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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fiji military disengagement from politics?

COUP D'ETAT: South Korea's Park Chung Hee
Clue to regime's next move lies in who it appoints to Constituent Assembly

By Jone Baledrokadroka

What are the pitfalls for the next phase of Fiji's Constitution making process and the Constituent Assembly? 

In October, nearing the conclusion of the Constitution Commissions  sittings, Fiji’s first coup maker Sitiveni Rabuka
when queried as to whether there would be elections in 2014 quipped that he “hoped the elections would go ahead, but that that hope is not based on very good grounds.” 

Rabuka’s lack of faith in Bainimarama’s promise of elections is probably based on his own realist experiences. A large body of literature on the problems of military disengagement from politics share Rabuka’s Machiavellian view that man finds it difficult if not impossible to relinquish power. Samuel Finer gave three major reasons why disengagement efforts generally stall. These are:

a)    The danger that political opponents of the regime may come to power, which may mean persecution for the outgoing military personnel back in barracks and their regime backers.
b)     The possibility that policies enunciated under military rule may be reversed.
c)     The fear that the privileges enjoyed by the military may not be maintained by the succeeding democratic government.

According to L.O. Dare the following additional factors may be relevant:
d)    Political pressure from anti-disengagement forces and beneficiaries of authoritarian rule, who urge the military to stay in power.
e)    An exaggerated self-image held by the military as a result of which they reason that the disciplined forces are the best agencies for governing and other groups will not do so well.
f)    The fear that political chaos will follow the departure of the military from power.
g)    Mere lust for power and the attractiveness of the prerequisites of political power.

Ironically, according to Danopoulos, the most important step toward military withdrawal from politics may be active leadership of a political party built from below rather than imposed from above.

As witnessed, the Bainimarama regime has been playing politics all along in adopting the role of modernizer, social developer and political organizer in a strong effort to build a sense of national identity (i.e Fijian as a common name).

Huntington also submitted that disengagement could come about only if the military were to “make their way through politics”. Deeper engagement paradoxically may be requisite for disengagement he suggests. This was to be accomplished by the creation of a new political party. 

As in South Korea in the 1960s this eventuated with the formation of the Democratic Republican Party which was highly structured along a hierarchical, single command system and its members carefully chosen, trained and disciplined. The party was to be led by new elite made up of government officials and civil professionals dedicated to the ideas of the military regime. The military also succeeded in the co-opting technocrats and civilian beauracrats.

As it is Bainimarama’s regime is neither to be convinced of the inappropriateness of its political and developmental roles nor to resurrect the SDL or FLP from the “dead”. In purportedly trying to restore civilian rule the most worrisome and nagging questions for the regime leaders seem to have been what would happen to them when they returned to the barracks and who would carry out their missions in a civilian government.

These concerns finally led to the regime leaders in South Korea to create their own civilian government which led to economic growth whilst the military provided security and stability. 

Another way forward is that a coalition arrangement between the military regime and civilian political forces could be politically negotiated in the coming months. This is provided the military regime finds an acceptable alternative to the present political parties. The make-up of the Constituent Assembly shall certainly give us a clue.

Jone Baledrokadroka is a former land force commander in Fiji and a PhD candidate at State, Society and Governance in Melanesia programme in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific.


Anonymous said...

Jone these same two Bai and Rabuka now fighting over who is to blame for getting rid of the influence of British monarchy like Queen on Fiji dollar notes.

Both idiots to blame for where we all are today.

Both should be charged with treason.

Apisai Tora said...

Jone come back home and overthrow this government. You definetly will have at least more then 50% support in the army. You seem to be te right person to lead fiji with RUM.

Anonymous said...

It's clear as Fiji Water to see that it has been the military's involvement in politics since 1987 through 2006 until present day that has lead the country away from it's bright future and into a mirky abyss from which we will never recover. All the Illegal Regime's talk of a better future for Fiji is nonsense and designed to hoodwink Fiji's people into believing that the military intervention in civilian affairs was necessary and warranted. Greed and hunger for Power is the downfall of Fiji. We are being lead down the path of total destruction. Something needs to be done to stop these thieves.

Delta Warior said...

