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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Regime puts Fiji's green gold in hands of new player

Kaarsten Turner Balby of the Forestland Group.
Frank Bainimarama has turned to another American company to lead another lucrative venture but like the casino deal, little seems to be known about the new player.

Bainimarama has named The Forestland Group as the  company taking over from Fiji Hardwood Limited, running what is being touted as a billion dollar industry.

Internet searches on The Forestland Group shows it has a presence in cyber space but there is little real information about it in terms of articles on it success, annual reports, pictures of its management team, especially since its website says:"TFG manages the forest resources for its affiliated Heartwood Forestland Funds across 3,338,771 acres in 21 states and 4 countries. The regional teams working in conjunction with local forestry consulting firms are responsible for the daily, on ground management activities and property oversight."

Information on the group's page describes it as industry leader yet it doesn't have a track record despite the blurb: "Forestland Group, LLC ( TFG ), formed in 1995, is an independent timberland investment management organization ( TIMO ) which emphasizes naturally regenerating hardwood and some softwood forests. TFG currently manages approximately 3.4 million acres in 20 U.S. states as well as in Belize, Canada, and Costa Rica."

Perhaps the key to who it is and how it operates can be found in the following: "The firm manages its investments through a series of limited partnerships and private REITs with a mix of both institutional and high-net-worth investors encompassing some 130 different entities. Headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, TFG has a corporate office near Boston and an array of forest management offices near its land bases."

The 'face' of Forestland is Kaarsten Turner Balby, who is listed in information on the group as the Vice President of the company, and who has been in Fiji this week.

She was at the inaugural meeting of the Mahogany Industry Council in Suva where Bainimarama formally ditched Fiji Hardwood Corporation saying it had grossly mismanaged the industry.

Bainimarama told the meeting Forestland Group and the new decree would change all of that saying the decree would allow the Mahogany Industry Council to be formed, and the roles of Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited and the Fiji Mahogany Trust to be redefined.


Just Saying said...

Frank your words will come back to haunt you.

Fools Gold said...

The decree was out some time ago last year so they must've had problems getting interest.

tattifala said...

if frank's cutting a forrest harvesting deal - or any deal with anyone - he must be right. dictators are never wrong. never corrupt. right?

Anonymous said...

kissing PS ???any news

Anonymous said...

Timoci Tom Ricketts strongly getting ready for election,last heard at DC or is it erection

Anonymous said...

native resources gone.fijian still sleeping.
green gold timber is for native not americans or bano khaiyum and bai.

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 8.43AM
Oh, so that explains why Tom Ricketts appeared on this blog (which he claims he "hardly" does) - to make some pathetic complaints against regime critics. the man is getting ready for elections!

Bainimarama knows best said...

For supposedly not being engaged with Fiji, the Americans sure are all over Fiji's biggest industries. Fiji's water, sugar, civil aviation, casinos, and now forestry have all slipped completely into American hands, mainly in just the last few years.

Most of us know how close Fiji came to becoming an American possession, like Hawaii. With so many Fijian jobs now dependent on the Americans, we still might.

Anonymous said...

Mahogany is a resource that Fiji could have used many years ago but no one grasped it.

China buys Oak from Europe, ships it to China, adds value to it by making good quality furniture, ships it back to Europe, sold at reasonable cost and very popular.

What has Fiji done with Mahogany, you can hardly buy it here.

So where have the Fijian entrepenures been all these years, sleeping, or has it just been too complicated due to archaic ownership red tape to get involved with ?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the real Men and Fearless Warriors of the Pacific - Mighty Samoa for just dumping Wales 26-19.

Better than the Mataivalu Ni Solisona led bunch of knigknogs masquerading as the Flying Fijians.

Thank you Samoa for showing the world that there are some real men left in the Pacific not like the Mataivalu Ni Solisona and its so called Flying Fijians.

Just have to see the class of Samoa with the majority of its players playing overseas in Europe & NZ not like the Flying Fijians made up of Army & Navy players who play in mickey mouse competitions like the Sukuna Bowl and Service day Competitions - Da ga na Da.

As for the Mahoghany Deal another scam by the ILLEGAL JUNTA to fill VB & AK's pockets while the bati balavu and bati leka wallow in their own shit- Maumau na bula na kaiviti.

Dua mai qerei pussy Meo.

Tattifalla Vutaki said...


