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Monday, December 10, 2012

Another PR exercise by the Fiji regime?

The big lie: law and justice in a progressive Fiji - everything points to the opposite.

You can throw your name in the ring but don't bother if you have history with the regime or don't agree with the coup makers getting immunity.

The regime has called for what it describes as 'expressions of interests' for the Constituent Assembly, the body that is destined to have the final say on a new Constitution.

In a statement today, it called for individuals and organisations who would like to become members of the Constituent Assembly.

But just as quickly, it revealed that it still intends to keep a tight rein on the final shape of the Constitution it is creating  to replace the one it abrogated in 2009.

In its statement it says people must be 'a citizen of Fiji; be a person of experience in public affairs; and must have utmost honesty and integrity in every respect.'

It ruled out anyone who has been “declared to be of unsound mind; is convicted of an offence of dishonesty or an offence carrying a maximum penalty of six months in prison; or has been removed from public office for misconduct”.

And it made it clear the Assembly will follow the regime's 'non-negotiable principles and values such as the removal of ethnic voting, a common and equal citizenry and a secular state.'

Furthermore, Assembly members will have to 'incorporate  appropriate provision for immunity, as set out in the Decree.'

The Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Pio Tikoduadua, is also pushing the regime's cause urging all 'Fijians capable of meeting the criteria to consider taking part in the process.'

“We want as many qualified people and organisations as possible to join this very important step in implementing true parliamentary democracy in Fiji."

Speculation has been rife about who Bainimarama will appoint to the Assembly. Members of the Constitution Commission, led by Professor Yash Ghai, were handpicked and were generally considered sympathetic to the regime.

Calling for expressions of interests is a bid to appear inclusive and transparent but ultimately the unelected government is forging ahead with a Constitution it has largely steered. The Assembly will no doubt be charged with keeping things the way the regime wants it.

A draft copy of the Commission draft has surfaced and we include here, courtesty of Sai Lealea's blog. We welcome blogger's analysis and comments.

Fiji's Constitution: A Consultation Document


tattifala said...

It's not Fiji's Constitution. Fiji's Constitution was trashed by the usurpers. It was an unlawful act. This draft constitution is a Fiji military Constitution designed for one primary reason : for the usurpers to save their backside. all else is a well orchestrated lie.

tattifala said...

Another PR exercise by the Fiji regime?
No another HJ exercise by the Fiji regime.
Frank bai will handpick the constituent assembly . he has been doing a lot of HJ - Hand Job - on the people of fiji and some foreigners have been giving him a hand as well.

Anonymous said...

http://www.fijileaks.com/uploads/1/3/7/5/13759434/3923492.jpg? Check out Fijileaks.Com for sleazy pictures of S.Pal......sleazy Pal

Litany of charges against Sanjeev Pal in Fiji
One of the coup beneficiaries and former travel agent Sanjeev Pal, who facilitated tax evasion for Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz, managed to leave Fiji for the United States despite a Departure Prohibition Order against him. Pal was one of those that turned against his close associate and civil servant Brian Singh in the purported fraud on converting business class tickets into cash. He turned state witness to avoid prosecution on potential charge of aiding and abetting. Brian Singh remains behind bars. Pal is alleged to have defrauded numerous individuals including finance companies and banks:
Merchant Finance Ltd to a tune of $1millon, when his close associate Aziz was chairing Merchant Finance

Finance Pacific to a tune of $50,000 where he let down his close friend  Arvind Anand 
Credit Corporation go a tune of $100,000
Retired Chengaia Naidu, a former civil servant, to a tune of $20,000 resulting in  Naidu dying through depression
 Shri Pande, his business associate of $150,000 in cash plus all of Pande's  assets
Brother-in-law whose house he mortgaged for a loan from a financial institution for $285,000 which eventually resulted in a mortgagee sale
FNPF to a tune of $50,000 where he organized refurbishment to be carried out in an office space at the old BP Building purporting to lease the premises.
Pal  utilised his mentally unstable brother in the transaction, resulting in defaulting lease payments from day one and later abandoning the premises
$400,000 commission from General Machinery Ltd, a logistic family company in Lautoka, where he organized a tax deal resulting in a deed of settlement with FIRCA where Aziz was instrumental in the deed.
The deed got quashed recently and now General Machinery are crying foul and many more such activities post 2006 coup.
Former SDL Minister, George Shiu Raj lost $300,000 financing Pal in buying a travel agency which remains unpaid.

Pal is now residing in USA and makes junket trips to Asia and was recently snapped coddling these Chinese women. He got close to illegal regime through his connections with  Aziz and another former high-ranking i-taukei Fijian military officer. Pal's Hunts Travel company was liquidated by the banks
While running the travel company he used to make unnecessary trips overseas to coincide with Bainimarama's trips and got close to the military leader through his chum Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz.

Anonymous said...

Bainimagana is of unsound mind and that rules him out. In fact all of them are ineligible to run for parliament because they're all working under an illlegal leader. Immunity is out of the question, and semi Meo cannot run either because he's of unsound mind as well. This is because he can't answer a simple question.

Anonymous said...

What a farce!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those close to the Commission Commission say this document is nothing but a draft that was put together for the Commission to consider - and is incomplete - so we must not get too excited or upset - let's wait for the real Constitution, if it will be allowed to see the light of the day

Anonymous said...

Vinaka C4.5

Anonymous said...

Looks like all Indian Org will jump in to be part of this. As they don't really care about anything apart from them selfs .

Anonymous said...

Edward Carpenter reminds the people of Fiji....Greg Bullard quote...All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to stand by and DO NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama: 'We want the widest possible participation by people of diverse backgrounds, so long as you agree to do only what I tell you.'

Welcome to the jungle.

Anonymous said...

constitution process was illegal like the regime.
no use having na ew constitution
we had 1997 constitution which is still alive.
frank and khaiyum and cronies cannot demand for immunity people have spoken and dont want immunity given.
respect it and be man to face the court like legal pm lq and mpc.
fiji democracy is lost until we get rid of coup stars and army .
they have to face court and jail term.
justice is not given under the regime khaiyum court and his bs decree.
people should support this illegal constitution and demand to restore 1997 constitution like the people in egypt have force its leaders to repel its powers.
people need pure freedom and democracy as in 1997 constitution..
god bless fiji

Anonymous said...

Lets all apply and see what happens,,,,,of course usual names are already in ie Vunibob, Ah Koy, Tui Macuata, Moemoedonu, Tui Namosi, the usual arse lickng Indians, business men and Muslims and kaivalagis and kai lomas like ricketts etc......

Anonymous said...

any one who can bring the regime down is the peoples power.
strike for days fiji regime will fall
lawyers/judges/magistrates /police/army/workers and churchleaders.strike stay home for few days than see regime will fall.
short term loss will be long term gain.

Anonymous said...

news on hand <the pharmacy guy in trouble for placing an advertisment about opening hours on Fiji TV ,WHAT A JOKE

Anonymous said...

