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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ghai admits 'massive interference' by Fiji regime in Constitution process

The amended Decree 64 introduced last week by the illegal regime to allow it to remove the provision for public consultation after the draft constitution is completed. The Constitution Commission is now also required to publish in a Fiji newspaper the names and salaries of all those working for it, on a monthly basis. 

Coupfourpointfive understands currently on board are staffers Mary Chapman, Mithleshni Gurdayal (public awareness), executive officer Keshwa Reddy and several parliamentary staff who act as secretaries and Hansard recorders.

Commission chair Yash Ghai has meanwhile continued to defend his decision to hire Joni Madraiwiwi as a short term consultant telling Radio Australia the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama has misrepresented the situation.

Ghai says Madraiwiwi did not actually present a submission   advocating a Christian state. He says: ".... the submission was made by the community within which he lives that he did not actually present it, and he went on to say that he supports it . So I feel that the Prime Minister must have some other reason for his dislike of Ratu Madraiwiwi who's highly respected throughout the country."

He tells presenter Campbell Cooney Madraiwiwi's support of the jailed former prime minister of Fiji, Laisenia Qarase, might have something to do with Bainimarama's opposition.

"I think there was this trial of Mr Qarase who was the former prime minister and whose regime was overthrown by the Prime Minister, and there was a trial against him on some charges of fraud. 

"And at the end of the case the court invited statements on the character of the person, which is often used to determine the actual sentence. And Ratu Joni came and spoke in favour of Mr Qarase, and that I think has probably upset the Prime Minister."

Of the amended decree, Ghai says this: "The most important perhaps from my point of view is that it eliminates the period in the process where draft would be placed before the public and they would have a few weeks to discuss it and debate it before the Constituent Assembly meets. And the views that people express would also be conveyed to the CA. 

"That has been eliminated so that from the time the draft is prepared and the Constituent Assembly meets is now barely a week, and maybe not even a week. So there will be no opportunity for the people or indeed members of the Constituent Assembly to absorb the recommendations and think about them individually, in groups and organisations before the process of debate in the CA starts. 

"This for us is a very serious problem because we have been assuring people there will be a period of time for this kind of debate, and the Constituent Assembly members themselves will have an opportunity to study the document carefully before they begin to debate it. And that is a very serious lacuna in the process". 

He admits the work of the Constitution is not independent.

"Yes I'm afraid that is quite true, there has been massive interference. Now I get emails from PM to do this or not to do that, and this is a kind of harassment. We've also been now told to publish any newspapers ads for which we pay, every single expense we have incurred since the beginning of July.

"Now while we greatly welcome transparency and indeed there's a provision in the decree for which I'm responsible, which commits the commission to account to the people a report of our processes and funding, as well as a very professional audit of our financials before we are formally wound up in December. And it's also a little bit puzzling that a government which is so wedded to secrecy should suddenly be converted to transparency."

COONEY: Does this concern you and the whole process towards elections in 2014?

GHAI: Well it does because another position they have removed is our examination of existing laws for possible incompatibility with the draft constitution. And there are hundreds of decrees past since the coup which have stripped the rights of access to courts, media is under pressure subject to heavy penalties, trade unoin rights have basically been removed, civil servants have no protection. And it seemed to us that a lot of these decrees needed to be amended and in some cases repealed. 
"Now that power has been taken away from us, and I do not see how Fiji is going to have a free and fair election unless these decrees are cleaned up. So that power has been taken away and it's extremely worrying. 
"This change was brought out last week in the last month of our process, we have spent a lot of time, effort and money into examining all the decrees and the proposals for change, and at this last stage we are told that is not our responsibility." 

COONEY: Are you considering this has slightly been an untenable position for yourself Professor Ghai?
GHAI: Well it is a very difficult position for me indeed. 

Ghai defends impartiality of Constitution process


Anonymous said...

theres no transparency here. Seems like the government of the day is in control. rabuka will be laughing all the way....2014 election will never happened...Mr.Ghai dont waste your time.....just go..!!!! You are dealing with a bunch of crooks and coconuts.....

Kai Baulevu said...

Ghai just stay there and suck the money for your future endevour.Voreqes and Kaiyum which I thought were very capable of telling lies and convince the people to believe them.Now they have to fight hard to cross the path of democracy and its only one way out...let the people speak freely for themselves and the next step will be Naboro.The light from the other side of the tunnel can be clearly seen and if you choose democracy the only light that will be shone brightly is the dim light of Naboro,Good luck Ghai.Very interesting an academic Professor Ghai against a soldier boy Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

Ghai has made the money , now just finding a way to exit from the dirty regime of baini/kygu. I am very young just 21 fully understand that this review will not be fair so Ghai, now he is making noise so Baini would sack him..you are part of the coup as well mr Ghau as we in hindustani says (infection in a body)..bhago bhago baini maro

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why FLP wanted an interim Govt appointed to overseer Fiji's transition to democracy.Baini's is fooling or trying to fool the nation,the world.He is only fooling himself.The night is long that never finds the day.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ghai. Do the correct thing. Resign before he uses excuses to sacks you. You have proved yourself to be an honourable man not afraid to stand up for what is right. We will deal with this man.

Anonymous said...

Ghai had been warned from the beginning that the constitution process cannot be independent with Frank and Khaiyum holding on to an illegal leadership!

