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Friday, November 9, 2012

The picture the Fiji regime doesn't want the world to see

Here it is: the first photograph of the Naboro prisoner who had his leg amputated after taking a beating from RFMF and police when he was recaptured.

Epeli Qaraniqio appeared in court on Wednesday afternoon and has been further remanded in custody.

The pro-regime newspaper, the Fiji Sun, ran the above photo of Qaraniqio on its front page yesterday but did not post the picture or the accompanying court story on its website.

No other Fiji media has covered the story or run the picture.

Fiji police and some citizens have insisted the brutal beatings meted out to Qaraniqio and the other four escapees were justified because they're criminals.

Police have also tried to cover up the abuse of Qaraniqio by claiming his leg was amputated because he has diabetes.

They have said an investigation is underway into the prisoner's escape and their recapture, which we await with interest.


Anonymous said...

Investigation?? Yeah right

Anonymous said...

I hope the Bati Ni Tanoa brings this issue up in their programme discussion as itaueki's have the most number in the prison instead of talking about the service's seven and singing about Diwali in the Hindi dialect. They looked good in their clown costume last night its a shame they all they ever do is talk nonsense and laugh at idiotic things. I guess this is one of the side of these regime bunch of idiots. I feel sorry at the way we are heading. But I feel this is what is going to happen itaukei laughing beside the grog basin while other races and this thieving government laugh all the way to the bank.God Bless Fiji!

Senivalati Lamu Sona said...

Requesting the author of this blog to send this picture to Mr Obama. Please do every effort to ensure Mr Obama personally reads this article.
god save fiji.

Turagabeci said...

Incredible Government, associated with habitual blatant lies no body bilieves, commiting criminal inhuman attacks on defenceless citizens and basically corrupt.

Perpetrators of crimes, including this illegal Govt, as day follows night and as history has clearly demonstrated will sooner or later answere for their actions and and be punished for wrongs committed.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the inmate's leg was intentionally broken to stop him from escaping again. This is another case of brutal force used by FMF. The world should wake up to this and do something about the illegal regime in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

its not as bad as Syria and Mid East. Obama has better things to worry about. In USA these guys would have been shot dead by the Armed Squad

Julab Khan said...

What a shame on Muslims!!!! I am really ashamed to call myself suchaa musalla.
Scrap metal Chor Musalman

A scrap metal company’s shipment was seized by the authorities in Lautoka on Wednesday.The company stole metal from FSC,PWD,Fisheries Yard,Telecom,FEA and few other Govt and Corporate Bodies. The company director was heavily involved in bribing senior officers. Company boss known as Iqbal Janif has been taken in for questioning and possibly be charged in due course.

tattifala said...

Just another brutal and tragic confirmation that our beloved country FIJI IS UNDER THUG RULE.

Kamlesh Kumar. said...

It is very sad that a young man has his leg amputated. His future life is ruined now. Even thou he was an escapee but still he is a human being and doesnot deserve this. This is beyond humanity. We used to hear these things happening in Africa but it is sad to see this happening now in Fiji. This military government has to go but how? I dont think there will be an election in 2014 as the PM has lashed at Professor Ghai lately.

Sam Meow said...

now when he is out of prison, he can steal but not run. Bring on the hate mail. Just telling it like it is.

Anonymous said...

He should have stayed in the village and farm the mataqali land and sell his produce. He would have been a respectable member of his village,have money in the bank and none of this would have happened

SEMI MEO said...

@ Featherless and nameless Goose of November 9, 2012 3:09PM…look, I know you’re addicted to my honourable name the Namuka elder’s bestowed on me 56 years ago yesterday!

We again repeat in this highly esteemed column; identify these thugs in the Police and Military who brutalised Qaraniqio with unreasonable force!...and ask USA to indefinitely detain them at Guantanamo Bay “ Hotel”..they are terrorist and do not deserve to continue to be part of rebuilding the proud legacy of the Fiji Police ,Fiji Military Forces and Fiji Prison Services!

…just that Guantanamo bay may be safer than Naboro …uh…given the “welcoming party” that may have be incited and incensed by this brutal act against one of Fiji own son!

…uh…oh, the change of “Fiji Flag” to the handsome photo blog ID?…simple; some cyber goose thinks I am not transparent enough…now…it is their turn!

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry kid Rajen now printing stuff on Naz Sahmeem. What a dodo. The other sells coke with Lawrence tiakram yet speak bad of Lawrence. How said of him.

tattifala said...

"Fiji Police have insisted the brutal beatings meted out to Qaraniqio and the other four escapees were justified because they are criminals".
What more does one need by way of confirmation that Fiji is not under the rule of law as it is recognised in modern democratic societies. It is under thug rule. The thugs in uniform and incognito .

Anonymous said...

Well, then Semi Meo, Qaraniqio should uave been made RFMF commander. That way he would be free to steal all he wants, and he wouldn't need to go anywhere.

Anonymous said...

These people who dont like prisoners being beaten up should take them home and keep they deserve every bit whast good they have done in there life to the country just wasted tax payers money and hurt other ahrd working people.

Anonymous said...


tattifala said...

Colin Deoki of Australia informs us that "Fiji is in good hands" Fiji Times 9/ 11).
It must be as this article proves.

Anonymous said...

In modern day society, those that usurp authority and commit criminal offense are normally dealt with the law as in any other human society. To those that are still calling for a "an eye for an eye" are still living in stone age. They do not deserve modern day life which is based on human understanding, respect of human rights and love for life.

These guys are human beings and indigenous people of this country.

