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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sick son prompts Driti reconciliation with Bainimarama

Pita Driti: sick son and hard times
Is Pita Driti back in the Fiji army receiving full pay?
Has he been reinstated to full rank?
Is he doing special operations and data - gathering information on the illegal attorney general and FNPF?

Sources say Fiji's former land force commander, who was charged with sedition and inciting mutiny alongside the runaway 3FIR commander, Roko Ului Mara, is back in with the illegal prime minister Frank Bainimarama and is doing special work for the regime.

MARY BAINIMARAMA:  Stepped in to help Driti's son.
They say he even presented a paper on FNPF to Bainimarama two weeks ago.

Coupfourpointfive has established there is some truth to the revelations Driti is back in the fold.

It appears a reconciliation of sorts was sparked by his son's illness and the boy's transfer to New Zealand for treatment. According to what we've heard, Driti's wife, Amelia, made the initial contact with Bainimarama's wife, Mary.

Bainimarama then stepped in along with the Ministry of Health as did Driti's friends in New Zealand.

Driti, who has been in hard times, has apparently said he never went to see Bainimarama, his wife did, and that one day he will go and thank him but that's where it ends at the moment: no more and no less: "I will stick to my principles. Only Amelia and Mary talking."

It is unclear where the charges of sedition and inciting mutiny that were laid against Driti are at. Coupfourpointfive understands the last time he appeared in court in August, regime prosecutors did not make full disclosure and the case stalled again.

It's understood Mara is still in Tonga, involved in land development projects there.


  1. Good on you Driti. Plot while being with the Military. RUM should do the same.

  2. Lotu dina says...

    As we are only Human beings....

    Frank needs to humble himself too...

    get rid of Aiyaz/Nazhaat/Gates
    and Muslim advisors....(non christians)

    Seek Truth Reconciliation from all including Taukei institutions & individuals.....

    And lets move forward.....as a nation.

    we can achieve a lot together and lets bury the evil and gealous spirit of satan...

  3. bai...stp th crap of listening to those Taliban group of Khaiyum, Bhano, Shameem, etc....they are just using you to vest there interest....thats all....

    stop being a fool.....!!!!!.....humble yourself down....pride will not take you anywhere..it will just ruin you....

    Tovolea mo sa rai vaka nai taukei....kua na masipolo tiko vei ira na yavu musulomani.....sega nodrai tovo qori......try being a TRUE FIJIAN...

  4. Driti only joined the regime because his son is sick and he needs money.
    He would not have if the contributors to this blog who are anti regime to raise their hands and help Driti with finance.
    But no- it will nor happen because they are all big mouth and only good at making anti Baini comments.
    Lets see who helps Driti!

    How about an initial donation of 10000 from the blog owner?

  5. The dog will always return to its vomit ....

  6. How about a fund raising for Diti so he does not go back to the Regime for favour for finance for his sick son?
    The blog owner should start the process with a donation of $10000.
    Come on blog owner you can do it!

  7. Try being a decent human being. All the huffing and puffing and strutting as a military general does not make you anything other then what you are : a mere mortal just like other human beings.
    fancy military uniform and guns and the exercise of arbitrary power over the citizens does not exempt you from the human condition. No military man should forget that no matter how powerful.

  8. Yes Bai, you should sell all your properties and give to the poor.In this way then we can see that you are truly humble.

  9. What's wrong with the PM feeling sorry for Driti?

    This is the Christian way and the Fijian way.

    The PM is a real man who forgives and we should praise him for that.

  10. Driti says he will stick by his principles?

    What principles are those?

  11. Bainimarama knows bestNovember 18, 2012 at 11:43 PM

    The Commander has generously allowed this lost sheep back into our fold. Now he should use him against that wolf in sheep's clothing, the AG. It is the AG's pride and power that need to be taken in.

