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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First glimpse of Qarase behind bars

Nothing like showing off your trophy prisoner, even better if he is the first Fiji prime minister ever to be dispatched to jail.

In a Christmas story today, Fiji TV showed the illegal president Epeli Nailatikau visiting Naboro and Korovou jails and St Giles and Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

He was apparently spreading 'Chrsitmas cheer' and was shown shaking the hand of Qarase in his cell at Korovou.

It was a short exchange and there were just a few words, but both Nailatikau and Qarase look affected.

Questionable whether the illegal president's visit brought the supposed 'cheer' but the world certainly got its first glimpse of Qarase behind bars and it did the regime no service.

Many will be condemning the stunt and asking again why it jailed the country's last democratically elected prime minister and coming to the conclusion it imprisoned an old man to get him out of the way.

Fiji TV Christmas Day story: Nailatikau spreads Christmas cheer to prisoners



Anonymous said...

PM Qarase is the victim of the following thugs who have created the monster Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

1. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau (Outgoing Redundant illegal President of Fiji
2. Ratu Epeli Ganilau (unemployed/ aspiring FLP candidate for 2014)
3. Ratu Tevita Uuilakeba Mara ( Self-imposed Exile Tonga)
4. Brid-General Pita Drit- (Awaiting Naboro Residency Permit)
5. Mahendra Chaudhry – (Awaiting Trial on Tax Case)
6. Rajendra Chaudhry – ( Successful Lawyer/FLP Leader in waiting)
7. Shanta Maharaj ( Fiji First Party President)
8. Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi ( On the Run from Fiji)
9. Rajesh Singh – (Plotting for democracy in Exile NZ)
10. Arvin Dutt ( Exile in Australia)
11. John Sami – Back in NZ
12. John Prasad ( Back in NZ)
13. Suren Sharma ( Back in NZ)
14. Francis Narayan ( back in Australia)
15. Judge Daniel Gounder ( In Australia)
16. Asst. Police Commissioner Nasir Ali ( In NZ)
17. Ratu Nawalowalo – Deceased
18. Father kevin Barr ( Resigned from Regime)
19. Father Petero Mataca( unknown)
20. Mick Beddoes ( Back in Action from Peoples Charter Rubbish)
21. Shaista Shameem ( In Exile Waikato)
22. Rev. Akuila Yabaki ( Change of Heart)
23. Felix Anthony ( Recovering from ear bashing)
24. Daniel Urai ( Preparing for Naboro)
25. Taito Waradi ( Unemployed)
26. Wela Pillai ( Biting the dust)
27. Rishi Ram (in Auckland)
28. Anand Kumar ex PS Works Ministry (In Australia)
29. Felicity Heffernan x Elections Supervisor (Missing in Action)
30. Dr Rohit Kishore X PS Commerce ( Molesting USP girls)
31. Manu Korovulavula ( MIA Bankrupt)
32. Sada Reddy (Retired in NZ with stolen millions)
33. Seremaia Tuiteci (MIA Fiji)
34. Judge Inoke Sosefo( Sacked out of work)
35. Faizal Koya (Sacked)
36. Ajmal Khan( ex chief magistrate sacked)
37. Kamlesh Arya (Job less)
38. Lailun Khan ( sucking on)
39. Annie Rogers ( Sacked from FTIB now jobless)
40. Dewan Chand ( People’s Charter Guru Gantal now in death bed)
41. Viren Prakash NFP member/Secretary Sanatan Dharam Fiji
42. Rajeshwar Kumar (EX Mayor Nasinu) Now peanut seller
43. Decomposed Senator Chandar Singh ( waiting to go vatuwaqa
44. Sanjiv Pal Hunts Travel (On the run on USA)
45. Nur Bano ( Still actively sucking)
46. Nazhat Shameem – (minting millions)
47. Afzal Khan ( turncoat conman)
48. Aslam Khan ( ready to share Naz with bainimarama)
49. Anwar Khan (sucking on nicely)
50. Iqbal Janiff ( taking blue movie shots of khaiyum)
51. Hafiz Khan ( Conman minting money in Tourism)
52. Robert Khan ( Laughing away with money from Fiji)
53. Rahmat Ali(Western Wreckers)
54. Col Aziz (on his way out)
55. Baneditt Ganilau ( dreaming for cabinet job)
56. Vijay Ragwhan (Black cobra sucking on regime)
57. Mahendra Reddy ( can’t see dollar from cents from one eye)
58. Agni Deo singh – worshiping bainimrama
59. Rajeshwar Singh (in hiding)
60. Abdul Rasheed (failed fsc CEO)

Anonymous said...

