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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas in jail for Qarase

Former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase will be spending Christmas and New Year in jail, after his application for bail pending appeal, was rejected by the Fiji Court of Appeal this morning.

Qarase was earlier this year imprisoned for twelve months for abuse of office and discharge of duty charges.
 More details to follow.


Anonymous said...
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tattifala said...

Fiji Court of Appeal?
What's that?
Junta operatives in Fiji's fiercely independent judiciary?

mark manning said...

Don't worry Mr.Qarase, my sympathies to your family. God knows that you, like Jesus, are an innocent and just man, unlike the clowns who put you in prison and are keeping you there.

Anonymous said...

Qarase will only spend ONE xmas in prison for his misdeeds, while there are people just outside his prison walls struggling DAILY to feed their families with at least one decent meal a day.


Villagers struggle as oil spill destroys food source

Dawn Gibson. Wednesday, December 05, 2012 Fiji Times

IT will not be such a merry Christmas for locals of Waiqanake Village after damage caused by a recent oil spill affected one of their main food sources.

Concerned villager and chairperson of the qoliqoli, or fishing grounds, Asakaia Balawa told this newspaper the amount of small fish, crabs and food sources had depleted over the course of the year and it was not getting any better.

"Our lands and sea were much healthier before this especially our mangroves, but now they're being poisoned by the oil," Mr Balawa said.

He said at this time of the year in particular-the numbers of small fish and crabs were quite high. "But this year, we have noticed that there is hardly any fish around," he explained.

Efforts to get a response from the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) proved futile.

The qoliqoli is made up of 22 fish traps which are monitored by Mr Balawa.

The fish caught in the traps are used to feed the villagers within the settlement and are sometimes sold to make money for the village.

"This has been difficult to do because we have found that many of the fish have been poisoned or our traps just ruined from all the oil soaked up in them," he said.

Not only have the food sources been affected, but the surrounding mangroves covering the settlements of Muaivuso, Nabaka and Namakala have also shown signs of substantial reduction. The World Wide Fund for Nature South Pacific (WWF South Pacific) said the situation caused much harm to the environment both directly and indirectly.

"The effects of oil spills on marine wildlife is direct through either ingestion of oil particles, absorption (through their skin) and inhalation รข€¦ indirect effects of oil spills cause further changes in wildlife behaviour, sometimes forcing them to search longer and further for new sources of food in uncontaminated waters," explained WWF South Pacific's communications manager, Patricia Mallam.

tattifala said...

Villagers struggle as oil spill destroys food source...
clear case of TT - tatti - happening in Fiji under the "govt" that grabbed power to "clean up".
more messing up then cleaning up happening - Evidently!

Anonymous said...

I am glad the lawyers who are collaborating have been named and shamed.

Anonymous said...

Tobo cop.....Noor Masjid Muslaman says..

What about the treasonous clowns pretending to be innocent.

Yesterday I went to our Bau street temple to pray to Aalah, so he can send our member..
Aiyaz Haiyum and Nazhaat Shameem and Frank Bainimarama to jail..

All their cronies as well.

Fiji will be a better place tomorrow..

Oh by the way, over heard members saying, There will be NO Election 2014.....guess by whom..

our idiotic member ASK.

he is dead scared of going to prison...

God Bless You Mr Qarase.

Anonymous said...

What happen to the ministry of Environment? Why don't they take
action against the polluters and give them an hefty fine?
Who spilled the oil?
They must be made
responsible for
cleaning it up. OMG,
this will kill and
destroy the food sources,
of the future generations of waiqanake Villagers and their close neighbours?
The Village Heads
should call on the
PM and AG to take
legal action ASAP?

Luvfiji said...

That was foregone conclusion! Qarase is man enough to take the "punishment" for being the people's beloved Prime Minister!!

Anonymous said...

it is now time for chiefs and prominent leaders in Fiji to organise mass protest around the country. This is the only way that we will get international support for regime change.

Anonymous said...

Is it oil spill or is it tailings from the mines in Namosi?

Seth said...

The crime committed by Qarase is not small but very serious. Using his power and authority and swindle FHL shares for himself and his family is no small misdeed. He still doesn't show remorse and is asking for bail... oh what a shame!!
The FHL shares were meant to be sold to other deserving Itaukies but Qarase robbed his own kind... How can anyone trust a thief like him...

Anonymous said...

If Mr Qarase truly belives he does not deserve the treatment he is getting, I believe as a true Chritian, he should be praying for forgiveness FOR the "perpetrators" who put him in prison. Merry Christmas to all prisoners.

Anonymous said...

its sad elected pm in jail and regime thugs destroying the rule of law and justice system .
enjoying the perks.
god is watching guys .you have to pay for all you are doing unto your fellow mens.
god judgment will be fair in heaven
no khaiyum court can control his wroth.
god said he will deliver his people from the wicked.
what you do onto others will be done onto you.
people in fiji stand up for truth /freedom.
god bless fiji and pm lq and family.

Anonymous said...

Edward Carpenter says...The people of Fiji and the SDL supporters have not shown their support behind Qarase to protest against his arrest and conviction. Perhaps they believe he was guilty. I wonder where Jale Baba and Navitalai Naisoro have fled...Has the wings of the dove been clipped.

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 1.54 PM
the lawyers collaborating with the ILLEGAL regime has been named
I doubt very much they have been shamed. they are a shameless spineless .

Coup 4.5 said...

Truncated Lounge keeps up the missives on Fiji's Misinformation team.

Darling Grubby,

I want you to take a tip from your fellow blogging whore, Crazy Welsh. He had a very good response to a test comment I made about that Greg Bullard magistrate. “I am confident the Fiji judiciary does not bow to state pressure. This has been demonstrated by the number of cases that have gone against the state. I did not discuss Greg with the AG and have chosen, for Greg's sake, not to comment on the issue. This is my prerogative. Please respect it and ask no more.”

