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Monday, November 19, 2012

Fiji's top brass fawning over diplomats while prisoners roam free

Naivalurua with British diplomat Martin Fidler. pic The Jet Newspaper
What is the Fiji police hierarchy doing?

At least three prisoners are still roaming free while Fiji Police seniors play the role of high flyers and entertain dignitaries instead of fighting crime.

We've been told police officers don't really care about recapturing the prisoners. They have been disillusioned with the current police commissioner for some time and have made several failed appeals to Frank Bainimarama to change the police leadership.

And while their pleas fall on deaf ears, Police Commissioner Ioane Naivalurua and senior officers like ACP Ravi Narayan are seemingly more interested in engaging in showmanship diplomacy at police headquarters then initiating a plan to capture runaway prisoners.

Twelve prisoners in total have now escaped in the past two months. 

The first (five altogether) were from Naboro Prison, the second from a Nadi (there were three of them) police station and the third (four escapees), just last night from Korovou.

Yet, four days ago, on the second day the Nadi prisoners were still on the loose, Naivalurua, was playing Mad Hatter to acting British High Commissioner, Martin Fidler, in Nasinu.

Three days ago he was doing the same thing with Marion Weichelt, the Ambassador of Switzerland. 

Last month, he hosted the Singapore Ambassador to Fiji Verghese Matthew. He was also busy signing a MOU between the Fiji Police and Vodafone last week while the Nadi prisoners were on the run.

A quick look at the Fiji Police website shows dozens and dozens of recent pictures of him and the diplomats during the time wasting welcome parades.

It is no wonder his men are adopting a 'relax mada' attitude, making way for the Green Goons to be brought in. But as we've seen, the RFMF are lawless and who knows how far they'll got to assert the so-called law. 

The country has already had bad press over the treatment of the Naboro prisoners, and who knows how the latest escapade will end.


tattifala said...

omnishambles. find out its meaning and you will know what is happening in the fiji police. I will give you a clue here : what is happening produces a shit smell.
now what produces a shit smell?

Ratu Vore said...

Naivalurua should be a male model for new uniforms...just plain show off but not effective at work.

tattifala said...

What is the police hierrachy doing?
Can't expect too much out of this mob, can we? many promoted to their positions without the requisite police training and experience. it's either kilavata or masi polo which got them into the top tier.
the fiji police force hierrachy has no competence and no class.
some very hopeless jawa type people there only full of their own self importance.
Contrast that with the colonial police force. it had class and competence from the commissioner right down the ranks to the street cops.

police said...

A very worrying trend for the PM to look at. The same happened in 2006 when the diplomats approached Driti, teleni and Ului to not carry out the coup and same they are doing with the compol to help him topple the PM.

good on you compol! PM is an idiot and you can do it. whispers is that you have been already offered by the British assistance and you also have backing of your buddy the land force commander.

ravi already has those 2000 coup files stacked in australia which can be used.

Kai Baulevu said...

Any comments from that monkey feeder from Brisbane about the Police leader....another rear admiral

SEMI MEO said...

Heee…heee..heeee…oh boy. How Agent Binod and Agent Ganesh's grandkids have quickly run for their espionage and spy journal to deduce Brigadiers Naivalurua’s tea parties with foreign Diplomats.
They have been turning those same pages with shaky arthritis finger in January 2007,2008, June 2009…uh…now walla…an fantasy of or invasion and fifth column attack concluded by Agent Bilash…

Goodness!! These routine annual visits by Foreign Missions in Fiji helps the outside world see the real Fiji…of course we are not perfect…nor our endeared process to imminent elections in 2014…

Oh…Kai Baulevu” thanks for the promotion…soon we may apply for a SDL or FLP seat…..keep the promotion going…look mate, I did not commit adultery with any of your close relatives…ok?!!…I am a one women man…sega ni vaka taki ‘emudou na Laisave ni ‘Ubuna….o’ dou,…dou sa cudru cudru…!

Whya are you soo angry for??...me no undersatnd!

Anonymous said...

So Judge/Prosecutor Mad-Gun was drinking beer in the Bad Dog cafe on 26 Oct with some interesting characters. Who paid for the beer?What would a reasonable man on the street think? Normally Mad-Gun drinks wine on Sundays in the Anglican Church when taking his communion-its the wine that attracts him there and not the liturgy or the boring sermons.And Judge Goundar-another Anglican--nephew of Shiu Goundar-now a ponga priest.In the 90's--NBF crook manager in LTK--bought a house which his own bank was selling !!What a circus !!

