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Monday, November 12, 2012

Poverty girl poster the true Fiji

 Illustration courtesy of Discombobulated blog

CHARADE: Nailatikau and Gates perpetuate crime
It's no wonder bloggers keep taking the piss out of the regime and its supporters.

While Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum refuse to open the books and use decrees and guns to intimidate citizens, they've manufactured even more edicts to give it the upper hand in the 2014 elections.

The regime has today said Fiji's political parties need to have 20 signatures on its application to re-register, and one of them must be the party secretary. It also says the application must be accompanied by the signatures of 180 supporters. The kicker is this one: political leaders will have to declare their assets and liabilities.

Bainimarama, Khaiyum and other regime members meanwhile refuse to make public THEIR salaries and assets, built up from backhanders from Chinese deals and other perks they've given themselves since the coup in 2006.

The thuggery machinery today got a new lease of life with the  regime reappointing Epeli Nailatikau president for another three years. Nailatikau, who was sworn in under the Executive Authority Decree by another treasonous member of the illegal government, Anthony Gates, has been signing off the regime's decrees since 2009.

Continuing disquiet meanwhile over the Constitution process and the 2014 elections.

The regime last week deemed 1300 votes from its recent EVR campaign 'suspicious' yet it has kicked off 'phase two'.

Permanent Secretary for Elections, Mere Vuniwaqa, says the latest registrations will give those who have already registered the opportunity to 'verify information on the provisional roll.'

“Close to half a million Fijians have already registered to vote in the 2014 elections. We now need these individuals to help us produce an accurate voter list by checking their information and making any necessary corrections.

“Fijians who registered to voter during the first phase of registration are also encouraged to visit a designated registration centre to examine the provisional voter roll to see if their personal information has been entered correctly.”

Registrations doubled up the first time around because the enrolment teams were using standalone laptops that were never connected to a central database.

A local who has been tracking the registrations says a proper programme would have cost the regime a lot less than the Canadian system it bought.

"All registration laptops should've been connected via a mobile network, eg Vodafone, or via the web. That way duplicates can be checked. The EVR campaign was really only a way for the regime to collect names for election campaign purposes."


mark manning said...

Everyone blames Frank and Aiyaz, but the reality in Fiji today is, that it is predominantly, Indigenous Fijian Soldiers who are perpetuating the coup.

They have no "mandate" from their legally elected Government, no mandate from their people, produce no goods to sell, create no employment and contribute no tax.
There is no reason, other than a few $'s change, to assist and accommodate Frank and Aiyaz' coup.

Their involvement in and continued support, makes no sense at all.

tattifala said...

phony president reappointed
thug rule continues
the people are getting poor
while the thug rulers are getting rich.
welcome to the "new" Fiji.

SEAFISH said...

why dont they allow us to choose the president , if we want ratu nalatikau, let the people choose him , elect him like it is done.we a closed to election now, we can choose the government and also choose the president at the same time [during poll -if it is still happening in 2014] .they should extend his term only for a year till end of 2013, why should this anothy gates [CJ] choose for us.

Thakur Ranjit Jee said...

No better person than Ratu Epeli Nailatikau - PM

Publish date/time: 12/11/2012 [17:13]

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There is no better person than Ratu Epeli Nailatikau to take Fiji to the elections and beyond.

Those are the words of Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was today reappointed as Fiji’s President for the next three years.

This means that Ratu Epeli will remain the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief until November 2015.

Speaking to Fijivillage, Commodore Bainimarama said the new system on the election and appointment of the President that would come in the new constitution will be in place after Ratu Epeli’s three year term.

Commodore Bainimarama said Ratu Epeli is a caring man and a people’s President and one who understands what has befallen us in the past and what needs to be put in place to rectify those shortcomings.

The Prime Minister said the government and the people of Fiji congratulate Ratu Epeli on his second term as President.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was reappointed by Chief Justice Anthony Gates at Government House earlier this afternoon.

Ratu Epeli was sworn in as President in November 2009.

The reappointment process is carried out under the Executive Authority Decree.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Poverty was worse during Rabuka and Qarase regime. Fiji Indians became landless-homeless and moneyless in some cases overnight.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Kamlesh Kumar Boci
Qarase gave them land in Navua.
You cant do that in NZ or Australia or wherever you are.
Once your lease is finished,the Landlord tells you to F***k off from there.
No government will help you.
Only in Fiji the govt gives them free land.

So before you talk, you think, madar chod.

Anonymous said...

Epeli the enabler, the one helping illegal government to impose the decrees.

Speaking to Fijivillage, Commodore Bainimarama said the new system on the election and appointment of the President that would come in the new constitution will be in place after Ratu Epeli’s three year term.

Commodore Bainimarama said Ratu Epeli is a caring man and a people’s President and one who understands what has befallen us in the past and what needs to be put in place to rectify those shortcomings.

Julab Mohammed said...

To THE BLOGGERS and The Editor of Coup 4.5

I was reading all the time in past that the current President will be rolled over and be replaced by Voreqere himself. But this hasnt happened. Egg on face.

Anonymous said...

the misery the oppression, the pain, the thuggery, the illegality and all continues with the appointment of this illegal nailatikau.

