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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Aussie magistrate calls Fiji's top judiciary duo 'jungle bunnies'

SHORT WELCOME: Bullard with Epeli Nailatikau.
The charade and hypocrisy continues with one of the regime's newly-anointed today bizarrely tackling Fiji lawyers about basic protocols like not lying to their clients.

The acting chief registrar, Mohammed Saneem, has told the 14th attorney general's conference in Natadola that lawyers must also 'not tell their clients their case is progressing when it is stacked on the shelf.'

The implications of the huge backlog is in itself interesting, more so coming from Saneem who was singled out recently by the Australian magistrate, Greg Bullard, as one of those who was despicable to him during his short stint in Suva.

Saneem has told lawyers at the conference to respond to emails or phone calls within 48 hours.

The acting president of the Fiji Court of Appeal, Justice William Calanchini, has also made a big deal about the basics reminding lawyers to be in robes for court sittings.

But as Bullard, who was dismissed after just a month with the Fiji judiciary has revealed in a second letter, those running the judiciary have motives for the way they are doing things.

Bullard, a former legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, was bundled out of Suva after challenging the independence of the Legal Practitioners Unit and the abnormal practice of judicial officers being beholden to the Chief Justice' and the illegal attorney general.

Here is his second letter on what happened:

Dear Legal Practitioners of Fiji,
The reasons for my termination were never given by the Attorney General. This may clarify some of the reasons. Some of my observations overlap and cannot properly be delineated into their own sub-heading. Where this occurs, I will put include both parts that“dovetail”.  Parts 1 and 2 fall into this category.
Part 1.
Resources of the Legal Practitioners Unit (LPU)
During my first week in my role as Head of the LPU, it was clear that the Chief Justice and the Chief Registrar were not interested in adhering to the provision of resources that had been allocated and approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC) in June 2012. The Chief Registrar and Chief Justice were using the allocated staff members for their own purposes.
The staffing model, as approved by the PSC, allowed for 17 staff. The LPU offices had space for 6. There was close to 1000 open files at this point in time. Many of these complaints that I reviewed could be described as vexatious. They appeared to be unresolved to allow the Chief Justice recourse against the named legal practitioners. There was no other obvious reason that these files were still “open”. 
Of the 17 staff, I did not get to meet half of them. The Chief Registrar, under the direction of the Chief Justice, had them seconded “elsewhere”. The Chief Justice utilised the legal officers for unrelated tasks. Of the existing staff, there were some new starters. After they had received some basic instruction, they were then moved elsewhere within the Judicial Department. There was no consistency. There was no stability. 
The Unit had been allocated 5 legal officers. Two had experience within the unit, whilst  three were new graduates. However, all five were capable and displayed sound legal skills. The three recent graduates were highly intelligent, highly competent and highly motivated. 
Four of the five legal officers were often called away to perform “other tasks”, by the Chief Registrar and the Chief Justice. This was disruptive to say the least. The Chief Registrar controlled staff movement. It became evident within a short period of time, that he was setting the LPU up for failure, by not allowing them to undertake their LPU duties on a full-time basis. 
The LPU also had access to two offices at the ILSC building for use on hearing days. This was not a problem as the Commissioner only attended the ILSC for hearings. We had no choice but to utilise this space to continue in our tasks. This was stopped in my third week by Commissioner Madigan. 
I appreciate that in Fiji things work differently to what I am used to. However, his goes further than mere resources. This to me was a clear undermining of the proper functioning of the LPU by the Chief Justice and the Chief Registrar. Whilst the proper resourcing was seen by the Prime Minister as part of this critical reform, it became clear by the actions of the Chief Registrar and the Chief Justice that they did not share his view. 
I recall a meeting with the Chief Registrar and the Chief Justice. I said words to the effect:
What you are asking me to do is like emptying a swimming pool with a cup, in the rain. I can build a pump. 
Their response was:
We want you to use a cup.
It was at this point that I felt I had been set up to fail. All of my proposals, both administrative and legal, were ignored.  However, I did provide the Chief Registrar, with a “blue print” of what was required to “build a pump”. I sincerely hope he puts these proposals into action. 
Further, I requested that I be given an instrument of delegation, to save running even basic correspondence to the Chief Registrar for signing. This was a matter of poor practices and “double-handling” that was affecting the efficiency of the unit. The Chief Registrar asked me to draft the instrument. After consultation with the Chief Justice, this request was declined by the Chief Registrar.  It became glaringly obvious, at that stage, that the Chief Justice was the de-facto head of the Legal Practitioners Unit and my role was basically redundant. This “flies in the face” of the discussions that took place between myself and the Chief Justice, prior to me coming to Fiji. It was clear that the role he described to me was never going to eventuate. 
Part 2.
The Secretary of the Independent Legal Services Commission (ILSC)
In my first week on the job, it became clear that we needed to utilise the two offices in the ILSC building as we had insufficient space in the LPU offices to perform our functions and duties, properly.

In my first week, the Secretary of the ILSC, approached myself and two LPU legal officers to inform us that she had matters before the court in the next month. Her concern was that the legal practitioner who was engaged in her matter, had been suspended from practice for five years. She informed us that she had no receipt for monies paid and no bill of costs for work performed. This person (the Secretary of the ILSC) works within the justice system. She has facilitated potential VAT and income tax liability circumvention. A crime in its own right.

I invited her to lodge a complaint with the LPU and informed her that I would send a legal officer to assist her with the drafting of the complaint. I informed her that this would happen within two weeks. She was worried for her own part in the cash payments. I assured her that her willingness to come forward and disclose this fact, would be taken into full account. When two legal officers of the LPU sought to assist her in drafting the complaint she refused. Her verbal complaint to me was noted and ignored by the Chief Registrar. Section 99(2) of the Legal Practitioners Decree 2009, states:
            (2) A complaint under subsection (1) may be made orally or in writing.

The Chief Registrar refused to formalise the oral complaint. Further section 100(1) of the LPD states:
100.—(1) The Registrar may investigate the conduct of a legal practitioner or a law  firm or any employee or agent of any practitioner or any law firm, if the Registrar has reason to believe that the conduct may amount to professional misconduct or unsatisfactory professional conduct, even though no complaint has been made about the conduct or a complaint made under section 99 by any person or entity has been withdrawn.(emphasis added)

The Chief Registrar refused to invoke his powers under this section.

In my second week on the job (after her initial approach), I approached her to ascertain her willingness to assist the LPU. She informed me that Commissioner Madigan was aware of her potential complaint and the fact that she was the client of the legal practitioner who had recently been before the ILSC, and suspended. This caused me immediate and grave concern, as the Commissioner was clearly conflicted, both as a matter of fact and according to the principles enshrined in the “Code of Conduct” handbook. He should have recused himself from hearing any matter involving this Legal Practitioner.

After this meeting, I received the following letter from Commissioner Madigan. (see attached letter dated 17 October 2012). I had been in the job for 7 days at this point in time.

The letter is a complete fabrication by the Secretary of the ILSC and supported in full by the Commissioner. The conversation involved only myself and the Secretary. There were no witnesses to the conversation.  In the third paragraph of that letter Madigan states:
GATES: 'Jungle Bunny'
MADIGAN: 'Jungle bunny'.
I am astonished that you should approach my Secretary with an accusation without my leave…..

Commissioner Madigan acted on unsubstantiated hearsay without first discussing the matter with me, thereby denying me any natural justice and procedural fairness. It is clear that he does not understand these principles of justice. Madigan had carbon copied the letter to the Chief Registrar and the Chief Justice. This is a person who is a High Court judge in Fiji, accepting hearsay as fact. His close working relationship with his Secretary gives rise to a clear conflict of interests.  The irony, in this context, is crushing.