That, dear Grubby, is the perfect way to answer an impertinent question and the one I expect from all my paid up propagandists. I have sent Crazy a letter of thanks and I have put his name forward to receive a commemorative medal from our Glorious Leader. He will receive a BRA (Bananas Republic Award) in the Glorious Leader’s New Years dishonors list.

I have a little job for you. Madam Nazihat Von Shameonme has written a very interesting (Yawn) treatise on why dictators like to build roads. I did not manage to get past the 1st paragraph but Frankly Bananas thinks that his people need to read her theory. You need to turn it into a suitable piece for the Fiji SUNk.

It bangs on about how Hitler rebuilt the German economy by building the Autobahns in the 1930s. It then draws a comparison to our modern day Hitler and his wish to build roads at any price. The important thing about road building in a dictatorship is it provides perfect opportunities for telling the people about the Glorious Leaders greatness.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Q got what he deserved. So should MC and RC and the AG and the CJ. Fair is fair. They are all criminals.

Anonymous said...

May i suggest that he should change his lawyer.

The judge said that his reasons were not on the threshold of bail factors and this should have been addressed well in advance by Tupou Draunidalo.

He could have been granted bail no doubt but if he has a lawyer that is
1. a criminal lawyer
2. had won criminal cases before
3. had worked/built criminal cases

all of which Tupou Draunidalo falls short of.

tattifala said...

the Fiji Sun has become Fiji Sunk because Pita Low Much is on board. he fala too with no moral compuss.

Fijiana said...

If you do the crime, do the time, Lai may be time for some soul searching and repenting on not coming to table with open mind.

Anonymous said...

The names of the lawyers are----

1. A--Dish N----
2.Sub--Arse P---
3.Bhoo--Pan Chhunibite
4.Deva--Ash Saram

All in the money game--

Anonymous said...

Do the crime and do the time,Presidents like Nixon, Clinton were not spared. Many christians are feeling sorry for him, he stole and shows no remorse or asked for forgivness for the wrong he did. So many times I have seen him singing hymns in church and yet he was stealing big time.If he had apologised and accepted his error he would have been out.

Komai said...

While Qarese is spending his Christmas behind bars, he may want to reflect on his views on Qoliqoli bill and the rest of the nonsense that he wanted to introduce in Fiji. He was hellbent on ruining Fiji.

Now that he is gone and will never be able to participate in politics, may be he will return to his koro and sit under the coconut tree and think about all his nationalistic views.

kiwilad said...

Frankie has tightened his control over fiji so effectively that noone has the guts to oppose him openly; be he/she a great chief, businesman or just a common villager. The will only rise-up when they begin to starve; not likely in the near future; or will the army rebel?

Anonymous said...

So what Qarase can't spend XMas outside jail.
There are other prisoners who do not get this previlage- why should Qarase be an exception.
His was a white collar crime which has hurt many ordinary Itaukies.
Merry Xmas to Qarase.

Anonymous said...

mark manning how dumb and stupid do u think we fijians are??????...God know that u like jesus????wow bro wat planet u live in..comparing jesus with this thief of a man who has no respect for his own ppl thieving there money and living off it while most of his own villagers starve or have very little...some comparison mate...u need to go to st gile mr manning!..better still stay away from us fijians...

Anonymous said...

it;s a shame some people think qarae is innocent and mark manning compares hinm to Jesus Christ.Jesus was murdered on the cross because he was a honest man.qarase on the other hand was a greedy swindler who did care about the people of Fiji but himself and his close friends.In fact he should have spent a few xmas in jail.
so stop tyhe bullshit bout him being innocent.

Anonymous said...

Will Qarase be out in 6 months for good Behaviour?
Would the PM shows
good judgement & show passion to allow Lai a free pass
to go home for Christmas?
Qarase popularity in
the Fijian community,
is still very
high,putting him in jail maybe a
major mistake?
strategy needs to be modified, if such popularity is
to be watered down?
Gate & Khaiyum
-the architec for all the IG moves-mostly makes the moves,
for their personal benefit,
Bai needs
to show us-The People-
that he has what it takes,
to be both, a Military
& also a Civilian
leaders? Bai is his own man
and we get that! He is not
or Qarase? He is who he is-Bai!

mark manning said...

I don't think Fijians are any different to anyone else on the planet, that's my point.

We have to begin at some point in time, to listen to the voice of reason, in order to stop behaving badly. Something! Has to CHANGE!

Ex Navy said...

Unfortunate that most comments on this issue are nonsensical and plain stupid. LQ was convicted on alleged breaches of company law not on the penal code, so he needs a lawyer with expertise on company law and not criminal law.Given the state of the Fijian judiciary LQ is unlikely to be granted bail pending appeal nor given an early release from prison under such schemes managed by Correction. People who say that LQ stole money should really find out what happened instead of shooting their stupid mouths off. He, his family, and his village are all i taukeis and as such they are all entitled to the scheme that was set up to help taukeis in business.That is the fact and he did not steal any money...they acquired shares that was open to all kai vitis.

At the end of the day he will come out of prison more honorable and more popular than Bainimarama (who by the way is stealing from the people of Fiji)will ever hope to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Long Live Bainimarama a true leader and a true son of Fiji.

Fiji vilest politician said...

