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Friday, December 28, 2012

Ghai: soldiers shredded Constitution and set them on fire

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum: Ghai had thanked him and Frank Bainimarama for allowing him, an outsider, to participate in the process.

The outgoing chair of the Constitution Commission, Yash Ghai, has told Radio Australia Fiji police illegally confiscated printed copies of the draft constitution, and set some of them on fire.
Ghai says all 600 copies of the draft document were seized from the printer three days before Xmas, on Saturday the 22nd.

He also told Pacific Beat he was abused by the police officer in charge of the operation when he tried to tell them their actions were illegal.

Predictably the regime has not responded to the allegations.

Ghai told presenter Bruce Hill he was called when police arrived at the printers to confiscate the copies of the proposed new constitution.

GHAI: Well I decided that I would go to the printers and talk to the police and tell them that the copies of the draft constitution belonged to the commission and we had ordered the printing, we had done the report, therefore they should desist from confiscating those copies.

HILL: What was the response of the police when you went down there and remonstrated with them about this?
GHAI: Well there were 12 policemen there who had been sent to collect the boxes, and they didn't really know how to respond to me. And I said the police had always to act according to the law and the documents belonged to us. But they were a bit embarrassed and they didn't know what to say. Then after a while they rang someone and they told me that the officer in charge of the particular operation was going to come and explain to me the reasons. Well it took about half an hour, a bit more, before that officer came, and he seemed very angry with me and was quite rude to me. But I explained to him the background of the printing of the documents. He used language I can't repeat on the phone … and sort of brushed me aside and ordered the staff to, or the police to upload the boxes in the truck they had brought for this purpose.

HILL: Presumably the police don't make this decision by themselves. Did the officer in charge tell you had ordered this?
GHAI: No, he said he had his orders. I told him that I'd be trying to call the Commissioner of Police as soon as I heard that the police were at the printers, but I could not reach him. I wrote a letter when he I couldn't reach him setting out the circumstances of the printing and saying that he should instruct his police not to confiscate them. And I showed him that letter and said if he were to take the copies, I would be grateful if he could sign that letter so that … but he took it knowing that I thought it was illegal.

HILL: So was this in any sense legal? Was there a warrant to take these? Was this simply as you say a confiscation of what was officially the Constitution Commission's property?
GHAI: No there were no instructions, no written instructions. In the beginning he just said this printing is illegal, and I said under what law? He said under the decree, he meant the decree which governs the process. And I said no, on the contrary, we are completely independent and we decide how we distribute our documents. Then I said he contradicted me, abused me, then I said are you a lawyer? He said no. I said well I am, and I've been working under the decree. And then it seemed that it was a bit pointless, so then I stopped trying to persuade him.

HILL: Now I understand that there was another incident just on the tail end of this in which some shredded copies of the final document the printers had used for proofing, were actually piled in front of you, soaked in kerosene and set on fire?
GHAI: Yes exactly and I was saying why are you setting it on fire? You have shredded it, nobody can put it together or you can just take it with you and you can cut up a bit further, but they insisted on, they brought a tin of kerosene and spread all the papers, brought some stick with a flame at the end and started the burning of it, and every few minutes or seconds they would come and put another dose of kerosene, so the flames would rise up again until everything was reduced to ashes.

HILL: As you were watching this draft constitution that you've been working on for months, what was going through your mind?
GHAI: Well I was of course extremely upset and I thought that this was some sort of symbolic act on the part of whoever gave the orders to tell me that this is how we will treat your work. And I felt extremely sorry, not for myself, but for the people of Fiji, if this was indeed an order from the government then it shows such contempt for our work, and in turn contempt for the people who had come out in their thousands and thousands to give us their views, participate in the process. And I felt really not just a betrayal, I just felt will Fiji ever have a democratic constitution.

HILL: Given that this has happened, what do you feel now about the government's publicly stated commitment to return Fiji to democracy in a fair and transparent process?
GHAI: Well I hope that the government will ensure that the Constituent Assembly that it proposes to establish will really be representative of the people.

HILL: Given however that they quite literally made the constitution go up in flames in front of you, can you really have confidence that this government will actually do that?
GHAI: Well I have to say this is very discouraging.

HILL: Do we know where the actual physical printed copies of the draft constitution were actually taken away to by the police?

GHAI: Well they didn't tell me. I heard some people say it will go to the Attorney General's office, some saying it'll go to the police station. And I had wanted to know because I had this letter they had signed saying they were taking it, but they won't tell me where it was to be taken.

HILL: Given that this whole process is not your process, you were the chair of the commission, but it's very much everyone's process, a lot of people and groups in Fiji took part in this. What message do you think the people of Fiji should take from what's happened?

GHAI: Well I don't know, I think they should continue to take part in the remaining stages of the process, which is the next one is convening of the Constituent Assembly. The government has said those who wish to be on the assembly should express their interest through a letter to the PM's office. And I believe that people should participate in the process despite their scepticism.

HILL: Well given what you've just said they would have a right to be sceptical wouldn't they?

GHAI: Well they indeed have a right to be, but I think institutions like this one has to do one's best to participate. I think people should participate even though they have reservations about the process.

HILL: You've done this sort of thing all around the world, you've been involved in similar activities in Kenya, in Cambodia, you've guest lectured in Sweden and America and all over the world. Have you ever faced a situation like this where something this bad has happened and you've been personally abused by a police officer?

GHAI: No not really. I've had hard times in many places, but not quite to this extent, and I have never been in a process where there has been such an attempt to hide the recommendations of a body which was setup by this very government, which was encouraged to have a completely participatory process, which was assured they'll be completely independent. And if this is the draft to be discussed by the Constituent Assembly, I would have thought that in keeping with good process people should have had a chance to read and discuss this, which indeed was what we had agreed, and that was what was in the decree which started the process.

HILL: Is there anything that we haven't touched on in this interview that you'd like to mention about what's happened and what it means for Fiji?

GHAI: Fiji cannot go on like this. Fiji has to return to some normality, but above all it has to make decisions about the future, about working and living together, creating national unity around certain common values, which are sketched out in great detail in the draft constitution, and which we believe is what people wanted. This is what we gathered from our discussions with them. I'd very much like to be able to encourage all the sides to work together. This is not a question of party politics, this is a question of the national interests and a constitution has to be a consensus document, otherwise it fails to perform its essential function of a kind of social contract. I have done the best I could, I'm an outsider, I was privileged to be asked to chair it. I was able to look at all points of view with some objectivity, and to suggest a compromise, not even a compromise really because I think it's in the interests of all the groups that institutions, procedures, values we have recommended should become the foundation of Fiji.


  1. Ghai should have called The Illegal Fire Department.
    This Fire Department is so effective that ALL the fires it was called to in 2012 it did NOT save a single property.

  2. Although i sympathise with Ghai, he should have picked up straight away when he arrived the quality, integrity, trustworthiness and calibre of the illegal AND SELF IMPOSED pm.

    Ghai decided to carry on to work for him. This nut of a PM has shown his lack of integrity too often for us Fijians to ever trust him. He is a murderer, a thief and he should languish in jail for the rest of his life. AN ambarrasment to Fiji and we cannot ever trust. He is evil. He is going beserk now and resorting to brutal illigality because he is dead scared that his plan to save his arse is likely to get unstuck.

  3. Ghai missed the big point in constitution of fairness and equal property rights for all citizens

    the land issue has to be solved first before fiji goes anywhere

    All land has to become freehold and non exclusive and those that own and work the land incentivised to excellence instead of ownership privelge and do nothing to ad value to fiji and its people

  4. @Anonymous 7:07 Why don't you go to India and ask for your freehold there.Vutulaki.

  5. anonymous 7:07
    I see freehold for sale every saturday in the fiji times.
    If you want freehold you save up some money and buy it, you lazy asshole.

  6. Junta Damage ControlDecember 28, 2012 at 7:49 PM

    Try and put some spin on this Qorvis? Time for a clean up in Fiji of khaiyum and his clan. Are the Fiji military total idiots??

  7. Moto Saisai.......

    As predicted, this thugs will destroy anything that will threaten the very fabric of their existence...hunger for power !! I thought they wanted to serve the people but now the people have spoken their minds through this Draft and is met by iron fist of Dictatorship. Wonder what will the regime supporter say about this unfortunate incident?

  8. This is so funny.
    God is a great God. Of all the many places they could have taken these books to burn, they burn it right infront of Ghai.
    Now they can't deny it happened.
    All the time Bai and his spokespeople lie to us . Now they can't.

    To me it just reveals the level of contempt that Bainimarama has for the people of Fiji.
    He hasn't changed since 2006.