Mrs Daurewa will definitely be the iTaukei rep in the CA so she can make sure that the Provinicial Councils, the GCC, the iTLTB and the Methodist Church do not get a mention in the Constitution; and the indians have equal rights to all the lands in Fiji because they brought the lapita pottery to Fiji proving they were here before the iTaukei; explains why its not equal rights; superior rights to the indians!!!!god bless you baia and bainis.

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous 10/12, 8.18 PM
I don't know this man Sanjeev Pal but if what you say about him is factual true then he strikes me as a character straight out of the Michael Caine film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - except Pal's is no fictitious role.What a rotten scoundrel! But of course he is not the only one. Fiji now has heaps of such characters. The greater the crisis in the country the greater the opportunity for the dirty rotten scoundrels.

Coup 4.5 said...

Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd predicts Syria's Assad regime " will fall soon" and he is " urging the United Nations to be ready to spring into action"(Rudd predicts end of Assad regime , ABC news 10/12).
If Rudd's prediction is right - and I think it is because he wouldn't make such a bold prediction without good evidence - it will show yet again that gun power cannot protect or save a President if the people decide to get rid of him .
But Presidents continue to learn this lesson the hard way.
Now it's Syrian President Basher Assad's turn.
Who will be next?
Rajend naidu

Huff Huff said...

What's scandalous is fijileaks and rajend naidu trying to get followers from c4.5. isn't this what you bloggers accused poor graham davis of doing? okay for one but not the other it seems


lets analyze who is going to be here .just see all the “yes man/yes sir ” people applying trying to make a name of themselves, at the same time make money. old people who have no mandate in society will be called in like former aliance member, svt[manu korovulavula, taufa , jim ahkoy , beranado vunibobo, NFP memeber etc. chiefs like tuakitau cokanauto, adi finau tabakaucoro , macuata chief,kattonivere will be top of the list ,ratu meli bogileka , ratu tevita momodonu[vuda] . all the liumuri people . then may be some big shot muslim people and business people [gujirathi]. then few kaliomas just to balance it out . then may they will bring some white trash from overseas to be chair [ just to make it look good].
wailei, they already pick the assembly . i mean the people to serve in it. its only pick the people they want. they a just doing this for advertising PR by Qorvis to make it look real and genuine in exercise . we all know any outsiders who want a job in government , cant get it, only if you a with the big boso and then you will get it. like the assembly , the grass root man, no way , if you apply to get in , because they already have picked which one they want one. why we waste our time applying for government job like assembly if Fiji government practice like this . fuck the assembly!
continue to analyze, another set of people going to be selected is ro epeli mataitini[vunivalu from Rewa ] to much tabea and former SVT member, peniasi kunatuba[ agriculture scammer] , john samy [people charter, shasta shammem, [nz] , joji dakulvula, akuila yabaki[may be , may be not, 50% bet on him ,he is on the linehis name , yagodamu korovou[youth leader] , ben vakaloloma[youth leader, rachel bagwan[poverty activist],sharon rolls bagahwan[women group],Vijendra Prakash,National Secretary ,SSDPS – Fiji.Wame Sausau, General Secretary,Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fiji.Abdul Qayyum Khan,
National Vice President,Fiji Muslim League.
continuation of name & analysis : tui namosi ratu suliano matanitobua , alisi daurewa[usp], lidya tabuya[usp] tom ricketts [from the kai loma ,and a member from rotuma ,

continue analysis :
Rodney Acraman, Bernadette “Big Mama” Rounds-Ganilau, Jone Koroitamana
CEO of Airports Fiji Limited, Taito “I Know it all” Waradi
Illegal Minister of Commerce and Investment, Laufitu “Zsa Zsa Gabor” Malani
Illegal Minister of Women and Culture, Stanley Simpson
Two face dangerous little bastard, Timoci Bainimarama (is this a family thing?), Jone Navakamocea, Netani Sukanaivalu, Jainend Kumar, Tevita Vuibau, Father Kevin Barr, Head of ECREA, Himmat ‘defraud’ Lodhia, Jinita Prasad ,South Pacific Stock Exchange C.E.O. Ponipate Lesavua. Talei “The Missing Link” Burness. Rishi Ram. Mo Tagivetaua ,Sydney Fijian Radio Announcer. Prue Rouse. Rupeni Nacewa. Kaliveti “Scorpion” Batibasaga. Lagisoa Delana. Luke Yavaca. Jo Serulagilagi,Chairman of Tailevu Provincial Council.
There will be a probability hand pick some people too from the john samy people chatter team committee.

rajend naidu said...

@ Huff Huff
I don't know if you are referring to me in your posting above . If you are then you are mistaken. I am not a leader of any kind and I am certainly not "trying to get followers from c4.5" or anywhere. I just speak my mind FREELY and I am grateful to the C4.5 blogsite for making it possible for me to do that. No one needs to agree with anything I say.

tattifala said...

the illegal regime through its ministry of propaganda is calling for "expressions of interest" from people wanting to be on the junta's illegal Constituent Assembly.
they did the same thing called for expressions of interest for the post coup public service top jobs.
then packed the positions with their own military gang and other regime lackeys!!

Anonymous said...

Add to C Assembly list
Bainimarama kids, USP VC, Esther williams, Tui Nadi,,,,,all Kai Vitis who want to be chiefs but are grog mixers in their traditional roles (ie Frank , army officers etc), Aisake Taito, all the ass lickers who recently attended AG conference etc etc ,,,,lots of maichods definitely (as Alisi has now proven that we are all Indians).
By the way, I am not a ass licker but will definitely try to get in ,,,,,,,just to watch these sorry arseholes and their pathetic behaviour,,,,

rajend naidu said...

If this Sanjeev Pal bloke is what Anonymous says he is then Sanjeev Pal is clearly a big time conman. If he is a big time conman how has he managed to get in to now live in the US? Was that a con job? Can the US Embassy in Suva explain how this con man got a visa? What kind of background check did the US officials do on the man?

Anonymous said...

i am sorry i should not have not put HIT LIST[FIJIS MOST WANTED] as my name. i speak no harm to the people i mentioned above and there family.but just an analysis of who they really are.

thre is more on www. fijishamelist.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Look at people in photo,,,,speakers nil indigenous except the stupid alisi tabetabe,,,,just to say we all indians,,,,,luveni biti kawa ca.
All those surrounding Frank in photo are either indians or whites,,,,,,shows how isolated frank is from the indigenous of fiji.
Other kai vitis in photo are located away from middle group and mostly used as secretaries.
io - sa matanitu ga ni dosi qo,,,,sa so na sotia lialia sona lelevu.

Moses Cakobau said...

THE provision of immunity in the draft constitution was not a new concept, says Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

"It is not unique to Fiji," he said while addressing the topic 'Constitution and Constitutionalism' at the 14th Attorney-General's Conference held last week at the InterContinental Fiji in Natadola.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the provision of immunity was "critical" in a move from an apartheid system to democratic rule.