Qarase made mistakes but he came out good in the end.
He is the victim.
The real culprit is Mahen Chaudhry is Fiji’s most selfish, manipulative, destructive and self-serving politician.
He single-handedly wrecked the multiparty government and supported a coup.
After he failed to form a governing coalition in 2006, Mahen tried to keep Labour out of multi party govt.
But was outnumbered by caucus members.
Mahen submitted his nominees for multiparty Cabinet without discussions with FLP leadership.
True to his ungrateful and complaining nature, he claimed that the 9 portfolios offered to FLP were those that SDL had messed up.
After his members joined cabinet, mahen did everything he could to destroy the multiparty.
He even attempted to have himself appointed Leader of the Opposition – greedy to boot.
Krisha Datt rightly said Mahen advocates a confrontational and adversarial approach to conflict resolution.
Mahen lacks capacity for good faith, respect, mutual trust, consensus building and fair dealings.
Those who participated in the multi-party Cabinet considered that it worked effectively.
Multiparty was good for Indians because demographic trends were turning against them.
But mahen expelled from the FLP members who supported multiparty.
He placed himself in a strategic position to destroy the multi-party government.
With it he destroyed Indians best chance at government.
Read a comprehensive account of how Mahen destroyed the aspirations of Indo-Fijians and of Fiji as a whole:


Anonymous said...

i like that song...God is watching us, God is watching us, God is watching us from a distance...to voreqe,kaiyum,rfmf etc qo na sere me lagati vei kemudou.dou vavarau vinaka tiko yavu boci.

tattifala said...

To the Anonymous people who have been saying here that it is only fitting that Qarase and Mahendra Chaudhry should be doing time for their crime does the same logic apply to Frank Bainimarama and his co-coup conspirators?
Or, do you subscribe to a selective application of the law where in theory everyone is equal before the law but in practice some are more equal - like in orwell's animal farm?

Anonymous said...

Wrong @ ex-navy 8.42a.m. It's pointless trying to twist the facts of the case to suit the LIES that you're trying to peddle in here. HAHA.

Yes, we only wished Qarase was tried before a properly constituted court of law so he could have been put away in prison for longer.

You see, Qarase is not indispensable. Fiji doesn't need him as a person and can do without him. Qarase benefitted from the so-called i-taukei coup of 2000 and evidently used it as a vehicle to cover his tracks with respect to the smooth conversion of the FAB loan to a grant. That's the problem with his wearing too many hats, greediness started to set in, insider knowledge led to insider-dealings to enrich him and those of his own ilk.

That's probably why he was unable to deal with Bainimarama with a firm hand since his hands were tied, he knew that they all knew HOW COMPROMISED HE WAS ALREADY.

To Qarase, please stop complaining and serve your time, then apologise to the i-taukei if you have any humility left in you.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anonymous @ 11.51p.m. 3.45a.m

Don't be surprised at Mark Manning still trying to promote Qarase. It's all about "vested interests." Qarase gave them all a free hand with loans and all kinds of goodies at the expense of the people of Fiji. He was their god who looked the other way.

Anonymous said...

@ anony 4.04a.m

There should be NO free pass for Qarase to spend christmas with his family. He'll soon be out in 8 months (a third remission of his sentence for good behavior anyway).

Please stay put in prison, stop making a nuisance of yourself Qarase and serve your time!

Anonymous said...

Fiji,s Vilest Politician
December 6, 2012 11:00 AM

Mahendra Chaudry
Yes those are only a few of the vilest deals he did. He destryoed Fiji singlehandedly by his FPSA and NFU union activities.

Poised for Justice said...

Ex-Navy@8.42am The nonsensical comments are deliberate attempts at misinformation. The discerning will know that Qarase was not given a fair trial and there was never ever any way he was going to get off those old charges.

Coup 4.5 said...

Australia could not beat North Korea in their soccer match (yahoo!7news 6/11).
Australia should try Fiji. They might have better luck with Fiji. After all North Korea is a nuclear submarine standard dictatorship and no pushover whilst Fiji by contrast has been described in uncensored weblogs as a "tin-boat" dictatorship.
Yes Australia would certainly have a better chance against the Fijian dictatorship.
And Fijian hospitality is guaranteed there .
Australians might not even notice it's a coup country!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

To all those who are celebrating JUSTICE in Fiji, I as you this - HOW MANY CHRISTMASES DID FRANCIS KEAN SPEND IN PRISON FOR ROBBING A LIFE?????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie said...

Kean -Bainimarama's brother in law was charged and convicted for Manslaughter.
How many months did he serve in prison with full pay and then released and now holding top position in this illegal government??

Yuletide Mirth said...

Just can't wait for Frank the Wank to go to jail as he will eventually while he waits to be hanged.

Anonymous said...

Thank you @ tattifala

I am one of those 'anonymous' saying Qarase should zip up, stay put in jail and serve his time for his crime.

I only wished he had been tried much earlier before an impartial court of law so he could have gotten a longer sentence in prison.

Yes, that should also apply to the current pigs with their snouts in the treasury trough.

Happy now?


@ Poised for Justice

If as you say, those are "old charges" against Qarase, then why the hell wasn't he brought to justice earlier?

Joe, Mavana Lau said...

Don't you people get it, the guy stole, full stop. Millions, his family leaves in luxury, he bought a new vehicle, even after being removed from office, who has that kind of money. So if the common pickpockets go to jail for three years, he should go to jail for three hundred years.

Ratu Vore said...

@Anon 3:39

Because previous governments found nothing wrong with it. The current regime however was hellbent on proving their allegation of corruption by the SDL government. In their witch hunt they found nothing so they were forced to go back more than 20yrs when LQ was not even in government.

Do you see the irony.

Anonymous said...

Qarase was tried in an illegal court, and the action was perpetrated by none other than the pig Wank Bainimagana and his monkey Aiyarse. Francis Kean was convicted of manslaughter, he took a life, sent to Naboro, and released under the orders of Wank. He was handed a high government post by Wank when he knew well that his brother in law is a convicted killer.