Overseas road contractors to start next year.
THERE is no guarantee that 1035 workers who will be made redundant by the Fiji Roads Authority will be re-employed when new overseas contractors come on board next year.
FRA manager change Mike Rudge said workers should be mindful that the granting of new jobs would be determined by the new contractors.
Mr Rudge said of the 1035 workers, some had already received their redundancy letters while others would receive theirs soon.
He said letters issued to the workers stated that their term of employment would end on December 31.And with some workers already highlighting that the redundancy package being offered was very little, Mr Rudge said the packages depended on the number of years they worked for FRA.
Meanwhile, in a statement issued earlier this week, government said despite the workers being made redundant, a lot of the staff members were expected to be re-employed as overseas contractors begin their work in the new year.
"We're giving all the affected workers one month's notice," the statement said
"The new contractors have advised us that they will be inviting applications between now and the end of the year. By the time contractors start, many of our staff will be in line for the new positions."
It said the changes were part of government's program for a radical upgrade of the quality of Fiji's roads.
"One of the core roles of the overseas contractors will be to pass on their expertise to local workers.
"We want these reforms to have a lasting effect rather than just being a Band-Aid solution.
"This also presents a great opportunity for local workers to upgrade their skills," the government statement said.

Fijiwala said...

I have ever heard of this company. What would be wrong to have Pacific Lumber Company return to Fiji? They have a good track record in USA as well as Fiji or there needs some "palm greasing"?

The Casino deal was grossly mismanaged.One Hundred Sands Limited is a failed company in state of Washington. They bought a Best Western Hotel between Blaine and Bellingham, Washington. Today the building is sitting ideal. They operated the casino for not more than couple of months and the company went defunct.

The govenment should look at companies such as Harrah's, MGM Grand, Bally's, Mirage Group, or Monte Carlo to name a few. These companies have very good reputation and a long history in business. Having said that, I know that none of the above companies will give kickback to the officials.

Anonymous said...

With the absence of parliament and silencing of the media, there is no checks and balance mechanism, so anyone in power can sell Fiji wholesale. No transparency and accountability in almost all transactions involving national assets. Moce Viti..

Anonymous said...

Kaila says....

Go on Frank sell Fiji....

You're a puppet listening to Aiyaz & Co.

This is the problem - unelected and NOT accountable to nobody...

Its good for the idiot Military council and persons to see the big bluff happening under their watch...

Yavu Ulukau....

mark manning said...

Maybe it's George Speight who is in partnership with Frank!

Anonymous said...

No bus service for 300
Salaseini Vosamana
Saturday, September 15, 2012
Fiji Times

ABOUT 300 villagers at the north end of Taveuni have been without a bus service for the past three days since the only bus was stranded as a result of poor road conditions.

The villagers of Lavena, Wailevu and Qali were deprived of the service on Monday afternoon after the driver claimed he could not drive on the road, claiming it was damaged by the bad weather.

Pacific Transport manager Taveuni Prakash Sami told The Fiji Times the driver was held up in a village because he could not drive through the poor road conditions.

"The driver is also spending three days in the village as he can't risk an accident," Mr Sami said.

"We have written to the Fiji Roads Authority and it seems they are reacting gradually to our plight."

He said such incidents had not only affected their business but also the villagers who needed to do their shopping or visit the hospital for medical treatment.

"This is really frustrating because we are also concerned about our customers who use our service," he said.

Anonymous said...

Poor road conditions
Repeka Nasiko
Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Fiji Times

School students walk along the road in Sigatoka Valley. Farmers say the bad road condition is affecting transport of vegetables to markets. Picture: BALJEET SINGH
A GROUP of farmers in a settlement in the Sigatoka Valley is feeling the full brunt of bad road conditions.

Wholesalers are not showing up to collect vegetables for sale.

The vegetable farmers have to fork out extra money to transport the produce to markets in Sigatoka, Nadi and Lautoka.

"Unless our customers come to us, we have to pay for the trip from our own pockets to get the vegetables to the market," vegetable farmer Pritesh Singh said.

Mr Singh who has been a vegetable farmer for the last 30 years said the poor road conditions made it difficult for middlemen to travel to the farming settlement in Nabaka, located an hour and a half drive inland from Sigatoka Town.

"Their visits are not regular, sometimes they come and sometimes they don't. When they don't come, the vegetables that we have already harvested get damaged," another farmer Laitia Raqina said.

Mr Raqina who supplies vegetables to Lautoka, Nadi, Sigatoka and Suva said the poor roads were worsened by recent floods in March early this year.