Secondly, we were not in court. I do not comprehend the reason for the Commissioner wanting me to seek his “leave” to speak with a complainant of the LPU.

It was at this stage that I realised my position was untenable. The Chief Registrar and the Chief Justice took no action against the Commissioner. It was clear that I was being “isolated”. However, I do not run from adversity.

Later, I gathered evidence to support a recusal application against the Commissioner from hearing any more of the Legal Practitioners matters, as there was clearly a perception of bias through a conflict of interests. I raised the issue with the Chief Registrar, who said words to the effect:

It makes no difference. Madigan is going to find against him (the Legal Practitioner)   in the stay application. What’s the problem?

This conversation took place prior to the hearing of the Legal Practitioners stay application hearing. None of this excuses the actions of the said Legal Practitioner. However, these matters should be conducted with fairness and transparency to the accused and to safeguard the results, that is preventing grounds for an appeal. These concepts appear to be foreign to the Chief Justice, the Chief Registrar and the Commissioner.

The only legal practitioner in Fiji, whose matters the Commissioner should not preside over, is the very Legal Practitioner, in question. Surely another High Court Judge could have been seconded to preside over this matter. Not according to the Chief Justice. I urged the Chief Justice to speak with the Commissioner and ask him to stand down himself, to save him being embarrassed and humiliated, if the LPU were to make the recusal application.

The Chief Justice refused this proposal and vetoed the LPU from making its own application for recusal. My advice and legal analysis were again rejected by the Chief Justice. I was unable to make any decisions pursuant to transparency, accountability and integrity. This overwhelmingly confirmed that the Chief Justice was running the LPU. The Chief Justice controls the legal profession in Fiji. This is a travesty of justice and a shameless grab for power and control by him.

After the above issues unfolded, I withdrew from receiving any more directions of the Chief Registrar (in effect the Chief Justice). Under the terms of my contract  [clause 2 (b)], I was to accept the directions of the Chief Registrar OR the Permanent Secretary for Justice.

Please note, this clause does not state and/or. Legally speaking, it is one or the other and cannot be both.

In my third week, after it became patently clear that my integrity would be compromised if I received any further direction from the Chief Registrar), I presented at the office of Ms Vuniwaqa, the acting Permanent Secretary for Justice. She did not give me any direction whatsoever. I then wrote to the Prime Minister seeking direction from him as I did not know where I stood.

Prior to my departure on 3 November 2012, the Prime Minister was too busy to see me. I informed him in that letter, that I would return to Fiji and present in his office on 12 November for the purpose of receiving further direction as I could not accept the directives of the Chief Registrar and the Permanent Secretary for Justice refused to direct me.

Upon returning to Fiji on 8 November 2012 (at my own expense as the Chief Registrar had not booked my flights), I was arrested at Nadi Airport by Fiji Airways staff/agents and Immigration officials. I was “escorted” to the Melanesian Hotel, in Nadi, by Fiji Airways staff/agents and placed under guard. I was refused the right to contact anyone by any means. I was held for 21 hours.

As my residency status had not been formalised, I had returned to Fiji as an Australian tourist for a two week stay. I intended to watch the Remembrance Day March (my Grandfather gave his life to defend the South Pacific), see the Prime Minister and return to Sydney. I am now banned for life from entering Fiji. No explanation has been given to me for this arbitrary arrest and detention, by anyone. I can no longer holiday in Fiji with my family as I have been doing for many years. My Fijian friends have been taken from me, courtesy of the Chief Justice.

As the Prime Minister and the Attorney General have not responded to any of my correspondence, I have been forced to seek Australian political intervention to secure the return of my barrister’s blue bag (containing my testamurs, my silks, my bar jacket, my jabot, my wig and my laptop computer and bag containing personal documents (approximately $7000 AUD in value). These items are currently housed in the Prime Minister’s Office. I left these items in that location to prevent them from being confiscated on my departure on 3 November 2012.

Please remember, I have no vested interest in supplying this information. It is impossible for me to return to Fiji in any event. I left without my personal property and my contractual entitlements. However, I left with my integrity and honour in tact, which unlike my personal property are irreplaceable.

No doubt this letter will be sent to a blog site. It is the prerogative of any recipient to do what they will with this correspondence. It has been emailed to legal practitioners in Fiji only. I have done this to preserve my undertaking that what happens in Fiji stays in Fiji. These observations, which are gleaned from my role as Head of the LPU are for Fijian eyes only, so you are acutely aware of what is happening in your justice system, if you are not already. They do not form part of the information provided to politicians in Australia.

I expect a great deal of criticism from bloggers. That is fine. I would fight tooth and nail to protect such persons rights to express their views. I have come to appreciate freedom of speech in a more profound way in recent weeks. I would fight to preserve the right for any person to verbally attack this correspondence. We should all enjoy the right to express our views, provided such expressions are objective and lacking in personal and subjective abuse.

The AG comes in for a lot of criticism. However, a “politician” is only as good as his legal counsel. The Chief Justice is that counsel. Any derision people have for the AG deserves to be levelled at the Chief Justice in equal portion.

In Australia, oversight and the investigative functions thereof,  are often conducted by interstate and expatriated persons. This is done to preserve accountability, transparency and integrity. However, as I discovered in my short stint, Fiji has some highly talented lawyers. There is no need for expatriated judicial officers in Fiji. Those days are over. It appears that those remaining have nowhere else to go and are taking draconian steps to make themselves and their friends, immovable.

Gates and Madigan were the only “jungle bunnies” I encountered in Fiji. It remains to be seen if anyone has the will to stop him.  I will consider my next correspondence (if any) in due course. There are more events that need to be brought under the spotlight of scrutiny.  Gates and Madigan should be brought to account.

All it takes for evil to flourish is good men to stand by and do nothing.

Greg Bullard
Former Head of the LPU


Coup 4.5 said...

A country’s check and balance mechanism in its judiciary provides a lot of security, dependability and constancy through redress, amendment or compensation. It needs to stand alone independently, free of influence, wheedling or intimidation.

In recent times, we have witnessed Fiji’s legal system emaciated to the point of ridicule and concern by one person and probably a few more behind the scene. The International body, IBA tried, in some way to intervene or offer assistance in bringing this ruling apparatus of our nation to a reliable position as its reputation was being decimated by controversy, non-transparent associations with a few names connected to these transgressions

The most recent case of the Fiji Times being fined close to half a million dollars and its editor facing six months jail time is a clear indication of our judiciary being manipulated by the governing illegal regime. This should not come as a surprise to us as Justice William Marshall and Magistrate Greg Bollard have stringently judged their former employer in released documents of their partiality, and heavy handed dealing of these enforcers/guardians of the law. There were also Sri Lankan magistrates who left in disgust with the way they were coerced or intimidated into making impetuous verdicts

In all the years since 1987, our justice system has stood on its own and judges and magistrates deliberated on the strength of the ruling Constitution. This cemented its position of trust and conviction where the populace could have a glimmer of hope and reliance that the system is there to protect one’s right to be heard.

The coup of 2006 saw this Institution, for the first time get involved in government putting itself in a position where it could be questioned and more disturbingly, a biased position. The removal of Justice Daniel Fatiaki was one that had people scratching their heads, also questioning who was behind the removal. From there, what followed was a circus where LAW was stretched, invented, bent and lost in translation, even non-existent at times.