How can some anti-Qarase bloggers in here fail to mention this? LQ did not kill anyone, so you losers should go to St Giles and test yourselves because clearly you're all mental, just like your master Wank.

Anonymous said...

Even with 50 Queens counsel LQ's fate had been decided by the kangaroo Court...MC will be in jail in mid 2013 with his son so that they do not create any nuisance in the upcoming election. Source: QEB, Nabua

Anonymous said...

When are we going to understand that the rule of law is not working in Fiji. The Judiciary is controlled by Khaiyum. Referring to the previous statements by judges those had been sacked by this junta needs to considered. THE RULE OF LAW IS NOT NEUTRAL.THEY ARE ALL PUPPETS OF THE THAT PIG KHAIYUM

Anonymous said...

Why waste time on Qarase. He is history. Serves him right .
He should rethink what errors he made.
By the way, where are Vinod patels who corrupted him big time.
It is rumour that Bacchus Baha'i is financially supporting the Qarase family as pay back time.

Motosui said...

How Corrupt Is Fiji Compared to Rest of World????

NZ tops anti-corruption index - but our offshore dealings more dubious

NZPA and NBR staff | Wednesday October 27, 2010 | 18 comments

Click image for larger view. See the full survey here.

New Zealand keeps its reputation as one of the least corrupt countries in the world, but there are concerns about the private sector's lack of awareness about corruption, Transparency International said on releasing its 2010 Corruption Perceptions Index.

New Zealand, which held the top spot alone in 2009, ranked equal with Denmark and Singapore after its score slipped slightly to 9.3 out of 10, compared with 9.4 last year.

"Bummer for Warner Brothers leaning on NZ for more subsidies for The Hobbit," quipped entrepreneur Sam Morgan on Twitter as the news was announced. He was joking, of course.

The index measures the perception of corruption among public officials and politicians. It does not take into account private sector attitudes when conducting business here and overseas.

"Whilst the result is pleasing, there is no room for complacency," Transparency International NZ director Alex Tan said.

"We note that in April this year the Serious Fraud Office announced an investigation into serious allegations of corruption at a public entity."

In April, ACC referred matters of concern about a staff member, who had been dismissed, to the SFO.

Companies' complacency about corruption was a concern, with less than half of listed companies explicitly prohibiting bribery and corruption, and even fewer prohibiting "facilitation" payments.

NZ businesses naive in dealing with foreigners
"We believe there is a real risk that New Zealand organisations do not take the risks of bribery and corruption seriously when operating offshore," Mr Tan said.

Under the Crimes Act 1961, it is an offence for New Zealand entities, citizens or residents to bribe a foreign official, but New Zealand has been criticised for never recording a conviction for such an offence.

"We know that New Zealand organisations operating overseas are sometimes under pressure to make inappropriate payments in order to obtain or retain business," he said.

"The use of overseas agents also presents a significant risk which is often overlooked."

New Zealand needed to follow the growing trend overseas to introduce legislation to strictly control both domestic and foreign corruption, including the use of agents.

Transparency International also wanted the Government to tighten up laws and regulations about combating bribery and corruption.

New Zealand signed the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in 2003, but was one of only 18 countries not to have ratified it, he said.

Occupying the bottom four places in the global index were Somalia, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Out early no way, that is reserved only for the Bananas friends and relatives in the so called Fiji navy!!!!!!!!
Elected official is in jail. while the Banana and his cronies drinking over Christmas Fiji is hell on earth.Drownings beatings corruption what is the Bananas SALARY? vis a vis the old legitimate PM's?????

Anonymous said...

if you steal you need to go to jail. Qarase stole from the people he was there to help, so he needs to be in jail. simple. Justice has been served. No politics here. as for the question, where is Navitalai Naisoro, he is in USA working as security guard at University of Phoenix, where his ex-wife Barbara (no not Laisa Vulakoro) is Vice Chancellor. Jale baba is picking fruit in Rockhampton, Qld.

Anonymous said...

fiji court system have double standard.
one for regime supporters and others who oppose the regime.
no one should be above the law and constitution even the president ,pm a,ministers and army .
we had enough constitution since 1970.
its sad to see judges ,lawyers are all supporting the illegal regime.why not boycott like they did in other part of the world.
where is the oath they took to uphold the constitution and rule of law.
supporting the legal govt not illegal govt.
god help clean up fiji.
god bless.

frank is stupid said...

Hahaha Bai goons working overtime on this blog to dirty Qarase's name even after they put him in jail. Who is afraid, eh Frank? It is a no brainer that you should be hanged and will be in jail before that happens. Enjoy your last Christmas.

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 8.36AM
Not only the fiji court system but every institution of state under the ILLEGAL REGIME is practicing double standards.
Even some so called "independent" non state entities are doing that to curry favour with the regime.

False Legacy said...

All those supporting Frank and Khaiyum know they are corrupt and serving themselves not the people but don't have the guts to admit they have been fooled. Six years on they prepared to perpetuate the lies because it's easier than fronting up to the truth that Bainimarama lied for his own purposes and is just another thug in power because he has paid and compromised the RFMF, judiciary, public service and police.

Unlock Fiji said...

So he doesn't want a 'narrow band of elite' to dominate the Assembly?? Let us see what he comes up with then. Let's see if he's bigger than what he's already shown himself to be.

PM comments on Constituent Assembly

11:00 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Rita Narayan

Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, says the Constituent Assembly, he’ll appoint to review the new Constitution, will represent the broadest possible cross section of Fijian society.

But he stressed that its members will first need to demonstrate that they represent a significant constituency in the country.

