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Friday, November 16, 2012

Fiji makes 'urgent' ILO list

Fiji has been cited by the International Labour Organisation in a report singling out 32 cases of what it says are 'the most serious and urgent concerning the right to organize, collective bargaining and social dialogue'.

The ILO's Committee on Freedom of Association listed Fiji alongside Argentina, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Peru in cases it examined that included the murder of four workers in Argentina.

No direct mention of the attacks on Fiji trade unionists but the Association urges Frank Bainimarama's to discuss the return of an ILO Direct Contacts Mission to the country.

The regime stopped the mission from trying to verify first hand complaints over the lack of freedom of association made by the Fiji Trades Union Congress.

In its report, the Committee calls on the Government 'to undertake independent investigations without delay into the allegations of physical assault, harassment and intimidation of trade union leaders and members.'

The full report is available at the following link:


tattifala said...

Fiji makes 'urgent'ILO list - as an abuser of workers'rights and human rights.
Another one of the Bainimarama regime's unprecedanted accomplishments.
What a shame? Any wonder that critics are saying this gang is taking the country to the dogs!

Julab Dean said...

Same old same old news. Dont you have some other news about Fiji. Who cares about ILO? Trade Unions in Fiji have destroyed Fiji. See what has Labour Party done to the country. They have been one of the reasons for the coups in Fiji.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Why Bainimara has to GO?

More than 1.5 billion tax dollars was allocated towards programmes targeting the alleviation of poverty between the years 2000 to 2008 however the result has not been positive.
According to the Poverty Monitoring Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office, although millions of dollars were poured into these programmes, figures have shown that instead of eradicating poverty, the levels have grown since 2000.
The unit also said that statistics released by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics revealed after a recent Poverty Alleviation Impact Assessment in 2009 that 45 percent of the total population live in poverty.
This means that more than 300,000 people of the country either live below the poverty line or are right on the brink of poverty.
The figures released in 2010 also mean that there was a rise in numbers from the 32 percent recorded in 2007.
As the government gets ready to deliver the National Budget next Thursday, some of the current targeted measures are expected to be extended.
The current initiatives include programmes such as the bus fare subsidy, the food voucher scheme, the rural and outer islands programmes and other income generating projects.
More than 29,000 people are currently under the bus and taxi fare concession provided by Social Welfare Ministry.
According to Welfare statistics, 29,550 senior citizens and disabled persons are under this scheme.
On the other hand, a total of 21,000 people are under the Family Assistance and Food Voucher Programme being provided by ministry.
The ministry said any eligible person is entitled to receive a minimum of $60 a month or a maximum of $110 per month.
In addition to these assistance programmes, the ministry provides expanded food vouchers to 2,383 people above 70 years of age.
They are given $30 worth of food vouchers monthly.
Story by: Vijay Narayan and Khusboo Singh

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Anonymous said...

UN ILO finding is significant. It has a bearing on the international marketing of Fiji products and branding. It reduces the value of Fiji products and the brand. The net effect of which is an erosion of Fiji’s attractiveness as a business investment destination within the international global value chain.

In practical terms the Fair Trade certification which is obtaining Fiji products to the EU and specifically the UK better pricing on the supermarket shelves is put at risk and very likely will be suspended because to qualify for Fair Trade certification one needs to have their systems of labor (and the regulatory framemworks) compliant with the international bennchmarks set by institutions such as the ILO.

The USTR situation is the other one in that same vein.

The EU suspension of the DCI under Cotonou is another one

It may not appear spectacular but it is very effective.

This all contributes t the erosion of Fiji;s viability as an investment destination and there is no confrontation or subjectivity about it because its simply rules based.

There are conventins we are required to observe in order to be able to avail ourselves of those benefits attached thereto, but when we choose not to observe those conventions (for whatever reasons) we also forfeit our entitlements to those benefits. Its an objective process.

There is no grandstanding or flag waving.

Just civilised rules based protocols objectively and transparently applied

Bainimarama knows best said...

The Government has undertaken investigations into the allegations of physical assault, harassment and intimidation of trade union leaders and members. There's not a shred of truth to the allegations, as the ILO would know if they came here to see for themselves. But if they want to talk with the union leaders, then that shows they have preconceived ideas already.

They should meet with the Commander. He will tell them all they need to know.

He was right to send them away for wanting to meet with union leaders. If the Americans take away our preference and we lose 15,000 jobs in Fiji then let's just absorb the unemployed workers in the army and stop selling to the United States. Let them drink their OWN water!

Kavi said...