"It has to be there," he stressed as he pointed out that this clause was included in South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission as well as Fiji's 1990 Constitution.

He said social amnesia contributed to its inclusion in the 1997 Constitution and "these are the realities that we have in Fiji". Mr Sayed-Khaiyum also noted that the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua government had the Reconciliation Bill that allowed for a "group of unelected tribunal members to stop the DPP or police" from carrying out investigations.

"The same parliament that allowed for police to carry out investigations is undermining police in carrying out their work," he said.

Who supports the immunity say "AYE" and who dont, say "NAYE"

tattifala said...

does your C Assembly list include the USP VC as well?
he is a bigger masi polo then the deputy VC.

Kai-Bau. said...

List continues:
Kamlesh Kumar, Shanta Maharaj, Satish Kumar, Semi Meo, Lekh Ram Veshnayio.

Anonymous said...

Constitution Assembly should go drink grog under the mango tree because, the Illegal Constitution was already drawn up few months ago. CA will be just for show to the kaivalagi overseas that this arsehole is doing something.

Anonymous said...

OK people,whatever! Please sent in your application to be appointed as
constituent assembly member? Yes, i'm sending in mine asap.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mo Tagivetaua to be in the C.A What qualification does he have?? A big conman, getting money thousand of dollars to go and build his home in Nadi, a big liar. Never paid back his debt.Bainimarama does not know abou this, but we Fiji Aussie know him well. had no real job, just sitting at the radio station once a week? any one can do that.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous Dec 11, 2012 12.28pm:

I dont think Alisi did say that we are all Indians. What she meant was - if earlier research could be proven, then we could accept that proposition. I think it is important to properly read things before making a comment. What was reported in the paper was the following:

"iTaukei...primarily are a mixed breed of Melanesian and Polynesian, "added to which, Indian, if it can be proven that the Lapita people were sea merchants from Tamil Nadu in India"."

But on to the main issue...in Alisi's latest presentation, she advances the argument of the deconstruction of the itaukei administration due to our unfortunate past. This is something interesting and I hope to see where this argument goes.

Anonymous said...

Which country this photo was taken in?
I cant see any Fijians.

Anonymous said...

@Alisi Daurewa Unfortunately the new constitution will not adress your fears. Right now the Bainimarama government is more Oppressive and more Corrupt than any chiefly system in Fiji. The chiefs may have allocated hundreds of dollars to themselves, whereas Bainimarama has ripped off millions of dollars. Whose money did he rip off? It's the people's money. Where do you think Mary got her money to buy that house in Muanikau ($1.4 million)? Whose money was it? How many years for Bainimarama to be able to save that sort of money? If saved $100,000 every year , it would take him 14 years. But he did it in 6 years. So where did the money come from again? The answer is it is the people's money. Bainimarama is corrupt. He has stolen from the people. He should be inbestigated by FICAC. He should be in jail. For you to think that this corrupt individual will bring about your freedom, YOU MUST BE DREAMING! Vakanuinui ki na bilo cicila. Birds that bury their heads in the sand like you,

Anonymous said...

Mate, you hit the nail on the head. Where are the real Fijians. Like the presentaters, there were none!!!! Mrs Daurewa trying to back track from the inference of her presentation? And guess what? The AG chuckled when he said, there were 22 provinces in Fiji, now we have 14!! the inference is lesser the better! which leads to the inevitable conclusion that ZERO is the ultimate result!! Wake up, you are talking to people who are more educated and knowledgeable than your self.

Anonymous said...

Alisi Daurewa
Yalewa lialia mo viavia vosa vaka vuku,,,,kua so na viavia veiliutaki.
Follow the correct channel to reach leadership please and not the butako way of those you now arse rubbing like Frank et al.....kaba waqa o iko!!

Anonymous said...

Why has the Commission not publicised the draft? People need to see this.

Anonymous said...

The photo is of all the Tabetabe lamu lamu lawyers..no guts...they spent too much time with the usual YES SIR and polish Bai & AG's balls....

Anonymous said...

deconstruct taka mada na mumu!
e levu vei keimami keimami duavata tiko na bose ni yasana etc etc. O cei o iko??
Sega mada ga ni dua na Bose Ni Yasana e dua vaka kei iko!!
Vakacacani iko na masu tiko vei Allah kei Hanuman na maqe

Surely not said...

Draft constitution says Prime Minister's term should be limited to two terms of four years ... that's a guaranteed eight years in power.

Anonymous said...

deconstruct taka mada na mumu!
e levu vei keimami keimami duavata tiko na bose ni yasana etc etc. O cei o iko??
Sega mada ga ni dua na Bose Ni Yasana e dua vaka kei iko!!
Vakacacani iko na masu tiko vei Allah kei Hanuman na maqe

SEMI MEO said...

@Kai-Bau....e va evei mo digitaki kemudou yani mai Bau..me vaka ni nomudou tiko mai 'Ubuna na matanitu!!

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

When will the Fijians learn to stand up for the truth. When can we separate the truth from evil and lies. This illegal regime knows well about taukei attitude and liumuri style - bai knows that well because we're not strong at will. What we are seeing here is Aiyaz and bainimarama (Low IQ)dictating to the fijians what is obviously a document to protect their wrong doings.....cowards to say the least.

We are being fooled here with all these bull-shits of CA and constitution. Insiders of the regime top brass knows well that this illegal regime has already a draft constitution in their own making.

This illegal regime is just operating a process to show the world that due process of constitutional agendas have been full-filled and is done in a fair way - in fact far from near transparency and truency.

They all know that if we have a normal government in place - they will all go to jail.

So when selecting CA members - where will you place coup makers and executioners and murders and human rights abusers who should be in jail by now but yet running our beloved country and robbing tax payers in broad day light.

Only Fijian fools will believe these hugs....

If you all have some conscience,moral values, principle and integrity - please ask God to give you strength and not allow evil to takeover. Xams is around the corner, and do something good for your family, country God.

Speak the Truth and stand up for the truth.

God Bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

I thought this whole constitutional making process ought to be an independent exrcise. It seems the regime is heavily involved in almost everything in it.

Anonymous said...

Issue raised on children of iTaukei women being registered with VKB
Publish date/time: 08/12/2012 [09:11]
Former lawyer and USP lecturer on Legal Advocacy, Lynda Tabuya today raised a question on whether children of iTaukei women who are married to people belonging to another race can be registered in the Native Land Register or the Vola Ni Kawa Bula.

Tabuya raised the issue in the Attorney General’s Conference, saying this matter needs to be addressed under the issue of equality under the law.

Currently children who only have an iTaukei mother but a non-iTaukei father are not allowed to be registered under the VKB.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said under the legal concept, the issue is very interesting.

He said it deals with the issue of group rights versus individual rights.