Khaiyum and his puppet Frank want to show the world that they support a transparent constitution and election process. But the undercurrent is very strong with Frank and his boy desperately trying to influence how these two processes go.

So it's just a lot of hot air as far as Frank and his master Khaiyum are concerned! We have yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Poor Fijians!

Anonymous said...

There was no transparency from day one! Peni Moore, Ghai, Taufa were all commenting on submissions after every hearings!!
One would have expected them to collate all the submissions and then give in their findings.
The scenario is now conveniently set for Frank to sack Yash Ghai, disband the Team and call off the elections. They have played right into his hands!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! What were you thinking of Ghaiiiiiii...you should have known better. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that your work is "according to the IPM AND IAG"...Good luck to you..

Anonymous said...

This is no surprise to anyone. Ghai has outlived his usefulness and he will be discarded, as people said at the time. He should keep his integrity intact and levae in dignity. What people also need to know is that the Commission was undermined by people from within, by people like 'Sarka Kuto' Nandan who was the regime's mole there. Every word uttered there went straight back to Khaiyum, whom Nandan cultivated for his own ego. Ghsi was warned about Nandan. Poor man. Meanwhile, 'Cry the Beloved Country.'

Four More Years and Where Are You said...

Four years ago, we Americans voted and picked a new leader. In Fiji at that time, you had an unelected leader who was promising elections soon.

How did that work out for you?

Now here we are, choosing our leader again, but where are you? You have the same unelected leader promising elections soon.

In the United States, when our leaders break their promises we can choose a new leader.

That wasn't a right that was handed to us. We didn't wait for George III to give it to us. We had to fight for it. We had to reach out and take it.

See you again in four years.

Jagat Reddy said...

Khaiyum/Bai need full account from Ghai Commission,fine! how about auditor general's report???

Anonymous said...

It just shows the amount of lies that this government has used to be its foundation of taking over an elected government is starting to crumble and more lies they are trying to repair it with and then we see 2014 slowly disappearing because it was just another lie and how soon are we going to see another new idea or lie being told again. God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to all you fools celebrating fiji day this year!!!
All this was planned from the beggining ,,,,just another money making exercise to fool the people of fiji and the international community.
There never was going to be an election or constitution,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Bring Tevita korodrau, suli daunitutu and loruama tawawili to be members of the commission

Kai Baulevu said...

When such event occurs in Fiji the Voreqes supporters disappeared from the blogs.....is it the truth that kept tem away or its shows their cowardness in dealing with the truth.
My Tau Semi Meo been quite for a while as he is using his other half anon to post his blogs....my Tau the truth and lies are two diffrent path...weather you take one and leave the other or you take both of them and disguise yourself...

Anonymous said...

Ghai. Cut and run with dignity.

Ratunaca said...

How can we have a legal constitution when the foundation of the government wanting to implement it is illegal? Prof Ghai knew about this and he should not have accepted the offer in the first instance. Unfortunately the power of money is too much for some people, even the most learned, to refuse. Now the 'dance' continues and it'll be interesting to see who the last 'dancer' will be!

All Over Rover said...

This is surely the end of the constitution reforms surely? Ghai cannot admit there has been interference without pulling out or handing the thing back to Frank and Khaiyum.

Waltzing Matilda said...

@Ratunanaca. if it was a tango, it was always frank who had the legover. ghai was only ever a stand-in.

Orisi said...

No one should trust Bainimarama anymore. We must continue our fight to oust him and his stooges.

Anonymous said...

First off...where was the AG when
the Naviti Resort was burnt?Someone
should check-out this thug, we've been tracking his arsonist activities,
since returning to Fiji after the Rabuka coup?
He's been stealing money and burning down evidence since then? He burnt the Fijian affairs building unsuccessfully, and
has conducted many arsonist activity, in other offices of economic interest, to him and his cause?
The Naviti Resort was possibily not paying reparation
or protection money, to his favourite Ant Nur Bano? Mark my word, he's going to try to burnt
down the Native Land Trust Board
building,the Fijian Affairs Board office, and the Birth& Death register office? He's gotta get ready, for the 2014 election, and his
electronic voting machines? Remember he wants to be Prime Minister, with Bainimarama as President?

The Oracle said...

Yash Ghai and his team should refrain from reacting to Frank and Khaiyum's manaouverings, pull themselves together and get on with their work so that they will have the last laugh. They should lock themselves away, draft the Constitution, taking into account current laws that need to be changed, including Decrees that need to be repealed, submit their draft to the President together with the Explanatory Notes as required by Decree 64 and after all that is done, they should call a Media Conference and MAKE THEIR DRAFT AND EXPLANATORY NOTES WIDELY AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC AND REVEAL THE IMPEDIMENTS THEY FACED IN CARRYING OUT THEIR WORK. Members of the public can then make their views on the Draft Constitution known - by petition if need be - to members of the Constituent Assembly. That way we take back control of our destiny and deprive Frank and Khaiyum the satisfaction of getting their own way. Frank and Khaiyum, despite what they say about elections in 2014 are trying to manipulate things to ensure they continue to hold power for several more years to come. Frank's now taunting Yash Ghai to "decide" (translated to: "resign") and the taunts will grow over the coming days. Yash Ghai needs to recognise he is being lured into a trap.

