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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Second set of police surveillance report claims there was a plan to abduct someone from the Bainimarama family

Alleged burning of police post by VRF
In our follow up report on the surveillance being done on citizens by the regime, we can reveal that the Fiji Police Forces' Intelligence Bureau had reported there were plans to abduct a family member of the illegal Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama.

The information is contained in the second set of Police surveillance report given to Coupfourpointfive.

The people behind the alleged plan were identified by intelligence officers as members of VRF, the Viti Revolutionary Force. Readers may recall the anti-regime graffiti and the burning of a police post earlier this year was the work of VRF. Several people, including Jagath Jarunarathe, a Sri Lankan national, were arrested and are currently charged.

The case is yet to be heard in court and the regime's claim proven.

Intelligence officers claim there was an abduction plan
The latest police surveillance report, however, alleges that "five teams of VRF in place on grounds awaiting instructions to abduct PM or any of his relative after which a negotiation will be called on the several demands to be met. The information rifted from the Narain Jetty on 7th January,2012 in which Apete Vere and Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was present."

Coupfourpointfive can't identify whether the Ratu Epeli mentioned in the report is in fact the illegal President.

We publish here part two of the NIB surveillance report on political parties, unions, NGO's and government agencies, which as readers will see lists the obvious and not so obvious.


  1. fiji will never again be what it used to be : a safe and peaceful country. the coups in general and the bainimarama coup in particular has taken away the innocence of the country. now a different political culture has settled in based on Machiavellian intrigue . there is no abiding respect or regard for the democratic values we inherited from our British colonial rulers. In the new culture human rights abuses will be no big deal. what a shame.The people of fiji deserved better. The leadership let the people down and that includes the leadership that came to "clean up".
    They have made a bad situation worse.

  2. It is less than 24 months to our National Elections in mid 2014…and by gooly, not only the “agent Binods” at Totogo and Delainabua are keeping lists, but lo and behold; all kinda lists a being ‘secretly” maintained else where as well!!

    All respective election campaign directors/girus for the respective Political parties are definitely sweating in “snooping” across the suburbs and Provinces weighing out whether your vote and financial support could be trusted or chucked into probable box and given a bit more massage before entering the election booth.

    Hence, intimate scrutiny of all our socioeconomic behaviour and political leanings. Your address will be retrieved from the electoral role ( and probably googled), summary of the civil list will dug with a tooth pick , your co-employee may be approached to take a peek at your salary, performances and rivalry at work.

    Family connections and parental and maternal bloodline traced, noted and may be used as a crowbar to shift your political allegiance at the opportune time. Provincial, Tikina , Churches and religious allegiances measured, links and allegiances of present military personal throw under the microscope..etc…etc…etc

    In other words….each of us are in a list!!...not a January 2012 list…but a futuristic one…

    ...and those with dark glasses and dark corners compiling this list C4.5 uncovered are themselves in a list!!.

    ..which political party shopping list are you in????

  3. The despot is one man and one scared coward man only.

    The junta is a gang of dozen thugs who are all scared and abuse the security force chain of command.

    The peop of Fiji are 800000 and these junta thugs are a dozen who spying on the people of fiji abusing the millioni of dooalrs of poor tax payers monies for power.

    Who elected these dozen crooks and no school form 4 fail despot???

    Immidiate arrest by 800000 people of fiji of the dozen crooks and the despot by citizen arrest and one way trip to naboro-fair trial arssured.

    People of fiji the 800000 have real power not these dozen spying crooks.

  4. How about Rajesh Singh?

  5. Open the Fiji White Pages and if your business or your name is listed then you are in the regimes list. Each and everyone of us are on the list.

  6. Most of the so called intelligence has been in the public domain for public consumption. So by and large this intelligence report is a waste of time and resources, mere repetition.

  7. Fiji Police Intelligence Unit are full of shit. They spent too much time & energy spying on innocent decent people while Vore & Aiarse are allowed to corrupt & steal right under their nose. What a joke "abduction of Bainimarama family". Bainimarama have been abducting the peoples freedom of speech, Goverment economy & wealth for the 6 years.Get real & spy on the the real thieves and let the peole of Fiji know what they are doing

  8. There has to be more to this peice of shit of a list of names of people under surveilence and the kidnap plan of either the PM or any member of his family.

    C4.5,surely you can do better than this.

  9. Both of the Rt Epelis have been members of the Cookes United grog club with Joka,Kasibulu,Y.Kubuabola,John Sandy and other high profile individuals and NIB knows about it.


  10. May i wished the Prime Minister and his family a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year 2013?
    Same goes to you all wonderful Fijians!!!

  11. Rajesh Singh is on Hit List .

  12. How about Semi Meo?

  13. There is clear evidence the government is monitoring everyone from catholic Womens league to political leaders for the FLP and SDL. Greedy and insecure it wants nothing left to chance.