Tatti Julab Khan said...

Vutaki Meo
No swear words on this blog. You cannot win arguments by being abusive. Madacord is a swear word and it shows how low down person you are.

Vutuki Meo said...

I said it because Kamlesh like Semi Meo get on this forum and start mouthing off.
They don't stop to think before they write.
They write some really illogical things.
Can Kamlesh back up what he is saying with some TRUTH ie with some statistics - about Poverty in Fiji, whether its better now than before.
In fact all the statistics say the opposite. But Kamlesh just gets on the forum to stir up trouble.
So serves him right to be called a "madarchod" because his brain is full of "tatti".

Sometimes you have to talk to people at their level. Only then they will understand.

So don't you dare defend him , because I might call you something worse!

Anonymous said...

nailatikua still around signing decrees in 2015...is that what we are saying?

Ki-Bau said...

Ratu Sir Epeli Nailitikau is a very high and respected chief from Kubuna confederacy. He is a Baun Chief. He is the brother in law of the high chief of Lau Ratu Uli Mara
and Ratu Epeli Ganilau. Good luck on his extension.

Anonymous said...

kamlesh , brother wakeup get intouch with Sudesh Kissun staying somewhere in West Auckland (ex Fiji Times reporter and Chaudo's perlar ..how he used Hari Prasad's Mintar's farmhouse, demolished placed picture in Fiji Times telling world Indians being kicked out , from that's where the fun started..no one complained when 101/131 lease was renewed.. wake up brother

Anonymous said...

Nil Prakash Sharma--registration no MP001.--registered first in 1983-MBBS bought from India.1984--Obs Diploma.Into women's health. Why is the medical service in Fiji in shambles? You are responsible.You work with your fingers--the middle one.But you are hopeless with it.You have damaged many uteri-been sued for negligence.And now you are an idiot of a minister in an illegitimate regime.

Anonymous said...

Definitely no election in 2014.Nailatikau has been reappointed for 3yrs? Thats the reason, no election 2014.Bainimarama is holding on for his life.

Anonymous said...

You guys are sick - get a lyfe ! Tourists will on tribute to go to Fiji because Fiji is still the best destination in the South Pacific -.dictatorship? Wot dictatorship? We who live in Fiji are enjoying life better than any other time we remember! Not our fault that you chose to migrate n are now regretting it!

Happy Dewali said...

Happy Dewali to the IDIOTS of the century. May god give strength to the freedom fighters.
jai ho.

Anonymous said...

Now for the real reason for EVR was to cross check with tax office register and see how many are lodging a income tax return.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right, one person in Fiji decides who is the president of Fiji for next 3 yrs! And the dictator calls his gang the government.

I am against government by crony.

Anonymous said...

Just read the illegal PM Diwali message. Made me sick to read what he said.

In his Diwali message to the people of Fiji, Dictator said the essential message of Diwali is the triumph of good over evil, light is cast upon darkness and justice reigns over oppression.

Is he about to resign? Sounds like he may have seen the light and will step down and give the people of Fiji their freedom back! Good over evil!

Anonymous said...

So much for all the BS in these columns over the years about Frank taking the presidency in 2014. Wrong again.

Thikwit Ramshit said...

Thikwit Ramshit for president. Crosbie the old facist fool for vice president?

Anonymous said...

Bai is having trouble getting Ghai to tailor the Constitution the way he wants, so better just to extend Nai three more years, move elections to 2020, and seize the presidency before then.

The Heckler said...

Win a Trip to Fiji !

Also enrolls you in the contest to win a trip back out !

Kamlesh Meo said...

Kamlesh is Semi Meo.

Anonymous said...

ANON@ 9:37... YOU seems to have made a major error, in saying that
Roko Ului Mara, was the High Chief of Lau? The Democratic Province of
Lau has not yet appointed neither elected a high chief at this point in time!We could elect Ratu Joni
Madraiwiwi as our high chief, like our ancestors had done previously to his grandfather-Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna? Anyone that skipped the country because he was scared for his life, doesn't deserved such a honourable title!Anyone that was originally involved in the pulling
of the current coup doesn't deserved to be called a chief!

SEMI MEO said...

Lucifer’s love child @November 12, 2012 9:15 PM.

Of course I post brilliant views your warped and nameless persona and immoral reasoning deem “illogical” . That we are not surprised at all; given that each time you post you stab your own Mum and Dad ( well if you know him) in the back by simply denying their probable grace to name you. …lol…lol…and now you are addicted to ours…..remember, x 10 …TEN TIMES the velocity of your curse hits you and you family or x 10 times the blessings…well…fortunately for you I am obligated to keep blessing you!…but your self inflicted curse can only be undone by YOU as we have no control over it….

But if you are brave enough as you sometime sound to be in this esteemed column…then 10.00am 8th December,2012….meet me at Sukuna Park podium…only you and me..and let’s debate on any topic of your choice…from planting yam on soap stone,scaling fish…any topic…uh..or.. aeronautical displacement of air when you fall flat on your back when we shake hands..

Oh…I’ll be in Fiji to register a Political Partyto vs SDL,FLP and you LVC party...Lucifer V C party..because.. imminent election in 2014!