While replying to the question, Sayed-Khaiyum said perhaps this is something that can be added in the new constitution.
source : www.fijivillage.com saturday 8th december , 2012 .

Curry Muncher said...

According to Alisi, kaiviti is really kai india. No wonder my kaivti bros like curry so much, even stealing my roti parcel in school! And have you seen kaiviti doing Bollywood dance at Hibiscus? They beat kai india anyday. In fact, kaiviti lewa look really beautiful in indian makeup. This proves Alisi theory.

Haha just a joke, we all need to lighten up.

We are one people. In very few counties in the world you will find two cultures living together for so long without major problems. Kaiviti by and large sharing, caring, tolerant so will overcome our difficulties with less hate. Long live Fiji!!

Meli said...

Surely not said @ 5:16 PM

Yes A PM may not serve for more than 2 terms. This is to avoid one person serving for lifetime. There has to be transparency and checks and balance. This idea is from US Constitution brought to Fiji by one Raman Velji. It is he that originally started lobbing for "Term Limit" 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Why does the AG want immunity??--no wrong or illegal or treasonous has been done!!---it was simply a " surgical strike "--ask that USP chap Ashwin Raj ( Arse--win Rogue)--the egg head -sharp shoes--tight trousers Idiot whose mother was working in a sweatshop!!--what utter bullshit.Using your own mother to attack unionism!!

tattifala said...

Law&Justice In a "Progressive Fiji "- Without an Independent Judiciary!!

Anonymous said...

Esa vaka taki ganena ga o Simeli na ca ni uluna. Drau qai mada yani kei ganemu i Nauluvatu!

Anonymous said...

Alisi--are you praying to Allah and Hanuman ??---try Khuda and Ram too --and oh yes-dont forget Budha. Jai Ho !

Anonymous said...

Surely Not

Reread and understand what it says about 2 terms for the PM. This does not grantee anyone that he/she will get elected for 2 consecutive terms. What it says is that any individual can ONLY BE A PM for maximum of 2 terms ONLY.

I hope I have explained and made myself abundantly clear.

Sotia ni solisona said...

Laurai tu ga e na i taba qo ni kemuni na sotia sa so na sotia ulu lala.
Vesu mona taki kemuni tu o Bainivuaka.
Sa laurai tu qo na vuana. Ra mai soqo tu na kaidia ni tabetabe na kaiviti.
O koya sega ni mai kauwaitaki kemuni na kaiviti.
Qo sa laurai sara tu ga ena i taba qo.
Vei tabana kecega sa veiliutaki mai kina oratou na uluqali mai Tailevu.
Dodonu o kemuni na sotia moni sa vulica tale ga na carawai.

Sotia ni solisona said...

How come there are some really stupid women now employed as spokes person.
First there was Alisi Tamil Daurewa.
Now its Fulori Frikin-no-clue Turaga -spokesperson for Water Authority.

from Fiji Village:

Roads dug up by China Railway to be fixed by next year
Publish date/time: 11/12/2012 [16:42]

Print this page
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All roads and footpaths that have been dug up or graded by the China Railway Company and not tarsealed will be sealed by the end of April next year.

This is according to the Water Authority of Fiji who has been contracting the China Railway Company to upgrade sewerage systems around the country.

Fijivillage visited some sites around Suva and raised questions on many of the works carried out where the company has dug up roads, laid pipes and then just covered the roads without properly sealing them.

This has resulted in properly sealed roads getting damaged and many potholes opening up.

This has been left for a few months and is becoming hazardous for motorists.

Water Authority spokesperson Fulori Turaga said it is part of the China Railway Company’s contract that they seal the roads and that they accept that some works have been too slow but have been taking active steps to reduce the repair time with more repairs still in progress.

According to Turaga, the reason why some of the repairs are taking long is that all excavated trenches should settle for the first week or so and this is to avoid the brand new seal from cracking.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso


Iko Fulori iko nanuma tiko keimami lialia na kaiviti?
Kakua ni mai solia tu so vakamacal lasulasu va qo
Fulori you should just tell us the truth that this Frikin Chinese Company are incompetant

China Railway Company frikin INCOMPETANT and CORRUPT.
This is what you get when leaders like Bai accept bribes.

Fulori tukuna vei cebo nomu boso Bainimarama me cemuri ratou lesu tale i China o ratou na mai ta gaunisala tiko qori.

Vaka na vakatatalo na ka ra mai kitaka na matadre qo.
Io sa rauta sa ra sota tiko ga vakaboci.Ira na matavakaboci kei ira na sotia boci ra kauti ira tiko mai. Kena i liuliu o Bainiboci.

tattifala said...

the photo is a good line up of the people who are progressing well under the military junta in fiji

tattifala said...

I thought the Fijians had been dropped in Fiji directly from the heavens and that's why Fiji was their "God-given land" (Taukei Movement Manifesto 1987).
Now we are told Fijians might be distant cousins of the coolies from Tamil Nadu.
That's one hell of a downgrading .Can an expert clarify?

Mish Mash said...

Word is out about the 'leaked draft copy' and Frank out to reassure people they will get to see it.

Margaret Wise
Saturday, December 08, 2012

THE government has reassured that the public will have access to the draft constitution as well as the Constituent Assembly that will review the document and make amendments it believed were appropriate.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum stressed that there were enormous mechanisms built into the Fiji Constitutional Process (Constitution Commission) Decree 2012 for public feedback.

Speaking at the opening of the 14th Attorney-General's Conference at the Inter-continental Resort in Natadola Commodore Bainimarama said the Constituent Assembly would consist of the broadest possible cross-section of Fijian society, as set out in the relevant decree.

He said to qualify as members of the Constituent Assembly, individuals and organisations would need to demonstrate that they represented a significant constituency in the country.

They must also be guided by a commitment to the interests of the nation and the Fijian people as a whole, he added.

"For we cannot again allow a narrow band of elite to determine our future. We have already had a handful of men determine what our constitution would be after independence, we have already had the 1990 constitution imposed with almost no consultation at all, and we have already had the key recommendations of the Reeves Commission overturned by a joint parliamentary select committee.

"This will not happen again," Commodore Bainimarama told the more than 290 people attending the conference.

Later, during a segment on constitution and constitutionalism, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the public would be able to make presentations to the assembly.

The public, he said, could also discuss their concerns with their representatives.

"There is no restriction on assembly taking to the public.

"It even allows it to form subcommittees."

The Constitution Commission will formally present the draft constitution and the Explanatory Report to President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau before the Constituent Assembly holds its first meeting on the second week of January 2013.

The assembly, will be guided by the Fiji Constituent Process (Constitution Assembly and Adoption of Constitution) Decree 2012. The Decree also outlined that the work of the Constituent Assembly was to be completed before the end of March 2013.


Anonymous said...

