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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Clean sweep for Fiji promised

Regime: tipped to name Nazhat Shameem to Constituent Assembly
A bit like Cyclone Evan and its hurricane force winds, who left a trail of death and destruction in Samoa and Fiji  and who is now heading to New Zealand? Are we being too harsh? Maybe. 

Not unexpectedly Kenyan constitutional law expert, Yash Ghai, caused a storm of controversy and outrage, first, with his decision to accept the job of helping the regime create Fiji's new Constitution, then admitting Frank Bainimarama had tried to manipulate discussions only to go on to deliver the contaminated document to Epeli Nailatiaku.

Ghai's work has now finished and he is moving off but not before making one last effort to show he was always one of the good guys:

I hope that all Fijians will have an opportunity to study the Draft  Constitution and read this Report, and make a full contribution to the  deliberations of the Constituent Assembly. It is particularly at this  stage, when decisions on the new constitution are made, that people’s  participation is most important. We hope that our efforts—and the  efforts of thousands of Fijians—will not be in vain, and that democracy  and human rights will soon return to this blessed and beautiful country,  and its wonderful people.
Professor Yash Ghai

The Fiji Labour Party has condemned the regime decision to withhold the dfraft from being seen by Fiji citizens saying it is clear by now the regime is determined to have its own way.

Ghai: work done
It says "Debate at the Assembly stage is likely to be carefully orchestrated. Under Decree 58 members are bound by the decisions of the Assembly."

It adds: "In effect, this stops any public discussion on the provisions of the draft constitution outside the Assembly.

Likewise, the suspension of the ban on political meetings imposed under the PER, will be lifted now that the draft constitution is handed over to the President.

"Special Police permits will now have to be obtained to hold public meetings to discuss the draft constitution."

The regime meanwhile continues to maintain its position with land force commander, Mosese Tikoitoga, telling Radio Australia 'Fiji is now in a situation where there will be no more coups.'

Excerpts from that interview:

TIKOITOGA: Most importantly for us is to continue the efforts that we started in 2007. It is to integrate the Fijian society as one, make everybody patriotic to Fiji. There are no discriminatory policies, there are no racial politics being played in Fiji.We would like to be all Fijians, we would like to see the country progress as one democratic society. That is our biggest target and its the biggest challenge that we’ve had in the last couple of elections, and we want to see that carried through before the next election comes. And it has to be incorporated in the constitution for that to happen. Certainly we’d like to see all the non-democratic government organisations not interfering with government policies or with the governance of the country. Suffice to say there is no other institution other than the government institution or non governmental organisation institutions or any other institutions like the previous Bose Levu Vakaturaga [Great Council of Chiefs] to come into the fore and quite simply to challenge government policies. Likewise, we don’t want any preference for any religion, as in the past the Methodist Church of Fiji has had a lot of say in what government, how government is running the policies. 
HILL: But then a lot of opponents of the coup-installed government would say that interfering in the governance of the country is exactly what the military did in 2006, you overthrew the government in a coup.

TIKOITOGA: Ah, yes. Correct. But the demographics of Fiji would tell any historian that the … coups of 1987 was very discriminatory in nature. It was predominantly an i-Taukei or indigenous Fijian led coup, Again in 2000 … when an Indo-Fijian government came into power it became another i-Taukei military force that went across and took over government. Except for the 2007 where another i-Taukei led group initiated by 2000, and even though it was parliamentary or democratically elected in 2004 to the government it became apparent that they were running discriminatory policies that were only good for the i-Taukei people which demarcated the other nationalities or ethnic groups and also the other religions. So the 2007 or end of 2006, beginning of 2007 military takeover is an attempt by the military to right all the wrongs that were done in the past and now support an integrated society in Fiji. Even though it will be argued that the process was not right, but nobody else could have righted the wrongs that have been done in the past. And we’ve done all the reforms that’s been necessary for a true democracy.