Bainimarama devalues the Fijian dollar, pushes everyone but himself and his accomplices into early retirement, cuts pensions in half, drives away investment, spurns offers of huge economic support just to avoid accountability, imposes price controls, exacerbates Fiji's brain drain, cuts our air link to Japan, puts his goons in charge of all the ministries, channels donations for flood control into his own slush fund, strips the courts of all integrity and due process, invites in Chinese organised crime, extorts FIJI Water then tries to divert its water source, beats up trade unionists, thumbs his nose at the West, causes the collapse of our sugar industry, forfeits our GSP preference, etc., etc., so is there any wonder why poverty is rapidly growing in the New Fiji?

Commodore, keep the bus concession and return us our jobs, our pensions, our rights and our country!

Anonymous said...


Go ahead and tell bainimarama to go if you have balls. Dont say anthying you cannot do yourself .might

Anonymous said...

Khusboo and Vijay Narayan
Magaichodo jutia,,,,,since 2006 inflation, unemployment etc etc has spiralled thus increasing poverty madachods!

Anonymous said...

ILO has been targeting FIJI since 2005. Why is there the urgency now? What happened to all the reports submitted to ILO? Any answers?

Anonymous said...

@ Bainimarama knows best...

Stop sucking on Bainimarama...he is taking Fiji to the dogs.. Go suck him and Khaiyum

Vutuki Meo said...

Thank you Kamlesh for letting us know that Bainimarama has caused 45% of the population to be in poverty.
I guess now you can add those 1,035people from Roads Transport Authority who will lose their jobs next wk.
What a Christmas present!
Nice Diwali present.

Also those ANZ Bank workers.

To all you Bainivuaka supporters , I hope you are all happy with what you are doing to this country.
You've farked it up well & proper.

Bainimarama is an idiot.
We can see the result of his stupid policies. Everytime he opens his mouth all we can here is garbage.
Promising the world but delivering poverty.
The only idiots worse than him are the ones supporting him. Including those dumbasses walking around with the guns.

Anonymous said...

Who is this person with the BANIMARAMA KNOWS BEST?????...please have a better look through your comments as it shows the lack of depth and stupidity you have similar to your role model Bainimarama....so what you trying to say that the ILO staff has to see Bainimarama and not the Union Leader?????how do you think that they can get a better opinion...defenitely not as Bainimarama will only sell his idea and not the voice of the Public...those union leaders are represenatatives of the common people that are struggling to put bread on top of there table?????/wake up and have a better look at yourself before you make any stupid comment that reflects yourself!

Komai said...

Another Taliban Said:

Type of fireworks sold to be reassessed

The type of fireworks being sold in Fiji will be reassessed next year.

Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Industry and Trade, Shaheen Ali said they will be taking a periodic review on the fireworks being sold to meet the best interest of the public.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Ali added that they did encounter the issue of some traders selling inappropriate crackers during the Diwali period and they were told to take those items off their shelves immediately.

Meanwhile the usage of fireworks was only permitted till yesterday.

Why do we have all this bloody Mullahs in high level civil service? There should be an fact finding mission by Elected Government, if and when we do have an election.

JAS said...

I take it that most of you who are commenting here live overseas...There is no such thing as poverty in Fiji. If you do consider yourself living in poverty here in Fiji then you are just plain Lazy...get off your asses and plant some dalo, Tavioka and Bele...you don't need to have roast chicken to survive....Everyone is living in comfort...you Fijians living overseas may be in poverty where ever you are...go complain to the government of your country...don't blame us for making you go there and living in poverty....

Anonymous said...

Populace in poverty
Nanise Loanakadavu
Thursday, November 15, 2012
Fiji Times

MORE than 50 per cent of the poor in Fiji reside in the three provinces of Ra, Cakaudrove and Macuata.

This was revealed by the Ministry for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation permanent secretary Govind Sami.

He said a poverty survey by the ministry also revealed an overwhelming majority of the poor resided in Ba, the most populous province in Fiji with 83,579 people classified as poor living in this area.

Using statistics provided by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics, the report found that 43 per cent of people in rural areas were living in poverty.

This is a major difference from urban areas that had a much lower rate at 18 per cent.

Mr Sami said even within better-off divisions such as the Western or Central divisions, there were pockets of very high poverty incidence.

He said the highest poverty rates were found in the remote inland areas of Viti Levu.

Mr Sami said the ministry was looking at policy options such as Towards a Poverty Benefit, Old Age Social Pension (aligned to the National Ageing Policy) and Child Benefit (aligned to the Convention on the Rights of the Child) to be incorporated in their plans to combat poverty in Fiji.