Sri Lankan magistrates and judges came and went, Justice Gate’s ruling came in right and went out wrong, magistrates came, used, before being shown the door and decrees piled on one another in an effort to compensate for the deteriorating economy, anxiety, unemployment, a desperate struggle to hold on to power and the undeniable search for legitimacy.

A few questions I have for these highly accomplished individuals whose oath is to the Constitution.

How can they operate or uphold the law if there is no Constitution? How can a fair judgement be passed if the fundamental footing of that judgement is non-existent? How do they see the liberty and welfare of the party/parties who are at the end of their decision based on the fact that there is no Constitution? The interpretations they have are based on what context of what law?

I will leave moral compass and conscience out of my list of queries but I would like to state my observation, that Khaiyum and Bainimarama’s push for a Secular state seem to agree with the way they have built their illegal regime’s reputation. They make laws to suit their illegal governance and the people they have put in positions to administer their rules have fallen from the “grace” this occupation of trust affords.

The latest swearing of magistrates and judges have seen some individuals born in the coup culture period take up legal offices around the country. One just has to ask, what experience or skills will these youngsters employ when they are judging or deciding on one‘s future and liberty.

There is not too much else to decimate in Fiji, even the rugby team is feeling the impact of this anarchy. What I would like to know is, how much more can they destroy and how much room they still have to move around in.

By Suliasi Daunitutu

V for Vendetta said...

Mr. Bullard's testimony leaves little doubt but that the LPU is in fact a tool for judicial harassment of legal practitioners out of favour with the regime -- i.e., any practitioners who still have scruples.

Little is more despicable than a dishonest judge. Gates is the Chief Injustice and deserves to hang for his many crimes.

Anonymous said...

Bullard is right. People like Gates, Madigan, Pryde, etc., try to make themselves immovable in Fiji, because they would never be hired by any reputable firm overseas.

Guess Who? said...

there are just a group of people who are regular visitors of C4.5, who comment and against our Bainimarama Govt.

We go through the post and articles, you are the same group of people, commenting on each posts, less than 1000, we believe, are you enough to divert our victory which is eminent in the coming elections? NO!!!

Call us what you may, but you cant change anything with your bunch of bloggers.

Whole of Fiji and abroad know that we have done more good than the worse in the time of Qarase and Choudhary.

So, yes, please keep on the negative comments on, which is only on the web, more than 3/4 of Fiji's Population dont even know who C4.5 is.

Care to reply to this, if you have the guts to...or will you just delete the comment?

By this time you could just guess who we are?

Moses Cakobau said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Moses Cakobau said...

16 Points to know that you are living under tyranny or the Dictator/Dick-tator.

Read it here.

Good for people who dont know the illegal regimes propaganda or their honey combed coverups and blame games, such as the FNPF going bankcrupt in 50 years.

Anonymous said...

You are a good man Mr Bullard.
When Democracy returns, you and your family will be welcome back to Fiji.
The Fiji of the Future needs people like you.

Unfortunately your trust in the present Illegal Prime Minister is a bit misplaced.

Didn't you know that he is the ring-leader of this circus.
He himself got there illegally.
I can't believe you actually trust him!
With such a leader it's not surprising that the Attorney General and Chief Justice etc are all acting illegaly.

Anyway, your experience is beneficial to us all and I'm sure to DFAT as well.

The Fiji Government and its leadership are all in so much shit that it would be illogical to think that they would allow free and fair elections in 2014.

Anyone who thinks that there will be free and fair elections in 2014 must be dreaming.
That would include Mr Bob Carr, Mr McCully and Mrs Clinton.

I think these people should stop burying their heads in the sand and do the right thing,
ie military intervention.

-Valataka na Dina.

tattifala said...

@Guess who
so how many people commenting on the C4.5 blog in support of "our Bainimarama Govt"?
two million?

Anonymous said...

Guess who? There's no need to guess because we all know you're licking Bocimarama's ass and balls.

tattifala said...

how did "Fiji's top judiciary duo" become Fiji's top judiciary duo?
who appointed them? was it constitutional and lawful?
Or, were they handpicked because they backed the coup makers?

Anonymous said...

First Fiji settlers linked to Tamil Nadu India...Saturday Times...interesting...according to the Archaeologist finding....wonder why Khaiyum wanted to highlight that in the media

tattifala said...

@ Guess who
let me guess. you dropped out of school because you found it hard to cope intellectually. then you joined the army because the repetitive drills and that sort of thing was more within your intellectual scope. then with the coup you got promoted to promote " our Bainimarama Govt" because atleast you had some schooling even if it is quite third rate. how's my guess?

Warlord said...

Stupid aussie...why doesn't he read the writings on the wall before getting burned inside Frank's kitchen!!

Anonymous said...

to Suliasi Dainitutu
you summary of the legal syatem is laughable...you are not serious,right?you saying the justice system before 2006 coup was independant?Really?
what a load of crap...daniel fatiaki was sworn in illegally and it was very apperant whose side he was on along wih timoci tuivaga.
come on bro,who are you trying to hoodwink.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.18pm. I heard its to support claims by "later migrants" to Fiji that they have equal rights claim to ownership of native land in Fiji.

Does anyone remember that speech by Nahzat Shameem at an ECREA function (was her 1st speech after Constitution was thrown out in 2009) where she said they belonged to the land which their fathers toiled or something like that?

Was surprising that not a single mention in that speech of the throwing out the 1997 Constitution (after the Court of Appeal said takeover was illegal). Only about strong connection between Indo-Fijians and Fijian land. She emphasised very strongly that you cannot separate Indo-Fijians from the land under their feet.

What is the reason behind this kind of thinking?

Were Indo-Fijians being chased out of Fiji back to India?

Was there a sense of entitlement by the tenant that the land their fathers toiled rightly belonged to them? Did they think they earned the right to equal ownership or partnership of native land?

Did they feel marginalised by Fiji's native land tenure system under the NLTB?

Is that the reason why ALTA was structured in a way that whole generations of i-taukei easily lost use of their own land if tenant wanted to remain there because provisions in ALTA could easily extend their leases indefinitely.

Kavi said...

Guess Who, we don't really care who you are, as you're all a bunch of nobodies.

We have the guts to comment, now why don't you cowards have the guts to hold elections?

You cowards try to arrest and intimidate anyone who will run against your traitor-in-chief, and in the end you'll still need to 'postpone' or steal the elections because you're so widely detested.

mark manning said...

Something stinks in Fiji, and it's not the curry.

Fijiana said...

Wow what a joke!!! This should not be a "request" but it should demanded of every Lair oops!!! sorry I mean a Lawyer. Where is the professional ethics???? Any Lair (Lawyer) that misrepresents to his clients should be suspended immediately suspended pending investigation. He/she should not be allowed to practice law till that individual is cleared of all wrong doings.

Unfortunately in Fiji the principal of "It's not what you know but who you blow" is quite prevalent.

Lawyers requested not to lie to clients
Publish date/time: 08/12/2012 [17:09]

The Acting Chief Registrar Mohammed Saneem told lawyers attending the second day of the 14th Attorney Generals Conference at Natadola not to lie to clients and not tell them the case is progressing when it is stacked on the shelf.

Saneem told the lawyers at the Conference to respond to emails or phone calls within 48 hours.

In addition he requested all legal practitioners to read the Legal Practitioners Decree before 2013 and that a business license will be required next year.

Meanwhile, Acting President of the Fiji Court of Appeal, Justice William Calanchini reminded lawyers the simple rule that when a Judge wears black in a court sitting, lawyers must wear robes.

He added there should not be an ex parte communication with the Fiji Court of Appeal before a case is heard but the matter must be addressed to the registrar of the Fiji Court of Appeal.