Ratunaca said...

@ All Over Rover, I agree and it would be the most honourable thing for the good Prof to do now. Waltzing Matilda, it was either the 'taralala' or the tuiboto that I had in mind....hahaha! The tango would be a bit complicated for some of those croonies in the IG now!

Anonymous said...

Vorege should now do the honourable thing and step aside for an Interim Government to see us up to elections. If he is dishonourable and does not do so then the President has no option than to dismiss his Interim Government.

TURUKAWA said...


Election for next year has already been compromised and votings already been done to pick Ba as the winner- yeah President and aiyum as PM..oh boy the bloody murdering and choro boys those two.

When are they going to be stopped??

Tavita said...

With all bickering and war of words, I certainly hope good sense will prevail. Our country is down and out. This is the last thing that we need whereby the international community will judge and put sanctions on Fiji. This is not the time for Macho Man attitude or time to test anyone’s resistance capability. This is the time for humbleness and to do the right thing. It is my humble request to all readers to send partitions to the President of Fiji and the Secretary General of UN asking for intervention.

Anonymous said...

@Kai Baulevu 8:49 AM

" When such event occurs in Fiji the Voreqes supporters disappeared from the blogs.....is it the truth that kept tem away or its shows their cowardness in dealing with the truth ".

You seem to have a very blinkered view of life and assume everything is either black or white.

Where is this magical leader that you want to run the country who is going to have 100% of the people agreeing 100% of the time with 100%of the things he sais or does ?

If you can find him let us know please, Fiji could then market this commodity to the world as it would be absolutely unique !

SEMI MEO said...

O vela!!..Kai Bau..levu…o via sucu?...da yali ga vakalailai o tagitagive ka vaqaqara yavoki!..sorry…no sucu here.

Tau, I will never stoop to your pathetic level of grand cowardice to hide behind the “Marama’s sulu i ra” or barking like a “koli ni baulevu”….never have I in any blog posted anonymously..Never!!..I do not need an IT guru to vouch for posts from my two IP addresses, home and office……as God is my witness!!

Panic and horror by the .01% of Fiji Citizens in reaction to the on going “boxing” match between Rear Admiral Bainimarama and the Tazanian Indian Gradad Ghai may be justified.

But for those who've left Fiji many moons ago,be adviced that this morning bread is still fresh from the Fiji barkeries, buses still travel with much needed fare concession to those in need, children still committeds to study for final exams in High schools and the eleven University campuses. Scheduled early Morning or 24 hours Prayer meetings still attended with heightened enthusiasm. Semi-subsistence farmers in the villages still sharpen their knives and faithfully track to the “Teitei” to work for a honest and decent living, “mana” traps in the coast and wild boar traps in the dense jungle are still set with calculating precision…and may be Baulevu oldies catch the bus to Nausori for a bowl of grog with mates in the market, the 14 resource mines still operate today…yep…life goes on!

Are they oblivious to the “boxing” match?…goodness no!…in fact they are at the ring side while some of us are used to shouting way back in the car park.

Have we forgotten the tenacious psyche and endearing spirit and astute integrity and patience of the Fijian people?..or may be many have not lived or visited our lot for a very long time and assume they are in the know after many moons off shore and only fed a bit by those who sub to their negativity!

Our people have been through worse than this circus… for goodness sake!...far worse!!..only difference is now the immediacy of technology daily strive to distort their resolve to live..negatively discolouring their individual concept of what life should be and not what some goose sells as fantasy!

Don’t you worry..we..Fiji will get over this…as if the majority of our people are not praying every hour of the day…they know where the battle is won..and that is where they now concentrate in earnest, intense prayers!...do they live in denial…of course not!..why did they form over 20 plus 24 hours prayer group for??...only those you’ve been prayed for or against will know when blessings or otherwise comes their way….!!

Goodness!!...it is NOT the end of the world!!....or is our sustainability, liberty and sanity only depend upon the pages of some constitution?....blooming paper or no paper…life goes on!!

Fiji First Party said...

Any political party operating from overseas will have to go through very heavy censorship.According to TAVALE Khaiyum the party has to declare their interest both local and overseas,number of financial members,their signatures,full list of office bearers,financial status,registration certificate,full agm report and attendance signature etc etc.This real dictatorship not DEMOCRACY I think my party wont function anymore.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, what a crack up. Why don't Bai and co publish their own remuneration and allowances. Also a financial report on all their expenses, perks and monies received. What's good for the goose must surely be good for the gander.
What a bunch of conniving, thieving, solicitous vigilantes trying to protect their sorry arses.

Anonymous said...

It is just another of bai's dirty tactic of rocking the boat to intimidate someone and create a scene and then step in to say he is there to save the situation. I say that Ghai should complete his mandated work and let bai tear his hair out but don't give in to his dirty tricks. The people of Fiji have suffered so long and should not be left to prolong their suffering. The international communities have also supported Ghai's work so he should use that as leverage to complete his task regardless of bai's deviousness.

Anonymous said...

Anon says...AG selecting his once professor Ghai has backfired on him and will create a rift between him and Frank. AG probably thought they would be able to make Ghai look through their bottle but unfortunately a person of Ghai's esteem given his standing will not lower himself to the ranks of the AG or Frnak. The battle continues and now in Ghai's press statement, they world will know the truth and we need more of this to continue to fight a battle of passivity whilst we grit our teeth in silence and voice our concerns through blogs. We shall prevail is the statement to make.

