictly on it - at crunch time? This is what makes me sick not the "gutless" unarmed civilian population in Fiji - who have the same wish to live in a democracy guaranteeing their rights and freedoms.

Anonymous said...

B1 rating for Fiji
Elenoa Baselala
Saturday, September 01, 2012
Fiji Times

MOODY's Investor Services has given the Fiji government a B1 rating saying it reflected a low level of economic resiliency, low government financial susceptibility to event risk.

"Some of Fiji's statistical indicators — notably external debts ratios — compare favorably against rating peers," the credit report said.

However, the ratings were constrained by other factors such as low economic resiliency as indicated by the small size of our economy and a "very low GDP per capita", it added.

"The government's financial strength is assessed as low because of the high ratios of government debt and interest payments to government revenue."

The report said this was mitigated by two factors, which were that most of the government debt was held by the Fiji National Provident Fund, which would continue to invest in government securities over the medium term.

The other factor was that the proportion of debt denominated in foreign currency was small, which meant that the government was not vulnerable to exchange rate risk or to adverse conditions in global financial markets.

The negative outlook on Fiji was also maintained by Moody's, which thought that economic growth remained lacklustre and had an adverse effect of the "trajectory of government debt".

Dalit said...

Where are the chiefs, NGOs, tertiary student bodies, church groups, community leaders in Fiji?

Getting a permit to march is out of the question so these leaders should try and coordinate activities. It takes only a church service to be joined by others to turn into a protest march down to central Suva.

Come on people its time to stand for what you believe in.

Anonymous said...

Theys aying new Constitutio to go to Nailatikau early next year!

Commission is expected to wrap up its work after it finishes with the draft constitution before Christmas.

According to the Constitution Commission Decree, the commission is expected to hand the draft to President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau in early January.

The next process then takes place where a Constituent Assembly deliberates on the document.

Members of the assembly will be appointed by the Prime Minister.

The decree states that the composition of the assembly shall reflect the diversity of the people of Fiji and include but not limited to the government, registered political parties, faith based organizations, employers representatives, trade unions, farmers and members of the rural community, the military, national organizations, women, persons with disability, youth, pensioners and other civil society groups.

After the Assembly adopts the draft constitution, the document will be forwarded to a tribunal which will consider whether the immunity provisions and other matters are contained in the draft.

If the draft does not comply with the stated principles in the decree, then it will be referred to the President and back to the assembly for necessary amendments.

The decree states that upon receipt of the draft constitution and the report of the tribunal, the Constituent Assembly shall, within seven days, make the necessary amendments in accordance with the report of the tribunal and shall present the draft constitution back to the President.

The new constitution for Fiji shall come into effect on the day following the date of assent by the President, subject to any provision in the constitution that postpones the coming into effect of any aspect of the new constitution.

The work of the Constituent Assembly is expected to be completed by late March 2013.

Story by: Vijay Narayan


Anonymous said...

Anon 8.53am are you sure it's B1 rating and not B2. But then again it can be B1 and B1 with the way this regim behaves its a kids show.

Any here is the lyric in case you didn't

banans in pajamas are coming down the stairs
bananas in pajamas are coming down in pairs
bananas in pajamas are chasing teddy bears

Anonymous said...

Edward Carpenter says to Semi Meo...

Semi I tend to disagree with your views. Comparisons can be made as outlayed by 4.5 despite the differences in population. Egypt as we all know is a far more advanced society strangled by religion and thousands of years of oppression and have recently raised their heads above the waves of dictatorship. They have now had enough.

The people of Fiji and in particular the itaukei have had enough of coups. Itaukei was behind 87 and 2000 coup and were misled by political leaders, military leaders, religious leaders and chiefs and have now realised the consequence of those coups. Frank has continously driven this to the soldiers and itaukei and they accept there is some truth in this hence the people have remained silent.

It however does not necessarily mean the itaukei agrees with the methods.

The ballot may be the best way to speak out however in a subjugated society it may not be the correct means as it is obvious in Fiji freedom is not enjoyed at its totallity.

Are the people of Fiji lamu like someone mentions on this blog...I doubt it as I said, the people are fed up and just want to get on with life. They probably feel there are more pressing and worrying issues at hand with feeding the family and sending children to school than fighting a dictator who has the weapons and thugs to enforce his power.

Having adopted such an attitude it does not necessarily work for the people because they are silently allowing the dictator to enforce his views and requirements without opposition.