Live long the President!!

Anonymous said...

At tattifalla

You can say whatever but life goes on Fiji. People are moving on and if you are here, you will notice that almost everyone is celeberating diwali.

This govt has brought lots of changes. Positive changes. You can disagree with me as its your right and freedom. Its also my right to speak my mind.

Happy diwali

Anonymous said...

'You can disagree with me, as is your right and freedom'.

Right, here on C4.5, but woe betide you if you speak your mind publically in Fiji, thanks to the 'positive changes'.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, before you go issuing more challenges, why don't you answer the challenge issued you a few days ago by Nameless Cyber Bully?

Put up or shut up.

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 10.43
clear thinking people like you draw me time and again to C4.5. some of us use our heads to think . I am not sure what some others - Like anonymous 10.13 - use to think.

Anonymous said...

After all the President is closely related to Ratu Meo from Namuka. Au vu. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ni bula.

Thieving Junta of Fiji said...

Koila Mara must be so relieved with the extension of her husband's contract in the white house, appearances notwithstanding. LOLS!

SEMI MEO said...

Cyber referee of November 13, 2012 10:50 AM...you must really resent your parents..hence, hate the name bestowed on you…and now you wanna be self appointed adjudicator of this cyber ring…..take the hand of your lord “Nameless Cyber Bully” for a walk…opps…your holding your hand!

Long live the People’s President!

The Heckler said...

Another great promotion idea for Fiji tourism:

"Dictatorship in Fiji? Somebody ELSE's problem!"

Fully Meo said...

What's the matter, Semi Meo? Since you're so sure of 2014, why don't you simply accept Nameless Cyber Bully's challenge?

Is it because you don't believe your own lies?

Anonymous said...

'The People's President' -- WHICH people do you mean, other than Bainimarama?

Nailatikau is completely unelected, completely illegal, completely useless.

Anonymous said...

'Life goes on in Fiji'. Now THERE's a ringing endorsement of the regime!

Mere said...

Anonymous 7:17 AM, don't count your chickens before they hatch. It isn't 2014 yet. We haven't had elections yet.

Bainimarama often says one thing and then does another. In fact, that's usually exactly what he does.

This is the same guy, after all, who promised to defend the nation against coupists. Claimed he'd honour the Muanikau Accords. Promised a fair and transparent transitional government. Said he'd put the Charter to a fair referendum. Promised elections in 2009. Said he'd hold the President's Political Dialogue. Claimed he'd return the army to the barracks. Presented a 'pro-poor' budget. Promised to uphold the Constitution. Etc., etc.

If he says he's doing anything, it usually means he's really planning to do something else.

tattifala said...

fuk u bai has reappointed rat u nai not because he is a "people's president" but because he is a regime stooge.

Anonymous said...

Bai says....

To the i Taukei and Military...
When will enough be enough of these bull-shit window dressings and manipulation from Aiyaz and Nazhaat Shameem and Gates ?

Are you all blind just for the sake of keeping your jobs. Are these the true leaders of Fiji.

Wake up guys...living in denial.
We have been made puppets - that's all, more poverty and hardships than ever felt before. While they build their riches.

Vakaloloma dina o kena na i taukei..

God save our land...

Kamlesh Kumar said...

THIRTY-five per cent of the population in Fiji are living in poverty.

The statistics was provided by permanent secretary for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Govind Sami.

Speaking in a seminar The Challenges of Poverty to the Constitution held at the University of the South Pacific last week, Mr Sami said poverty had increased in rural areas but decreased in urban areas.

"Poverty remains high...at 35 per cent of the population," Mr Sami said.

"Incidents of rural poverty are 43 per cent and urban poverty are 18 per cent.

"The overall poverty reduction is regionally driven while urban poverty has declined significantly, rural poverty remains virtually unchanged," he said.

Mr Sami said the Northern Division had the highest rate of poverty while the Central Division had the lowest.

"The Northern Division which corresponds to the island of Vanua Levu, is quite homogenous recording 53 per cent poverty across the division," he said.

Mr Sami said increase in rural poverty was attributed to decline in relevance of the agricultural sector.

"Highest rate of poverty is among agricultural workers and the largest is among construction, tourism and finance workers," he said.

Mr Sami said households with children and elderly were significantly poor.

"Poverty increases with household size with the number of children and elderly."

He said higher poverty rate for these groups remained an important concern in the country.

Mr Sami said there was also a strong link between low education and poverty.

"Those with no formal education contributed to 47 per cent of the poverty rate while those with secondary level education contributed to 10 per cent of the poverty rate," he said.

He added the Fiji government remained committed to reducing poverty to a negligible level by 2015.


Anonymous said...

To you "Ki-Bau", I say this LOUD and Clear, Nailatikau is NOT a "respected chief" from Bau!! I am a true Bauan, and we do not at all respect him after what the Vore did to the Turaga Roko Tui Bau and Nailatikau decided to join the bandwagon in order to survive!! Rt Jone and Nailatikau are miles, miles apart. Rt Jone has intellect, while Nailatikau is just a grown up kid with a PEE brain similar to the Vore!!
Rt Jone has principles, whilst Nailatikau has sweet bugger all!!