Justice Calanchini highlighted since 2008 all court proceedings are heard in court rooms and no longer in chambers where it was inappropriate and not transparent.

Coup 4.5 said...

A president can give himself all the (extra unconstitutional) powers he wants to give himself as the Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi is apparently intent on doing. But if the people park themselves outside the presidential palace to protest the president's power grab, then it is unlikely that the President would get a chance to exercise the extra powers he has given himself - outside of the country's constitution and judicial court of review.
The irony is he might even lose the powers he currently has!
There are many cases where the people have got rid of their presidents who gave themselves too much power and became dictatorial.
In Egypt's case the example is still quite fresh. It's astounding that President Mursi should not have it in the front of his mind.
President Mursi is ignoring the reaction of the Egyptian people at his own political peril.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Mohd Saneem,Nazat Shame-meem,Gates,Madgun,Pryde, were all hob nobbing in Natadola.Saneem spoke a lot of shit--like a cranky headmaster with a big stick--spoke down to senior lawyers as if they were all crooks about to be sent to gas chambers.Said he would prosecute lawyers if they charged more than 10% even if the lawyers were out of pocket in douing cases for clients.Aiarse Khaiyum--as usual-arrogant,pompous,showing off his body guards in a surreptitious manner.The Idiot--tried to justify his decrees---in most illogical manner.Unfortunately no one openly said the King had no clothes--was stark naked. In private--everyone said it when the hangers -on were not listening ,.

Anonymous said...

Mohd Saneem,Nazat Shame-meem,Gates,Madgun,Pryde, were all hob nobbing in Natadola.Saneem spoke a lot of shit--like a cranky headmaster with a big stick--spoke down to senior lawyers as if they were all crooks about to be sent to gas chambers.Said he would prosecute lawyers if they charged more than 10% even if the lawyers were out of pocket in douing cases for clients.Aiarse Khaiyum--as usual-arrogant,pompous,showing off his body guards in a surreptitious manner.The Idiot--tried to justify his decrees---in most illogical manner.Unfortunately no one openly said the King had no clothes--was stark naked. In private--everyone said it when the hangers -on were not listening ,.

Sotia Dina said...

@Guess who,
Only people with No principle in life will support the following,
1.Who lied to the people of Fiji and the world that No military personnel will benefit from the illegal take over?

2. Who master minded the killing of the innocent former CRW solders?
3.Who appointed her own daughter and free his Brother in law from Jial?

3. Who uder the advise of snake head Khaiyum took over the Chairmanship of Fiji Hadwood Corpoartion so that they can access all under table dealings and this applies to the Bauxite mining in Bua
4. Who colluded with snake head Khaiyum and force Boarder Officers to turn a blind eye on some underworld investors?

5. Who is responsible of the death of hundreds of civil servants and sufferings of their children and family because of forced retirement age of 55?

6. Who is trying to cover up his sickness but it usually cme and go and has 40 body guards to proteck him?

6. Who is the most hatred man in Fiji?

Plus m,any more and Guess who?

Anonymous said...

Issuance of Practicing Certificate for lawyers will now be dependant on the issuing of Business Licence by the City or Town Council in which that lawyer practices.

In effect, the Town and City Special Administrators will now decide which lawyer is allowed to practice and which lawyer will not be allowed to practice in his or her city or town.

This is something that will be unqiue to Fiji. No other Commonwealth jurisdiction makes it mandatory that a Business Licence be obtained as prerequiste to a Lawyer being granted a Practicing Certificate

Anonymous said...

Bainida ga na da

Anonymous said...

Remember people,you kaiviti originally come to Fiji from Tamil
in India????????OMG! What else is next? According to the Chinese, the
Lauan originate from Lao in China!WTF...any new observation?

Anonymous said...

fiji court system is called money /bunny khaiyum court.khaiyum never fought the case and now want to be a big f all ag.
time will come when you all will end up in jail.
time for lawyers , magistrates and judges to go on strike if you uphold the law and leal 1997 constitution.
enough of khaiyum crap.
muslim ruling fiji in all govt boards and others.
fijian amy and police are sleeping and been used by khaiyum to enrich them.

tattifala said...

@mark manning
"something stinks in fiji,and it's not the curry"
but it has the same colour!
brown.for its size fiji produces a disportionate amount of brown matter and yes the fiji juduciary is responsible for a large part of it.all the british colonial type attire and language laced with courtesy cannot hide the stink emanating from the fiji judiciary.

Question Mark Gusu said...

Guess Who@3.38pm Not hard to work out who you are. You are the try hard who usually blogs under Anonymous and who always ends your sentences in a question mark - even when you don't need one.

Coup 4.5 said...

Nardeo Mishra is lying when he says " we have decided to get rid of the Queen's face from our notes" (fiji Sun 7/12).
We did not decide that . Our military rulers did.
Is this the same Nardeo Mishra who was a loyal supporter of the Fiji soccer dictator Dr Shamsudean Sahu Khan?
Rajend Naidu

tattifala said...

@ Guess who
one big mistake the likes of you are making is to come to the C4.5 blog to intellectualise.you lot should stick to doing what you do best : bullying and intimidating and brutalising unarmed citizens who have the courage to criticise the ILLEGAL regime.
now go and do your press ups and dabe tucake so that you are fit to do what you do best.

Jone said...

Fijiana @10:28 PM

I am with you 110%. Yes the judiciary in Fiji sucks. It is not only the judiciary but also other bodies such as LTA, Police, Water Department to name a few. They operate under the law of jungle in Fiji. Corruption is out of control. The attitude of the professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants has a lot to be desired.

It is going to take someone with heavy fist to bring the country back to where it was in late 50s and early 60s. Which was really a Paradise to live in.

Anonymous said...

Gandu Saneem is a big liar himself.
He should pay the first fine. Kutia.

Fijiana said...

This sort of statements never ceases to amuse me.

"A red alert 24 hour response remains in place and police officers throughout the divisions have been briefed that incidents of this nature should be investigated thoroughly" Should this not be a policy of the police to investigate all cases thoroughly?

Labasa farmer charged with rape
Publish date/time: 09/12/2012 [12:07]

A 52-year-old farmer of Labasa has been charged with one count of rape of a 39-year-old woman.

The incident occurred on Wednesday where it is alleged the victim was sexually abused by the suspect while she was asleep at her sister’s house after lunch.

The farmer is expected to appear in Labasa Magistrates Court tomorrow.

A red alert 24 hour response remains in place and police officers throughout the divisions have been briefed that incidents of this nature should be investigated thoroughly

tattifala said...

when a statue of commodore frank bainimarama the tin boat dictator of Fiji (2006 -)is made to honour the tyrant , I recommend that his C4.5 screen image be used. he really looks cute in that image! the chinese can be commissioned for the statue making without any government tender.

Coup 4.5 said...

I gather from the news that Fiji's interim PM Frank Bainimarama said at the interim A-G's conference of some kind that a "handful of men should not be allowed to determine the Constitution" (FT 9/12).
How many men had put together the US Constitution? When was that Constitution made? Is the same Constitution still being used by the US? How has that been possible? Why has that been possible? What has the court's role been in upholding the constitution?
Why do we have constitutional experts if the constitution is everyone's cup of tea? Is the Fiji interim PM's constitution making notion just a form of mystification?
rajend naidu

Vutuki Meo said...

Say no to corruption
Nasik Swami
Sunday, December 09, 2012

MAKE a stand and speak up if you have been a victim of corruption, says the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption.

FICAC spokeswoman Cegu Babana said if Fiji wanted to see an end to corruption, then the people needed to work up the courage to report unethical practices and put a stop to them before someone else became a victim.

