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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fiji's sleeping bandas and rugby goons

Trade unionists Urai and Amanaki
Surely a case of people in the wrong slots: Fiji Trade Union Congress president Daniel Urai asleep in the arms of Tongan trade unionist Mele Amanaki and QEB Goon, Aseri Rokoura, (below front right), leading the Fiji Rugby Team.

The Amanaki picture, sent to us with the caption Classified: The Royal Flash and Sleeping Banda, was taken at the FTUC biennial gathering earlier this year.

Rokoura's picture was just last week. The army goon, identified to bloggers via C4.5 revelations last year, was appointed to the Fiji rugby team on the directive of the Fiji Rugby Union chairman, Mosese Tikoitoga.

He is number two in Frank Bainimarama's inner gang after Ben Naliva and is Tikoitoga's eyes and ears on the ground since he's not travelling with the team to England, Ireland and Georgia. He has no experience in rugby, let alone Fiji rugby and the appointment has outraged rugby purists. 

Rokoura was one of the army operatives behind the assault on FTUC national secretary, Felix Anthony, early last year and was fingered by Peter Usaia Waqatairewa from the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement as having threatened him in 2009, via Bainimarama's email.

He was also Joni Madraiwiwi’s ADC, when he was still vice-president from 2004 to 2006. He went to Duntroon Military College in Canberra, the same military school attended by the butt-prodding Ben Naliva.

Editor's Note: Daniel Urai was listed in the recent petition by three high ranking chiefs and the four main political parties to the illegal president calling for a caretaker government to be appointed. We have been advised that while FTUC was part of the early discussions, Urai's spot is unsigned because the union's stance remains unchanged from an earlier decision not to be involved with any initiative that includes the Fiji Labour Party. The only union to sign the petition was FICTU.

QEB Goon Aseri Rokoura (front right) makes Fiji Rugby squad as manager. pic MINFO.


Anonymous said...

Rokoura's left leg (at the ankle) shows the state of his health. Its swollen (fluid around the ankle) and he is wearing what looks like a strapping above it.

All that stress is tough on the blood pressure (and the health).

Oedema is what its called.

Hope the medics on this FRU UK tour have enalapril for the team Manager's High blood pressure.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping Dan caught with his pants down? These guys all have fun at Unions expense. Booze, women all

Ratu Vore said...

The sleeping beauty (ugly) oblivious to the world.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a man. You sure she's female Daniel? Her left hand is close to Daniel's 'boys' so they must have been up to some monkey business..Daniel you sneaky mongoose hehehe.

Anonymous said...

TRANSPARENCY is one word missing in the Fiji government's vocabulary when it comes to the travel and hotel expenses of the illegal Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, his family, and his army of coup supporters.

A cache of overseas hotel and travel bills of Bainimarama, Aiyaz Khaiyum, Cabinet ministers, and scores of Board of Directors on Government appointed institutions reveal the impunity with which these illegals are abusing their positions and defrauding the voiceless peoples of Fiji since the 2006 treasonous coup.

In the coming months Fijileaks will be revealing those caches of expenses bills. Here is just a sample of what is to come. Take the bills of Tom Ricketts, who had joined the post coup regime as interim Tourism Minister along with his FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry. Today he is on various Boards, including as chairman of Telecom Fiji Ltd, to which he was appointed in August 2009.

He also currently serves as Board Member of Fiji National Provident Fund, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings and Home Finance Corporation Limited. During his time on the FNFP Board, the Board had bought 1,716,724 Class B shares in Yatu Lau Company Ltd. Ricketts at that time held 5,000 Class A shares in Yatu Lau. Was there a conflict of interest?

Meanwhile, the travel and hotel bill documents speak for themselves - in a very transparent way - of the use and abuse of the travel visa card; there are also allegations that he sometimes takes his wife Janet with him, and the expenses are paid by Telecom.

What about his bills from other Boards? Double or triple dippings?

Anonymous said...

Rocky has been a staunch administrator of Nabua Rugby for years now when the old generation Nabua stalwarts hanged their hats. He has been there with Nabua rugby when nobody cared and instrumental in its current revival. Even though he is part of the military he is on Nabua's side when it meets the Army rugby team or Navy. Thanks Rocky, you have Nabua rugby's support.

Ratu Semi Kaniana bokola Uluinakauvadra said...

Lucky Bastard with a beautiful Togan lady lap sitting him....hmmmm if its good for Dan than it will be be good for any other....blood sucking milipedes like him

Anonymous said...

Daniel Urai, hehehehe this is what all trade unions do at expense of workers!! Mahen Chaudry, Felix Anthony, Pramod Rae, Attar Singh, Maika Namudu, Rajeshwar Singh, Kuini Lutua all do this and is well known. The workers struggle whilst they get drunk and spend the money screwing around and now they want to tell us how to run a country, hehehehe. Workers are not so dumb anymore!

Coup 4.5 said...

You have, on the one hand, the most powerful president (Barack Obama) in the most powerful country on planet earth (USA) having to fight like hell to get re-elected for another 4 years in office and you have, on the other hand, lousy unelected leaders in Third World banana republics who can stay on in power for 8 years and more without having to fight any elections.
Extraterrestrials watching us Earthlings must be saying to themselves " They are a weird mob !"
They'd be right.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.37pm.

Nabua is just a small rugby club. The bigger clubs and provincial teams are questioning the appropraiteness of the appointment of Rocky because he is only qualified to manage a club not a national team.

Tui said...