He said the ministry was looking at reforms and other new policies to address the issue of rural poverty.

Anonymous said...

'Tip of the iceberg'
Samisoni Nabilivalu
Thursday, May 31, 2012
Fiji Times

ONE hundred and forty children were found with severe malnutrition last year, says Colonial War Memorial Hospital paediatric registrar Dr Raina Prasad.

Speaking at the Fiji Health Symposium in Suva on Tuesday, Dr Prasad said 250 children were expected to be diagnosed with severe malnutrition by the end of the year.

These are the children actually seen in Lautoka and Suva and the actual number could be much larger, she said.

Typically, the children show swelling of the limbs, distended stomaches and sagging skin. Statistics compiled by local paediatricians show malnutrition is greater in the Western Division with a particular increase in squatter settlements around major urban areas.

Dr Prasad said there were 17 recorded deaths caused by malnutrition last year and this figure was expected to rise this year.

Children are weaker and cannot fight off the disease as easily as older people," she said.

We need to mobilise teams to conduct community profiling the cases we are seeing are the tip of the iceberg. We dont know how many cases are out there.

Participants expressed shock at pictures presented at the symposium showing severely malnourished children.

Non-communicable diseases national adviser Dr Isimeli Tukana said his initial thoughts were that the pictures were that of children from Somalia.

He could not confirm the age distribution of those cases but confirmed the majority of the victims would be under the age of 13.

There is an abundance of food and death by malnutrition is unacceptable. Fiji is not facing a food shortage. This is malnutrition in the midst of food, Dr Tukana said.

We have so much food but parents do not know how to feed their children properly. Parents need to learn to feed their children with healthy food.

He said the stakeholder ministries needed to work together to develop a system that would put a halt to malnutrition.

Anonymous said...

2012 Trafficking in Persons Report - Fiji

FIJI (Tier 2)

Fiji is a source country for children subjected to internal sex trafficking and forced labor, and a destination country for foreign men and women subjected to forced labor and forced prostitution. Fiji's role as a regional transportation hub makes it a potential transit area for human trafficking. Victims in Fiji are allegedly exploited in illegal brothels, local hotels, private homes, and other rural and urban locations. Victims primarily are recruited in their home countries or deceptively recruited while visiting Fiji. Family members, other Fijian citizens, foreign tourists, and sailors on foreign fishing vessels have been alleged to participate in the prostitution of Fijian children. Fiji's liberal visa requirements allow many foreign nationals to travel to Fiji without first acquiring a valid visa. Some Fijian children are at risk of human trafficking if their families follow a traditional practice of sending them to live with relatives or families in larger cities or close proximity to schools. These children may be subjected to domestic servitude or may be coerced to engage in sexual activity in exchange for food, clothing, shelter, or school fees.

tattifala said...

For giving our country the dubious distinction of getting listed in a UN ILO report as an abuser of workers' right and human rights all credit must go to Bainimarama. Will he be traveling to Geneva or Bruussles or wherever to receive an award for this distinquish accomplishment on behalf of the people of Fiji who he represents as their beloved dictator?

Anonymous said...


Complain as much as you like but people like you are only good at barking. Youi don't bite. As I said earlier, what have you done for the people of fiji. Don't spew tatti and say you did not do the coup. You supported you master MPC when he joined the govt.

Fiji does not need armxchair critics like you. So what if ILO has put fiji in their report. Nothing will happen as Aust, uk and USA are behind the process of having elections in 2014. In fact, aust in private have already said they will support who ever comes to power even if our new democracy is not perfect.

Anonymous said...

Most people in this blog are afraid that FB may win the election in 2014. LQ and MPC will be history. Most people below 25 will not know FLP except that its leader kept millions for the poor to himself.

For most poor people, the regime has done a lot for them. Off course anti regime people will cry till the cows come home that this is not true. But its their dream. SDL is full of retired fijians who are past their prime. FLP is split and its leader is a big chor and his son is waiting in the wings.

tattifala said...

News Update. The private bilibili ( the dictator can't afford to buy a private jet with his loot) taking the dictator to the ILO to receive the award for turning the country into a noted human rights abusing regime has broken down. So the dictator will not be attending the award ceremony. He will instead attend another ceremony at home to receive another traditional apology from some village idiots.

Anonymous said...

@ Jas,
My sister is a nurse in Fiji, and for the first time in her 25 year working career, she asked me to send her money to pay off some bills. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

'I take it that most of you who are commenting here live overseas...There is no such thing as poverty in Fiji'.

It seems that some comments are from those living overseas, and some comments are from those living in denial.