  12. driti go in like a dove and coup the despot for good like the wolev you are

  13. driti go in like a dove and coup the despot for good like the wolev you are


  15. REALLY!!! Bai really need your 2 penny advised!!!If Bai was a Big Chief he'd probably be ok in your book, but since he's just a mere
    motals what the hell does he know,right! Get it through your frieken head, Bai is a self-made individual. He does his own things
    the way he feels, they should be done? He's track records should paint the picture of his life,howcome a failed student in
    high school,became the chief of the
    Fijian Navy? Howcome the Chief on the Navy become the Head of the Fiji Military? Howcome you all continue to wonder how did he pull
    the frieken coup on Qarase elected Government? And finally how the hell he's able to managed the Government of Fiji for the past 6
    We'll, yeah! i'm wondering the same thing???
    For sure he's no dumb ass, he's one smart cookie and at least give him that!!!

  16. Now Driti that you're been rehired,
    it's time to keep your mouth shut,
    and respect you boss!
    Next time you may not be as lucky
    and cut the cord with Ului,he's a
    traitor,crook and fraud!
    Try you hand on upgrading your level
    of education abroad? Look forward to a new democratic Fiji?

  17. Iwonder what post Driti will be given,after his 'prodigal son style'return to the military,all top posts are filled,his return will only add to the already filled womanisers and adulterers ofthe RFMF top brass.

  18. driti is the man of words and principle .he is fighting to save fijian culture.fijian chiefly system,land and for all fiji people from demise of khaiyum and frank..

  19. As much as I like the story - something does not add up - how can Driti be receiving full pay from the military etc - we will only be convinced if and when the charges are withdrawn - so as much as I would like to believe the story - I dont think it is true that he is back on military payroll?

  20. @Anonymous 3.24 AM
    It is a well known fact that every dumb arse dictator has his gang of henchmen and sychophants.
    You are one of Bainimarama's.
    You want to know " And how the hell he's able to manage the Government of Fiji for the past 6 years?"
    With his guns and hired guns.
    You strike me as being one of the hired ones.
    And another thing : your school-dropout hero and ruling dictator of Fiji has not managed but mismanaged the country
    It is understandable that YOU refuse to see that because You are benefiting under the dictatorship.
    Now to borrow an expression from you : get that in your frieken head you dumb ass! Your hero is not a smart cookie. he is a thug in military uniform! No amount of bulshit from the likes of you can alter that fact.

  21. The last I saw of Pita was at the Suva market selling Kava, infact we sat there and shared a basin of that muddy water.

    He claims, he is never more happy, asked what he thought of Bainimarama, he was rather reserved but did say he enjoyed his time in the armed forces.

    When asked about Te-Mara, he was open about what he thought of the coward, in fijian he said, e dua na tamata sona-levu.


  22. Yes, praise Baini n family... just look @ the Bainimarama tournament that these organisations a struggling to fundraise for , just for a trophy from him... and also it has been posponed from Dec 1st to Dec 15th so he can be available... Levu ga na masi polo from the PS Finance... kua so mada na masia tiko, same as the CEO for FNPF...

  23. Anonymous 3:24 AM, let's not give Bainimarama too much credit. He didn't get to be the head of the Navy and then the military and then the government so much through skill and intellect as by undeserved promotion, vacillating opposition, ruthlessness and deceit.

  24. @ 3:24 AM, if Bainimarama is a cookie,
    then I'm guessing he's a coconut macaroon.

  25. The PM is a real man who forgives?

    Wait, isn't this the guy who had his thugs murder the CRW soldiers in 2000, including one who wasn't even involved in the mutiny?

    Isn't he the one who harassed Ratu Saki and Imrana Jalal out of Fiji, supposedly over a late municipal permit, even though we all know that's not the real issue?

    Isn't this the same guy who has Mac Patel and Laisenia Qarase imprisoned on trumped up charges?

    Isn't this the same macafaca who pressed his boot on a woman's head and had a pregnant woman beaten?

    Yes, the same guy who had his goons torture opponents and firebomb the homes and offices of oppositionists?

    The very same guy who's been running away from elections, domestic political dialogues, and even meetings with foreign ambassadors and ministers?

    I don't see much manliness or forgiveness from this guy.

    So, it seems to me that Bainimarama isn't a real man or a big man. In fact, he's not much of a man at all, in my book.

    He's just a punk, really, who keeps himself surrounded by goons with guns because he hates to wear nappies.

    Anonymous 11:24, you stick around all the same, for when they need changing.