"People can contact us securely, report anonymously or write in the knowledge that what you tell us will be dealt with in the strictest confidence," Ms Babana said.

She said some victims may be aware of their perceived complicity as the bribe payer and would worry that by answering the questions they might implicate themselves.

"Others may not know that being asked for a bribe in return for a service constitutes a crime, and may instead see this as a normal transaction fee required to ensure the delivery of services," Ms Babana said.

She said similarly requests for favours and gifts might also be overlooked as a form of corruption.

"These acts typically involve the purchase of a cold drink, alcohol or a meal in return for speeding up a service or the efficient delivery of a service."

She said people regard corruption with different perspectives so it was important that everyone understood corruption, its implications and how to say no to it.




Anonymous said...

Guess Who comment may be ok at this stage. The Bainimarama Government may be doing ok today, but it may be look different when an independent audit is going to take place after the election. Today Bai got the Crown but tomorrow he may be run for cover after the audit process. However, he may have to bribe Mahend Chaudhary not to change his reasons for paying his fictitous accumulated leave and Qarase to close his case against the 2006 Coup.

Anonymous said...

Bullard's main point is an interesting one. Fiji has capable legal personnel. We have good attorneys. They're just being undermined and harassed by these expatriate reprobates Gates and Madigan.

Anonymous said...

And Baini in his name suggests he has an Indian mother. Now that's something that Guess Who should not guess.

Tuicolo said...

Bad Fiji Publicity....Tourist served poisonous fish

Poisoned in paradise
By James Ihaka
5:30 AM Monday Dec 10, 2012
Deadly toxin in fish eaten while on holiday in Fiji has landed Kiwi in hospital for months and unable to eat except through a tube.
Amanda Austrin, pictured in Tauranga Hospital, still vomits every day - 18 months after her holiday. Photo / Alan Gibson

A New Zealand woman has spent more than 30 weeks in hospital and cannot eat properly after she was poisoned while eating fish during a dream holiday in Fiji.

Amanda Austrin has a severe case of ciguatera poisoning - a rare illness with no cure or antidote - after eating the fish with friends in July last year.

The odourless and tasteless toxin, found in predator fish in tropical and sub-tropical waters, can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, cramps, weakness, reversal of the normal sense of hot and cold, high blood pressure, paralysis, and in rare cases coma and death.

Most sufferers get over their illness within weeks or even a few days but Ms Austrin is among the very rare cases in which symptoms have lasted more than a year.

The Whakatane 41-year-old suffers from hot and cold reversals, meaning her shower temperature has to be very hot to provide any comfort for her when she bathes.

She still vomits every day - 18 months after her Fiji visit - and now has an extensive list of foods she cannot eat via a machine that feeds her for several hours of every day.

She wants to warn those considering holidays in the tropics to take caution when eating fish.

"Just don't eat it," she said. "There were no warnings whatsoever in Fiji from the restaurants dishing up the daily catches or from the locals.

"I imagine if you went up to the chefs and asked if the fish was ciguatera-free, they're not going to admit to it because they would lose too much business."

More than 100,000 Kiwis travel to Fiiji each year.

Ms Austrin, who has shed 20kg in weight, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat) and travel agents needed to warn people heading for holidays in tropical areas to be wary of ciguatera poisoning.

"If I could have, I would have sued my travel agent. I have friends who went to Rarotonga today and there is no way they are going to be eating fish and that's because of me."

Robin Slaughter of the National Poisons Centre in Dunedin said a 2010 article in the New Zealand Medical Journal noted an increasing number of travellers returning home with the symptoms, which many local doctors may not be familiar with.

The New Zealand Doctor magazine said that in major endemic areas, including Australia, the Caribbean and the South Pacific islands, the incidence of ciguatera poisoning is about 50,000 cases a year.

A report by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research, Foodborne disease in New Zealand, showed just two cases of ciguatera poisoning last year and no more than two outbreaks in any of the previous nine years.

But a 2007 NZ Food Safety Authority report said many travellers might not even know they had the illness and poisoning was likely to be unreported by a factor of 10 to 50.

Ms Austrin has spent more than half a year in hospitals but said because the illness was not commonly known in New Zealand, doctors were battling to deal with it.

"Every doctor I had had to Google it to find out how to do treatment. I'm the first case they have come across. That is why I want to get it out there.

"There is nothing they can do for the toxin. All they can do is treat the symptoms."

Ms Austrin is due to be admitted to Waikato Hospital soon for a neurological assessment.

She plans to marry her fiance on their Whakatane farm next month.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the presenters at Natadola AG conference was the absence of Kai Viti presenters except for that yalewa lialia from Kadavu saying Kai Viti are from Tamil Naidu.
Alisi - vakamadua o iko ,,,,,,sivia na viavia rogo e keimudrau kawa ca!

Anonymous said...

Edward Carpenter says...The only thing I would like to highlight about Greg Bullard's article is the quote;

All it takes for evil to flourish is good men to stand by and do nothing.

We are allowing evil to flourish in Fiji be doing nothing against Frank and Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

We now have two main culprits (gates and iarse)and a sub culprit (saneem) who have been named by Mr Bollard and Mr Marshall as the manipulators of the non independent judiciary in Fiji. As long as these people remain there will be always be problems in the judiciary. These are Fiji's "criminal minds" who have steered the country out of the rule of justice and law. It has been good of Mr Bollard to do this exposure of the inside of a controlled and manipulated system.

Concerned said...


Thank you for having he courage to bring these issues to light. Unfortunately we the people are only told what the powers that be want to tell us. How can the judiciary talk of independance and transparency when these things are going on. I hope you do make public the other issues to mention. Otherwise we wil never know what is going on here.


tattifala said...

for evil to flourish every generation must produce its franks and khaiyums... and good men do business with them.

Coup 4.5 said...

Blogger Truncated Lounge fires again:


Darling Grubby,

I am very concerned that my confidential letters to you are finding their way on to the Internet. I know they are not being leaked at my end so it must be from yours. I know you have said you and the Qorvis black arts guys are on the case but you need to do better. You did manage to close down an impostor’s face book page last week which was a start. But if you are going to hack a website like http://discombobulatedbubu.blogspot.com/ make sure you succeed. You should know better than to leave traces. It also looks pathetic when you contact Google and say a website is being subversive. That’s just weak. Track down the people responsible and we will let Major Ben Neverleaveherealive loose on these terrorists. That’s how you close down a website and a lot of other things.

I told you to keep the plan of our invasion of Britain secret. Somehow the enemy has got wind of our cunning scheme. I promise you Grubby if the leak is traced back to you I will hit you so hard you will have to drink your Pinot through a straw for a month.

The Glorious Leader was further incensed by the Brits. Whilst he was still in London he got a call from their Air Sea Rescue Service. They were wondering if he could give them the approximate date the invasion team would arrive in British Waters so they could be on hand to give them a tow. He was completely humiliated and threw his commemorative model of the Uto Ni Yalo out of the bath.

Did you see Elvis Silvestrini has been booted from bio security. It is a shame because he was doing a good job there, but he made a big mistake as part of the Cryogenic freezing task force, code name Frozen Bananas.

I think I told you he was getting some freezing equipment from Watties. Well the fool went and ordered the wrong thing and a pea masher was delivered. It was only Madame Nazihat Von Shameonme’s eagle eye that saved the day. She stopped him just before they were going to run the first test on Frankly Bananas’ brain. Luckily she did otherwise we would have had a mushy pea brained dictator as our leader.

