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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sawmillers: Mahogany 'reforms' give foreigners upper hand at local's expense

Today, the real story on how Fiji's Green Gold has been divvied up by the illegal regime.

While Frank Bainimarama last week announced an American company, the Forestland Group, would manage the billion dollar industry, he failed to reveal his officials locked out the long-established Fiji Sawmillers Association, from the inaugral meeting of the Mahogany Industry Council.

The Sawmillers Association, which employs almost 13-hundred people and represents $60 million worth of business, was originally invited to take part in the meeting.

But while individual landowners were included in the pivotal discussions, officials withdrew the Association's invite at the last minute, without explanation.

Angry sawmillers have since written to Bainimarama denoucing his plan which clearly plays up foreign interest at the expense of local involvement.

In his speech at the Inaugral Mahogany Council where he boasted the bold new steps the regime was taking to propel Fiji's Green Gold industry, Bainimarama had trashed the industry and the way it was managed by the Fiji Hardwood Corporation saying 'What existed could barely be described as an Industry at all.'

The letter from the Sawmillers Association challenges Bainimarama's 'reforms' and the issuing of licences to what appear to be mainly overseas companies, saying it shows 'bias against local businesses and resource owners' and will create 'disharmony'.

It goes on to say the recommendations seem to be directed at driving out ' local competitors.'

The Sawmillers Association had originally been in touch with the regime over concerns in September.

Coupfourpointfive understands members had been trying to talk to the illegal attorney general and Bainimarama for some time without success.

Dear FSA Members,

Please be informed that FIJI SAWMILLERS ASSOCIATION has been formally invited by the Office of the Prime Minister to attend Mahogany Industry Council meeting at 9:30am Thursday, 15th November at the GCC Complex, Nasese.

According to PM’s office this is the only opportunity provided to FSA (industry) to air our views/ grievances  to the forum which will be chaired by the Hon. Prime Minister himself. FSA position has been made clear in our letter dated 24th September, 2012 to the PM and the subsequent meeting with PSPMO in relation to the recent recommendation of licenses by the Ministry of Pubic Enterprises.

Please note that we will not permit any other persons to be part of FSA other than those in the mailing list above as names have been handed to PM’s office for the list of attendees for their records.

The Program is as follows:

9:30am to 10:00am                   Assemble & Registration

10:00am to 10:20am                  Welcome & Introduction by PSPMO

                                                Opening Prayers

                                                Opening Address by Chair of MIC – by Prime Minister

10:20am to 10:35pm                  Overview of Mahogany Industry by Attorney General

10:35am to 11:00am                  Question and Answers by Industry

11:00am to 11:30 am                 Morning Tea and Stakeholders Disperse

From 11:30am onwards is only the MIC meeting and Industry will not be allowed to be part of this.

Members can meet before the meeting at Holiday Inn at 8:30am for coffee and preliminary discussions only.

Please ensure that you all be part of this ONE and ONLY opportunity to air our concerns and ALL FSA members MUST attend.


Jay Dayal

President FSA


mark manning said...

Get a life people, this is what you get for supporting Frank and his coup! Frank and Aiyaz have divvied up the booty between themselves and in order to placate his band of thugs, he needs an income to supplement their wages, at other's expense.
Welcome to the New Order of Fiji, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama, Fiji's President for Life.
Not sure how to spell it, but sounds like " boy thithy"!

Anonymous said...

The fix is in. Another sweetheart deal. No doubt who's palms are being greased.

Anonymous said...

Under Bainimarama and Khaiyum, Fiji daily resembles more and more a Marcos-style kleptocracy.

Anonymous said...

Here is another example of the Diktator ruining people's lives.
Fijian villagers will lose millions from this deal.
Fijian soldiers are too dumb.
They got guns but they don't know what is right or what is wrong.
So somebody else has to do the thinking for them.
Guess who that person is.

The right thing to do soldiers is to either apprehend Bainimarama or shoot him.

"Evil prosper when good men do nothing."

-Valataka na Dina.

tattifala said...

So the gang with the guns led by saviour frank bainimarama took over the running of the country to clean it up of all evils and to do good for the people of the nation?
Like hell they did!
They took over so that they could line their pockets from their position of power - without democratic accountability checks.
Now even the apolitical Fiji Saw Millers' group have come to realise belatedly what a crooked lot this gang is.

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 10.50 AM
you have captured the prevailing political situation in fiji very concisely.
Marcos made hay while the sun was shining - for him. a lot of hay!
But what happened to him eventually?
Lessons of history are ignored at ones own peril.
Some power intoxicated scoundrels are doing that in Fiji. But their time will come. Greater dictators have been run out of their country by their own people...

Anonymous said...

SMI is the child of Khaiyum's aunty and kick-backs must be rife:


tattifala said...

omnishambles. fiji daily sinks under the tatti produced by the illegal gang in power. no more surprises now. it's just tatti all around.

Mahogany said...

Nowhere in this list of sawmillers do I see any taukei company. Shame!

With all these new dealings signed by the regime let's hope landowners benefit more from it.

Anonymous said...

Since over a week has passed without Semi Meo answering the challenge from Nameless Cyber Bully, I reprint it now before C4.5 sends it to the archives.

'Meo, you talk a lot of crap, and half of what you say contradicts the other half.

'Tell you what I'll do. You're always issuing challenges. Well, here's my challenge to you. If Bainimarama allows your 99.9 percent of Fijians to have free and fair elections in 2014, then I'll go away and quit blogging. You'll be rid of me. But if, on the other hand, Bainimarama does NOT hold free and fair elections in 2014, then you’ll shut the eff up from now on and stop blogging here.'

What about it Semi Meo? Still cowardly pretending you never saw this challenge?

The Oracle said...

George Speight must be cursing himself. His reason for the 2000 events has been hijacked by Frank, Khaiyum and Elizabeth Powell. Just how much do we know about Powell apart from her days as an Air Pathetic hostess? She's certainly come a long way from handing out in-flight meals and free booze!!!!And when the well runs dry, has she already got one foot in another country??

Anonymous said...

@ Mahogany....maybe Taukeis do not own a timber milling business or maybe they are not sawmillers members....

Anonymous said...

