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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fiji regime keeps accused citizens hanging

Jagath Karunaratne
More proof emerging the Fiji judiciary is compromised, so what of the charges of sedition and treason the regime is still trying to make stick on a number of citizens?

Well over a than a year later all are out on bail but cannot leave the country, meanwhile the regime hasn't even made full disclosures.

Shalend Scott
All have been charged with inciting violence and trying to bring the illegal government down and include the five men charged with writing anti-regime graffiti last year, trade unionist Daniel Urai and the deposed SDL MP, Mere Samisoni.

Also left twisting in the wind is the former Air Pacific worker who blew the whistle on the corrupt alliance between David Pflieger and the decree makers.

A second former magistrate has now publicly confirmed there is no guarantee of justice in Fiji.

In a letter revealing his shock, Greg Bullard says the Fiji judiciary and the Independent Legal Services Commission works primarily to deliver decisions favoured or already approved by the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Chief Justice, Anthony Gates.

So obvious is the miscarriage of justice that Bullard is compelled to say decisions made by the Independent Commission 'will be appealable on the basis that the Commissioner (Justice Paul Madigan) is not independent' and there is the possibility of 'some very large damages claims made, if and when, a new government is formed.'

Mere Samisoni
It is crucial supporting evidence but what of the questionable cases against those accused of treason and sedition?

Jagath Karunarate, the IT specialist accused of writing graffiti about Frank Bainimarama, has not even been able to visit Sri Lanka to attend to important family matters.

Mataiasi Ragigia

Now a Fiji citizen, Karunaratne was called in again this week by CID and is expected to be summoned again next Monday. It's whispered he'll be asked to front in court the following day, when trade unionist Daniel Urai also reappears on his charge.

Four others are accused along with Karunaratne: Mosese Bulitavu, Eroni Takape, Usaia Koroi and Waisale Daganayasi.

The regime's case hangs on a statement by Taniela Ligairi, the son of the former CRW leader, Ilisoni Ligairi, who says Karunaratne and Urai had lunch with him and urged him to talk to his father to topple the regime.

Daniel Urai
The 38 year old pilot, Shalend Scott, a former Air Pacific union official, is also expected to reappear again next week.

Scott, who was secretary of the Fiji Pilots Association, was arrested as part of a union crackdown after Coupfourpointfive revealed David Pflieger helped the regime draft the Essential National Industries decree.

Like some of the others, each time Scott makes a court appearance, the public prosecutor asks for more time to prepare for the case.

Seventy year old businesswoman Mere Samisoni, who is charged with three others (Apete Vereti, Semisi Lasike and Mataiasi Ragigia who died several weeks ago) was finally permitted to travel to Australia for urgent dental treatment recently, but only after a long and public battle.

It will have been a year in January since Samisoni was detained.


SEMI MEO said...

That is the very reason the Ghai club and the Constitution Assembly should and must consider affording Amnesty and Immunity to all ALL…ALL..Seditous architects, enforcers, executors etc and to all politically incarcerated Citizens since 1987!

Of course, with appropriate compensation for loss of dear lives and properties!

Which should mean absolute exoneration from Mr. George Speight to Mr. Motibhai to Mr. Qarase…and posthumorous “pardon” to me mate Ragiagia!...and of the Rear Admiral and the for ever sulu vakataga attired Mr. Aiyuz, Military council and cohorts...

Now...Let’s focus on the imminent elections of 2014 and not waste our valuable resources in some ill concived wild goose chase around the country side!!

Do'nt we have a generation to redeem??

Anonymous said...

Alas if only the owners of this blog were active in 1987 and 2000 and being vocal as they are today.But back then they were quiet becuase the sword was in their hands and they were happy with what was happening.Today the batterns have changed hands.Reap what you have sown you unscruplous thieves.I had to leave this beloved country,family and friends because of the ill treatment we received by the perperators of the 1987 and 2000 coups.We were the silent suferers with nowhere to go.Our pleas for justice was falling on deaf ears.So how does it feel today my friends.We may have forgiven but not forgotten the shame we had to endure.Such was the pain that we had to flee and start all over again.God's justice takes time but it does happen.Today one of your own is dishing out what was served to us 2 decades ago.My words may sound bitter but it is the truth.Dont blame FB for what is happening but your very own people who backed the perperators of the 1987 and 2000 coup.To the owner of this blog,if you are really independant then please publish my comments.

tattifala said...