Anonymous said...

hee hee hee...Whoo hoo...blood pressure rising..upset PM and AG..veivala fire fire..veiraboki..wha ha ha..sorry AG but Ghai not playing to the tune of your pipes...se your pipe Ka Levu..opps vei ratou mai Nadroga...esa vakarau Ka Levu Mai Na yasana ni Ose ko Khaiyum..muchu raboka, tavocia.....(Frank) panic panic..how to get out of this mess AG...you kulina..kaidia..what have you done now..you the one who bring this Ghai and he not listening to us.....you liumuri kaidia...get us out of this mess or I kill you...kulina...no you muslim you teve...but still you kaidia so you kulina....wha ha ha..Na gone mai lasakau esa tekivu luvu na nomu waqa...isa...kua ni leqa gone mai lasakau...kai baulevu drau na qai waqa vata se vakaivei Semi Meo...tee hee hee...The sleeping Giant slowly awaken...yadra vakatotolo tuwawa vucesa...lako sara veiratou mai Sabeto...wananavu..

Anonymous said...

Iko dua na tamata ulukau mo vakamama taka tu na leqa sa mai yaco tu oqo,,,,,,
ur a useless fence sitter bugger!!! drau vicai kisoko

tattifala said...

prof.yash ghai is a very learned old man but learning never stops no matter how old you get. prof.ghai has now learned belatedly that you can't get an authentically democratic process going under the auspices of a dictator.Many of us realised that from the very outset of this constitution making process that the dictator will interfere and he has.
what's tragic is so many highly intelligent and influential people in Fiji, in other countries and in the international bodies have allowed and are allowing themselves to be taken on a ride by this semi-literate dictator.

SEMI MEO said...

November 7, 2012 11:22 AM

You faceless and nameless coward!!….what fence you talking about??.

…just that we disagree with you and your cousin Aiyuz or disagree with other diminutive pro democracy voices in the wilderness immediately means we’re sitting on your blooming fence!!

..where have you been since Independence…opps.. sorry, you’ve hunting pigs in PNG highland or brooming Kingscross street or K Road in Auck…we do not know or will never know!

Since, the crisscrossing of the political fences, my faceless and nameless friend, are sooo dimly marked you’d trip on myriads of “manifestos” rendering many voters banging their royal head against guava tree soon after they “misplaced” their votes…

..go back to hunting pigs or brooming the streets and make sure to ask the tall trees or the sheila beside you for your miserable name..goodness…some people!!

oh...and will never be half the man of integrity Senior Superintend Kisoki is...or…was he promoted above you?...do not give up…you day will come…IF YOU ARE BRAVE ENOUGH!!


Anonymous said...

It's not as though Yash Ghai wasn't warned. He was, repeatedly and explicitly. Dakuwaqa warned him many times. He memorably warned Ghai that the regime would demand his virtue, adding that Ghai "must either surrender it or act decisively to defend his chastity by fleeing Fiji with his dress in tatters, so to speak."

The Oracle offers a creative approach. Ghai should either follow The Oracle's advice or resign himself to the fate foretold by Dakuwaqa.

The Oracle said...

@ Semi Meo...you're correct - life goes on here in Fiji just as it does in any country around the world. The difference in our arguments is that you ignore the fact that our future is being determined by a select few while you and I sit idly by, satisfied in our own different ways, giving no thought whatsoever to those people who have lost their jobs and who will now lose their own self integrity and esteem (as have you and I) through Frank and Khaiyum's hijacking of the Constitutional Consultations process. Frank wants everyting HIS WAY - for the rest of us (including Yash Ghai's Commission) to be transparent and reveal how we've used public funding. What about him and his interim government? Don't they also need to reveal their salaries etc? Frank's constant argument that he is paid a "civilian" salary and that he is dressed in "civilian" and therefore his government is "civilian" is like the soldier on parade,marching out of step, but praised by his mother for being the only one in step. You seem to be the proverbial mother in your defence of Frank. Wake up and smell the stench - the overspill is growing by the day. We all saw how the Charter process worked. Do you seriously think the Constituent Assembly process will be any different? It will consist of hand-picked YES MEN (and a few women) who will close their ears to the public in their effort to please Frank and eat from his trough. Frank and Khaiyum will do everything in their power to derail the election train. They were probably taken aback by the vast outpouring of sentiments during the consultation process which tended to suggest they weren't as popular as they thought or as hired spin-doctor Graham Davis and the Qorvis group would like them to believe. Now Khaiyum's going about dismantling political parties to ensure only his party get's to win the next election (when it's held). And rest assured, Frank will not stand in any future election. He needs to continue to wield the power that he has - the military forces - to prevent any backlash against him in the future. Yash Ghai's media statements are giving Frank and Khaiyum the excuse they need to pull the trigger on the whole 2014 elections. If you ever read Skakespeare, you'd surely decipher the deceit and not be a mere empty vessel - full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Kai Baulevu said...