Anonymous said...

I see from the pic that the 'ILLEGAL" so-called "First Lady" is wearing a black dress for the illegal swearing in.Is it a sign of something??
I would have thought that she might wear a bright colored dress to suit the occasion, albeit an ILLEGAL one!!

Anonymous said...

To Semi Meo: 'Peoples' President' my A..E!!
What a gambling, childish, no class and drunken President??
You two must be on the same planet or from the same same half caste Tongan stock!! You his another half brother or what??
Go tell him that Adi Sai Tuivanuavou who was married to his brother Tuakaitau has passed away in USA and for the Naisogolaca clan to make the necessary arrangements to give her a decent funeral here in Fiji. I am reliably told that as soon as Tuakitau knew of Adi Sai's sickness, he stopped visiting and is now with a very, very young and innocent kid!!
That is the Naisogolaca clan for you!! Love you, F..k and leave you!!

Coup 4.5 said...

We read in the article ' Young Chinese Reporter Puts Officials On The Spot' (Yahoo news 11/11) that Chinese officials accustommed to the tame questions of a compliant state press were caught out by a plucky 11 year old reporter during the country's high powered Communist Party congress.
Sun Luyuan, a Beijing sixth-grade student, who works for the Chinese Teenager News shock up one of the tightly controlled party meetings with a question that put the officials on the spot over China's miserable food-safety record.
Noting that a steady stream of scandals and health scares involving tainted or unsafe food products had particularly affected students, leaving many seriously sick Sun asked why China can't clean up its act.
This young 11 year old student reporter tells us in a very clear way what it means to be true journalist.
To ask the pertinent questions to get to the truth or expose the rot no matter how unpalatable some, especially some in power, might find them.
Older reporters could benefit from this young reporter's journalistic courage.
Rajend Naidu

Marc said...

Well, we will not elect a president in 2014. May be we won't elect anybody in 2014. This scenario seems very likely now. The excuses to postpone elections until 2025 are already prepared: The constitution commission did not do their job, the president's term is not synchronised with the election date, the society is not free of corruption (sic!), there is still racism in Fiji because Indians are excluded from serving in the military, regional leaders wish to harm Fiji, Tonga has threatened to invade led by a navy captain named Mafalu, poverty is still too high, the media and the bloggers are biased against the regime, the voter registration system is flawed, Khaiyum has not yet reached the 500 million $ asset target he has set himself, there are insufficient immunity guarantees, the sugar industry needs a few more years under the wise and competent leadership of our sugar minister, the Methodist church is praying for an elected government, the NGOs are hostile towards a regime whose only objective is to do good for Fiji etc. Take your pick, but do not believe that you can elect anyone in 2014.

SEMI MEO said...

What was you sister "Nameless Cyber Bully's" challenge????

In the meantime..this is a more honorable challenge to all cyber mates....

For Girl in the Photo "Christmas present"

Less talk and now action!!..let us deposit to this account..call the tel no and authorise they pay 50% of your deposit to the 'Girl in the Photos" family.

Account: Save the Children Fiji
Account No: 11316003
Swift Code: ANZBF JFX
Sort Code: 010890
Phone No: 679 3313178

Oh....all seems to have gone quite...shh....shhh...netbank quick!!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous Nov 13 2012 2:54pm. Yes she is moaning the loss of her husband to the dark side. Ratu is had it now. How can a chief from Bau stoop so low to the likes of Bainikhaiyum running the show. You got to be sucker to allow your dignity and self reapect to go this way. It is just a matter of time, history is never wrong.

Kai Baulevu said...

Thanks Mark Manning for your continous support for the freedom of the Fijian people.Those indigenous soldiers are bunch of thieves like their leader.They are uneducated (most of them)and they dont deserve to be in the military but due to the SDL and prevoius Fijian dominated party they manage to keep those monkeys at Delai Nabua there.The goverment and the people Fiji did not realise that those monkeys at Delai nabua wil one day take over the goverment and rule our goverment like monkey see monkey do.See the Fiji rugby union been manifested by those thugs and murderous and see the result.

Anonymous said...

@ Kai Baulevu...

You must be a very bitter person. Why are you so anti military? Don't you have any relatives in the military?? or are there not any single man from your tikina, tokatoka, koro, yasana, vasu, vanua in the Military?? how do you face up to these relatives if they are soldiers? Do you preach to them the same way you do in this esteem blog?? or you just keep your BIG MOUTH shut and take a bowl or two with them. I know you say goodbye or goodnight to them in a good way. I know for sure that you respect them in some sort of way. I know for sure that you never say anything bad about the military to them. So what is your problem Kai Baulevu??? you must be a bitter soul. Qarauna de kania na yagomu na nomu yaloca tiko qori. Bau solia mai so na vakasama vinaka.

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 6.14 AM
You say : Wot dictatorship? We who live in Fiji are enjoying life better then any other time we remember! Not our fault that you chose to migrate n are now regretting it!
I say : who sre the "we" who are living in Fiji who are enjoying themselves better than any other time they can remember? And how long have you been living in Fiji? How long back can you remember? If life is so much better in Fiji why are people lining up at the embassies to get out of the country? Why the increase in demand for passports? If people who migrated regret it ( how many have migrated and why?) why is there no slack in outward migration? If Fiji is not a "dictatorship" wot is it? A "true democracy"? Get Real! The failure to see reality means a failure in the mental apparatus! Don't try to bulshit yourself man!