Vutuki Meo said...

@JAS asshole.Pull your head out of Vuaka's arse. That statistics of 45% of Fiji people living in poverty is provided by Bainimarama's govt.Bureau of Statistics.
We did not make it up.
You are either obviously blind or one of these pathetic pigs with his snout in the trough.Vutulaki.

Ratzman junior said...

To Jas if most of us commenting here live overseas than you must be either living in the moon or member of the FIji blind society.Or you must be a dumb ass stupid idiot who want to ignore the fact.Bele and Tavioka cost money and where do you think the money is coming from damb ass.Those people living overseas are not the same as us living and sweating our back side here.Most of the goverment overseas provide good social welfare for any one who does not have a job while you and me will eat shit if we do not have any job....dont blame us..us who?..no one blame anyone you idiot dumb ass...you cant provide anyone food why you have to be blame ....ulukau vavaku

JAS said...

@Ratzman Jnr

You don't need to BUY Dalo Tavioka and Bele ...YOU PLANT IT...(who's the dumbass now??)there is so much land here ....you dont need 10 or 15 acres to plant..all you need is a couple of square metres...That's the trouble when you live overseas you depend on the government for everything...you get lazy...Huh...Buy, dalo, tavioka and bele...paleeeez...come back home and learn to survive..and help Fiji get better...don't comment if you're not here to get Fiji up and running..

Here in Fiji if you don't work..you can still survive, even if the govt doesn't have "the dole"..overseas if you don't work..the govt has to give you money otherwise you die of starvation...you lose your survival instinct..you become lazy...

@ Vutuki Meo

You hate the regime, but you believe their statistics????...do you live in Fiji or overseas...come see for yourself, don't relax overseas and make noise..I've decided to stay here in Fiji and help make Fiji a better place....words in this square box of comments is not going to help...come here and do the hard work then talk...

@ November 16, 2012 11:45 PM

I have great respect for nurses and the hours and the compassion they put in to their work...Sometimes it's just how we manage what little money we have..the temptations of the modern world luxuries can sometimes make you yield to it...

tattifala said...

the ILO finding on Fiji is very unfair to the Bainimarama dictatorship. It is not balanced. It fails to mention that one lot of workers - the fiji military mob, the gang with the guns- have rights over and above given to any class of workers in a democracy and lawful government. Now under the thug rule prevailing in Fiji this lot of workers are above the law,they have an open license to abuse other workers and their trade union representatives,they have an open licence to abuse ordinary citizens. Only in Fiji can the gang with the guns have such rights. We must recognise that. ILO must recognise that.

Anonymous said...

there were some big photos of donations comming for cyclone relief fund,any accounts for it or auditor general ,can we have your report full page photos of donors ,what was collected and how was it distributed

tattifala said...

people don't pay any attention to this JASfala. He is obviously using his asshole to see things in fiji. that's why he is unable to see the poverty, the hardship and the suffering of the ordinary people.
I bet you my bottom dollar the fala is not into planting bele,dalo,tavioka for his living. He is living off the goodies given him by the military regime.
The fala is so dishonest people can feel the bad odour coming from him miles off!

tattifala said...

One firecracker up the so re so re of the permanent secretary for firecrackers!

The Heckler said...

Malnutrition is indeed a big problem in Fiji. Even our beloved dictator is affected, as can be seen from his distended belly and swollen head.

Sire said...

Wrong. Most people on this blog are not afraid Bainimarama will win the elections in 2014. Most of us are afraid he will steal the elections or not have them at all.

JAS said...


Haaaa...you obviously inherited your name accurately...Have I mentioned anything in support of this regime? The damage is done when it comes to politics. No amount of swearing and cussing and complaining will fix it...now it's repair mode..When a ship sinks, it is called a search and rescue..after a day or two, it's called search and recovery...it's not nice but it has to be done...Yes I do plant my own bele, rourou, tavioka..even though I can afford to buy it...I help disadvantaged kids, school dropouts, troubled kids get a life..Write their CV's and application letters, teach them a skill they can use..Oh and before you accuse me of taking money from them ...I don't...You have no idea...keep to your shallow life of name calling and complaining...

Anonymous said...


Malnutrition is a problem only for the lazy people of Fiji. People in NAKORO don't have much money but are better nourished. You don't have to buy bele, tapioka, dalo, kapeji, ota, tubua, salala, kabatia, ura, sici, etc, etc... all we need is some little effort. No fijian should be malnourished...

@ TattiFalla...JAS is actually seeing things through the light of you tattihole. He is making a useful contrubition and not the tatti garbage you spewing.