Set tu na timi ni Viti..wananavu ragone. Vakanuinui vinaka ena qito mai iurope, nuitaka ni dou na cavu i sausau.

Nothing wrong with Rokoura's involvement in rugby. Afterall peace keeping and rugby are the other things Fiji army known for apart from regular coups.

Boy these unionist have orgies on their meeting schedules..

SEMI MEO said...

So..with all due respect what has Sir Moti Tikaram know about Rugby..uh..others in the FRU hierarchy list may have never experienced a ruthless rugby tackle..but of course were worthy to be part of the great Fiji Rugby Union!

Though we loath probable and alleged thuggery of Mr. Rokoura, he could possibly one of the few seasoned protocol officers within the ranks and at the same time be Government rep to market/ promote the team and Fiji, meet the international press, overseas Rugby gurus on tour.

Of course we esteem and admire our Fiji sport team winning…with due respect we believe it is time now our respective captains, team officials are given a bit of basic PR, oratory skills before facing the microphone on the wining dais or international press.

Of course, all of us Fijians are fluent in English ligo…but lets we forget our “heavily accented Fijian English” may NOT be understood by an International ordinance….phew!...think of the days when “pure oxford english were orated to near precision by the late Ratu Sir Mara, both Ratu Sir Cakabous, Mr. Waqanivavalagi, Mr. Leweniqila Snr…even…uh…the late Rev T Raikivi!

Oh…no one is above the law…should Mr. Rokoura be guilty than the law will get him…one day…so chill out and focus on the 2014 Election while our boys promote the tranquillity of our beautiful shores to the international community!!...o vela!!..and stop looking under his sulu..for goodness sake!

And..let Mr. Urai be…jornos said it was just only an innocent Tongan joke!!...the exposure was ..uh..of course accidental angle by the camera lady!...big deal!

Kai Baulevu said...

Ok thats Rokoura....well he was one of the M16 rear poking soldiers like Naliva.I hope that he will be wearing that sulu when the time comes for his rear to take the turn of the M16 barrel.
If we got the chance we should make sure that Naliva and Rokouras rear to be treated the same as they been enjoying poking other peoples rear...bulimu mai tagane...da wale na i sulu qori ni sa ucu yani na M16...lol.That pedophile Rokoura should be watched closely especially from young boys as he is capable of doing his trade mark to the innocent people...I wonder what this bastard is doing to his wife?????

Anonymous said...

Look at the kind of life lived by people that want to become national leaders. We shud not allow these kind of people to lead us. They have no family values and all they utter in parliament is hot stinking air. on

VJ said...

Anon November 6, 2012 12:12 PM

That's really sad given that this regime was supposed to rid corruption. It's now clear they're more corrupt then any other government in Fiji's history.

Kodak Kid said...

Picture only shows Urai aslee.p looks like some smart ass staged a picture.

Kodak Kid said...

Picture only shows Urai aslee.p looks like some smart ass staged a picture.

Polaroid said...

Looks pretty good and unedited to me K K

Anonymous said...

Look at the bed in the background,,,,,
A close look indicates:
1. bed doesnt look dry
2. evidence of some kind of wrestling match by 2 heavy persons generally matching the description of the 2 in the pic;
3. urais shirt is not fully buttoned and theres a towels stuck in the middle of the shirt indicating some sort of drunken type of dressing up and the towel got stuck there;
4. both wearing clothes indicating casualness in dressing up;
5. whose bedroom is this anyway?

Guilty as charged.
Semi Meo to chk whether the tongan is a fakaleiti or faafafine.

Tokalulu said...

Separate Fact from fiction: Amanaki is not cradling Urai in her arms. She is in fact sitting on his lap while he appears to be asleep.
Her eyes indicate she is very much awake and she appears to be sober. So, the picture was either: (1) taken as a light-hearted joke or (2) with sinister motives in mind. In any event, Urai looks to have made a fool of himself in someone's hotel room (if not his own). Surprisingly, there is no evidence of a booze-up (but the bed does look used on one side only).

Ratzmann said...

Kai Baulevunakakece...

E what jiko mada man???..iko sa vaka mai na pufta nomui vosavosa..karua ga kei Pita. O bau rakavi tu o iko se sega..tamata kecega o sa vosataka. Vacava mo raica madaga nomu bula kei na nomu matavuvale. Kua so na macawa wavoki kei na ulukau. Bau galu mada so na gauna. Na levu ni gusuma sa tukuna ga mai na levu ni bothy o mama tiko. Lauvutu.

Truthhurts said...

These are the kind of leaders Fiji does not need! The wolf in Sheep's clothing just like Felix and Mahendra Chaudhry!

Anonymous said...

Please send this picture to the Tongan Newspapers so Amanaki's husband, children and union members can see her actions in officially designated Union meetings. How many more Union brothers have you seduced over the years Amanaki

J.J. said...

Oh.... Isa, Noka plan o Dan!

Anonymous said...

why we wasting time on this? surely this looks like a staged up picture with something sinister in mind....someone seeking vengeance and needing attention..poor Urai....coup4.5 who gave you that picture? you should have had the sense not to publish it but who cares ...it doesnt change what these leaders stand for....

tattifala said...

I don't know why some people are complaining and complaining and complaining about how bad things have become in Fiji. Just look at rat u nailatikau. he is doing alright. hand in his pocket and a permanent smile on his face. things couldn't have been better. just ask him: the honourable president of the fiji military dictatorship.
ordinary citizens must learn to be like him.
Don't Worry Be Happy!