HILL: Should it be the role of the military to have any role in the politics of a society in the first place though? Sure the role of the military is to defend the country and not to get involved in politics.
TIKOITOGA: The role of the military, certainly, is to make sure that the country is … that we have a country. That’s one. And to have a country to need to have an integrated society. You can argue democracy. But you have a discriminatory democracy, you have demarcations between ethnic groups, you have demarcations between religious group, you have all different kinds of non-democratic policies, and people still argue the military has no place. Only the military could have changed. And we’re changing it for the better and I think it should be appreciated. I always tell the people here, maybe historians 50 years from today will write that it was actually the military that actually changed the face of democracy in Fiji and made it better.

HILL: Does the RFMF see its role in politics as being extending further into the future or do you eventually see yourselves as returning to barracks and your former role as non-political?
TIKOITOGA: Because we have no made it very plain to the i-Taukei people or the indigenous Fijian leaders that we will not support them in any unnecessary personal agendas or ethnic agendas or political agendas, I think there will be no requirement in the future for any of these groups to instigate the RFMF to do anything other than to protect the government of the day. And that’s what we intend to do in the future. We do not want to come back and enter government, even though it was suggested by [Australian foreign minister] Bob Carr when he came across to Fiji on a fact finding mission a couple of years back, he said why don’t you have reserved seats in parliament for the RFMF. We don’t want that. We’ll say no, we want to go back to the barracks, we want to go back to our core role as the RFMF and we want to leave the governance of the country to a proper parliamentary role. And that’s what we look forward to.

HILL: And do you think we can get to a situation where there are no more coups in Fiji?
TIKOITOGA: I can tell you we are now in a situation, there will be no more coups in Fiji.

Editor's Note: Picture lampooning Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum courtesy of bloggers Truncated Lounge and Discombobulated


tattifala said...

No Ghai's work will not be in vain. it will help the Illegal Bainimarama regime acquire a good measure of legitimacy and acceptability in the eyes of the international partners...
that was the whole underlying objective of the new constitution making project.
a shameful outcome for the people of fiji but a good one for the dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Mosese and Bai pls give back Fiji its freedom and democracy.
Go repent to god and GCC and people of Fiji..

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga sonalevu,,,,

SEMI MEO said...

It would immensely beneficial for Ghai’s balancing final act in his committee summations towards brushing up an equitable final draft were to glean from the pages of the recent released paper by former land Force Commander and present ANU PhD fellow J Baledrokadroka! Fiji Patriot Baledrokadroka articulately with precision shared his researched findings of Military Government transition to ultimate Civil governance. The now thriving democratic republic of South Korea, now an envy of many Christian Nations, home to the largest churches in the world of a one single church of more than 500,000, whose senior Pastor visiting Australia as we speak!

Oh.. so what are the differences with the South Korean patriots honourable and sincere objectives to return to sanity and democracy with us Fijians?....possibly the same!..and probably in the same overlording Military regime situation as Fiji!

But…but…with honourable resolve, common sense and all other virtues Mr. Baledrokadroka unearthed, became the hall mark of persistent and tenacity to see South Korea rebuilt to democratic, fair economically in the global scene and (my pet liking); become the host Nation of the largest Christian Church with radical Christians wilfully martyring themselves daily across visit to their Northern cousins!

Hey…unlike taunts, these Fiji Military leadership are no fools you know…the Australian Army is fully aware of their military potential and the “brains’ within and those propping us their last stand…even if we term it a defiant last stand to finish the chaos they admitted to have started in 2007 or 2009!

That is the reason, we, and probably supported by 99.99% of Fiji Citizens and right thinking Fiji’s global friends to reiterate:-

(1)Afford absolute Immunity and Amnesty to all “political prisoners” Fiji Citizens and wrongs since the first trip to and during the first London backstabbing meeting in 1968, posthumously if required!

(2) Restitution commission to ensure victims and duly compensated, though precious lives lost can not be resurrected.

(3)A return to camp and commensurable deduction in military numbers during the first 2 terms of parliament and work toward the roles suggested by the Ghai club.