@ Ratzman Junior...you must be a sub junior by grade. Sa kua so na vucesa. cakacaka vakaukauwa me rawa ni tawa kina na ketemu. Levu ga nomu complain. Sona

Vutuki Meo said...

@JAS You cruel arsehole. Now you telling the 1035 staff of LTA that will be laid off this week to go plant Dalo Bele & Tavioka.
Do you even know what you are talking about?

Do you know how long it takes for the dalo to mature?
How are they going to feed their family in the meantime?

How much land does a family need in order to plant enough dalo to be self-sufficient?

Take a hint from me : You can't survive on a normal houseblock in Suva.
You need at least 5 acres.
Do those people in Suva have 5 acres each?

JAS your stupidity is unbelievable.
You don't even know what you are talking about.

Idiots like you get on your high horse and try and talk about Dalo , bele tavioka. You have no idea of the lifecycle of these plants.
You don't even know how many dalo plants it takes to feed a family.

There is 365 days in ayear. so smartarse how many dalos do they have to plant in order to survive?

How much land is needed for that.

Don't talk on subjects you don't understand asshole!

Big mouths like you should piss off and go and study your subject before you come and give advice in this forum.

Arseholes like you probably don't even know what a mataiva looks like.

JAS said...

@Vutuki Meo

Your comments show that you are not an intelligent person...any human being would "save for a rainy day" so to speak...I work and I earn money but I also TRY to save some money and at the same time plant food so when I find myself without a job I'm not stuck depending on anyone else...It's sad if people are laid off..yes but that doesn't mean it's the end of the world and you stay down and out...plenty of opportunities out there...if it means you leaving an office job and have to go cut cane ..so be it..at least it's something and you earning something..

Why would you start planting Dalo when you get laid off???
It should already be planted long time ago....
Do YOU know what you are even talking about??

I hope you learn some of these things to improve your shallow life style... ..Oh, and I do know what a mataiva looks like and feels like because I have callouses on my hand from using it quite often..One thing I know for sure you've only got calouses on your fingertips from tapping computer keyboards

JAS said...

@ Vutuki Meo

It's not LTA...It's Fiji Roads Authority that getting laid off...and there's another company starting next year...Obviously they will get incorporated into that one since they have the experience..Plus they not getting laid off..their contract ends on the 31st December ...so it's not a surprise..they knew it..they signed contracts....Anything else you would like to moan and whine about??...now shut down your computer, go to a hardware store, buy a "mataiva" and go plant some bele and tavioka ..you're a useless excuse for a freedom fighter...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:51, I take your point.

Bainimarama is just lazy and will be better nourished in Nakoro.

tattifala said...

@ JAS and Anonymous
we heard all that kind of nonsense before after the 1987 military coup. fijian nationalist putting forward the notion that we did not have to worry about the macro-economy to ensure the country was in a stable and healthy economic state. all people had to do was to go back to planting tavioka!!
and that will allow everyone in Fiji to live happy ever after!!
that kind of "visionary" solution
to the problems of poverty and unemployment in Fiji can only come from people looking through "the light of the tattihole". They must be seeing a heck of a lot!!

tattifala said...

So according to you,you "help disadvantaged kids,school dropouts, troubled kids get a life. write their cvs and application letters and teach them a skill they can use " and lo and behold all of fiji's structural problems of poverty and unemployment, health and housing, education and public utilities and infrastructure arising from the mismanagement, lack of transparency and accountability following the installation of a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP IN FIJI is solved!! You are such a simpleton I am amazed I even bother with a tattifala like you!

JAS said...


What I am saying is don't depend on the government for everything "right now"..be independent as much as you can..you'll find you wont get disturbed by the actions of politicians as much...I'm not the only one helping out disadvantaged kids and families...lot of people I know are doing it, it's the Fiji way. America didn't become the America it is today, overnight...they had some of the bloodiest civil wars. I'm not saying we need a civil war to make Fiji a better place...we are Fijians, we're not only fighters, but survivors..Fiji will be the same...it takes time...Maybe if you helped what little you can directly to the people who need help, it will go a long away instead of dumping your useless nagging, whining, negative comments and gutter trash in this column...try helping someone, it'll not only benefit them a lot, it will make you feel good to know that you have done something worthwhile in your life..

tattifala said...

Should people in fiji also plant biscuits and soap?
Should they also keep a cow handy in the backyard to provide milk for the little ones?

JAS said...

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain - and most fools do.

Benjamin Franklin

Vutuki Meo said...