IT is a fully established Fact that THE JUDICIARY IN FIJI IS COMPROMISED. IT is doing the biddings of the ILLEGAL powergrabbers.

Anonymous said...

A crime committed must be paid. In Fiji this is done through the courts. No immunity to Frank and company who have committed very serious crimes in the country. To provide immunity to them we will only be setting a precedent to future coup makers.

Anonymous said...

Most of the regime's cases hinge on a one-man witness. In court this witness can be shot to pieces and case closed without any conviction. Thats why its taking so long to build up the prosecution's platform to prosecute the case. All this to the detriment of the accused who will have the case torturously hanging over their heads for so long. This is a common trait of a vindictive and insecure regime.

Anonymous said...

semi, why are you dodging the question that was posed to you so many times? The question is, why did you run away from Fiji semi? It's a simple question.

Fijiana said...

I really don't know how much of proof do we need to understand that the legal system in Fiji is a farce. Come on people wake up and smell the coffee and let's accept the fact that we are under the military rule with no freedom or rights.

Just remember Dr. Martin Luther King's once said ""Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"

Vutuki Meo said...

Redeem the generation from what?

Anonymous said...

Edward Carpenter says to Semi...And why Semi must the constitution review committee afford amnesty to immunity. You have not argued the point WHY? Whats the point of having an election in 2014 when Liberty is but a word in the dictionary for Fijians and Freedom is an expression hidden in the smiles of the children and fear in the hearts of their fathers.

Anonymous said...

How did Jagath become a Fiji citizen? Dont we have enough IT people in Fiji?

The expat who helped Mara escape is a fisherman. Since when have we been short of fisherman in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

shame on the regime for charging people for petty crime and leaders of coup enjoy running the govt and enjoying the salary perks.
what a hypocrite.
they first should face the court for treason.
all illegal judgments and govt.
time to free all people from jail who are put in for political reason.
fiji court is controlled by idiots.

Apisai Tora- Senior Sabeto said...

We all want this military government to be toppled as soon as possible. Can C4.5 please organise this campiagn. All the bloggers from overseas should come and start this revolt and if they are not willing to then they should shut up their mouth from hereon. The bloggers from overseas are just barking dogs without any actions and commitments. We need actions now.Toppling any government is easy in fiji. Talk ill about the government being pro-indian,scare fijians that indians will take everything or are taking over from the indigineous people. From the church service one or two thousand people kidnap Baini and ASK. I am sure the Army will not shoot and kill its own people. After this I am sure the villagers will all come to support and overthrow this government and reinstate the Nationalist government of Qarase. Only Qarase or Tupeni can save Fiji from ruin.

Vutuki Meo said...

WTF - More Nonsense
This is unashamed boroad daylight inteference now :

Find CCF guilty – Acting SG
Publish date/time: 30/11/2012 [16:55]
Print this page
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The Attorney General’s Office is asking for the High Court to find the Citizens Constitutional Forum and Reverend Akuila Yabaki guilty of contempt of court.

CCF and Reverend Yabaki have pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The contempt proceedings arose from an article titled “Fiji - The Rule of Law Lost” which was published in the April 2012 edition of Tutaka, CCF’s quarterly newsletter.

While making the submission before Justice William Calanchini, Acting Solicitor General Sharvada Sharma said the article published in the CCF newsletter is unfounded and unsubstantiated, and undermines the dignity and independence of the judiciary.

However, CCF’s senior counsel Neil Williams said the article contains no reference to any individual.

He said the article deals with questions of structures and the law.

Williams said it is nothing about scandalizing the judiciary.

He also asks the court to consider the justification of truth in this matter.

Justice Calanchini will deliver his ruling on notice.

Story by: Vijay Narayan & Tokasa Rainima

Anonymous said...

