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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fiji police rules of engagement clearly say officers must not assault escapees

Front cover of the rules for engagement document
No sign of the promised independent police report but a sighting today of the rules of engagement that clearly show Fiji police officers are not allowed to assault or beat people who resist arrest, including prisoners who've escaped from jail.

Anyone joining the force in Fiji is taught the basic tenet of police operations. Why then do police officers go about beating suspects, so badly that physical injury is common?

The Rules of Engagement reads: "In almost every case where an armed offender is contained and a 'stand-off' situation exists, the resources provided by any one station will be insufficient. In such cases request the DPC to authorise the Mobile Squad to attend without delay.

"The mobile squad has its own command structure, and it is important that they are free to operate as a team. This will mean that on arrival, the Mobile Squad will replace those police working the inner perimeter of the scene, except the negotiator."

The Fiji Force also advocates that an armed offender or anyone who resisting arrest be taken through a negotiation process. 

Judging from the injuries sustained by Epeli Qaraniqio (he was beaten so badly his right leg had to be amputated) and his fellow escapees at the hands of Fiji Police officers and the military, very little if any of the protocols were followed.

Excerpts from the Fiji Police Forces Rules of Engagement for Armed Offenders:

Fiji police looking for international profile but failing basics
The Aim
In any police action, the main aim is:-
to protect life and property.
If any person loses his life, especially if it is the life of an innocent victim, the police action will be viewed by the public as a failure.
Every policeman must be properly instructed so that in the excitement and tension of the situation he never forgets his aim, which is to prevent loss of life.
He must not act impulsively, as the success of any plan will depend on a team approach, good communications, and the coordination of the tactics by the officer in command at the scene.

The Plan
The plan must be simple and effective. It must revolve around three factors—

1.    To contain the situation
2.    To reduce tension
3.    To negotiate a sensible settlement of       
    the problem

Containing the Situation
In the early stage of an act of armed resistance, police resources will probably be scarce.
During this stage it will be necessary to try to contain the movements of the offender to enable reinforcements to isolate an area around him.
The size of this area must be decided by considering the resources available, the type of surroundings, and the range of weapons used by the offender.
Regard this area as the “inner isolation” or “inner perimeter.”
Remove all persons from the area if this can be achieved with safety.
Obtain sufficient police to seal the area to prevent the escape of the offender, and to prevent unauthorised persons from entering.
Establish a second perimeter that is the “outer perimeter” or “outer isolation.”
The aim is to divert traffic and people around the outer perimeter to avoid congestion.
This “outer perimeter” should include a check point for persons who may wish to approach the inner isolation area.

Reducing Tension
No fixed instructions exist regarding the reduction of tension. Each situation has its own set of factors that are different from any previous incident.
The conduct and attitude of the offender will have a large influence on the course of action necessary to reduce the tension.
However, experience has proven that much can be done by the member in charge initially, to calm the situation and begin to create a favourable atmosphere to commence the negotiation of a peaceful settlement.
To begin with, the officer in charge must remain calm. A display of controlled police professionalism will give confidence to the members under his command. Most important, it will ensure a commitment to his plan of action by his subordinates.
Keeping the number of police who can be seen to the minimum will often help. (Also bearing in mind the need for some members in reserve)
Avoid the use of sirens and flashing blue lights where possible. The presence of helicopters can sometimes add to the level of tension among the police or the offender. Its closeness should be controlled by the Officer in Charge of the situation.
Once the offender is contained, time is on your side. It is your ally. The Officer in Charge need not hurry his actions and his decisions. Remember, the aim at this stage is to create and atmosphere suitable for negotiation. Time is on the side of the police.