Funny @JAS you helping these kids to write CV.
Where the fark are the jobs?
Your idea of resurrecting the Economy is for everyone to plant Dalo ,tavioka & bele.
No wonder this govt is farked, because people like you running it.

Vutuki Meo said...

@JAS you say "..obviously the 1035 workers from RTA will get into the new company next year BECAUSE THEY HAVE EXPERIENCE"

Did you just say that?

This is another example of you mouthing off without even thinking about what you're writing!

The point is this : Since when did Bainimarama re-employ people because of EXPERIENCE?

His daughter taking up the post at Fiji Sports - No Experience
those given new jobs at FRU - No Experience. The results speak for themselves.
New posting to FHL - No experience = fail.
New boss at FSC = Fail
New boss at FNPF = Fail
New boss at Police = Fail
etc etc etc
Fail Fail Fail blah blah blah.
No Experience time and time again.

Next time please read and re-read your postings before you let it through.

Because all we can see from your postings is how stupid you are.

tattifala said...

let me provide another more recent American example to jog your memory.
Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said the same thing you are saying here : don't dependent on the government,get off your arses and get a job. 47% of Americans are too lazy to do things for themselves.
Where did these insults to the poor get him? He got a good thrashing in the presidential elections!
Your tatti is the same as romney's.
people won't stand for it.

tattifala said...

@ Jas
400 residents - that will include children, the elderly and the sickly,and pregnant mothers - of Vaqia and Vunisamaloa in rural Ba "are complaining about disruptions to water supply, saying it was a daily problem" (Fiji Times 18/11).
complaining! how dare they! they should stop complaining and start making their own water . they should not be depending on the government for their water supply, right JAS?

JAS said...

@vutuki Meo and Tattifala

I think the two of you should change your names to Vutuki Tattifalla

You two seem to think that there is Totally NO JOBS here in Fiji and we are at Civil war or something...do you even look at the vacancy in the papers?? Overseas companies from the middle East to Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands right up to shipping companies in the North sea are recruiting Fjiians by the plane loads

We have a shortage of skilled people here in Fiji..hence your argument above about employing unskilled people into those posiitons...And for your dumbass information Vutuki Meo..yes CV's include any work whether farming, voluntary work, community work what ever you have done..Please don't tell me you don't know what a CV is??

If you think nagging in this square box is going to change the politics here in Fiji then you're in for a long fight...Come home and help with whatever skill you have..it'll go a long way and be very appreciated. The cost of going to school in USP and and FNU is outrageous ..there's plenty of jobs it's that there's no one with the skills to do it or train them to do it..there are alot of expats here in Fiji...because Fijians (I dont think you should be classed as Fijians any more..more like traitors who ran away and barking from a distance)with skills have run away...we want to bring Fiji up we have to be here...we cant do it from another country...come to Fiji and suffer with the rest of us then talk..

V for Vendetta said...

The people of Fiji should not plant dalo, tavioka, and bele, much less biscuits and soap.

We should plant Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Then you'll just be amazed at how the economy will grow.

tattifala said...

man if only all those silly and lazy people in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal who are staging street protest against austerity measures in their countries could adopt the JAS "fiji model" - and just plant bele and tavioka and cheese - all their problems would be over in a jiffy!!
perhaps JAS should hire himself out as a consultant to advise these people on how to do it the fiji way! he could contribute as he has done in fiji to europe and the rest of the world.such a visionary man!

JAS said...


Don't compare Europe to the Pacific...they're twp totally different places...That's why Fijians are special in our own way..we're humble people...you go and protest if you want...the way you all talking like you got ideas to solve problems here...All you got is criticism for everything...How can we fix the problems?? we want to hear positive ideas...fed up of hearing the same old shit Bainimarama, Kaiyum, la di da di da...it's stale...what can be done to help move Fiji Forward..ideas people, ideas...stop this bullsit of whining and moaning over spilt milk...what can YOU do...Nothing??? than shut up and dont say anything...

JAS said...


not only are they suffering with water cuts in BA...the water cuts are all over Fiji..right now I don't have any water coming out of my taps here in ..it comes on and off...That is because there is no one skilled enough to stay behind and manage the water authority..they're laying new pipes and trying to make it work but without skilled help we'll all just have to suffer like this...the trucks come around with water once in a while..it's all up to the people up there how they manage these things that will make it succesful or not..

JAS said...

# Tattifala

so you think Romney lost the elections he's poor?...He's living in comfort and got all the luxuries of life...it's the poor people he said to get off their asses and work that will remain poor and stay where they are....and with your menatlity you will remain like them..where you are...

tattifala said...