"We can't do much because once our roads and our bridge gets damaged, we can't make any sale.

"Just recently, we had to repair one of the bridges ourselves because we have to deliver our harvests to the market."

Anonymous said...

No buses affect schoolchildren and the elderly
Nasik Swami
Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Fiji Times

+ Enlarge this image

Tebara Transport bus driver Kadar Buksh makes his last trip through Koronivia in Nausori past residents Jone Waqaitanoa and Zuber Ali. The company stopped services yesterday because of bad roads. Picture: JONE LUVENITOGA
A BUS company servicing an area of 500 families stopped operations yesterday citing bad road conditions.

Tebara Transport Limited stopped bus services from Tawakelevu junction to Lokia landing in Koronivia, Nausori, saying it will only resume services when the road is repaired.

Company general supervisor Krishna Maharaj said the road had been in bad condition since last week.

"Six of our buses servicing the area have faced constant damage as a result of poor road conditions. Fixing the buses costs a lot of money," Mr Maharaj said.

Lokia resident Petero Kaveni said children attending school and villagers taking their produce to the market were facing a lot of difficulties.

"They will have to walk nearly five kilometres every morning to catch the bus. This will be very difficult," Mr Kaveni said.

He said as a result some parents had decided not to send their children to school until bus services resumed.

The Nakaikogo Sanatan Dharam Primary School in Koronivia confirmed that about 180 students from Tawakelevu junction to Lokia landing attend the school.

Anonymous said...

Poor road conditions delay visits to hospital
Maciu Malo
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Fiji Times

+ Enlarge this image

Draubuta villagers prepare to carry the building materials to the village. Picture: BALJEET SINGH
THE typhoid beleaguered villagers of Draubuta in Navosa say the sick have delayed travelling to hospitals because of poor road conditions.

They asked a government team visiting the area last week to take up their request for the construction of better roads with the relevant authorities.

District officer Navosa Atunaisa Keve said government was doing its best in assisting remote villages gain access to services such as roads, water, health and education.

The Fiji Times team and a government delegation deployed to the village in the wake of a suspected typhoid outbreak personally experienced first-hand the transportation difficulties faced by villagers.

The village is located nine kilometres from the main Navosa-Sigatoka junction after a steep one-kilometre descent through rough terrain.

The villagers said it would help if a health centre was built at the village. According to village headman Isei Nalavi, more than eight villagers had died in the village because of late presentation to the hospital.

"In most cases we have to carry sick people from the village up the mountain until we reach the main road. At night we cannot carry the sick patients up the mountain because of the steep slope and narrow track," he said.

"So now my advice to the villagers is that if someone is sick for the relatives to assist the sick and leave the village early before the sickness gets worse.

"The nearest health centre is located at Nukulau Village and is more than five hours walk away.

Anonymous said...

"Out of the frying pan into the fire".

"Dabedabe e na ibe qai kisi ki na tabakau"

This new company will rip off more Fijians than before. That is very plain to see.
Its not exactly Habitat for Humanities , is it?

Bainimarama is too thickheaded to learn. He will never learn. He will keep making the same mistakes.

Everything he touches will fail.

Even his soldiers will get affected.
The soldiers and their families will fail too.
You cannot hold fire to your bosom and not get burned.

The sad part is that innocent Fijian babies are now beginning to pay for all this stupidity.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Becoming a U.S. possession wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to Fiji. Unlike Fiji, the United States still follows its constitution, and that constitution mandates a republican form of government. We would have representative government again in lieu of this banana dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

If Frank instigated this coup to stop corruption then he has to be the biggest hypocrite know to man, his church, and who else who cares.

Blaming Fiji Hardwood for mismanagement when he is the Chair of the Trust, makes him look like a bigger idiot than he really is.

Let me remind you Frank, when you are pointing the finger at Fiji Hardwood, take a look where the 3rd,4th & 5th fingers are pointing. In case you can't interpret simple instructions, they are pointing at you, and they will remind you of this until the day you get bumped off
How can you live with yourself, your wife, your family ... you are a real disgrace

Kai baulevu said...