To start of with, as an act of goodwill the Rear Admiral today process an immediate interim extramural prisoner status to Mr. Qarase, Mr. George Speight, Mr. Motibhai etc so they could spend Christmas with their respective families!

Regrettably, we may have to made some tough decision like the South Korean gracious did for the common good!

May sound simplistic and far fetched…hey…but has anyone got a better and sane proposal??..let us know..

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 12.14 AM !! Pls pls Pls for gods sake don't tell me I should comment on this blog or that blog for f!!!! sake!! I will continue to comment whereever I want to. You have a problem with that you handle your problem. I have no problem with my SELF or my comments. If one intelligent person appreciates what I say that's good enough for me. You intellectual low lifes can go vutulaki !

Meoso said...

Meo you are truly full of gibberish rubbish

Anonymous said...

What is FLP crying about that the draft is out of public eyes, when they are the ones that started the ball rolling to breach the 1997 Constitution and asking for electoral provisions to be revised.

YOU are the culprits who this asshole Regime has followed.

You are a party to this particularly when your own submission with SDL's NFP, Ratu Naiqam, And Ro Temo and Mick Beddores partition to President say your own consultation overwhelmly support the 1997 constitution to be retained.

Yet you chose to make submission other wise for self interest to hide your own illegitamacy of the past and validity of your own participation in 2006 election..

Because of all you guys we have no GCC today who no matter what their personal views are, had always maintained law to be followed at all times.

The law that you have helped breach.

Mahen 'the chorwa' chaudhry said...

'Hon". Mahen "Illegal Finance Minister" Chaudhry's hypocritical and self-serving statement about constitution smacks of hypocrisy. Had this treasonist not betrayed Qarase's multiparty govt, we might not be here.

Chaudhry: disappointed that Commission succumbed to regime's intimidation.
He not only helped put this regime in place, he was part of it.

Chaudhry: regime didn’t want people to comment on constitution.
Chaudhry is responsible for giving regime crucial support in early days, before it bit him in the arse.

Chaudhry: Don’t they (regime) know who the representatives of the people are?
Didn't you, when you became illegal finance minister and approved Baini's illegal $200k backpay?

Chaudhry: major concern that people and their mandated leaders are shut out.
Where was this concern when you supported the 2006 coup barka?

Chaudhry: It is clear by now that the regime is determined to have its own way.
True, it takes one dictator to know another!

Chaudhry: Debate at Assembly stage is likely to be carefully orchestrated.
Yes, just like at FLP meetings and appointments.

Chaudhry: Decree prohibits expressing “dissent”.
My, my, sounds so much like the FLP. Dissenters are expelled or disciplined.

Chaudhry:The whole thing is being done in secrecy.
Just like your secret $A2m bank account in Australia!

Chauhry: constitution be put to a national referendum.
Too late. you should have never supported illegal coup.
As a treasonist, you are responsible too. Jail awaits.

Discombobulated Bubu said...



And MARC EDGE deported .....http://www.fijileaks.com/

tattifala said...

Promised? No promises by the coup makers and the illegal regime is worth poo .They made many promises from day one of their takeover. They kept NONE.
So the word "promise" out of the mouth of any regime lackey sounds holow.

tattifala said...

@ Mahen the chorwa chadori
I like the questioning mind you bring to bear on chaudhry's self centred behaviour.
no leader must be treated like he is a demi-god . they are ordinary human beings like the rest of us. only thing they have power - temporarily and some begin to think that power is theirs permanently. And when leaders start thinking like that they become bastards. It's the job of us ordinary citizens to keep the bastards honest by bringing the kind of questioning mind that Mahen chorwa chodori has done in his posting. every leader - including the ones in the "current administration" - must be subjected to the same scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

Police and military sources have told Fijileaks that 600 copies of the Draft Constitution seized on the orders of Aiyaz Khaiyum was burnt on 22 December. The copies, meant to be circulated to members of the general public, political parties and other institutions, was torched by police under the watchful guns of the military.

Anonymous said...

does he go to save another countyr or what?