What are we going to do about it? Question that is being asked for the last seven years and may be answered in the future.

Anonymous said...

Semi stop talking about yourself, dogs barking from overseas. By the way, have you answered the question about why you ran away from Fiji?

luminary said...

To Vijay @ 9.24 am.
Good morning Vijay Jeez you are early mate! Thanks for the update and status report on where we are at withthe the new constitution.Would it be fare then to conclude that seeing how the whole thing is cunningly guided by the regime machinery, the final document will once again be found wanting as it will reflect not the peoples but the militarys philo sophy? Further then it will be a recipe for disaster and a catalyst for another coup sooner rather then later? Message is get it right now, once and for all, or suffer the consequences and we will be renamed coup 5.5!!

Anonymous said...

Please we are virtually begging fijians from overseas,USA, Aust and NZ mainly to come and lead the march against this oppression as you said that people in Fiji are Lamusona's . Can you come and lead and the rest will follow!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is Legal Aid taking out the probate of Ram Rattan Cultivator of Koro no 1 Tavua?-Fiji Sun 29 Nov.page 30.Ram Rattan was a wealthy man.Why should the taxpayer pay for his probate. Can the Idiot Sunil Sharma give an answer forthwith ??-Corruption--whre is Ficac ??

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous “Edward Carpenter” Ni sa bula. Thankfully, you’ve inadvertently expounded on the endearing contrasts in your post.

My friend, you should have equated into the mix though, the external extreme Muslim intent to manipulate the up raising and consequently eased it filthy head to the top of the heap, which is now evident.

We would like to believe that Fijians are not procrastinators in zest to express patriotism and nationalist pride. Nor are Fijians numbly desensitised to the sedition psyche reigning over Fiji since 1987.

Egypt as an “advanced society”, does not regresses Fiji to naked barbarism either.

If you have not known, Fijians are generally peace loving in nature, and majority subscribes to the ethos of mega tolerance, indiscriminate grace and richness of multi-communal allegiances.
Indeed, like any other people grouping, Fijian are concerned with ‘feeding the family”, however, majority “i taukei” know that men can not live by bread alone. Hence, the common bond is not necessarily materialist but deep and unfathomed intrinsic honourableness and respect for each other…even, abundant grace and mercy afforded to the most deviant in the community!..

The outside world may be surprised with 6 long years of passive and sometimes silent resistance from our “political leaders, former military leaders, religious leaders and chiefs” descendants of one of the most cannibalistic race and barbaric people grouping on earth!

Of course…of course…one has to be a I taukei to understand!
I have travelled home to Fiji about 7 times since Dec 2006. I have never..never…heard of any discussions or plan by any Chief, Church Leader , Academic Fijian or extreme nationalist for any form of revolt and public demonstration…never…

This type of stately and divine demeanour is probably our gift to world through peace keeping etc….

Coup 4.5 said...

Tahrir Ali is right (FT 29/11). Too much of anything is not good. Allen Lockington for example can confirm that too much Kava is not good. The President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau can confirm too much gambling, unsafe sex and alcohol is not good. It's said even too much exercise is not good. Too much power concentrated in too few hands is certainly not good (as the current protest by the Egyptian people against their President's plan to give himself extra overriding powers demonstrates).
Staying away from alcohol does not necessarily make someone " a better person". There are many people who drink(even drink heavily) but they are very decent human beings. By contrast there are terrorists who are teetotallers
and teetotallers who are corrupt and rotten to the core.
So we need to be careful on how we judge someone as "a better person".
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Everything has a beginning and end ,,,wait and see. Its stupid to encourage violence c4.5,,,,,dont destroy fiji with you foolishness. Eg,,,,civil disobedience can easily be organised. if we don't like new constitution ie Kai Viti unhappy with abolition of communal seats then burn your reg card and dont vote,,, but then if we vote we can kick out these buggers,,,,and change constitution again,,,political leaders need to meet and set a strategy. NO NEED FOR VIOLENCE,,,,,LETS ENJOY CHRISTMAS FOR NOW WITH OUR FAMILIES

tattifala said...

Bai - lence nahi mang ta bhaia .kali peaceful non-cooperation gaandhi batao kalas.bai gormit nas tanda!

Anonymous said...