    People thought he may have had a change of heart by calling for an election etc.
    He hasn't changed.
    He told the Fijian chiefs in Tailevu a few months ago, that what he did to the GCC was not out of contempt. ("Au sega ni kalawaci kemudou")
    Oh Really!

    Basically he is a liar whose main intention is saving his arse.

    There will be no free and fair election in 2014.

    The Australian government is deluding itself. Bob Carr is deluding himself.
    New Zealanad's McCully is deluding himself.
    The Americans are deluding themselves.

    Bainimarama is a psychopathic moron whose modus operandi is saving his arse and his arse alone.
    He is a pathetic little dickhead who doesn't care about the people of Fiji.

    I think it's time these Foreign countries start helping the Fijian people strategically in removing this asshole.
    And stop burying your heads in the sand.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  9. Typical of the BANANA.
    An idiot - as is his illegal AG but well paid with stolen money from yaxpayers and tourists. Look at the cost of the departure tax?
    Fiji will not change. Dont visit Fiji until democracy returns and the army is FULLY disbanded

  10. Typical of the BANANA.
    An idiot - as is his illegal AG but well paid with stolen money from yaxpayers and tourists. Look at the cost of the departure tax?
    Fiji will not change. Dont visit Fiji until democracy returns and the army is FULLY disbanded

  11. ... the Police illegally confiscated printed copies of the draft constitution and some set on fire etc etc...
    well things have been happening ILLEGALLY since 5/12/2006 when the military thugs led by Bainimarama took control of the country. I can only repeat the Police are only doing what the military thugs in power order them to do. Now Prof. Ghai the chair of the bogus Constitution making gang has got a belated taste of the Illegally happenings in Fiji. we thought the professor was a lot more perceptive. we thought he didn't need any constitution confiscating and burning to bring home to him that the Bainimarama "govt" was a rogue regime.

  12. Haven't we been saying all along, that this is a dictatorship and that the whole process was a smokescreen, which has now become, a shit fight?

  13. Hahaha what a joke Fiji has become.


  15. McCullay and Boci Carr wake up to the fact that you having been helping provide lifeline and blood to the Dictator fuck up Fiji you two are real mother fuckers too.

  16. Reaction to Ghai's revelations:

    PRESS RELEASE: Fiji Activist criticizes Constituional Process
    DATE: 28 December 2012

    A Fiji based youth and human rights activist has called on the Military Government to investigate and make public the reasons why an order to confiscate and destroy copies of Fiji's draft Constitution was made over the weekend.

    Peter Waqavonovono, a activist based in the nations capital, is reacting to reports that Police Officers under the order of the State, verbally abused the Chair of the Fiji Constitution Commission and burnt copies of Fiji's draft Constitution. "I have spoken to people who helped draft the Constituion, and they deeply feel for the many citizens of Fiji who came out in numbers to give their views on what they thought should be in the Constituion. These actions by the regime are to be expected and sadly we have come to be accustomed to these barbaric acts" says Waqavonovono, "Fiji's media has also been very silent over this event and that to be expected. We live in a gagged nation".

    Waqavonovono who has in the past been detained by the Military Government, has come out strong on the regime and is calling for the Nations Military Leaders to step down and allow a civilian caretaker administration to pave the way for Democratic rule in Fiji. "Fiji deserves better and Fiji needs real leaders to take the nation forward, instead of these ignorant dictators who have no respect for power and due process. This regime is an embarrassment" ends Waqavonovono


  18. Very sad day in fijis history , a coup within a coup rip democracy one day mafatu karma will deliver

  19. Oh yes
    First remove the govt, then GCC, all tribes and give a new name to people of fiji. Itaukei.... Break it down and all you get is "I Take Away'

    You're were fools and will remain fools.

  20. Two and half million dollars of aid money in a bonfire lol

  21. Ghai offered regime best way out of the mess it got itself into. But regime shooting themselves in the foot and putting noose around own necks... self-destructing in front of our own eyes. It should not be long now.

  22. so so so funny kaila everyone


  23. By Bruce Hill for Pacific Beat, ABCUpdated December 28, 2012, 6:26 pm



    The Fiji police force has been accused of illegally confiscating printed copies of the country's draft constitution and setting some of them on fire.

    The Constitution Commission, which was tasked with drafting a new constitution to return the country to democracy, says all 600 copies were seized from the printer last Saturday.

    Commission chairman Professor Yash Ghai.says he was verbally abused when he went to the printers and tried to tell police their actions were illegal.

    Professor Ghai says some copies of the draft document were shredded before being soaked in kerosene and burned in front of him.

    "Of course I was extremely upset," Professor Ghai told Radio Australia.

    "I thought that this was some kind of a symbolic act on the part of whoever gave the orders ... to tell me that this is how we will treat your work."

    The remaining copies were reportedly taken by police and have not been seen since.

    The government is yet to say who ordered the police to seize the documents.

    Professor Ghai says the police action shows disrespect for the citizens of Fiji.

    "I felt extremely sorry not for myself but for the people of Fiji if this indeed was an order from the government," he said.

    "It shows such contempt for our work and in turn contempt for the people who had come out in their thousands and thousands to give us their views."
    The government says the draft constitution is with the president, who will hand it to the chairman of the Constituent Assembly in the New Year

  24. Muslman ke goli khaiyum should vge shot dead. Australia should stop giving them money to fuck up Fiji.

  25. Such a brilliant work done by Ghai&Co has been fucked up in minutes by a group of solid Chor MUSALMANI thugs. Bai Boci open your ass now Barchood.

  26. Every Fiji Citizen MUST listen to this.
    Audio: Listen to the full interview with Professor Ghai (ABC News)
    Dont forget to watch the video on this as well.

  27. this has to be the funniest news ever..cant stop laughing picturing cash gai with hair sticking up standing up to the big copper..and the flames fueled by kerosene...wonder who paid for the kerosene..this is so hilarious, i think the laughing samoans will have one big hellaova laugh at kaivitis over this one.

  28. I am reliabily informed allah died of HIV is it true maichod khaiyum?

  29. The will of 7000 fijians repesenting various parties , ngos, and unions will be changed by bacharu nazhat shameem who is sleeing with bainimarama every wed to keep him in her panties shame on all the muslims...

  30. prof ghai tells the world he was abused by the Fiji Police.the
    people of Fiji have been telling the world they have been abused by the Fiji Police and the Fiji Military thugs whose orders the Police follow - since 5/12/2006.
    But what do Foreign ministers McCully and Bob Carr do?
    they have a "tripartite" with a usurper who is now a minister in the Bainimarama Military dictatorship and declare all is well and Fiji is well on the road to returning to democracy. what a load of rubbish!!

  31. Rajesh
    We know these bastards wont give up power.
    Dictators have to be brought down with peoples power.
    What is AUSS/NZ Govt will do now.
    Enough is enough time for some Military action by Auss/NZ.
    Time for some action pls.
    god bless the people.

  32. What a waste of taxpayers money,and a waste of to to all who gave submissions whom this f***ken military govt encouraged to come in numbers to submit their submissions,so long for the cosy hotel rooms for Ghai and party what a waste of all the hospitaliies given them by villagers who hosted.Typical Bainimagana and Arseyaz f***kup.

  33. I think donor countries who gave funds for this exercise are entitled for an explanation,even the people of Fiji.Come on Sharon Stone Smith you owe us,or is something stuck in you THROAT you cannot talk.

  34. Can Murray Mccullay explain why he gave Fiji miliatry junta $3- $5m for voter registration and drafting constitution which has gone in flames?

  35. Why can't local media outlets here in Fiji publish this story? This is big news!

  36. This is the true democracy maichods like thakur ranjit singh, rajendra prasad and others like john same were talking about - mu kholo hago maichod long..

  37. If this is publoshed it will sender shivers up Frank's rectum.

  38. Rajesh - this is why you called bainimarama ' good man' and supported the clean up? clean up tumar gar kaiindia pufta

  39. Rajesh is a murgi chor, selling cigarette to underage boys in his little dairy shop the hours you work is your punishment beta Rajesh rip

  40. Khaiyum judged Yash Ghai perfectly. Ghai was the ideal dupe for the 'constitution-making' stage in Khaiyum's conspiracy to give Bainimarama absolute power for life. Even after the regime's henchmen shredded his commission's work and burnt it in front of his eyes, all Ghai can say is that he's 'disappointed' but still wants everyone to participate in the Constituent Assembly.

    The naivete of this man is breathtaking.

    After all this, does he still really think that it's his commission's draft that Khaiyum will give to the CA for its deliberations?