Anonymous said...

Tongan Princess flashing her two rings...wedding ring and her ....oh well the picture did not capture the image...poor Dan...noka se cava...oblivious kedaru...waraka ni yadra na kai Solomone...ia ia they can draunikau and the Tongan Princess will forget she is from Tonga...chi chi....laivi koya na gone mai Lautoka....wananavu Viti...Rokoua...isa tavale...set tu o iko tavale...veitalia na vosa...kedaru daru veitavaleni tu ga veitalia ke bese o sis...

Kaunihau said...

shame on fiji loosing in the hands of tonga another ass hiding in tonga.
Dan waku up you vutulaki

Kamal Iyar-Vanuatu said...

Dan go and plant biscuit you boci.

Kai Baulevu said...

To lauvutu Ratzmann....oi o sauma na noqu gauna kei na noqu livaliva...vosavosa ga ni macawa kei na ulukau qori....ke ca vei iko noqu blog kua ni wilika,sa kakua mada na viavia vakataki Voreqe tiko mo mai tarova noqu dodonu.Vosavosa sara ni tamata macawa qori bro,vakavulici iko beka o tinamu koya sa vakaraui mate tu qori mo vosa vaqori????kakua ni vakatetea na nomu kawa ca mai vei keimami na blog tu qo.Na gusumu sa tukuni iko qarauna???

Anonymous said...

io drau veifutu sara kei nailatikau

kai baulevu said...

I cannot understand some long nose people and pufters judging Dan and that beautiful Tongan lady.Even the leadre of the All Nation Church been taken to court for indicent assault case.Well we are all man enough to understand the photos ..whats wrong with it???beatiful photo indeed....Tongan lady lap sitting MR Urai.....if it was a mistake or any serious business done after the photo was taken its none of our business guys....what you guys are dooing is just gossip jealous and pointing fingers.

Anonymous said...

Rokoura is also an official of the Naitasisri Rugby Union if you questioning his provincial rugby status. What have you done?

Anonymous said...

Rokoura &Ratskalavo rau bothy ruarua, sa sivia na tabetabe....rawataki...yavu macawa!

Kai Baulevu said...

Just why Naitasiris rugby team has gone down the drain,,,murderers bring bad luck to our goverment and any thing they do.The blood and cries of the people you cowards spilled will always be following you.Naitasiri se Nakauvadra nodra tagi na wekamuni koni a mokulaki ira ena drodrova na nomuni kawa...vuce na yava qai muria mai na vuce ni mata ni waraka tiko.

Anonymous said...

Laughing at some comments from non union members about Dan and how the union members membership money is being spent.
Well in a union leaders get elected and if the members don't like how the money is being used, they will vote him out, unlike the Puppet/Muppet which was not voted in.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on people, the lighter side of things is that Dan was just enjoying the true Tongan hospitality!!
Iko na tagane Dan!!

Noquviti said...

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words- this being the imagination and inference of the human mind based on a single photo.
All that this photo has done is present Daniel haters additional dislike grounds and opened up a forum to do so.

Kai Baulevu said...

Not even haters.... its just the way most of us Fijians turn a nice photos in to gossiping.Even on the streets when we see someone waering dirty clothes one can only work out the imagination and opinion of who ever sees that guy.Its Fiji and only in Fiji....donot jude a book by its cover guys.This is especially for you guys who are judging the photos of Urai.Well his having a good time and anything after the photo is Urais own resposibility....where as the other photo of Rokoura its nothing wrong with the photo but that murderer walking like an innocent bastard thats a concern to me as a democracy advocator.For those British army in England he was one of those soldiers who cowarly punched and injured your mates here in Fiji at Flagstaff road block........ni kua ni cakava vua e dua na ka baleta ni tiko ena democracy society...me kasiviti ga na matana se lau viri ena yaloka....ke mani sega ni dua e rai tu dua vua nai koba.

SEMI MEO said...

KAI BAU..LEVU.... blah...blah....blah...nothing...blah...blah....blah...nothing...blah...blah....blah...nothing...blah...blah....blah...nothing...zzzzz...nothing...zzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Union leaders are elected, bullshit. Under the pretext of democracy, unions have been controlled by chordhury, urai, felix, attar, rajeshwar. Its all click work within the union heirachy. You unionists are fooling the poor workers for your personal political ambitions

The Heckler said...

Are you sure that's Amanaki cradling Urai and not Rokoura with a little more make-up?

Anonymous said...

I see that Rokoura is wearing a skin under his I sulu vakataga.Sa qai lasa sara.....and looking at the picture the caption should be read as.....Nakarawa and Naqusa admiring their team manager with his suit and a skin under as his sapo...maiyaso na ka qori e daramaki ena gauna ni tereni se qito...and not under a isulu vakataga....lol only in Nabua and Naitasiri...Rokoura dre ga na kau nei Nailatikau.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture DAN! Good union work. Workers of Fiji will be proud of you. A picture paints a million words. Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This sums up the life of a man who is supposed to be a leader in Fiji, ex-FNPF, TFL, ATHL Board member and ….ex-FEA meter reader, ex-illegal government supporter.

Anonymous said...

Manager is wearing thermal 'skins' tights. They're meant to help keep muscle recover,keep muscles warm and are only worn by atheletes/ players....dont know what this dick head is wearing it for? LOL

Showing off his 'Rugby Knowledge' I guess.

Noquviti said...