Updated 11 December 2012, 22:15 AEST

A draft copy of the recommendations of Fiji's Constitution Commission has been leaked.
Fiji Constitution Commission findings leaked (Credit: ABC)

The document is to be officially handed to the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau some time before Christmas.

But copies of the document are now available on several blog sites.

Dr Brij Lal, an academic who co-authored Fiji's 1997 constitution, has seen the recommendations, and he says although he has some issues with some of them, the general approach is a good one.

Interviewer: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Dr Brij Lal, Australian National University, who co-authored Fiji's 1997 constitution

LAL: My first reaction is that on the whole there are many good things in the document. It makes a number of significant recommendations which will take Fiji away in a new direction. There are some things which are obviously missing at the moment, and there are some recommendations which are problematic. I mean the things that I think are good in this is it's moving away from a system of racial representation, I think that's a good thing. The term of parliament has been reduced to four years, which is not necessarily a bad thing. One of the many significant differences from the 1997 constitution is that this document proposes to remove the multi-party cabinet provision that was there in that document. In other words under the old constitution any political party which had more than ten per cent of seats in parliament was constitutionally entitled to be invited to serve in Cabinet. Here that provision is removed on the understanding I think that power sharing will be done through the electoral system. And the second major difference of course is the electoral provisions of the consultation document. In the 1997 constitution you had the alternative vote system that's in Australia. What they're proposing here is a closed list system where the country will be divided into four electoral districts; north, south, east, west, and elections will be held accordingly from a list that political parties presents to the electorate.

Anonymous said...

this is what academics at USP think about Fijian culture . that we should destroy our Fijian heritage & history. REAL THE LAW OF vkb [vola ni kaubula and destroy the structures of the itaukei.see below.

Alisi Daurewa said...
Anon @ 8.15am, sa kua mada ga na yalo ca, kei na loma ca. If you want to call anyone kawaca, se viavia rogo, se whatever, reveal yourself and challenge me in the face. Unlike you, I have a proven record and unlike you, I can lay claim to Lutunasobasoba. If you care to read the other person who made reference to what I am supposed to have said, he at least got it right. You completely missed the point! Who the hell are you?
December 11, 2012 12:19 AM
Alisi Daurewa said...
Anon @ 3.32pm, it is not about my liumuri my own kai, it is about putting things into its RIGHT perspective - decolonising structures that have contributed to the iTaukei owning a bulk of the poor population. Pity, the Fiji Times didn't print the meat - which is we iTaukei lived an oppressive and regulated life for 92 Years while the Indians of the Indenture system were freed after their 5 year contract. My argument is, if Fiji is to have an effective Constitution, then it must seriously address these oppressive structures that have failed the iTaukei's well-being's and only benefitted racially motivated coups of 1987 and 2000. And, may I ask, what is so wrong with that?
December 11, 2012 12:30 AM
Alisi Daurewa said...
Anon @ 4.54, 5.13, 5.14, Tch, tch, tch, one and the same anonymous person. Fortunately for Fiji, your ilk decreases every day. Thank God there were iTaukei lawyers who agreed with me! The signs are showing check out today's Fiji Times - people of Wailevu in Vanua Levu are empowered and reclaiming their history. To add cream to the pie, Dr Paul Geraghty of USP AGREES, the Lutunasobasoba version I referred to was a fabrication of the Wesleyans! Today's Fiji Times refers.
Thank you Coupfourpointfive for accommodating my blog, I would have wanted to continue but not with cowards who cannot reveal their identity when throwing out their venom. You poor sad souls!
December 11, 2012 8:08 PM
Issue raised on children of iTaukei women being registered with VKB
Publish date/time: 08/12/2012 [09:11]
Former lawyer and USP lecturer on Legal Advocacy, Lynda Tabuya today raised a question on whether children of iTaukei women who are married to people belonging to another race can be registered in the Native Land Register or the Vola Ni Kawa Bula.

Tabuya raised the issue in the Attorney General’s Conference, saying this matter needs to be addressed under the issue of equality under the law.

Currently children who only have an iTaukei mother but a non-iTaukei father are not allowed to be registered under the VKB.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said under the legal concept, the issue is very interesting.

He said it deals with the issue of group rights versus individual rights.

While replying to the question, Sayed-Khaiyum said perhaps this is something that can be added in the new constitution.

Anonymous said...

alisi daurewa, lidya tabuya and paul gerathy. usp academics agree with this .

Anonymous said...

Alisi and Lynda
Pls return to your grass roots to gather the views of the Kai Vitis on what you 2 saying,,,,
Both of you have zero say in your vanua ,,,,,and pls lead your personal lives better before you talk on wider issues on Kai Vitis...

tattifala said...

akuila yabaki the permanent secretary of the citizens constitutional forum talks about the citizens having the right "the voice" to participate in the new constitution making process. the reality is that in fiji today the citizens don't have rights . they have only what the junta allows them. this why you have the illegal attorney general saying the public will be "ALLOWED" to do this and do that. not that it is their RIGHT.
let us begin at the beginning. was it absolutely necessary for fiji to commission the construction of a brand new constitution? who determined that ? the usurpers? or the people of Fiji? Dr Brij lal the constitution making expert is invited to answer this first question as well.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

What do Rajesh Singh , Mahen Chaudhry and Rajen Chaudhry think of the new constituion. Even Dr Brij Lal says it is a good constitution. Rajesh and Mahen are the indian leaders.

Paula Raqeukai said...

the biggest problem we have in Fiji is that most people especially academias prefer to uphold the principles of the illegal regime via lack of integrity researches of important subject such as the origin of the Native Fijians at reasons best known to them...my colleague alisi from usp if am correct summarizes that:

"iTaukei...primarily are a mixed breed of Melanesian and Polynesian, "added to which, Indian, if it can be proven that the Lapita people were sea merchants from Tamil Nadu in India".

But on to the main issue...in Alisi's latest presentation, she advances the argument of the deconstruction of the itaukei administration due to our unfortunate past. This is something interesting and I hope to see where this argument of hers will go any further or simply die natural death at natadola.

My view is totally different from alisi in the fact that we native Fijians were simply civilized much later compared to our indian brothers n to argue that the deconstruction of the itaukei administration is due to our unfortunate past is NAIVE...one very important impacts that holds the majority of the native Fijians together from the past until this very day is their embracement of the "LOTU" to the Mighty Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour....the majority of the native Fijians are slower learner and we must credit the British empire for protecting our traditions/culture at that time to allow our Indo-Fijian brothers from Tamil Nadu to man the economic base of our beloved Fiji...to cut it short...the challenge in this modern day Fiji is not "equity" but how to "STAND-UP and TELL the TRUTH to the regime which will move our beloved Fiji FORWARD TO REAL PEACEFUL and REAL PROSPERITY....TO MAKE THE LIES BECOME TRUTH WILL BE A DOOMS DAY FOR FIJI AND ITS PEOPLE....

Anonymous said...