Probably someone from the Fiji Hardwood upset Voreqe or might some deal under the table???.This is what they are famous for doubling up nearly every goverment department role wasting money and no transparency.Why cant they improve the Fiji Hardwood management style rather than bringing in a totally new overseas company whom no one can control?.What will the Fiji Hardwood staff be doing now????sack them?who is suffering in here.... us the Fijian people????I believe there's some thing more to this and it will only take few days from now to know the truth behind Voreqes move....Happy Diwali.Yadra mai na Kai Viti,,,na mataivalu qo me qai i wai.Da kakua ni moce tiko

tattifala said...

Omnishambles. more tatti happening. that's all.

Anonymous said...

Next is the fishery industry. Decree to come out saying corruption and mismanagement of the fishing industry has made him sell out to china.


Eroni. said...

Hellow Vtaki.
From when have you become Tatti. I thougt you were always Tatti. You speak Tatti, you think Tatti and spew Tatti.

Komai said...

Fiji and Liberia has lots of similarities politically.

Liberia-Fiji formalize diplomatic relations

The Republic of Liberia and the Republic of Fiji formalized diplomatic relations at a ceremony at the Liberian Mission to the United Nations in New York.

The Permanent Representative of Liberia to the United Nations, Ambassador Marjon Kamara and her Fijian counterpart, Ambassador Peter Thomson, signed a joint communiqué establishing diplomatic relations between the two nations.

The communiqué expresses the desire of the Republics of Fiji and Liberia to promote mutual understanding and strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation amongst their two peoples.

Ambassador Kamara expressed Liberia's thanks to Fiji for its ongoing provision of police personnel to the United Nations Mission in Liberia.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Frank for the move. AG and Aunty Bhano will be laughing at you from your back. What a shame indeed.....i hope the deal does not face the same fate as the Casino....

This is the negative effects of what globalisation shall bring. Succumb to international companies who has the power to influence government.

Vinaka Bai.....sa o matai dina na SOLIA.................

Anonymous said...

No Parliament.No transparency.No accountability.No nothing.Pass a Decree--or write a decree every minute as you want it --how you want it.No debate.The media is silent--shame on them .--self imposed censorship--the reporters shitting in their pants and panties.

Kai Nabouwalu said...

Se moce no na kai Viti. Sa vo ga me kau yani na vaselini...

Anonymous said...


mark manning said...

Sea beds next!

Anonymous said...

Of course Frank knows this company will be ripping off Fijians. That's the whole point!

He wants his cut, and yours, and all of ours.

Anonymous said...

Frank .. you and the AG ran Fiji Hardwood via your other puppet Elizabeth ... stop wanking yourself and face the truth

Fiji Hardwood management did not do anything without having to get your permission.

The Fiji Hardwood team worked extremely well under the circumstances, and now you are going to sack them for a US company who don't have a track record

Either you or AG or both are bonking Ms Balby, this is how they got the deal... face the truth

This deal has to be stopped, wake up Fiji and lets all do something about this

Anonymous said...

Frank you and the Forestland group are violating the Lacey Act.

People are already making overtones to Hilary Clinton to get involved in this corrupt, smelly decision to close down FHCL and oppress their workers & families.

Just like your failed attempt to get Gibson guitars to buy Fiji Hardwood, they knew they would be violating the Lacey Act

The Lacey Act is one of the smartest acts to be introduced as it will stop greedy Americans pulling the wool over dummies like you Frank

Frank get your shit together and look into the mirror and have a good long look at yourself

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 18/11, 7.54AM
I know what you saying and I agree with every bit of it except your over optimistic view that the Lacey Act - one of the smartest acts in the US - "will stop greedy Americans pulling the wool over dummies like Frank".
My view is that nothing stops greedy Americans. They are the pace setters in the global economy.
They have scant regard for doing business honestly and ethically within national or international laws and norms. Dictatorships make easy pickings for them. Where transparency and accountability is non-existant.

Anonymous said...

Hey listenup guys theres billions
in it for you owners, Franks knows what hes doing?
You land owners you'll be singing
a million tunes when the bucks start to float in?

Good Luck said...

"Let's all do something." Yeah, like what?

Operation Jericho only required one minute of making noise. That was a good chance for us, but where were the so-called opposition leaders? If THAT was too much to ask, then have you got to offer?

The Heckler said...

I don't know what's denser, Fiji's hardwoods or Frank's head.

Anonymous said...

fijian landowners should get 50% shares in mahogany.

Anonymous said...

Time to try carve out a mahogany tax like Australia tried to dig in with mining.

Anonymous said...