Karunaratne is a good and decent bloke. Why don't "they" let him be. They are just dragging this charade on and on and on....without any concrete evidence at that. Sad times for Fiji and its people

Anonymous said...

People who support immunity for VB and party are supporting the crime they committed. No should be above the law. All law breakers must face the law either now or in the future. We will fight for justice until it is done.

Anonymous said...

Felipe Bole the ashole minister of bainimarama is dieing in NZ hospital. see radio nz report- I pray that he dies thge bastard

The sanctions against members of the Fiji regime have been temporarily lifted to allow a member of the government into New Zealand on humanitarian grounds.

Fairfax reports that 76 year Filipe Bole, the interim Education Minister, suffered a severe heart attack last week.

A Foreign Affairs spokesperson has confirmed the smart sanctions imposed since the military coup in 2006 had been lifted for Mr Bole on humanitarian grounds.

The sanctions ban people associated with the regime and their families from entering New Zealand and Australia

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Mafi- USA said...


mark manning said...

@ Semi
Great idea Semi, ignore the act of high treason, murders and tortures of women and other Citizens. Why not give Frank and Co. a brand new car while your at it?
The only thing that will deter others from committing treason, is incarceration. Amnesty can't be given because it's unconstitutional and a different set of circumstances to what transpired in South Africa.
You must agree Semi that there has to be a deterrent and that punishment needs to be severe to reflect the seriousness of the Crime.
Please go and ask the Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Children, Grand Children, and other Family Members of those killed by the Soldiers and Police since 2000, what they think should be done.

mark manning said...

In and by their own actions, the very thing Frank, Aiyaz and Gates are trying to stop happening, they inadvertently and inevitably are creating!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Proff Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-Done is sitting under a mango tree and writing yet another short story instead of devoting his time in writing the new look constitution?Is it true he has already collected a sum equal to a sizeable LOTTO win in Aust? He can at last retire and leave the poor trees alone!!

tattifala said...

It's true in Fiji the Rule of Law has been lost and has not been found .
It was lost on the same day Frank Bainimarama took over the country.
What a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

Frank bainimarama was suppose to meet Fijian soldiers in Tidworth today. Ministry of Defence (British ) will not allow him to enter any British bases, married pads or any MOD property. He was warned to stay out today.

tattifala said...

" Fiji Regime Keeps accussed citizens hanging".
That's how justice will be done in the "better Fiji" and the "true democracy" the military thugs are building in Fiji.
And they are only half way through the "building" process. Only God knows how much more they will phuck up by the time they finish!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:33
A little jaded are we? .... You and your comment seem a little retarded to say the least....very entertaining indeed!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6.59am,
The British Army is well aware of the illegality of this tin boat commodore....but more importantly, for the morale of the brave Fijian soldiers ducking real bullets in different theatres around the world, they don't want this dumbass madapaka, polluting their minds with his "tavioka patch dash" modus operandi.
Sa qai laki matavaka sona tu. Vela vela. Kaisi o iko.hehehehehe Good fucken job.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 8:33
Karunaratne was trying to help Fijians.
The ones that should be "put away" is you and the treasonous Bainicici.

Anonymous said...

Denial Urai Come up with your political party and get the real taste of politics.

Anonymous said...

Ugly fact of fiji reality today is that the crim (bainimarama, khaiyum, aziz, driti,tikoitgoa, so-called govt ministers, gates, ilsc) expect to be forgiven before those that deserve to be and who has not committed a crime can be.

These illegal ayeholes will never do the right thing voluntarily. They have no moral compass and love being top dog in Fiji.

SEMI MEO said...

My post many weeks ago in this highly estemmed "oasis of hope"..uh...C4.5! God bless him..her or them!!

"We say…offer absolute amnesty and immunity to all “political” prisoners and those convicted of criminal acts circumstantial or relative to the Coups or political motivation!!...of course with appropriate compensation arrangement for precious lives demised, some ruthlessly, and properties lost…on a case by case basis work out possible restitution regime.