Eichman of Fiji said...

I loved the graphics...very appropriate...Aiyaz looks so natural in that Gestapo uniform.

Anonymous said...

The itaukei please remain calm. The power in this new constitution is only depend on the power of the guns of our soldiers. Please my continous plea is to pray for the LORD ALMIGHTY TO HELP US ITAUKEI CONTROL OUR POLITICAL DESTINY AFTER THE 2014 GENERAL ELECTION. O Binimarama, Tikoitoga, Eveli Nailatikau, Teleni, Leweni, Driti, kei ira tale na sotia itaukei e ra sa volitaki keda e ra taura na isau ni nodra na tagi na italatala, turaga kei na marama bale itaukei ni vanua. O ni dro voli tikoga ena loma ni yaloka, sa bau wadrega toka mo vakamalumalutaka na kaukauwa ni Kalou sa soli kina na vanua ko Viti vei ira na itaukei ka koto dei na kena i sema ena Lotu Wesele. Waraka Namaka na Siga sa na oti kina na kaukauwa ni dakai, ka sa na basika na kaukauwa ni vuli ni gone itaukei e na loma ni yasana e 14.

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas And Happy New Year Fiji people.
We will never get democracy back until we stand up and fight for it
dictators never loose power until driven out of power by the people.
Nazat had already made the Constitution in 2009.
Ghai constitution been torched out .

Anonymous said...

"hopes and effort not in vain"?
sounds like an admission that its a wasted exercise

tattifala said...

who's that women in mufti at the official ghai draft constituion handover ceremony at the illegal president's house?
Did she think she was going to some fancy dress ganja smoking party or what?

tattifala said...

If it's true that polis and military falas have told Fijileaks that 600 copies of draft constitution have been BBQed on Khaiyum's orders then it is clear proof that the military junta was not honest about making a new constitution for the people of Fiji. They wanted a Constitution that was tailor made to suit them.
Some of us knew this all along. We don't need any constitution burning as proof. But it does expose the thug rulers for who they really are.A bunch of power grabbers who are prepared to do anything to hold on to the power they ILLEGALLY acquired.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new from the regime thieves. Liars
Fijian still sleeping while land/GCC and Church Suffer.

tattifala said...

If the Fiji leak revelation of the draft constitution burning is correct then the constitution making chair must if he is an honest man make a public statement to say he had made a big mistake working for the bastards holding the country under siege.

Mahen 'coup supporter' chaudhry said...

This is excerpt of what Mahen "coup supporter" Chaudhry's former chamcha (lackey) Lekh Ram "masi polo" Vayeshnoi said in the Times on October 28, 2008, in defending chaudhry the chor's acceptance to serve in illegal Baini regime:


"...in accepting the invitation, Mr Chaudhry had answered the call of the nation and the cry of many, among them numerous lobbyists from the business community, who wanted Fiji to return to good governance and prudent management of State finances. Indeed, he received many messages of commendation and good will from people around the world when he accepted the Finance portfolio. If anything, the Indian community has been among the beneficiaries of the 2006 intervention by the army..."

the claim that Indos benefited is a lie - only mahen benefited - fat salary and ministerial post, plus he was able to cover up, for a while, his secret Australia $2million bank account, money that really belonged to farmers and poor FLP supporters.

FLP was pro-coup. Article was written by mahen's long-term mistress Asha Lakhan, now very much looking her age, or his beta rajen, since no-school vayeshnoi can't string even a sentence together, and never had the balls to stand up to chorwa chaudhry and his son.

Lekh was only good at one thing - masi polo (scrotum massage or brown nosing) - massaging mahen's and rajen's scrotums got village gawar (bumpkin) Lekh right to parliament 'cause mahen likes to surround himself with dumb arses he can dominate.

Lekh was rajen's proxy in parliament .

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from the picture of khaiyum hitler and his puppy dog bhaini is ms sharon gobbles!

Anonymous said...


You think you are a smart ass? The only intelligent person on this blog?