Thank you Kai Baulevu. Wish there was more people with a mindset like you on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Dan is sleeping on the job again.

Anonymous said...

waiwai iko na mate kei luvemuuu

Anonymous said...

Common guys the FTUC president is not sleeping after a ding dong- he is devising by vision of worker rights fight for the next century this is called dreaming up reform strategies before he goes to prision soon.

No more lap dance in naboro for daniel uro.

He will be the one sitting on the laps of others in naboro and not paid for by the workers monies.

Chodo banau said...

Brother Urai is tired after too much chodo.

Anonymous said...

No people. Rokoura is NOT wearing strapping!! Those are tights that support his DIAPERS!! Very colourful tights huh??

Anonymous said...

@ Kai Baulevunakakece...o sa veivosayaki la. Blah...blah..blah..blah...gonei bau coki mada na sote liga balavu qori tamana....lol

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Rocky..tamata tagane o iko. Kai Baulevunakakece does not know anything about you and yet he wants to makes false allegations against you. He doesn't know that you were one of the victims shot during the mutiny at QEB. He doesn't know the contribution your sister has made for this country in sports. He doesn't know anything about you except for the rubbish people comment here about you. Bring back the lost glory Tubuna. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rokoura is struggling to walk. I suspect his balls are being affected by an STD.

Anonymous said...

Rocky was shot in the back whilst running away from the contact at Veiuto.

He was in charge of the checkpoint on Vuya Road (next to the turn into the Parliament road) which was attacked by George Speights men

When the contact happened Rocky gave the orders for the squad to abandon post and they all ran down Vuya road towards the Suva Grammar school gate without any formation.

As a result he and a number of his squad were shot whilst they running away from their post down Vuya Road in disorderly retreat.

Anonymous said...

Rocky was not shot during the mutiny at QEB

He was shot back in 2000 at Vuya Road. He was shot in the back (upper back). It was a flesh wound.

He wouldn't have been shot had he not panicked when George Speight's men approached his position.

When he finally managed to give orders it was to abandon post because by that time George Speights men had overrun the barricades and were wrestling weapons off Rocky's men

Rocky's men all turned and ran down Vuya Road. Rocky first and his squad behind him. M 16 in the hands and full sprint down towards the Grammar gate.

George Speight's men took pot shots at Rocky's squad as they fled their position. One of them got Rocky in the back. Rocky was shot whilst he was running away.

That is what happened. Do not turn it into some kind of heroic last stand, because it wasn't. It was a chaotic disorderly panicked run down Vuya Road

SEMI MEO said...

Anon Nov 8 2012 1:15PM..tacina, once order for reterat was given and you were running along side “Rocky” did you slow down or..uh.. faster so he could take the bullet for you…that still makes him a hero..don’t you think?..I knew you’d say you were not there and some else told you the ‘Vuya Road” story..

Phew..some people like shooting at everything that moves…no wonder a lot of friendly fire flying across our Fiji Community…lte’s see…mmmm…what could we hope for, esteem and bless Fiji with??...what?..nothing??....you must be joking!

Kai Baulevu said...

To anon ...io dou tagane ka dina na mataivalu ni soli sona...nomuni cakacaka na veitono i muamuri .....cakacaka ni tagane se cakacaka ni leqa na qavokavoka...ni yavu dokadoka..sa veisaumi taki kemuni na lewe ni vanua sai koya na matanitu ni qai mai butakoca tale......vuce mai vuve mai..ni oti na coup qai macala na tagane...moni sogota vinaka sara na qani bulu enai tovo ni vakaraitaka nai tovo ga ni tamata ravarava...ke ni tagane ni coupena ligamuni biu na dakai...ulukau vavaku o iko dakai ni kauta i na buca ni valu oi mo ni tauvi da mai....Ratzman kua ni o va guise tovolea mo vakatubura na kawa ni kai viti vinaka o sa kawa ca o iko sa ratou qai muri iko na nomu kawa....o na lako tu ga na cabolo i gusumu dua nai koba.

Anonymous said...

FIJI RUGBY TEAM will lose all their games in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo google "Fiji coup" and look in images for a Fijian soldier wrestling with a civilian over an M16 rifle. Thats Rocky back in 2000

He and his squad were covered but he panicked. That was his first real live fire contact. Na Orp Ord mai cake me ratou hold their ground. Ia qai panic ni sa cabolo na gasau e yavadratou. Na retreat veitaucici koya caka sobu i Vuya Road ena iga ya e sana sega ga ni dua sa na cover taki iratou rawa kina. Baleta ni ratou sa cici dro ni rere. Sega ni dua na organisied retreat ratou cakava. Kila vinaka tiko qori o Rocky baleta niratou a mavoa talega kina e vica na nona squad i na ka lialia koya caka ya.

Sega ni dau caka vakaya na retreat. Dodonu me ratou split me rua na fire team, me due me hold ground dua a move back.

Out of the window na SOP.

Anonymous said...

Rokoura's leg looks had it in fact its seeping fluid and puss well I guess all the ass poking has finally caught up your turn Naliva is yet soon to come.God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Kemunu na noda mai keri me ma visou rawa o kona na manidia me rawa ni kila o vuravura na vuni visou .Qori o ira na mata viavia sotia macawa ko ra tauri dakai wavoki tu ga qoi i Suva ka naka ni vakataki kemunu na ruku ina rara ni valu kadina...ni mokute na bokola qore

Anonymous said...