Mr Qarase is a humble man who will go through this crisis and come out stronger. I am at peace knowing that despite all the charges he has been accused of and jailed for, there is a God in heaven watching and who knows the absolute truth. That is the most important and I believe he will be vindicated. My prayers to him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Why jail a democratically elected leader. Because you have an illegal government an illegal so called PM the banana- and a corrupt country.
Publish the salaries of the illegal PM illegal AG and illegal Ministers now.

The bleeding obvious said...

The world would have come to the only possible conclusion - that he is a crook who was found guilty of corruption and faces further charges once these have been dealt with. Get over it.

tattifala said...

the illegal president is a very fit person to go round spreading "Christmas cheer" and all that because he is a very Christian soul and so are the rest of the illegal mob bar khaiyum who is a hypocritical mullah engaged in the willful persecution of the people of fiji who object to their illegitimate rule.

Anonymous said...

PM Qarase is the hero of Fiji.
Great leaders like gandi /mandela was imprisoned but became world icon.
If mandela can become president spending years in jail .
Why cant PM Qarase become PM again of Fiji.
Khaiym and Frank God and Fiji people are watching .
God is fair . people or money will not buy gods judgment ,when books will be open.
Repent while you have time.
God bless Fiji.

tattifala said...

The illegal president Rat U Epeli Nailatikau wants to project himself as a much loved "Peoples' President".
It's just a huge pretense. He has been imposed on the people as "their" President by the illegal military junta ruling Fiji. All the handshaking and "Christmas cheer" spreading cannot hide the facts.

Anonymous said...

They should've kept Nailatiulukau at St Giles.

mark manning said...

It's great to hear the voices from the wilderness. At last Fijians are overcoming their fear of this oppressive Regime.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 12:49 Dont forget Tikoitoga, Ben Naliva, Rokoura and the rest of the farkheads sotia ni solisona in Delainabua.

Anonymous said...

Qsarase can't become leader again because they have made it that only they can stay in power and seek election.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...


61. Aiyaz Riyaz (In Fiji gobbling up Fiji dollars as FBC CEO after a mediocre career at Downunder Asia in New Zealand)

62. Graham Qorvis (Aussie turned journo turned hired Qorvis hack)

63. Crosbie Walsh (Colonialist academic)

So much for Mick said...

What of Beddoes know? He was all over the media and C4.5 recently but has gone to ground again.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh - supported the coup read here real kaiindia limuri style now crying for qarase !!!

Former Fiji Sports Council chief executive Alisi Tabete is on suspension and barred from travelling overseas since the investigations started.

Ousted MP and sacked SDL Minister of State for Sports Rajesh Singh repeatedly called for a public inquiry into the affairs of the FSC and the SPG accounts on being elected to the last parliament.

Singh's efforts in trying to get explanations from the parties involved only led to his sacking by ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase after repeated clashes with his line minister, Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Singh said he was pleased the Interim Regime had finally looked into the matter. "I am happy that at least what I wanted to do in my time is being done now,"Singh said.

"Finally this has come about. I must thank the minister, the finance minister and the prime minister. When I was talking I knew there were many things and this was one of them.

"I think all those involved should be taken to task." Chaudhry had questioned in the last Parliament why the sports council had not tabled accounts as required by law

Sand for brains said...

Honestly Priscilla, what a dumb bitch you are. They may be regime apologists but what have Davis and Walsh got to do with having got rid of Qarase? Next you'll be blaming Santa Claus as well. The guy got done for corruption and is facing a second trial for the same kind of thing. He's not Nelson Mandela and never will be so quit all the hand wringing.

Santa Maharaj said...

To Anon 12.45am...