    And just who does he think Bainimarama will name to the CA? People like Mick Beddoes or Ro Teimumu? Or the very same louts who burnt the draft.

    Remember how after Ghai asked skeptics to give the regime the benefit of the doubt, Dakuwaqa warned him in this column that the true cynics were Bainimarama and Khaiyum? Incredibly, Ghai still just doesn't seem to get it.

  41. So there you have it, folks -- the smoking gun -- Yash Ghai's personal testimony of being onhand to witness the shredding and burning of his commission's draft constitution.

    We now know that all those who made statements like "story of the burning of the draft constitution is a lie -- no such thing happened" are liars, probably on the regime payroll.

  42. The shitty newspaper the Fiji Sun proudly prints that the Fiji Military is uncompromising about a "lean" government. The Fiji Military is no authority on lean government.Everyone knows that. They always busted their own budget and also abused funding. What the Fiji Military knows and we know they know is about MEAN GOVERNMENT - the kind that imposes itself on the people and abuses their human rights and democratic freedoms!!

  43. bad for overseas investors ,there goes confidence in Fiji

  44. Again the regime goons do what they do best -- shredding constitutions.

  45. When Qarase speaks against the regime = lies

    when chaudhry accuses the of corrution = all lies

    when beddoes cries foul = lies

    when prof Ghai says they burnt the constitution draft = lies

    when khaiyum speaks - allahs words all truth

  46. Looks like its time to change the name of the website. It should now be "Coup4.75."

  47. Can we have views of coup suppoters like Subash Appna, thakur barchod Singh, John Sami, John Prasad, Suren Sharma, Francis Narayan, Crobie Bitch, Graham Landu?

  48. C4.5 please bring back Daquwaqa

  49. Even more interesting now to see who will be on the Constituent Assembly

  50. Why is the HIV infected Khaiyum not respnding to interview of Prof Ghai? go on sharon stink mouth and say ghai is lying?

  51. Anonymous 9:08 mentions our old friend Dakuwaqa. Remember that Dakuwaqa also warned of Ghai that "the regime will demand his virtue. He must either surrender it or act decisively to defend his chastity by fleeing Fiji with his dress in tatters, so to speak."

    Sure enough, look for an embarrassed Ghai now to adjust his bra and straighten his dress, so to speak, even as the regime gives him the bum's rush out of Fiji, with his commission's work in tatters.


  52. The author of Fiji’s draft constitution Professor Yash Ghai says Fiji police burned copies of the document in front of him in what he described as a symbolic act.

    The chairman of the country’s Constitution Commission told Radio Australia he tried to intervene after police arrived at the printers last Saturday to confiscate all 600 copies of the draft.

    Professor Ghai says the officer in charge of the operation verbally abused him and said the printing was illegal.

    He says the police poured kerosene on shredded proofs of the document and set the papers alight.

    Professor Ghai says if this was an order from the government it showed contempt for the Commission’s work and the people of Fiji.

    He says he got the police to sign for the confiscated douments but he does not know where they were taken.

    The Kenyan academic and veteran constitution-maker presented the draft constitution to Fiji’s President the day before the incident.

    The draft is due to be debated next month by an assembly of regime appointees.

    Professor Ghai had earlier expressed disappointment the draft would not go back to Fiji people for more discussion as originally planned.

    Radio New Zealand International understands the Commission wanted to ensure Professor Ghai’s safe departure from Fiji before publishing the draft on its website.

    Professor Ghai left Fiji on Monday.

    News Content © Radio New Zealand International
    PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand


  53. http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/international/radio/program/pacific-beat/fiji-draft-constitution-seized-by-police-some-copies-burnt/1067186?autoplay=1067204

    Listen to Ghai.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  54. Vosalevu Rajesh, yes enough is enough... how about you come to Fiji and join people's power to bring down dictator instead of talking big from Auckland as usual.

  55. kaila everyone, the monkey is out of the bag...kaiyum,kaiyum, shameem, shameem, baini,baini, alah, alah is great!

  56. people please don't cast aspersion on Islam the religion of Muslims and Allah their God when rubbishing Aiyarse Saheed Khaiyum the illegal attorney general. Khaiyum has earned the right to be rubbished and even abused. He is an arsehole fala.But what Khaiyum is has nothing to do with the religion of Muslims . Any good Muslim will tell you that.

  57. All Muslims are. Not terrorist but all terrorist are Muslims. And khaiyum is one!!?

  58. Allah is moon god to muslims and mohd the child molester, his prophet.

  59. It is a draft isn't it? So we can throw it out and amend it whichever way we like it like was done for the 1997 constitution. A draft is a draft and not a final document. It is obvious that Yasa Qai (sa qai saratiko) was having dinner with political parties and NGO who have been part of this shit of democracy we have been living under. We need wholesale changes. Though decisions need to be made and that cannot be made by politicians who only worry about their constituents to vote them in the next elections. It cannot be made by NGO' s which is infested with immoral lesbians, homosexuals and infidelity. This government will make those tough decisions to cast out those self serving politicians and NGO's of the past and present. We need future looking politicians and NGO's. So take you bow and piss off Micky Mouse Beddoes, Mahen Chodoring, teimumu kepa, qaranase. Happy new year and happy forward thinking and actions.

  60. @Anonymous Military Thug 449PM
    the military thugs ruling fiji through a military coup which they euphemistically called a "clean up" campaign are the most vile self-serving scoundrels this country has witnessed in its entire post colonial history. You are like an old broken record stuck on the same puerile excuses that were given by the military before the takeover in dec 2006. NOBODY BELIEVES THAT SHIT ANYMORE!! Except you self-serving sodomisers!!




  62. tattifala yu fool of crap

  63. Anonymous 4:49 is a perfect specimen for the type we're dealing with here. His 'reasoning' is exactly the BS this regime is trying to feed us. It could have been written by Bainimarama himself. So let's examine it again, shall we?

    First, the writer (let's call him Voreqe) argues Ghai's work was just a draft, to be rubbished or amended however we please. Well, Voreqe does have a point there, doesn't he? It certainly wasn't a real constitution, now, was it! No, it was the product of an expensive, time-consuming, false hope-building and completely illegal exercise by people with no legal standing whatsoever, was it not?

    Yes, perhaps the draft deserves rubbishing... but in favour of Fiji's real constitution, not in favour of a masturbatory fantasy drafted for Bainimarama by Nazhat Shameem. And the people of Fiji should decide whether Ghai's draft is rubbished, not the very same thugs who foisted the process and its product on us in the first place, at gunpoint, whilst inviting mass participation and making great claims of openness and transparency.

    Perhaps what Voreqe is saying here is that HE can always rubbish or amend Fiji's constitution however he pleases. Now, who can argue with that interpretation, if this is the same Voreqe with the guns to our heads?

    According to Voreqe, because Ghai had the gall to actually consult with civil society whilst working on his draft constitution, his product is therefore suspect. Wouldn't want it contaminated by NGOs or politicians with the 'shit of democracy' now, would we? No, only the unelected, uneducated, and unaccountable homophobes who make up today's RFMF can make the 'necessary changes', at least when they're not too busy sodomising.

    Oops, correction, Voreqe reverses himself. Now apparently the New Fiji DOES need politicians and NGOs but only if they're 'forward looking' or 'forward thinking'. Forward thinking apparently includes homophobia and fascism then.

    Such 'forward thinking and action' were pretty soundly discredited in Europe by May 1945, but, hey, could fascism be just what Fiji requires?

    I guess that's not for the people of Fiji to decide; it seems that Voreqe has already decided that for us.

  64. Why is Ghai worried about burnt copies when he released it via emails a few weeks earlier. Is he trying to please homosexual lawyers like anonymous 7.15pm 29 December 2012. That's why we can't get it right because homosexuals think they know everything like changing their body part for dumping into a part to procreation which we are still waiting to produce a baby rather than a poop. Bawahahahahaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee

  65. Ok ok I get it. Lawyers and NGO activists are blogging and trying to be taken up to the camp to be sodomised to fullfil their homosexual cravings and lifestyles. Oh and Asa Qai me dua vua nai yaragi ni Asa wiki kina o ira na lawyer viaviatagane qauri sivia tiko nomuni vosa kei na vakilakila

  66. 7.07 says fck the racist bstrds time to give up and work for your money and stop sucking tax payer blood with all yr bullshit fijian institutions,

    Govt should aleinate all native lands and lease it out. the nltb has been a low achiver hardly and lease money to owners. whole system needs to be changed to benefit the lowest on the owners groups. new constitution has to have equal laws for all including land laws.