How dare people condemn these luve i Viti. Who knows, one of their relatives may have fought in Solomons, Malay or in Europe defending human freedom.

It is not always right to condemn a fellow human being unless if you come from another planet.

Condemnation is in fact NOT part of Fijian traditional culture.

Now that we are all Fijians the First people of this nation are now being forced to be part of an alien culture which was never part of the Pacific Culture.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

This is another sorry chapter of the illegal regime where the use of brutal force has been its main weapon in dealing with any sign of hostility from its people.

Anonymous said...

shame to you sacha mussalah. your just a chamar hiding under that allias .your name should instead be sacha CHAMAR.!! kulina go teve mada first!! hahaha boci

Mukesh said...

Although the escapees did wrong thing, but brutally punishing them warrants dismissal of people involved in punishing. Although there is no sight of justice, I suggest the families to lodge complaint to all embassies in Fiji, and register case in International Court of Justice. Hopefully, there may be courageous lawyer in Fiji who willingly take the case on behalf of victim. This way Bainimarama’s illegal regime will be exposed and justice will come to Fijian. What has happened is God sent blessing to overpower the coward Bainimarama

Julab Khan said...

Bobby Khan (another muslim) goes back to Fiji- Former owner of Nippon Autos in Papatoetoe Auckland returns to Fiji after 22 years.

A former Fiji resident who has come back home after 22 years is planning to invest more in the country.

Bobby Khan who migrated to New Zealand in 1989 said that he plans to invest around seven to ten million dollars to build a hotel, a private hospital and a retirement village in Nadi in the next two years.

Khan already has three businesses, a supermarket and a construction firm in the western division as well as a website company and employs more than 60 workers.

He is also planning to build a tourism home in Nadi and sell it.

He said work on the hotel has already started.

He said as far as the private hospital is concerned, he has spoken to some surgeons in New Zealand and is making arrangements to get them for his hospital.

Khan said that more people will get jobs once construction work finishes.


Anonymous said...

Prisioners are human beings and like the CRW solders they all have human rights.

The despot must stand trial for murder of CRW and inhumane assulat and attempted murder of these prisioners.

The 800000 people of fiji must citizen arrest the sulu high cassava patch hero for naboro-his final destiny.

The General said...

From the Maximum Correctional Facility, Naboro...

Maybe the prisoner shouldn't have escaped in the first place and he would still have both his legs today. Just a thought....Sa dri yani...

Anonymous said...

GOD is watching everything that happened to this prisoner. Dou qai saumi taro ga vua including you people(this blog)supporting the beatings...yavu manumanu

SEMI MEO said...

@Kai ya na qala? Of November 9, 2012 3:41 PM

Your idea of morality, logic, common sense, legal and ethical reasoning and common “baigani!” is unfortunately warped…and probably you’re conscience seared too…goodness!..are you sure you’re not posting from Kazakhstan?...stay far away from our affairs in Fiji, please!!

Oh..I think uncle Deoki is just affirming the obvious!!... that "Fiji is in the hands" of God!!..chill our redemption is near!!

Namuka Pig said...

yeah, do the crime, do the time and for added bonus, lose a leg. Yeehaa. Its Islamic law for all.

I now sleep better in Liverpool said...

@anon4:28.."condemnation is not part of Fijian life". What about stealing, robbery with cowardly violence (6 grown men with cane knives attacking a sleeping family), church ministers that rape, etc. So we must not condemn them becos they are indigenous fellas? get real. The reality for most "other" races in Fiji is that we cannot sleep peacefully in our beds, constantly on edge when we hear a little noise in the middle of the night, getting worried sick when we have go out for the evening, putting burglar grills on every single window. No wonder anyone who has a chance to migrate does it very quickly and hopes their relatives can do the same.
Don't make me laugh.
Do the crime, do the time regardless of race, creed or village.

Anonymous said...

The prisoner deserves it. Such people are a menace to society . What only one lef - one hand should also taken.
Well done.
These guys are a result of previous govts who did nothing about huge drug problems in Fiji. Even the Methodist church kept quite.
Now time time to reap the results.

Anonymous said...

Qaraniqio lost his leg because of the soldiers but Rokoua's leg will be intact but it will be smell and rotten inside his body.....Common boys give Rokoua some medicine of his own....Tamani rere qo o ira na sotia ni sa tukuni tiko me ra moku ni ra lako i valagi...ke tu i keri dua na wekai Qaraniqio,Avisai,Rabaka,Nimilote se saumi rawa vei Rokoua i keri kemuni..sega tle ni dua na vanua vinaka me caka kina vei ira..ni moku laki ira mai keri....keimami sa vakanuinui tu na wekamuni e Viti ni na dua na ka e caka vua na luveni dau laba qori o Rokoua

Anonymous said...

Justice shall all come to us one day either in this life or the next...and remember you treat people the way you want to be treated..free men or criminals with rights comes responsabilities & values..you could be next

Anonymous said...

People with common sense and with brains will always look at things that are current not dreaming and assuming like the General.

We talk sense when we are talking about real issues and real issues are things that happen.

To you general your mind is too narrow and it is being condition to your own limitation.

Na sign ga ni no school and then tries to indirectly defend brutality.

You children will always learn from this kind of behavior and they will do this to you one day.

Lutu na niu lutu ki vuna.

Anonymous said...