The number of comments againsat you is enough for a person with average IQ that you are real tatti in the head. Pls go and see a doc of your frustrations cos you have a problem.

As for who you are, its very easy to know now that you don't use your real name.

Your post has not changed but your name has appropriately changed to tatti.

Anonymous said...


FreedomFighter said...

TIKOITOGA no amount of excuses of the coup will ever make sense to the so many educated people in Fiji. You excuse sound so shallow that it is balantly a lie. You do not stop a coup culture by carrying out another coup, full stop. Your reasoning is disgraceful. You potray the army as saviour of FIJI. Obviously you are not We will only remember the army as a group of illeterate thugs who terrorise our rights & freedom as decent citizens.The army have brought economic sufferings to thousands of people. the economic chaos that you brought to Fiji in 2006 will be felt by the next generation. TIKOITOGA YOU are the only group of people that bave benefitted from your coup

Vutuki Kumar said...

We are nearing judgement days and it's Frank's duty to submit our country to the New World Order. We've seen the fallen of mid east traditional leaders in arab springs. Frank's takeover serves same purpose as removing the old regime and appoint himself on the throne.

Anonymous said...

Dr Proff Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-Done says it was nice to listen to the "silence" of the people.What the hell is this idiot talking about ??---the silence of the graveyard ????

Anonymous said...

Correction, Meo isn't full of rubbish, he's full of shit. He's a runaway who all of a sudden has a lot to say from Australia. Meo we are still waiting for the answer to the question that has been asked so many times to you...why did you run away from Fiji? Or are you scared because you have a lot to hide? There will be another coup and that's a fact.

John said...

Yes, there will be no more coups in Fiji. Why would we need coups when the 'new' constitution establishes the supremacy of Khaiyum and his FMF goons forever? The 2006/2009 coup was the mother of all coups indeed.

Anonymous said...

Great pix and photoshop work. What is the caption?

Anonymous said...

another spin to try and legitimise themselves......now, it's the 2007 coup. WTF.....what happened to 2006. How do these arseholes even attempt to lie straight in bed?
As for MEOW, you're just a pussy. And you stink at that too.

Semi said...

In the first picture, it appears Bainiceke just shit his pants.

Anonymous said...

Frank Nazhaat....

From VB/ASK/GATES/PRYDE/PREZZIE/Nazhaat/ Nur Bano Ali/ etc etc.....bunch of thugs and murderers.

You stole from the people and you shall die with all you sins passed down to your own immediate siblings and their children and grandchildren...

Anonymous said...

Yes men says...

Good on you Frank and Ass Yaz....don't believe mahen Chaudary...

Go Ahead and once you have affirm your one sided military dictated constitution....

send mahen Chodo too in Naboro...

many of his type will cause chaos and maddness in Fiji...

Lock him felix and dan Urai plus Arya for good in prison..

Fiji will be a better place to live with our indo Fijian bros and sisters

mark manning said...

Anyone who doesn't realise Frank's Regime is run by Aiyaz and Shameem by now, is a fool.

Anonymous said...

Lies, lies and more lies. Lies all around. Bula New Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga does not have a clue of what he wants to talk about. He is a confused army officer who does not know the role of the army, and what democracy is.