Liz Powell the unqualified PS nil experience etc ,,,what exactly is Liz connection to Kaiyum,,,she is one big ulukau and all her staff at Tourism have run away,,,,,
Da ga na Da!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm reading this wrong but it appears the concerns of the Fiji Sawmillers Assc are with the farcical actions of the FHCL. FHCL being the body that should supposedly be looking after industry in the interests of Fiji.

From the recent topic regarding the hardwood industry is it not the FHCL that the goverment wants to kick into touch due to incompetency ?

Correct me please if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:59 AM

And how will anyone know if you have gone away 'ANONYMOUS' ?

tattifala said...

Audience Quiz Time
Q. Has Frank Bainimarama - the 2006 coup conductor cum self-made prime minister and minister of many portfolio and a man of many titles - given the people of fiji its first clean government since taking over control of the country?
A. Yes
Quiz Master : I am afraid your answer is incorrect. You get no points for it. The correct answer is NO - N O.

Kai Baulevu said...

Ater all these years this micky mouse IG been running goverment been running the Goverment by force one can easily predict what thier move will be or the change they done......Why cant the bastard than cahnge the Fiji Hardwood from I quote 'What existed could barely be described as an Industry at all.' to a profitable and well manage industry than?
All he does is critising the way the hardwood and other goverment organisation and never go in there or send his military commandos to uplift the running of the company....All becasue he wants to fill his pocket and for his personell gain thats why he bring on overseas companies so that he can benefit from it.This military idiots thinks that they can manage any goverment organisation theu are asssigned to take over and look at the they do things....."militant type of manament" you dont agrre Ill sack you...like Rokouras warning the FIjian rugby players in thier recent tour for any hicup in disipline will be dealt with at the army barrack when they come back to Fiji....ni yavu sotia vukiviki vaka yalewa...levu ga na vosa kei na vaka teqateqa ni tiko na dakai.If Voreqes action can be easily predicted than how easily we can take our goverment back???same it will be piece of cake when the time comes "easy piece"

Anonymous said...

What a sad play of events if what is being reported here is true.

It's just non-sensical to give up domestic interests in such an important industry to overseas investors without concern about its impact on the local economy.

There seems to be more than meets the eye in what is reported here and I would ask C4.5 to probe further into this. If it is as patently clear that domestic investors suffer, why is Frank Bainimarama allowing it?

Coup 4.5 said...

If anyone - the rulers or the ruled - anywhere in the world wants any clarification on what human rights, human freedom, human dignity and democracy means for the human race they should listen to US President Barack Obama's speech at Rangoon University during his Burma visit on 19 November 2012.
(The speech was broadcast live on ABC 24 on 19/11).
And remember this was not some anti-military rule ranting critic . This was the most powerful president on planet earth spelling out in very clear terms why people need to live under democratic rule.
What more needs to be said in support of democracy?
It is poignant what the President had to say about the role and place of the military vis-a-vis the civilian government which is the elected voice of the people. The military's was a subordinant role.

Rajend Naidu

tattifala said...

What's more strange?
Fijian villagers found an Israeli vegetarian man living on Taveuni Island eating all types of plant leaves strange and deemed him to be dangerous!
But Fijian villagers - who are benting over backwards to offer traditional apology to the coup maker Frank Bainimarama and his band of gunmen - don't find them dangerous!
what's strange in fiji is strange these days!!

Kai Bau said...

George Speight did the coup in 2008because of Mahogany. Who will do the coup this time?

The Oracle said...

Just a clarification ... Elizabeth Powell is a reasonably educated person albeit without Fiji Public Service experience. However, the issue is where has she been all these years to suddenly appear back on the scene here in Fiji in a senior position of public trust and whether she has any allegiance to Fiji when she may have PR elsewhere? Flying Air Pathetic should not equate automatically to tourism know-how or good business acumen. She's educated enough to know that Khaiyum is using her. The sad thing is she is allowing him to do so. She might want to go on an educational refresher course to look at the history of Fiji Hardwoods and the issue of Fiji mahogany in particular. Maybe Ratu Osea Gavidi can provide the background? Can we trust him or should we just leave him to those millions he's still expecting from his international expert/financier? The best option of course would be for Elizabeth Powell and George Speight to have a behind-the-bars, level-playing-field (after conviction) one-on-one discussion about Fiji Hardwood .. but that would be expecting too much!!!

Bainimarama's a jerk said...

I read Frank's speech to the Mahogany Council and what a load of rubbish. It was complete spin doctoring. Arrogance at its worse and a complete rubbishing of all that is Fiji. Frank if you think Fiji is such a mess why don't you bugger off and let those who can really fix the country in? Instead you hanging in there for the goodies that you can fill your pockets with.

Fiji procreator said...

The illegal government of 2006 is rubbishing and destroying everything it can to recreat and make itself look good in the eyes of the people and international community. Even when there is no need to reform.

tattifala said...

omnishambles = shit happening . professor warden narsey's letter 'Flood risks' in today's Fiji times is a good exampple of shit happening. he had he claims warned the mob in power that clearing the mangrove forrest in nasese for developemt would make the area flood prone. last night flooding happened /shit happened.the professor says people can expect bigger shit to happen.

Anonymous said...

Ite time to restructure FHCL. Agree with Government on corruption happening aided by the likes of Dayal and Co.at FHCL by under grading under measuring logs

bainimagana levu said...

The idiot dicktator Frank Bainimagana is only about robbing Fiji of its resources. He does not care about the 1200 odd worker's!

But more funny is the people of fiji (those who are more than able to stop him) are too lamusona to do anything about it. What a waste of muscle. all that talk about the bati - boci ga!

which is worse -- the bainimagana that robs fiji or the so called bati who dont do anything about it?

rajend naidu said...

@ The Oracle
It's interesting you should raise the issue of where this PS has been all these years to suddenly appear back on the scene here in fiji in a senior position?
We had a similar scenario with Emele Ditituituraga during the Qarase government. She appeared out of the blue and got to be the CEO of Social Welfare. How did that happen?
I understand the Bainimarama government took over to stop such improper happenings in the Fiji public service and government.
Has it done that?
Or, has it become a caricature of the very things it complained about in respect of the government it removed?

Anonymous said...