November 16, 2012 | Filed under: Classified,Public Notice | Posted by: newsroom

IN THE FIRST CLASS MAGISTRATE COURT AT SUVA IN BANKRUPTCY NO 17 OF 2011 Re: SASHI SALENDRA SANJIB PAL also known as SANJEEV PAL company director of 25 Joyce perks Street, Tamavua, Suva, Fiji Ex-Parte: A Creditor NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Offi cial Receiver as Receiver of the above mentioned debtor has presented an Ex-Parte Notice of Motion that service of Statement of Affairs and other related documents be effected on you the debtor by way of advertisement in the local newspaper. AND THAT Magistrate’s Court of Fiji in Suva has ordered that service on you the directed to be heard before the Court sitting in Suva on the 27th day of November at 9am in the morning and this action be effected by advertisement in the newspaper. IF YOU intended to oppose the application you must fi le with the clerk of the Court a notice showing the grounds upon which you intended to oppose the same or personally sere a copy of the notice to the Offi cial Receiver located at Suvavou House, Level 2, Victoria Parade, Suva before the fi xed date of hearing. DATED at Suva this 6th day of November 2012. Viliame Katia Acting Deputy Offi cial Receiver

.Rate this

Anonymous said...

Wow listen to the slave overseer-
tattifla....stiring the shit again?
He must be an American Peace Corp
since he seem to know Fiji quite

Anonymous said...

great analysis s meo,,,,the resilience of the kai viti,,,he is at peace but only on the outside,,,the inner being is in turmoil and hurt ,,,,but his strength is tolerance but until when?

Anonymous said...

Can never compare fiji and Egypt because in Egypt they all get together for a good cause and stay together as one united people while in Fiji theres too much LIU MURI and selfishness and big mouths.

Dalit said...

Semi Meo is grandstanding with over the top or sweeping generalization.Such statements about Fijians as a group is open to challenge unless he has irrefutable proof. The practice of cannibalism by Fijians for example has been touted for centuries but there is little evidence to prove that it was widely practiced in Viti.

Where was the peace loving nature and tolerance of Fijians when they looted and burned down Suva during the Speight coup?

Six years under dictatorship in Fiji may be long but that is nothing compared to the 30+ years Egypt and other countries in the Middle East endured.

Anonymous said...

Investigate Legal Aid for wasting my money on rich people.--Sunil Sharma is an idiot.Why open all these Legal Aid offices when poor are refused and the probate of the rich are taken out by legal aid !!---shame --shame --shame !!!

Anonymous said...

Ena qai dui seva ga na bua eda dui tea. Sa ratou na qai seva na bua e ratou tea na veiliutaki tiko ena mataivalu ni Viti, mai vua na nodra iliuliu kei ira na nodra daunivakasala na vanua e ra sa kauti keda kina na itaukei. Me da vosa vinaka vei ira ka vosoti ira, ia, na nodra tagi na turaga kei ira na marama itaukei vata kei ira na italai ni Kalou sa qai sauma ga vei ira na Kalou o koya na dauniveivakadodonutaki.

Anonymous said...

The itaukei should be very careful about the presence of muslims in some of their political parties in the coming General Election. The 14 Fijian Provinces should start working on their strategic plan on how to tackle the power of this current regime which has a very strong military and muslim power on important industry and government bodies, such as Sugar, Legal Services, Financial Advisors and Consultancy Services. So the itaukei and their 14 provinces should use their non military strategists to counter any corruption dealings in the election process.

Anonymous said...

The itaukei should be very careful about the presence of muslims in some of their political parties in the coming General Election. The 14 Fijian Provinces should start working on their strategic plan on how to tackle the power of this current regime which has a very strong military and muslim power on important industry and government bodies, such as Sugar, Legal Services, Financial Advisors and Consultancy Services. So the itaukei and their 14 provinces should use their non military strategists to counter any corruption dealings in the election process.

Vutuki Meo said...

Hi Everyone
The blogger @Anonymous 5:35 is Semi himself.
Tobo tu o Van Dam.
We can see from his comments that he is a typical liumuri.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: All military camps have been instructed by the chain of command to refuse entry to the Prime Minister of Fiji during his visit to the UK

Anonymous said...


People Power First said...

Joe is the one mouthing the words but I guess it's the regime line whichever way you look at it.

Peoples Charter proven successful

17:04 Thu Nov 29, 2012

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Epeli Tukuwasa

The People’s Charter has been proven to be a successful strategy and should be used as base of development in the new Constitution says the Strategic Framework for Change Office.