Use of Mobile Squad
If any time during the operation, the situation cannot, or cannot safely, be brought under control by normal police resources within the area, the OC must make a request to the DPC for the assistance of the Mobile Squad closest to the scene.
In almost every case where an armed offender is contained and a “stand-off” situation exists, the resources provided by any one station will be insufficient. In such cases request the DPC to authorise the Mobile Squad to attend without delay.
The mobile squad has its own command structure, and it is important that they are free to operate as a team. This will mean that on arrival, the Mobile Squad will replace those police working the inner perimeter of the scene, except the negotiator.
General command of the operation remains the responsibility of the Officer in command.

Use of Weapons
The legal justifications regarding the use of firearms must still be complied with.
Once the first stage of the confrontation is over and the situation is contained, the only person who can authorise the use of firearms is the OC of the scene.
An emergency involving the need for self defence by any individual policeman may arise. This would be the case of an armed offender leaving his barricaded position and threatening a policeman who is part of the containment group.
Except for that situation, a minimum show of force is necessary, as a part of the tension reducing process.
It is the responsibility of the OC to ensure that firearms discipline is understood and maintained.
He must give clear and firm directions to his subordinates that they are to act in this manner as professional police.

Importance of Time
The most important factor working in favour of the police is time. Any attempt to take short cuts to disarm the offender and complete the incident without the authority of the OC, may well end in disaster.
Any rise in tension which causes the offender to fire shots, even if it is a suicide attempt, places the life of any hostage in danger. If hostages are being held, any action by police, which increases the risk to their lives, cannot be justified.
If the offender kills a hostage, action may then have to be taken to rescue the remaining hostages. The danger of them also being killed by the offender, may justify the risks involved in a rescue attempt.
Generally, international experience has proven that the longer the time that the offender spends with the hostages, the less likely he is to kill them. This is because they tend to identify and develop feelings for one another, and a personal relationship develops (known as the “Stockholm Syndrome”).
While this can have positive and negative effects, any development that may preserve life is worth aiming for.

The importance of good communications between the Communications Centre, the OC, the police at the scene, and the offender cannot be stressed enough.
Communications will be the key to the successful command and conclusion of the operation.
If possible, use a separate radio channel for the operation. If walkie-talkie radios are available or can be transported to the scene, they are the means by which the OC can keep control and direction of the operation.
Consider the value of specialists in the use of electronics and communications. They should be used to explore every avenue possible to gather information and facts about the offender, his intentions, and his mental state. This enables decisions by the Officer in Command.

Keeping Records

Keep a log of all directions given and events occurring during the operation.
This is for the preparation of accurate reports afterwards, and for use in court.
A log has the same credibility as notes taken at the time of the occurrence.
Experience has shown that unless the person chosen for the task on behalf of the OC knows what is required of the log-keeper, the record at the conclusion of the incident will be unsatisfactory. 

In addition, keep a detailed log at the Communications Centre.

The Media
An armed offender or siege/hostage situation will have the attention of the media.
Therefore it is necessary that all police at the scene project a professional and disciplined image.
The manner in which the media report an incident, may decide whether the public and any authority over the police, see the operation as a success or a failure. 

Sound police forward planning always produces a better public image when the unexpected occur. This part briefly deals with what are often complex operational problems requiring critical decisions by police. In earlier years, police overcame most problems of this type by taking a practical, common sense approach and acting on their own initiative. In doing so, many placed their own lives at risk unnecessarily, and some lost them.

Although police lives are often placed at risk, it is no longer satisfactory when dealing with armed offenders who are prepared to risk lives of innocent people to achieve their aim. This situation can only be handled properly and safely, by choosing the right tactics. A basic plan along the guidelines set out in this section is essential. The success of that plan will hinge on a team approach, good communications, and the coordination of the tactics under one commander.


Fiji military trash said...

Do not blame the police. In 2006 under Commissioner Hughes the Fiji police was surging ahead. After the bhaini-the-goose coup the militarisation of Fiji has desroyed everything. Look at sugar. Look at rugby. Look at the police. It is the poorly led gullible and useless Fiji military that has destroyed Fiji. Fiji military has become a sheltered workshop for unemployable trash - increase sanctions across the board for Fiji military and their families.

tattifala said...