Bai's speech to the Mahogany Council. As one of the bloggers has said this speech is all Qorvis spin doctoring. Seriously, do we really think he says things like 'this a paradigm shift' - oilei! We are not that dumb, Frank.

My Fellow Fijians.
Bulavinaka and a very good afternoon to you all.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Inaugural Meeting of the Mahogany Industry Council. The Council is the apex body established under the Mahogany Industry Development Decree. Its function is to supervise and direct the maintenance and development of the Mahogany Industry in Fiji.

As you are all fully aware, our mahogany resource was grossly mismanaged for many years.What existed could barely be described as an Industry at all. It was fragmented and lacked cohesion.

The process of felling trees was done with no real objective for value adding and the harvesting did not produce long term sustained benefits for our people. As some of you are aware, majority of the mahogany including sawn timber were exported in a very rudimentary form. Also, there was no organized programme for reforestation of mahogany trees.

The whole business conducted through FHCL and those who participated in it was prone to corruption – in the forest, in the sawmill, and in the offices. FHCL, the holder of the Mahogany Leases, was haemorrhaging financially. And both the nation and ordinary Fijians were being deprived of a suitable return and the non-realisation of the full potential of this most precious resource.
There was inefficiency, lack of knowledge, and antiquated and outmoded systems.

And there was a clear lack of responsibility and accountability on the part of the previous Management and the Boards of FHCL

There was a lack of willingness to make a paradigm shift. There was a lack of willingness to adopt modern practices and management in getting the maximum return through value-adding of one’s own resources. While there was much talk of reform, there was little appetite or ability to actually design and implement reform.

It is a significant concern to my Government that over the years, FHCL has accumulated over 20 million dollars of Government-guaranteed debt. Apart from this debt, FHCL has received Government grants of over 25 million dollars since 1998, which will never be paid back. Furthermore, in the previous years there were unsatisfactory efforts to even service this debt.
Put simply, the system was broken. And my Government committed itself to fixing it. To build a modern and sustainable Industry.To introduce order, efficiency, and cohesion where none had existed previously.

We could not continue to allow a few people to continue to profit at the expense of ordinary Fijians.

Anonymous said...

We had to stop the rot. We had to create this Industry to realise the true potential of this valuable resource, to get the maximum returns for the Fijian economy and all Fijians including landowners.
As a result, my Government introduced two Decrees designed to implement international best practices in the management of our mahogany resources and to ensure landowners and all Fijians received greater benefits from this important Industry.

The first is the Mahogany Industry Development Decree 2010. This Decree instills the transparency and efficiency that was previously absent in the Industry.
It has the best interests of all stakeholders at heart – not just a privileged few – and provides a fairer deal for all.

With proper implementation, the Decree will result in landowners receiving a larger share of the proceeds from Mahogany timber sales. This is particularly so, as the Decree sets the framework for the restructure of the Industry including the formation of the Mahogany Industry Council and the redefining of the roles of Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited and the Fiji Mahogany Trust.

The second Decree is the Mahogany Industry (Licensing and Branding) Decree 2011.
This establishes a comprehensive regime for the licensing and branding of Fijian mahogany. The Decree implements a distinct and exclusive Fiji mahogany brand, which will help us achieve premium pricing for our valuable resource. Branding of Fijian mahogany will also prevent unscrupulous overseas buyers from exploiting our Mahogany Industry by mixing and selling Fijian mahogany with illegally harvested mahogany from other parts of the world.

Anonymous said...

To date, the Council has lodged registration of Fiji Pure Mahogany brands in more than 19 countries including China, India, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the European Union, which includes France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland and Netherlands, amongst others. I am pleased to report that registrations of the Fijian mahogany brand have been approved in most of these countries.

The main focus of these reforms is to ensure that there are a restricted number of operators licensed to purchase mahogany with key criteria being value-adding in Fiji and export of Fiji mahogany as a distinct product. Value-adding in the Mahogany Industry will produce many positive results for the stakeholders. It will generate private sector investments, raise the value of our mahogany exports, and generate more employment in the industry.
As you all know, Fiji has the largest mahogany plantations in the world.This is something for our nation to be hugely proud of and is all the more reason for us to get it right – to demand more from this Industry than we have in the past.
My Government changed the course of this Industry to make it more modern and responsive to the needs of ordinary Fijians.The proceeds of this precious resource are beginning to reach the grassroots. Within the next one to two years, the momentum of this reform will gain an even greater pace for the benefit of all.

One of the ways this is being done is to include more women in the Industry as we update equipment and rely less on brute strength for our workforce.There are many new employment opportunities emerging for women. And when women earn wages, more money stays at home.

On this note, I am pleased to note that SMI, the first company to be provided with a licence to purchase mahogany, has a substantial number of women working in the sawmil, operating state-of-the-art machines in making world-class guitar components out of Fijian mahogany – a clear example of value-adding and its benefits to the economy.

I urge all of you to support the Government’s effort to make this Industry more sustainable, more accountable and to finally achieve more equity in the system.
When it comes to reform, the Industry is a work-in-progress. But we are now on the right path. We must all work together – the public and private sectors – to make the most of this rare natural asset and increase its general contribution to the economy.

Komai said...

It is my suggestion that it is imperative people send Oprah E-mail and apprise her about the situation in Fiji

Oprah Winfrey promotes Fiji in her show
Publish date/time: 20/11/2012 [13:01]

Fiji will be in the spotlight this weekend thanks to US millionaire Oprah Winfrey.

USA Today reports that Oprah working with Tourism Fiji for the return of her show "Oprah's Favorite Things: 2012" where she shares products with her audience that she felt were noteworthy or that would make a great gift.

In the show, Oprah gifted 30 military spouses with a trip to Namale Resort & Spa in Fiji including two round trip tickets on Air Pacific.

A group from The Conservatorium of Music in Fiji helped unveil the gift to the unsuspecting group of military spouses.

The music group entered in Fijian cultural attire and entertained the spouses and Oprah with a traditional spear dance.

The show will air on Friday in the US on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Anonymous said...

We hope that FHCL restructure will work for the best. The sawmill association has got a point in Government not bieng transparent enough in awarding licenses.Needs government serious consideration.