You will notice that all these academics and know it alls avoid talking about land - Fijians land.
Part IX of the new Constituion document mentions that the Commission received many submissions on the land issues "particularly the iTaukei land owners". That is the only meniton of iTaukei in the whole chapter. There is no mention of protection of indigenous land ownership. The document is primarily based on one underlying policy - land ownership for the best of every "Fijian".
Firstly, quote some numbers. Surely the good professor can count. Indeed the whole document is very vague in terms of numbers of submissions. Are they afraid to reveal actual numbers and percentages? Its academic dishonesty. Afterall you are there to gather the wishes of the people - not to justify your own beliefs and thoughts as to whats good for the people and to justify what the elite wants.
Secondly, as the document says, the perennial difficult issue of land, is once again being sidelined. To use Alisi Daurewa's words: we are the proverbial ostrich, burying our heads in the sand once again. This is probably the most important issue but the professor can only come up with barely a page of ideas which are, with respect, based on a fundamentally flawed presumption. And just in case you do not know where to look, google the Deed of Cession and there you will read that subject to a very few exceptions, the Fijians - iTaukei - own the land. Any attempt to dilute or diminish those rights and entitlements that come with onwership will do a grave injustice to the iTaukei. The leasing of their lands has diluted those rights and entitlements.
Some more innovative ideas are needed to get things right. To keep going the way we are going is to end up in turmoil once again.

Anonymous said...

Alisi Daurewa,

Boidada nomu vakamacala. At the end of the day you a usurper. Supporting an illegal regime.

Your views and theories can be put to a forum and debated by taukeis in a balanced manner but you chose to use a forum that suits the illegal AG and all kaidias alike. You are being used to suit their agenda but you do not realise it because you are so far up their asses.

By the way have you identified any group of people living in Fiji right now that can lay claim to being direct descendants of the lapita people? I challenge you to find them now! If not then your theory of Fijians having come from India is a big lie because the mere discovery of pottery at the Sigatoka sandhills attributed to the lapita people is not sufficient evidence. They could have drifted there from some other place.

The fact remains that the taukei are the first to arrive in Fiji. The Indians came later to plant sugarcane.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Tabuya as a lawyer you are supposed to know.

The fijian registry or VKB follows paternal lineage.

Only Fijians whose fathers are not known can be registered with their mother's mataqali.

As for your children they will not comply assuming of course that their father is known and is not a taukei.

tattifala said...

the photo : why isn't everyone dressed in the same way like a cult? and why isn't everyone sitted at the feet of the cult leader who should have been on a pedestal?
the ministry of propaganda is not doing a good job in marketing the coup cult!

Anonymous said...

How about this revealing piece of academic writing from the CC report:

The theme of ethnic integration was by no means universally—or even widely—endorsed. With
a few exceptions (mostly the smaller parties), political parties wanted to retain communal voting
(few understood what proportional representation meant, much less how it worked). Few
advocated power sharing governments. However, there were several submissions, many from the
youth and some from academics, which argued for a non-racial political system, starting with the
abolition of communal seats. They wanted “integration” extended beyond the electoral system,
to include structures of the government and even the merger of official iTaukei institutions with
main line ministries. They also suggested how the use of symbols (like the flag or representations
on the currency) could be used to promote national pride and unity. And language and
educational policies can both be used to promote inter-ethnic contacts...."

What does that tell us?
That the majority of the people do not want one man one vote. Period. But that does not fit in with the non negotiables. Is that a Constitution of the people for the people?
Notice the reference "there were several submissions, many from the
youth and some from academics, which argued for a non-racial political system, starting with the
abolition of communal seats".
Several? how many? more than three is several. And "many from the youth and some from academics" could mean the CC only received four at most five such submissions, three from the youth and two from the academics.
Is this a report from world renowed professional experts? You'v got to be joking.
And note also: They wanted “integration” extended beyond the electoral system,
to include structures of the government and even the merger of official iTaukei institutions with
main line ministries".
Who are they? The youth and academics I would suggest according to the Queen's English that I was taught at school.
Again who are these youth and academics, the whole FIVE of them to tell us? There goes your iTaukei administration destruction as advocated by Alisi Daurewa.
What a piece of unacademic dishonest misconceived misleading piece of writing. And we have paid millions for this crap? Honestly, when I read the document I cannot help but think, this is such an amateurish piece of propaganda, with lies and dishonest interpretations of what was honestly put by the poor people of Fiji before the CC. God help us please!!!

tattifala said...

The Constituent Assembly will be guided by... what the dictator demands.
all else is bullshith !!

Anonymous said...

Now that the ILLEGAL DISHONORABLE PM has decided to remove Her Majesty the Queen's effigy from our notes and coins, I wonder what he will replace with the badges of rank that he is wearing, the military are wearing, the Police are wearing and the Prisons are wearing???? May I suggest pips for coconuts [ because he is NUTTY], crowns for islands [because he has isolated us ], and, maybe rivers for stripes [because there is NO end to all this bullshit!]. That would really, really showcase our flora and fauna!!
To be fair dinkumm to the Royal Family, that too should be his priority!!
Furthermore, he should also IMMEDIATELY change all the BRITISH pomp and ceremony like parade formats, how to salute, how many gun salutes for state occasions to name a few!! Oh, and how about changing the military drill from British to Chinese INCLUDING the words of command!! AND, say, maybe saluting with the left hand as opposed to the right!!
What say people????????

Anonymous said...

This new constitution must not and will not be imposed on the Kai Viti.
They have now started to dismantle Kai Viti institutions in line with Alisi's deconstruct model. Its all a conspiracy from the beginning in line with Kaiyum thesis ie Kai Viti culture etc must have a sunset. Kai Viti as a group must be disengaged from state - idea is to divide and render them powerless as a group in the state and legal machineries.
The situation now is worse than being colonised. The British in fact saved the Kai Viti rather than what is now bandied by Tabuya, Alisi and other regime bitches.
Ke o Kai Viti dina, tekivu vakavakarau taki luvemu, nomu matavuvale, mataqali, koro, yavusa,,,,baleta sa yaco mai na gauna meda sa tucake.
Da vakarau vinaka baleta sa voleka sara,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Fijians own 90% of land, are in the koros, islands etc etc....
So how come ?? Cause they are the indigenous you stupid lialia Alisi ,,,read the definition in ILO 169 and UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples,,,,& they have a right to their institutions and to have a say in any changes,,,,,thats ratified by UN Gen Assembly ,,,,

deconstruct taka mada nomu sona ,,bring your ideas to Kai Viti forums not to AG Conf where 90% kaidia and kaivalagi participant ,,,,,rairai vakaloloma o kemuni na kai viti ni tu ena bose ya,,,,,WHAT A BUNCH OF PATHETIC LOSERS OF KAI VITIS.

Anonymous said...