Thakur Ranjit Jee said...

Massive poverty in fiji started when Rabuka took over the Government in 1987. Since then a few minority to well at the expense of the masses. Things didnot improve during Qarase either. His racist policies created further disharmony and inequity. Things have gone worse since 2006. The poor are suffering. The investment level is very weak. Prices of things are very expensive. No body has gained from all the coups.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.03p.m. The public is being treated to a follywood show, after all it takes two to tango. With Koila's background and privileged education, she should know what to do.. so why is she still there?

Ah! the material trappings that comes with marriage. What's love got to do with it? Indeed.

Anonymous said...

still no Indian for President....looks like they missed out on that one...so have you really come so far..lol

Vutuki Meo said...

You should not blame Qarase.
You should blame the arseholes Bainimarama and Kaiyum and that arsehole running FSC at present.
Since 2006 when these arseholes took over they lost $400 million.
Just disapppeared into thin air.
Too much corruption.

All that money could have helped all your palwar madar chod.

Simi said...

The question is not how Kai Baulevu can face up to the soldiers who are his relatives. The question is how can those soldiers who are relatives face up to him and the rest of the family knowing they are betraying and oppressing their fellow countrymen.

Anonymous said...

'He added the Fiji government remained committed to reducing poverty to a negligible level by 2015.'

LMFAO! What, the Commander will order the economy to grow again?

Ganesh said...

Kamlesh Kumar, democratic political structures are a precondition for reducing poverty. The Bainimarama regime is Exhibit A.

Tagimaucia Ga said...

To Annonymous Nov 13, 2012 9.38am

Ratu Sukuna was rightfully installed one of the high chiefs of Lau because he was a vasu-levu of Tubou. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi because he is a vasu of Nairai... not the same... not tautauvata!!

Anonymous said...

Nice try, Semi Meo. You're obviously dodging Nameless Cyber Bully's challenge to you of November 11, 2012 9:13 AM. You can run to your toilet stall, but you can't hide. Your stink gives you away.

Anonymous said...

At tatifala,

Can you pls inform us what is one thing you have done for the people of fiji other than criticise the regime on this blog.

I would like hear practical solutions to the problem not just some lousy criticism of the regime from behind the curtain. No one has been able to bring down the regime to its knees for the past 6 years, including the international powers and union.

Cheap criticism will not lead us anywhere. I suggest you go and fly kites with your master. Its clear from your writings who you are except that you have changed your name to the right name. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Semi meo

I respect your views. Find them contructive and practical. Not bitter and emotionally charged. M an indo fijian and think you are moderate in your views. You call a spade a spade and see things half full rather than half empty as most bloggers do.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Legal Aid commision still taking out Probate for the rich who can afford lawywrs ??Shame on Sunil Sharma--the Idiot !!

Anonymous said...

@ 10.41, quit the self-praise semi meo and stay with your proper I.D. It's really helpful for us who will ALWAYS scroll right past whenever your id shows up. We don't bother reading your nonsense so don't bother responding, attention-sika.

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 10.36PM
what have I done for the people of Fiji?
I have not taken a big shit on the people of fiji!
I have not commited any human rights abuses or crimes against the people of Fiji.
I have not threatened the people of Fiji with "lethal force".
I have not taken away the democratic rights and freedoms of the people of Fiji.
I have not denied the people of Fiji their right to be governed by their expressed consent
Now you tell me if you can honestly declare the same?

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 13 Nov 10.36
You have got one thing right : it is indeed clear who I am. I am a defender of the people of Fiji's right to democratic freedoms . Hence I am amongst those who are fighting for the restoration of democratic rule in Fiji. I am very proud of who I am.
Now tell us who are you? A part of the military dictatorship? An apologist of the regime? A defender of the status quo? That's why you are Anonymous here in C4.5 because you are ashamed to reveal your true identity to the people of Fiji.
Now when you find yourselves neck
deep in the tatti you have produced since taking over illegally you want me and other "lousy critics" to provide "clear practical solutions to the problem"". I thought you gang had all the solutions! That's why you lot took control. What happened to all the "clear practical solutions" you gang had for the country?

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo & Tattifala
Please get off this blog and allow an educated flow of information to proceed. Serious contributors have left the site because of your verbal garbage.

kai Baulevu said...