Thank you JB for this good article and backed up with a good reserch for past military government in Fiji and abroad. As we already heard and read: Rabuka say in his book "No Other Way" and Ratu Mara says "The Pacific Way",the Delta Man who is an indigenenous itaukei and a strong believer in our tradional way of veisorososrovi,says "The Vakaturaga Way is the The Best Way for Frank. Frank if he wants to get the support of the itaukei, he should apologise to the Fijian Chiefs (14 provinces with 14 tabua (whalestooth)as soon as possible before the meeting of the Constituent Assembly. The man from delta say " The Vakaturaga Way" will save the military officers and their generation, otherwise, the kudrunivanua will killl them. O ira na vulagi e ra na bula baleta ni sega ni nodra i tovo na itovo ni veivakaturagataki me vakataki keda na itaukei.

Waluvu said...

Baledrokadroka, interesting to hear theories penned down by others, but would be interesting if you quote from your personal experiences with the coupsters as your were their bedfellows who couped our country.

Tell us what you personally know of the main players' personalities, things they enjoy, motivate them, their quirks, secrets, personal lives etc.

How the coup planning started, who planned it, your roles in the coup, other senior officers' roles in the coup.

Describe the background events as actually happened under Bhai.

Enlighten us with the coup background, events, what roles senior officers like you did during the 2006 Fiji coup,

The above discussed against the findings of other writers you quoted may give us some valid and relevant general conclusions or theories on where on earth we in Fiji expect to be heading.

And importantly how we can decapitate/eliminate this dictatorship in Fiji before the citizens are crushed further into starvation, unemployment,oblivian lawlessness and enslavement.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka was and is the biggest culprit for f..up the country, the families.
Rabukaa will never be forgiven.

He wants to be goog man now- too late . He has ruined the country.
Hope he dies with some serious diseases .

Anonymous said...

Frank is claiming that overseas media reporting that his face will be on new currency as false. Not sure where he gets this from as not one media have picked om the story. His not that important as he makes himself out as. Only place i read was onC4.5where someone claimed that his face is on next note.

What needs to go the note is face of past explorers and hero's. current clowns in the illegal regime wouldn't have the brains to think of that. Instead they will put pictures of animals and flowers.

Tai M said...

Sounds like advice that Frank can follow as a way out. So now we want you to tell us how we can stop this . We want our country back JB.

Anonymous said...

If they can sent people to gail for there wrong doing then they are liable to go to gail Naboro.

SEMI MEO said...

Vinaka Mr. Baledorkadroka na vakamatamata mai vei ka e baleta na vei sa yaco oti, yaco sara tiko ga ena gauna qoka, kei na vei ka e narawa ni na yaco ena noda veisiga ni mataka.

Me vaka ga eda dau vakatutu taka tiko; ...mai meda sa mai veitalanoa rawa qo...da mai uluda vata e loma ena veilomani...ka me vueti na noda vanua..

..me vaka ga e vakamatata taki tiko..oya...ni sa bau wadrega me na machi lesu tale i na Keba o Rear Admiral kei ira na nona lawalawa..

Ia, sa rauta na vosa kei na veiduci, veivosataki....sa gauna ni veitalanoa vaka yalomatua...se va'evei o kemuni na noda?

Anonymous said...

any news of the death of the brisbane schoolies boy at plantation isle on the weekend? cant see naything on the local daily yet

Anonymous said...

Why is it so bad that the Military is leading us?
At least they know how to defend our country and their
They are trained in the arts&science
of public administration and economies?
are good leaders and don't take shit from anyone?
I'm seriously thinking to move my support to set-up
our political system like the
Muslim State of Pakistan?
I'm pretty sure that's possibly the
direction Commandor Bai is aiming at?
Parkistan has been ruled by Military Generals,
since it's creation?
It is today, one of the major super-power in
Asia & Middle Eastern Regions.
Twice in it's history
that it went to civilian rules, and both civilian leaders
were dead!!
The current leader may
also found himself
in a precarious
That aside,seems to me
the commandor is taking
us in the
right direction? The election will
happen and position will not change much when everything
is said
and done.At least we're taking control over our own destination
& no more
crumps off the Masters' table!!!

Seth said...

Jone what's your penny's worth in bringing Fiji into a modern State? Any way who are you and what has been your contribution in Fiji's state of affairs? As I know you are a coward and a army deseter. A man of no worth...

Anonymous said...

Khaiyumnacht, December 2012:
The Night He Sent Military Goons to Break-Up Muslim relative's marriage to Fiji Hindu in Ba

In a bizarre display of his punch drunk coup power it has emerged that last weekend Aiyaz Khaiyum unleashed a group of military officers to break-up the wedding of a Muslim relative who was trying to tie the love knot to a prominent Fiji Hindu businessman's son in Namosau, Ba.