To either black or white anon.......what makes you think that Iam viewing life as either black or white....you must be dreaming or woke up from the wrong side of the bed my friend....yeah if you talk about black or white... yes people in the military especially the boci and the ulukaus private buck follow black or white instructions from their commanding officers who have been brain washed by Kaiyum including Voreqe..and thats including you if you supporting Voreqe...they were told to kill verebasaga,Rabakas and many more.. you tell us here,,,do they make their own decision? ,,,no,no,no.......they just went out there and killed those innocent guys.....There is no magical leaders but there are better leaders ...isnt it?...mind you there are better leaders around the globe and they do not need leaders from Fiji who are born out of coup cultures.Where have you been all these time when we were talking about the coup and you suddenly pop in without realising that you are dream walking mate...

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Semi Meo now you talk about independence but your prevoius blogs you reckon that only a few chiefs and not the majority ceeded Fiji.Than how come the Tui Macuata sign the deed.....is he your chief??? I believe that Namuka comes under that catergory......Sitting on the fence hmmmm ona kamu o na wekaqu qo o Tau Semi Kubounilovotawatukinada Meo...phew

tattifala said...

There should be no elections under this illegal "government".
The international community should set in train the necessary actions for the removal of this illegal "government" and install a caretaker government to take the country back to constitutional governance . The next election in the country must be conducted under UN supervision. That is the only way to guarantee a free and fair election based on the will of the people. Anything less will be grossly unsatisfactory. Mark my word on this.

Anonymous said...

This is a very serious situation. Interference in every process required to be independent has been the hallmark of this regime. This revelation by Ghai that Bainimarama has been e-mailing him only goes to confirm on-going suspicion that the judiciary also has been intefered with by the regime.So all cases from December 2006 until now have been subjected to inteference in some way or another. This leaves a lot to be desired. It means that there can be no sense of integrity in this Ghai-led constitutional making process.

Anonymous said...

They want all expenses incurred by tghe Ghai commission published in the newspaper including salaries of its staff and son on and so forth. What about records of their own expenditures since taking the country by force in December 2006. There has never been an auditor general's report done and no public accounts made public. They want others to do this except themselves. I have no doubt these guys are a bunch of crooks.

SEMI MEO said...

@KaiBau ..levu na nacigi...blah...blah...nothing...blah...nothing...blah....blahhh no can understand your drunken slimy droll……. blahh...blahh.......yawn…..zzzzzzz…..

Anonymous said...

Prof Ghai should reveal all the interfering emails he has received from FB so that the people can see the extent of interference themselves. Frank was looking for an excuse to taint the Commission, and they played right into his hands. Ratu Joni should not have been hired in the first place. He was like red flag to the bull. He was a crictic of the regime. He was a former judge. He should have known that appearances are important. No use crying now. Best to shut up shop an move on.

SEMI MEO said...

@The Oracle November 7, 2012 12:06 PM...am sometimes faltered when astute and well read cyber mates like you care to stop by and munch on my post…

With all due respect to our resident Fiji Citizens and honourable members of the Fijian Diaspora.

At no time did I minimise nor deem to deny the struggling economic and consequential social repercussion now prevalent in nearly all levels of society in beloved Fiji.

Like many, I am a realist and hope for a better future…
In the meantime, undeniably we have this unfortunate impasse, in what we all had hoped to be a transparent process.

No…the process has NOT been folded yet…and YES, many prefer it would have been approached and conducted differently…But…hey…”sa bau wadrega” for the Military to return to Camp, though we all hope they do..especially the few non performing officers in PSC.

Fact remains…come Jan 2014 Bainimarama and Aiyuz will have solidified their political power base, lined up of candidates..right up to how much kilo grog and operation of each polling station around the Country..probably they will have pieces of papers that govern how we will be called, eat and sleep; your revered constitution.

…sooo…where does that leave the rest of us??...glad you asked;..sulking from overseas in our diminutive pro democracy movement..or rebel grog parties in Fiji does not help at all.

We say…inevitably we have to ride on this wave…some call circus…towards imminent elections in 2014…what ever the composition of the next parliament, the members will be Fijians; then the fun begins…even if they have overwhelming majority…remember, nothing is forever….soon…soon…people age, sick, retire, absconds..you and me may not be around..

This generation stuffed thing up with blooming Coups, it be to our younger generations hour of triumph will come

…or are you really wishing for a Military might like the Tongan Defence Force to invade Fiji today, kill innocent lives and forcefully remove the Fiji Gov…or a sniper to end all things.. etc…

This is probably our “wilderness”…we put it upon ourselves!..so lets rough it up to the elections…get a fifth column within parliament to effect change …..because either way..we are not going to have it easy!!...Goodness, be real!!

ctions…get a fifth column within parliament to effect change …..because either way..we are not going to have it easy!!...Goodness!!

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis alert @ Anonymous 10:22.

Mere said...

Anonymous 12:01 PM, thanks for the reminder. Yes, The Oracle, keep preaching it, brother! And yes, you're right, our friend Dakuwaqa warned Ghai many times.

Here's a good example, Dakuwaqa's spot-on posting of June 14, 2012 5:29 PM, an excerpt from the "The Road to Jericho: The Collected Works of Dakuwaqa" banned in Fiji:

"They say the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. The Petero Matacas, John Samys, and Kevin Barrs of this world are seldom manly enough to recognise, much less atone, for the damage they do, always claiming the best of intentions.