To BIG MOUTH anon about Kai Baulevu
..I got relatives in the military and I also got relatives who have faced the full brunt of the military coup. In percentage wise most of my relatives suffered by the coup rather than only a few of my relatives employed by the military. I welcome my relative from the military into my house but I do not allow them to show any support or talk about the military in front of me. …..Talking about any single man from my tikina in the military well how many Tailevuan military officers in the Fiji military or how many from my tikina???You work it out yourself. Even some of them in the military do not agree with what’s going on but they are only there to feed their family. How do I face up to them???my head ?you should put it this way ..how can my relatives in the military face up to me….They are the ones that are doing the wrong thing…not me…..are you out of your mind or what’s wrong with your head????At least I’m glad that none of my relatives been involved in the recent murder or harassments of innocent civilian…I never will respect anyone including all my relatives in joining the Fiji Military. I even discourage one of my cousins in joining the military after he passed out in 2006 in the early stages of the coup. If my cousin can do that why can’t those pufters in the military do the same thing by fighting for truth and nothing but the truth…….Ena kania na nomuni bula na dra kei na tagi ko ni sa vaka yacora oti vei ira na wekada….Noqu vosa e sega ni okati kemuni na cakacaka tu ga vaka dodonu I keri vei kemuni na vei moku ka tokoni Voreqe tiko.Naliva, Rokoura etc,etc.Ke dou a ‘small mouth” gona dou biuta na dakai dou qai coup.Oi me tawa nomuni tarausese…

SEMI MEO said...

@ Anon November 13, 2012 8:09 PM..phew!..good for you I have been remoned of my obliogation to keep blessing you and you family..I have may not be able to stop your cursing my name and family...but do what you have to do..I'll keep blessing you...well...what else can I do?..stay blessed!

@Anon.November 14, 2012 12:01 AM...context my friend..I was responding to a post, hecne clarifty of my past..no intent whatsoever to blow my own trumpet...you sound intelligent enough to quantify that..vinaka.

Oh...my posts are intented for others, NOT you..so you loss no sleeep over it..nor do I...thank you

SEMI MEO said...

Many moons past now..what was the challenge again??

In the meantime..this is a more honorable challenge to all cyber mates....

For Girl in the Photo "Christmas present"

Less talk and now action!!..let us deposit to this account..call the tel no and authorise they pay 50% of your deposit to the 'Girl in the Photos" family.

Account: Save the Children Fiji
Account No: 11316003
Swift Code: ANZBF JFX
Sort Code: 010890
Phone No: 679 3313178

Let's walk the talk!..even if you're a Anon...

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 9.03AM
If I get off this blog educated thinking people will miss me. If you get off the blog nobody will give a fucking piss because you have nothing worthwhile to say.
And by the way I have a "clear practical solution to the problem[which is you lot,the usurpers]" : make a single file and march smartly into Naboro and take up permanent resident in the block housing george speight!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that there are still good army officers who do not agree with what VB has done so far. So I am challenging those officers to do the noble thing and eliminate VB with a bullet through his head. No worry we will give you immunity from prosecution.

NadroKid said...

Vina valevu Kai Baulevu kei Tattifala!

Please keep on speaking the truth hear on this blog and to all.

The truth will set us free.

Muru kwaya koto ga na djina, na dodonu qai nia na savasava.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Ratu's term extended suddenly without explanation much to the opposite of what was being touted previously. So what is the real motive behind this move since we cannot figure out any reason or rhyme for it. We can only speculate that elections will soon be postponed for another 3 years. Like someone mentioned earlier why wasn't Ratu's term extended till 2013 or 2014 to see through the "promised" elections and then go through the selection of a new president after that where he could offer his candidacy if he is interested..

Tom Ricketts said...

yeah completely concur...Semi Meo and Tattifalla are really lowering the standard of comments here. Mark, what you gonna do about Semi making this blog his own. Semi start up your own. We know it failed badly yonks ago, nobody wanted to read your shit.Stop blowing your own trumpet and puffing up your chest. Contribute meaningfully rather than simply insult others. I am one of those who hardly comes here now becos this blog is being innundated with insults and gutter level stuff by your likes.

tattifala said...

@ Tom Ricketts
you shouldn't be talking about lowering standards after joining in with the gang who sodomised democracy and the high standard of conduct and public accountability that system of government entails.
you were/are a part of the oppressive military junta in fiji.
You hardly come to this blog? You should stop coming altogether because you have sweet fuckall to say.

Anonymous said...

At tattifala

You are indeed tatti fala from your postings.

SEMI MEO said...

@Tom Ricketts…I did not start a blog “yonks ago”…in fact, I started THREE!! I think,… and am think of starting some more…still can’t get it..eh?...I do not have the blooming time to be for ever floating and hiding in cyber sphere like you and your moral police Mark…who is he by the way?

My very “timid” reply to the person who claimed to be form “saqani” may have been justified, he is my compatriot and was purely a “kaivata” ding dong with him..what is your 'baigani" in our kuro kapechi"?.

.I may have overdone my “friendly fire”, but in context of his baloney assertions of my past did I attempt to keep the records straight.

Of course there are blogs in the global web for self righteous foreigners like you who mingle in our Fijian affairs.

..but...psst...keep reading my posts, I'll not tell any one...

Anonymous said...

@ Kai Baulevu.. na tata vali boto. Your army relatives really don't have any problem facing up to you. Simple reason being that you are one of those cowards who ran away from Baulevu and Muaniweni when hooligans and thugs took laws into their own hands and ravaged the places. Thats why your army kaivatas came to the rescue..to protect life of those that were raped, beaten, sodomised and burgled by your own tikina kaivatas. You see..there is more to like about this military than to hate. Stop being a ranty nimcumpoop. All of this facade will end in 2014. You will be given your right to elect whoever you want to lead our beloved paradise. As for the moment..please and i beg you again please..try and be meaningful in your comments..share your constructive ideas and be a positive contributor...don't contribute tatti like tattifalla...he reeks of tatti..maybe a few draunivau or salato will do him good.