Speaking at the opening of the 14th annual Attorney-General’s Conference at Natadola this morning, Bainimarama said Fijians couldn’t allow a narrow band of elite to again determine the country’s future, as had happened with previous constitutions.

Under the Fiji Constitutional Process (Constitution Commission) Decree 2012, the Constitution Commission will formally present the draft constitution and the Explanatory Report to the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau on the first week of next month before the Constituent Assembly holds its first meeting on the second week of the same month.

The Decree also outlined that the work of the Constituent Assembly is to be completed at the latest by the end of the third week of March.

SEMI MEO said...

We believe, as a humanitarian act of goodwill the present Administration should release the former PM extramurally from Prison…

Mahen 'garibi hatao' Chaudhry said...

To Anonymous December 6, 2012 7:21 PM:

Mahen Pal Chaudhry and Rajen Pal Chaudhry deserve to be in jail for supporting FB coup and raising donations under false pretences, using the name of the poor to feather their nests and nepotistically appoint family to FLP executive, such as in-law Sachida, who has no credentials, but would make a good toilet cleaner.

MPC used to campaign against poverty (garibi hatao) but was fooling public for very long time by masquerading as champion of poor and destroyed multi-party cabinet by supporting coup.

Put him in jail!

Anonymous said...

Link to stories censored in the U.S....Fiji has dozens and dozens that have never made media that should've of. Can c4.5 or someone do a list???


Anonymous said...

All right minded person should know that Qarase was put in prison because of political reasons not because he committed a crime. The crime that deserves life in prison are still being committed today by Vore & Aiyarse. These are the real corupt criminals who pretend to be nice but are evils who will will do everything & anything to protect their criminal records. They will try to give immunity to themselves in the constitution & win election at all cost to protect themselves. They have no moral values

Disgusted Fijian said...

C4.5 I know you don't publish regime propaganda but you should've got hold of this one. It really does reveal the hypocrisy of the unelected 2006 government and the Stockholm syndrome so many Fijians have succumbed to.

Let's Be Honest: Bainimarama address

I announced one of the biggest spending programmes in Fiji’s history. We’re providing more money for families in need, for the elderly, for housing, for education, for our police, our prisons and for access to justice for all.

More money for rural communities, for sport and to teach young people new skills. And we’re also putting more money into the hands of many ordinary Fijians by raising the tax threshold – the point where tax kicks in – to $16-thousand a year.

We’re also cutting the price of electricity by five cents a unit so that families don’t have to be so anxious about their power bills.

But there is one item of spending in the 2013 budget that outstrips all others. And I want to explain to Fijian families why it is necessary and what it will mean for us all.

Every Fijian knows how bad our roads are. It isn’t just the time it takes to get anywhere or the punishment our vehicles are receiving.

The dreadful state of our roads is holding the country back. It is hampering our economic development. They must be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Seth Narain@4:02pm;Komai@10:43pm;annon@3:45pm;annon@12:23pm;annon@12:08pm
Joe@4:04pm...don't blame you for skipping the country of your birth-
Fiji? No one blames you, it must be very scary listening to the Radio and hear that Rabuka & the Military are taking over the Labour
Government, and has arrested & jailed all Indian members of the Labour Government? Look men, if i was in India and there was a similar coup, i'd get my ass on the
first plane,just like you've done,and get the hell out of that country too! Sure, any place is better then dodge City? But really
why did you skipped the country?Was
it because you didn't want to settled your BACK-RENT to the Fijian landowners?Were you concern
that the Fijian Landowners might now come calling personally, to demand that you pay-up your 25 years BACK RENTS or else...?You can stew over there as
much as you want, but we still demand that you payback all the Back-rent you owes, to the ITaukei landowners, before you skipped Paradise?Our house doors can only
be open after your debts is satisfied???? So no need to trashed Qarase,as he's only doing
what Gandhi & Nehru had done in India, when they threw out the
British & Europeans?

Anonymous said...

Semi ask your hero with a rear that you so loved hahahaha semi loves Bai's rear, that's why semi keeps using rear admiral.

Mere said...

Yes, many if not most of the anti-Qarase comments here are no doubt part of the regime's misinformation campaign -- the Vodafone Team of army goons with opposable thumbs doing Boss Hawg's bidding. Cheaper than Qorvis.

What was it Qarase supposedly stole? And how did he commit abuse of office, as the regime charged, when he wasn't even holding office when the "abuses" were alleged to have occurred?

Note that the alleged abuses date from fully 20 years ago, well before Qarase was prime minister. Were he a corrupt individual, then why didn't he commit corrupt practices while prime minister, like the present incumbent?

Qarase didn't hide his company ties. He didn't keep anyone else from investing; in fact, he only stepped forward after the other directors complained that the offering was under-subscribed.

It was an investment, and like all investments carried an element of risk. Qarase could have lost his investment; the fact that he didn't isn't an indication of corruption or other criminality.

This regime trying anyone for corruption is the height of hypocrisy. And when legal government returns to Fiji, Qarase will have the grounds for a financially crushing civil suit against Bainimarama et al.

Sitiveni said...

So, members of the Constituent Assembly must demonstrate that they actually represent constituents. Okay, so the RFMF gets one representative. I guess that's Bainimarama. The rest of the traitors, crooks and ass-lickers get another. I guess that's Gates. Who to represent the vanua? Ratu Inoke. The lotu? Teleni. Women? Nazhat Shameem. Labour? Sayed-Khaiyum.

What could be fairer?

Spawn of Dakuwaqa said...

Considering how Bainimarama was so worried about the Road to Jericho, imagine how much more he must worry about the Road to Damascus.

Anonymous said...