Kaarsten Turner Dalby
The Forestland Group, LLC

Kaarsten Turner Dalby
Senior Director of Ecological Services

Ms. Turner Dalby is Senior Director of Ecological Services. Her management responsibilities include oversight of the forest certification program, and the firms’ efforts to generate increased revenues from ecological services including but not limited to the sale of carbon credits, leasing wind-energy rights, biomass, and the sale of working forest conservation easements. In addition, Ms. Turner is involved in the development and implementation of forest management plans involving TFG’s operational staff and non-affiliated forest management consultants. Prior to this position, she was the Director of Forest Information Systems with management responsibility for the design and implementation of TFG’s Forest Information System. Previously, Ms. Turner served as Forest Information Analyst and started with the Forestland Group as an intern in July 1998.

Prior to her employment with TFG in 1998, Ms. Turner consulted with a Boston-based TIMO where she identified and researched a diversity of parameters for agroforestry ventures with non-industrial private landowners in New Zealand. She has worked for a number of domestic and international conservation organizations on public and private land management issues.

Ms. Turner Dalby has a B.A. from Smith College, an M.S. from the University of Montana School of Forestry, and an M.B.A. from Kenan-Flagler Business School. She has professional affiliations with the Society of American Foresters, the Forest Guild, and Net Impact.

Kaarsten Turner-Dalby has been promoted to Vice President – Ecological Services.Kaarsten will continue oversight of the FSC certification program and TFG’s efforts to generate increased revenues from a diversity of ecological services including sales of carbon credits and working-forest conservation easements, leasing of wind-energy rights, and monetization of non-timber attributes associated with forestland ownership.

Posted at 07:11 PM ET, 11/05/2012
Why we are voting for President Obama: Nine Mormon women speak
By Joanna Brooks

Mormon women honor the religion we share with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But on Election Day, thousands and thousands of us will cast our votes in support of President Obama.

As a writer who has followed closely the role of faith in this campaign, I have witnessed how progressive Mormon women are finding their voices in this historic moment. A week ago, I took to the Internet to ask Mormon women who support Obama to share how their faith informs their vote. I heard from stay-at-home mothers, nurses, lawyers, hairstylists, and college professors, women with children small and grown, white women and women of color, from California to New Hampshire—and in key states like Nevada, Colorado, and Florida.
Kaarsten Turner Dalby, 42, vice-president of ecological services, Conifer, Colo.: “I am a Mormon woman, a working professional, and a mother to two young sons. Thirty years ago our mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers fought for the future of their young daughters. They fought for our education and our right to receive equal pay for our work. Mitt Romney threatens those rights that already belong to us. Through my political choices, I want to leave a legacy to my sons – a legacy of empowerment, intelligence, equality, and choice. I urge all women to respect themselves, their minds, and their bodies. They are sacred – we are sacred. I will vote for Obama.”

Anonymous said...

Based in Chapel Hill, NC, TFG was formed in 1995 to pursue investments primarily in naturally regenerating hardwood and pine forests for institutional investors. The firm focuses on naturally regenerating hardwood and pine forests containing considerable volumes of intermediately aged, vigorous timber stands. Carefully administered harvesting during the management phase enables TFG to generate periodic cash flow for investors and accelerate the biological growth of the remaining timber. The primary product of the firm’s acquisition and management strategies is valuable saw timber. Using proven financial and forest management concepts, TFG creates value for investors and works to achieve good financial returns on diversified portfolios of forestland.

TFG believes in being a responsible steward of the land and follows the principles of sustainable forestry. Forestland management plans are designed on a tract-by-tract basis, paying careful attention to each property’s unique biological habitat and diversity. The firm’s goal is to seek competitive returns while maintaining the productive capacity of the forest.

Today, TFG is one of a steadily growing number of TIMOs that have emerged to organize and manage partnerships of institutional investors. “With all of the turnover in forest ownership, TIMOs are playing an increasingly important role by channeling investment money from pension funds and other investors into the forest. If managed appropriately, they can provide income to investors and manage land sustainably, and [FSC] certification provides the assurance they are managing according to our standards,” SmartWood Senior Forester Loy Jones.

According to TFG’s Director of Forest Information Systems Kaarsten Turner Dalby, FSC certification is helping TFG to:
• Differentiate their product in the marketplace;
• Differentiate their private equity funds for investors as well as provide a level of comfort and accountability to their limited partners;
• Eliminate extensive negotiations in conservation easement agreements;
• Possibly reduce certain stringent characteristics of potential future state legislation.