I have said before if one does not or cannot get justice in their own land then one can ask a reputable country for justice - say where the country involved in an atrocity has assets which could be seized to satisfy a judgment in the territory of that other country.
People have previously used the High Court in London or the Courts in the USA to achieve their rights.
You should ahould approach Amnesty Internatonal - forthwith ask for advice.
Your citizens will never get justice in Fiji. REMEDY ask foreign courts to seize the Fiji illegal governments or the peoples assets - in London to satisfy any proper judgment.

tattifala said...

" None so blind as those who will not see" (Mathew Henry 1662-1714)
That's probably why Colin Deoki hasn't seen it.

Vutuki Meo said...

Where did Mary Bainimarama steal her $1.4 million dollars from to buy that house?

She stole much more than Qaraniqio.
May be police should go to her house and cut off both legs.

And while they there, they should cut off husbands legs and the children's legs. They stole millions of dollars from the government.
They still stealing.

Anonymous said...

Fiji TImes:
PM warns profiteers

Felix Chaudhary
Friday, November 09, 2012

"PRIME Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama reiterated his government's commitment to fostering business in the country but he warned against those seeking to get ahead by bending the rules....."

Dikhead cant even see that he is the biggest rule-bender.
Dikhead doesnt know that people laughing behind his back, because he's so stupid.
Dikhead come 2014, no one gonna vote for you.

Anonymous said...

This prisoner is lucky to be alive-Karma is the pay back , prisoners are brutal when it comes to home invasion, rape and murder.
The previous Govts had turned a blind eye to the problem and after the coup of 1987 escalated to phenomanial heights. This is a warning to all who are planing to commit crime or escape custody-lethal force will be applied!!!

Radiolucas said...

Yes. That fit-looking man looks like another average victim of diabetes.

What a pile of shit. The biggest thieves in the nation are eating they way to the election, while petty criminals are incapacitated and killed.

Fiji, the way the world will never be.

Anonymous said...

Come 2014?

It isn't coming. ASK is writing a new decree by which Fiji will skip 2014.

Under Bainimarama's dictatorship, Fiji will go directly, not to 2015, but right back to 1873.

A question said...

If it's the picture the regime doesn't want the world to see, how come it's on the front page of the Fiji Sun? Or am I missing something?i

Anonymous said...

A criminal gets his foot amputated and you people cried foul. What about this guys victims, not a word from you people. When you are a victim of assault or robbery then you will understand what Im taking about. These people show no mercy when they commit violent crimes.
They dont give a damn whether you live or die as long as they get what they want.

Anonymous said...

Senivalati Lamu Sona @ 1:24 PM

I have a very simple question for you. Do you think Obama has time for this? He has much bigger fish to fry. We all may wnat to think that Fiji is very big and important country. It is just a fragment of our imagination. Wake up friend, we are no one.

Listen Up Humans said...

Anonymous 12:37, don't even think of trying to escape Fiji either, or we will apply lethal force to you, too.

Anonymous said...

What a lie Qaraniwio doesnt have diabetes, they say he have diabetes just to justified lie.

Anonymous said...


1873 there was hope going forward.

in 2013 we will be without hope

Fiji will be under a Godless democracy.

Coup 4.5 said...

I liked it when I heard the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard say at the Democracy Summit in Bali which she is co.chairing that she has no intention of meeting the Iranian President Ammadejina (SBS news 8/11).
She and the Australian Government should do the same to other undemocratic leaders everywhere who oppress their own people and at times even pose a threat to others in the world.
That should sent a clear message to such leaders that they are NOT WANTED .
Rajend Naidu

tattifala said...

cowards with guns talking about applying lethal force on an unarmed civilian population.
can anyone in his or her right mind trust this lot to take the country to "true democracy"
That's just a pile of tatti they are piling on the people of fiji.
And fooling international observers in the process.
One would expect the latter to be a bit more discerning but shit happens everywhere...

Coup 4.5 said...

Areki Dawai of Nadi wants to know " Why can't Fiji show the world of the capability to govern its sovereignity and its inhabitants" in its own unique "one of a kind " way without copying the "kai palagi" way" (Fiji Times 9/11)
Well, in case Dawai has been hibernating, I should like to remind him that Fiji has already shown the world what it is capable of - 4 coups in 3 decades .
That's not a particularly proud record of sovereign rule, is it?
It certainly isn't of good governance.
For Dawai copying the kai palagi way of governance is not good so he recommends doing it our own way.
But I take it he is still okay with the kai palagi game of rugby and lotu.
What about the Fijian military which like the Great Council of Chiefs is a colonial kai palagi creation?
Should we stop using the kai palagi toilet paper and go back to our own unique way ?
There is nothing wrong with the kai palagi system of governance we inherited from the kai palagi.
The problem is our inability to respect and abide by the rules governing that system of governance. I wonder why?
We have no problem in following the universal laws governing rugby as USP lecturer Subash Appana has pointed out on more then one occassion.
I wonder why?
Why the one and not the other?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

When I was serving in Sinai in 1985 our company sergeant major ( CSM) used to warn us about disobeying standing orders during our O Group session evening. He always used this phrase "KE O NA BASUKA NA BAI ENA KATI IKO NA GATA".

Bound for Jericho said...

Using force against unarmed civilians -- the RFMF has crossed a major red line.

The world is watching... and does not condone.

The Heckler said...

Bainimarama can't get an erection anymore because of Type Ii diabetes.

Time again for the military doctors to amputate?

Simi said...

Thanks to the brutality and clownish antics of Bainimarama and Khaitum, Fiji has lost its GSP preference in the United States. You see, Obama is going soon to Burma. His policies in Fiji and elsewhere will need to square with his message in Rangoon. Kiss goodbye to thousands of Fijian jobs and the already precarious health of the Fijian economy.