The Director Joe Besetimoala says under the Charter guideline – Fijians have moved away from being political minded and are concentrating more on development.

“People’s mind has now developed; they have shifted from basically looking at political structure, they now think of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga and think about how they should be regarded as the indigenous of this country.”

Anonymous said...

Baini and AG picture to be on new notes. Vote YES or NO on C4.5

Anonymous said...

Bred Bank in trouble with staff,as most contracts not signed and staff leaving as working conditions not as promised,Thats what happens when you have LOCALS managing,wake up reserve bank and ministry of labour ,some top guys have to go so soon

SEMI MEO said...

@ To my probable illegitimate son/daughter V-----Meo of November 30, 2012 12:35 AM...bula boy/girl!.
..courageous patriots and true son of Fiji like many of us do not have to stoop to anonymity to voice our views…what ever they may be!!

Also,we’re not necessarily too concerned about standing before some faceless illegitimate child to verify our passionate Fijian courage…apart from our allegiance to our omnipresent and omniscient God…we are fully aware that Fiji can not and will not be resurrected by some cowardly faceless gooses who’ve forgotten THEY CAN STILL FLY to realism, sanity and ….uh….verify if indeed I am their dad…ask your mum, she knows best…but, I do not remember having a fling with what ever her name is!

Those few insecure Fijians who’re fantasising for a foreign invasion or Egyptian kinda revolt are probably children of Lucifer the thief and murderer!!

Let’s keep our focus on imminent elections in 2014 and hopefully effect changes for the common good!..and hopefully visit cyber thugs like V---Meo at St Giles or Korovou...of course, I still love all my children!!

Anonymous said...

Edward Carpenter says to Semi Meo...Ahh the articulate Semi with the jaundiced eye and preconception of things that were or yet to come. One who whiffs of prejudice and who in his own denial is a procrastinator most probably out of sheer carelessness in the events that have unfolded in Fiji. Perhaps without realising during his travels to Fiji (7 times he says) that people are fearful and suspicious due to the element of oppression and sujugation by the Military. Or perhaps he misunderstands the silence of his Chiefs, Church Leaders , Academic Fijians or extreme nationalist. Remember Semi it had taken the Israelites 1000 years of subjugation by the Egyptians before Moses led them away from the oppressors and they had subjected themselves to the dictatorial rule of the Egyptians. Perhaps the Fijians are the same, waiting for a Moses or perhaps a Semi Meo to stand up and lead them across the red sea which has blossomed across the beaches of QLD. Phenomena worth thinking about.

Anonymous said...

I am appealing to all Fijian Chiefs in the 14 provinces and theit people who believed in the strength of God and the talent given to them by God and being proved throughout their success in achieving good academic qualifications and serve the people of Fiji with flying colours since independence. I am sure alot of fijians who were educated in top Government schools set up by our British Colonial Administrators are ready to form a government in the 2014 election. Come on OB and OG in those schools, make use of the government tax you used to educate you to become leaders, Come on Mate, it is not too late, remember the Stroke of the Pen is mightier than the swords of the current regime. Frank & all his advisors were already being exposed, please plan to form a party, prepare a concise, clear and transparent manifesto, for the coming election.
All The Best OB & OG of Government Schools. I am preapre to support you as a Campaign Manager,

Egypt Tries said...

When asked by Time on whether Egypt is being pulled apart his answer was No. "No, it's not pulling apart. It's a majority and opposition. I can see it very clear. But the opposition is not like it was before. They have the right, they do what they say. If you have 25% or 30% opposition, that's a big number."
On how he has been as President Morsi said "How many months [have I] been in the presidential [palace]? Its five months. Not 30 years [the length of Mubarak's rule]. It's five months – It's five months after a big destruction, corruption, bad deeds. People have always been marginalized.
I've been part of the revolution. And from the Muslim Brotherhood, I was in charge of the action in Tahrir Square, representing the Muslim Brotherhood during the revolution. I hope, when we have a constitution, what I have issued [his decree] will stop immediately, and I have others sharing this with you. Well have a parliament. Well have elections. [That will happen in] two months."