Anonymous said...

Compol isn't doing this all on his own without regime sanction. He's being groomed to succeed Ratu Inoke when Inoke becomes Deputy PM. Narayan will replace Naivalurua as Compol.

Anonymous said...

Tevita...go take a flying dive in
the Waimanu River and cleanse the
tatti smell off your clothes?
Mr Compol is doing his job, he's got people whose responsible for tracking & re-arresting these
escapees.He's not like you yankee
dodle do! , who interfears with anybody & everybody and stuck your
tatti nose in,where it's not wanted
or needed?

Anonymous said...

All efforts to undermine Naivalurua will fail as the military and Frank understand that there is a network of police people trying to undermine and bring disrepute to the commissiner who will surely weed out all factions within the police force who are planning to discredit him and the force waraka namaka

Anonymous said...

@ 9.35pm

i'm surprised at your info about Daniel Goundar (junta judge who ran off to australia) for he was never an anglican, he was in the assemblies of god church. did he convert in recent years, as in after their 2006 coup?

mark manning said...

@ anon 947 a.m.
Naivalurua was more than capable of discrediting himself and he did so in spectacular fashion when he when he involved himself in an Act of High Treason against the State of Fiji and its People.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, no more mouth from you until you reply to Nameless Cyber Bully's direct challenge. He's been chasing you for over a week now. All he's asking is that you stand behind your stated convictions.

Otherwise, why should anyone believe you about anything?

Show a little pride, man.

tattifala said...

Hey! I am warning you people. It's no longer funny the amount of tatti happening in Fiji. It's getting to be TOO MUCH!!

Fiji's Loss said...

What is happening in Fiji with so many escaped prisoners. They are not doing anybody any good and worse they getting other people into trouble. This is so amateur what is happening here. It would be hilarious if it wasn't such a sad state of affairs for us all.

4 arrested for allegedly harboring escapees
Publish date/time: 20/11/2012 [12:49]

Four people have been arrested for allegedly harboring escaped prisoners.

A 32-year-old market vendor and a 30-year-old contractor of Ba allegedly harbored Maleli Vinakasigadua and Daniel Thomas who escaped from the Nadi Police Station last week and were recaptured in Ba yesterday afternoon.

Police say Vinakasigadua and Thomas were arrested with the assistance of the villages of Natawa-rau and Nakavika who came in large numbers to support the search team after a massive search around Tavarau peak and Johnson Hill.

Meanwhile, a 25-year-old man of Veiraisi settlement in Nadera and a 35-year-old unemployed man of Delainavesi were also arrested yesterday for allegedly harboring prisoners who escaped from Korovou Prison on Sunday night.

Sanaila Tabuavula was recaptured at Veiraisi Settlement yesterday afternoon.

Story by: Praneeta Prakash

Anonymous said...

There was an event recently held in Sigatoka attended by the compol, wife and some officers wearing mufti. I was shocked to see one of the officers carrying mrs compols handbag!!

Magaitinamu Escapees said...

ALL Prison escapees should be casterated or have their balls ampuated.

And those escapees caught should be given to work at the military camps cleaning big pots and grass cutting

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Ana Tudravu saying police procedures will be reviewed now they have the reports of the officers from the Nadi station where the remand prisoners took off. Should make interesting reading. They must've been pretty busy or preoccupied for the prisoners to slip past them.

Coup 4.5 said...

More from the pen of Truncated Lounge

Sheez Shazzer

How many times do I keep telling you - don't say Holiday Inn, tell me the TraveLodge! That's how I think of it. My memory's not what it used to be and if it's the usual 5pm meeting I've probably consumed a few Aussie Journalistic Medicinals by that time as well. Because of the confusion, I ended up in some joint on Robertson Road. I have to tell you Shazzer, that is not the sophisticated end of Suva the City of Dreams and not the sort of place for a Walkley and Logie-award winning journalist (that's me). When I asked for a Cab Sauv they called a taxi. So I asked for a Pinot Noir and the man said "she's off today." It wasn't going well and I was getting a bit irritated, especially when they brought me some terrible thing called Tribe to drink. I said "Do you know who I am?" and the man said "just wait until you sober up, then we can help you find out." I was getting very angry by now and told the man, "do you know that I have a Walkley AND a Logie?" He said "me too, but the girls don't mind." The company on offer didn't seem to be of a fixed gender and I have to say Shazzer, in my mind's eye you were looking like Miss World Fiji in comparison. Then I started getting hallucinations about the Red Crested Owl of Government Buildings and knew it was time to get out of there.