The current Mahogany exporters should be interviewed individually by Government to root out middlemen as now played out at the moment. For example, Dayal sawmill work fulltime for Mega Maderas who is just a middlemen in the whole deal, they finance Dayal. Fiji Exporters should sell directly so we can get better income to Fiji.

Komai said...

To send message to Oprah here is the E-mail address:


Everyone should make an afford to bombard her with their message about Fiji and it's present situation.

Anonymous said...

This pure Fiji Mahogany crap same as FijiMe. Maybe only work for Fiji Water. Fiji getting overated!

Please save our country.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Sawmillers Association for Government to promote local Mahogany exporters as all monies come back to Fiji unlike foreign company like SMI not returning all receipts to Fiji so the biggest loser is the poeple of Fiji.It should be investigated by FIRCA!

Anonymous said...

good for you guys. go and lick aiyaz's arse more and more until your tongue starts bleeding - thats when he will shove up your guys arse. no matter what the circumstances never ever support coupsters. democracy doesn't have any alternatives. you may gain short term but will cry for the rest of your lifes

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised by seeing the number of Muslims signing the letter,signs of the Kaiyum not like in his own backyard.

Anonymous said...

The Sawmillers Assciation should prove to Government that they trade alone without assistance like Mega Maderas and Holz that are just mere middelmens in the DR. At the moment most of them are financed by them so marketing and sales not done by sawmillers as claimed.

They used paid large cash deposits for logs to FHCL to disriminate others while dictating their terms to FHCL management. FHCL Management has to go!

Anonymous said...

FHCL should be completely overhauled from underqualified no experience Managers to board members who are actually civil servants.

The new direction by Government should be welcomed and at the same time Sawmillers inteference to FHCL's operation must be investigated as they are also part of the problems.

In the end everyone should work together with no excess baggage moving forward to weed out under/over deals done now at FHCL especially with logs buying.

frank is stupid said...

Frank's speech is total PR. "We've got to stop the rot." PHuck. Give us a break and at least say things that sound like you.

Anonymous said...

Rajend it is quite relevant that you gave us a citation of Obama's speech in Burma now that a lot of Americans are coming to Fiji to work with an unelected oppressive dictatorship with such impunity. the leader of the free world and champion of democracy must mean what he says in his speech and take necessary action to prove it around the world including Fiji. This mahogany company is yet another of a string of Americans doing deals with an illegal regime. Someone should send Obama a mail and tell him to walk the talk and do something about whats happening in Fiji right now.

Anonymous said...

The fear expressed by the Fiji Sawmillers Association is not new. It is something people, including itaukei, have been complaining about for some time. This government has been slowly stripping the country of all of its wealth putting resources and infrastructure in the hands on hangers on. Frank Bainimarama has ruined Fiji.

Ki Bau said...

A senior army officer has been suspended over allegations of abuse of office.

Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga has confirmed the case saying the military force is investigating the allegations.

The army officer is also alleged to have abused the Soldiers Welfare Scheme.

RFMF Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz says the officer is on leave.
They steal,they rape,they molest,they steal each other wife.they murder.sodomy etc,etc thats the Fijian Army..what a shame these bunch of thugs and woman bashers and abusers.

rajend naidu said...

@Anon 4.52PM
I take your point. There is that perenial problem of the mismatch between the talk and the walk. And ,it can be so frustrating for the people struggling on the ground in Fiji, in Burma and elsewhere for the kind of democracy President Obama so eloquently articulated in his speech at Rangoon University. It makes me wonder what the American Embassy in Fiji is meant to be doing? Isn't it meant to be giving a true picture of what is happening in the country to the leadership back home in America?
I can say some more on this but will desist for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Do you notice there is hardly or no Mahogany exporters that are Itaukei?. Even though Government is promising wealth to landowners and still waiting while getting poorer!.

TURUKAWA said...

Does this new saga of another Frank bainimarama that SEMI MEO is supporting still?

Where is Semi Meo?

has your matani meke sa qai dina mai, qoka nomu vakacaucautaki bai tiko?

Na cava tale ena butakoci keda kina i viti o Bainimarama Semi?

your fair election by Bai in 2014that you have been trumpting about on this blog will be another fiasco from this bull crap govt here in fiji. It will never happen to tell you that Semi!!

Will be another new decree or another big fat lie from BAi on why the election will not go ahead next year.

come to fiji bro and lead us not from temptation to maro u...lol

loloma yani kemu peanuts & butter i brisbane.

Anonymous said...

If you havent noticed the numbers employed as claimed by the association is highly exagerated. Its far far less than that both directly and indirectly.

Anonymous said...

wake up fijians .

Anonymous said...

Mr Chris Donlon and esquire, please stop giving your version of the BS to people. So what did you do Mr Chris Donlon to get Touchwood to get the license? Touchwood is not an exporter of Mahogany, only a middleman. So stop phuking around with us Mr Chris Donlon the crook from Australia and disbarred lawyer!

Anonymous said...

sawmillers are the main crooks in forest industry, they have been making huge profit and not the land owners.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the sadest thing about this fantastic resource Fiji has is that you can not walk into any timber outlet in Suva area now and purchase dressed (prepared)mahogany in standard carpentry sizes and profiles.

A few years ago you could !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:18, so what? By the same token, how will we know that Semi Meo won't be posting anonymously? He occasionally does now already.

Bainimarama knows best said...

This government is bringing responsibility and accountability to the mahogany industry, but Nur Bano Ali should not be the accountant. Why is Khaiyum at the center of every extractive industry in Fiji?

Ganesh said...

Responsibility, accountability, transparency, blah, blah, blah. They didn't even invite the Sawmillers Association to the meeting.

With Nur Bano Ali as accountant, you know she's shifting money to Bainikhaiyum's accounts.

Khaiyum is at the center because he is Bainimarama's bag man. He's the one devising all of these schemes for making them both rich, at the people's expense.

Jone said...

Fiji is becoming for the most well-heeled Americans what it has long been to the average Aussie -- a vacation playland. That it's a Potemkin Village run by a despot is beside the point, so long as it doesn't pierce their bubble to interfere with their vacations.

It's pretty hard for the U.S. embassy to become too confrontational with this government when it also needs its help in protecting traveling Americans, not to mention its longstanding strategic and growing business interests.