Is this a problem : Fiji Police not following the Rules of Engagement?
The Fiji Military did not follow the Rule of Law and Fiji is now under a Military dictatorship. The military dictator Frank Bainimarama has just been ELECTED by an international organisation to be its new chair.
the coup and subsequent imposition of a military dictatorship on the people of fiji is not a problem . so why should this rule of engagement thing be regarded a problem?

Mafi- USA said...

They apply the Dictator bainimarama's rule of law. That is being thuggery. There is no rule of law in Fiji as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Sound like something the Tattifala would have said, that the Fiji Police are either stupid or Uncivilized? Hey, look in Tattifalas America, police carry
Gun and they frieken won't hesitate
to shoot you down! And mind you it happens all over the western world,
if you're a criminal and you don't
listen to the Law (POLICE) you darn right they have the frieken right, to shoot you down like an animal? And here's uncivilized Fiji
where the Police beats the shit(tatti)out of the Criminals?OK shit
head, your criticism of Fijians is
getting way out of line,and some of
us are getting a wee bit pissed-off
and you just may be pushing us a
bit to hard to move to the other side?????

possitive... said...

come on man!!all ROE's does not take away the right of an officer to defend him or herself,put yourself in the shoes of those officers,what will you do when a criminal attacked you with cane knife?will you give ass to be lausamu or do what ever it takes to disable him from attacking you??

Anonymous said...

Former SDL Minister, George Shiu Raj lost $300,000 financing Sanjeev Pal in buying a travel agency which remains unpaid.
When will this man be charged in connection of three missing girls from his constituency,perhaps deep chand might open his mouth now?

Another sham said...

But this is sto typically Fiji ... holding workshosp and coming up ambitious and supposedly believable protocols but doesn't practice it.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama took our FREEDOM.
-Freedom to choose who to lead this country.
-Freedom of the Judiciary - now they just jail whoever they want to jail and set free whoever they want to set free.( eg soldiers that muredered Rabaka etc).
-Freedom of speech
-Freedom of the Press.

And he took our FREEDOM at the point of a gun.

Some people fought back. These were summarily taken to Army Camp and tortured. These including women, who were kicked in the stomach by Bainimarama himself.

We have waited long enough (6 years). We must take our FREEDOM back and all who performed this low criminal act on us must be taken to court.

We must take our Freedom back NOW.
We must FIGHTBACK now.
We must throw all this Coup plotters in jail ie Bainimarama , Aiyaz, Gates, Shameem and all who assisted them.

So I call upon you all my Fijian brothers that love FREEDOM, the time to act is now.

The way we are going to do it is by SABOTAGE.

Wherever you are, you must do what you can.

If you a a Civil Servant , then you must do whatever you can - eg make files go missing; burn the files or even burndown the whole building.

Plan it so that you don't get caught.

There's a lot of liumuri, age piche people in Fiji so becareful who you share your plans with.

If you work with Machinery in a government garage, then do something to the machinery.

All who support Bai must also be targeted.
If you a Security at Tappoos then burn the place down.

If you are close to Shameems or Gates house then burn their place down.

This is the time to fight back.

Make sure you don't get caught.

If you are a Christian, you too must fight for the freedom of your fellow men.
None of this bullshit pacifist crap.
Even Jesus after talking about Humility then went and whipped people in the temple.
I think a lot of Christians in Fiji a mixed up in their minds because they don't read their Bible.
It is now time to fightback.
Bainimarama is a criminal and you must bring Criminals to justice.

Bainimarama is an instrument of Satan; and Satan's activity has escalated in Fiji. There is now more suicide of our young people; more sexual molestation of our children; more rape ; more murder; more poverty; more malnutrition.

If you work in the Hospital then sabotage it.
If Bainimarama or any of his helpers come - give him extra morphine so that he has avery long sleep.