We say progressively release from Prison Mr. George Speight & Co, Mr. Mahendra Motibhai & Co, Mr Qarase …all CRW soldiers (if any still incarcerated), total and absolute amnesty and immunity to the Rear Admiral and his cohorts…and of course appropriate restitution and compensation to those ravaged and wronged.

And the preamble of the proposed “absolute amnesty and immunity” may also retrospectively rope in the ills the few surviving PM/MPs of previous Governments.

THEN, reinstate the death penalty to be meted out to any culprit who wanna cook up or execute a blooming Coup ever again!..oh….we believe a US state/Indonesia/Malaysia who may approve use of their gallows /electric chair…just that may be costly to maintain our own and gallows for this single crime, and we’re too small a populace for a fulltime hangman

Well by now…all these theologians and human rights guru may have their mouth open in approval or disgust…whatever the case…just gurgle a sip of Fiji water and think again!..and let us know if you have a better solution to stop the rot and the …or tell us your practical, realist, achievable and workable solution that THIS generation could witness to produce favourable results so we could then return to be the way the world should be!…tell us then!

tattifala said...

one other fala with no moral compass is the acting illegal solicitor general .
he should be made to handle compost at the municipal rubbish dump when country is back to democracy and the Rule of Law.

Pacific in the Media said...

No one in Fiji probably knows better than Father Kevin Barr that "the poor will always be amonst us". He does not need Yogesh Kumar (FT 1/12) to tell him that.
What's more Fr Barr has an insightful understanding of WHY the poor might always be amongst us and shares that understanding with others concerned with building a genuinely better Fiji (FT 30/11).
Yogesh Kumar in contrast gives us a good indication of why a certain variety of the rich will always be amongt us selfishly concerning themselves only with their own narrow interest and privileges.
People who keep an open mind and keep their eyes open have no difficulty in understanding who is being "ripped off" in contemporary societies the world over.
Yogesh is a long way from acquiring that understanding. Hence his bombastic assertion that the rich is "being ripped off" by the poor.
Hundreds of poor women working in a Bangladesh garment factory making designer brand clothes for western countries were burnt to death in a factory fire last week .
I wonder who was doing the ripping off there?
Rajend Naidu

Vutuki Meo said...

@Semi. What you suggesting has already been tried and doesn't work.
Rabuka asked for immunity. He got it.
You of all people should know this.

The law was strengthened against Treason.....but guess what; Bainimarama broke it anyway.

It does not work! OK!

I'm sick and tired of people like you that get on this blogsite and start mouthing off without thinking.
Especially you and Kamlesh Kumar.
I hope you are not one and the same person.

Can you come up with a better solution please...and stop being so stupid. I'm fed up with reading your childish ramblings.
I still read your post in the hope that you will offer something substantial but all I get is a headache.

SEMI MEO said...

@ V....Meo..December 1, 2012 1:41 PM.come on by lost son...did you ask your mum about my probale fling with her???..just that I could not recall liberally showing my seeds around...but, it's ok...you keep using my name...I keep loving you!!...deal??

Pls re-read my most previous post in this topic..

...and try to answer my question therein...that is after you've run to mummy for some apc for your 'headache"..you sure nothing else aches my son?..especially when you're so addicted to the sodomy world!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the accused were only doing the right thing like Shalend Scott. Time for these coup goons to let them go. Regime the last to be holding anyone to account anyway.

Anonymous said...

Was the courts in clean before this coup lol

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji should remember the facts being revealed by solicitors who worked in this illegal regime. So make your vote count and valuable and when it come to vote in the coming election please vote only for candidates who will support the prosecution of all those who execute the Coup with Frank. All these narrow minded advisors who were only their for their personal gain will face the music of forcing the people of Fiji to accept their non transparent approach in adopting the People Charter, the approval of giving BDO (Nur Bano) the rights to perform the treasury job on their payroll, the violation on the indigeneous rights of the itaukei and their chiefs for ignoring their voices in the drafting of the new People Charter, the approval to get the Fiji Government to loan development funds from China, India and some other international funding agencies, the corruption in the Fiji Government Judiciary system, etc, etc.

mark manning said...