And this time the regime can't claim the recession is due to a global economic downturn. The fault lies squarely with the monkey and the organ grinder.

Anonymous said...

They should chop both his legs off and half his neck off. Prisoners need to know their place....you commit a crime, serve your fucking time and then get freed...... simple!!!! Good thinking RFMF and Fiji Police. This is Fiji, Fijian Attitude needs Fijian brutal force because we are Fijians. Lets not talk bullshit and start getting weaker opinions from overseas people /nations who hide their crimes of brutality under the carpet.......!

Anonymous said...

Chop his head off.....don't care about the international toothless hyprocritical community......Eff them.......thanks RFMF and Fiji Police for nipping unwanted buds from the community......Vinaka vakalevu......Au nuitaka ni sa ra vulica tiko dua na lesoni na luveni kawaca ra vateratera tiko i loma ni valeniveivesu.....ya wili kina na sonalevu o Qarase.....ra drivadriva!

Anonymous said...


That was exactly my point.

The men in uniform are trained to deal with external enemies because the level of education and intelligence they have especially those joining from the buck private etc.

The GATA represents the Devil
or enemy of Humanity.

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

GSP preference say Good Bye and it is
about time.

O ke da nai taukei me da sa lesu ga kina kooro me da laki teitei veitalia ke sa warai na cakacaka.

Anonymous said...

GSP preference say Good Bye and it is
about time.

O ke da nai taukei me da sa lesu ga kina kooro me da laki teitei veitalia ke sa warai na cakacaka.

Jagat Faggot Reddy said...

Fiji in good hands.
yeah right
Like sarka kuta nandan hands!

Tatti Mohammed said...

There is massive support for the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (rfmf).
This was evident after members of the 3rd Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR), during a 120-kilometre exercise, crossed three provinces before returning to the RFMF barracks in Nabua.
At least 200 3FIR soldiers took part in this exercise and marched through the jungles and farmlands of Naitasiri, Tailevu and Ra provinces.
Speaking to Fiji Sun during the launch of the Ratu Sukuna Bowl competition at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks yesterday the Commanding Officer of the 3FIR, Lieutenant-Colonel Jone Kalouniwai, said he was overwhelmed by the support shown by the villages they crossed.
“I was even more amazed on how they communicated with other villages telling them of our exercise and the route we were taking,” Lieutenant-Colonel Kalouniwai said.
“The first village we crossed was Naqali where we were stopped by the village headman and refreshments were offered to us. We were greeted by all the villagers and the headman asked us to stop over for the night.”
However, he told the village headman that they were on an exercise and had to spend the night in the forest.
At Vatukarasa, Lieutenant-Colonel Kalouniwai said the village headman offered them the village community hall as shelter simply because they wanted to host them for the night.
“I gave the same excuse so we had to spend the night on the hill looking down at the village.”
Another night, Lieutenant-Colonel Kalouniwai said they camped near one village and they were paid a visit by the villagers that same night.
Lieutenant-Colonel Kalouniwai said the 200 3FIR men were amazed with the support they received throughout their journey.
When they reached Viti Levu Bay for their pick-up, the 200 men had to swim two kilometres with their 35 kilogram kit to board the naval boat that was to shuttle them back to Suva.
For the 120km exercise, Lieutenant-Colonel Kalouniwai said usually they would cover about 20 – 25km per day.
But on this latest exercise, he laid the challenge for his men to cover 30km per day, and they did it with ease.
He said all 200 men passed the test and were ready to defend the nation.
When the commanding officer was questioned about security in the camp during the exercise, Lieutenant-Colonel Kalouniwai said it was safe.
Arrangements had been put in place to handle any emergency.
And although the 3FIR soldiers were involved in the exercise they were also on alert, just in case there was a need.

the beast said...

Many people writing here are soldiers and taking sides for the govt,
Ni vakalialiai cei tiko.
Ni vakateratera tiko ni sega na dakai vei keimami.
Keimami wili vaka gone lalai na lewei Viti ena nomuni veimoku tiko.
Ke tiko na dakai, sega ni macala o kemuni , o ni na cici kece ga ena baba qori mai nabua se o ni moku yadudua ga nomuni veivale.

ni vaka fancy tiko, sega nomuni gauna ni valu vakataki ira na tukada, live warfare.

ni bau tu ni raica na vanua sa veisoliyaki kina na noda vanua ena dinau...idia..jaina..europe..middle east...
ni yadra tiko se sega.
au kila ni sega baleta e levu vei kemuni e sega ni vuli vinaka me kidava na vanua eda sa mua tu kina qo.

ni yavu sotia cici levu qai ulukau.
na dinau sa caka tu qo ena sausaumi ka yacovi ira na makubuda vakavica., ni bau kila tu oya se sega.

na wavu e tukenu tu me caka e suva, sa sega ni eawa ni sega na paisa.

ena yaco mai na gauna me cudru na kai Viti o ni na qai moku ena nomuni dui veivale.
waraka namaka.

Anonymous said...

Obama does not have any interest to this brutality/amputation. Obama gave the orders for the Seal Team to kill Osama who is a human being. To top it off Obama was watching the whole operation from Washington. You cry about human rights..thats the worst act against human rights. Qaraniqio has escaped from prison on many ocassion together with his accomplices. He had it coming his way...he did not heed the request from Bainimarama who asked him to turn himself to the nearest police station. I recall Andrew Hughes making a similar call to escaped prisoners during his term. Get real people...yes it was gross human rights violation but Qaraniqio chose to take it the hard way.