Wishful thinking. For your informtion I ain't the one who you say created any monster whether the ones before 2006 or the ones thereafter.

Isn't it that FLP leader MPC has clarified in his submission to Ghai Commission that due to their own incompetency from 1999 to 2006 that they failed to write up a code of conduct for themselves hence defied the 1997 constitution which is now the identified cause of creation of monsters.

So look no further than within the mirror and grow balls and put your name so we too can show in a dozen places where you were involved to creation of all these monsters.

As for Fiji First Party... your research that I am the existing President of the party is yet another of your lies.

If you are so smart, why don't you give your real name and read Fiji First Party's opinion as per Mara's blog and their submissions to the Yash Ghai's rogue Constitution Commission?

Tell us what is wrong in those comments and who created the monsters as that is shown in both of those documents.

Have those submissions and your disagreement to those printed on c4.5 with your own name before you start accusing anyone rightfully or wrongly.

Are you the good samaritan who first exposed your leaders $2m bank account in Australia?

Put Up or Shut Up.

Anonymous said...

Support for Fiji army regime from ex-minister

1210 FJT
Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Update: 12.10pm Fiji's military regime has received support for its clean-up campaign from several quarters including a sacked government minister, a former army officer and a 2000 coup convict now living in Australia.

Former State Minister for Sport Rajesh Singh, who was sacked for repeatedly calling for financial accountability from sporting bodies, says people should allow the military to complete its clean up.

Mr Singh told Radio New Zealand he was stopped from carrying out his own version of the clean-up in sporting bodies when he was sacked in October.

Rajesh Singh says the commander is a good person and should be given all the help and support he needs in moving the country forward.

He says if the proposed interim administration is endorsed by deposed President Ratu Josefa Iloilo, he would have no trouble serving in it.

Anonymous said...

Story of the burning of the draft constitution is a lie. No such thing happened.

Anonymous said...

Sacked Fiji minister to stay with ruling SDL party

Posted at 03:15 on 16 October, 2006 UTC

Fiji’s ruling SDL party says that sacked state minister Rajesh Singh is still a member of the party and does not intend to resign.

Mr Singh was sacked last week as minister of state for youth and sport by prime minister Laisenia Qarase.

The sacking stemmed from Mr Singh’s repeated public calls for the tabling of the audited accounts of the 2003 South Pacific Games.

Mr Qarase, who Mr Singh described last week as a backstabber, said that ministers of state should not make policy statements.

However, the SDL director Peceli Kinivuwai says both men have resolved their differences and Mr Singh is committed to the party.

“In fact he has spoken to the Prime Minister, the parliamentary leader, and we have decided to let the matter rest there. If there’s any other comments regarding Rajesh Singh it has to come to the party. As it is, the matter has rested and he’s now an ordinary backbencher and member of parliament. But he’s still very much a member of the SDL party.”

SDL director Peceli Kinivuwai

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Sacked minister in Fiji has described prime minister as a backstabber

Posted at 22:08 on 12 October, 2006 UTC

Fiji’s sacked minister of state for youth and sport, Rajesh Singh, has described the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, as a backstabber.

Mr Singh says he was not told of his sacking and the first he heard of it was from the media.

Mr Singh has told the Daily Post newspaper he was not surprised by the decision to terminate his appointment, but the manner in which the prime minister went behind his back was not fair.

He said he had been "stabbed in the back.""

On a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office that the SDL MP would now carry on as a government backbencher, Mr Singh said no one would dictate to him what to do in the future.

He said the decision on whether he will continue to as an MP is for him to make and he will answer that question soon.

The sacking stems from Mr Singh’s repeated public calls for the tabling of the audited accounts of the 2003 South Pacific Games - an issue over which he earlier said his life had been threatened.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

tattifala said...

lasusavu presidente going around spreading the lie that he is the "peoples' president".
he is a counterfeit president.
people of fiji always remember that.

tattifala said...

people of fiji guards up the illegal president is on a prowl hunting for PR photos.

Anonymous said...

X Minister Rajesh Singh one tatifala.

tattifala said...

@Anonymous who says "X Minister Rajesh Singh one tatifala".
I endorse that.
But Singh a small tati.
Santa the President drops in
Now that's a big tati being put on a pedestal by the cowered Fiji media.