Put Up, Meo said...

Unlike Tom I really don't have an issue with Tattifalas's postings, but Semi Meo's diarrhoea of the pen is sometimes a bit too much.

I, for one, do wish he'd stop dodging Nameless Cyber Bully's challenge and man up. He keeps counseling appeasement of Bainimarama, giving us these bland assurances about free and fair elections in 2014. Well, if he's right, it's sayonara for NCB and Meow can caterwaul all he wants. But if he's wrong, then goodbye Meo.

That sounds fair to me.

If Meo is really foolish enough to put his faith in Bainimarama's promises, then let him put his money where his mouth is, and stop pretending he didn't read NCB's challenge.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..November 14, 2012 3:23 PM..for the millionth time..what was that coward NCB challenge????????....a coward challenging me?..make my day!

Of course, we are not surprised at all you do not mind indulging TATI..uh fala's tati..

Also, for the zillionth time I do not and have never put my trust in mortals.. my tauvu, Rear Admiral Bainimarama is mortal, unless of course you fear him so much and have esteemed him immortal…your choice…you choice….

All we the 99.99% of Fiji Citizens are saying ??......let's keep focusing on this pathway to sanity and democratic elections in 2014

….no Ghai..opps right turn!…no….brij lal..opps left turn!..keep on the line…who knows, yours truly might vs the Rear Admiral in a seat of his choice…who knows...or I vs any anunimosi in this highly esteemed column..

Oh...me going in Fiji...well..email me semimeo@gmail.com..I let you in on my travel plans...AND YOU BETTER BE THERE TOO...but...no tati, please!...thank you..

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, why did you run away from Fiji to settle in Australia? It seems you have a lot to say from there, and that is typical of a coward. Why don't you return and offer what little contribution you might have to improve the situation in your homeland. You're so quick to comment on stories published here, yet you're gutless not to return to Fiji.

Your postings are full of contradictions and that tell a lot about your wanting to be smart. Your hero Voceke and Aiyarse are filling their pockets yet the number of Fijians living in poverty continues to rise. Recent stories about Voceke's wife purchasing a million dollar property is one example semi. Where did your hero get that amount of money? Kickbacks perhaps? Corruption? There are many other stories that are coming out, and it's not pretty.

You continue to talk rubbish and if you have any guts, I challenge you to return to Fiji, that will prove that you're genuine. If you don't then you will always be remembered as an absconder who hides from overseas yet have a lot of solutions.

You're making a fool of yourself semi. I await your answer to the question posed....why did you abscond from Fiji?

SEMI MEO said...

Some faceless and nameless cyber thug who had the audacity to call us, “ gutless”, “ typical of a coward” “absconder who hides from overseas” …now ask the 50 cents question… "why did you abscond from Fiji?"...I had to hold my grand son back from tracing his IP address…I told him…son, just look for his daughters contact….lol…lol…

Oh..yawn….the question?…have been travelling overseas since 1981..ages before your blooming Coup culture…..may be the same time mucus was liberally flowing down your royal nostril in primary school…

3 passports after, and after looking in the mirror I decided Sunny Queensland was to be my temporary home, close to my children and my grandson.

Have been back to Fiji many times since, even post 2006, I am still a Fiji Citizen (unlike some I Taukei who’ve sold out their Fiji Citizenship), am still in the VKB, still cough, laugh and ….uh…phat in Fijian!

Just recently I was in Fiji, visited Prisons, attend Methodist Church, Pentecostal Church, slept in living room floor in Raiwai tabarua and slept in 5 star Fijian hotel etc, sat at the 3 markets and talanoa with farmers, met 3 Cabinet Ministers for a cuppa, permanent secretaries, senior civil servants, Lawyers, waiting inline at some Government services..had nagona in piala with some kaidia friends,taralala in Fijian grog party…oh…went into FMF HQ to prove a dare I made to a mate..lol..lol…these were all done after I blustered the intent of the Coups…did I go in fear… may be (I am still human)…but, hey…I die, I go quicker to heaven…I live..well..I keep taunting you until you call..oile Bubu kei Na!..

..do I fear coming back to Fiji and settle…well, who fears coming back home?...better to be buried on Fijian soil then foreign cabbage patch….

You wanna meet me in Suva…tell me when!...I’ll take a photo and post it on this esteemed column to prove that 99.99% Fijians still mean what we say, and say what we mean!..are you one of us??????now's your turn to answer our easy question..or..are you...like..looking for Noor Bus in Taveuni...

Jazzman said...