Former Soldier said...

As a former soldier I always amazed with the strength of political leadership in the middle eastern countries. Coming from a very small country like Fiji where almost all leaders were installed through coup and these leaders were military leaders.

It was a one dimensional dream because now I finally realized that Fiji has a different history and political context with extended family and tribal connections and relationships.

The dream begins when we found out that our leaders were NOT very strong leaders especially the the Alliance Government can not implement its policy in totality because there is always a need to compromise.

In military thinking, it is about defeating the enemy and take control of the situation.It was supposed to be given back to the civilian leadership but because of the dreams and experience in the Middle East we HAVE to take the leadership role of this country.

When Colonel SLR took over in 1987 it actually change the political landscape of this country for ever. He was smart and intelligent as we all know with very good leadership skills but again it boils down to his agenda or course which is an isolated course if we look at the general scheme of things.

The trend will continue and the coup will never stop and if the constitution is not done properly, this will be a perfect legal justification for another coup which will be a BLOODY one (which we all do not like especially the Business community because our people will be there in the street loitering and burning ans salvage anything edible.

The theory is that a son will always kill his Father in order to create another new movement or idea.
Who will kill the snake head?
This is million dollar question-CIA, Mos sad, etc or one of his own which is very high possibility at this time especially the fear among the endogenous people about losing their land, resources, institutions etc

Someone will again rise up as history will remind us and it will be always worse then the current one.

tattifala said...

@ Tatti Mohammed
Fijian villagers are like the Roman mob in Julius Caesar. They receive whoever comes before them with overwhelming enthusiasm. so nothing special in the manner in which the marching Fijian soldiers were received in the villages they passed through. Don't let your imagination go wild over it. Smell some tatti and get real! It is a sure way to keep in touch with reality.

NadroKid said...

Qaraniqio did the crime and is doing the time.

Bainimarama is doing the crime and is yet to do his time.

Sa rauta mada na veivalolomataki.

Anonymous said...

Condemnation is not part of Fijians traditional culture.

I agree.

Fijians will always demonstrate love and care for people.

It has been proved that when you deny the rights of any indigenous group to their culturally and customary land or resource they will do other things.

Other races are move advanced into modern day life but not us to certain degree.

We have been used in the past to defend freedom and fight communists etc and then sent back to our villages.

We need our space in this modern world and you guys need to understand why the majority prisoners are Fijians.

Yet we are being condemned by other races and even by our own leaders like BAI.

You may have tried many programs and yellow ribbons etc IT WILL NOT WORK GUYS.

I suggest you address the root cause, give us our land, resources etc.
Stupid Chiefs like Tui Namosi and others -who are sucking up to Bai's demand were nothing ga from the beginning NOT like his late Father.

You guys are using this political situation to condemn the Fijian people and our chiefs.

We will never forget this and any opportunities arise in future prepare to swim.

Anonymous said...

We the soldiers of the rfmf and the reservist brigade, our families and our families families, the people from the village, the poor ,the rich will stand by mr. bainimarama till the very end. He is a man of great vision. The only hypocrites on this page are the people whos families are either in jail due to corruption charges or are on the verge of loosing there jobs because they are stealing.!! You fucken hypocrites go fuck yourselves coz the RFMF isnt going anywhere!! We have a fair and plain playground for each and everyone in this country its not just about YOU anymore! Sleep on that you hypocrites!!

Anonymous said...

@ 4:12 pm na exercise ni waci ra cakava tiko ni vicai,ni lako yani na buca ni valu me yaga na exercise,sa rauta mada na via va teratera tiko,bullying harmless people.rusa kece

We, the 99 percent.. said...

LOL!! @ Nov 10, 7.56p.m.

You sound a tad worried... so what gives, goonie or direct-beneficiary-in-kind? Is it the mortgaged properties, flashy cars, loot and kanaloto lifestyle to boot? So pathetic you lot at the level you've all stooped to - common looters and criminals.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:56, please DO stand by Mr. Bainimarama till the very end.

The very end will be sooner than you know.

Hang with him and all other traitors.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
We the soldiers of the rfmf and the reservist brigade.

Fuck you, you over qualified security guard.
Money talks!!!as long as the Monkey (Voreqe) keeps bankrupting the country to pay you idiots to keep you inline then all is good yeah.
Think of the big picture,turn the public against you in years to come thre may not even be an army because it simply cant be afforded and is disliked.
Anyway real Fijain soldiers serve in foriegn militarys anyway and see real combat.

Anonymous said...

No school asshole @7.56. First and foremost, you're one dumb muthafucka!! I'm sure your parents are regretting bringing you to this world, what a pathetic piece of shit you are.

Anonymous said...

The IG AG is clearly in control of the judicial system of our country,
he is slowly introducing his muslim
law into our democratic one. He's using all the common sense laws;if
you escape from Jail,cut of one foot, if you do it again,cut the other one off?
If you tokalulu when girls are having a bath,pluck out the right eye,do it again and you won't be looking at anything at all? If you touch a girl in the
ass-cut off the right hand,do it again and you ain't gonna be touching anything again?
right people, we're been manipulated into accepting muslim
justice by the one and only AG Kyaium.What is the solution?
Kaibau, shut the frieken front door!!!

V for Vendetta said...

Anon 7:56, you're a pussy in an army of sodomisers. Serve in the British or U.S. Army to see what real soldiers are like. Fiji's army is struggling just to meet its light infantry escort role, which is why UNAMI is sending your lot home, bloody pooftahs.