Santa Maharaj said...


Where is the big march your FLP Leader Mahen Chaudhry was leading for democracy, after the President has not responded to their partition?

Where is this FLP/SDL Leader who appears to be leading the coalition and why has he not started free Qarase campaign by condemning the crime that may not have existed which "It was Chaudhry who had earlier claimed" Qarase had in fact committed.

All politicians that have brushed human rights abuse for the 2000 coup victims during their term in parliament in 7 years... and those who failed to honour this to date have themselves to blame for the parliament is cursed beyond 2014 until these victims are compensated.

Look no further than any politician since 2000 to IG until 2012 who have anything to their name left to be praised...??????

And we say we should have Fiji declared a Christain State when Curse and repent are words used in the Bible... hence cannot blame the victims for the state managed/sponsored 2000coup.

God works in misterious ways....as we all have sinned but pray to be blessed without offering reparation for their sins.

So please stop using my name with others blaming me for PM Qarase to be a victim of those purported thugs,

...because I was not part of this crap, not was I part of the state machinery either as a contractor, or a paid civil servant or politician who had initially accused Qarase and his SDL led government for purported lots of corruption for which they wanted to rule for 5 years and have nothing to show to date.

So grow some balls with a real name if you next time want to add my name to your bullshit. Because I do not have time to read 4.5 or any other blog as I have better things to do in my life then waste my time.

Come on give your real name if you like to talk like an empty vessel politician so I too can taint you with a dozen things you failed to do when you worked for any political party, or with IG or with RFMF, etc... come on have some pride in your story since this name list is a cut and paste from previous blog comments.

Pity no honest NFP politican names are not in that list!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh can fight for the truth .
he was voted in by the highest no vote in 2006 election
he started the clean up but was sacked .
but he is the party man and will remain with sdl and not jump ship .
he supported the clean up and didnt know army clean up was cover up.
we learn from the mistaken and been taken for the ride .but we remain loyal and support the party all the way.
Pm Qarase have given his reference to Minister Singh.
So coup 4.5 has it and can publish it.
some so called friends are trying to rubbish others but dont have guts to put the real name to its comments.
my friend is IT expert and got your ip address.
god bless

Observer said...

Just for your information No. 37 Kamlesh Arya is no longer jobless...for through controlling authority of the University of Fiji, the Arya Pratindhi Sabha (APS) has put him (KA) to relieve as University Registrar but a few days later he was elevated to be the Acting Vice Chancellor.

What a CON...

tattifala said...

I am no qarase fan but me thinks Qarase would still look more decent behind bars then the military thugs who relaced him in power and are now roaming around freely in the country harassing law abiding citizens who dare to oppose them.

Rajesh Singh said...

I had gone into parliament with mandate of the people to work within the bounds of the 1997 constitution, transparency and accountability.

If raising questions on matters that I perceived to be not transparent, I was representing the people and not being a pufta like the ones who accuse me otherwise.

SDL Party did not say I could not question the party if I thought an issue defied transparency and accountability as what the 1997 Constitution stood for.

If I lost my Assistant Minister's portfolio, at least I went out with my head high and not for accusation of corruption but to in fact raise questions about maybe one...

Despite that I had remained with the party as the cut and paste of 1.25pm confirms what SDL Director Peceli Kinivuwai confirmed that Qarase and I had resolved our differences. This shows democracy prevailed in SDL Party which I am proud of.

Supporting Frank was also for clean up that his RFMF promised when they came in.

So when their clean up became more dirty after RFMF handed power back to the President, I started opposing the IG that had pretended that RFMF continues to have the control of government when it is the civilian IG of the President.

I will continue to support the military to do what they promised and not what Aiyaz and Frank want them to do.

As Santa Maharaj has said grow some balls... maybe you should if you are not wearing a skirt...

In a democracy you should be allowed to have an opinion. But you are not worth a dollar who only comes with name "anonymous" who I thought are my close friends who pretend to want to bring back democracy and behaving macho with disgrace by being an "anonymous"!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice that the names listed above are mainly Indians? Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Tattifala @
Cut and paste Robin hood MPC,LRV And other FLP people Story from the media. in 2007 Baini Coup supporters and board members..