If you work in Nur Bano's office, BURN IT!
Burn all the government minister's house or cars or whatever!

All of us must do whatever we can wherever we are , from today and onwards until these arseholes are brought to Justice.

God gave us FREEDOM and we must not allow criminals to take it from us.

We must Fightback and we must start today.

Do the little you can wherever you are.
Burn Files
Burn hotels.
Burn Tapoos
Burn FSC
If you are a Cleaner or Security guard , burn the curtains. Start a fire and run like hell.
or Cook or Waitress you can do it.

eg waitress , you can put shit from the road or toilet on to their food so that they get diarrhea.
Just Do whatever you can in your job or where you live, in your neighbourhood etc.

Plan it carefully. Don't get caught and DO IT!

-Valataka na Dina.

Kamlesh Kumar- QEB Nabua said...

Fiji Military Trash 9.15

The Military has saved Fiji from economic collapse after the Rabuka and Qarase administration. Fiji is progressing very well under Bainimara. One Law for every one. Vutuki you a are racist who always write rude things about Fiji-Indians. You,ki-Bau and Netaini Rika seem to be the same person. Your fight for indigineous right is 1920 thing. Your supporters have used the gullable iTaukeis in past to pocket your self and your families and this is why you cant accept the change. People in this world do not look things from racial perspective but on issues. Study 2013 budget and see the changes Bainimara government is bringing to people of Fiji. Majority people are happy with Bainimara. Go and ask people in Fiji and they will tell the truth. Development, growth, equity and fairness every where. I am happy to challenge your racist views any where. Remember your racist views are a gonna. Believe in humanity and god.

The Oracle said...

In a dictatorship the Rule of Law can be changed by those in power to suit their own needs - as long as people remain indifferent. We need to blame ourselves first for allowing all this to happen as we continue to sit idly by. We know the prisoner who lost his leg did so as a result of the assault and torture he was subjected to. Yet we have meekly accepted the police version that he was diabetic. Until we decide to take a hold of our own destiny we will continue to sit and criticise from the comfort of our tanoa basins, much like that famous dictator who played his fiddle while his city burned around him. Our house is on fire, but we've "immunised" oursleves against the heat.

tattifala said...

Tell me has this Fiji Police Rules of Engagement thing only just been framed in this course?
I thought they had all that in place from the time when the Fiji Police was under colonial administration.
Is this another one of the bullshit "reforms" being done by the bainimarama "govt"?

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police are full of lies. Trying to portray a better picture but cannot wid Naivalurua [big taurua] leading. His already corrupt, how can he change the Fiji police force. Naivalurua go back to the barracks and sell our taurua......Fiji police force will never be the same again....it has now been militarised......better combine with the military......hold each others ball..

mark manning said...

Once Democracy is restored, the thugs can be challenged in legitimate courts and sued for the atrocities they commit against the civilian population. Keeping documented proof, photos and records and videos until then, is the way to go for now.

The Heckler said...

"Armed offenders?" Who is being referenced here -- a) escaped felons, b) Fiji Police, c) the RFMF, or d) all of the above?

tattifala said...

Fizi no rule of law no rule of engagement. in fizi might is right.and green gang got the might. they call the shots and evryone - the police falas, the court falas, the cibil serbant falas - all engage according to what they demand. that is the full story.

Anonymous said...

Civil servants. We are all sick and tired of meetings and workshops in Fiji. When we ring we get either on sick leave,just not at work today, in the toilet, workshop, meeting, etc. Six years of 'Voreqe Governmnet' has only made it worse.

Anonymous said...

They just do not listen. You can take a dog to water but you cannot make it drink. Why have a nilitary commander as the head of the police? Its obvious.
DICTATORSHIP by the military

Anonymous said...

plz bainimarama, you and your sotia ululala, kerekere me sa rauta na nomuni vakarogorogocataka tiko na yacai Viti.