Your 'man of great vision' is leading the country in circles, stumbling from one farce to another. He's a national disgrace, and so are you.

Not one of you is doing his duty to Fiji. You owe your allegiance to your country and its lawfully elected government. Yet not one of you does his duty. Not one.

I sleep just fine. You, on the other hand, had better keep an eye open lest you awaken with a noose around your neck, as you deserve. Our 'playground' will be the gallows at Albert Park. Then you'll get your wish to stand beside Mr. Bainimarama to the very end.

Anonymous said...

Killing Usama bin Laden was 'the worst act against human rights'?

I've heard and read a lot of stupid statements in my life, but this has got to be near the top.

Jone said...

Surely Coup 4.5 does not condone these statements by readers praising the violence visited on the unarmed prisoner Qaraniqio, does it? I mean, people (and I use the term loosely) actually saying that the army should have chopped off both of his feet! Oilei!

Graham Davis, here's your chance to run one of your usual columns indignantly decrying C4.5’s willingness to serve as a platform for those who advocate violence -- not just advocate violence but perpetrate it as well. So looking forward to reading your words of vehement condemnation!

Anonymous said...

ASK is plotting on introducing sharia law in Fiji over the next 3 months.

Anonymous said...

The Military is doing just fine. There is no need to condemn the army. Your parents, grandparents, cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts, nephews, nieces and all of us here on this blog supported the first coup of 1987. There is no need to be a hypocrete. Lets wait until 2014.

Anonymous said...

Fiji - Where happiness leaves you!

New slogan by ASK for anyone trying to do better then him.

Anonymous said...

If this amputation was due to diabetes then it should have been little higher near the knees. Unusual to be mid calf like this picture shows. Looks like hack job to me! Any doctor out there that can confirm my theory?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but V for Vendetta is right. The RFMF is an embarrassment. It's the main thing weighing down Fiji right now. It's a rogue military run amok. It needs to be disbanded and its leadership flogged and/or hanged for treason.

JAS said...

He was injured....Medical personnel didn't treat him right....gangrene set in...at least this didn't happen in the States...the cops would would have shot him for his actions....he would wouldn't have just lost his leg, he would have been dead...

tattifala said...

"The Military is doing just fine..." Of course it would be as the direct benefactors of the illegal take over of the country.
If not the Military then who would be "doing fine" in post coup Fiji?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha!! the funny thing to me about RFMF is they are all MASI POLOS coz they will do whatever qauri(bainimarama)says..they think of their families too to feed. even though they know in their hearts that they are doing wrong they still will masia Bai's polo anytime to survive...dou lako yani i na koro mo dou lai teitei yavu macawa sonalevu

Seafish said...

Anonymous said.. November 10, 2012 5:38 PM &
Anonymous said November 11, 2012 8:51 AM

Obama was watching the killing of Osama Bin Laden ,yeah right you ,human rights , you know why?

because bin laden is terrorist. he attack the USS COLE warship in Yemen in 1998 and the US embassy in Kenya in 1998 . he master mind the killing at the win tower on 9/11. other plots like the Bali bombing by jamaislamiya in Indonesia 02 &03 a also linked to him , the bus bombing in downtown London is also his work in July 05 . He also killed women & children , to enforce is Taliban rule in Afghanistan . he Mr president was watching because , he try to bring justice to what president Clinton in 98 and president bush 01 , could not get bin laden and bring him to justice that is OPERATION NEPTUNE SPEAR , JEROME[OSAMA BIN LADEN] -KIA.

Anonymous said...

JAS, you lying asshole! 'He was injured' you say. Gee, how do you think THAT might have happened?

And if this happened in the States, those who hurt him while unarmed in their custody would have been put on administrative leave, investigated, indicted, arrested, charged, allowed to plea, given a fair trial, convicted, and then sent to prison for many years. The victim would have received appropriate medical care, victim's compensation, and could have sued the pants off the perpetrators in a civil action.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's good-for-nothing military is looting its own country. I used to respect the FMF so much, but not any more. Not at all. I now loathe the sight of them.

I fear the Fiji Police are going the same way.

Anonymous said...

Not all officers are with Bai.

See things are slowly changing and soldiers are beginning to see the big picture...how it will affect their children, grandchildren, culture, future security becayse we all know not all our children will find good jobs and the land will be a very much contested issue in future.

WE all know that Kaihum always want to take the land away form us.

Iam sorry it wont happen.

Coup 4.5 said...

We read in the Fiji Times (9/11) "PM warns profiteers".That's a warning the PM should give to himself and the fellow beneficiaries of his military coup.
I am sure as a broad minded person the PM does not mind me pointing this out.
As a democrat he is open to criticism I am
Rajend Naidu

JAS said...

@ Anonymous November 11, 2012 6:03 PM

Yes he did get a hiding from the police or military ...But do you realise their anger?? While you sit in the comfort of your own world...the police and military personnel were working overtime and not getting paid for it...Can you do that???....work overtime in rough terrain, the heat , with bare necessities..they don't have smoko's or tea breaks that you have...you want to do the crime...make sure you ready to serve the time and take the consequences...

The Oracle said...

For the record.. Qaraniqio's leg was drilled with an electric drill, shattering his bones and when nothing could be done at the Military Hospital he was then transferred to CWM by which time there was no alternative but amputation. Some people in uniform are sick in the head.

Anonymous said...