Anonymous said...

Dina says..

Fiji the real prisoners are still out & about free...

Frank bainimarama
Aiyaz Khaiyum*
Mahendra Pal Chaudary
Anthony Gay Gates
Lekh Ram veiyeshnoi
Nazhaat Shameem
A Gates
Col Aziz
P Driti
Roko Ului Mara
Ratu Epeli Ganilau
Ratu Epeli Nailatikau
Adi Ateca Ganilau
Adi Koila Mara
Nur Bano Ali
John Sami
Francis Narayan
Felix Anthony
Dan Urai
and the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

Qarase is NOT the first or last Prime Minister to go to jail, so guys get out of your yaqona slumber!

Anonymous said...

Major William Calanchini of the Australian Defence Force is missing from that list. Ausaid Law and Justice Sector appointee to the Fiji Government Solicitor Generals Office in Suva and then appointed to the Fiji Military Forces Legal Division thence to the Fiji Arbitration Tribunal, the High Court and now presiding President of the Fiji Court of Appeal.

Anonymous said...

Addition to list:
Bachubhai ( Vinod Patel)
Himmat Lodhia (sucker of Kububola)
Faiz Khan (AFL & Tropik Wood Chair)
Freddie Keshwan (sacked Merchant Bank CEO)
Sereana Qoro (FHL sacked CEO)
Nouzab Fareed (CEO FHL)
Dan Lobendan ( Best friend of Frank)
Ajay Singh ( Bred Bank)
Abhay NAND ( Nands Pharmacy)
Irshad (motor part traders)
Damend Goundar (Tour. Managers)
TFJan family
Dayals family (Ba)
Patrick Wong (mana island resort)
Shane Cunning (sheraton )
Lawrence Tikklebum ( Coke)
Felix Anthony and Dan Urai ( deposed FNPF board members)
Rajendra and Mahen Chaudhary
Mahesh Mishra ( Dir Traffic Police)
Naivalurua (comm police)
Padam Lala (former chair LTA)
Crosbie Underhill
Afzal Khan
Anwar Khan
Peter Mazey (Fiji sports council)
Rick Rickman
Kevin Barr
Mahendra Patel
Kanji Tappoo
Mahen tapoo
Nur Bano
Sunil Sharma
Zarin Bano
Nalin Patel
Dave Philger
Alvin Singh (General Machinery)
Jone Kububola
Barry Whiteside ( Governor RBF)
Fiji Bus Operators ( Jasper, Arvind Maharaj, Ravendra Kewal, Ashok Kumar Ashok transport)

Anonymous said...

Long Live Bainimarama
Mr Prime Minister Sir,you are doing the best job.You have the support of the majority.
We alute you,Sir

Long Live Bainimarama.
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

hey you with your list, why dont you add everyone that stays around and works for the government because they too are said to work for the gorvenment and supporting it, probably including you, you limuri fella. The point is LQ stole money from his own people. Your previous kai viti leaders stole from your own people. VB is now doing the same thing stealing money from his own kai, so whats new with you guys. And all you do is put up hate lists and pray that God will help you if whats happening is wrong!!Just get off your gullible asses and start doing something constructive, like mass peaceful demos.dont be a lamusona mate.

Anonymous said...

Sand for Brains at 1:13 PM is none other than Graham Davis, writing again under a pseudonym. He isn't fooling anyone.

What's the matter, can't he get enough readership on his own blog? Apparently not.

And now using the 'b' word on a female blogger? What a bum!

He asks what he and Croz Walsh have got to do with the imprisonment of Qarase. The answer is plenty! They've been the leading apologists of this regime for the past few years, spreading lies about Qarase's alleged corruption whilst making excuses for this regime's blatant corruption.

Now that he's a Fijian national, Davis is liable to be prosecuted for treason. My advice to the bastard: look to your neck.

Anonymous said...

Irony of this story so funny. Empployers to be investigated after worker's leg amputated. We will never see the headline regime to be investigated after prisone'rs leg amputaed.

The Labour Ministry is continuing investigating the circumstances surrounding the amputation of a man’s leg following an accident at his workplace.