  14. If only the plot had been successful but then again who wants the blood of piglets on their hands.

  15. 17/12/12 - Meo farted - Monitoring discontinued. Need Breathing apparatus.

  16. @ Anonymous 9.39AM
    you are absolutely right. but don't expect the Fiji Polis Intelligence to spy on the "real thieves' and inform the people. they are like you say "full of shit" doing "simon says" according to what the military thug rulers say!

  17. VRF has to be given a chance to answer what might well be trumped up cases. Not in dispute though is the fact that many Fiji people want rid of the illegal government and have tried to something about it.

  18. Womens rights group raising a banner advocating against violence against women... whilst sponsoring a women's rugby game, which is based on women-on-women violence?

  19. The Fiji Police saved Bainimarama's life today.

    They killed a shit-eating dog.

  20. Sounds like even Semi Meo is having second thoughts about the fairness of the upcoming elections, assuming they're held at all. Maybe that explains why, after a month has passed, he refuses to answer NCB's election challenge.

  21. Nice family photo. was that taken like when the Bainimarama family was heading off to church and Bainimarama heading off to carry out the coup?

  22. Not to abduct but to exterminate.

  23. The govt is doing a good job if it is keeping its intellegence as per the C4.5 report.That's what a govt is supposed to do.Great job.

    Dharam Lingam

  24. The Australian, NZ intelligence services, CIA, FBI you name it do much more than this. This is just reporting and no spying. Those are democratic countries and even do torture to gain information, even killings. Abu Graib, drone killings, special forces killings ring a bell for you guys. That's democracy advocating countries for you.

  25. god protect and bless the poor and the needy during this time of need in our beloved fiji islands.
    my humble prayer for all to god almighty.
    god bless you be strong .

  26. So these aiyazholes are watching us all, eh?

  27. I came across the word Assocition four times in this list hahaha. It goes to show how dumb these assholes are.

    Dharam Lingam used intellegence, so he's just as dumb as these assholes lol.

  28. Anon..December 17, 2012 3:34 PM..

    Like many, yours truly has been asked to assist in a major political entity for the imminent and widely supported Fiji National Elections of 2014.

    Of course, I have my doubts whether all the” itauke” non Fijian Citizens will be able to apply for Fiji Citizenship in time and thence register a a voter when the Fiji Government reps visit us in our Diaspora hide out..uh…respective homes .

    Do not be too worried about the insignificant semi meo’s view of a fair elections…take your queue from who invested millions of dollars in this trusted election process…uh…like the Federal Government of Australia, the home of the HQ of the most vocal Fiji prodemocracy movement!

    May be as a gesture of common courtesy these prodemocracy movements may wish to thank the Australian Government for taking the wise and mature decision to restore full diplomatic relations and pour in more millions for the elections, and trusted in our pathway to democratic governance…

    ..isn’t that what we all were waiting and making a lot of noise for ?.

    .or…some egocentric fantasy trip by pretend patriotic stardom…
    I may meet you on the campaign trail…

    ..please, introduce yourself faceless and namless self as I may show you a how to vote card and probably who to pick as MP…

  29. @ Dharam Phallic Lingum
    here's a suggestion on what you should do. get a framed photo of your new malik Bainimarama (the image on C4.5 would be a good one) .Put it in your prayer place. put some flowers at the base of the photo. then take a lighted incense stick and make that circular motion with it around the photo all the while chanting Bainimarama you are doing a great job. your belief will become real.

  30. the 800000 people of fiji arebeing spyed on by a coward crook and lamu dictator with his dozen thugs junta.

    The junta is very scared.

    the people will march and citizen arrest these thugs-this what they fear.

    Days are numbered.

  31. ICOB...

    How about - monitoring..

    Aiyaz Khaiyum,Nur Bano Ali, Nazhaat Shameem, Lailun Khan, Afzal Khan, Aslam Khan,

    Shaista Shameem - ran away from Fiji realising her biggest blunder made, now showing off in Auckland.
    Fail tale the police...just watch this space, the Aiyaz and his Muslim aunts and company out to destroy Hindus too.

    How about - Arya, Ganesh, John Sami
    John Prasad, Francis Narayan, Robin Nair - Thakur Ranjeet Singh - they fled with tax payers money big time..

    This job is just a bloody waste of time and money...

    Lets go to the election yarr - ASK and Bai one party party, the rest one UNited party for all.

    I bet - another coup.....

  32. Are any of these groups or individuals from first list challenging being put on it???

  33. Why can't we retaliate with a list of our own/ C4.5 what happened to your e Rats Roll and the Goons Gallery. Now some of those names on the Rats Roll are worth repeating including Graham Davis who is now indeed a paid monkey for Qorvis and regime. His true colours were cetainly exposed very early on.