Coup 4.5 said...

part three

Then I thought (and because we are running out of things to rhyme) we could move on to Suva's powerful families so the next chapter could be called "Suva the City of Shameems". By the way, where is that blonde one (or was she green? It's like the girl with the changing hair in that Harry Potter movie) who was in the Human Rights Commission? I thought she was quite tasty. She produced that excellent report on how the last elections were rigged. I nominated that for a Walkley prize for fiction but it didn't win. Pity. Anyway, wasn't she with us? What happened? Did her cheques stop?

The next chapter could be called "Suva the City of Khaiyums" (that will rhyme if you're onto your second bottle of Travelodge house Merlot). Isn't there another one who runs a TV station? (It has a good coffee shop - maybe if they send me a cheque I can put in a chapter on "Suva the City of Gloria Jeans"?). I hear he's borrowed $20 million from the development bank. I'll check to see if there's a Walkley for 'Most Taxpayers' Money Spent on Nearly Nothing'. I can probably get him one if he asks nicely.

Great, that's about an hour spent on my Fiji fantasies. That's what you pay me to write about so the invoice is in the mail. Oh, I finally get it - Cash Guy is Yash Ghai? Very funny. But I think we should look for another codename for him because of the confusion with the other Cash Guys in the government. What about "Pad Thai"? He looks a bit noodly. And very soon he's going to get dumped in hot water.


Grubby XX

tattifala said...

one of the officers carrying mrs compols handbag!
now that's what you call very good governance
isn't that what the dictator said he'd do
give the people of fiji mind blowing good governance!
yeah the sight of a police officer walking around with the mrs compol handbag is pretty mind blowing!

tattifala said...

where is tom rickett?
where is tom rickett's comments regarding the "lowering of standards" in the fiji police force?
a police officer made to carry mrs compol's handbag that's police standards being taken to new heights in the new fiji which tom ricketts is championing!

Anonymous said...

'ALL Prison escapees should be casterated or have their balls ampuated.'

And all illiterates such as yourself should have your thumbs removed so that you stop posting your nonsense on the blogs.

Tom Ricketts' Left Cherry said...

I can't see what is wrong with a police officer holding Mrs Compol's handbag. The poor Mrs had been baking cakes all day which she promptly sold to the organisers of the afternoon tea for her next overseas trip. Besides the officer was just standing there, he might as well hold something.

Anonymous said...

lucky he wasnt holding mrs compols ,,,,,,,,,

PC Boci Levu (aka Moku Siga) said...

What are they doing!!!???

SWEET FARK ALL by the looks of things tsk tsk tsk

Priorities all wrong. This is what happens when you loose priority of operations and start having cups or tea all over the place.

And we're the ones paying for all this shit....FAAAARRRK!!!

Auvisa Kumar said...

AAAArrrrreee Man. Our boso is having good time everywhere na. And our fijian driver taking family everywhere in polis veicle. how we gona catch prisna re.

tattifala said...

"... fijian driver taking family everywhere in polis veicle"
That's it!
fiji has to be placed under colonial rule again!

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua cannot even write proper English. He can only talk but cannot write. He did it in the Fiji Corrections Service. When he was advised to hear a disciplinary case aginst officers because of the gravity of the offence committed which he is empowered by law to award the appropriate punishments he normally revert the case to a senior officer to hear the case.

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 8.31
"Naivalurua cannot write proper English" He wouldn't be alone. There are many such mediocre people installed in top posts by this regime - which came to provide good clean government!
... " he normally revert(s) the case to a senior officer" He wouldn't be alone in doing that. It has become a very common thing in the Fiji public service. The "passing-the-buck" and "signing-on-the-dotted-line" trend.
No marks for guessing why.

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua is one of the dirty hearted persons I have ever known. He is always quick to criticise and condemn others if he is not happy with their work performances without considering the various constraints they are subjected to. His wife is like an old witch who dictates things to Naivalurua and acts like the Commissioner even ordering officers around.

Anonymous said...

Whoever posted this article, I assume, they have the escapees adressess. Please give to the police so they can make arrests. And by the way policing covers a wide range of aspects, including security to the diplomats.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for escapees, I can tell you where to find Francis Kean. If you're looking for crims at large, I can tell you where to find Bainimarama.