  26. Anonymous 9:20, you be the first to put your money where your mouth is.

    I think a better use of the money would be to buy a drone from Israel and pull an Ahmed Jaabari on Bainimarama's ass.

  27. @ Anonymous 3.24AM
    With all the skill and intellect and bravery and all that I wonder why your hero bainimarama failed to a UN job when he made a go for it?
    I wonder also to what extend that failure motivated him to mount a coup and become the top political cum military dog in the country?

  28. Whooo! there silver? It certainly takes a lot of skills & intellect
    to get a bunch of deciplined Military Generals, Colonels and top officers, to do your bidding?
    Bai has done them all,he is where
    he's at, due to his SKILL and INTELLECT? You can all scream your
    lungs out, but the facts is, he's
    your Prime Minister,Minister of
    finance;Minister of Fijian Affairs;
    and soon to be the Chairman of the
    new GCC!!! Sure go ahead and curse
    the man & call him names,but until
    someone smarter than him comes along and oust him, he remain your
    LEGAL Prime Minister till then?
    au revoir...

    This is what you called THE POWER OF REAR.....Very powerful indeed for the two MRS to change the heart of MR SEMI MEOs REAR Amiral Voreqe.But who can work out what power Kaiyum is using on Voreqe to make the REAR Admiral obeying dog like command from Kaiyum.....who knows about these Military maybe they are using their rear as well for polishing Voreqe.These idiots the military are very good in polishing their guns ....who knows may be the power of polishing is going on....... promotion like the new Minister for Agriculture..my ass

  30. Pita Driti dont need our money...the Bainimaras are well off that anyone in this blog......Driti will work for free and all expences paid by the first lady Mrs Bainimarama......thats peanut to them...sa yali mai o koya na dau vakana maqe mai Brisbane my Tau Semi meo.

  31. @Anonymous12.13PM
    Frank Bainimarama is the Prime Minister, Minister of finance. minister of Fijian affairs, and soon to be Chairman of new GCC .
    What else? Dictators make themselves holders of many titles.
    Remember Idi Amin Dada?
    What happened to him and all his titles eventually?
    You would really love eveyone to believe he is the LEGAL Prime Minister of Fiji, wouldn't you?
    Well he isn't. He is a ursurper who is ILLEGALLY holding Office in Fiji. Try and get your head around that.


  32. Award for 'unique' man

    Wednesday, November 07, 2012

    A 52-YEAR-OLD Fijian citizen living in New Zealand has been awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman 2012 medal by the government of India and the Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Welfare Society of India.

    Santa Maharaj, a director of a company in New Zealand, received his award from Honourable Baroness Sandip Verma, Minister of Energy and Climate Change in the UK at the House of Lords in London.

    The award, which he shares with volunteer Anit Singh, was in recognition of their contribution and dedication to worthy causes.

    A statement said in 2000, the two men formed refugee camp at Lautoka Girmit Centre following the failed coup of George Speight in May 2000.

    "They rescued a small farming Indian community of Muaniweni who were subjected to gross human rights abuse and simultaneously taking place while the coup was unfolding," the statement said.

    "After reports came out on NZTV3, one week after the attempted coup, of families with babies and elderly sleeping in jungles under the tarpaulin in the rain, Mr Maharaj and Mr Singh came to Fiji to investigate and offer community help until law and order was restored," the statement added.

    "What makes Mr Maharaj a unique individual is that he has not been rewarded with any monetary gain or allowance for any of these self imposed voluntarily work he has always found himself engaged in but rather spent his productive hours towards thinking of helping others in need and undeterred to his own financial consequences."

  33. Good on You Driti for being bold and straight forward, an example to all who critise from abroad. Come home you strayed sheep and join to build a better Fiji as this is the only option. Otherwise you will be like another Delai Lama- roving whinger who has no balls to face the chinese leaders!!! Bai is understanding and together we move forward!!!!

  34. @Kai Baulevu..November 19,2012 12:46...

    You sound like a once honourable “I Taukei”, once a good parents now with probably paedophile and sodomite tendencies. We’re not surprised you’ve stoop to probably looking at every body’s behind. Now you’ve regressed further to venture in to the public domain to openly ply your hidden trade intently..