  34. Editor,
    I have been glued to the television to catch any news, interviews and footage of cyclone Evans as it heads towards Fiji after causing massive devastation and deaths in Samoa. I am sure many other Fiji people living in other countries are doing the same.
    Our prayers for the safety of the Fiji people in Fiji are with you as you prepare for this huge cyclone.
    Our prayers include those who castigate us - the Fijians living abroad.
    rajend naidu

  35. the wrath of god is upon the despot and junta of fiji-the cyclone has taken fiji back 10 years the 2006 coupp took fiji 20 years so fiji is doomed.

    there is no reform only crooking by junta of thugs.

    fiji is going backward-all budget of 2013 no money now.

    the despot is a begger now.

  36. to tattifala
    FYI,i do have a photo o Bainimarama in my living room as i have of Mahatma Gandi,Nelson Mandela,Mother Teresa and other great people.I respect these people but you wont understand that.As usual you go to your gutter level thoughts and attack me on personal level but ,hey,that's who you are.
    Long live Bainimarama.

    Dharam Lingam

  37. Anonymous 6:09 conveniently forgets to mention that the harsh actions he cites and attributes to countries that advocate democracy are actions lawfully taken by those countries against illegal combatants from other countries, not against their own law-abiding citizens. I wonder why he doesn't cite the harsh actions taken by non-democratic countries, which are far worse and ARE taken against their own citizens, since that's a closer analogy. The Fijian regime's torture and murder of prisoners is unlawful, and although such acts often occur in tinpot despotisms, they have little precedent in Western countries.

  38. The report should be seen for what it is confirmation Frank wouldn't be where he is if it wasn't for force. The 2006 coup was illegal and so is this government.

  39. @ Dharam Lingum
    The man has the photo of bainimarama alongside Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa in his living room. Clearly the man is not all that well in the head. Please forgive me for misunderstanding and attacking you. I didn't know you were so unwell.

  40. Dharam Lingam rates Vore in the same category as Mandela, Mother Teresa,Ghandi what a joke. To regard a thief (stealing govt money by awarding himself $20,000.00 backpay while civil servants took a pay cut) rapist ( raping 800,000 people of their democratic right) Liar (lying of his reason for the coup to remove corruption, more corruption has been commited by him0 the list goes on .To rate Vore in the same category as those great man & lady is insane.Vore does not have the same dignity, value,charisma, wisdom,intelligence, modesty, honesty. He is a power hungry con man. He should be rated in the same category as Presdent Amini of Uganda,Gadafi, Saddam Hussein. You a insane if you put compare Vore with those great people who serve their people dignity & respect. Perhaps you do not know anything about these great people. Go and read & educate yourself about what they have done

  41. Fiji First leader shanta majaraj of auckland should be on the list too!

  42. to anon that was a unintentional misspelling you dummy Dharam Lingam

  43. Thank you Freedom Fighter our peeps need a reminder, even those of us who are fighting the cause, of the wrongs of this regime. Plenty of evidence around for the Dharam Lingams but they don't want to accept the truth because it takes too much courage and they don't have it.

  44. Frank and co trying to run Fiji as upstanding country but it's all a sham. House of cards will eventually collapse.

  45. @ Anonymous 7.46AM
    Thank you for your rebuttal of that regime lackey who made a pathetic attempt to provide "justification" and "rationalisation" for the dictatorship in Fiji by point to the wrong doings by the State in western democracies. He draws an erroneous analogy just to make excuses for the atrocities and abuses of the military dictatorship. Even at his level of reasoning his argument is fallacious. It attempts to justify a wrong by reference to other wrongs elsewhere.

  46. Dharam Lingam writes: "The govt is doing a good job if it is keeping its intellegence [sic] as per the C4.5 report.That's what a govt is supposed to do.Great job."

    Is THAT what a government is supposed to do -- collect intel against its own citizens? Silly me! I thought it was supposed to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Not peeping on the nursing association.

  47. Who in their right mind will ask a runaway like semi Meo to help out in the elections? Remember Meo has always been supporting Bainiceke but hes too gutless to admit it. By the way semi, why did you run away from Fiji?

  48. Semi Meo, who asked for your election assistance -- the illegal regime, an opposition party begging you to run as somebody elses's candidate, or the gentleman you met in the mall washroom from Stall #2?

    You're right, your views are insignificant. Nobody really cares what you think. And they're so unintelligible, nobody can make hide or hair of them in any case.

    The Australian government putting money into this process doesn't mean that government necessarily thinks the elections will occur. Nor does it indicate Canberra's endorsement of how Bainimarama has been manipulating his regime's (un)constitutional process.