  67. Coup 4.5

    Can you pls remove the post by annon 7.53am as this is against the muslim region and its god. Such post reflects not only the immaturity of such bloggers but also let of respect for other religions.

    Appreciate your urgent attention.

  68. To annonymous 7.53am

    Bastard I hope you die of AIDs. Peple don't generalise all Muslims. Phuck you mother phucker

  69. Annon 2.33pm and 2.46pm

    Pls go and ask your mother who your real father is? Its a muslim.

  70. Anon 9.17pm my fathers name Aaiz lamu Sona Khaiyum and mothers name Nazhat Bacharu Khan. Set ke nahi?

  71. Suresh Patel builds the Challenge Plaza in Ltk. I bet this sucker idiot will invite ASK to do the opening!!---just watch.Suresh Patel is finding a way of taking at least three of his buildings with him to the next world--he is consulting the top pundits re this matter--assisted by Wella Pillay !--another bald head crumbling empire builder !--all the plans are made on a high table at the Northern Club !!

  72. Please keep religion out of politics...that was the problem in the first place...and if there is anything that will destabalise a government it is religion..If religious beliefs affect your decision making then you shouldn't be holding that office..Keep religion personal and to yourself. I am a Methodist and I have Muslim and Hindu friends and family....I've lived in Muslim countries as a christian and they've respected my beliefs and I theirs. Every person should be fee to practice whatever religion they feel will get them to heaven...and if the 2014 elections dont happen then the regime know there will be hell to pay and no number of guns and soldiers can stop what will happen...they know it and they will make sure there is a 2014 election..unless of course they on a suicide mission..

  73. Sharar - how come Fiji is rules by majority muslims? all top positions held by these syckers. why and how?

  74. All muslims in Fiji supporting Khaiyum will note from Jan 1st 2013 - the level of abuse against the tyranny of khaiyum will increase by three folds. dont say you were not given some notice.

  75. @ Anon...December 29, 2012 9:57 PM

    If they were Christians would you have the same view...If they were Hindu or Gujarati??? How because they were smart and realised a money making potential...what we all need to realise, Time will catch up with all of these people..if it's ten or fifity years..their corruption will be revealed and they will pay...you can only run and hide for so long....age will wither you down ...

  76. Sarar - no one can deny a hanful of leading muslims figures like Khaiyum brothers, shameem sisters, Khans, aziz, Alis, are controlling the derranged military leader and looting Fiji. Fiji belongs to us Taukie and muslims are raping fiji so in return I will torture them on this blog and every other blog in the world. dua na siga kalou sa raica...

  77. Annon 9.51pm

    Plss confirm with your mum again about daddy. It may be true.


  79. anon 9.51pm my mum nazhat with bainimarama sleeping yaar tomorow i check acha baiya.

  80. Muslim can declare jihad on others so can we the people of fiji. try to eat some halal pork to ease the people I am casuing to your mullahs

  81. This does not surprise me at all. Having said this, I am here to tell you that ALL of you on this blog are "gutless bunch of all talk no action people."

    1) Why can't all of us make noise and let the International Community aware of what is going on with the present government.

    2) Write to UN and protest in the strongest term.

    3) Write to Australian government and tell them to inquire from Government of Fiji to give accounting of the money spent by Constitutional Commission. Why was the draft copy of the Constitution burnt.

    4) The women in India have more guts than us as they are presently demonstrating openly and have no fear irrespective of Police used batons, water cannon and teargas to quell the protests.

    So people are we that much of "lamusonas?"

  82. anonymous 12.27 - then why dont you fuck off to a pro regime blog kai muslimani cock sucker

  83. Things can't be that bad as C4.5 makes it out to be Fiji. Look what is happening in India when one girl is raped. Fiji is getting raped but no one has the guts to stand up and stop it. May be its not that bad!




  85. This is truly an intelligent conversation by bloggers and condoned by the administrators of C4.5. It is not surprising that nothing has been achieved in the six years of blogging as this gutter level displayed here will take us no where. I thought i would something useful here to bring back democratic governance but I think this site has been taken over by immature kids who really have nothing to offer. Are we really of low life and immaturity to take us down this level. I bet the present government are laughing their heads off at our stupidity. I mig.ht be wrong but one thing is for sure I am out of this site as a have much better things to strive for in the new year. Good luck to you guys in your seventh years of this type of blogging strategy. Even the embassies used to get information out of this site but now they have realised something's wrong here and have gone to get more credible information from elsewhere including the government. Good bye children.

  86. In reply to the poster above...I think you are wrong...I pop in here from time to time as does the NZ Foreign Affairs, The NZ Herald, and ABC network journalists. Thia latest business of the burning of the Draft Constitution has set the process in Fiji back some way and confirms the cynicism of Australian & NZ ofiicials as to the sincereity of the Fiji administration.The thing for people to remember here is that the coup mentality and successive personalities thhat have ruled by the power of force rather than deomocratic elections & their influence wanes each day with the passing of time. Eventually they must face consequences for their actions.There are a lot of angry people in Fiji...many have their phones tapped and their passports confiscated. They are guarded in their communications with the outside world, because of family, business interests & day to day living...There will be change, nothing is surer...and it will be to the great detriment of those who are illegally running the Country.

  87. Rajesh singh - you are a liar, a no school opportunist and a person with little grey matter.

    We have all read your statements in Radio NZ and Fiji Times when your hero bainimarama fucked up Fiji. You called banini a good man and called for support and also said you were willing to serve in his regime (FT) of 19 December 2006

    You called the coup clean-up. You accused the SDL government of corruption with your $2m dollar leader Chodory and and idiotic son rajendra. You got a job through the conman lekh ram in Fiji sports council. You and your conman friend arvin dutt made a fortune from the coup.

    You criticsed the SDL Prime Minister and called him a backstabber. Dont deny it now when bainimarma is fucked up fiji. All this is recorded history. You were colluding fiji FLP to bring down qarase becuase you were sacked.

    You are going around with fijian girls to so off to solders at the check points. we fijians are not stupid. Now LQ may have forgiven you but we will never vote for a betrayer and coward like you. it least LQ and chodo did not ran away like you. If your report that implicates the former CEO and the well respected atma maharaj - publish the evidence. You used this report to poison bainimarama and dritis mind against qarase. now you attack the PM all the time. Dont use LQ reference in vain you morron. He is in jain and cant defend you exploitative public stunt. stop using the fijian people. dont come back to fiji stay there you liar shameless and undeducated dick head.

  88. Sad, sad days ahead for Fiji.
    Where is the road map, where is the Charter? where is the road to democracy,reforms, modernisation, etc. etc.? it all looks gloomy after this incident.

    All reconstruction efforts, get burnt before our eyes, what do we call that? 'Cry for the Beloved Country?"

  89. I honestly don't know if the story that Lutunasobasoba was the first Fijian to land in Fiji is a fabrication as a writer has claimed.
    (I used to get a tick when I said he was in my primary school lessons!!)
    But I know the claim by the Bainimarama "govt" that it is now the true representative of the people of fiji is a FABRICATION!
    Absolutely no doubt about that!!

  90. Next they'll e claiming that Lutunasobasoba was a Sri Lankan magistrate recruited to Fiji by the ancestor of Tony Gates.

  91. Ghai is lucky he wasn't taken to the camp for the now-customary rifle prod up the bum. With any luck, he'll still get to experience this quaint new Fijian custom before he leaves Fiji. Might as well get the full New Fiji experience.

  92. Criticise the bloggers on C4.5 if you like, but do note that the story that Ghai's draft constitution was burnt was reported by bloggers here first.

  93. Anon 6.38AM I agree with you that nothing has happened. It's like we are shouting out under the cone of silence here. Why aren't we like Egypt or India where things happen within 24hrs via social media? Are we not as brave? I guess this country is too young compared to the history of countries in Asia and Middle East.

  94. Anonymous 2:11 AM, that's because in Fiji rape is considered a tradition and rape victims are taught only to smile and wave bula.


  95. What's the deal now with the American threat to remove Fiji's GATT preference? Surely the Americans don't see this regime making progress on labour relations. Don't the Americans want to uphold their WTO obligations?

  96. Anon 9.45am when one person shouts not many will follow but if we all make noise together then others will follow. Here at C4.5 we get to shout anonymously and get things off our chest. Hence no need to shout in public where we have the fear of exposing our identity.

  97. Sharar, their corruption is public knowledge and has been widely known for years. Yet still no consequences. They're just getting richer, more powerful and more arrogant.