Na kece ga oni tara se liutaka na sotia ululal, bavulu oni liutaki Viti tiko qo.. e sa boidada kece ga

Oni liutaka na timi 15 ena tour ki Urope, e boidada, 7 ka coach kina qo o Alivereti Dere Ceke.. e boidada.. matanitu, BOIDADA
.Sa tu ga e ligamuni nA SOTIA na DA...

Anonymous said...

Police!!! What did they do in the 1987 coup, about the 2000 coups just stood and watched the burning and looting, probablly were part of the act!!
The credibility of the police diminished forever after the two coups!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell us why so many prisoners are escaping from custody? Here's another one.

Hunt continues for Deshwar Dutt
Publish date/time: 03/12/2012 [16:55]

Print this page
Email this page The hunt continues for 36-year-old prisoner Deshwar Dutt who escaped from the Suva Corrections Centre at 2.30pm yesterday.

Police have also revealed that other prisoners, Kunal Edwin Prasad, Vimlesh Dayal and Viliame Vunisiga cut the mesh wire and got out of the Yaka Dome.

Dutt and Prasad managed to climb the concrete wall and jumped out of the Prison Complex.

Dutt boarded a waiting private car with registration DA 197 written with a pental pen on a cardboard.

Dutt was driven towards the city whilst Prasad was recaptured outside the complex.

Dayal and Vunisiga could not climb the prison wall and were arrested inside the complex.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Just Saying said...

I have siad this before and I will go ther eagain: thje male violence in our society at the moment reflects the thuggery that is in power!!

80 cases of rape reported for October & November
Publish date/time: 04/12/2012 [07:25]

Print this page
Email this page 80 cases of rape and attempted rape have been reported for the months of October and November this year.

This is a major concern as the reported cases remain high and Police have also started a Red Alert system to ensure that the perpetrators are caught within 24 hours.

According to the Police statistics received by Fijivillage, there were 25 rape and attempted rape cases in the Western Division in the last two months, 21 in the Eastern Division, 16 in the Northern Division, 15 in the Southern Division while Totogo in Suva had 3 reported cases.

92 cases were reported for the same period last year.

Meanwhile, 38 cases of defilement of girls between 13 to 15 years were reported for October and November this year while there were three cases for defilement of girls under 13 years.

Four cases of rape and one case of defilement came through in the past seven days.

A 19-year-old unemployed Labasa man has been charged with two counts of rape.

The accused is alleged to have sexually assaulted a 9-year-old student.

In another case, a 31-year-old carpenter of Labasa has been charged with sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl at the victim’s home.

The third incident has seen a 22-year-old farmer of Labasa charged with defiling a 15-year-old student.

Two reports were received over the weekend.

A man allegedly raped a 17-year-old student in Suva while three people between the age of 16 and 20 years allegedly raped a 17-year-old student in Namaka.

The alleged incident occurred at 4.30am Saturday.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Random said...

Maybe time to bring Fiji in from the cold

LAST month a new regional organisation was born. It arrived with little fanfare, but it may very well reshape the architecture of co-operation in the South Pacific.
In early November a Fijian government press release quietly announced the creation of the Pacific Islands Development Forum. It replaces the Engaging with the Pacific process that was set up following Fiji's suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum to maintain close co-operation between island states.
What's in a name? The one word difference between the PIDF and PIF is extremely significant. It signals that the agenda of the new organisation will be firmly on Pacific island development issues, including the impact of climate change. This sharply distinguishes it from the PIF, which many regional states argue has increasingly taken on a security-dominated agenda focussed on the interests of the metropolitan powers, Australia and New Zealand.
The Pacific is deeply concerned with security, but the lens through which they look at these issues is more likely a human security than national security perspective. This is how an issue such as climate change is viewed, and the fact that the PIF has been singularly incapable of living up to regional expectations in this regard is telling. Furthermore, the most significant challenges are economic. They relate to sustainable growth and development in areas such as fisheries, agriculture, forestry and mining.