    Please…let’s be like the 99.99% of Fiji Citizens, fixing our eyes on things above…hope for the future of sanity and democratic elections…
    Go back to school!!...but to educate you numb empty skull….Military/Naval Ranks are bestowed parallel to amongst other consideration; like numbers in the Force. Regular Forces reservists etc…like elevation of SRL to rank of Major General..then, based on domestic, battalion abroad etc…hence my deduction of Rear Admiral.

    I would think there are 3 serving and 2 reservist Brigadier equivalent to Naval rank Commodore in the Fiji Defence Forces… you work out the rest of the equation!...but may be your present “kai nomu “ Military Commander Commodore Bainimarama falls short of only one…one number to be eligible for Rear Admiral/General…..mmmmm…YOU!!...sotia luva bera na sapota…ceno na tereni……

    ..and I have NO son in the Fiji Military..though have very close relatives faithfully serving RFMF to protect nameless coward like you!!

    Goodness!!....keep your heart , head and blinking eyes up!!...

  35. @ mere
    mere take a bow
    you are a thinking person writing
    your writing brings out the truth.
    no amount of bulshitting by the military spin doctors can hide the truth - so long as we have good men and women like you to keep the truth alive.

  36. NO REASON WHATSOEVER FOR C4.5 Blog Owner to start a fund raiser for Pita Driti's sick son with a $10000 kick off donation.

  37. Oso my Tau take it easy and dont accused me of all that crap.My Tau if you are fed up of feeding the monkeys at the Zoo than do the honourable thing ....FO..opps sorry Im a once good parent shouldnt say that.....paedohile and sodomite,,,Waia In not part of the Fiji military...that their trade mark my Tau,,,see the ANC leader ex military??Pita Driti...plenty wives.Kaukitoga...underage girls and you my Tau when you was still here in Fiji ...Remember that day when we were drinking ???remember that girl that you nearly raped...ke ra tou bera mai nai lala ya keo sa tini tu i vale ni veivesu qo ....mai levu tiko na vosa.Au sa tukuna oti au na tukuni iko eke..ulukau...opps sorry my Tau
    ..Again Who wants to know about the Navy and military rank.....and who cares of whos who in the military my Tau....all I know of the Fiji military that they rape the democracy off Fiji,they molest new intake and also heve you heard the story of "SODOMITES IN THE CAMP" by Maikeli Radua?...I dont want to know and I dont care whos who up in that insane boot camp.Kauta mada nomu i talanoa i vale ni vo....Why you want to deny about your son or who ever was that in the military...siosio...you mentioned that the Chief who signed the deed of cesion did not represents the whole of Fiji but the Tui Macuata signed the deed and whom you talking about?...which Chief you come under as you claimed that you come under the Namukas clan.....you havent answered my question you smart ass>>>>>
    Warai au lasu se vo na vinati kedra na maqe?
    Sa ra sava oti kece na public toilet mai Brisbane? qarauna de o sake nomu cakacaka nomu mai tiko eke?


    I am Ratu Semi Kuboutawa Maisala Meo and my paternal link to “Namuka na Qaqa” and “Vunimasei Vunivalu Tawake’ and maternal link to Tui Maba, Qamea and also Kamlesh Kumar’s Grandmother…unfortunately the “slip” of Ratu Sir Sukuna’s pen in 1948 or thereabout slotted us in a Saqani village..”Nautosolo” I am still a decendtans and son of Namuka na Qaqa and my name is still “ Kuboutawa Maisala
    I have never ever purported or outrightly supported the treasonous acts since 1987 (which some thugs nationalist and a few Methodists like you supported) …never did I!!...I am on recorded to vigorously and openly, under my own name and never cowardly; abhor and refute to smithereens Rabukas, Speight and now Bainimarama actions…all acts of treason..all legally wrong all biblically deviant! ..but I also support Rear Admiral due to the fact that he recruited my son in the military few years back.
    What is the solution?...sa bau wadrega …for the Rear Admiral and Aiyuz to shift…sa bau wadrega, unless of course devine will and intervention…or anyone in the blog have another better “realistic, workable, achievable, sane, credible and Fijian solution”???
    The Rotary International in 1990 selected yours truly as one of the “Most outstanding young business/professional ” 4 indians and me from Fiji awarded for an overseas tour of Industries of our choice was humbled to be the only “i Taukei”..,selling peanuts around the Suva bus stand and market Media Marketing, International trade etc

  39. @ Kai Baulevu...