@ Kai Baulevunakakece...tubuna drau toce. Kawa ca talega o iko kei ira nomu kawa mai muri ....thats if you will have any kawas. O via veikoba tiko ivei...boci. Tovolea mo kobai nomu gay partner mada i liu...toce.

Anonymous said...

GO FIJI GO....the blessings of Fiji are with you. We made it in Gold Coast and won the PRC with these local players and with some army players. You can still do it in Europe. Thanks Rocks for managing the team. GOD BLESS YOU AND THE TEAM.

Anonymous said...


HAPPY DIWALI to you my brother and your family. Make sure to share those sweets you make. Especially the Qulaqula and the Lakari Mitai. Don't forget you Rourou Bara.

Anonymous said...

Rocky never ran away....watch the video on YouTube. What he did saved lives on the day. I only wish he had shot the bastards instead. He was shot be a CRW hiding behind the crowds. They withdrew and shot into the ground in front of them to keep the rebels at bay. Even when they were pulling their weapons tRocky was cool and never shot in panic.

Anonymous said...

Shooting Breaks Out in Fiji
ROHAN SULLIVAN , Associated Press
AP News Archive May. 27, 2000 12:18 AM ET

SUVA, Fiji (AP) _ A gunbattle broke out Saturday between rebels who have been trying for a week to seize power in Fiji and government troops, leaving two soldiers and a journalist wounded.

Saturday's shootout with military forces, the first since the takeover began May 19, occurred after about 200 supporters of the coup and at least three armed rebels left the parliamentary compound and confronted about eight soldiers at a roadblock.

In an effort to remove the roadblock, the supporters tried to grab the soldiers' weapons and pushed one of them to the ground. The other soldiers fired warning shots. The rebels shot back, setting off a brief gunbattle.

Two soldiers and a cameraman for Associated Press Television News were wounded. Officials said one soldier was hit in the shoulder and the other in the leg. Jerry Harmer, 38, of Britain, a senior producer and cameraman for Associated Press Television News, was shot in the right wrist.

Doctors at Suva's Colonial War Memorial hospital said Harmer's condition was good.

The soldiers withdrew and were chased by the rebels, who threw rocks and tore down tents erected at the checkpoint. The rebels stopped their charge at a second checkpoint, which had been abandoned by police when the shooting started, and they eventually returned to Parliament.

The clash came a day after scores of Fijians rushed into the parliamentary compound to support the rebels, flooding past military barricades to join them.

Speight, who was not involved in the shootout, blamed the confrontation on Mara's decision to bolster security around the compound with military checkpoints, in addition to police checkpoints set up last week.

``I don't want the army to be deployed, restricting the movement of people and the free access of people who wish to come and go as they please,'' Speight told a news conference inside the compound after the incident.

He said he authorized his men to remove the roadblocks.

``I authorize, tacitly, any action that our security forces feel is necessary in order to remove a threat from the perimeter of this complex,'' Speight said.

Police Commissioner Isikia Savua announced Friday that he had handed over security around Parliament to the army because armed men from the compound had been approaching checkpoints at night and threatening officers. Fiji's police do not carry guns.

The United Nations and foreign governments including the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand have criticized the tribal leaders for not cracking down on Speight and his backers.

Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said the chiefs had 48 hours to support the democratically elected government or face economic and political sanctions.

``Mr. Speight is a terrorist _ this is an act of terror,'' Downer said in Canberra.

Fiji is located in the Pacific 2,250 miles northeast of Sydney, Australia. Ethnic Indians make up 44 percent of the population of 813,000, while indigenous Fijians account for 51 percent.

The Associated Press

Anonymous said...

Men with low morals never win anything.
That frontrow picture Rokoura ( arse prodder) , Nailatikau ( does not stand for anything)
Can you imagine being led by these sorts of men?
If this is the quality of your leaders then I expect the Fiji Rugby Team to fail miserably in its tour of Europe.

They won't win any game.

Leqa gona vei ira na Sotia ni Viti ni sa rui levu vei ira na QACIQACIA VIAVIALEVU KEI NA VAKILAKILA.
They will never amount to anything.
That goes for Bainimarama and all his men.
Whatever they have accumulated including properties and whatever, they will lose it all.

-Valataka na Dina.

Kai Baulevu said...

To anon..so when the cowards panic they lost what been taught to them....sa rauta me ra veivakamavoa taki tiko ni sa da dina tikoga ga qo so nai lala ravarava..sa ra lai vakasagai ira wale na vakasalewalewa,ra mokuti ira na marama,ra lai tonoka nodra mua i muri na turaga.....ke ni tukuna tiko ni tagane ni biuta na dakai ni qai coup...ko ga na ka e cakava o Rokoura oni cakava taucoko.Macawa yani liu ya laulau koba dua na night club qo e dua gona vei ira,vuru seisei na matana qai ra yaco mai na sotia ra yali na buturaki koya na luve ni ravarava ko moku ya.....ni mokuti koya kemuni na noda mai keri me macala mada nodra vaka mokulaki ira tiko na wekada eke..dua e raboka na daligana....

Anonymous said...

Kai Baulevu Sa dua la na gusugusu vei koba e tiko vei iko. Lako lai bollea dua na sotia e off duty tu se bolea madaga e dua na ex-serviceman oti qai mai post taka na Kena macala. kua la ni oti dua e luva tale nona taurausese ka basa taka yani na muna. Na cakacaka ni veikoba e sega ni ka me mai saki taki tiko. Na ka qori e caka ga yani me ra qai vei talanoa taka na sarava. Kusa gonei lai bolea madaga e dua na ex-serviceman Yabaki 60 lako cake baleta ke ka gone qai qai e vutusona taki iko tale mai.....walekakai.