Sobo ,,,,sa keimami madua saraga na Kai Kadavu kei na Kai Rewa na lasu levu sa mai kitaka tu oqo o Alisi,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Look at Alisi in the photo in the middle of all the kai dias,,,you have to wonder how she managed to squeze herself into there given her recent insignificance

Anonymous said...

It is a fact the Indians came here to develop the land and make Fiji a Progressive country.What Ms Alisi Daurewa is saying is a theory which is yet to be substantiated but it also is a theory which could be a fact.I am sure she did her research to have spoken on such a sensitive issue. Every fact starts with a theory nd she merely was expressing a theory. So lets discuss on the topic instead of calling names. Calling names is a fact (not a theory) which indicates one's mental status. Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

alisi had a very bad record at the last organisation she led with poor management record and even employing her own son. also feel sorry for her drug edict son and alcoholic hubby.

Anonymous said...

Lingham you maichod
If you Kaidia hadnt come businesses would still be developed but by the indigenous ,,,,look at countries which are fully indigenous ,,,they running their own countries and everything,,,
progress you maichod is not money only ,,,,
take alisi to tamil nadu with you saraka jutia

Anonymous said...

sobo ra yalewa (Alisi and Lynda Tabuya)me vinaka mada na matavuvale da qai mai vosa ena veika baleta na vanua,,,,,


Anonymous said...

This is what Lynda Tabuya (Access Director in USA), Alisi Daurewa's partner in crime, and husband Robert ran away from in the USA
Too many con men and women trying to tell Kai Viti what is good for us!!
Qai mada ki valenivo!!!

Third time's no charm for Rob Semaan and crew

Premium content from St. Louis Business Journal by Christopher Tritto
Date: Sunday, January 13, 2008,

Chief Executive Rob Semaan and several members of his management team must have experienced d�j� vu when Fig. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Jan. 7. They've been down this road before, having now overseen three local businesses that have gone bust in the past three years.

Semaan, 35, was a founding partner in Access U.S., which became one of the area's largest Internet service providers before filing for bankruptcy in 2004. He and the late Robert Moore, with whom he also built Fig., also founded the now-defunct software firm 321 Studios, which was forced to close in 2004, following lawsuits by movie studio and video game companies over DVD-copying software it had been selling.

Once a leading provider of cosmetic Lipodissolve fat-melting injections, Fig. went bust last month following two years of rapid expansion, a massive marketing push on radio, TV, print, direct mail and billboards, and hundreds of customer complaints to the Better Business Bureau. The company, headquartered in Maryland Heights with 18 centers across the country, abruptly shut down operations and laid off its more than 500 employees Dec. 7 after investment firm Bessemer Venture Partners of Larchmont, N.Y., made a last-minute decision against another round of funding to shore up Fig.'s finances.

Fig. officially filed papers in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Missouri this week. Its petition estimates both assets and liabilities in the range of $1 million to $100 million and includes a list of known creditors 11 pages long. An unknown number of patients -- possibly more than 10,000 based on Fig.'s estimated number of creditors -- also are seeking refunds for unsatisfactory Lipodissolve results and refunds of payments made for treatments that were never performed.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what happened to this property in US and why Robert and Lynda Tabuya fled back to Fiji????
FICAC should check out these 2 regime sapotas. But then FICAC only investigates regime opponents....zzzzzzzzzzzz

Software entrepreneur buys 4BD in Wildwood

by James Trotter, published March 14, 2007 ShareThis

Entrepreneur Robert Semaan and his wife, Lynda Tabuya, bought a four-bedroom, four bath at 17 Grand Meridien Forest in Wildwood for $1.875 million from John and Kristy Leach on Apr. 13, 2006.

The Leaches paid $280,000 for the property in Nov. 2003. The house was built in 2004.

Carla J. Borgard and Brett Borgard of Coldwell Banker Gundaker-Town and Country were the agents for the deal.

Mr. Semaan made national headlines from 2002-04 as a co-owner of St. Charles-based 321 Studios, a DVD copying software company that was sued by the Motion Picture Association of America for violation of copyright law.

Mr. Semaan, a native of Australia who moved to the United States in the mid-90's, also co-founded St. Louis-based Access US in 1995. Access US is one of the largest Internet Service Provider companies in the Midwest.

He received his law degree from Bond University in Sydney in 1995 and is a graduate of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Simi said...

Bainimarama said the Constituent Assembly would consist of the broadest possible cross-section of Fijian society. He said that to qualify as members of the Constituent Assembly, individuals and organisations would need to demonstrate that they represented a significant constituency in the country. Shouldn't this mean that Qarase and Chaudhry can participate? After all, between them, their constitutency is over ninety percent of the electorate.

Sitiveni said...

This is constitutional quackery.

If this is published, Yash Ghai's reputation is going straight into the mud, and the U.S. Institute for Peace should immediately separate Cristina Murray.

Mere said...

What a deeply dishonest document. Just in the first few
Ines we read the following:

'In 2006, there was a coup, after which a military-led government took over the running of the country.'

[No, in 2006, a treasonous military faction seized power from Fiji's democratically-elected multi-party government and ever since has been running Fiji into the mud.]

'At first the government, led by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, operated under the 1997 Constitution.'

[No, at first the coup perpetrators, led by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, PRETENDED to operate under the 1997 Constitution. When they illegally abrogated the Constitution in April 2009, it was clear they had been planning this treasonous act for months.]

Another -- '...no fundamental values and principles ...govern the contents or procedures for making decrees.'

[No, fundamental values and principles do govern the contents and procedures of the regime's decrees. Governing the contents and procedures of every decree is the principle of nonaccountability and the value of self-preservation of Commodore Bainimarama and his coup accomplices.]

This isn't a draft constitution. This is UNconstitutional bunk!

Anonymous said...

Alisi Daurewa, the deconstruction of the iTaukei is happening now, under this illegal regime, with the help of academic toadies.

The Heckler said...

iTaukei...primarily are a mixed breed of Melanesian and Polynesian, added to which, Martian, if it can be proven that the Lapita people were space merchants from Mars.

V for Vendetta said...

WARNING! This document was created by an unconstitutional body using unconstitutional methods for unconstitutional purposes. Participation in an unconstitutional Constituent Assembly is extraconstitutional and therefore treasonous.

Treason is a heinous crime without a statute of limitation for prosecution. In most countries it is treated as a capital offense, often punishable by death, customarily by hanging.

Anonymous said...

The Commission's document claims that the declaration of Fiji as a Christian country is against the wishes of a majority of Fiji's Christians. Now, how could the Commission possibly know that? Did they poll Fiji's Christians on this question? Did I miss a plebescite on this issue?

Ganesh said...

According to the so-called draft constitution, if a vote of no confidence fails, then no more votes of no confidence can be called for the following six months. Hasn't this commission of supposed constitutional experts learned from countries with this practice that it is often abused by the ruling party? The party in power simply has an ally call for a vote of no confidence during periods when it cannot lose, in order to inoculate itself against another such vote for the following six months.