You are
an incurable idiot.
no point in trying to knock sense into you
you got too much tatti in your head
go and make your own water
don't depend on government
I mean the military dictatorship
they are too busy cutting hardwood deal with foreign company because big money in it - for them.
And their water supply is ok.

tattifala said...

JAS Bhai water back yet? No. Ok I have an idea. Fiji can't afford to have productive people like you held up by water cut offs. now while you wait for the water to be back on why don't you soap yourself and do some self-cultivation and reflection on why you are in such a situation. but while entertaining yourself you must not think about frank or kaiyum because that would be political. and you are not a political person. just an idiot.

JAS said...


I'm glad I knocked some sense into you..no matter how much you try and deny it...I make more sense than you when it comes to the real world of living..yes the water is on again...thank you

tattifala said...

kitana book tum paro kalas?
bahoot sense fala tum baito . help karo others CV banao. plez ak copy appan CV post karo C 4.5 taab humlog saab dekho tum kitana smart baito.

Vutuki Meo said...

@JAS The people in Jittu Estate have no land around their house?
Since they don't have any land to plant bele what the hell are they going to do.
Your solution is so shortsighted,stupid and poorly thought through.
You seem to be avoiding at all cost the actual cause of all this problem ie the coup by Bainimarama.
It's like the proverbial elephant in the room.
They say that none is so blind as one that refuses to see. And that is you. Blind. Mataboko.

Doctors say that inorder to cure a person of his illness you have to treat the cause.
You know what the cause is and your cure is to call the people to plant bele.
That is like putting a bandaid on a hemorrhaghing wound.
Totally useless and totally stupid.

Let me put it plainly to you: Poverty has increased in Fij from 30% to 45% between 2006 to 2009.

That is due mainly to Bainimarama's actions.


OK, So get that into your thick head.
It is therefore obvious that the solution is to get rid of Bainimarama, not GO and Plant Bele.

Vakatale da vakamacala tiko va na gone lailai na ka qo. Oilei ratai!
Ulukau ga na ulukau.

Anonymous said...

JAS, you want ideas on how to move Fiji forward, but you don't want to hear 'the same old shit' about Bainimarama and Khaiyum?!

Fiji is stooped by a millstone around its neck, but instead of taking it off, it seems that you only want to hear how we can roll it.

JAS said...


Yes, I am smarter than you...no I don't understand Hindi ....Come home my brother...you'll be happier..

JAS said...

@Vutuki Meo

Good point, very true..BUT...Tell me something.... the majority that live in Jittu estate, are they Indo Fijians or Fijians?....They are Fijians who have another option...a village...where they can live a much more comfortable life, but why they chose to live in those conditions, I don't know...most of this so called poverty can be avoided if people stayed in their village or went back to their villages and not be falsely lured to the city with the promise of earning big money...big money can be earned from the village using the vast amount of land and sea that is available there..

I was in Totoya Island couple of years ago and a kid of about 12yrs old came rowing out. Withing half an hour he caught two nice sized kawakawa..he came onboard and and we started talking..I asked him about his family..he said only him and his big brother were in the village the father and mother was in Suva...he pointed to the hills and said that's all mine ..I planted that..I was very impressed and I asked an elder and the elderly man said "yes he did that all on his own"..he goes to primary school and he managed to farm at the same time...The sad thing was when he told me...I have to plant and sell it to support my mum and dad in Suva. I mean I was taken back by this little statement from an innocent 12 year old..I asked him "Do you want to go to suva?" he said , no, I'm happier here in the village, I have everything I need...I told him good boy, you are way happier here..

Everyone's yelling poverty, poverty and percentage this and that ..there is no poverty...theirs only a shortage of unskilled workers in the country..An accountant is not going to hire someone without the right qualifications..now days it's all about the paper...It's sad but true...

Scams like lolohea and company that lured thousands from the villages with the big promise of going to the middle east to earn big money..all these people left their villages, used village funds to pay for travel and passports only to be stranded in Suva with no money and no Middle East Job...

So how do you intend on getting rid of Bainimarama??

tattifala said...

if you are as smart as you claim to be then not understanding Hindi should never be a problem in multiracial fiji. Jas go and ask a neighbour to help you understand idiot.

Vutuki Jas said...

Fiji Times : Assitant Commisioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu today revealed that Police have run out of stationery.

Police should do some lateral thinking.
Don't they know they too can plant bele around the Police Post and turn the bele leaves into paper.
O sobo. They should have been doing this a long time ago before they ran out of stationery.

Vutuki Meo said...