Anonymous said...

Sa kua soti na veivutusona. Sa boidada mai na maytqali vetalanoa qo.

Anonymous said...

Hey if this assole gave a retreat
command to his troop in 2000, then whats the frieken problem? Let's
do it? Get some guns together with
few hundreds paid men,lets test the water and see if these asseole
would run like their leader?I'm sure Bai will still outrun anyone
at Delainabua?

Anonymous said...

Sa lusi ga na timi me dua vei Rokoura nai koba

SEMI MEO said...

Many of us are no Military strategist like Col Anon of November 8, 2012 9:58 PM

But, the obvious variant in that “military” confrontation on that day were hundreds of hyper demonised civilians. Had the Military boys followed Col Anon “organised retreat” tactics, then indiscriminate shooting and loss of innocent lives would have been the resul,, including the probable death of the soldiers themselves.

I fail to see how the retreating soliders would have been able to differentiate hypo demonised civilian thugs and trained rebel soldiers in civilian clothes.

In all fairness, if we read correctly from the press and other credible reports above, we believe a belated tribute and gratitude should be afforded to the Soldiers who took their live ammo and ran far away from the civilian mob and avoid all contacts whatsoever.

We think they should all get commendation and medal!! ...hypothetically, had they stood their ground and indiscriminately fired…oh…my God…some of the bloggers relatives would have been killed together with these soldier…

..we believe it is sheer bravery to stand and face charging enemy in real situation of war…

we also believe is also similarly heroic act to pick up your guns and ran as far away as possible from civilian thugs who have no idea of the ruthlessness of a stinging bullet and a but of a gun..

That day, lives were saved in Veiuto…uh…at the cost of some of our brave soldiers pride….lives cannot be replaced, howver,pride?..is a free commodity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you semi meo. You are the only man of reason in this loony bin called c 4.5.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, again you're back with your moronic comments.

You can't even decide whether the attacking coup sympathizers were 'hypo demonised civilian thugs' or 'innocent lives'.

I suppose you think Bainimarama's shitting his pants whilst sprinting though the cassava was an act of heroism as well.

Anonymous said...

Semi, how then does that explain the murders of Rabaka, of Malasebe, of Baleiloa ?

Unarmed men murdered in captivity ?

Cowardice ?

Anonymous said...

There was nothing the soldiers under Rocky could because thje rebels (CRW) were using the mass as human shied,do you think would be mad enough to order his troops to open fire and kill hundreds of un armed civillians,the right thing to do was pullout and get that was what he did,imagine if hundreds of civillians were killed if the troops had stood there ground the 2000 coup would have been worse,THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE YOU AR@@HOLES!!!

Anonymous said...

Six weeks later there was another contact and it went smoothly. The squad was an experienced one of real soldiers. The order from QEB to stand and deliver was followed to the letter. Sectors of fire set down and overwatch positions and prepared firing positions put in place. Same number of guys but this time doing the job according to proper SOP.

There was no more panicky Rocky there. He had been removed from active duties by that time and assigned to desk duties after discharge from hospital.

FijiLive - Wednesday, July 05, 2000
SHOOTOUT -Five Speight supporters injured in clash with army

THREE civilians and two members of the Counter Revolutionary
Warfare unit were wounded in a shootout between the military and
supporters of George Speight at parliament yesterday.

Both sides confirmed the casualties but are blaming each other for starting the shooting. The CRW men in parliament are under the command of Ilisoni Ligairi who also heads security in the complex.

One of the wounded CRW soldiers is believed to be the one who shot
Lieutenant Aseri Rokoura along Vuya Road a week after the coup.

The military said the exchange started when some soldiers on patrol outside parliament's southern boundary were provoked by Speight's supporters. Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini
confirmed the shooting and the number of those injured.

Soldiers at the Nasese checkpoint said people from the complex attacked them with cane knives, sticks and stones under covering fire laid down by
a machine gun mounted on Battery Hill.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon of November 10, 2012 10:36 AM...

As we have always maintained, families of those mercilessly killed by a few thugs in the Military or Police since Dec 2006should be at very best, monetarily compensated….lives lost can not be replaced!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 10, 2012 7.28pm you boci. What do you know about what transpired on that day. We decided we were going to put our foot down after Rocky and his troop got shot. That why we shot those guys in the second confrontation. That CRW soldier was shot in the shoulder when he drew his weapon even when hiding behind the group. Kua ni via vosa na ka o sega ni kila. Na mataivalu e vaka ga na bure ni kadi, vaka seuta drau na qai sota. Ni sega tiko ni vosa na mataivalu kua soti na viavialevu baleta na gauna ga e vosa kina okoya e dave na dra baleta oya ga na ka e tereni taki kina me vakamatea na Kena meca. keo o sotia sa biuta na mataivalu sogota na gusumu magaibumu ka lako yani.

Anonymous said...

Tauri iko vakamalua.Sa kua so mada na qaciqacia kei na viavialevu.

Real soldiers were called back to duty to take care of business....

Armed soldiers to stay in Suva
Tuesday, June 13, 2000

THE Fiji Military Forces will keep armed soldiers in the streets until the
security of people and property is secured, said spokesman Lieutenant
Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini. "We are doing our best under the present
circumstance and we would have withdrawn our men from the streets if we
thought there is total security.