According to SmartWood Director and Chief of Forestry Richard Z. Donovan, “there are times when you need leaders to set the stage for changes throughout an industry. In the TIMO sector, and for commercial forestland managers in general, TFG has stepped up to fulfill that role. Fortunately they are not alone — we are seeing other TIMOs also move in this direction. But being first only happens once, and TFG is the first TIMO in the world to have the breadth and depth of vision to try and show that commercial forestland management, forest conservation and FSC certification make sense.”

The Forestland Group Earns Certification on 1.5M Acres
First Timo in the World to Have Entire Portfolio FSC-Certified

Type: Newsletter Article

Keyword: News

The Forestland Group, LLC (TFG) earned FSC forest management certification last month for the approximately 1.5 million acres it currently manages in eleven states — Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, Missouri and Maryland. SmartWood, a program of the Rainforest Alliance, granted the certification. TFG originally earned FSC certification for a 32,000-acre tract of land along the Emory River in Tennessee. Five years later, TFG is the only timberland investment management organization (TIMO) in the world to preside over an entire portfolio that has been certified according to the terms of the FSC.

For more information, visit www.forestlandgroup.com
Rainforest Alliance contributed to this report.

Anonymous said...

These gringos are smooth operators. They obviously did their homework and come up with a manouver that grabbed the regime by the balls. Knowing the loose lot we have in the regime they sent down an elegant suave woman to mesmerise and probably shag them into submission..

Anonymous said...

Forestland Group isn't the problem. We're always better off working with the Americans rather than the Aussies or, definitely, the Chinese -- especially since the Americans have laws against participating in foreign corrupt practices. The problem will be illegal logging protected by Bainimarama directly.

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 9.43
too right mah man!
look wat harponed to general petreas?
4 star general can get shagged
anyone can get shagged!
any in the world of big business - global big business - shagging potential clients is a pivotal part of the "package deal".

Anonymous said...

Anon@9:43am...True, they've done the same tricks to our ancestors
too? It's one of the oldest tricks in the book!

Anonymous said...

That means we do not have competent people in the country to run Fiji Hardwood Corp. Bainimarama must be thinking of a refugee status in America after all this........

Anonymous said...

Tevita,you'd like that, wouldn't you? Don't mind the tourist,lots of
interesting laws and no coup for

Ganesh said...

Yes, Fiji has lots of similarities with Liberia politically.

As Dakuwaqa so memorably remarked, Bainimarama is Fiji's version of Samuel Doe and can expect the same end.

tattifala said...

Is that first man on the left in the photo that skunk of a government lawyer sarwa dhal ?
no scruples character . that's why he is still thriving in the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys&Girl there's enough jobs
in Namosi for everyone-3000,says the Fiji times? So don't listen to
smelly Tattatifala and or macafaka?
Incredile,jobs is everywhere in Fiji?
Those of you who can't make it in
your new country,please come back
and help us out? We don't have enough menpowers to run business in
our country? tattifala is too smelly and all he does is talk-smelly all day? Maybe some one should pushed him over the Namosi River and cleansed the shit out of him?

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 21/11 4.05 PPM
I am warning you I just took a bad shit. it splattered all over the toilet bowl and I had to "clean Up" the shit. But I have not wiped my arse yet. I might just use your face to do that!!
so now you find out 6 years into your coup that "we don't have enough menpowers(!) to run our country". I thought you intellectually handicapped lot had the answers to all of Fiji's problems. that's why you took over.didn't you?
so what's the problem now?

tattifala said...

@ Anon21/11 4.05 PM
we all know what's smelly .what's boica. it's the stink from you coup makers and the shitty manner in which you lot have been running the country.
take another good smell . it could be coming from you!

Fiji Tourism said...

Liz you better get outta there fast love!!!!...You know its gonna blow over any time now.

I worry for you!!

tattifala said...

@ Anon21/11 4.05PM
why pollute the pristine Namosi River by cleaning my smelly shit there?
shit will happen there automatically once mining big time gets going.
I'll just take me shitty arse and clean it in Suva Point. No big difference there because the place is already full of shit and more shit will happen there with the current "developments" under the illegal government.

Simi said...

Even if Namosi employs 3000 people to extract Fiji's mineral wealth, ship it overseas, and try to clean up some of the huge mess left behind, that would still be just a small fraction of the jobs that Fiji is about to lose due to the regime's ill-considered Labour Decrees.