Look forward to 2014 - things might change and that will include the President

Anonymous said...

mark manning@5:12pm...for you frieken info there are about 5%
indo in the Fijian Army and no one
quiet during the coup, Major AZIZ (an
Indo) was made a Colonel immediately after the coup and appointed to various Government Department as ceo as well as to
Public business enterprise as executive. Also whites,chinese & half caste, were in the Army supporting the coup, it wasn't all
Fijian Indegenouse? Actually majority of the top Fijian officers
do quiet the military in opposition to the coup? How the f... do you know that Bai wasn't mandated to carry out the coup?
How do you know coup produces no
good to sell? How do you know that
it doesn't create employement,or
contribute any taxes? They're still
in power after 6 long years? Money are still floating in,tourist from Aussie&NZ are still swiming over for
a piece of meat etc? Coup seems to be a healthy business? IT DOES MAKE A LOT OF SENSE!!!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, stop pretending you post to this blog but never read it yourself. You're always telling us just to wait for the elections in 2014. Well, as most other readers already know, Nameless Cyber Bully has challenged you repeatedly to bet on 2014. If Fiji has free and fair elections in 2014, then he will stop blogging on C4.5. If not, then YOU will stop blogging on C4.5.

Isn't that what Put Up, Meo also told you @ 3:23 above? Stop pretending to be blind as well as dumb.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 8:30
If the military is making money, then why do they refuse being audited.
What are they hiding?
If there is 5% Indians in the army and they make up 45% of the population, is that Racial Equality or Bainimarama just all mouth and full of shit?
Shouldn't Indians make up 45% of the Fiji Military????
Why doesn't Vuaka put his money where his mouth is?
The problem is Vuaka is full of shit and what he says is full of shit. Improve economy by 15% blah blah blah. Casino blah blah blah. Mahogany blah blah blah. Gold mine here bauxite there money for the villagers blah blah blah. New million dollar mine in Udu point...but only 6 villagers employed after 3 years.. blah blah blah.
Voreqe is full of shit.
You are full of shit.
Military making money. That's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard.
If you are truthful you show us the figures. How much coming IN and how much going OUT.
Very simple. It's classs 1 level. So show us the money, otherwise don't come here and talk bullshit!

SEMI MEO said...

@Mrs Nameless Cyber Bully of November 15, 2012 9:49 AM...look, tell your husband that I do not enter into a bet with some goose you do not even have a blooming miserable name!!!!

Tell your husband Mr MCB to email me semimeo@gmail.com...I'll send him to my Lawyer in upper Waimanu Road who I've give instructions to see how you wanna administer the bet..

Well..if you and your hubby are just wasting our time and breath..then...mmmm...we will send both of you to my tauvus in the upper Waimanu River...live in exile till well after the election...and name your first child...opps..sorry you're both male...goodness!

SEMI MEO said...

@ my long lost cousin V….. Meo of November 15, 2012 10:27 AM...love you full speed no brakes…

Our compatriots in the Udu project are in the exploration stage…I visited Namosi Hills when Placer Pacific 1993, a possible multi billion dollars project…but had only about 3 Namosians working…may be best you subscribe ot the Fiji Minning magazine …3rd edition is out now…you’lll see the 23 mines operating in exploration stages , mining etc…

.oh and we could make use of some empty shafts…no…no…not for you cuz..now my love for you is turbo propelled….

tattifala said...

@ Vutuki Meo
you put it so well
what c company - coup company - telling us is all tatti tatti and more tatti

Anonymous said...

Vutuki Meo, you must be related to Semi Meo, because you make almost as little sense as he does, and you're just as contradictory.

For the military to refuse audits is a strong indication they're either wasting money or they're getting income through illicit deals.

This is the New Fiji, mate, where treason is the only thing that pays, but it pays well.

Anonymous said...

For the millionth time, Semi Meo, stop hiding from the gauntlet NCB threw down on you!

You keep claiming from Brisbane that 99.9 percent of Fijians are looking forward to elections in 2014, though how you know that you never explain. So if you really believe that Fiji will have free and fair elections in 2014, why do you keep dodging NCB's challenge?

Anonymous said...

Tagimaucia Ga@9:38am...Thanks for
your contribution.
I wonder if you can straightened this out? If Ratu Sukuna
was the Vasulevu to Tubou, what about his Brothers, were they not
also the Vasulevu to Tubou? How about their Sisters, were they not
categourized, as Vasulevu to Tubou as well? By the way how many brothers & Sisters does the former
Tui Lau had?
Alipate Kabatilau

Anonymous said...

My two pieces...Ratu Sukuna had 3 brothers and 2 Sisters.Sorry but
i seems to have forgotten their
name.Oh Ratu Dovi was one brother,
ok thats all my contribution.

SEMI MEO said...

@namaless bothyc@November 15, 2012 1:15 PM..

Anonymous said...

Ratu Sukuna's siblings:

1)Adi Kacaraini Loaloakubou (mother of former Lord Mayor Rt Meli Vakarewakobau)

2)Ratu Tiale Wimbeldon Thomas Vuiyasawa

3) Adi Kuini Vuikaba (grandmother of Adi Kuini Vuikaba Speed)

4) Adi Salote Mokoiwaqa

5) Dr Ratu Jione Atonio Doviverata better known as Dr Ratu Dovi, Roko Tui Bau and father of Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi.

Anonymous said...

#3 above was the fist fully qualified Fijian nurse


#5 first fully qualified doctor

Ratu Sukuna himself first university graduate with an LLB from Oxford (Middle Temple).....admitted as a Barrister