Some of the military officers told Fijileaks that they were sent to stop the wedding on Khaiyum's orders, which they did, chasing 400 assembled guests home. The Muslim girl's parents had no issues but Khaiyum's relatives did not want the marriage across the religious divide to take place. The next day the family took an order from court and proceeded with the wedding. A far cry from his own marriage to Ella Gavoka and running around Fiji in sulu these days.

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around,Bai is afraid.

Anonymous said...

So what are the army's "mission in a civilian government"? They actually have no business in government. They were created to protect the state from invasions and instability and by that I mean real ones not imaginary ones which they concocted and used a justification of their "intervention" cum coup. The army were getting too big and with nothing to do they started to venture into rougish fringes to get some semblence of self esteem and importance as they were getting more and more irrelevant and who better to lead the army into this self glorification than the megalomaniac rouge bai who thinks he is way above the law and everything and everyone.

Anonymous said...

jone you were part of the thugs.

Coup 4.5 said...

I wish to thank Subash Chandra (Fiji Sun 4/12) for informing us that in the not too distant future everyone in Fiji will be able to sleep with their doors open and their eyes closed. I am sure everyone in Fiji is looking forward to that day.
As a two time victim of home invasion in Fiji I am.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Wellwe have already been told Frank will forma a political party. The only thing we waiting for is the announcement of the Constituent Assembly. Will it be riddled with the army?

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 10.08AM
"Frank will form a political party"
what a coincidence! Qarase too had formed a political party after having had an opportunity to ...
wait for it...
TASTE POWER And the PRIVILEGES that go with it.
Atleast the two have that one thing in common.

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 9.38AM
you are spot on !

The Oracle said...

As an "old-timer" may I take this opportunity to thank C4.5 for making a genuine effort to act as a historical record of the "bold" steps now being taken to re-write Fiji's history - steps which include:
1. Chiefs being subjected to humiliation and growing disrespect as a result of Bainimarama's attack on the GCC and chiefs in general.
2. I-Taukei being conned into giving their land away through Bainimarama's Land Bank and the direct removal from Fiji to China of hectares of mineral-rich Vanua Levu soil.
3. Removal of the Queen's head from Fiji currency, in a deliberate and calculated move to water down and blot out Fiji's colonial past.
4. The introduction of Animal Farm-like decrees giving the Bainimarama military-backed regime a status of citizenship more equal to others.
5. The introduction of legislation to accord unelected members of government the same privilege afforded elected people's representatives - immunity from prosecution for statements that may be libelious/slanderous but which are covered by "Bainimarama's Parliamentary Privilege".
6. The deliberate and calculated dilution of the Judiciary through the influx of untested foreigners with questionable legal backgrounds.
7. The deliberate and calculated assault on the people of Fiji through the constant raids on the Fiji National Provident Fund.
8. The peferential treatment accorded to foreign investors to come in and partake of the regime's assault on Fijian assets - with the result being a new form of economic colonisation.
8. The "in-your-face" arrogance of drop-kicking Christian values by enticing locals to forsake their pews in favour of "new-age" casinos.
9. Etcetra, Etcetra, Etcetra (as in the Bainimarama/Khaiyum sequel to the King and I).
Thank you C4.5 for recording for us Bainimarama/Khaiyum's real-life re-enactment of George Orwell's fictional novels. And, of course, recording for us, the Bainimarama/Khaiyum real life play promoting the Nazi-like doctrine of sending into oblivion, the history,values, traditions and existence of a certain race of people.
The Bainimarama legacy will be: "Taking a bold and unilateral step into the future while re-writing history by blotting out the past". And Graham Davis will be able to scribble his claim to fame in the grafitti world by adding to his "awards" the following citation: "Graham was there when Fijians became Chinese".

Anonymous said...

@ rajend... I know the feeling bro, about being able to sleep peacefully in one's own bed in Fiji. I had 5 (yeah no exaggeration here)home invasions in fiji. I sleep very well now in Brisbane. Thats one thing that will always keep former residents from returning to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I propose the New party name be:
"Fijian Nationalist Party" or
"Fijian People Party" or
"National Fijian Party" or
"Fiji Citizen Party"
By the way anyone knows where we
can find Rajesh "CHORRO" Singh?
could be a fair chair
for the new
party? If anyone knows where Veishnoi is,
please ask him to
come back, he could
also act as a fair assistant,
to Rajesh-they make
a good pairs?