The proposed membership of the PIDF highlights the shifting Pacific seascape. The island states of the Pacific and the dependent territories of external powers are invited to attend.
The notable absentees are Australia and New Zealand, which again points to the attempt to develop and lead a new regional agenda that is distinctly Pacific. More remarkably, the PIDF will include representatives from government, business, and civil society in national delegations to encourage partnerships.

Random said...

The PIDF has larger significance in relation to the architecture of regional co-operation and Australia's foreign policy toward Fiji. Turning the PIDF concept into reality will face some major hurdles. The plan is that the PIDF will be institutionalised before elections are held in Fiji in 2014. As such it will represent the final piece in Fiji's diplomatic puzzle circumventing the sanctions imposed by the ANZ partners as a result of the coup in 2006.
Sanctions are a form of punishment to try to influence the behaviour of the target country. However, in this case democracy was not swiftly restored and elections are scheduled for 2014. After an initial deferment in 2009 the election timetable has been set by the Fijian government and at this stage it is hard to imagine the possibility of holding elections sooner. The sanctions concentrated on diplomatic isolation. Fijian government officials (in particular the military) were targeted in a smart sanctions package that focused on travel bans, limits on military training and regional and international isolation, but their impact has been diluted.
In the six years since 2006 Fiji has negotiated direct flights to various regional capitals so travel through Auckland or Brisbane is no longer a necessity. Military training arrangements have been negotiated with regional states including Malaysia and China. New and enhanced bilateral relationships have been developed with countries such as Indonesia, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and China. Fiji has gained membership of existing groups, such as the Non-Aligned Movement, and has actively encouraged the growth of the Pacific Small Islands Developing States side grouping at the UN, the Melanesian Spearhead Group, the Engaging with the Pacific process and now the PIDF. Fiji was elected chair of the G77 for 2013 and was vice president of the general assembly in 2012. Fiji is no longer diplomatically isolated.
Now that the PIDF has been developed it may be time to look beyond 2014 and decide how Canberra's relations with Suva will be recalibrated. It may be that Fiji should be slowly and deliberately brought back in from the cold.
Constructive engagement can already be seen with the budgetary support for the elections process. The exchange of high commissioners would be another good signal that diplomacy will be undertaken at the highest levels. Allowing government officials involved in the election process to transit through Australia and NZ might be another possible thaw in relations.
The recent floods in Fiji prompted an increase in Australian aid. This could be enhanced to support sustainable development projects that fit the PIDF agenda. Furthermore, the flood damage highlighted Fiji's incapacity to deal with large-scale disaster management. The Australian Defence Force has a well-earned reputation in this regard. Niche training could be provided to the Fijian military in non-combat related skills to build local capacity to deal with environmental crises. It is also likely that the bans on Fijian participation in new peacekeeping operations will be lifted in 2014. The ADF and Australian Federal Police also have well-earned reputations in peacekeeping and peacemaking so there are many avenues for co-operation.
Another initiative that would speak to the new PIDF agenda would be to resume RAAF maritime patrol overflights of Fiji's EEZ to protect against illegal fishing.
Diplomatically there is much to be done. Is now the time? Why wait for 2014?
Michael O'Keefe is a senior lecturer in the politics and international

Anonymous said...

@Valataka na Dina 3, 2012 9:54 AM

No wonder the word Christianity has lost so much respect in Fiji when there are those like you suggesting you are following it and in the next breath incite such hateful and dangerous acts.

You are a disgrace to real followers.

Once again you call for others to undertake your hateful deeds, sais a lot about you.

Anonymous said...

@ Valataka na Dina: why don't you come out of hiding and lead the protest and the burning etc., walk the talk you freaking coward...!! don't get others to do your bidding. will you be there for them when they are getting tortured at the camp? Levu ga na vosa. Cakacakataki iko mai tagane, mo moku vakasigalevu!!