@ SEAFISH...so what are you trying to say....what really is your point???. Obama is the President of USA you SALALA head. He gave the orders to kill Osama and watched with glee from the comfort of his whitehouse with his whitehouse death plotters. Do you think that is right??...they recruited a Muslim brother in the US NAvy just to give Osama his final funeral rites before being tossed into the open sea. So what if he was a terrorist...just like you are calling it out to bring all coup perpetrators to justice (legally) do you think it should have been done to Osama??..Qaraniqio is lucky to be alive...and he should be counting his lucky stars.

Anonymous said...

All of you idiots saying Qaraniqio had it coming because he committed crimes should remember that YOU are committing crimes -- the crimes of incitement and sometimes even of treason -- which are very serious, by inciting the soldiers to greater unlawful violence and in some cases treason.

Your logic then applies to YOU.

YOUR OWN limbs are forfeit.

Anonymous said...

If police and military personnel are working without pay, it is Bainimarama's fault, not Qaraniqio.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:55, Seafish's statement stands on its own and is completely comprehensible. Yours, on the pther hand...

We all were happy to learn UBL was gone. I only wish they could have replayed his killing for us on the television show 'America's Funniest Videos'.

On the other hand, I just don't see how you can condone the terrorism done by UBL and now by the RFMF.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oracle, Fiji's military HAD to use an electric drill on Qaraniqio's leg. That was the only way to take his mind off of the agony from the cigarette burns, don't you know.

The Oracle said...

@Anon 12.16 - JAS (above) might like to try some of that medicine? Either way - prisoners should be punished - not tortured.Only traitors should be tortured.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon November 12, 2012 11:15 AM

UBL was only the face of Al Qaeda. Just like George Speight during 2000. The US Intel could not cover up there dirty ass after 9/11 so they decided to put the blame of the US trained cum Alqeada leader. You should read the book by the Seals member who was part of the operation if you have the chance. The order was KILL AT FIRST SIGHT..no negotiation or arrest. An arrest would have been more justifiable. They killed and their excuse was....resisting arrest.

Anonymous said...

These prisoners are no different from Bainimaram, Khaiyum, Nailatikau. I fact these prisoners crime are only petty compared to TREASON which is punishable by death. So all of you trying to exonerate the police the army and their leaders, think again. The current govt leaders are F--k-n ILLEGAL ILLEGAL ILLEGAL. Put it in your thick F__K_N SKULLS.

Anonymous said...

i believe the law enforces are doing their part right with the millitary for the safety and security of it's citizen,one should remember that these people choose to be prisoners,no one forced them to become prisoners,when they became prisoners they want to escape,they don't just escape,they terrorise the innocent citizens who were enjoying there family time having pizza armed with crowbars,cane knives stones,bottles,these are deadly weopons,harass those who work hard to earn for a living,doing day light robbery,entered a bank threat the lives of those who want to do saving for their future and robed the bank,who knows the future??only God.money comes money goes,than go for another hit,and again and again..who know what will happen next??no one..they might kidnap and raped a sister or a mother or a child!!one wrong footstep leads to another..first the the prison authorities started the search then the police then the millitary request them to pliz surrender themselves up.but no,they want to be rambo.who knows what actually happened there,all we is that they were not shot,I heard the story of a policeman who was there that they want to attack the brave young soldiers .sad to say they want act like animal and treated like one.we choose our own destiny.good job to our soldiers and police officers...

Anonymous said...

Fijian Criminals are not Dangerous
type of Criminals such as you find in US and or Western,
Eastern societies? Fijian criminals are
due to minor
local laws infringements,
such as stealing,rape,assault,causing bodly harm,tokalulu,
monkey business,or what have you.
No Fijian
or Vasu, has ever been jailed for willfully
murdering someone? This Catergory of
high crimes, normally belongs to Fiji Indians alone.So to khaiyum
i say this, bring in the sharia's law and lets enforced this laws
against those committing higher
criminal offences????

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:45, since when is rape a minor infringement? Or maybe you like getting a rifle shoved up your ass.

And what about treason? That's a high crime.

The biggest Fijian criminals are still on the loose, including Joe Bananas, Public Enemy Number One.

Anonymous said...

UBL wasn't only the face of Al Qaeda. He was the founder, organiser, bankroller, and leader of Al Qaeda.

You don't know much about Al Qaeda, but now you pose as an expert on the US intel community. So, tell us, what exactly was it that US intel needed to cover up with regard to 9/11? Tell us the Big Secret.

Of course the SEALs were told to shoot UBL on sight. The world could not afford it if he escaped or was allowed to use the Western justice system to incite his followers to more attacks against innocents. As an unlawful combatant, he was subject to summary execution. It was his choice to put himself outside the rules of war.

You need to visit Ground Zero in New York City before you say anything more. Look into the faces of the hundreds of firemen and first responders who perished trying to save others from the towers. Save your pity for them, not the likes of a mass murderer like UBL.

Anonymous said...

Anon@8:55am...Listen up buddy, rape
in Aitutaki is traditionally permissible and also in other south
seas island nations.
As a south pacific islander i still regard it as
such-minor-sorry to all the girls in paradise ally!!!
As for treason that's been dealt with by your hero Bai,
who with his muslim compatriots-
Khaiyum -are both doing their best to
ensure it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!
and as for the gun shoved up you
asseole,you just gotta give it a chance, you might like it?

Anonymous said...

Sa rauta me musu yani na yavana na tamata caiti tamana qo.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon November 13, 2012 9:29

The terrorists at Guantanamo Hotel were captured and are housed there for life mahn. The iron hand mullah who masterminded the bombing of US embassies is facing trial right now in the US. Are they not terrorists?? I will tell you for sure that US has their own interest on the arab countries..they are just using AlQaeda and UBL as a scapegoat. Do you know how US reacted when Russia and China vetoed the UN Resolution to sanction Syria???..they walked out in the name of democracy. But they are the ones fuming the flames of hatred and arming the rebels to let syrians kill syrians.