So the constituent Assembly will be
solely appointed by the PM? I wonder how many people will be appointed? How many Female& how many Males? I guess since we're now
all Fijians,it really doesn't matter who we picked? Wonder what are the term of these assembly people? Will they be in power for
duration of 4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10 years? will the PM have absolute power to hire&fire these people at
any time?

Ganesh said...

Fiji is the least corrupt country in the world, or have you already forgotten that Teleni eradicated all crime in Fiji, as promised, by the end of 2009?

Anonymous said...

Ashwin Raj--from the USP--the bald shiny head chap---is the biggest coup apologist around.He was the first speaker at the AG's conf.---oh boy Ashwin Raj gave great pleasure to ASK and Bai.-Ashwin--the union basher--! ha ha --that was great--2006 coup he said was a surgical strike !!----utter garbage !!

Anonymous said...

Good to see Mere commenting.
No matter what ever the justification you can come up with garase is history, has to serve his time. MC and sons have been accused but not tried -wait for the court verdict!!
Get real people and accept that garase was convicted of fraud he willingly committed.

Anonymous said...

Sivia na vosa ni AZIZ.Sa ci na Mataivalu Ni Solisona- Vinaka Ovesa.

Sa sega na dakai sa levu na lamusona, fiji penny, kaisibokola kece na champini na vuravura ni solisona - Na timi na Mataivalu Ni Solina mai Viti.

Anonymous said...

Mere, you write: "when legal government returns to Fiji, Qarase will have the grounds for a financially crushing civil suit against Bainimarama et al." I think you should have said "Bainimarama's ESTATE," as dictators don't enjoy much longevity these days.

Anonymous said...

If Syrian President Bashar Assad uses deadly nerve gas against his own citizens, will that deter Australians holiday-goers from vacationing in Syria?

Anonymous said...

See wether the 2014 elections will take place. Hope they restore entitlements taken away from senior citizens. A full investigation shold be done on bainimarama for public humiliation to scar his family for the rest of there life for there contribution of destroying Fiji's image and economy.

Anonymous said...

If Mr.Kean can be freed from the killing of two innocent lives how can Mr.Qarase be freed for carrying out a business dealing so many years back in which laws were not in place and Mr. Bainimarama was still sucking Ganilau's Arse as a toy boy no brainer.

Anonymous said...

I am going to suggest that someone does an investigative report on Naim the road contractor in Fiji. There is a lot of money which is being wasted with this company. They are pitiful as road contractors. Every place that they have build the roads, they have had to go back and rework. It is my understanding that the Asian Development back withdrew the loan for road improvement due to Naim's poor track record. Naim did not qualify as a preferred road contractor by Asian Development Bank. Now the financing is being done by Exim Bank Malaysia at a much higher interest rate. With ADB the interest would have been 3% as opposed to 9% with Exim Bank.

Mohammad Naim Chandra a Malaysian Muslim also has a company called Naim Holdings Berhad.

Anonymous said...

@anon2:14 ...so everyone who skipped out of Fiji was leasind land? How do you know we were not freehold land owners. You must be a "chief" who was ripping off the rest of the mataqali and creaming it from land lease payments. the 80 / 20 rule right? 80% for blockhead no school chiefs and 20% for 500 villagers. works out to $2 per person per quarter.

Moses Cakobau said...

16 Points to know that you are living under tyranny or the Dictator/Dick-tator.

Read it here.

Good for people who dont know the illegal regimes propaganda or their honey combed coverups and blame games, such as the FNPF going bankcrupt in 50 years.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.00p.m. Dec 5 Qarase didn't have a case anyway and shouldn't have bothered with a public spectacle to draw sympathy from the ignorant masses. Inanycase, he only gets to spend 8 months in jail for swindling the i-taukei of their funds, without ever apologising. What makes him think he was entitled to do what he did? Zip up and let him serve his time for his crime! on

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for Qarase, but I have to ask how did Qarase swindle the masses? He didn't swindle anyone. In fact, the masses weren't even investing.

He shouldn't be doing any time. Those who claim he should are the ones who'd better watch out, because their own day of reckoning is coming.

Anonymous said...

My mate at 6:11 AM, since when have Australians ever let a dictator's oppression of his people stand in the way of a good time? So long as sarin doesn't drift into our beer, we're alright.

In fact, there should be some good tourist discounts available right now at Syrian hotels.

Anonymous said...

What fraud did Qarase commit?

The only fraud here was the fraud perpetrated by the regime against Qarase.

Anonymous said...

Valid point raised re treatment of Kean, the iPM's bro-in-law and Qarase. Still, that doesn't excuse Qarase's criminal conduct, does it?

@2.52p.m. Did you say Qarase shouldn't be doing time? Hello! He's already doing time.

Did you say he didn't swindle anyone and that the masses weren't investing?

Well, how could they if they didn't know and/or the "window of opportunity" was restricted only to the kilavata groupy and you know the rest of it.

Also, so sorry to break it to you but Qarase is NO Mandela, not even close..

U're not doing him any favour by trying too hard with this publicity, or trying to issue yawn! boiduhduh!! threats at those who disagree with you. Seems to me that you're not so unlike Voreqe Bainimarama and Ben Naliva.

Anonymous said...

Do we know what are Qarase's professional qualifications and work experience? Can someone please list it here?

Fijiana said...

People that compare Kean case vs Qarase case may what to bear in mind that "two wrongs don't make one right".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:35 PM, you still haven't answered the question. What criminal conduct?

Oh, and 'Qarase is ALREADY doing the time'. What a shrewd observation, moron!

Yeah, we do know the rest of it. The offering was publicised and handled like any other. The opportunity wasn't restricted, and it may not have appeared as such an opportunity to skittish investors at the time.

I note that even you can't seem to help conceding that Qarase didn't swindle anyone and that not many investors were stepping forward at the time.