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous Dec5
You forgot to mention the fijian military is also trained to bully and brutalize unarmed civilians .
that's why the fijian people love to be led by the military!!

Anonymous said...

If only these were Baleidrokadroka's own words... pharked up military officer ... PhD my blackass!

Ganesh said...

Two different countries and cultures, but If Fiji goes the way of South Korea, here's what we can expect to see:

First, expect a few more years of Bainimarama's rule. By the time of his assassination, President Park Chung-Hee had ruled South Korea for 18 years with dictatorial power and martial laws after his military coup in 1961.

Expect the dictator to continue determinedly to use torture and other powers to crush all opposition.

Expect the regime to poll poorly in any elections, despite spending a significant percentage of the national budget on its election campaign.

Expect Bainimarama to establish a new constitution to ensure his perpetual dictatorship, giving him authority to issue emergency decrees and suspend the Constitution, to appoint all judges and dismiss parliament.

Expect popular uprisings and behind-the-scenes jealousies. The main rivalry will center around an almost universally disliked yet feared advisor, like Aiyaz, who will serve Bainimarama in close proximity, becoming his favorite and most trusted advisor, and interfering in the workings of other agencies.

If like Mrs. Park, Mary Bainimarama will be assassinated abroad by an overseas Fijian.

Expect a member of Bainimarama's security apparatus to kill both Bainimarama and Aiyaz. If he's like Park's KCIA chief, he'll shoot Bainimarama to death in an isolated dinner meeting and then gun Aiyaz down in a bathroom. His accomplices will kill Ben Naliva and any other bodyguard who tries to intervene.

Expect confusion, celebration, improved foreign relations, trials, and then seizure of power by another military strongman.

Bainimarama wants the Kim Il-Sung experience, dying in bed and leaving dynastic power to his snot-nosed son. He's likelier to have the Park Chung-Hee ending, full in the face.

Anonymous said...

Semi meo, answer the question you moron...why did you run away from Fiji? You've been dodging the question so you must've something to hide I guess.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Faceless, nameless "moron" of December 5, 2012 5:04 PM

Answer to your question: .. may be run far away from your nagging mum's "waterbill" claims!!..

..now...next question??

Back to the topic: We believe beneficial to all should Mr. Baledrokadroka’s start dialogue with the Rear Admiral…if he has not started that yet…

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama will be killed by a Muslim if he is not going to follow his muslim advisors. Remember and take note of this message, today Bainimarama has been surrounded by Muslim people who control the Judiciary, the Army, the Finance & Sugar sector. Aiyaz is holding his collar and tell him you must follow my aunties advice Nazat Shameem and Nur Bano, and my uncle Mohammed and Khaiyum Senior my father. You must move away and do not listen to Mahend Chaudhary, Laisenia Qarase, Rabuka, and all the big chiefs. And to make it worse for Bainimarama, he is mentally weak to read Fiji's politics. He lacks the experience of a civil servant like his two elder brothers Ratu Meli and Ratu Timoci.
Come on Frank there are many good educated Fijians in Fiji and abroad that can help you to take Fiji forward and get you to be the Prime Minister after the 2014 election. It is about time you change and look for good itaukei advisors to help you unite all the people of Fiji before the 2014 election. If you are not going to re-assess your advisors performance and their PR with the itaukei and non-muslims, you will definitely end up in Naboro or Lovonilase.

Anonymous said...

annon@10:44am & Rajend Naidu@
10:01am...Regarding home invasion
at home and now you're sleepin well
in Brissy...Just make sure you pay
your Rent in advance or you'd be out on the street too?
What happen to your backrents
payment to the Fijian landsowners here in Fiji?
I guess it's the reason why you skipped the country?
Man, you're just as bad as RUM-who had mis-used the
Lau provincial funds,
swindled funds from the
Fiji pines Board etc,.
Before asking his Tavale-the Pressy for help in taking
refuge in
Listen up dudes,just like RUM,
we don't really want you back,
so just stay there in Brissy,
if you're
there legally,enjoy the
frederal welfare handout,
but if you're there
illegally ,Winos and thugs don't like new people trying
to take over their street... good luck
cause you gonne need it????

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous 6/12:2.01AM
No one needs to discredit the Bainimarama military government when it has ideologists( read, incurable idiots)like you speaking for it.