Anonymous said...

Anon November 13, 10:44 AM.

Saying that we might like a gun barrel shoved up our behind gives me the very strong suspicion that you did enjoy the same experience.

Anonymous said...

Why the support for the illegal regime. When something is illegal it simply means it's illegal.The court has proven it. Many people still support it because they are benefitting from it.These are the type of people who lacks principle and are considered as parasites.

Anonymous said...

Syrian freedom fighters were taking it to the streets long before the United States came to their diplomatic aid. The United States is not fanning the flames of hatred, it is defending diplomatically the people of Syria who are being attacked by their own government. Maybe you wouldn't understand that because you're on the side of Fiji's version of Bashar Assad.

Kavi said...

Another Fiji Tourism pitch: "Come to Fiji, where rape is traditionally acceptable. And as for the gun shoved up your asshole, give it a chance, you just might like it!"

Bainimarama has got a gun shoved up Fiji's asshole, but it seems some blogers here actually enjoy it!

kanaloto shoe-shining goons said...

@ 7.29p.m. Especially the goons of Fiji's shamed o/corp of militari-fors who have been fast-tracked with undeserving promotions. These 40 pieces of silver, conniving, KANALOTOS with their midas touch have bought properties of all kinds (houses, cars, land, and other accessories) that they would never have afforded without their crimes of govt takeovers and now, continuing to prop up their repressive junta.

We all can see that it is in their own "personal interests" to keep the rest of the population suppressed and suffering whilst they and their families get ahead. But to what extent, to what lengths? Me yaco e vei na daylight robbery e caka tiko?


How do they and wives, girlfriends, grown up children feel about their ILL-GOTTEN GAINS? They fully understand the unlawfulness, unethical and immoral status quo they're forcing on Fiji but they try to convince themselves otherwise? Pimps and Prostitutes?
You can't escape what your conscience is telling you. And you can't escape the long arm of the law. Na caka ena cala tiko ga. Sa rauta na butako, unimpressive macawas..

Fiji's come through enough coups to start seriously compiling a list of all their names, ranks, their backgrounds and financial history, contacts, everything about each of these vested interest goons. No favours to anyone if Fiji wants to halt this coup cycle for good. The rotting, disgraced and shameless fiji militari institution must be dismantled for good.

Anonymous said...

Full Blooded Half Cast

@ SEMI MEO's quote/ post

"....they are terrorist and do not deserve to CONTINUE to be part of rebuilding the PROUD LEGACY of the Fiji Police ,Fiji Military Forces and Fiji Prison Services!"

Please reflect on violent bahaviours of the 'proud legacy' from 2006.

Then take a very deep breath.

Reflect again.

Another deep breath.

.....I know you know where this is going....YES...you've figured it out surely by now being a very smart 56 year old.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Navy?It's the Navy
commandor Bainimarama that lead the
coup! He used the military to scare
the people...not a bad move on his
Remember, the Navy is the culprit
this time around?
As of today, we,ve got the Military
pulling the coup in1987,we have the
private citizen pulling the coup in 2000; and the navy coup in 2006.
Maybe we should fire all the police
officers in 2014, before they start
to plan their own coup?

Anonymous said...

No, by all means let the police plan their own coup. They should have arrested these traitors long ago.

Anonymous said...

Just so everybody knows, the Fijian Navy was hoodwinked by the Tongan Navy.

Anonymous said...

Hey people,here we go again another 4 prisoners in Lautoka
have escaped and police are on their tails?
Why are they running?
is there a problem inside the jail?
Are prisoners been tortured,abused,
sodomised,raped,killed,no food,etc?
Than they should realised that they will be dead,maimed,
&mutilaled when police&military get hold of them
like Qaraniqios' group?
So the best thing for them to do, is to get hold of
some weapons, to
use in defending themselves
and to shoot back, at
who ever is pursuing them?
Kill or be Killed!!!
Hey guys, if you reading this,
I want you to know that you're not the criminal,
the people that puts you in jail are the criminals and
everyone that works for them are criminals and
if you shoot to kill anyone of them, it is legally & morally
within your democratic
rights to take them out!!
i'd come out to join you,right after i hear
the thurnder or the
rat-ta-ta-ts of your machine guns?
Fiji needs to keep you alive
we'll need your testimonies to prosecutes these
treasonous thugs,
in future democratic Fiji?
So go on and defend yourselves?

Anonymous said...

More prisoners out on the lam in
Nadi! Didn't know there was a jail in Nadi? To all the peace loving
Fijians, help these victims,allow
them freedom and don't help the
military criminals in killing these freedom runners?Give them as much help as you can,arm them if
you have guns to use it against our
country enemy!Remember, you who help these freedom runners,will be
remembered by our democratic government and your name will definitely be in the history book
for eternity?For you jail escapees
be smart, persevere,plan your move,
respect the people,execute traitors,reward kindness&loyality?
Now don't try to be a hero,stay out of site,move in land,and if
you must kill the so called police
commissioner and Tudrau? Do not harm any citizens,unless they help
the military criminals, in betraying your position?
Good luck and may our lord Degei
guides you all in your pursuit for
freedom and democracy?

laniana said...

my heart felt gratitude with his family. hope you fight for him. those who think he deserved it think again what if happend to one of your family.