Anonymous said...

Alisi Daurewa is one of the many lawyers in Fiji schooled in Vanuatu. They walk around like they know so much but useless in the court room and procedures of court. She worked for AK Narayan for a short stint and he put her up as a lover in one of his own apartments until he got tobo and she moved to Suva after that.

tattifala said...

@ mere
an excellent debunking of this phony constitution document. it is an attempt to whitewash the fact that fiji is under a military junta that trashed the country's constitution and is manufacturing a new constitution to provide itself immunity from prosecution for treason.
just because someone is a professor and a constitution expert does not mean he is a repository of knowledge and wisdom and without bias and personal agenda. good on you mere for casting a critical eye on the bullshitting packed in that Unconstitutional crap.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to The Heckler for puncturing the logic to Alisi Daurewa's argument by revealing it for the empty tautology it is.

Chodo banau said...


we need more sex and chodo banau between Indos and kaiviti to release social, political, sexual tensions, what say? More mixed breed offspring needed.

Elijah said...

I do not support the 2006 coup one bit...that I cant change. But one thing I will try to change, and that is my future; and so goes the following:

For those of us Indigenous Fijians...I think we should stop feeling insecure and start thinking outside our comfort zone. I give 100% support to a fellow Indigenous person who dares to step out of our riddled and corrupt past (much due to the colonialists)and suggest theories that provoke our current understanding of things. I personally did not know that my forefathers were subjected to a heavily regulated system for over 90 years, which saw fortunate Indigenous people (such as the "chosen ones" from Bau)take the high posts in the administration. I always thought Sir Arthur Gordon's Native Policy was to protect us Indigenous. To an extent - it may have but having lived and still living through an era which sees Indigenous people lagging behind in most facets of today's society, I totally agree with Alisi's theory that we may need to deconstruct our indigenous administration so that we can realign ourselves towards a better future. At the end of the day, we do not want to see our children and descendants suffer the same disadvantage that we are facing.


N.B can we stop the curses and name-calling, I think we should be critiquing the issue or theory and not the person because at the end, we may hide behind our anonymous fronts but just remember your Lord God hears your thoughts and watches your hands as they curse while typing. As God reminds in the Book of Genesis "And I will curse him who curses you."

Anonymous said...

Yalewa Lialia ni na Sauca.

Keimami sa mai madua Alisi na kai Kadavu ena nomu dau vosa viavia vuku. Tovolea ma daga mo lako wasoma ki nomu koro me rawa ni kila vinaka kina na vosa va kadavu. Bloody sus madrai qai half school.
Se qai caka master toka la ena noa qai vakacava ni sa oti na Mistress.

Anonymous said...

Alisi....totoka na tabetabe.....luveni dosi o iko!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly which part of your life is being regulated?
How exactly do you want the Fijian Admin to be reorganised?
You and Alisi are talking theories and not practical. The Fijian admin is set up to align with the social structures at the village levels. It doesnt apply in the urban areas where you and alisi reside. You cannot just come in and set up somethng which destabalises the social structure. That will cause huge chaos and you know the social ills which follow. If you want change, then work with those in the system ie from village level upwards to float your ideas and see how it goes from there.
No use pontificating from some urban big show meetings cause thats where it wiil stay.
So come on you and Alisi organise the Kai Vitis for consultations with you 2 and we will see how it goes. No use making all these public statements if you yourselves cant even get the Kai Vitis to listen to you.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 4:50
Thank you Aiyaz for getting on this blog site and telling us more of your tatti bullshit.
We can smell you from a mile off.

Anonymous said...

Why deconstruct? Why not modify the
Fijian Admin? Maybe we should ask Alisi opinion-why?why? why?

Elijah said...

Good contribution @ Anonymous 6.36pm Dec 13:

But the thing is - I believe this deconstruction or modification (as Anonymous 6.52 Dec 14 suggested) will need to take place gradually as it is vital to see that every issue is considered during the process. It may take years and years to achieve this. As for consultation, I cannot say that I have done the practical yards for fear of being subjected to this Govt's authority BUT I can safely say that as a person born and bred in the village - I was told not to go against the current and that silence and obedience were the key virtues that our Chiefs wanted. This, as a result, saw much hardship faced by my brothers and sisters in all the respective mataqalis in my village. The call of the vanua in times of soli (which is honorable but most of the time becomes opposite when corrupt Chiefs are leading) became an onerous task. The gap between our Chiefs and us commoners became apparent and firm. They got the full cream of every cake while my family and I would be fortunate to have tasted the crumbs off the crust of the cake.

So when Alisi came up with this theory - it only reinforced principles in my mind and I surely hope that it (her theory) is fully realized.

Anonymous said...

OMG! If Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna were
to return today, he would have certainly been very highly disappointed? The man had single handedly build an Utopia house for
Fijian? Yet the generation whom he had entrusted the house key to, were either too busy looking after their personal welfare, or just don't have
the smart, to read & modify his(Sukuna) blue prints? And now it's coming
down to the wire,and this young Fijian Generation,although can read the blue print but just doesn't seems to care about rebuilding their Utopia,but they'd rather
destroy it completely? As guardians
of this blue print,we the Fijians,need to continue to cleanup
our house, and modify the rooms in order to meet new demands & new requirements? Lets not be too fast
in trying to destroy our old house,
let's add a new wing or add another floor?

Professor Crimestopper said...

Ok,ok..now we can see that all this coup is about is Bainigirl still attempting to run away from prosecution in 2006. Same shit rearing its ugly head in this new so called "coconut constitution".

My proposal is, if Bainigirl and his domisonas want immunity then we should give pardons to everyone in Fiji's history who have been convicted in court and jailed, give amnesty to anyone facing trial for any crime up until 2014 and give immunity for everyone who commits a future crime in Fiji.

That way, everyone will be equal.."above the law" and the government can save money by getting rid of the Police, Courts and so forth...

Maybe that bothy Semi meo, can type this out and go to Fiji to present to Coconut constitution chief monkey..Pio Staybyhimself.

Anonymous said...

Bothy semi Meo is a runaway, he refuses time and time again to say why he ran away from Fiji, so no point in asking him to return to Fiji. Besides he's got a cushy job in Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

Anon Dec 12, 532pm.
Salute with the left with the right thumb stuck up,,,you know where!!!That will be a sight!!!

Anonymous said...

alisi daurewa is not as lawyer, but a bubu who is yet to complete her masters degree which is taking many years to complete.

Anonymous said...

Alisi Daurewa is not a lawyer? She
is a grandmama????She's still doing her Master at USP? for how many years now?
Well,well,well, my dear Alisi you've certainly done well for your
self but when you started making unsupported theory pertaining to Fijian origin (from India?)i give
you my middle finger salute and hope that you're not a lunatic assholes?

Anonymous said...

Alisi Daurewa's proposal is not about deconstruction. It is about absolute destruction.

Unknown said...

Speak truth always..