That is not the case at the moment," said Col. Tarakinikini. Since the military
took over executive authority on May 29, there have been fewer incidents of
violence and burning around Suva compared to riots and looting that occurred
after the coup attempt on May 19.

One of the most recent incidents was the burning of the Lighthouse
Restaurant opposite Veiuto Primary School at Queens Elizabeth Drive in
Suva. The restaurant was an easy target because it was some distance from the
Muanikau Road checkpoint.

The army relocated soldiers away from the vicinity of parliament after an
angry mob stormed a checkpoint erected at Battery Road, that leads to the
parliament's back entrance, later shooting two soldiers. On Sunday night
arsonists tried to burn trade unionist Diwan Shankar's home at Samabula in

A 12-seater van was torched at Bureta Street, also in Samabula, last week.
Government quarters at Veiuto occupied mostly by expatriate doctors were
vacated after men believed to be from the rebel group in parliament broke into
homes in the area. The military has been using its Reserves and Territorial
Forces who marched into camp on a voluntary basis.

In assuming executive authority, Commodore Frank Bainimarama
re-employed the services of former senior officers who formed the military's
think tank after the 1987 military coups. Back in the fold is Col. Pio Wong
who headed the military delegation in the interim administration that
administered the reconstruction of the economy in 1987. Col. Wong was joined by former commanders Brigadier Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and Brigadier Ratu Epeli Ganilau, Col. Alfred Tuatoko, and Col. Ratu George Kadavulevu as advisers to Commodore Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

The real business got underway when the Real soldiers came to play with George Porgie.

Panic gang assigned to desk duties.
Real soldiers now at work. Silence please.

Fiji army offers apology for firing at coup leader
By Alex Spillius in Suva
12:00AM BST 13 Jun 2000

THE Fijian army has apologised after soldiers came close to killing the rebel leader George Speight and several of his entourage yesterday. They hit his car with five bullets after it failed to stop at an army checkpoint.

George Speight: car was shot at five times

It was not clear last night if the attack was deliberate, or even whether the soldiers knew who was travelling in the two cars when they loosed off at least 20 rounds. All seven passengers were unharmed.

A badly shaken Mr Speight, who has been holding the prime minister and 30 MPs hostage at gunpoint in parliament for more than three weeks, was quick to claim that an attempt had been made on his life. The army described the shooting as a "misjudgment" that was "totally uncalled for", and senior officers were last night interviewing the troops involved.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, November 11, 2012 8:20 AM
One correction pls..

Na maitaivalu e sega ni mataivalu nei tamamu se nei ira na turaga ni valu se Peresitedi.

Na mataivalu e dodonu me taqomaka na leweni vanua o Viti baleta na lewenivanua e saumi kemuni tiko.

Ni digitaki na PM era a digitaka na lewe ni vanua ka dodonu vei kemuni na mataivalu mo ni cakava ga na nomuni cakacaka ni veimaroroi ka sega ni veivakarerei.

Na nomuni qavokavoka e sega soti ni a vakarautaki e na veiliutaki galala baleta ni oni tamata sega soti ni vuli vinaka.

Sa kena i vakaraitaki saraga oqo o sa sega ni rawa ni taura na veivosakai vaka civilised people baleta na nomu vakasama e sa rui qiqo.

E da sega ni tiko oqo ena WAR ZONE ia oni sa via vukica tiko na mataivalu me da bula tiko e na war zone oya na vuna e levu kina na decree me vesu mona taki ira kina na lewe ni vanua me ra rere tu kina.

E a sega ni va tu qo na Vanua o Viti ini okemuni ga oni yavalata tiko na vanua baleta ni tiko vei kemuni na dakai. O ni na taura toka ga na kena i sau.

Sa levu na nomuni mate ja sa voleka ga ni vei Siga baleta ni oni kila vinaka sara tokaga ni cala tiko na nomuni i liuliu o ni qai vakamuri koya tikoga.
Baleta talega ni oni sega tale beka ga ni a vuli vinaka soti ka o ni sa laki train taki e ana skills ka na sega ni rawa ni na taura na nomuni vakasama.

Au sa vakamamasu vei iko mo taura vakamalua ka vakadeuca sara vakavinaka na veika e yaco tiko baleta ni kemuni oni sa mai vakayagataki tiko mo ni ma meca ni lawai itaukei.

Ia e na tu dei tuga na kawa itaukei kei na kena veiliutaki ka na sega ni rawa ni na vakayavalati.

O kemuni ga o ni na mai ora tiko kina ka na rawa sara ni tauvimate ka mata dole sara.

Anonymous said...

Kua tale ni levu na noda vosa me dua ga e vacuka na gusui Rokoura baleta ya ga era na rere kina ni ra lakoyadudua ki vanua tani..sa yali na dakai me vuce mada na matadra

Sotia viavialevu said...