"Similarly, all those who participated in the phony People's Charter exercise should be embarrassed by how they allowed the regime to manipulate them. Only those few who value their integrity and credibility have distanced themselves from their work with the NCBFF.

"Yash Ghai is traveling down the same path. Like every rookie, he thinks he might be able to help. He gives Bainimarama the benefit of the doubt, supposing him misunderstood. But if he's half as bright as he's supposed to be, by now he's tested the commodore's sincerity and found it wanting. He's also seen for himself the army's attempts at intimidation, heard for himself Aiyaz's lies, and educated himself a bit more on the current situation.

"At this point, Ghai either needs to buck the regime and begin laying down some ground rules or prepare to extract himself from the process to preserve what he can of his integrity and reputation. The longer he waits to do either, the harder it will be for him to succeed. The clock is already ticking, diminishing Ghai's credibility and reputation every moment he delays."

V for Vendetta said...

Semi Meo, you're not a realist at all. You're dreaming if you're putting your hope in Bainimarama's promises of 2014.

My hope is in the sniper.

Anonymous said...

Watching the U.S. elections and democracy at work and think 'Wouldn't it be great if this was our election in 2014'.

Anonymous said...

Ghai, you made your bed. Now lie in it!

Mere said...

Leafing through Dakuwaqa's many warnings to Yash Ghai, I find another gem, dating from March 21, 2012 5:29 PM. Remember when Ghai was foolishly asking Fijians to try Bainimarama at his word? This is what Dakuwaqa posted:

"'One should learn from the past', says Yash Ghai. He obviously hasn't if he still wants us to try the dictator at his word.

“I continue to be amazed at the number of newcomers who keep coming into Fiji thinking that Bainimarama still needs to be tested. Even more amazing are the comments of Fijians that we should be less negative and give the latest process the chance to work. Bainimarama has been tried at his word ad nauseum, people! The man has shown himself to be a liar, a swindler, a traitor and a tyrant every time. When are you ever going to wake up?

“Of course the regime argues that people should just 'stop being negative' and unite behind it. That's the classic approach of everyone who cheats his way into power. They exploit the na├»vete and weariness of people who are sleeping through life or can't be bothered with 'politics'. The basic problem is not the 'negativity' of the regime's victims (all of us, truth be told) but the treachery of the regime and the gullibility of those who continue to take its lies at face value, despite all experience.

“I'm appalled at the opacity of Yash Ghai's goggles if he really thinks that the lack of free speech in Fiji is because people haven't tried to speak out. Ghai is rapidly losing all credibility with that shallow and dishonest kind of analysis.

“How is anyone to rely on Bainimarama's promises of a transparent and participatory process when he's reneged on that sort of promise so many times already? Even this time, we can see that the process to date hasn't been transparent or participatory in the least.

“Ghai rightly points out that a democratic constitution is up to the people of Fiji. Why, then, is it Bainimarama who is dictating every aspect of the process, down to and including Ghai's participation? Did Bainimarama consult the people on the need for a new constitution, the composition of the Constitution Commission, the scope, process and pace of consultations, the abolishment of the GCC, etc.?

“Don't indulge cynicism, Ghai urges. I agree. The true cynics are Bainimarama and Aiyaz, who continue to cynically manipulate the hopes of Fijians for a peaceful resolution of the mess that they themselves either created or greatly compounded. Stop indulging them!

“Hope is not a strategy, and he who lives on hope dies farting. Trust in God, not in traitors.”

Mere said...

Here is yet another warning to Yash Ghai from Dakuwaqa, dating from June 15, 2012 2:41 PM:

"Obviously, the sentiment that the Constitution lives is deeply and widely held -- so much so that Bainimarama feels compelled to make another statement about it, just days after despatching his 'Mini-me', Tikoitoga, to give his own warning. The more Bainimarama is compelled to make such statements, the harder it is for Yash Ghai and the other foreign commissioners to deny the regime's fundamental unfairness and moral bankruptcy and to defend the validity of the regime's constitutional exercise.

"If Yash Ghai chooses to keep ignoring the regime's intransigence and bad faith, his shrinking credibility will evaporate completely. Ghai needs to put his imprimatur on the process now and start showing some leadership. If he's not going to take ownership of the process, then he needs to leave. He needs to throw a hissy fit, proclaim his indignation regarding the regime's bad faith, and leave with whatever's left of his dignity and reputation intact."

Mere said...

Another Dakuwaqa warning to Yash Ghai, dated March 22, 2012 2:54 PM:

"Yash Ghai's professional reputation is already sliding on the basis of his involvement in what is increasingly seen as a dishonest attempt at constitutional dialogue. As this farce plays out, the only way he can hope to redeem his reputation will be to pull a 'Robin Nair' by repudiating the regime's machinations. I sense he might instead double down, becoming a major regime apologist and thereby damaging his reputation beyond redemption."

So far, Dakuwaqa's been right. Ghai has been doubling down his foolish initial investment in this dishonest regime. His reputation is already damaged, and it's only going to get worse -- much worse -- the longer he plays along with Bainimarama.

Mere said...