Have any Fijians taken note that non indigenous are running the country and indigenous are destroying it?

Anonymous said...

regime is trying to lock everyone up .
who oppose the them.time for fijian to stand up for freedom and democracy.

Kai Baulevu said...

Fiji lost again in Dubai because of the Military and army players....they can only will in Aust or NZ without those idiot players fron the Navy and the army and also the Fiji coach who is no school.Get rid of the bastards from the rugby and Fiji will win

Anonymous said...

curse to fijian rugby team from the gods people and chiefs.shame.

Anonymous said...

Problem with Jagath is he is smiling all the time. Grow a beard and show a sad face bro. Bai will forgive you. Anyway bro, keep your faith and dont dishearten by our fijian friends betray you. You haven't met the good guys yet. Stay away from RPC..the bastard...

Kai Baulevu said...

The military are all idiots and dumb Even playing a simple game rugby which they cannot master or manage. it....thats the men's game and they come out as losers......bunch of rapists and pufters.......go back to the camp and give us back the goverment the rugby union and Fiji will win....sack the coach and bring back Wainiqolo.......A soldier is a soldier and his good for nothing but polishing Voreqes balls

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning your comments that Fijians are destroying the country is wrong. It is obvious from the records of the Bainimarama illegal government that Indo Fijian businessmen like Tapoo, Nur Bano, Rajendra Foodtown, Mark Mannings, Y P Reddy, Khaiyum & many others are behind the coup. Wait a minute mate, I know your background very well and clear. Since the introduction of this blog and other blog sites one of my aim is to trace down all who want to destroy the itaukei (indigeneous Fijians).

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning your comments that Fijians are destroying the country is wrong. It is obvious from the records of the Bainimarama illegal government that Indo Fijian businessmen like Tapoo, Nur Bano, Rajendra Foodtown, Mark Mannings, Y P Reddy, Khaiyum & many others are behind the coup. Wait a minute mate, I know your background very well and clear. Since the introduction of this blog and other blog sites one of my aim is to trace down all who want to destroy the itaukei (indigeneous Fijians).

Anonymous said...

What happened in 1987 and 2000 to the non indigeneous Fijans who were mainly Indo Fijians should also give a warning to those who support Bainimarama to destroy the rights of the itaukei to contro Fiji. May I asked the comments by Anonymous (Alas) November 30 1:41pm, Is India Parliament comprised of all races in India? Remember the strory about the Dark Hole of Calcutta when you ancestors killed the British, that is why my chief Ratu Sukuna said the only good Indian is a dead Indian. My advise to you do not try that in NZ where you are residing today or I will tell my Maori mates to serach for you and return you back to Fiji or India.

Anonymous said...

Cases against illegal government's favourite people must also be revisited including Laisenia Qarase and Mac Patel. Rajendra Chaudhry can look after himself and must do so but I will wait with interest to see how his father MPC gets on since he is known to make deals.

Anonymous said...

This is to Annoy 2/12/12
When you cannot defend yourself you use violence and threats-shame on you.
If you want to fight then come to Fiji if you have balls!!!
Don't bring India -deal with us and God Bless Bai and his team for Justice and equality, may he stay there forever!!! Now publish this my friend!!!

Vutuki Meo said...

@Semi Meo
The answer to your question :
You break the law you face the consequences.
Be a man and face upto the cosequences of your action
Don't be such a girl.
Anyone who asks for IMMUNITY is a pussy!
What say meow!

satish chand said...

anon @ 1.11 > why is jag's lawyer a bastard? are you scared of rajen? or are you still a pea brained individual who seems to reason everything on the basis of race? grow up you imbecile and if you have balls, publish comments under your real name.

V for Vendetta said...

"Fiji Regime Keeps Accused Citizens Hanging" -- seems to me high time that Fiji's citizens keep the regime leaders hanging, if you catch my drift!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, the real wild goose chase here is the election in 2014. If there is one, it won't be free and fair. Only a goose like you would believe it will be.

Or DO you really believe that? If you do believe that, then why do you keep pretending you don't understand the challenge put to you by Nameless Cyber Bully? Unlike you, he uses plain, easy-to-understand grammatical English, do what is it you find so hard to comprehend?