@Anonymous 8:20
Nomu volavola vakaraitaka tiko na levu ni ulukau e tu qori mai Delainabua.
Sa dua la na ka na via vakadave dra ni tukuna tiko.
Lako mada lai tei tavioka.
Kua ni mai vosa tiko ni o kana loto tiko.
Iko sega ni kila tiko ni o keimami na taxpayer keimami saumi iko tiko. Ulukau.
Iko nanuma nomu i lavo lako tiko mai vei cei? Mai vei bumu mai nakoro?
Bavulu sese.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon November 11, 2012 8:09 PM and Sotia viavialevu:

E cava sara mada nai wali ni leqa vinaka duadua?? Keimami sa ulukau ka bavulusese o keimami na kena vo..rairai o kemudrau ga na tamata vuku sa vo toka ena ruku ni matanisiga. Dua beka na nomudrau vakasala momona?? Sega ni o kemudrau ga na taxpayer tiko. O keda kece eda taxpayer. So era tokona na matanitu qo so era sega. Na mataivalu a vakayagataki tu me misini ni rawa i lavo mera veisaumi taki kina na vuniwai, nasi kei na qasenivuli kevaka o drau sega ni kila. Ya na vuna era dau ciqoma tu ga kina na sau ni pinati mai lepanoni kei sainiai. Nomudrau vuli vinaka baleta ni era soli bula na mataivalu mera bau saumi vinaka kina na qasenivuli me ra rawa kina ni vakavulici kemudrau vinaka ena A BA CA DA E FA GA...nomudrau mai soli vakasama momona toka qo..baleta ni so na wekamudrau a bole mate kina. Kua so na viavialevu...kemudrau ga sa mai kana loto kina.

Anonymous said...

O ira na tukai keimami era laki valu i Varanise, Solomone kei Maleya.

O kemuni e sa dua tani na level ni mataivalu ni kua.

Ni kua oni sa Peace Keepers ga.

Ka dodonu mo ni kauta mai na galala ia oni sa kauta ga mai na veivakamatei, laba, veimoku, coup,veicacati, veitawasei vakavanua, veivakasewasewani.

O ni sega ni madua.

about 90% of the population would like to see the demise of the RFMF as we are fed up with the coups.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:38 Kemuni ni sega ni misini ni rawa i lavo.
O kemuni na misini ni vakalusi i lavo.
Se butako i lavo.
Vica na i lavo ni rawata mai? Vica na i lavo ka vakayagataki me cici tiko kina na military macawa qo.
Sega ni dua na ka vinaka ni kauta mai.
Ni kauta ga mai na veivakalolomataki kei na dravudravua.
Tekivu mai na 1987, nomuni cakacaka ga na vakasaurarataki ira na lewe ni vanua.
Ni yavu sotia ulukau macawa.
Soli vei kemuni na i tavi mo ni taqomaki ira na lewe ni vanua,ni sega ni cakava.
Ni lai taqomaki Voreqe ga.
Ra vakalolomataki na lewe ni vanua.
O cei o Voreqe?
Fark Voreqe.
Vakaraitaka tu ya na levu ni lala ni qavokavoka.
Ni yavu vutulaki vata kei koya.
Sa sega na kemuni yaga. Ni lesu tale i nakoro ni yavu yalowai.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Anon..November 13, 2012 12:52 AM

Na leqa gona nio sa rui gone dramidrami ena ka vaka politiki. Au kila baleta niu a dau cakacaka tu ena kena tabana MOF ena gauna ni veiliutaki nei Ratu Mara. Sa na rauta toka mada ga e keya. Qai nomui tavi na vakadikeva na kena vo. Misini ni rawa i lavo qo se tekivu mai na 1978. Ena nodra taqomaki keda era vakayacora kina so nai tovo kaukauwa e veiraurau kei nai vakarau e talauraki mai. Me sota na bici kei na kenai ula. E vuqa vei ira na sotia na gauna ya sa ra cegu. O ira na sotia na gauna qo era sa vakamuri lewa tu ga me vakaga na kenai vakarau. Ni yalovinaka mada me vinaka kina na noda vanua.

Anonymous said...

A majority of the comments seem to have a Indian tone to them. Let's see the indicators:
1)A constant use of Indian phraseology
2)A local Indian methodology of spelling when using Indian terms
3)A general lack of respect for leadership that is frowned upon in i-Taukei society
4)A total disregard and utter outward expression of hate against the President of the nation (who is a very high ranking chief in i-Taukei and Tongan society) which would never be tolerated by any i-Taukei with a sense of belonging or respect for i-Taukei values
5) A general tendency to be outwardly, blatently, disregardingly, "the-devil-may-care", disrespectful and hateful in comment towards leadership, government, Pacific Island chiefly heritage, and Pacific Island respect for someone that one does not have personal contact with in an informal manner
6)An unusually irreverent deviation from any Pacific Islanders' social norms with regards to aboriginal descendants of chiefly rank
Is this the Fiji that the world should be? Is this the voice of those which wish to replace the current leadership? Is this an indication of their ideal leadership pattern? Are you going to lead us that way...having such negativity so vile and unforgiving? The mistakes that many may agree to have been enacted by the current regime, may not necessarily be well replaced by what most commentators are currently displaying. If you say that the current regime is wrong, can you please show how your outlook towards the current regime is better! Start with your words and mindset. F words and the like are not exactly encouraging if your vocabulary is anything to go by! I'm sorry if this rubs you the wrong way, but I fail to see how your ways can replace the current ways...what is the difference if you are as bad as you are showing yourselves to be, then?

Anonymous said...

Some one mentioned that we will be in for a winless tour of Europe. One more game left against Georgia to fulfill that statement. Previously another anonymous suggested to bring Male in and Frank Boivert as his technical advisor, that has been fulfilled. The people that control everything then have been reading all this writings and making the changes. Why don't you give us kaidia a chance to coach and manage the flying Fijian maybe then you see some change. We have money to pay for players, our massage parlor girls comes for free since they work for us. This is just a suggestion similar to those posted before. tell me tukuna keitou tacina