You'd think Oprah would have learned her lesson with the South Africa girl's school. This is another potential scandal for her, once questions start being put about this in the American media.

SEMI MEO said...

Well..well..who has let the dogs out!..phew….as soon as we the 99.99% Fiji Citizens turns our back!..out from their kennel rushes these nameless and faceless cyber dogs…cowards to the bone..pretend Fiji patriots…NO VALUE…NO PRIDE…NO INTERITY…NO CONSCIENCE…NO NAME…NO GUTS and …..uh…probably no blooming brains…yet the audacity to but up a nameless challenge..pathetic!!

Of course, these 10 or so senior members of the Saw Mill club have cause to fret against what they see as act of barbarism in the highest order by Fiji economy Architect Aiyuz…

..but…but…hold on!...hold on!.

Let’s travel back.. further back memory lane to the ravaged, destroyed, maimed and defaced country side many of these companies would probably be guilty of by indiscriminately inflicted on our once reasource rich and virgin fauna and landscape…yep…our land!! ..in many case, redirecting streams and creeks….cutting through forest with the promise of eternal feeder roads well maintained with crushes metal to open up Village Agriculture, accessibility of education by inland tribes and amenities..etc..etc..”mai vei na sala”….. a friend of mine recently had to pay thousands of dollars to open redo the road “siviyara track” only to find the creek in the map has been relocated by these ruthless logging bullies.
Oh..the present saga?.

...let’s not loose too much sleep over it as certain members of the very sawmill club and probably already negotiating with these new “foreign” entities as subcontractors, man power supplier and local knowledge input!

Hence, properly no employment will be lost as skilled workers in the Industry will relocate to these companies and hopefully FNPF paid this time and not casual workers as some have been conveniently for generations in the Industry!

But, if any one will be found to be greasing their hands as alleged…then..the wrath of God be upon them as Fiji is no doubt a praying nation…so…let’s not unnecessarily blow the saw dust on our face…yet!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Marau na resource owners...kaila mada...Saw Millers Ass have been ripping you off. A few miserable $$ as premium and royalty payment ko ratou sa kana na uro...Aqo ga matintu sa bia bisau mada...

Sa lebu cundru mada Dayal Mama...malua KHAIYUM talega beka cundru malua PM SA CROSS MADA KO KOYA NA PLAN.

tattifala said...

Is Oprah Windfree a political analyst specialising on Fiji?
Everything for some people is just a good show. Fiji would definitely make a good show . But don't anybody expect it to reflect the reality of the situation in Fiji.

Santa Chor-NZ said...

I think and its only right to say that you guys have digested more than enough now its time NUR BUR BANO ALI to gulp from back and front.

Coup 4.5 said...

Let me share with you something I saw that I never thought I would see.
On Al Jazeera News ( SBS 3.30 PM 20/11) a reporter interviewed the Israeli spokesman Mark Regev following Israel's attack on a media centre in Gaza two times in two days. The media centre was housing international and local journalist reporting the Israeli air strikes and the current situation in Gaza . At least one journalist has had his leg amputated as a result of the strike on the media centre.
Now this Israeli State spokesman Mark Regev is such an ultra-smooth character he can justify any Israeli action/wrondoing as the most rational and reasonable thing that was ever done under the sun.
But this time the reporter interviewing him put some very pointed questions to him and did not let him get away with his accustomed and usual suave answers which often have no connection with factual reality.
For the first time I saw Mark Regev look flustered. I liked the no-nonsense journalistic style of the reporter who got this cold - almost mechanical - state spokesman in that rather unflattering human state.
When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natynayahu said on television at the start of the current conflict that Hamas raining rockets into Israeli was intolerable and Israel had a right to defend itself I agreed completely. Even US President Barack has publically made known his agreement on the Israeli stance.
I just wonder if the situation of the people of Gaza - the most densely populated strip of geography on planet earth -is tolerable and whether they have any right to live in human freedom and human dignity?
rajend naidu

Coup 4.5 said...

Truncated Lounge's latest offering:

Darling Grubbers.

I just want to send you a double congratulation. We have won a new award for Fiji and also we are on the verge of pushing that troublesome professor over the edge.

I don’t know if you saw in the news the thing about The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year. Basically they select new words that have had the most influence and the top ones are added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a real word. Well the winner was ‘OMNISHAMBLES’ which is defined as “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterised by a string of blunders and miscalculations”. I am sure that could be a used a lot with the FSC, FNPF, Air Pacific, PSC………..

But we created the runners up word. ‘FijICTION’. This is defined as “a country where all government statements are based on fiction and not facts.” They used our press release as a prime example.

Prisoner Epeli Qaraniqio thanked the prison authorities for amputating his leg. He had suffered with Diabetes for a long time and his leg was in need of removal. He was grateful to the army for brutalizing him so badly that he had to have his leg amputated and it was done for free!

“I want to thank Commodore Bananas for ordering his soldiers to inflict maximum damage on my leg. Without their help I would still have had 2 legs and I would have had to pay for someone to cut one off. This way I got the operation done for free. It was a pity it was the wrong leg, I don’t blame the soldiers they were very rushed when they beat me up because they had to do another 4 beatings that night.”

“Vinaka Vaka Levu” he said with a big smile as he was being carried into court. (In fact it was a grimace as the soldier was pressing on his stump.) “Commodore Bananas will get my vote in the next election. He truly is a Glorious Leader.”

Grubby that was one of ours. It makes me so proud a word has been created as a tribute to our work. When we fly to the UK to accept the award let’s stop off in France and do a bit of a wine tour in Beaujolais. By the way Aiyarse, the True Leader, has said we can fly 1st Class all the way as a reward for a job well done. Perhaps we can get a double cabin with Emirates. You know how I get after a few bottles of Champagne. You may get lucky and join the Mile High club

Now to Marc Edge, we need just one more push to get him fired and deported. Now last week I got him removed as head of department for citing Coup 4.5 as a source on his blog site. He did not take down his other posting about Crazy and so the VC called him in and told him he was not acting in the spirit of the agreement he had reached with me. The stubborn professor refused to take it down without a formal complaint and I have just been too busy getting waxed this week before the exporter of the year award. You know red hair just seems to be sprouting everywhere. It is a shame the awards were not next week because then we could have won the exporting professors award

Anyway it was a master stroke on your part to goad him into replying on your website. I think he will be given his marching orders today. We can count this as a real success. It shows people we can get them sacked even if their work is more than satisfactory. Anyone who stands in our way will be out of a job before they can say “You are a true Goddess Shazzer!”