The problem with the Fiji army, is that there are too many people up there who have no constructive role to play, because the country has no threat of invasion, so what happens is for the military to turn to its very own people. The army has abused the power is has been given by turning on its people. Tikoitoga has to look at other major military organisations of the world who remain within their roles, and do not interfere with the affairs of their governments, look at NZ, Australia, Britain, the US,etc..Here in Fiji we have the army bullies threatening the people, intimidating, torturing, even abolishing and weakening institutions built over time.
Tikoitoga and his army of soldiers should concentrate within their roles of being army officers, full stop! no body asked them to stop allegations of corruption, discrimination, etc.etc. democracy and an independent judiciary will take care of that.
The army has made it worse, we are worse of now than we were in 2006.Take a look at our judiciary, look at the way the constitution process is progressing, look at our civil service, our education system, health services and hospitals, social services, they are horrible.
Tikoitoga thought they have the solution, they are the real problem, and the quicker they disappear from national politics, the better it is for the nation.
They should not only disappear from national politics, but as an institution of government.We do not need them.
What kind of government where officers become Commissioners,Land Force Commanders, Permanent secretaries, Deputy Permanent Secretaries, resign as Police Commissioner, Ambassador, Spokesperson, etc. etc. nepotism everywhere, extra marital affairs, funds under the table, foreign bank accounts, and we can go on and on.
The quicker this regime disappears the better for this country.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCA) says those who make financial contributions for those affected by Tropical Cyclone Evan through a nominated Prime Minister’s bank account will qualify for a 200 per cent tax deduction. Clear sign he has no forking money left in his bank account. Folks be careful as he will deduct service fee from this account to manage all the funds coming in.

tattifala said...

Your Gestapo graphic is hot hot hot but not enough medals pinned on the fascist pigs. Usually such pigs give themselves heaps more self congratulatory medals.

Miracle for Fiji said...

merry xmas c4.5 thanks for your work see you next year don't give up on the people of fiji

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 1052PM 23/12
where the phuck did you get that from? that I consider myself the only intelligent person on this blog?? I have great respect for the many other bloggers who are more more intelligent and far more articulate and analytical. But I got no respect for the regime arseholes who come to this blog to pretend to provide intellectual justification for the coup and the status quo.You lot are defending the indefensible.Fullisstop!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bainiceke was playing with his ball, yes he has only one testicle. And somehow I can't see Aiyarse's hands, I guess the jacket is too big for him.

Vutuki Meo said...

$6m loss

Torika Tokalau
Tuesday, December 25, 2012

THE government has recorded a loss of $6million to commercial livestock following the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Evan last week.

Director for Animal Health and Production Tomasi Tunabuna confirmed the $6million loss was their finding following the preliminary assessment done after TC Evan.

"We have yet to receive reports on the losses recorded from subsistence and semi-subsistence livestock farming," he said.


$6million loss?

If a cow cost $600 each then they lost 10,000 cows.
Where did that happen?

Did anyone see any TV pictures of hundreds of cows floating down the Rewa River?

Ten thousand cows is a lot of cows to go missing.

What is the population of all the cows in Fiji?
If its 30,000 cows, does that mean we lost 1/3 of all cows to TC Evans?

Obviously someone trying to fudge the figures and fool the people.

Why do these Ministry spokespeople like Tunabuna continue to lie to us?

Anonymous said...

They have burnt the draft constitution which was promised to the people. Obviosly they are hiding something, after the hard work was done and the amount of money spent.Fiji Citizens have been led to nothing.Bunch of lairs leading the country.WE DON'T NEED THE ARMY.THEY MUST BE AOLISHED FOR EVER.NO GOING BACK TO THE BARRACKS, THEY MUST GO TO THEIR VILAGESS WHERE THEY BELONG.

Anonymous said...

Tattifalla, keep it up. Never mind the nattering nabobs of negativism. They are all masipolo of the regime.

Anonymous said...

For those who didn't know, the photo was photoshopped. Wouldn't want Graham Davis to be confused.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum don't dress like nazis. They just think, speak and act that way.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with you guys is that you always overstep the mark. I agree with a lot of your criticism about the regime but putting Bainimarama and Khaiyum in Nazi uniforms is astonishingly insensitive to those who suffered under the Nazis. Why do it and damage your own reputations?

Anonymous said...

More and more lies coming from anonymous bloggers! This time, that copies of the draft constitution were burnt. Tch, tch, tch, too much mischief making, go play with your toys!

mark manning said...

I think the Pretend President should be depicted as Adolf himself.

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 11.13AM
when we go and play with our toys we cause no harm to others . but when you gang in green set out to play with your toys you cause a heck of a lot of pain and misery to other citizens.
please stop playing with your toys!!

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 10:37
Are you talking about the 168million Russians killed by the Nazi's?