    Kua ni levu tiko nomu vosa tamata sona levu rere lamulamu. O a tu mai vei ena gauna era ravuti kina o ira mai Baulevu kei Muaniweni. Oppss...iko qai vakaciriciri sobu ena dua na bitu. Iko dua na kai Baulevu sonalevu. E via rauti iko toka ya.

  40. Bainimarama isn't a smart cookie. More like a flaky biscuit or crumbcake.

  41. Wonder who really is running the country...given the fixated stare as per photo of Mary...

    Walsh Croz had an interview recently with Baini and did not believe Frank is being misled by Khaiyum but rather Frank is making his own decisions.

    Makes you wonder who than is leading the country. I for one will put my money on Fiji's First Lady Mary Bainimarama...Is that right...PM's wife being a first lady....Ahhh empathy over a Land Force Commander Driti's sick son..A mothers touch to another...Very nicely played Mary but alas the already diminishing tax payers money being misused for one person's son who issued the command for the brutal beatings of many innocent Fijians. What about the many other children of Fiji who cannot afford medical treatment overseas...Ohhh their fathers were never Land Force Commanders or were in cohort with Frank. Hmmmm Mary Bainimarama nee Kean....yep...I would bet my last $10,000.00 and not donate to Driti's sons medical expenses that she is the new SHEEBA of Fiji. It all makes sense now doesnt it. A person like Frank who really is a mere common Fijian unused to such levels of political protocol behaving like the Idi Amin Dada of the Pacific has to have had some influence and SHEEBA (Mary) fits the bill.

    I'm sure Mary will accept the new title of SHEEBA given the good ole SHEEBA (RIP) is from BAU like Frank...se va'aivei ai Baulevu...lol...now now now before you get all fumy and start abusing and using your tartiful comments...think about it...Queen of Fiji..our very own Mary Bainimarama....SHEEBA...

    From today, we shall refer to Mary as her Fiji's First Lady SHEEBA.

  42. @ anon 932 a.m.
    "Sins of the Father" springs to mind!
    The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.

  43. Editor,
    If " the Ireland XV scored eight tries at Thomson Park to thrash a lacklustre Flying Fijians 53-0 on Sunday morning " and " the Flying Fijians have lost all the three games they have played so far on the Europe tour" (Fiji Sun 18/11) can someone please tell me how we can continue to call the Fiji rugby team the "Flying Fijians"?
    Fiji does not have that status currently, does it?
    Just as it does not currently have the status of a democratic country.
    We must learn to put the right descriptions on things."
    yours sincerely,
    Rajend Naidu

  44. More like the Flopping Fijians.

  45. Mary is not Fiji's First Lady. She is the spouse of a traitor who belongs in prison, together with her brother. She's no more claim to the title than Lady Gaga.

  46. Semi Meo, no one gives a rat's ass about your pedigree. You're still a no-count know-nothing.

    By the way, still ducking the challenge from NCB?

  47. All praise to Driti for hanging in there while the chiefly Ulu ran away. He can never come home and was useless to the pro-democracy movement in the end. But I guess everyone makes the cboice that suits them. Driti now back in with the rogues not because he wants to be but hecause he's got to repay debt for son's treatment.

  48. Driti stayed in Fiji because he doesn't know how to swim.

    The best way out of this conundrum for him is to thank Bainimarama for promoting him to RFMF Commander and before the asshole can speak, put a bullet between Bainimarama's eyes.

    Nobody would challenge him at that point. In fact, he'd suddenly be everybody's hero now, wouldn't he.

  49. To anon sona levu......waia iko dua na sotia ulukau...sa kilai levu tiko na nomuni vosavosa baleta na vosavosa ca sa kemuni trade mark tu baleta na lala ni qavopkavoka...s levu o Tamamu...boi levu o iko.Taura ga na nomui lavo ni veisaumi ko saumi iko tiko kina o Voreqe lai taqari taka.