There is one problem I heard about, from Esther. The professor’s students like and respect him and they may well mount a protest. We need to manage that carefully because many revolutions start in a university and go on to overthrow the dictator.

Please pass on my thanks to the hackers at Qorvis. It was great they could get all the confidential emails from USP we needed. Talking of which my last private email appeared on your website Grubby’s World. I found that bit embarrassing and I hope it never happens again. Was it leaked at your end or mine? Anyway can you get the chaps at Qorvis to look into how that happened?

Got to dash

Hugs and kisses

Komai said...

Shitfalla @11:56

Oprah is not a political analyst specialising on Fiji. She is promoting Fiji, helping to get the word out on Fiji, she would be indirectly helping the economy of the country.

If you are someone with common sense, you will be able to figure out that in order to bring the regime to it's feet, we needs to cripple the economy.

Hope now you got your 1st lesson on politics.

Pani Whalla said...

This regime is well known for saying something upfront and doing the exact opposite behind closed doors. So much for supporting local companies and product which is just basically a waste of money after all those HU...HA....!

George said...

Well done Khaiyum! Against all odds you have secured the deal of the century for aunty Nur and yourself. Mahogany is one of Fiji's most valuable resources and the Americans appreciate that. The saw millers of Fiji would have paid you peanuts.

Anonymous said...

Trying to improve the economy do need prudent decision and understanding the consequences of those decisions. When decisions are made on Ad Hoc basis previous good work are put to waste. We need better decision makers in Fiji right now because our national assests are all going into the same direction and people working for those organisations are not happy with decision made by handful of obsessed people( greedy and corrupt)

Sigi Drigi said...

These gang are right. SMI do not have the Gibson Deal, they just lied so they could get the good grade logs. Then they lied again to Gibson before theygot their lisence that they already have the logs.

I heard and seen that the real guitar company helping small fijian business is Taylor Guitars. KNOX already playing there guitar made from the mahogany ni viti........qita rogo vinaka saraga when i heard Ratu Tomasi Mawi playing at Holiday inn.

The mahogany should go to real market like Taylor guiters and others like them, from our local business. Ke middleman, me midleman ni Taukei ga. Ratou qai rawa ni varo ga na sawmillers. Se vakaivei kemudou na Wekaqu.

Anonymous said...

Gibson CEO told Radio NZ International that Fiji is Too Risky


Anonymous said...

The GIBSON ordeal is all lies!!!!????.....What a real shame. I was so looking forward to that,

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:02 AM

How you can make the statement that the Gibson CEO said that Fiji is 'too' risky from that article has to put into question your reading and understanding skills !

"Posted at 06:46 on 01 May, 2012 UTC"

The head of the US company, Gibson Guitars, says Fiji’s political situation does increase the risk of doing business there but he’s confident the country is returning to democracy.

The company is expanding its operations in Fiji, and is in talks with the regime over a new mahogany processing factory, which could employ more than 2,000 people.

Its CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, says an unelected government creates more risk for any business.

“Change could happen at any time, for all kinds of reasons. So it’s not a good thing. Our own government has restrictions on the Fiji government. But my personal read, having talked to the Prime minister and many of the government officials, is that they are committed to bringing Fiji back into the democratic realm in 2014.”
Henry Juszkiewicz says the company is committed to doing business sustainably and with social responsibility, and is working with the government on that.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between George Speight and Aiaz/Bano/Frank on Mahogani?

Speight appears to be pocketing side kick alone that annoyed Chaudhry.

Where as there is a cartel of equal share of loot or I will tell it all where all are your bank accounts kept!!

Who showed these three stooges the real money?

Chaudhry gave $200,000 to Frank as back pay ....come on ..come on.. keep this ... more to come later..!

O.k. o.k. Mahen you keep the $2MILLION -- who cares about the refugees anyway.

Aiyaz - Noooo.. PM, charge him and then we can ask him to share that also 5 way maybe!!!!

Aiyaz - So let us go for the big ones now... aunty Bur knows what to do..

Afterall every one hates us and supports Speight and mutiny of 2000. Must be this is the way forward that people will embrace us also.....

Anonymous said...

Wananavu nomuni vakamacala Sigi Drigi. The onus is on taukeis to discipline themselves if they want to enter the unforgiving business sector.

Anonymous said...

Qarase, Jale Baba and the SDL lot rorted the itaukei with their BS mahogany deals. What are you guys going on about. If anyone should be shot because of what has happened with Mahogany, Jale Baba should be shot. He was even selling portable sawmills and making a mint. His european wife fled Fiji immediately after the coup followed by Jale. Kai Lakeba sonalevu. He managed to evade not only the clutches of the military by the itaukei whose portable sawmills are now rusting and have gained nothing from the bs deals.

tattifala said...

A Singapore taxi driver who found $900.000 in cash returned the money to the Thai couple who had forgetfully left it in his cab. He said "The money is unimportant. It doesn't belong to me, so how can I use it?"
I am sure all the people who are now building the new fiji in fiji feel the same way. they wouldn't be touching any money that does not belong to them. they are there only for the sake of the country. making all sorts of personal sacrifice to usher in "true democracy".
correct me if I am reading them wrongly.

Anonymous said...

Truncated Lounge, the funniest part was the suggestion of a protest by USP students. The USP students of today are too passive and self-centered to demonstrate.

Semi Bowwow said...

Yet again Semi Meo ducks the challenge put to him by NCB.

Does he stand by his assertion of free and fair elections in 2014 or not?

This is not a trick question.

Anonymous said...

Worry no more,there's more then 3000 jobs opening in the Namosi Mine? Please do not listen to tattifala,cause his storie are full of holes and doesn't smell that good either???
Can't hire him in the mine cause
he'd make thing smelly and un-inhabitable and he'd certainly make Namosi the most stinky distric
in the whole country?