We need to get ahead of this issue over removing the Monarch's head from the Fiji dollar. The people are not very happy about it. I think I have found the perfect solution. I was laying in the bath the other night, with a glass of red in one hand and a fag in the other. When it came to me. We will have pictures of famous legal figures of the Frankly Bananas era on the currency. We can keep it relevant and still keep our royal heritage. We will use the CJ’s head.

Coup 4.5 said...

part two:
Talking of the CJ, I have seen the Army submission to the Constitution Commission. AKA the 2013 Fijian Constitution. They have decided the legal system needs to be shaken up a bit and reflect the realities of the law in Fiji. They are going to start at the top and change some people’s Job titles. The Attorney General title will be changed to Always Guilty. He will still be AG so he can save on his stationery and he won’t have to throw away his Bula shirts with the AG monogram. The CJ will become CJJ. They have looked at his stationary and they can squeeze another J in without too much trouble. CJJ stands for Chief Judge and Jury.

This way, the military believe the people will know that if they are arrested by a soldier or a policeman they have already been found guilty. That being the case there is no reason to have any sort of judicial system except for the AG and the CJJ.

Think of the money we can save. No courts, we can sell those old buildings to the FNPF. No judges, no magistrates, no lawyers, and no legal aid. I have already organized with FRCA that with the money saved they will reduce the duty on fags, red wine and Johnnie Walker Blue Label for the Glorious Leader.

It is the Always Guilty’s Conference today and tomorrow. I managed to get this fine picture of our Glorious Leader and our True Leader waiting for an audience with their Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Her Royal Highness Madam Nazihat Von Shameondtme.

I originally thought they were in fancy dress but Aiyarse thinks he will get more respect from the military council if he wears a uniform.

In his keynote speech Commodore Frankly Bananas made much of his Government’s protection of women. However, something happened recently which we need to cover up otherwise the country will stop believing our spin. It concerns Major Pacological Luvverboy, the army lawyer who is here at the conference. He was in Traps and started to openly fondle a young Indian girl against her wishes and made her cry. She went to the bouncers and asked them to throw him out. They said they could not but they did manage to persuade him to leave. She then said she wanted them to call the police and advised her to drop it with the following words. “He could have raped you if he had wanted and we could not have stopped him.” That's bad enough if it were ever to leak out is that there is one law for the military and another for rest of the country. But even worse you would have thought his mother Mrs. Cheeky Luvverboy would have taught her step son to respect women.

Hugs and Kisses


This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. However, some of the people and events mentioned are real.

The British Air Sea Rescue Service has contacted their counterparts in Chile to arrange for an airdrop of supplies to the Uto Ni Yalo to stop the crew from dying of Scurvy.

The Always Guilty and the Chief Judge and Jury have decided that a vote against Frankly Bananas in 2014 gets you a life sentence.

Coup 4.5 said...

part three


Please don't get angry with me any more. I am already very depressed. This is why I've stopped writing articles in the Fiji Sun and on Grubstreet Feejee. Did you know Shazzer, there are people out there making fun of me? This is too much. After all I have done for Fiji (subject to a small fee, of course). Riaz won't take my Grubby TV Christmas Special. He says it is culturally inappropriate. This from a guy who broadcasts the Kadarshians. He couldn't understand that the footage of my topless Macarena dance down Cakobau Road was humorously allegorical of the arrival of the missionaries and...well, never mind.

The Qorvis guys continue to ignore me. I have written a couple of Prime Ministerial speeches but they won't take them. I've been trying to keep up with this idea that "elites" wrote all our past constitutions and this one will be different. Tex of Qorvis is a bit cynical about this. "So," he giggled, "THIS one will be written by a military elite, right?" You need to watch Tex. He was laughing at the speech I wrote for the Attorney-General for the Jai Narayan College prize giving calling on students to be loyal and honest. "How about, be loyal to the constitution you threw out and be honest about your paypacket" he said (not in the A-G's hearing, of course).

I know it is in the Qorvis contract that all operatives will get an Order of the Banana Fritter on completion. However I don't think Tex should get one. He is not loyal to the cause. I of course, believe that I am in line for the Order or the Golden Deep-Fried Vudi and I hope that they still have me on that list at Government House. I do need something to uplift my spirits.

One small tearful smoocheroo

tattifala said...

yeah they have a lot of respect for women at the army camp . just ask that women's right woman who got the third degree at the camp. army lawyer having the audacity to openly fondle a young Indian girl at Traps against her wish and making her cry ...
well, another evidence of the animal farm phenomenon. the army lawyer like the army commander and other army cronies consider themselves "more equal" then other Fiji citizens. that's why they do what they do because the law as it functions in fiji today cannot touch them. they are above the law.

tattifala said...

another thought struck me as I was sitting/shitting in contemplation : if an army lawyer - an educated and presumably more cultured member of the species - can openly fondle a young girl in a public place imagine what other school dropout members of the army tribe must be doing hidden from public scrutiny?

tattifala said...

nothing corrupts a human mind more then power. when power gets to the head the head gets phucked. the army lawyer girl fondler could be a victim of power getting his head phucked.

Anonymous said...

its quite revealing the comment on the lack of iTaukei speakers at the AGs conference - 2 out of 18 locals. Mr Bhai - yes he's iTaukei- spoke because he would be sacked as the registrar of titles if he didn't; and Mrs Daurewa, well she didnt speak for the iTaukei!! the negative spin she gave on the iTaukei administration is the sort of spin that got the GCC and the Methodist Church "deconstructed"- the catchphrase at the conference come meeting to intimidate the lawyers and the iTaukei and anyone else thinking of disagreeing with them lot. Yes, brothers and sisters, the truth is out - sorry but the Inidians got here first - according to your learned sister Daurewa, if it could be proven that the Lapita pottery came from India, then the bais and the bainis got and claimed your iTaukei land before Lutunasobosobo. Wasn't that a revelation in scholarly deceit?
Yes iTaukei brothers and sisters, your Provinicial Councils will be the next Fijian institution to be deconstructed never to be reconstructed. Then the iTaukei Land Trust Board will be next if the decici (decree) had not already been drafted, because you have been perpetrating a fraud on the rest of us!! The Indians were the first owners of this land..The British only brought them over to do justice and regain their land!! speak up brothers and sisters..before your own kai do another big liumuri on yous. Haleluia!!!!

Anonymous said...

The undermentioned piece was in today's Fiji Times.....

This tournament should be abolished...What a waste of tax payers money. Tne current regime doesn't upheld Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna's legacy any more...so why make a mockery of the Great Stateman of Fiji and the chiefly clan of the Roko Tui Bau!!

"CONGRATULATIONS are in order for the police rugby team after its win over army in the challenge for the coveted Sukuna Bowl on Friday afternoon.

For the lawmen, it was double celebration. They defeated Army 17-15 for the Sukuna Bowl, and walloped Covenant Brothers 43-5 in the final of the Waikoula Vancouver 7s in Tavua.

The sevens team is part of the police force's community policing effort and is seen as its White Gloves Concept.

For sevens in particular, it is not all about rugby union.

We are told officers in the team travel earlier to venues of sevens tournaments to conduct community policing exercises before participating in the tourney.

For officers, it is about creating awareness and being part of crime prevention efforts.

The Sukuna Bowl has long pitted players from the two forces in a much-anticipated battle annually at this time of the year.

On Friday, it was good to see hundreds of fans having the opportunity to watch top-class rugby action at Churchill Park.

Sukuna Bowl clashes are traditionally hard-fought matches and Friday's effort was no exception.

The intense rivalry and fierce competitive spirit on show is a crucial part of this annual clash.