Poasa Kolinitaga claims his left leg was amputated after a logging machine ran over his leg on 1st November.

It is alleged the company he works for – Kuila Logging Company of Koroqaqa in Naitasiri, failed to report the accident – which happened at its job site, in Nukurua, Tailevu.

Labour Minister Jone Usamate then ordered an investigation into claims of nonpayment of wages and other issues surrounding Kolinitaga’s case.

“As a result of the work undertaken by the Ministry we have been able to get the employer to compensate the wages that he should have received that time..According to the legislation he should receive two thirds of wages. That will be paid to him until such time he is redeemed fit to come out of the hospital.”

Usamate says the company also failed to report Kolitaga’s injuries at the job site in Nukurua – within forty eight hours as required by law.

“In this case that did not happen so and then fourteen days after the accident takes place form for the workmen’s compensation needs to be filled out – that is something that has not been done.”

The Labour Minister is encouraging employers to take more responsibility for the well being of their workers and make sure they’re well trained for the respective jobs they’re assigned to do.

Kolinitaga is still recovering at the CWM Hospital.

tattifala said...

@ dharam Lingum
Did you have a goli in your mouth which caused you to say"We alute you, Sir" !!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.10
there is difference between the,one is a hard worker and the oother is a carrer criminal.Big difference

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

well,according to the list,it seems the writer is trying to say that all these people are wrong and only qarase is right....LMAO

Long Live Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

The illegal President should just go round in a Father Christmas uniform.It suits him better doing his rounds.After all it is all that he is good for.
Qarase will survive and will come back to the political arena much more stronger because there are more people of all races supporting him now, all because of the manner with which the regime has treated him.He is the only former PM or parliamentarian not receiving any pension.He has been put in prison not because of corruption but for failing to declare his interest to a Board decision that happened 20 years ago.

Santa Maharaj said...

@ c4.5,

Please note you missed out to post my second set of comments to defend myself against the first listed comments at 12.49am.

Please REMOVE MY NAME from that list or load my comments please as I do not hold back shots if I have to defend myself.

Afterall we both want to see constitutional democracy...isn't it!!


Anonymous said...

I have sent you references from Hon PM Qarase can you put that up so it will shut some critics once for all.
I hope you will do it sir as a fair media.

Anonymous said...

SDL have democracy in the party not like others.

Anonymous said...

I am already planing to set up SDL branch in NZ with the support and help from our SDL Party in Fiji. .
We will have membership drive soon so keep reading the space soon.
Support the SDL and let the dove fly higher and restore peace.
free fiji.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh..why don't you just vanish. You are trying hard to win back some friends but everyone can se right through you. Shameful really.

Anonymous said...

We have the support of the people .
why dont you vanish away gori.gut less can put your name.
We are there to help the party .

Anonymous said...

SDL is the party for all.

Anonymous said...

SDL is the party for all.

Anonymous said...

SDL is the party for all.

Anonymous said...

I have more friends than you looser.hahaha
I rest my case .I dont have to waste my time on looser

tattifala said...

when did SDL become "the party for all"? the last I know it was a party for the Fijian ethno-nationalists with a handful of kai idia for window dressing. trace the history of the party and you'd get a good idea what that party was about...

Anonymous said...

SDL had more indian candidate stand in 2006 election .

Anonymous said...

flp had few fijians.go check the election office.

Rajesh the hypocrite said...

While campaigning, Rajesh promised he would donate his parliamentary salary to charity. Once elected, he changed his mind.

Matavailavo Rajesh said...

@ Rajesh the hypocrite..what a shame. Rajesh bullshit promise artist like his uncle mahen chaudhry. matavailavo Rajesh should just shut up and go away.

Anonymous said...

Rajush Singh colluded with Mahendra Chododry and his pufta lekh Ram Vayesha to ovethrow the Qarase government. he called qarase backstabber now he cahnge side and call mahend liar and qarase hero - just go away dont fool RFMF any more......

tattifala said...