  50. Notice in the photograph how Mary looked shocked? Well that's because one of those ladies told her that this is the room where Bainimagana and Sharon shared sometime last year.

  51. @ Kai Baulevu...veitalia ke keimami tamata ulukau...me kua ga ni keimami tamata sonalevu vakai iko. Drotaki ira na wekamu na gauna ni leqa. O mai vosa tiko bau raici iko mada e liu. Tamata lamulamu. Sogota vaka totolo na gusumu.

  52. To sonalevu anon...Sona levu o au sona lailai o iko......ke sega gona na Kitione ke ni biuta na dakai ni coup...ka ca gona ni sa mai sogota na o Kitione na nomu sala ni cassava ena dakai me vakalailai taka na levu ni rere....Sa bau dua na gauna o raici iko na iloilo? ona raica e duan na maqe...keimami lamulamu io o iko o kalamu.... tamata ulukau...sona lailai qai kena i kuri na dakai hahahaha

  53. V for Vendetta, sounds like a good plan to me. How about it, Mr. Driti?

  54. Can this blog site block kaibaulevu from commenting

  55. To Anon and Kai Bau...Drau yavu sona levu ruarua...drau vei tauri kau mada drau qai vei vutu. Koya e wini qai wasea na sotia nona dakai da mena prrrut prruut taki kemudrau...ha ha ha drau vei cai.

  56. @ Kai Baulevu...bau vinaka toka ya ni sogo toka vakalailai. Koya e toka qori e sega ni sogo rawa veitalia na levu ni qanibulu ena sosomaki kina. Tamata rerere lamusona. Kua ni mai levu tiko na gusumu. Kai Baulevu sonalevu. Kua ni leqa taka na maqe qo. Leqa taka ga na kawa ni maqe ekeri...hahahaha.

  57. @ Anunimosi of November 21, 2012 7:24 PM
    Vacava mo vakalailai taka mada koya e toka qori vei kemuni. Ke sega me keirau qai sogota vata kei Kai Baulevu. Cebo mara.

  58. Isa Driti! You obviously have no BALLS and gumption to face up to what life throws at you, you SADIST!
    I still remember how, after your fall out with the the PIG you personally came to us and sought forgiveness. I still remember that we told you to go back to your Maker and ask for forgiveness as we had already forgiven you for all the tortures and killings under your supervision. Have you forgotten all that?
    Do you have any conscience, do you have any moral courage, do you have any BALLS, do you have any belief in your Maker???????? Obviously NOT!!

  59. OH, Mary, did you have to go to the notorious room in the spa that Ratabaca and Frank and Sharon went to?
    You were advised NOT to go there. Not surprised of your reaction after checking it out.
    Maybe you wanted to check it to see if it was also good enough for your nocturnal activities after Frank has knocked out!!

    Never seen it when I was in the Army.
    And Frank in Camo? Never seen it either!!
    Well, I guess it is only in Fiji where everything and all things are possible!! Well I never!!

  61. Spot on Coupfourpointfive!!
    A few intelligence soldiers who were sent from Suva to hunt down the escapees were so drunk, in a Western watering hole, that they were overheard saying how the Pig is such a nice man that he has forgiven Driti and has him lined up for a Government posting!!
    Va cava that??

  62. @Anonymous 22/11 10.30PM
    it's all part of the PARADIGM SHIFT Frankie and his co-crankies are making in the Army and in the country!!

  63. Sa lesu na kuli ki na nona lua. Driti I thought that you have changed. Sa sega tale ni dua na cakacaka o rawa ni o cakava. Well I quess you were part of the illegal regime and will always be part of it unless you are able to eliminate Frank. Leqa ga ni ni sotia no guts kecega, can only bully the unarmed civilian. Remember a coward dies many times before he finally die. Which do you choose?

  64. Looks like Mary returning to the scene of her earlier crime with Ross Ligairi.

  65. Lesu tale na Koli kina nona luwa?
    The sucker can or doesn't learn
    from his first mistake?


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