When asked by Time about his opinion on the state of the world he said: "This is a new period, I think, not only for Egypt or the people of the Arab Spring but, I think, for the whole world. To reconsider what has been done wrong in the past and see how can we make it correct, as much as we can. It takes time. So speed is low, acceleration is high. Somehow were pushing in all directions, trying to say to the people of the world and convince the governments and the leaders that we should live at peace.
Conflict does not lead to stability in the world. Cooperation [does]. How can we do that? It's a struggle. It's a very, very difficult struggle to have a new culture, international culture, respecting individual countries and peoples cultures, their local ones. But can we have an international culture? Can we do that? A culture of cooperation, a culture of stopping war, bloodshed. A culture of real peaceful means of trade, militant actions to defend, not to attack, of using power in civilian applications, more than in militant applications - We can cooperate, we can integrate as much as we can. How can we do that? I think leaders in the world have a great responsibility in this. Human beings can live together."
Speaking about President Barack Obama and the Gaza cease-fire, Morsi told Time: "President Obama has been very helpful, very helpful. And I can say, really, that his deeds coincide with his intentions. We've been talking together about the cease-fire.
That's very important. Then we can talk about differences between Palestinians and Israelis. It's not easy. It's very difficult. Both sides are talking about differences. We want them to talk about similarities - We are now doing this job as much as we can."

Adi Laisa Mokusiga said...

Dictatorial Rule Will Not Be Tolerated. That's the message the Egyptian people are sending to their elected President.

There is a big difference between what is happening in Egypt and Fiji.

The egyptians have got the guts and balls to fight on against their dictatorship.

In Fiji there is even not even a peaceful protest - do you want me to believe that fijians are gutless?

Does it mean the majority of the fijians are right behind Voreqe Bainimarama's government?

Jone Nakauvadra said...

Where are all the itaukei's who were marching-with Tora/Veitata and co---with red bands on your foreheads to destabilise the Labour Government of Dr Timoci Bavadra in 1987?

You magaitinamus--lamu sonalevus had destabilised this nation of peace and now the whole population are getting a lesson for supporting illegal overthrow of the democratically elected government in 1987/2000.

You bastards sob magaitinamus will rot in hell, ask Taniela Veitata.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Lutunasobasoba's wife an
Egyptian Princess-named Nai? Wasn't
she the cause of our ancestors having to leave Taqaniyika-RU-VITI-
in defiant, of the old culture and
with their resolves to protect their prince(Lutunasobasoba) at all costs? Guess what? it took them
years to find new lands & new civilization, before they settled and or moved-on? Was told, when they got here-Fiji-they knew that this
was it for them-what with all the wild food-in abundance from the land, fish & seafood were abundant from the rivers & sea ?
One name appears to be very prominent, apart from Lutunasobasoba
and Nai, was their ship commandor-Degei?

Vutuki Meo said...

Actually that Egyptian Princess' name was Nahi.
And she was from the Nile delta. A little village called Kolkatta.
She said her relatives will come in another canoe after her.
Her relatives did come after her and some of them perished on the sea, very close to land at Nahisilai.
That boat carried with it a lot of silver from the Egyptian region called Jaipur.
Legend has it that their god that came with them was a Sea god called Dehegei. He took all the silver and when you go to that place, Nahishilai, the waves are silvery rather than white.
The natives, ie those that came on the first canoe call it Wahisiliva.
The survivors of the boat tragedy were very grieved and sorry so they called their first settlement, Nahisorry.
The natives now call it Nausorry or Nausori.
Nahi's immediate descendants are still alive in Vunimono.

Keo vakabauta ya sa laurai tiko ekea na levu ni ulukau ni tamata.

Tamata kece ga rawa ni buli talanoa.

Please lets talk about the reality that is facing us and no stupid old made up stories!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:10, why should those abroad return to lead a march when most of you didn't even bother to make a minute of noise during Operation Jerico?

Anonymous said...

Hey Vutuki Meo,you then must be from Khiuva a small village near the Nhaikello region?

Anonymous said...

How come country like Egypt can move far quicker then small country in the pacific.? Can some please explain? Is it because we have uneducated dumb wits in the illegal government?

Anonymous said...

Egypt can do it because Egyptians have pride and care about their country.

tattifala said...

Egyptian President Emosi has fled from the presidential palace to save his arse.
the Egyptian people are after his arse after he tried to sneak a decree and a constitution to give himself powers above and beyond the law. The Egyptian people have been telling him in a noisy way that they no longer live at a time when the Kings/Presidents word is the law.
But President Emosi wasn't listening. So the people put some pressure on him and the President took to his heels. sa drau o koya