Anonymous said...

You've been called out, Semi Meo. Stop running.

Don't be such a pussy, Meow.

Anonymous said...

This blog used to have respectible comments but now all we have like Semi says are barking dogs hiding behind fences of anonymous identities and corwardice.

Anonymous said...

PM: Pay up taxes
Ropate Valemei
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

THE Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has given a reminder that paying taxes was a civic duty.

Speaking at the launch of the Gold Card yesterday, Commodore Bainimarama said taxes contribute to the common good and the common wealth of the nation.

"We form governments to do the things that we cannot do as individuals or voluntary associations.

"And taxes are the way we get those things done. Without them, we can't secure the nation, fight crime, educate our children, ensure public health or create proper infrastructure for commerce."

"These people take all the advantages that the government provides without paying their fair share," he said.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:18pm

There is no new Fiji...The only Fiji will suffice again...it has just been taking a nap and a rest.

The people who you are saying are building Fiji are just a bunch of crooks through and through...Just look at the high level of nepotisms in goverment dealings. However, the nepotisims are necessary in some instances since government officials and their friends in the private sector (including tourism industry, and other SMES in Fiji)have to cover their backside. However, they have to understand that irrespective of the magnitude of the cover...shit still stinks..and the smell will only get worse.

Those so called saw millers are the croonies of the current regime and they should not be complaining.."what goes around...comes around"

The only segment of society in Fiji who have been drastically ridiculled and unfairly treated are the Kaiviti (Fijians)..who, as we all know; they own the land, the trees, and the minerals...some of which will be discovered in the future..only when the steunch from the sewer disappears.

There is too many middleman/women operators in Fiji in all sectors of the SMES.

In other words, there needs to be another "CLEAN UP CAMPAIGN" as the promised in December 2006 HAS NOT WORKED. LETS FACE THE FACTS GUYS.

Anonymous said...

Newcrest mining corruption scandal.

tattifala said...

what happened to Closing Prayers?
and there is no mention of any tatti-break after tea-break.
there should be a tatti-break during such a rigorous high powered meeting for health and well-being of the participants.
a tatti-break should have been fitted in just after the illegal pm's address because it was a stomach churner!

David Thompson, New England. said...

@ ANON 12:58

You're right! Reading skills are in question.

On the other hand, the article proves that Gibson's not doing Shit until a Democratically elected government is in place.

And we all know thats not doing to happen because Frank is wanted for the murder of CRW Soldiers, while ASK is trying to ascertain a way out for the two of them, and leave the rest of their cronies to answer to the native Fijians.

Elections, maybe! Fair, I beg to differ!!...So its going to end up being a dictated election process, as its already unfolding and everyone knows....EVERYONE!!!

ANON whatever may not have understood the RNZI interview, but Gibson are way too smart to know NOT to get involved with Frank, ASK, SMI and the like.

The article has certainly brought some light. Your regime supporters can say what you like. I believe the people of your country Fiji, are beginning to know better now. From your tone, it sounds like your fighting a loosing battle!!

Good luck for the future to the rest of you native Fijians!!

Gary Schlossman: Seattle WA said...

I personally don't agree with what John's (Wagner) doing down there.

Just know that not all North American lumber companies are the same, and that there are genuine (a small percentage) LLC's that actually do fair business and help developing countries develop sustainable resources.

Its a shame

tu le kai namosi said...

Gibson ceo thank you trying to help fiji, but you dont know the pm like we in fiji do. dont do it bro because you will only get dissapointed, and then big problem for you again both in america last year and now in fiji. wait for the real prime minister to come after election and for these gang to bne trown in jail, then come to fiji. we want to help all good business but not the corrupt one so please wait for the real government. we just dont trust and know when this going to happen. already the mine started and i worry about my children and what going to happen with the mine.


Anonymous said...

The Idiot NIL Sarma says nurses are a privilaged group.What nonsense.This Idiot minister should be beaten with brooms and sandals in Albert Park in front of nurses and doctors.--the fat arse ,fat belly incultured,uncouth,boorish ,nincompooooop !!

Anonymous said...

I mention few weeks back that fishing industry will be next target for Baini and I'm right. You will notice that stories have started to come out that are negative about the industry. Guys time to do something before we have nothing left.

Anonymous said...

CWM hospital received large donation from SMI. How much has FSA ever donated. Please publish for all to see.

tattifala said...

yes you wouldn't get the USP students of today to protest about anything - they have no balls.
the same goes for the VC . a no balls fala.
the institution once had a proud protest culture.
it stood up for justice, freedom, human rights and democracy. it protested against political persecutions and military coups wherever it happened.
Now it has happened in its own backyard and the USP is noted for KEEPING ITS HEAD DOWN AND ITS MOUTH SHUT!! Shame!!

Justice for Fiji said...

There is a pattern to what Frank and Khaiyum are doing. First they are claiming industry is rotten and taking over to supposedly reform it. They then pick the best for themselves, then their mates. They also open the door to foreign investors, usually American, to show their government is attracting overseas business. It is corruption already practiced by other juntas and illegal governments and all too obvious.

Anonymous said...

I noted Qarase and Baba's name on a comment earlier. If you have proof of what you claiming then accuse them but dont run them names down unneccesarily, they have no part whatsover on this Mahogany even though J Baba had a run in the Industry in the early stages.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the one critising Qarase and Baba must a usual disgruntled landowner. The reality is Landowners are given stumpage and rent and they drink it all. THe reality is that all players nowadays a Indian and very vocal about it. THe reality is that no landowners or Itaukei are in the business of Mahogany. Stop criticising poeple and do something to better the landowners or shut up!

Anonymous said...


Namosi USA said...

hahaha, now SMI is trying to save themselves as they cant supply Gibson guitars. SSome of their staff are saying that it all goes to the states but no proof its going to Gibson. Theres suspicion of transfer pricing etc to keep the ball rolling and appease Baini-Arze. This is one way to keep the ball rolling, donate money and more money to Namosi, and CWM etc. You cant buy long term love with money SMI. Certainly not with the Fijians as your millions, yes, 'Millions' wont be enough, and you wont last...hahahaha.....My weka's will squeeze you dry and still say NO to you. When we say no, we actually mean Yes now and No later...lol!!!....But all the same give us your money...lol!!