Dakuwaqa's strongest warning to Ghai was on June 22, 2012 1:57 PM. It deserves to be re-printed in its entirety:

"Yash Ghai has said that the regime should review all laws that restrict freedoms in Fiji to ensure frank discussions around the constitution and that this should happen before the process begins. Why, then, does Mr. Ghai say nothing when Bainimarama and Tikoitoga make extremely menacing statements against those only beginning to speak up? Such statements clearly have a chilling effect on free speech and thus are not conducive to free and frank discussion.

"Why does Mr. Ghai remain silent regarding Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum's threats to close Fiji TV simply because it allowed the airing of some widely-held views that differ from the regime's? In the meanwhile, the Fiji Sun prints pro-regime opinion as fact and gives no right of reply to those it criticises. What kind of dialogue is it when only one side is allowed to state its views, and in fact is free to defame others without challenge?

"Mr. Ghai is said to be confident the process will be open and transparent and that the regime will honour its commitments. Such confidence has no basis. This regime made identical public pledges after the coup but ever since has been anything but open and transparent and has continually dishonoured its commitments to the international community and to the people of Fiji.

"Mr. Ghai is a director of the International Center for Transitional Justice, a human rights organization that is supposed to assist countries in preventing human rights abuse arising from repressive rule. It claims to focus on documenting abuse, establishing truth commissions, prosecuting perpetrators, providing reparation to victims of violence, and promoting reconciliation. If Mr. Ghai focused on the regime's abuses before he agreed to serve on its constitutional commission, why does he still give any credence to the regime's phony commitments?

"Perhaps Mr. Ghai will explain to us what mechanisms he proposes for documenting the abuses in Fiji, establishing a truth commission for Fiji, prosecuting perpetrators of crime in Fiji, providing reparation to victims of violence in Fiji, and promoting reconciliation in Fiji. Or does Fiji fall outside the ambit of the ICTJ's mission? If so, then why is Mr. Ghai here?

"I call on Yash Ghai to comment on the principles adopted by Fiji Labour Party at its meeting. Does he object to any of them? This is not the time for shrinking violets. If Mr. Ghai does not assume greater ownership of this process, then he will soon face a dilemma. He will recognise belatedly that he must either rubberstamp a dishonest process framed by the regime or he must leave, confirming the deceitfulness of the regime, admitting the failure of his efforts, and looking gullible and foolish.

"The regime will demand his virtue. He must either surrender it or act decisively to defend his chastity by fleeing Fiji with his dress in tatters, so to speak.

"Similarly for Christina Murray. Is anyone muzzling her, preventing her from laying out her own expectations for the parameters to be observed by all parties to the constitutional 'dialogue'? She's an independent moral agent, and her reputation is also at risk.

"I bear no ill will toward either commissioner... yet. But I have no shred of trust in regime assurances, do not recognise the validity of the regime's constitutional process to date, seriously doubt the value of the commissioners' involvement, and deeply suspect the motives and integrity of anyone recruited by the regime. If the commissioners stand up for constitutional principles and the rule of law, without compromise, then I look forward to their statements challenging the regime's misconduct, and to their expulsions. If instead they endorse a dishonest process, then they will feel my enmity, so help me God, and share in the blood guilt for what follows.

"s/ Dakuwaqa"

Jone said...

Good vintage stuff from Dakuwaqa. Ghai should have listened.

Advice to Ghai -- swim at your own risk.

SEMI MEO said...

@V for Vendetta
I've never pinned my absolute hope in a mortal man...never!!...though inadvertently leaders not of my doing calls the shots over the price of bread I pay..…in this case your Prime Minister Rear Admiral Bainimarama!

My hope is for us get a democratic election done..asap…my view, this process, though may be imperfect is probably our best bet!

Or do you have a more “realistic” process to have election asap….say by 2020??..or you’re just “vendetta” to nothingness!...opps..tulou saka yani..

..uh...thanks mrs dakuwaqa...we belive Mr. Daquwawa...oh...Dakuwaqa is articulate enough to promote his own views...

Anonymous said...

@Semi, If things are ok in Fiji then why did you leave the country?
Don't even think you can sit there on your high horse and tell the villages that their life is "ok". That "life goes on".
Just shows you talking without thinking AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Do not resign Ghai. Keep at it so there is no excuse for Voreqe to call off elections.

Medrau Sucu said...

Boy this US presidential election is electrifying it made the world stood still for a while.

I know Frank has something speacil for 2014 and it's non negotiable that he should win :/

SEMI MEO said...

@ you twisted rabbit of November 7, 2012 5:07 PM..

How dare you twist my contribution in this esteemed column.. never did said life in ‘ok” as you brutally alleged…

You’re so twisted in your worldview even you miserable name have been squeezed out off your disproportionate persona…you rabbit!!

Re-read my posts!..of course I said “life goes on”…but, did I say life in Fiji is absent of the tumultuous challengers we face and aggravated by this stubborn Military officers Coup culture since 1987??....goodness NO…NO…NO…

...go back to you rotten carrots in the hole you’ve been hiding in since Dec 2006!...you borthy!!...and do not get out till you you’re retwisted to sanity!!

Anonymous said...

hate or love him Semi Meo is original and a real live wire.

Fijiwala said...

Tavita @ 10:17 AM

This is the best suggestion on this forum that I have read. Instead of all the non-sense that people are saying, I think you have suggested something constructive. this is not only constructive but also it does make sense.

Anonymous said...