The Oracle said...

@ Random.... The PIDF is as random as you and Michael O'Keefe are. It is Bainimarama's attempt to give his unelected military government some degree of international legitimacy. In his anger at the Aussies and Kiwis, he has chosen to take the easier path - divide the Pacific by banding the resource-laden Melanesian states together and pitching them against the Polynesian states. The Micronesian states are so small, they'll side with Bainimarama for the moment, just like the little fish that ride on the back of sharks, feeding off the "pests". And in all of this, the Chinese are lurking in the shadows, giving Bainimarama enough rope to hang himself. While the Chinese claim to be independent without interfering in Fiji's internal politics, the reality is when push comes to shove for China, Fiji is just a pearl that was artificially cultured -- a spit in the ocean, so to speak. The PIDF will never replace the PIF. The majority of it's work will eventually be absorbed back into the PIF, after 2014. In the final analysis, it all boils down to financing and when the PIDF operating bill begins to blow out, the Melanesian states will be asking themselves whether they should continue subsidising Frank's craving to give his unelected government international recognition. Bainimarama is hopping mad at the moment because his attempts to divide the Pacific took a hefty whack when PNG agreed to host the PACP Secretariat "in the interim" until 2014 to enable Fiji's participation at PACP meetings. The Chair of PIF is STILL the chair of the PACP Secretariat!!! So, despite Bainimarama wanting to paint a different picture - PNG, Vanuatu and the Solomons keep shifting their position, making it difficult for him. Apparently, his Melanesian brothers aren't as trustworthy as he thought they would be. And his lap-dogs, Tuvalu and Kiribati are simply riding the tide, hoping to keep their "Pacific culture" intact by preferably having their people re-settle in Fiji rather than Australia or New Zealand, should the surrounding waters rise a few more inches. But if either Australia or New Zealand offer re-settlement in a coastal setting before Fiji does, Tuvalu and Kiribati will dump Fiji as swiftly as the Pacific dealt with the crown of thorns pest. Fiji's inclusion in SIDS is also a joke. Most genuine SIDS recognise that Fiji's inclusion is more a "marriage of convenience" to allow it a voice in the UN. The Fiji Sun, in collusion with Qorvis is working in overdrive to convince Fijians that Frank is a "big boy" on the international scene, when in fact, he is no more than just a "water boy" for China in the political games between the larger "fish" like China, the US, and the EU. And in his hope to be able to one day join that bigger arena, he has done deals on the sideline with countries like Iran and North Korea. All at the expense of Fiji's future generations. QORVIS and Graham Davis are also the little fish that feed of Bainimarama's aura without a care in the world for the costs to Fiji's people - they're just buzzards from the wilderness, fattening themsleves from the misfortunme of others.

tattifala said...

In the Michael O'Keefe bringing back fiji from the cold article where is the concern for THE PEOPLE OF FIJI AND THEIR FREEDOM?
Their Right to Fairness?
Their Right to live IN HUman Dignity?
Their Right to be ruled by people they chose?
Their right to justice and the rule of law.
Oh yes all these "minor issues" can be put to one side in the State to State diplomatic, military,and trade relationship.These must always be the formost consideration.
It's plain hypocrisy.

tattifala said...

Someone above has warned us that we must be careful because we might be "pushing [them] just a bit too hard to move to the other side" I suspect he/they are already on the other side. the side of the dictatorship and just trying to bullshit here.

Anonymous said...

Random and The Oracle, I love both analyses. Spin and counter-spin.

The PIDF will go nowhere without funding from donor countries. China might toss it a bone from the money it promised for the Pacific, just to play Bainimarama a bit further, but in the end, the PIF will have the money, and the PIDF won't.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Random, when did China become a "regional state" of Fiji's?

The United States, sure, given its possessions of American Samoa, the CNMI and Guam. France, okay, too, because of its possessions in New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, and Polynesia.

But China?