  98. China's new communist leaders are increasing already tight controls on internet use and electronic publishing following a spate of embarrassing online reports about official abuses. Don't be surprised if this happens in Fiji soon!

  99. Agreed. We need Dakuwaqa to lead us again in a new Operation Jericho. Except this time, instead of pots, we should be banging heads.

  100. Nothing Wrong With The C4.5 Blog site.
    It is doing what it was set up to do. And that is to expose the tatti happening in the Bainimarama military regime. And what's more it's been a darn good job. That is why tattifala - the one and only - has taken up residence in this blogsite!!

  101. Hey, people, give Dakuwaqa a rest already. He's gone, and if he's smart he'll never come back to Fiji again, just like everyone else who leaves.

  102. Thank You GOD,God Bless Fiji


  103. What is the difference between the government and the Mafia?

    One of them is organized.

  104. Coup 4.5 would be a best seller if they decide to compete with fijisun and fijitimes on the news stand. Thank God for C4.5 we can get the real story of what's going on in Fiji.

  105. Well done C 4.5. Along with a couple of other blogs you are the voice in the wilderness.

    Croz Goebbels has attacked Bruce Hill for his i/v with Ghai. He said the police and Ghai did things thay would not normally do!!!!

    What does one do normally when you watch the draft you have been working on get reduced to ash??

    The police could have taken them away and incinerated them. Instead they did it there and then in front of an internationally acclaimed constitutional expert.


    If this does not prompt Carr et al to take swift and decisive action nothing will.

    This should outrage all democratic nations.

    Watch out for the Qorvis spin. Like anyone who has trodden on the regimes toes, he will be accused of being mentally ill or accused of committing some crime whilst he was in Fiji. BUT, you can only cry wolf so many times.

    This may well be the straw that breaks the camels back.

    There seems to be no end to this madness. Die on your feet or live on your knees.

  106. So Croz Walsh is really saying that Yash Ghai is lying.

    It is suspicious that the goons didn't do with Ghai what they ordinarily would do. They didn't ram a gunbarrel up his ass or drill a hole through his leg.

    Like Croz, I do find that suspicious.

    Also, they only shredded the draft constitution and then burnt it. Why didn't they piss on it, too?

    Very suspicious behaviour indeed!

  107. Annon 12.34am

    Is this your father's blog?

    Why blame everyhing on ASK only?

    Are you all so gullable and naïve. Who did the coup? Its so easy to blame other religion or race. You are a coward and your brian has tatti. Racist bastard.

  108. Someone pleads for Dakuwaqa. Somebody else asks why can't we all make noise. Hellooo! Where were you last 26 September? We were asked to make a joyful noise then, remember? Some of us did but many did not. And why not? What were you scared of? You thought the regime's thugs would identify you in the dark and in the space of just sixty seconds? But did you hear of anyone being dragged in for questioning after M-Minute? Anyone at all?

  109. when there is a divergence of views on constitutional matters between prof ghai and RFMF the view of the RFMF must prevail because they are after all the constitutional experts. one aiyarse khaiyum the illegal attorney general the foremost legal man advising the illegal RFMF dictatorship is more authoritative then 5 ghais put together.
    the RFMF is full of such legal/constitutional brilliance!! even lawyers who have just come out of law school and hardly have any experience worth talking about are now legal" experts" in RFMF!! I think I will go for a tatti break.

  110. Can the bitch Sharon who is the mouthpiece of this regime explain to the public whether these actions by the Police is endorsed by her Govt?

    Or is her wide mouth blocked by Khaiyum's two ball bearings?

    This ugly woman who is fond of supporting Frank and Khaiyum on TV should now step up and explain why Ghai was treated in such fashion!

    Ooooooh! What an ugly woman Sharon mouthpiece is!!!

  111. At Annon 2:35 PM.
    You made a mistake. Aiyaz has only one ball.

    The other day I was walking through the outskirts of Suva. I saw some teenagers playing. They were singing this song.

    Franky has only got one ball
    Aiyaz has one but oh so small
    Tony has one thats phony
    While Crosbie Goebbels has no balls at all.

  112. @tattifala ...olei maria...lol...lol true,I think we all need a "tatti break"!...and a loong one...phew!..…constipation may have been prevalent in the stratosphere in the last few days with myriad of information flooding Cyberville!!...we’re knee deep in spew while smoke filled stench of mischief in the air!

    All we wanna know what the respective Fiji Churches preached or corporately prayed for this last Sunday (and yesterday Sabbath) of the Constitution referendum day year???

    May be time for all Fiji Churches to rise up!! First; each applies to be in the Constitution Assembly. With due respect, may be best to select lay church members as Church reps or to accompany Church leaders.

    Otherwise…we may have to lengthen our “tatti break”!..until another tatti Coup .

  113. moce viti o bainimarama sa volitaki iko[viti]..vakaloloma nai kawa taukei kei na kena liuliu turaga bale lelevu.....




  115. anon 1.29pm - looks like you are one of the majority (99%) muslims who support the military junta for your own benefit. stop going to mosque and lift your asswhen you people support this son of a bitch ASK. fuck off to a muslim blog.

  116. Dakuwaqa's concept was brilliant as a low-risk and simple concept. It caused Bainimarama to shit his pants all over again and cancel his UN visit, just as Dakuwaqa had designed it. It lacked for nothing but your participation. Too late to cry about it now.

  117. Oilei semi Meo is back. I thought he said he's not coming here again, but being a liar, runaway, idiot that he is, I'm not surprised. You're full of shit semi. But to more serious matters, Aiyarse have been calling all the shots, Bocimarama had nothing to say and sadly that's how things stand in Fiji. Bocimarama is more worried about his bank balance and the fate that he's going to face when he goes down.

    By the way semi, when are you going to answer the question? NCB and others are waiting to know the real reason why you ran away from Fiji.

  118. Yeah, what about that, Semi Meo? You still advising Fijians to put their faith in Bainimarama's promise of free and fair elections in 2014? Still saying that 99.99 percent of us are as stupid and gullible as you are? Still gutless in the face of Nameless Cyber Bully's challenge to you to stop blogging here when you're proven wrong?

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. big story from nltb ceo qetaki he is beefing up systems? does he know wht beefing up means? is he frm nz or aussie big slang. blk bstrd knows shit. just ripping off poor land owners. he needs to get real or get out.

  121. @ annon at 1:29 PM. Islam is a religion not a race. You discrimnatory trouble maker. Aiyaz could be a born again jehova taosist buddhist. He is still a dangerous lunatic.

  122. @Anons of December 30, 2012 4:51 PM and December 30, 2012 6:01 PM.

    Of course I'll answer both your many questions!

    Now, first you answer mine...then I'll play cricket..

    Simple question your taught to answer in class 1...what is/are your real names...oh..and what is this NCB real name too..or are you the one and same coward?

    My answers to your questions are too valuable to be chucked in front of some nameless and faceless cyber freaks…

    phew!...and how dare you have the audacity to promote yourself as adjudicator in Cyberville??

    Get a name…and get a life!!.

    .or else …stay away form C4.5 where only the brave hang out!

    December 30, 2012 6:34 PM

  123. The desperate act of Soldiers, shredding what was supposed to be the Regime's finest work, indicates clearly the fear Frank and Co. have for their wrong doings and the inevitable consequences for them.
    Hopefully, this will reverberate through the RFMF and make it clear to any Soldier, now, who otherwise was unsure of Frank Bainimarama's true intentions, that he must be removed.

  124. Mark manning just worry about a ordinal issues which are down trodden in Australia you bloody white trash.

  125. Aboriginal issues mark manning you white trash

  126. Typical coward semi, always try excuses after excuses. You mentioned class 1, well was the question posed to you that difficult semi? Well one thing we know of that you ran away from,,,,bills lol. Your toilet scrubbing job won't be enough to repay your bills so you're screwed semi meow lol

  127. Semi, didn't you say you're not coming back to this site? Lol what a joke you've become man, it goes to show you're one liar, yet you often claim to be a Christian lol lol lol

  128. Honestly, Semi Meo, I have to side with the other bloggers on this one. You seem awfully greasy to me, always coming up with lame excuses why you can't answer their simple and direct questions.

    Now you need to know someone else's name before you agree to stand by your own promises? Why should that make a difference? You either stand by what you say or you don't. if you don't believe what you're saying, then don't say it.

    You say that 99.99 percent of Fijians are looking forward to the free and fair elections you and Bainimarama both promise for 2014. If you're so certain of free and fair elections, why won't you agree to stake your future C4.5 blogging on it? What's the big deal? You're always issuing challenges, so why is it so hard to answer the simple challenge to stand by your own words?