Such rivalry and competitiveness in a cleanly-fought match are important for the game.

Rugby, in the end, should ideally be a sport where aggression is controlled.

It is about self discipline and being able to stick to set plans under immense pressure.

It is about fierce competition in every facet of the game from the set pieces to general play.

There is no doubt about the fact that sport plays an important role in the mechanics of life in Fiji and in the development of our youths.

Sports, particularly rugby and soccer, attract thousands of fans around the country.

The recent inter-district championship in Ba proved where the game of soccer lies in terms of interest.

Fiji's early effort at the South African leg of the IRB's HSBC Sevens World Series on Saturday evening attracted attention and had thousands of fans rubbing their hands in glee hoping for better things last night.

Whatever the outcome of the event in South Africa, it was good to see a positive start on Saturday. It was good to see more commitment, enthusiasm and most importantly, self belief in the national sevens side. It was good to see a stronger and more focused pep talk from national coach Alifereti Dere at half-time.

The little improvements from the dismal showing in Dubai the previous weekend certainly lifted our campaign onto a very high pedestal.

Congratulations are in order for the police team for their victory in the Sukuna Bowl clash, for the army for their credible effort and for Dere's men for the positive showing in the pool rounds of the South African tournament.

Sport in the end can be a vital component in bringing people of Fiji together. It can be a unifying force"


Anonymous said...

Serve you right Bullard for joining the ILLEGAL lot!!!
When, oh when are you expats going to learn??
You got what you bloody well deserved!!
It is no use crying now!!!!

tattifala said...

let us be fair. greg bullard deserves criticism for joining the military regime.( where has he been all this time? doesn't he keep abreast with news? it's 6 years since the illegal takeover and the installation of the military junta !!)
But the man also deserves credit for saying no he will not continue to serve after realising (belatedly) that the regime did not have an independent and impartial judiciary. he could have pretended all way well and made his money and given the regime the "legitimacy" it so desperately seeks from the international community. he didn't do that. I give him credit for that.

Alisi Daurewa said...

Anon @ 8.15am, sa kua mada ga na yalo ca, kei na loma ca. If you want to call anyone kawaca, se viavia rogo, se whatever, reveal yourself and challenge me in the face. Unlike you, I have a proven record and unlike you, I can lay claim to Lutunasobasoba. If you care to read the other person who made reference to what I am supposed to have said, he at least got it right. You completely missed the point! Who the hell are you?

Alisi Daurewa said...

Anon @ 3.32pm, it is not about my liumuri my own kai, it is about putting things into its RIGHT perspective - decolonising structures that have contributed to the iTaukei owning a bulk of the poor population. Pity, the Fiji Times didn't print the meat - which is we iTaukei lived an oppressive and regulated life for 92 Years while the Indians of the Indenture system were freed after their 5 year contract. My argument is, if Fiji is to have an effective Constitution, then it must seriously address these oppressive structures that have failed the iTaukei's well-being's and only benefitted racially motivated coups of 1987 and 2000. And, may I ask, what is so wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police -- no more rugby, no more grog, no more workshops. Do your job!

Arrest the traitors and lawbreakers holding Fiji ransom.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Alisi Daurewa
Unfortunately the new constitution will not adress your fears.
Right now the Bainimarama government is more Oppressive and more Corrupt than any chiefly system in Fiji.
The chiefs may have allocated hundreds of dollars to themselves, whereas Bainimarama has ripped off millions of dollars.
Whose money did he rip off?
It's the people's money.
Where do you think Mary got her money to buy that house in Muanikau ($1.4 million)?
Whose money was it?
How many years for Bainimarama to be able to save that sort of money?
If saved $100,000 every year , it would take him 14 years.
But he did it in 6 years.
So where did the money come from again?

The answer is it is the people's money.
Bainimarama is corrupt.
He has stolen from the people.
He should be inbestigated by FICAC.
He should be in jail.

For you to think that this corrupt individual will bring about your freedom, YOU MUST BE DREAMING!

Vakanuinui ki na bilo cicila.

Birds that bury their heads in the sand like you, usually end up being well and trully prodded.
Just ask Mr Bullard.

Anonymous said...

@Alisi Daurewa!

I was just wondering how you were selected to the faculty of law at USP. You are one of the most incompetent law graduates that USP has ever selected...with NIL...work experience...pathetic!!!

You were selected because of the network that you are a member of...remember...always look behind your back...the Kaiviti dina will get you. YALOWAI!!

Anonymous said...

@ 3.49p.m. Are you talking about her daughter-in-law the assistant law lecturer at USP? Her name is Una Narawa-Daurewa, not Alisi.

Anonymous said...

Vakaloloma nomu bula.
If you want to change the Kaiviti structures follow the channel ie through your mataqali, koro, tikina then provincial council. If not get yourself elected into parliament - if you have any support.
The problem here is that you think you know better than your fellow Kai Vitis and its sad that you spoke to a largely non indigenous forum on an indigenous issue.
It really hurts we the kai viti your public comments.
E vinaka mo lesu mada ki vanua raici iko tale mada.
Vakaloloma nomu bula kei na matanitu macawa o tokona tiko qori. O na saumi taro ena dua na siga.
Kabuwacara Macawa nomu bula.

Anonymous said...

Sa kua soti na tabetabe,levu ga na nomu vosa qai macawa...Can you explain the legality of the regime in simple terms.....Kai Viti sara ga vakataki iko e dodonu me tutaka na dina...you make our younger generations more confused more than ever...e vaka tiko mada ga na kaidia na kemui rairai..deo bumu beka e kaidia...

Anonymous said...

deconstruct taka mada na mumu!
e levu vei keimami keimami duavata tiko na bose ni yasana etc etc. O cei o iko??
Sega mada ga ni dua na Bose Ni Yasana e dua vaka kei iko!!
Vakacacani iko na masu tiko vei Allah kei Hanuman na maqe

Yalewa lialia mai Kadavu said...

Dear Alisi,
The epistemological perspective is rather very superficial and very narrow especially when you try to deconstruct knowledge that are part of the Taukei culture.

I was wondering why such low and questionable topic is given special attention.

In the Fiji Times today the Tui Viti title is also being high highlighted and we all know they are all cooked up knowledge.

It is now coming very clear that the regime chief architect, cobra head Khaihum can break the Taujei solidarity from within using the yalewa lialia from Natumua village, Kadavu and other tamata lialia tale eso.

Anonymous said...

Issue raised on children of iTaukei women being registered with VKB
Publish date/time: 08/12/2012 [09:11]
Former lawyer and USP lecturer on Legal Advocacy, Lynda Tabuya today raised a question on whether children of iTaukei women who are married to people belonging to another race can be registered in the Native Land Register or the Vola Ni Kawa Bula.

Tabuya raised the issue in the Attorney General’s Conference, saying this matter needs to be addressed under the issue of equality under the law.

Currently children who only have an iTaukei mother but a non-iTaukei father are not allowed to be registered under the VKB.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said under the legal concept, the issue is very interesting.

He said it deals with the issue of group rights versus individual rights.

While replying to the question, Sayed-Khaiyum said perhaps this is something that can be added in the new constitution.

Anonymous said...

Qarauna vinaka na vanua o toso kina,,,,
Sa voleka tiko mai na gauna me cerebu kina na veikakecega!
Waraka Namaka.

Alisi Daurewa said...