Yashi Ghai should continue the good work that has been done by his team and their advisors in cluding Rt Joni. The credibility of this process is due to Ghais reputation and not on the regime. AG's father submissionn syas that the election to be done in 2020 and that is probably why the regime is rocking the boat so that they want the process stopped and continue the Law of Jungle till 2020.

Ganesh said...

Mere, thanks for these postings. Dakuwaqa was right. But just as Ghai should have listened to Dakuwaqa then, he should listen to Oracle now. He should keep his head down, mouth closed, put together the best constitution for Fiji, and then present it to the world at the same time he presents it to Bainimarama.

Let Bainimarama then deny his paternity. Let Bainimarama repudiate yet another constitution. Let Bainimarama choke on it.

Anonymous said...

Ghai says "I do not see how Fiji is going to have a free and fair election unless these decrees are cleaned up." Elections will get the tegime nowhere if they have no credibility. Ghai's statement is very damning.

It looks very likely now that the regime has just lost Fiji the GSP preference it enjoyed in the United States, costing us at least 15,000 jobs.

tattifala said...

Massive Interference is what a military coup and a military dictatorship does to pervert democracy. Nothing new about it. It is surprising that the good Professor has taken so long to realise that this is what has been happening - not only in the work of the Constitution Commission but in the life of the country.

Anonymous said...

Semi Bothy, there you go again, raving and ranting as usual. Accept the fact that you absconded and all of a sudden you have a lot to say. Be a man and go back to Fiji if you think you have something to offer. If you can't then SHUT THE HELL UP. Semi you're like an empty tin, it makes a lot of noise but it's empty. Period.

Anonymous said...

Kacidaveta says to Mere...drau pamu kei Daquwawa...sivia ga na vakamacala, vosa kei na CON.

Semi Meo dont know why your wasting your time on this blog. Illiterate bastards like Kai Baulevu or Sonalevu whoever he is cant understand what your saying but I can see you find it amusing teasing them with your humour and articulate words. Makes me wonder who you really are and your background???

Anonymous said...

One can only describe VB as a bull in a china shop.

Ganesh said...

Why is Joe Bananas even going through this election farce if the elections won't have any credibility with the international community? If the regime won't even do the bare minimum, then it will never get out from under sanctions.

Of course the Chinese and a few others will play along with any game Commodore Bananas devises, for their own ulterior motives.

This is all a flimsy subterfuge to stall for time and give Bananas a 'constitutionally' expanded presidency, which he will use to set himself up as dictator for life. Ghai's constitution must give him that, together with the so-called non-negotiables, or else Bananas will write his own.

In fact, the non-negotiables are really non-starters. If the regime insists on them, as it will, Ghai's constitution will be Dead On Delivery.

Anonymous said...

Reply to V for Vendetta..

We need two snipers buddy, not one

Anonymous said...

The 800000 people of fiji have real power.

Who elected the despot who is this dictator of fiji forceline on 800000 people of fiji who elected this crook??????

The despot is one man and one man only with a dozen junta goons and cronies these have no real power.

All the polictical parties and all 800000 people of fiji must booycott any sham election.

This will bring the dictator down for citizen arreest and one way trip to naboro where he belong-not forceline pm of fiji office.

Anonymous said...

Where is RUM?

Anonymous said...

THE RFMF IS IN CHARGE OF THE COUNTRY. NOT Yash Ghai or politicians, or NGO's or Methodist church, or unionists. get real guys!

Kai Baulevu said...

Tau Semi Kubounilovotawatukinanada Meo....bluh,bluh youve made that staement and my question was so simple..the Tui Macuata sign the deed and yet you are saying that only a few chiefs were part of it.....simple Meo what you reckon whythe Tui macuata signed..he is a small chief in your area????I wonder why you cannot answer that simple question de tobo na bokala...ni bula Tau

Anonymous said...

The RFMF is not even in charge of itself. It lost its control to a pack of traitors. It is the most underperforming institution in the country.

Anonymous said...

But the army commander is running the country isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:11, he sure is!

Right into the dirt.

As maggots prefer.

Anonymous said...

Prof.Ghai has reassured me their was some independence in the constitutional process. That has now been compromised brutally. Good luck for 2014!!Lets have a serious discussion about the facts and how we can help move the country in the right direction for all. Those who were looking forward to 2014, that is not going to happen let alone democratically happen.

Anonymous said...

Tevita aka Dakuwaqa,yeah right!If you're so concern about ghai's reputation why don't you just take him out and sent in a new CIA mole
to try his luck with Bai/khaiyum?
Is Mere&Jone another new aka?

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo is the rear live wire

Sa rauta me sega ni tiko dei gonei.
Lade yavoki toka cvaka na boto ni Viti.

Anonymous said...

So, what are you going to do about it, Yash Ghai? The regime changed the rules on you mid-game. That's what these lying cheats always do.

Anonymous said...

RUM like FB said to the chiefs...ni lako i gunu buru ena ruku ni vunimaqo...only for RUM..ena ruku ni vinivo nodra na marama ni tonga. No respect for this looser..big time looser. No moral or ethics. COWARD

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that PM Commandore Bai
has finally decided to shake up the
old guy-ghai from sleepin on the job?
That's just why i like this PM-he's
always working and looking to ensure that the Government
are doing exactly what they're been
paid to do by Tax payers dough?
Good Job PM!