    - Jone V.

  129. Semi,the 99.9% you always refer to is on the label of a toilet cleaning agent. You should know this man. Like Jone pointed out, you like issuing challenges, you think you have the solutions, yet you can't even answer a simple question....unless you have something very serious and embarrassing to hide. It's ok semi, if you owe heaps of dollars, you can always write to admiral's rear, oops, rear admiral and ask for immunity since you talk a lot about giving immunity to your friend Bai and his gang of thieves. What you say semi?

  130. Dakuwaqa asked for us to commit just two minutes to Fiji -- one minute in quiet prayer and reflection, another minute in joyful noise and nonviolent celebration. If that was too much to ask, then why pretend we're ever going to march like the Egyptians or protest like the Indians?

    So stop crying for Dakuwaqa to return, when you're not ready to make a commitment yourselves. Why should he come back, when you won't even lift a finger?

  131. Suresh Patel was telling evryone at Vinod Patel's party in Ba on Sat 29 Dec that he will invite ASK to open his Challenge Plaza.I suggest he also invite Wella Pillay to open all the male toilets.!!--he is good at opening these things !! And Bipin Patel from Ba can open all the ladies toilets !!

    1. @anon 10.22am

      You seem to be he'll bent on me, Suresh and Wella, have we rocked your sister or wife??? Stay focused on the REAL issues or you might lose yourself too, we can rock you too chode! Bipin Patel

  132. soldiers shredding constitution and setting it on fire... reminds me to ask again
    who set fire to ex Fiji Time editor Rika's house?
    police got any leads yet?

  133. This comment has been removed by the author.

  134. "who are these "awfully greasy" nameless and faceless characters ducking and crawling around their blooming bellies in this highly esteemed column??

    Sorry!…it is unpatriotic for us Citizens of beloved Fiji taint ourselves and stoop to slimy greasy levels on interact with the like of you …uh..it is just NOT sane, let alone humane to be entertaining coward’s questions ….yawn….yawn…

    Oh…of course I was a toilet cleaner in my student days here in late 1990’s…and an expert at it…don’t you worry about that! To the best of my recollection I sure have never conversed intelligently with stinking toilet bowels or urinals am tasked to clean..

    …but who knows…pioneering has been one of my pet likings…lol…lol…lol…mmmm…..may just do that and accommodate cowards asking question from behind the toilet cubicles…phew!...what a life they live…

    ..and we do not believe their lovely children and respective partners knows or will ever know of their hibernating prowess in the toilets of life!!.....for the last SEVEN YEARS!!

  135. Sotia ni solisona like setting things on fire.
    And the National Fire Authority always make sure they turn up late or machine not working or even sometimes no water.
    What kind of farked up dept is that?
    Last week they turned up to a fire & no water in the truck.
    Hare bap!

  136. sa bera, ma sovara na sucu...lol

  137. Mighty suspicious, too, that fire at the Fiji Law Society offices in Suva late one evening when no one was there. Just sayin'.

  138. Semi Meo, you're the greasy one, mate. Can't even answer a simple question. Won't even stand by your own silly assurances.

    And I'm not anonymous. Or semi anything. I'm fully Jone V.

    So stop hiding in the women's washroom. If you really believe Fiji will have free and fair elections in 2014, then why must you keep ducking NCB's challenge?


  140. @Jone V...who?..December 31, 2012 12:26 AM...that IS a simple question!!!

  141. AS usual SEmi hiding under rear admiral Frank's sulu. Bau wawale mada sa yavu mai na vudi nei vore

  142. @Bothy of December 31, 2012 12:33 AM.

    Dau tukuna o ira na qase ni nakoro..

    .a da 'aya ,o eda ga!!

    ..talking from experience are you??

  143. @ Anonymous [Dec 31,2012]...i reckon.....

  144. ..why don’t you re-read the Aiyuz’s thesis probably co-authored by Ghai himself!! As AG referenced his mentor numerously therein!...and now Ghai is crying victim!...smart fellow that Guajarati African old man!! …phew!...that drama at the printers need an Oscar!

    Now…how did Aiyuz meet the Rear Admiral??....Aiyuz was innocently conveyancing in a bank desk job?...we did not hear of him…uh…until..well…uh…history may glorify or vilify him..depends ..

    …mmm…a new draft is now ready for the Assembly of Constitutional novice to fret over , vetted by the tribunal..and …yawn…yep…elections will still be on 2014…will it be absolutely clean?.. ..wrong question.

    …the right question is HOW WE gonna make and keep it clean to the very best we could as mere mortal!...why don't we spend our energy and focus on that hope...other then blogging to nothingness!

  145. Semi Meo is terminally stupid. How is he proposing we keep the elections clean? With his toilet bowl cleaner, which kills 99.99 percent germs? He's obviously been sniffing the stuff too long.

  146. some people may already know this. the Nadarivatu hydro project is a big fail.

    all turbines running - the catchment dries up in 8 hrs and takes 3 days to fill. 8 hrs - get crosby to swallow that.

    and Guess what? the chinese know the solution to our problem. Build another damn to supply the failed project.
    We're only talking about a couple of hundred millions.

  147. burning copies of the draft constitution?? Really? even after they were shredded?

    is there a message being sent here?

    somebody is going off the rails.

  148. @anon335 pm
    even if 100% of muslims in fiji support the military dictatorship I would still maintain it has nothing to do with Islam and Allah. It would simply mean we have 100% of treacherous Muslims in Fiji. But I know for a fact that many Muslims are decent human beings and they do not support this illegal regime and its lies.

  149. @Semi
    If they can burn the Constitution or Abrogate it or whatever , they can do the same to the Ballot papers during the Election.
    So how do you suggest We KEEP IT CLEAN?
    I thought you said you were not coming back.
    It's always the stinking shit that tends to refloat when you think you've flushed it for good.
    If you keep this up we will ask Vutuki Meo to come back online.

  150. FNPF to begin inspecting TC Evan affected areas
    Publish date/time: 30/12/2012 [17:12]

    The Fiji National Provident Fund will begin inspecting areas affected by Cyclone Evan in the Western Division from Wednesday, January 02, 2013 to allow members to lodge their withdraw applications for rehabilitation purposes.

    FNPF's Acting Chief Executive Alipate Waqairawai has urged affected members who wish to apply for the Natural Disaster Partial Withdrawal Scheme (NDPWS) to make the necessary arrangements including time off from work to meet the FNPF on-site teams.

    Five FNPF teams he added have also been deployed to visit the Western Division including the Yasawas as these have been identified by the Commissioner Western as the worst affected areas.


    For a time I thought Waqairawai was smart. Now I know that he is just a dumb stupid lackey of the regime.

  151. The writer of the Fiji Times article New Year New Hope obviously means well and has good intentions in compiling the article. And the article has many positives at the individual level to rethink and perhaps even re orientate our lives. But at the political level it is naive. When we reflect on what the year 2012 has offered we find it has in essence offered more of the same. And the signs are all there that the year 2013 will be no different. Fiji was , is and will still be under military rule. Perhaps the best sign of what lies ahead in the new year for Fiji and its people came at the very end of this year when the much heralded draft constitution was shredded and set on fire by soldiers. It symbolically represents New Year False Hope.It is wrong to generate false hope when the ground realities in Fiji have not changed an inch since the Bainimarama military takeover over of 5/12/2006. I would contend every year since then has been the same: Fiji under a Military Dictatorship!

  152. Like to thank semi meo for creating a good debate and discussion.

  153. Now how does one direct all the debating that has gone on here at C4.5 into public arena. We need to discuss like we do here but in public. I know it's asking little too much but folks think about it as this is the only voice currently in Fiji. Media are too scared shitless to say anything about the regime.

  154. Phew!...my family may have no control over the person who’ve found it in the goodness of his/her heart to profane my family name, hence, the unfortunate alias; V----Meo. His/her continues profanity talk more about his heart and may be his family and values NOT mine. All we could affirm is that, like many Fiji families, we’re proud of our name and of course majority of my family prays more than I do!

    Do not blame us if other find little honour in their name!
    All I said was.. “why don’t you guys re-read the Aiyuz’s thesis probably co-authored by Ghai himself!! As Aiyaz referenced his mentor numerously therein!...and now Ghai is crying victim!...smart fellow that Guajarati African old man!! …phew!...that drama at the printers need an Oscar!

    Now…how did Aiyuz meet the Rear Admiral??....Aiyuz was innocently conveyancing in a bank desk job?...we did not hear of him…uh…until..well…uh…history may glorify or vilify him..depends ..