If you don't like the publicity in this case and don't want Qarase to be like Mandela, then stop treating him like one. Free Qarase, Patel, Jarunaratne, and all other political prisoners.

No threats, mate -- just the promises of the Good Book and the observation in life that what goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

Annon@11:40am...I can see your mouth shaking when
you were trying
to think for a bullcrap angle to
counter, Fijian landowners legit questions? "HOW DO I KNOW?";
"HOW DO I KNOW?";That you're not a Freehold landowners?
Fair enough,but let me ask you this: Are
you telling me that there still are
Freehold land available in Fiji, as
we speak?
Bacause if there are, then our direction to our begotten
SON -Qarase,
may have not been fully implemented, at the time we
ask him to step aside?
As you know, 98% of the
total land in Paradise belongs to the Itaukei,
the other 2% belongs to the Kaivalagi
and you guys (Indos) don't have any land here in Paradise!!!
-you either Lease & owe backrent,Rent land from Kai Valagi
freehold land,live on Kerekere Mataqali land;
or illegally squattering on Fijian land?
Now these are your status in Paradise? Possibly,
the program to buy back
those 2% freehold Kaivalagi land wasn't quite fast enough,
actually we had one of our nationalist Son-
Tui Cakau-set-up with the Qarase Government,
to comply & complete this transaction,
obviously he didn't quite made it? We may have to re-direct
our other Sons-Bai and
the hindu much hated-
to comply & complete the transaction for us?

Anonymous said...

anon@4:37pm...you ask for the public to give you Qarase Qualification etc? Were you trying to be funny-ha!ha!ha! or just plain stupido??? But if you really wanna know-Google it shit-head!

Anonymous said...

@ 7.41a.m. HAHAHAHA.... so thrilled to bits that u got the joke! Like the pro that he is, it was all the way to the bank then oops, a little detour to Naboro. That is where the delusional your hero ends up with his false sense of entitlement. HAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Lolzzzz @ dumbo 10.15, U're too funni, thks for conceding your hero committed a crime, that's why he is in jail.. hello! lolzzzz. So did you pipple protest in Suva after he went to jail? Off cause not.

Yeah, full marks to getting that one right "just the promises of the Good Book and the observation in life that what goes around, comes around." You commit the crime, you do the time?

Whot on earth is stopping you from going up to your kilavata fraudsters in guvment and demand that they free fraudster monndela? After all they doing same thing, yes?

Anonymous said...

"Qarase Is in jail for committing a crIme against the company laws in Fiji based on Sitiveni Weleilakeba’s testimony, even though they were both charged initially with the same offense." Tai M.

Anonymous said...

As I see it, he ripped off the ordinary Fijians to benefit his own family and his own village.

For a self-proclaimed protector of Indigenous interests, the case exposes his self interest and hypocrisy doesn’t it?

Sad if the indigenous people themselves can’t see that.


Anonymous said...

In Corporations and Company Law, directors have the same privilege of owning shares as an external entity.

However, that right comes with the responsibility of disclosure.

Weleilakeba did it and Qarase did not, according to the recorded minutes which would be the bigger part of the facts and evidence.

This and other such directors’ duties still apply after they have left office.

Qarase deserves the time in jail for favouring lauans at the expense of all other fijians.


Anonymous said...

Qarase is from the same old school of previous politician who manipulates the Fijian chiefly system ways for their benefit.

Election time they come around to the province visting villages and promising everything as well as giving the chiefs abit of gift wink wink who then tells his people who to vote for.

The moment they take office they look down at everyone, use their position for monetary gains and oh yes to hell with the promises. The said thing is next election they do it all over again and the people in the village fall for it again because they aren’t educated enough to catch the bullshit.

Well this time lots of the village sons and daughters are educated, some have travelled the world and even live and experience other countries and with that they are able to help their own to combat the bullshit. This current goverment may have flawd but tell me which government doesnt, from the aussie government whom most of their policy are dictated to by their trade unions to the british and americans who have big businesses donating and influencing policies.

At least what this government is trying to do is a very courageous thing which if successful will only make Fiji better. Success always comes at a price, it just depends on how much are you willing to accept.


Surgical strike said...

@ Anonymous December 7, 2012 9:43 PM:

Is Ashwin Raj really from the USP? Did he really say 2006 coup was a "surgical strike?" Has he been watching too many Rambo movies? Does he know meaning of surgical strike? Does a surgical strike last 8 yrs? Is this the kind of rubbish we should expect from USP? Where is the critical analysis? Is this the calibre of people at the regionaal institute?

God help us all!

Anonymous said...

Isa the fact Garase committed the crime 20 yrs or 200yrs ago, Crime is crime and he he ought to face up. Unfortunately people are so blind that they cannot see. That is why when a illegal coup was done people kept their mouth shut and supported it and now they know if they had upheld law and justice, the scenario would have been different and the taukeis would not have to run away and hide overseas!!!

Anonymous said...

Surgical strike la his baldy head! What a shameful lot of coup apologists. Sa matailelevu na nodra propaganda. Iiee.... God help Fiji indeed.

tattifala said...

@ Surgical strike.
no more critical analysis happening at that regional institute.
the fish rots from the head...
now a lot of masi polo happening at USP. head down...

tattifala said...

just because someone is at USP it does not mean he is a brilliant mind. some shitheads get recruited by USP . your politics has to be in line with the VC and the DVC. now this A Raj fala makes the kind of noise about the regime that his bosses at USP love to hear. the masi polo agenda is there for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Edward Carpenter says...Ahh the wings of the dove has surely been clipped. Too many words spoken on this blog supporting LQ but no action taken to protest his release. None even from the SDL Administration. Wonder where Jale Baba, Navi, Weleilakeba, Joe Waqa and all those who used LQ have fled and in which hole they hiding today.
Greg Bullard quote
All it takes for evil to flourish is good men to stand by and do nothing

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:24, you claim that Qarase's and all previous governments were corrupt. If that's true, then why did the regime need to reach back to BEFORE Qarase was PM, and then could only scrape together a bogus case that would have been thrown out of any impartial court?