He challenged you to stand behind your repeated assertions about the 2014 elections. If Fiji has free and fair elections, he will stop blogging on C4.5. If it doesn't, you will stop blogging.

You don't need a lawyer to explain that to you or for you to answer the blooming question, you bloody coward.

By the way, Vutuki is your father. Or at least your mum thinks he is. She can't be certain. There were so many.

Anonymous said...

Vutuki Meo@1:41pm&7:00pm...Obvisouly you're writting from abroad,possibly a former peace-corp? Anyway you really think
that with your NO IMMUNITY offer to
Bainimarama would break him down?GET him to begg for mercy and just
get all his Military people to laydown their guns and call it a day?
You think the President,the Attorney General,the navy commandor,
all the military Generals,Colonels,majors,Capitains,
etc,etc would laydown their guns and run out to the backwood to live
a peaceful existences?
Your think the 2014 election is going to happen without IMMUNITY? Well,i'm
with MEO on this IMMUNITY if this is what Bainimarama requires, before
handing over our Democracy-so be it?
The Coup happens in Mahen Chodohry administration-
a democratic elected Government-
it also happen in Qarase Administration as well-
a democratic elected Government.These two so-called leaders of the people,were
the one that we should be blaming,
for their inability to defend our
nation freedom?
Mahendra he was the stupid-one and doesn't deserve to be
in that high office? Qarase, although smart in math-sense,but way too laid back and doesn't have
the killer-instinct and placed too
much trust in his Fijianism? There
were a lots of Fijian academics from abroads,that were in touched
with Qarase, from day one,and had
advised him to take tough action
against the commandor&the military
but he didn't think that it was warranted?

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 7:20
Yeah, have the immunity and election in 2014 and then in 2015 have another coup.

The Law does not stop coups.

So making a law that coups or treason is punishable by hanging did not stop Bainimarama from doing it, did it?

Someone said the definition of stupidity is "To keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result".

That means that you and all who advocate immunity are stupid.

And this is exactly what I said to Semi above.
I told him that This has been tried before and it did not work and it will never work.
How many times do I have to repeat myself.

Even an uneducated villager can understand what I'm saying but you guys don't seem to.

So Please let's not talk about immunity because it ain't gonna work.
The people of Fiji have suffered enough and there must be a different solution.

Anyone who brings up immunity again, we should just call him stupid and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, Anon@12.54 sums it up very well. You're so supportive of giving immunity to the illegal rulers of Fiji, yet you can't even answer a simple question, such as, why did you run away from Fiji? Come on old man, answer the question. If you cant then ask your grandson to explain it to you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:20, you're hopelessly gullible and naive, just like Semi Meo, if you're putting your hope in elections in 2014.

And why should we concede immunity? The man needs to hang for his crimes if we're ever to end coup culture. Vuaka will never relinquish power, immunity or not. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and his Indo Fijian Supporters will not live forever just like other dictators. His reign will not last long whether he decides to carry out the 2014 election or no, but right now the racial hatred between the itaukei (indigeneous Fijians) and all Bainimarama supporters is getting worse and it will trigger another civilian coup in the near future. That is why he is worried and it is most likely one of his closest bodyguard can assassinate him. If Bainimarama is not very careful of addressing the aspiration of the itaukei, provincial warfare can come back alive just like Maafu and Cakobau era.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo if Bainimarama and his officers want amnesty and immunity, the only option is to re-activate the Great Council of Chiefs Meeting and do the traditional way of soro (apology). The itaukei (indigineous Fijians) cultuture is alive and will continue to live irrespective of any attempt by any force to destroy it.
Fijians are known all over the world for their unique cultural ties between the Chiefs and their people. So Semi Meo if you are a true Fijian, you may need to raise this with Bainimarama because he likes you and other people like Mark Mannings who do not understand our Fijian (itaukei) culture of veisorosorovi outside the Court of Law.

Anonymous said...