    …mmm…a new draft is now ready for the Assembly of Constitutional novice to fret over , vetted by the tribunal..and …yawn…yep…elections will still be on 2014…will it be absolutely clean?.. ..wrong question.

    …the right question is HOW WE gonna make and keep it clean to the very best we could as mere mortal!...why don't we spend our energy and focus on that hope...other then blogging to nothingness!”

    Caught my drift??.....

    ..oh and I earlier posted that “and we do not believe their lovely children and respective partners knows or will ever know of their hibernating prowess in the toilets of life!!.....” by posting anonymously

    …what else do they do incognito..and since they have invited this culture and spirit of deception into their own home, we then ask what probable secrets do their respective partners and other family members keep from these faceless and nameless bastards !...uh…only bastards…illegitimate births have NO name!

    ..stay anonymous while Aiyaz keep running to the Swiss bank...you yavu gala bothy!!

  155. @S Meo, you have relatives in the military. Why don't you ask them to stop Aiyaz from running to the Swiss bank....or are they gala bothy too....


  156. What is the cost of sending 5 teams from FNPF? If the cost is calculated by the same govt accountant looking after regime - then it will be $200,000. Straightaway you've already lost 200 people you could have given $1000 to. How many legible people in the village? Is this a cost-efficient way of finding out? Why cant you just set up a Phone number for these people to text you and find out whether they are legible? How can you Waqairawai continue to phuck up our FNPF money? Was there any thinking done before you made this announcement or are you just following orders of The Stupid One that lives in Delainabua. What a cockup!!!!

  157. Maybe the public at The Street Party should be encouraged to burn something. Since they burnt something belonging to us, we should burn something belonging to them. So I would like everyone going to the Street Party tonight to make sure you burn something that belongs to the Regime and their supporters.

  158. Poo it stinks in here...ah semi Meo is in the house.

  159. Semi's postings are just rantings as a result of his deteriorating Alzheimer's. He said earlier that he's not coming back here again, yet he's back!!!

  160. THE draft constitution was seized and destroyed because the Constitution Commission has no right to either print or distribute them.

    The Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Land Force Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga made the comment in reaction to allegations by the outgoing chairman of the Constitution Commission, Prof Yash Ghai during an interview with Radio Australia over the weekend.

    However, he said the commission was only required under the Fiji Constitutional Process (Constitution Commission) Decree 2012 to give the draft supreme law to the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

    "We stopped the printing of the 600 copies draft document because what he (Ghai) did was illegal," Lt-Col Tikoitoga said.

    He said under the decree the draft document would only be released after being sighted, scrutinised and deliberated by the Constituent Assembly.

    "The decree was clear, it dictated the work of the commission," he said.

    Lt-Col Tikoitoga said Prof Ghai' s job was to write the draft document and present it to the President.

    "Why did he go ahead to print 600 copies?," he questioned.

    "The President doesn't need 600 copies but just one copy to view.

    "That is why we confiscated the document while it was still being printed," he said.

    Lt-Col Tikoitoga said Prof Ghai's motives were clear thus resulted in the destroying of the 599 copies of the draft document.

    In the radio interview Prof Ghai said all 600 copies were seized from the printer on December 22.

    Prof Ghai said he went to the printers to tell police their actions were illegal but he was abused by the police officer in charge as a result. He said some copies of the draft document were shredded before being soaked in kerosene and burnt.

    When contacted yesterday Information permanent secretary Sharon Smith said government would not comment on the issue.

  161. Why wasting time in burning the DC when one can easily download a soft copy? Poor and stupid policemen taking orders from dumb bosses, thinking that is the only available copies.
    Sa loloma yani vei bainilalanamonadukanaibenubenuvulivakavo

  162. Editor,
    Can someone please explain to me how this works : The US President Barack Obama, the most powerful man with the most powerful military on planet earth, has to bend over backwards to get a compromise deal with his Republican opponents for his fiscal crisis averting proposals on the one hand and on the other hand we have a tin pot dictator in the person of Frank Bainimarama telling everyone in Fiji and abroad that his Military Government is "uncompromising" on this and that and virtually everything else that is proposed to facilitate the country's return to democratic rule ?
    There is hope yet for a positive outcome to the fiscal crisis confronting the United States because, as a Republican senator has said, nothing is set in stone (New York Times 30/12).
    But hope for a positive resolution to the political crisis in Fiji appears dashed because the Fiji Military apparently feels its position IS set in stone!
    The dichotomy is mind boggling, isn't it?
    Rajend Naidu

  163. @Rajend
    Thats why we need to smash the military.

  164. @Semi. Since you are worried about your surname. Why don't you use a different one while blogging.
    I'm only suggesting.
    No use crying on the internet.
    People have endured much worse, like having a gun shoved up the bum etc.

    They say that the definition of stupidity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    Since you love the regime so much why don't you call yourself "Vutuki Bainimarama".

  165. As we end 2012 and reflect on what transpired during that time we can only conclude that the regime are digging their heels in to stay in power with whatever it takes to do so. More and more military personnels are permeating the civil service top strategic jobs in an effort to consolidate the military hold onto the governance of the country. Now the transparent constitutional process is being jeopardised by the regimes burning ritual which is akin to a cremation. It is symbollic in that the constitution is dead and being cremated. So what holds for Fiji's citizens henceforth. I will not hazard any guess but we'll see what transpires in the next two months as the regime struggle to cover up and concoct more of their own devices to save themselves as the clock counts down. We are now playing with time and there isn't much of it left. 2012 is gone and 2013 will be winding down just as quickly. As the 2014 deadline approaches we wonder what manipulations the regime will come up with and what we as citizens will our reactions be. Will it be muted as most of us were so far or will we gather some will to speak up for the sake of our and our generations future.

  166. Oh...they have nothing worth while to contribute?...yawn...yawn...go on Aiyuz..keep banking, while these nameless and faceless bastards for 7 loong years now hide every time you pass by...even crawling and sniffing ..uh..geee yah...Aiyuz..aurr paisa magta boss? Aiyuz says...yah, tum ki lurnd parkroo..

    ...and quickly they stand to attention and having forgotten their miserable names and…uh.. loh and behold, do not even know where their blooming lurnd has shrunk to!!

    ..go now and re-read Aiyuz’s thesis and learn the kinda man he is, and probably the kinda road map your respective families are regimentally tracking on ….

    All we are saying why should one man...one man determine our destiny...why...you Aiyuz worshipers!!

    Our only hope is the draft now finalised will be ready as early as possible!!

  167. today's(31/12) Sun Leagal Aid Comm advertises Prabate of MOTI LAL--salesman on ram aytar Feeder rd,Vuci Sth nausori.Moti Lal was a well off man. I want the idiot Sunil Sharma to answer--why is LA using my and all taxpayer's money on rich people--and denying aid to the poor.

  168. Faceless ans namless bastard of December 31, 2012 11:35 AM..

    Duhhh...sorry, am not like your kind..cowards for ever more!

    ..talk about name honour!...you do not even have one..opps...you do...your bothy!!

    ...psst...has your wife forgotten your name miserable name too and is calling someone else name ..uh...she could remeber from them days?...qarauna, de o duri tu ga sa serve taki vei iko na i vola ni sere dali....lol...lol...lol..

  169. @ Semi

    This artice is significant. The burning of the draft constitution is serious. Please refrain from your "diversion". There are more important things to discuss.

    This article appears to be a slanging match. Take it somewhere else. Please Please Please

  170. No elections in 2014. These ppl want to remain in power. Fill their pockets more from under hand dealings with China etc

  171. Whether we like it or not, whatever the army says to be in the constitution will be in put in. They are in power and not we poor bloggers. They will put in immunity, no GCC, number in parliament, etc. If they don't put in immunity and what they want than they will remain in power until they are ousted forcefully. Didn't take a rocket scientist or a lawyer to work this one out. Sorry I had to put in the lawyer bit because they think they know it all when in fact they don't compared to scientists. That's for a new years laugh guys.

  172. @Anon December 31, 2012 12:57 PM...of course, sadly allegation of "burning of the draft constitution" are rife...

    But...that's yesterdays “fish and chip wrapper” news....
    Thankfully what is NOT yet burned is our common resolve to pick up the piece, even if scourged, and move on!

    Let Aiyuz draft his document, let him present it to the Assembly and thence Tribunal..let’s get one that could at least spell out the game rules for 2014 election!...then…then…we legally make changes through Parliamentary amendments , Judicial review through class action etc etc.

    ...but...please...please..pilishi!..what is your blooming name!!