Then after being unfairly scathing toward Qarase and previous governments, you blithely excuse the very blatant corruption of this regime. Never mind Bainimarama's unprecedented lump sum payment for a lifetime of claimed accrued leave. Never mind the quashed public auditor reports or Aunty Nur's private accounting or the multiple cabinet salaries paid to Bainirmarama and Khaiyum. Never mind the irregular loans Khaiyum received for his property deals or the inflated price Tappoo paid for Khaiyum's home. Forget Bainimarama's private banquets with Chinese human smugglers, the unmerited release of Chinese businessmen, and the Chinese embassy's gifts of envelopes filled with cash. Ignore the shipment of containerloads of narcotics protected by senior army officers and the preferential loans given their wives. Pay no attention to Khaiyum's squeeze of FIJI Water or the shell companies established by Aunty Nur. Look past Bainimarama's release and reinstatement of his murderous brother-in-law and his nepotistic hiring of his daughter on the sports council. Never mind the contracts awarded to favoured companies without tenders being called as required under the Public Service regulations.

Never mind Bainimarama's present treason, tyranny and gross, blatantly corrupt practices, and try to turn the focus instead on unproven claims against Qarase dating from years before he was in government.

You're right that it does come down to how much people are willing to accept, which begs the question of why you find so acceptable in Bainimarama's administration that which you claim was so unacceptable in Qarase's?

Anonymous said...

Disclosure? You want to talk about Qarase's alleged failure to disclose, when Bainimarama refuses even to disclose his public pay, how many salaries he's receiving, the Public Auditor's findings, his role in the coup attempt of 2000, etc.?

Simi said...

The fact is that Qarase didn't commit the crime the regime attributes to him, whether it was 20 years ago or 200 years ago. And if crime is crime, when will the regime face up to ITS crimes? These go waaay beyond alleged failure to make financial disclosure and include heinous crimes like treason, murder, and torture.

The Heckler said...

A surgical strike alright, like the surgical skill they displayed when they used a drill on what used to be Qaraniqio's foot.

Ganesh said...

Anonymous @12:24, what Bainimarama is trying to accomplish is anything but courageous. In fact, the man is notorious for his cowardice. He's not a man but a moosmama.

Dakuwaqa explained this very well a few months back, before panicking Bainimarama into cancelling his travel to this year's UN General Assembly for fear of Operation Jericho. Dakuwaqa wrote:

'Bainimarama... [is] an expert on cowardice.

'I'm not just talking about the way he set up the CRW guys in 2000 and then had them take the fall to hide his hand in complicity in that coup attempt.

'Nor do I mean his subsequent mad dash through the [cassava] patch and literally shitting his pants from abject terror.

'What I mean is that, in the final analysis, Fiji is where it is today precisely because of Bainimarama's cowardice.

'He staged the 2006 coup because he was too afraid to face the music for his role in the CRW murders.

'He postponed the elections because he was afraid he'd lose.

'He refused to meet with PIF leaders in Niue and Port Moresby because he was afraid to be held to account for his deeds.

'He stomped democracy activists -- even pregnant women -- at QEB in the manner of a classic coward.

'He force-fed Fijians the Peoples Charter for fear they would reject it.

'He used terror systematically against regime opponents, coward that he is. His goons firebombed the homes of oppositionists and probably Fiji Law Society offices. They threatened human rights attorney Imrana Jalal and Australian High Commisioner James Batley. They beat, sodomised, and otherwise tortured numerous people he perceived as threats.

'He lied about returning to the barracks and instead had Iloilo abrogate the Constitution and sack Fiji's entire judiciary -- all just to avoid accountability.

'It's the same reason why he's afraid to release the Public Auditors' reports and why every decree stipulates immunity from judicial review.

'Bainimarama is a coward. He showed that in the PER. He showed that in the Media Decree.

'He can't tolerate criticism. It frightens him. He was too agraid to let the Fiji Times publish, the Methodists to meet, Ro Teimumu to host, Labour to organise, Fiji TV to interview, and human rights campaigners, women, or gays to march.

'Bainimarama is the coward. He still fears being held accountable. And that drives everything.'

Anonymous said...

Spread the word ---- we will plan a day and time to cut and burn your election registration card once the engineered constitution comes out,,,,,,SDL included ,,,,some people there are just looking for jobs!!!

tattifala said...

To Asswin Raj of USP dekena yaar you don't fall victim to a surgical strike yourself.
get yourself a good german made helmut to protect your uluco!

Anonymous said...

@ anony 5/12 213pm tobo cop....

Looks like you need your head examined .also your facts are all screwed up ASK is toorak mosque member . not bau street.

you must be on drugs . at least reports facts correctly Or you just being malicious old git !! get a life mate .

Chutar said...

Need surgical strike in Ashwin Raj chutar!

Anonymous said...

Edward Carpenter says...GET UP STAND UP, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT...GET UP STAND UP, DONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT...COME ON SDL...Protest and fight for the PM who gave Fiji especially Taukei so much and is paying for it.

tattifala said...

asswin chutar raj not the only chutar fala at usp. many more including the gutless vc rajesh chandula.
the chutars are only about themselves and their status.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope that the trial was carried out in a fair and legal way. Do not forget that FB's brother in law committed murder and get away with it. Again we can only hope that it was conducted the same way. He is still in the Navy.

Anonymous said...

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