Anon @ 4.54, 5.13, 5.14, Tch, tch, tch, one and the same anonymous person. Fortunately for Fiji, your ilk decreases every day. Thank God there were iTaukei lawyers who agreed with me! The signs are showing check out today's Fiji Times - people of Wailevu in Vanua Levu are empowered and reclaiming their history. To add cream to the pie, Dr Paul Geraghty of USP AGREES, the Lutunasobasoba version I referred to was a fabrication of the Wesleyans! Today's Fiji Times refers.
Thank you Coupfourpointfive for accommodating my blog, I would have wanted to continue but not with cowards who cannot reveal their identity when throwing out their venom. You poor sad souls!

Anonymous said...

Macawa nomudrau bula kei Tabuya,,,,,,hardly role models.
You 2 speak only for yourselves and have never been representatives of Kai Vitis.....
Let the sleeping dogs lie still

Anonymous said...

Alisi, you just want the names so you can give them to your demolition gang to lock them up. We are talking issues so names of bloggers do not feature in the discourse as well - sorry have to use some big words so the academics can understand.
The point is you can hypothise, theorise, academatise but you cannot get over the fact that the Fijians, sorry iTaukei, were here in 1874; no merchants from Tamil whereever. Thats the starting point. Start somewhere else and you will run into a hole called social injustice. One fundamental point which has been raised is that you do not deconstruct institutions unless the people who own those institutions are consulted and agree to deconstruction.
Big pat on the back for Qetaki for standing up and saying that before they deal with native land that iTLTB is consulted first. Good one learned brother counsel.
Give your academic advise and theories but if the Fijians do not accept them then you just have to wear it and go back to your books and try again. To do otherwise is to suffer academic amnesia. But I guess thats not possible because the line taken by the current elite is we know best and you just have to take the medicine even if it kills you.

Anonymous said...

Alisi: Let me tell you LOUD and CLEAR, you too, like Sainiana Waqainabete Radrodro, will ONE day fall from grace!! E dau matau vei Sainiana, e na gauna e se main girl tiko kina me dau tauca na vosa na ' THOSE RESPONSIBLE WILL BE TAKEN TO TASK'! Qo, e sa "TAKEN TO TASK O KOYA' Va cava that??
Na ka e vakayavutaki mai na lasu, duka kei na ka e sega ni sala vata kei na ivakavuvuli e da susugimai kina na Kai VITI dina, e na sega ni rawa vakadua me na buraki ka vunitaki. E na kacivaki, e na vakaraitaki e na gauna e sa nanuma kina na Klou bula me vaka kina.
I wouuld love to see you fall from grace!! You people seem to think that you are God! Let me remind you of what happened to Lucifer!!
Maroroya na sika ni nomu weli!

Anonymous said...

Saneem's attitude, the little runt is a factual and true reflection of the attitude of the MUSLIM TALIBAN that is running this country!!
What arrogance, what disrespect, what bloody plain VIAVIALEVU you PIGS' ASS!!
The arrogance has really, really rubbed off from top down!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bullard : You were welcomed in pomp and style. Did you reciprocate by presenting your 'I- TATAU'?
If not then that is very, very unbecoming!! Pity you did not suck up to them hard enough!!

tattifala said...

who is sanaina waqainabete raidrodro?
tell us more about her "fall from grace"
what happened?

Anonymous said...

Alisi please do not try and confuse the young generation of the itaukei. If your research is aiming to help the illegal regime of Bainimarama, please recollect your script or thesis on the epistemology about the itaukei. Let me remind you Alisi Frank and Kaiyum with all their supporters will come to an end after the 2014 election. The itaukei supporters to topple the Bainimarama Government in the coming election is great, and I am confident that the Lord Almighty will save the itaukei and their chiefs from any form of intimidation, humilation, corrupt acts of this present illegal regime. God Bless Fiji and Help the itaukei in their fight for true justice and freedom in the Land God gave their ancestors.

Vutuki Meo said...

Sainiana used to be the Media spokeperson for the Illegal Regime.
Now just a useless hasbeen.

tattifala said...

@ Vutuki Meo
thank you . I know, she is the one who used to speak as if the sun was shining from a certain part of her anatomy. how did the "fall from grace" happen? she gave the impression she'd be there forever mouthing regime propaganda...

Anonymous said...

WTF! Dr Paul Geraghty of USP said
that Lutunasobasoba was a fabrication of the Weslyan Church?By the way what is he (Geraghty)a
DR off? And just how does the frieken Dr arrives at this conclussion? Is this guy a legit Fijian?Was he born to a Fijian Parents?Did he studied this subject
and talked to People in the hills of Nakauvadra and the elders of the
old fort?Where is his studies regarding Fijian origin or migration? I'm here Dr to tell you
that you're darn wrong! Those Wesleyan preachers gets their stories from our local elders,they the village elders,
were the traditional cutodians of Fijian history& migration.If anyone is trying to
mislead our history maybe we should seriously be looking at
yourself & why are you trying to
kill off our true history? You're
no different than the American who
created the "Lapita" bullshit,while
digging in New Hebridise,and "LAPITA" itself means
a duggout hole and no connection to
anyone or anybody? The assole found
his fame&fortune,today he's dead yet his lies has continue to be perpetuated by others, why? Here you are another bullcrap!!!Please
stop the insanity!!

Anonymous said...

To "Guess Who": I will not guess, to start off with as I am POSITIVE, you are one of the many, many arse and ball flickers, you are one of the many, many born losers, you are one of the many, many no school people who joined the Army out of desperation because of lack of education, and to top it all off, you are one of the many, many stooges who will "right turn" or "left turn" on the command to do so!!

Anonymous said...

Sainiana's fall from grace was because she was opening her mouth and other orifice far, far too wide!!!! That is the long and short of it people.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I would not call Sainiana a useless has been. How many people can enter the United Nations in Fiji or the world for that matter and earn what she is now earning there?

Besides this woman had balls like most of you don't, to stand up against bullies like the murderer Francis Kean. That is why she is now being hounded.

Good for you Sainiana, you will always be admired and respected by the many locals and grassroot Fijians like me whom you assisted when we needed help. Your kindness and no nonsense attitude towards civil servants who deliberately mistreated poor people like us, will always see you popular irrespective of what the end of your court case will be.

God be with you Mrs Radrodro!

Anonymous said...

Its sad to see someone as young as sainiana being targeted by the military junta. Though she was their spokesperson, she at least brought credibility to Government. I believe Sainiana's mistake was marrying that seriel backstabber Aseri Radrodro, the former son in law of the father of all coups Sitiveni Rabuka.

We all know it was through Sainiana, her husband got his appointments in Government.

It will be interesting to see if Sainiana will reveal interesting things in court when she is tried. There are rumours she is being enticed to plead guilty to close her case and will be let off lightly. However who knows, she might just surprise us.One thing for sure, Sainiana was getting money for the Minister for Works. Everyone knew that. Funny now how that's being changed or is it?

One thing though to note is that it is a sad day when a military illegal government like we have in Fiji goes after women. Makes them a whole lot lower already than they are.

Isa Sai, what will be your fate? Such a beautiful woman, intelligent and kind too from what I am told.

Why did you waste your time with this illegal government and why are you wasting your time with that looser Aseri who just fits his ex cheating wife now claiming to be insane, Salaseini Rabuka.

Sa vinaka nio sa mai lotu Sai. Veivutuni sara mo rawa ni bula. Kalougata tiko Sai ka nomu na vakacegu ni noda Turaga!

British Soldier said...

Sainiana if you want to redeem yourself, take this time to tell the people of Fiji whats really going on in Government. Now you can do it the legal way..in court Bu!! Everyone knows you knew the money changing hands in PWD. We know you can implicate that con Minister Natuva and murderer Francis Kean. Anything less from you makes you just like them.