Anonymous said...

Ah semi is still dodging the question. You've got something to hide semi, and it's ironic that you mentioned 'bills' because that's one of the things you left behind when you fled lol

Again, you keep referring to rear admiral, perhaps you also fled because of Baini's rear lol

The Oracle said...

@ Anon 6/12 2:01 - I can assure you Rajend Naidu is none of the things you say he is. Rajend may not recognise me but I am a colleague of his from yester years. His wife has a teaching position in Australia but as far as I know they still have their house in LBE. You may have somehow mistaken Rajend Naidu for Rajesh Singh perhaps? It's always adviseable to first know a person before running them down. And it's also more pleasant to read well-grounded arguments than having to scroll through most of the trash that's posted on this site. Credit to C4.5 for providing people an avenue to voice their opinions (even trash), which is more than can be said for Fiji's two dailies!!!

rajend naidu said...

@The Oracle 8.30 AM
I am sorry I do not recognise you but I thank you for your kind words and the wisdom you share in your posting.

SEMI MEO said...

Faceless "Moron" o fDecember 6, 2012 6:43 PM..

So, tell the rest of us what was it you told your lovely children, partner when you left home this morning for the dark internet cafe your blogging from...??

Oh..did you tell eh you gonna curse, profane and anonymous blog displaying the very dark side you now hide from them??

Did't you know that father, mothers could be "sacked" from their roles too?..especially those who live double low life like some moron coward..

We believe Mr. Baledrokadroka, Ratu U Mara etc should start to open dialogue with the Rear Admiral!..

Let's start somewhere....

Anonymous said...

@Semeow...why should Baledroka & Ulukau open dialogue with Frank? Who says they stand for us? Who made them cerdible voices/ Running cowards have no place in Fiji. Like you too Semeow.Good riddance. Look forwrad to your insults and low level contribution yet again.

Anonymous said...

OMG,can you believe it?the country AG despatched a military detachment
to stop a muslim women from marrying a untouchable hindu in Ba? Kudos to the AG, for trying to protect his religeon and muslim culture?
I have no doubt this man AG is definitely PM Material???

Anonymous said...

Semi meo, why don't you answer the question? Was it because you ran away and left loads of bills? Come on semi meow, we somehow knew some bits about you, and how you absconded, but we want to know from you since all of a sudden you have a lot to say.

It's ok semi, when you return to fiji you can repay the money, lots of it, you owed. But there's no point in dodging the question because we know what you did.

Anonymous said...

Jone Baledrokadroka, you gonna need
a job after graduation, best thing
to do, is get in touch with your former Boss-Bai, seek an immediate
reconciliation? Ask for your job back,hey look, no need to be proud,
do what Driti had done? I'm sure Bai will need you to seat in the National Assembly,Poseci Bune i'm
sure will be invited,so is Tikoitoga,Kean,Ganilau,Krishna Dutt,etc?

Jone said...

Semi Meo, everyone as tried dialogue with your 'rear admiral'. Everyone! The only ones he'll talk to are Chinese bearing red envelopes.

Speaking of dialogues, how goes your 'dialogue' with Nameless Cyber Bully? Have you accepted his simple challenge yet, or are you still ducking him?

Gotta start somewhere.

SEMI MEO said...

Moron of December 7, 2012 2:26 PM and Jone of December 7, 2012 3:40 PM...I am so happy and very excited that as we speak representation for "dialogue" between "warring" parties have been initiated...

I am so glad that all nameless and faceless cowards in this highly esteemed column will be shipped to Nukulau for quarantine soon after the 2014 elections…just that electric shock therapy at Nukulau would make them re call their names, dignity and bravery!.

I am so glad that I do not answer to cowards...never..so why should we care about that blooming stupid Question...as if!

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu@ 3:58pm...Wow,lots of
pressure?No one blames you for skipping the country?We understand,
growing up along-side the Fijian boys,probably get keyed in the ears
a few times,just to keep you in your place,
Always leasing&renting
land, from the Fijian land-Owners?seems to be discriminated against, from getting a Fiji Government Job,
Cannot live in a Fijian Village,etc,etc?
You see Rajend, we
understand your predicament? Anyone
in your situation would have done the same shit?
However,there's no need for you to be overly defensive or too offensive,
about your precarious situation, at this point in your life? That is if you have one?
No need to use your nom de plume Oracle to defend yourself,it's very amatory & outdated!
The Fijian Prime Minister-Bai-
doesn't need anyone to defend him,he's survived for the past 6 years, and appears to be gearing up
for another 6 years term in office?
How come your wife is working in Brissy & you're not?
Typical Hindu culture,when push comes to shove,
you threw your defendless women under the bus!!!Hopefully,she's fetching something
from Brissy tough street,
to keep you going????