Vutuki Meo@11:13am;tattifala;cyber bully etc,etc...
Why all these nom de plume?? obviously you're
blogging from somewhere in the USA
specifically I.P MASSACHUSETTS.Apparently a former
peace corp,
possibly married & dump
by a Fijian (Itaukei) woman,
whose had up to here, with your smart-ass crap?
Since you're the americano know all master, could
you please come to Fiji and lead
us ulukau,
in fighting Bai& his co-
horts outa here?
If we oust the dictator,we promised a reconciliation
with your former
Itaukei wife or you can take your picks with youger lasses,
that is if you can
still get it up?

Anonymous said...

LOLS @ 9.57p.m. Don't tell me, you're in that KANALOTO bandwagon? Your self-serving suggestion. HAHA.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, why did you run away from Fiji? Does it have something to do with your fascination with the word 'immunity'?

Answer the question Semi, NCB et al have asked but you keep dodging the question.

SEMI MEO said...

Fiji’s redemption is near...we the 99.99% Fiji Citizens shall over come...

However, we have no control over the few nameless and faceless cyber thugs who sneak in and out of this highly esteemed column...poo, spew and leave..but we really pity not them, but their respective partners and lovely children who come running up for a hug and kiss..if...if they only knew that they are hugging a coward whose same lips they kiss spew curses profanity…

....only if these cyber cowards relatives knew that the detrimental effect of their partner, mom and dad’s profane languages and curses in this column will surely one day..even as early as today hit them...purely, because their cowardly partner, dad or mum have wilfully rendered the whole family vulnerable to the very curse and profanity they spew…oh , my God!!...even if the rest of us wills…no way could we reverse the curse…for only these cyber cowards have the key!

..where were we…oh…yes…we the brave 99.99% Fiji Citizen..let’s keep focusing on the 2014 election!...oh by the way…the only purest of elections was done by Jesus himself with he elected his 12 Cabinet members…all else through the generation are in some way or the other tainted..

Who’s looking for a fair election?…any one??...then euthanize and gone yonder for your dream election!.

..no…no…God forbid…kid still need a mum or dad..or may be us the 99.99% could do a better job being a hubby or parent with out the profanity, curses and cowardice…

Anonymous said...

Semi is one deranged old fart. He's a staunch supporter of Bainivuaka and that's not hard to see from his endless verbal diarrhea spewed in here. He's hiding away overseas, after running away, and now he seems to have a lot of ideas. By the way semi, have you answered the question about why you ran away from Fiji? One thing is certain, civil unrest will erupt after the elections, and people power will be victorious. As for Semi, he will forever be remembered as an expert toilet cleaner who ran away from Fiji

Anonymous said...

Our struggle is for the good of all Fijians. Violence is not the way to liberate our struggle.For those who use vulgar language in the blog do not belong to this space.let us be creative in a positive manner inpushing our views to the IG.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, thanks for the sphincter massage last night. Meet me in the men's washroom for another session today. You know the one.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo is a fool and a tool. He says that 99.9 percent of Fijians support Bainimarama's election plan for 2014, but he never gives any evidence for that claim, because there is none. Then he says that whoever is looking for a fair election in Fiji should be euthanized or go abroad. If he doesn't believe Fiji will have free and fair elections in 2014, then why is he advising us to put our hope in the 2014 elections?

If he does believe it, then why doesn't he simply accept NCB's challenge to put his money where his mouth is? I would love to see him right, because that would mean Fiji finally gets the elections it deserves. If he's wrong, it will be a sad day for Fiji, but at least the readers of C4.5 would have the consolation of never having to read any more of Meo's foolish blather.

Really, I wish he'd show a little dignity and answer NCB like a man. Also, I wish he'd stop sharing with us his silly and contradictory views about various and sundry until he's sorted out the thoughts in his own addled mind.

Anonymous said...

The IG is not listening. By IG do you mean the Interim Government or the Israeli Government.

Anonymous said...

The illegal government!

SEMI MEO said...

@Sodomite of December 5, 2012 3:28 AM..why do'nt you meet the "fool and the tool" of December 5, 2012 4:13 PM in the manner you suggested!