  173. Poo it stinks in here still...shitty semi is in the house, or is it Sami Meo? Mmmm your mum had the answer Sami lol

  174. allow me to explain to rajend naidu how it works. Barack Obama is a President in a universally recognised democracy. He is obliged to obtain consensus on matters of major national importance under the rules of governance in his country.That is the way of a good democratic leader in a rule bound country. Frank Bainimarama on the other hand is a Dictator is a rogue military regime with no rules of governance except the ones he fashions via decrees as he goes along. He does not need to obtain
    consensus. He simply shoves things
    down others throat.The way of the
    dictator in a lawless country.

  175. Semi Meo, you made no sense the first time you posted your statement. Reposting it is just double the nonsense.

    Also, why do make everything so personal, as if this is about you? It isn't. It's about the contemptible nonsense you spout in support of the regime and its phony Roadmap, as well as your spurious "99.99 percent of Fijians". You think just like Frank, that you can presume to speak for us without even seeking our opinions. And like you know better than everyone else, even though you're obviously one of the weakest thinkers on this blog.

    And we don't give a rat's ass about your family lineage and all that. That doesn't impress us in the least.

  176. 99.9% fijians? tukuni me caka na elections qai sonalevu o raibaci

  177. As usual Semi Meo trying to steal limelight from Rear Admiral Commodore Commander Voreqe Josaia Bainimarama.

  178. Jumbo good intel on nadarivatu hydro failure, that's chinese genious for us. The copycat chinks. Keep it coming.

  179. Semi Meo is a mad man. He supports Bocimarama 99.9%, his postings are 99.9% shit, 99.9% of his brain cells are dead, he tells lies 99.9% of the time, and 99.9% chance he will hold on to his job as a toilet cleaner, and he's probably 99.9% Indian.

  180. The Military is right 100%. Ghai had to present a constitution and give to the President. The President will take it throm there.I wonder why Ghai was printing 600 draft copies and whom they were for. No draft constitution should never been circulate. It never happens in NZ, AU, UK, Canada and USA.

  181. Right, Kamlesh Kumar. In NZ, AU, UK, Canada and the USA their armies always burn their draft constitutions. Thank you for another of your brilliant contributions in defence of the regime!

  182. Two Bahraini policemen have been jailed for seven years for beating to death an opposition activist in custody last year (Aljazeera news 31/12, 3.30PM).
    What does the jailing of the law enforcement officers in Bahrain tell us? It tells us beating opposition activists or worse beating them to death is NOT permitted under the rule of law. No matter how opposed law enforcement officers are to any opposition activist they must Not take the law into their own hands and mete out their own brand of jungle justice and punishment. The opposition activist -anywhere in today's world - has the right to due process of the law.
    I thought I should share this just to remind us of the norms of civilised behaviour in modern society.
    Sometimes people in power and people with power like policemen and soldiers forget this norm and conduct themselves as if they are above the law.
    The Bahraini case is a good reminder: Nobody is above the law.

  183. The disclosure of the draft constitution was necessary. The people should know that their submission to the constitution commission was reflected in the draft constitution and not only what the illegal regime dictates. That is what you call transparency not secrecy where the final draft will be done under closed doors. Common who you trying to fool.

  184. Yes, Kamlesh Kumar, the "President" will take it from there. Actually all he will do is pose with Ghai for a handshake before turning the draft over to his minders. He'll later pose again, but this time probably with Nazhat Shameem, as he signs whatever she gives him. It won't matter if it bears little resemblance to the Ghai version. Aiyaz is already having Nazhat Shameem work from Ghai's draft to make a new version more to his and Bainimarama's liking. Nazhat will then tweak it while acting as head of the illegal, and frankly treasonous, "Constituent Assembly" hand-picked by the regime, which will serve as a mere rubberstamp.

    The process bears no resemblance whatsoever to accepted constitutional procedure as practiced, for example, by the democracies you cite. But I suppose you already knew that, even though you claimed the opposite to be true, the liar that you are.

  185. Ghai is a fool, but he's not an idiot. He knew the regime would distort his draft constitution. That's why he took pains to make sure it was published and leaked in various ways. He doesn't want to be pinned with false paternity over someone else's baby, so to speak.

  186. Bahrain's is one of the most repressive, autocratic, and feudal socieities in the world, but it looks like a progressive paragon of the rule of law compared to Bainimarama's New Fiji.

  187. Heee…heee….lol.....lol....oh, I am having a lot of fun in this blog with these faceless and nameless bastards…yep…no name, no honour, no value,…hee…heeee… we giggle when we just imagine how they hiding in a dark internet café blogging…these .01% breed of Fiji Cowards!!

    Only .01% of Fiji Citizens are cowards…the 99.99% of Fiji Citizens are ready for elections!! Whether in 2014 or 2024…we’ll be waiting!

    Let’s be not be worried too much about these faceless and nameless bastards .01%...bastards ‘cause they may be illegitimately conceived , birthed and some one forgot to name them…hello…could some one give them a name, please…or else I’ll give them one each….lol….lol….lol…

    Now that Ghai has left..soon his pet student Aiyuz might follow...watch this column!

  188. 99.99% chance semi's dad is an Indian, hence he's a bastard. Poor man lol

  189. Typical Semi Meo crap ad nauseum. First he asks why one man, Aiyaz, should control our destiny. Then in the next breath he says we should let Aiyaz singlehandedly draft our constitution!

    Is there some way we can get this moron to quit blogging to C4.5? He lowers the quality of the discourse in direct proportion to the number of postings he sends, which are sooo many. Can't he go somewhere else? Anywhere?

    NCB tried to rope him off of C4.5 by simply holding him accountable for his bland assurances regarding what the rest of is know is the coming election farce, but this Meo fellow won't stand by his words or even stick to a principle from one posting to the next. He can't seem to stay on-topic and 's an annoying distraction.

    Seriously, can we bribe this idiot into blogging somewhere else so we don't have to keep reading his rambling diatribes? At least Graham Davis and other coup apologists had a viewpoint and line of reasoning, however skewed. But this Semi Meo bozo is like a schizoid scribbling on a freshly painted wall with two crayons short of a pack.

  190. Kamlesh Kumar, you say that the military is right. Ghai says that the police and military who confiscated and burned the papers were illegally doing so. So, who do I believe?

    I have to believe Ghai who is world renowned for his work as one who has drafted constitutions of several nations. Bainimarama of the military has lied to the people several times. One need not ask what Bai has lied about because there are just too many lies, several told but more untold.

    The papers were shredded and then burned. There were perhaps 800,000 shreds for every citizen of this beloved nation. And then they were burned, everyone of them.

    Kai Cakau.

  191. @ Anonymous 7.15 PM
    further to your comment who to believe : kamlesh kumar or Prof. Yash Ghai on the question of the legality of the confiscation and burning of the draft constitution I would find it helpful to make my mind if I knew who Kamlesh kumar is and what his qualification is. Prof Ghai's credentials are internationally recognised. Who recognises kamlesh kumar's credentials? the RFMF?

  192. The attempts by this illegal regime to silence the voice of the people have been on-going. First, the introduction of the PER, and then the decreeing of various decrees such the media decree etc... . And now the shredding and the burning of the papers, which summarize the opinions of the people of Fiji across the board. If these actions are not about the silencing of the voices of the people of our beloved Fiji, I just do not know what they are all about.

    Kai Cakau.

  193. Anon@6.55pm. I concur with regards to this cyber idiot semi. It appears he's got OCD and coupled with 99.99% dead brain cells, I find it hard to follow his posts. He uses multiple fullstops and laughs at it, how crazy is that!!!! Perhaps the Immigration Dept there should deprt this fella or he will go walkabout in the bush. Maybe that's not a bad idea since there's no Internet in the bush, that way we can get rid of this lunatic polluting this site.

  194. @December 31, 2012 8:31 PM...so how did they treat your OCD?...

  195. Anon..December 31, 2012 6:55 PM...talking "principle"?..the fundamental principle of human interaction is to be identified...you've miserably failed the first test!..

    Oh…I dot and lol as I speak to nameless idiots…not to human faces…thanks, now you got it!

  196. Semi you ignoramus, read the posting @8.31, it's about you and your OCD you lunatic. Geez you're one dumb Ulukau.

  197. @Kamlesh Kumar, looks like you have caught Semi's disease. Syphilis of the brain.

  198. why are the overseas kaidias supporting Frank when locals in the heat of things have think otherwise of this bullying regime? It's time we leave our differences aside and fight against this tyrant.

  199. Kerekere me lauvutu vakababa o Semi ni sa yabaki vou ha ha happy new year vei kemuni na qaqa (dau cara da) ni namuka.


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