How to get rid of Bainimarama?
How about we invite him fishing on your boat.
Then we use him as bait.

Vutuki Meo said...

Sending people back to the village is another idealistic thought.

People leave their village in the first place for very good reasons.

If you don't understand what I just said in that sentence, then you don't understand Fijian culture and all its obligations.

It's the same reason why Indians and Fijians leave Fiji to go live overseas.

Anyway, it might help if you go back and look at the distribution of poverty as given by the Bureau of Statistics. There's more poverty in rural areas. Go figure!

I'm not trying to be antagonistic. I'm trying to show you that your view of the world is too simplistic. eg "O if only people could plant more bele there would be no poverty in Fiji"
It's not that simple JAS.

Governments are there for a reason. To help the people.
In this case the govt is abusing the people.
This government came in illegally; does not have the mandate of the people; is corrupt and is abusing the people and all that they have worked hard for.

The solution is to get rid of Bainimarama. Not going back to the village to plant bele.

JAS said...


Haaaa, hey, there's a good example...if the govt don't have money to buy stationery why depend on them for anything at all....you're only wasting your time and energy, use that time and energy for something useful that will benefit you, your family, your neighbors, community...maybe something like planting bele, tavioka, dalo so you don't starve to death waiting for the government to help you...

Anonymous said...

JAS, if an unskilled accountant shouldn't be hired without the right qualifications, then why are you so content to have a school drop-out traitor like Bainimarama as dictator?

You pretend to be so smart, so YOU tell us how to get rid of Bainimarama.

Tell him to plant bele?

tattifala said...

@ Vutuki Jas
Good one!
perhaps the police gang can hire Jas as a consultant to teach them the skills required in bele and tavioka production for paper making.
he could also help them tidy up their CVs while he is there.

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 11.34AM
you too right.
that Jas fala only pretends to be smart.
he is a shithead.
only a matter of time before he crawls back into some tattihole - his natural habitat!

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of spare money for some to build churches but then they plead poverty and have no money for food and schooling !

They then spend hours each day of the week listening to some ranting bible basher whilst their children are left alone, run amok and die at times. They then expect sympathy and handouts from others !

" Church committee member said it was one of the proudest moments for the whole village.

"We started building it way back in 1994 but financial constraints and hardship were faced along the way but we carried on regardless," he said.

He said the total cost of the new building was about $100,000.

Mr Gavidi said fundraising for the church was done annually in April and funds raised was used to buy raw materials ".

JAS said...

@Vutuki Meo

I didn't say anything about SENDING people back to their villages...I said If people feel they are living in poverty THEN they have an option to go back to their village where they will be happier...and to tell you the truth I feel much happier in all these islands and villages that I go to...it's peaceful, beautiful, the food is fresh and cooked outside with firewood..they have an endless supply of water....I can't understand why people like to make themselves suffer by living in the city when the comfort and Joy of a village is right there...Heaven on earth..
You're right...The solution is not to send people back to the village to plant bele...the solution is to attract investors into the country to create jobs and we're not going to be successful with that if we keep frightening them away...The damage is done...the coups etc...they (Rabuka, Bainimarama etc)will pay in their own way whether it be tomorrow or 20 years later...they will pay...it'll catch up to them

@ Anon November 19, 2012 11:34 AM
Who said I was a supporter of Bainimarama???..Who said I wanted to get rid of Bainimarama??...I live my own life, I'm not into politics and Politicians...no matter who or what government takes over, people will never be happy they will always want their own personal agenda's...

Anonymous said...

they talking about mahogany,,,how come only kai dia and kai valagi in the pic?

Anonymous said...

JAS, you're advising people to stop crticising Bainimarama. That makes you a supporter of his, whether you accept that or not.

Who said you wanted to get rid of Bainimarama? You asked Vutuki how he'd do it. I'm asking you how YOU'd do it.

Finally, if you think the village life is so idyllic, why don't you stop visiting them and actually go back to living in one?

JAS said...

Anonymous. November 20, 2012 7:40 AM

I didn't say to Stop criticising Bainimarama....You you can yelp and yell all you want but for what? Will it change anything??...NO...Waste of energy and time...use that energy and time to do something useful that will benefit you or your neighbour.

JAS said...

Anonymous November 20, 2012 7:40 AM

"Finally, if you think the village life is so idyllic, why don't you stop visiting them and actually go back to living in one?"

I wish I could but I am only one in a handful of people who do the job I do here in Fiji..

Anonymous said...

JAS, don't be so sure you're so indispensable. I'm sure plenty of other soldiers also give Frank rim jobs.

Anonymous said...

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