E jiko vei keimami talega na liumuri (traitor), just ask the politicians, current and past alike.

Ex Fiji Sun said...

DAYAL shouldn't talk!!!! as he was responsible for getting Steven Clark and the FHCL board sacked in May-April 2011 when he jumped onboard SMI's bandwagon to complain about log deliveries, which 1.) SMI had already got their logs delivered at the time. 2.) Dayal was being contracted by Mega Maderas, so it didn't even concern them.

He got Fucked good and proper by the AG thinking that Muslim brothers stand together.....well HA...HA...HA

What goes around comes around Dayal. Get a taste of your own meds!!

Marama Dina said...

As long as the'ye Fijian Women middleman operators, thats a big YES from me!!! Its better than the grog drinking useless men that Fiji is known to have. Someone's gotta feed the children, you sexist chauvinist Pig!!

Go the Women of Fiji...I say!!!

Dubai Fiji Nurse said...

ANON 9:16 hahahahaha...Totally agree with you. I'm cheering for and thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

The Fijian their favourite pastimes is back stabbing each other,no wonder they are all pretty fucked up!

There is no way we can progress as a race if we keep on doing this! Please god help these Fijians to work together so they can prosper like the Indians!

John - ITTO Japan said...

This is really interesting. We hear that Fiji has secured some high end markets in the US.

If this is true then Fiji does not have to Brand its mahogany for these markets as Fiji mahogany is exempt (allowed) by C.I.T.E.S.

Furthermore, the quality of your mahogany must of the highest standard, or at least acceptable by your market.

Fiji only requires branding to done for the middleman buyers as they will distribute further up the commodity chain, and these timbers from middleman companies will require some form of certification like FSC, as most end consumers will want to know where it originated from.

If you know who your market is and are in a relationship with them, then there's now need for branding as they will produce the end goods. It will only cost a huge amount of money, and Fiji as a developing country does not want that. Fiji needs to keep its profits for further forest investment.

Its one thing for consumers to know where the timbers come from. But for the development of your industry, you also need to know where its going. This is very important for forest and industry development, and should be a first priority, NOT Branding.

Good luck to your industry!!

John stollz

Send Me Mail said...

Re Anonymous 4:09’s comments, here we read for the thousandth time on this blogsite an anonymous blogger insulting another blogger for posting anonymously! Truly moronic.

As for Semi Meo, let him speak for himself. But.. but.. oh, wait a moment, Anonymous 4:09 probably IS Semi Meo speaking for himself. It sure has the hallmarks of another anonymous Meo posting, in that it is semi-literate and self-promoting.

Why doesn't Semi Meo just stop running from himself? He's always making challenges, and he's always saying we should just wait and join the '99.9 percent of Fijians' he claims are looking forward to free and fair elections coming in 2014. So why doesn't Meo just accept NCB's challenge testing his claim, instead of always trying to dodge the issue? It can only mean that Meo doesn't really believe his own rhetoric about the elections.

That's right, what it boils down to is this: Semi Meo doesn't believe Semi Meo. And we shouldn't, either.

Anonymous said...

Question is: Has any of these local
millers paid their BACK-RENTS to
the Fijian land owners? If not than
Bai is doing the right thing by moving this business elsewhere to
people with track records of paying
their fair-rent and top price for
the products to land owners? You go Bai bring in the trusted Business partnership! Give the ITaukei their due to make big bucks???

Anonymous said...

Vinaka John Stollz @ 11.01am

You hit the nail on the head bro...what we need to do now is make sure the end of the nail is up the other end of some so called advisors that are so hell bent on "branding" be awakened and stop their BS

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination, or hasn't Semi Meo been awfully quiet these past two weeks, ever since NCB called him out?

And good riddance, too.

SEMI MEO said...

Psst!...psst!...bothy of Nov 24,2012 and his sodomy mate of November 22, 2012 6:28 PM...lol...lol...my father never ever taught me to hide,probaly not like you respective dad's (that is if you know him) taught you... to hide...hold on!...let me check my yester years calender...I could probaly your dad...waht was your mum's name again??

Goodness..olei maria...read my post in my REAL name in this topic on November 20, 2012 9:42 PM..

...pls, let me know your mum's name..ball in your court...oh, and NCB has indeed found his dad!!

Turaganivalu said...

hahahaha at Tau Semi Meo o kemuni joka maitau. Turaga dau rai balavu io dau kainaka la o ira na buda,,dau vakarorogo vei ira na matua kaila ni bula mai Brissy.

Turaganivalu, Kentucky, USA

Nameless Cyber Bully said...

Yeah, Semi Meo, I found my dad. He was getting lice treatment after sleeping with your mother.

Now, about my challenge... when will you stop running?

SEMI MEO said...

Fiji’s redemption is near...we the 99.99% Fiji Citizens shall over come...

However, we have no control over the few nameless and faceless cyber thugs who sneak in and out of this highly esteemed column...poo, spew and leave..but we really pity not them, but their respective partners and lovely children who come running up for a hug and kiss..if...if they only knew that they are hugging a coward whose same lips they kiss curses…

....only if these cyber cowards relatives knew that the detrimental effect of their partner, mom and dad’s profane languages and curses in this column will surely one day..even as early as today hit them...purely, because their cowardly partner, dad or mum have wilfully rendered the whole family vulnerable to the very curse and profanity they spew…oh , my God!!...even if the rest of us wills…no way could we reverse the curse…for only these cyber cowards have the key!

..where were we…oh…yes…we the brave 99.99% Fiji Citizen..let’s keep focusing on the 2014 election!...oh by the way…the only purest of elections was done by Jesus himself with he elected his 12 Cabinet members…all else through the generation are in some way or the other tainted..

Who’s looking for a fair election?…any one??...then euthanize and gone yonder for your dream election!.

..no…no…God forbid…kid still need a mum or dad..or may be us the 99.99% could do a better job being a hubby or parent with out the profanity, curses and cowardice…

Anonymous said...

great news!!! Dayal has finally got a licence to take mahonany timber so he is happy. Only problem he will now pay so little to the supplies (local) that they will not be able to make any profit but he will export at huge prices