@Anonymous 4.40PM
"SDL had more Indian candidates stand in 2006 elections." Well, that's not surprising at all. There are Indians who would sell their own mothers to get a political "kursi"/chair. That's an Indian saying by the way. And it says a lot about Indians. The British knew that about Indians in India during the Raj. Fiji Indians from the same stock . Don't forget!!

Anonymous said...

I do not normally surf this blog as it is filled with tattifalla (foul smell) and rajest crap (needs new chair), both of lieu muri stuff.

Why don't you all those (you know who you are) start another crappy blog shit for your no job, kill the time, kursi ambitions, grog dope etc and leave us alone to figure franky.

As for the so called list, I find that it lacks key suspects for those that fuels it - stupid dumbos - it is nailabu. money is just like oxygen for fire. Just ask the fellas in the business community, Vinod Patel, Bachu Bhai Patel, Plus others from Fiji Sun best friends of LQ in the past, now best friend of Franky, that is the main fuel. Why they still in Fiji with PR for Aust? I hope LQ got his Christmas bombaiya khitchri with ghee from bachubhai patel this time, Mac Patel did not i hear. He managed on boiled casava and some hand outs from inmate veteran Bhikha Suncourt who is also a resident of the crown (we hope so). Boci the crown, I mean the clown!

It's called Animal Farm, go figure. There wiill be no election and there is no fairness and transparency. Grow up, get real. No Money no funny.

Biskety - where are you? Wailai!

Anonymous said...

to tattifala
I had your mother in my mouth...i can get very personal if provoked,you mother fucker....so lets stick to a professional level of debate unless you really want be provoked.

Long Live Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Said.
Keep blogging and make fool of me.Truth is out there.
I forgive you my friend.
god bless you.

Anonymous said...

No, Dharam Lingus, that is Bainimarama who is in your mouth.
Gag on it!

Vutuki Kumar said...

LMAO! @ Dharam Lingus gagging on rear admiral frank's duruka. Dharam please go slow on it and share with your momma hi hi hi hi!

Vutuki Kumar said...

LMAO! @ Dharam Lingus gagging on rear admiral frank's duruka. Dharam please go slow on it and share with your momma hi hi hi hi!

El Magnifico said...

LMAO! @ Dharam Lingus gagging on rear admiral frank's duruka. Dharam please go slow on it and share with your momma hi hi hi hi!

Anonymous said...

Long live Bainimarama... in infamy!

Lawakica Rajesh said...

Rajesh Singh you just don't get it.

You are not in a position to GIVE forgiveness. You need to ASK forgiveness from those you fooled in your election campaign with false promise of donating your salary to charity if elected, you lawakica.

Anonymous said...

I dont think this is the right Constitution yet as the assebly has not been formed for their endorsement and the presidents approval for Frank to agree to what should be in it,so keep your fingers crossed for now

Fraudster said...

Dr Rohit Kishor is on the list of anti-PM Qarase thugs. He was a failed, out of job academic when he quickly accepted PS Commerce position in illegal regime and came to Fiji from Australia. He then joined USP as a lecturer. Recently he was sacked for doctoring his CV while applying for promotion to professor. This is the kind of conman this regime employed with taxpayers' money. Shame on corrupt Baini regime.

Rajesh said...

Dumb Lingam you're so far up Bai's ass you could help him chew his food.

Anonymous said...

I have people using my name as above .
so can you clear this comments.
seems like people dont have guts to use their name.

Anonymous said...

I have donated more than i got paid for your info.
so dont worry about me .
why cant you or your party start donating funds .fiji needs it now bec of cyclone..
seems like you have much to do at work but pick on people .
i have ask forgivness from sdl,others and god that it.
people like you i dont care mate.
keep blogging and i am laughing.
politician have thick skin.

Vosalevu Rajesh Singh said...

Rajesh, politicians not only have thick skin, but deceiving tongues, just like you, when you promised to donate your salary if elected, but became overcome by greed, and decided to pocket the money. Your campaign was based on a falsehood, and you tricked people into voting for you, so do not talk too much. And enough of the bullshit, "I have donated more than i got paid for your info". It's just more talk from a vosalevu, wannabe politician who tricked his way into parliament. Like mahen chaudhry, you should crawl into a hole and hide, but both of you have no shame, and continue to pontificate even though caught lying and cheating.