The Heckler said...

Page One of the Fiji Police Handbook states:

"Fiji police rules of engagement clearly say officers must not assault escapees."

On Page Two:

"That is the military's role."

Anonymous said...

Latest news

Plantation Island Resort in Fiji.
A Queensland teenager who died while celebrating schoolies in Fiji drowned in a resort pool when a "breath dare" game went wrong.
A Sydney mother whose son was staying at the same place as the teen, Plantation Island Resort on Malolo Lailai Islands in Western Fiji, said the boy drowned in a pool. Another mother said the boy was with a group of schoolies who were dared by Resort staff to hold their breath under water as long as they can when he died. Staff were also selling the boys alcohol and marijuana and the boy was believed to be intoxicated when they were dared by the staff members. Attempts to resuscitate the boy were unsuccessful, she said.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has confirmed a 17-year-old Australian male died overnight.

Anonymous said...

Edward Carpenter says...great article by Random and well researched. Unless the people of Fiji pull in the reins, the horse from Kiuva is bolting and the longer it takes the harder it becomes as it is evident the hands of super powers have changed with Frank and Aiyaz meeting and shaking the right hands at the moment. Gone are the days when Fiji looked across to Australia or NZ. NZ is struggling to hold their economy above water. Australia is now only paying lip service and handling the refugee matter badly.

Carawai Pani said...

Gonei.....Sa vakacava na timi ni Viti.

Sa qai pakali ca...saraga.

When France and Wales played our games and began make in road ...frustrate settles and our guys do not have the intellectual capacity and mental toughness to absorb the challenges.

We might need to change our coach...kauta mai e dua e bau school.

Anonymous said...

The following lawyers are talking bullshit at the AG"s conferece---

1. Adis Narayan
2.Subhas Parshotam
3.Bhupen Chimanbhai Patel
2.Davenesh Sharma
4. Suresh Chandra

Is anyone surprised?--the cahoots!!--Shame on them !!

Anonymous said...

The 2013 budget was a brilliant presentation
How did they manage that?

tattifala said...

@ Anonymous 4.15 PM
the world is full of lawyers like that with the gift of the gab but no moral compass. just make big money live bigshot lifestyle but spinless and crooked to the core.
this kind of lawyers will thrive in the kind of environment fiji has now - they can dazzle the no brainless bocis holding power - ILLEGALLY with their bullshit talk.

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina@9:54am...Sorry we
can't listen to someone who originally supported Bai's action
and later skipped the country to
saved his ass?
You're barking from abroad, is similar to
a...Koli ni Kai Idia?
Barked so loud & act
furious,until you walk
toward him,
thence comes the immediate
back-down and the loud shrills, like someone is killing
the poor bugger?
That's all you are.
Na koli ni Kai Idia!!!
You might as well remain
there in Nukualofa,
just remember you have a
case to answer here
in Fiji court of law?
You might as well make a reconciliation move
toward Bai, like Driti
had done?And
stop trying to be a smart guy,cause you aint?
Stop trying to act tough,
cause you aint tough enough.
Your chiefly system is outa
here and aint coming back!
So if you want to make
a life for yourself
kiss Bai's ass and call it
a truce and he-Bai-
just might even elevate your
station in the
land of our

Coup 4.5 said...

Where is the Fijian peoples' right to live in a democracy in Michael O'Keefe's "Maybe time to bring Fiji in from the cold" formulation? (The Australian 4/12).Would it be okay for Australians to live under a military dictatorship?
Why then is it okay for the Fijians?
The Fijian people are not very central in 0'Keefe's let's all be buddies again scheme, are they?
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

They should take their rules of engagement and shove it up the Comish gusu bona.

Bainimarama knows best said...

So the schoolie was dared by the resort staff to see who could hold his breath the longest.

I guess the schoolie won.

Unknown said...
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Elizabeth J. Neal said...
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Elizabeth J. Neal said...
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