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu@ 3:58pm...Wow,lots of pressure?No one blames you for skipping the country?We understand, growing up along-side the Fijian boys,probably get keyed in the ears a few times,just to keep you in your place, Always leasing&renting land, from the Fijian land-Owners?seems to be discriminated against, from getting a Fiji Government Job, Cannot live in a Fijian Village,etc,etc? You see Rajend, we understand your predicament? Anyone in your situation would have done the same shit? However,there's no need for you to be overly defensive or too offensive, about your precarious situation, at this point in your life? That is if you have one? No need to use your nom de plume Oracle to defend yourself,it's very amatory & outdated! The Fijian Prime Minister-Bai- doesn't need anyone to defend him,he's survived for the past 6 years, and appears to be gearing up for another 6 years term in office?

Jioji said...

Semi, why did you run away from Fiji?

Here's how you can start seeing you're finding it extremely difficult to do that.

I, Semi Meo, ran away from Fiji because ................

Anonymous said...

If bainimagana doesn't need anyone to defend him, then why is he walking around with lots of bociguards?

His bociguards will turn on him to save their asses from being whipped or prodded with sharp metal objects.

Rumors were rife before about Semi's son in the army, hope he's not one of the prodding brigade.

One thing is for certain, dicktators do not last, and they usually have a terrible ending to their miserable lives.

What you reckon absconder Semi?

Ganesh said...

Dummy at 12:41 PM, The Oracle and Rajend Naidu don't sound anything alike. Also, both are far more intelligent and articulate than you are. But then, the army doesn't teach you much in the way of skills, does it? Very 'amatory', I suppose, whatever that means.

You taunt Rajen Naidu, but I'll wager he's done more and has more going for him in his life than you ever will.

Bai never had a 'term' in office. Only elected officials get those. The only term Bai will get is a term in prison, if he doesn't hang.

Bai plans to rule as long as he lives, because he knows that he won't live long out of power. That's also why he needs so many bociguards.

He doesn't have a lot of educated fans. That's why he has to hire amoral PR firms like Qorvis and rely on semi-literate soldiers like you to defend him in the blogs.

But how does one defend the indefensible? The truth will always out. And dictators suffer high mortality rates.

Jone said...

Semi, while you're answering that question, what about NCB's challenge to you? You've been dodging that for, what, three weeks now?

Anonymous said...

Ganesh said@4:02pm...OMG!WTF! and
you used a god's name for a nom de plume- in vain...
Rajend cut the crap,you're nothing but a scared little boy,
trying to hide your true identity,
cause you're chiken,
that a Muslim or ITaukei Boys
might keyed you in the ears again, and bring back
bad memory?
Well,Well,Well,what you know,here's someone who stand on
the rooftop and scream out loud,
to the whole world, as to
how smart he is,
yet, doesn't even know
the English word: "Amatory"? Wow,must be an under-grad
from Lahor Uni?
You wanna know what the
word means?Do you really wanna know? Call
your frieken English teacher? On second thought,call your hero
Mahen Chorro,he could have bumped into the word,
during his pathetic

tattifala said...

mahen chorro fiji people money,yes.
qarase chorro fiji/fijian people money,yes. bainimarama chorro govt of fiji, no?
and many anonymous putting brown matter in the C4.5 blog are benefitting from bai's chorro.hehehe!

Ganesh said...

Anonymous 3:59 AM, staying up in the middle of the night just to blog on C4.5? Or are you another member of the parachute brigade who presume to guide Fiji from Horowhenua or parts beyond?

English does have the word 'amatory' but it's almost never used and is absolutely nonsensical in the context in which you used it, so why don't you look it up yourself before you use it again? Or drop your intellectual pretensions and just admit you're an ignoramus?

In the same vein, is OMG and WTF really the only retort you can muster to my arguments? Why don't you try to rebut them, instead?

Your taunts against Rajen Naidu show what a little man you are, and your inability to respond to my arguments show you simply don't have the capacity to contribute anything of value to C4.5.