Rajesh is my name too said...

There are lots of Rajesh's out there asshole, so shut the hell up. And please use a spell checker if your grammar isn't upto scratch. By the way, you're just like your boyfriend Lingam.

Anonymous said...

Mr Singh did help people with his funds.

Rajesh Singh said...

For all those who think they are superior and know everything about SDL and Rajesh Singh, the following email from Laisenia Qarase giving reference on Rajesh Singh is enough to shut those critics up who just are concerned about Rajesh and not about the real dictators. I don't have to show the reference itself but following is enough for your eyes and jealous brain.

From: Laisenia Qarase
Subject: Reference
To: "buladairylimited@yahoo.co.nz"
Received: Wednesday, 14 March, 2012, 12:52 PM

Rajesh. Your reference attached.


So maybe those who want to condemn me on these blogs can you show your reference from your party leader, Prime Minister of your support group, to show any credibility that you may have.

Anonymous said...

Come to my dairy shop and read the references from PM LQ and Party President if you have guts .
I will be happy to give you more info on SPG2003 Reports/others
I will be waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh singh - you are a liar, a no school opportunist and a person with little grey matter.

We have all read your statements in Radio NZ and Fiji Times when your hero bainimarama fucked up Fiji. You called banini a good man and called for support and also said you were willing to serve in his regime (FT) of 19 December 2006

You called the coup clean-up. You accused the SDL government of corruption with your $2m dollar leader Chodory and and idiotic son rajendra. You got a job through the conman lekh ram in Fiji sports council. You and your conman friend arvin dutt made a fortune from the coup.

You criticsed the SDL Prime Minister and called him a backstabber. Dont deny it now when bainimarma is fucked up fiji. All this is recorded history. You were colluding fiji FLP to bring down qarase becuase you were sacked.

You are going around with fijian girls to so off to solders at the check points. we fijians are not stupid. Now LQ may have forgiven you but we will never vote for a betrayer and coward like you. it least LQ and chodo did not ran away like you. If your report that implicates the former CEO and the well respected atma maharaj - publish the evidence. You used this report to poison bainimarama and dritis mind against qarase. now you attack the PM all the time. Dont use LQ reference in vain you morron. He is in jain and cant defend you exploitative public stunt. stop using the fijian people. dont come back to fiji stay there you liar shameless and undeducated dick head.

Anonymous said...

Mr Singh is a good man and helped fijians with proven record .. we laugh at your comments.
seems like you are another sucker.hahaha stop been a fijian you boci kawa ca.

Anonymous said...

Mereoni, perhaps you're one of Rajesh's mistresses lol. And your boyfriend/helper ran away from Fiji and now he has a lot to say from NZ. Rajesh is a coward, backstabber and an asslicker. He licks asses to get what he wants, that's what he's best at. If he's a person of some substance, despite his limited education, he would return to Fiji and experience what it's like, if he can't then that's not surprising since he's a coward.

Anonymous said...

Mr Singh is smarter than what you say. he acts dumb to get info out.
He will return when we will advise him .

Anonymous said...

Rajesh you always remained a Chaudhary man in SDL camp. Your SDL candidacy was on the back of Qaranivalu support however you chose to liumuri the Vanua! stop trying to gain support by posting sorry comments on C4.5, if you sincere to your cause, come to Fiji and show your true colors. Comment edited - C4.5

in response to I had gone into parliament with mandate of the people to work within the bounds of the 1997 constitution, transparency and accountability. If raising questions on matters that I perceived to be not transparent, I was representing the people and not being a pufta like the ones who accuse me otherwise. SDL Party did not say I could not question the party if I thought an issue defied transparency and accountability as what the 1997 Constitution stood for. If I lost my Assistant Minister's portfolio, at least I went out with my head high and not for accusation of corruption but to in fact raise questions about maybe one... Despite that I had remained with the party as the cut and paste of 1.25pm confirms what SDL Director Peceli Kinivuwai confirmed that Qarase and I had resolved our differences. This shows democracy prevailed in SDL Party which I am proud of. Supporting Frank was also for clean up that his RFMF promised when they came in. So when their clean up became more dirty , by Rajesh Singh.