More Fijian babies dying of malnutrion.
More Fijian young people commiting suicide.
More Fijian babies being sexually molested.
More murders, more rape, MORE INJUSTICE etc etc. Remember the vuaka let his murdering soldiers go free after being convicted of the murder of Rabaka etc.

Have you been living in a hole asshole?

Of course the Russians will say yeah this Bainimarama and Kaiyum are as evil as Hitler.

I'm sure the Russians will say to Fijians, yeah don't let this dude get away with it.

No to Immunity.
Bainimarama and Khaiyum must pay for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Madam works for ICC for almost one year is my intelligence . Looks like your info is misplaced . Frank sacked all judges in 2009 abrogation . Nur nano is a different story as aunts of AG she may be benefiting but details are sketchy.

Anonymous said...

vutuki meo...where did you get 168 million russians from? that would have been the population of the whole of Russia at that time. Get your facts right, boy

Anonymous said...

Hitler killed 26.6 million Russians.

Given the same opportunity, Bainimarama and Kaiyum would do the same. Remember how Bainimarama told New Zealanders not to vote for Helen Clarke.
If he had the chance he'd lock her up too or even bash her up.
Megalomaniacs are all the same.

Anonymous said...

Nazhat Shameem to chair a Constituen Assembly hand-picked by Bainimarama to pass a constitution drafted by his selectees according to his dictates -- sadly, it's now clear that the only way for us to recover our rights and dignity is through armed resistance to the dictatorship.

The Oracle said...

Some early observations of the Ghai Commission's Draft Constitution:

Chapter I - Section Two – The Constitution and related provisions covering the coup culture:
This provision is a diluted effort to eliminate the coup culture. It does not go far enough in stipulating that any laws drafted outside of the provisions of the Constitution will have no legal effect. It does not provide sufficient guidance on procedures that may lead to abrogation of the Constitution or to enforcement of illegal legislation that may follow abrogation.

Chapter 1 - Section Four - Subsection 2(a) – The National People’s Assembly:
This is an attempt to provide the checks and balances normally provided by the Senate. In its currently recommended form, there is potential for the NPA to become a mere rubber stamp of the government of the day and lack the power intended for it, to act as an independent body of review. There is no guaranteed provision(like in the former Senate) to include interests of the i-Taukei. The provisions in their current form make a mockery of the intended “house of review” that the NPA should be, especially when a great number of its members are those whose work is being reviewed.

Chapter Two – Section 16 - National Consultative Land Forum:
This will be a controversial piece of legislation as it takes away the very thing the i-Taukei have feared all these years - the total ownership of and the right to decide how to use native land they believe is theirs by divine right.

Chapter Four – Section 56 - Recognition of Bose Levu Vakaturaga:
This provision does not give sufficient recognition to the GCC as the custodian of indigenous Fiji interests. The wording of Section 56, in its current recommended format, aims to appease the Bainimarama government but in so doing, belittles the importance of a tradition that is embedded in indegenous Fijians – the sense of “root” or belonging to a recognised “vanua”.

Chapter Four – Section 58 - Basic requirements for political parties:
This provision is presumptuous and will probably be re-written by the Constituent Assembly with much of its new wording to be lifted from Khaiyum’s upcoming Decree on the registration of political parties.

Chapter 8 – Section 79 – Proportional representation system:
This provision assumes the people of Fiji are sufficiently educated to recognise the value of their single vote. There is a great danger that the intended benefit of avoiding racial voting will back fire. Political parties which are race-focused will have the opportunity to increase their representation in parliament by tapping into the 11 seats reserved for “proportional” representation.

Chapter 9 – Parliament (Section 72 – Leader of Opposition and, Section 115 - Election of Prime Minister):
The issue of MPs electing the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition opens the way for political vote buying, ”horse-trading”, and constant ”jockeying” for positions of favour – leading to a highly “fluid” and unstable form of national governance. The term "back-stabbing" will no doubt be more common among future generations.

Unknown said...

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