    Nameless Cyber Bully challenged you to agree to stop blogging if the elections don't occur, or don't turn out to be free and fair. i hope you'll agree, because I'm sick of reading your bloviating, as I'm sure many others are, as well. When this regime makes a mockery of elections will be a sad day for Fiji, but your departure from this website will be a consolation.

    Why don't you accept NCB's challenge? If the elections occur and are free and fair, then he'll stop blogging on C4.5. If they don't occur, or turn out to be less than free and fair, then you will quit blogging on this website.

    What do you say? Don't duck NCB for another month before answering this simple challenge.

  49. to tattifala,Freedomfighter(for hs own agenda) and Fiji Loya,
    Seems like you guys were rubbed the wrong way by the current government.Now you guys are against it coz you probably had your way with qarase govt...i will take it as a case of sour grapes.
    well what is sour to a few of you is swet for the rest of the country.

    Long Live Bainimarama (my new slogan)
    Dharam Lingam

  50. Big regime sapo Dharam Lingam has made public that he has the photo of Frank the dictator Bainimarama alongside that of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa in his living room. I wonder if Frankie valentine was embarrassed by this. Did it make him blush?! He gets embarrassed by my comments. That's why I wonder whether he gets embarrassed by rubbish like this? We don't get to hear from him when such shit heads make such comments. He only gets embarrassed by what I say. Strange, isn't it?

  51. @ anon Dec 18 2012 4.01
    It is not a matter of sour grape, it is a matter of distinguishing wrong from right. It is obvious that you do not know the meaning of an illegal government.If a legal government is taken over by the military with the use of force or if the military sodomise you, is that
    right or wrong? Common answer yes or no?

  52. Dharam Lingus,
    you like many others will see what happens when the pendulum swings back and Fiji is reclaimed. What goes around comes around. You should think about that!

  53. @ Anonymous 10.33 AM
    Sorry Dharam Lingus is NOT a thinking man!
    You can't ask him to think. that would be TOO MUCH for him!!

  54. ratou sa taba tu mai na matavuvale butabutako... dou yavu kawa CA..

  55. even fools know that its only good to take something of value?....so why would anyone want to kidnap an idiot piglet from the bainimagana clan.

  56. Yes, by all means, long live Der Fürhrer. Sieg heil!

  57. Dharam Lingam I am simply a citizen who adhere to live by universally accepted moral principles, values and beliefs that dignifies humanity . I am able to distinguish between right and wrong, judge a genuine person from a pretender , able to identify somebody sincere from one who is deceitful ,I support what is legitimate and despise what is unlawful. I can identify a genuine great man like Mandella from a power hungry man like Vore, who cried when he was not voted the most likeable person in Fiji
    I detest your idol Vore for he simply is not genuine in what everything he had done. He lies about his reason for the coup and everything he had done up till now is based on lies. He has lied to 800,000 people of Fiji a thousand times to cover up the first lie. He is not a man enough to admit his guilt. He has no ethics. Perhaps you can reveal how he has rub you the right way???. A you one of those unqualified, incompetent person that has been promoted to hold a position that you do not deserve or qualify for. Vore government is full of them. God Bless Fiji

  58. By all means, Dharam Lingam, long live Der Führer!

    Bula and Sieg heil!

  59. Fresh revelations of Fiji intelligence surveillance promised
    Updated 15 December 2012, 12:17 AEST

    Fresh revalations about the extent of the surveillance of opponents of Fiji's coup installed military government are being promised by an anti-government blog.
    Fresh revalations of Fiji intelligence surveillance promised (Credit: ABC)

    The website Coup Four Point Five this week published a list of 80 Fiji citizens allegedly under surveillance by the National Intelligence Bureau of the Fiji Police Force.

    The Fiji interim government has previously dismissed information published in blogs as unreliable.

    The person who published Coup Four Point Five, whose voice we have electronically disguised at their request, says the fact that they are being passed sensitive internal intelligence documents shows that support for the Fiji regime is not as strong as it wants people to believe.

    The Fiji interim government has declined to respond to the allegations.

    Presenter: Bruce Hill

    Speaker: The anonymous person who published Coup Four Point Five

  60. @ tattifalla...its my prerogative to comment on whatever I want to comment on. Whats your problem little boy? I see you are always the first to comment on this blog for any new topics. Ditto with FijiToday. Why don't you do some real work instead of attacking anyone and everyone? Start you own blog and see how many people read it. Maybe just you and Shanaynay. Dharam Lingam...don't bother engaging little Tatti in any form of exchange, he is a racist who hates kailomas and other races. He is the type of animal Frank B is trying to cure Fiji of. tatti is a attention seeking boastful little boy trying to act smart by insulting everyone...a real deep thinker indeed. Calls himself a Socratic thinker... yeah right. I guess if his mother thought he deserved a name like Tatti, what should the rest of us think? I rest my case.

  61. @tatti.. why would I be embarassed with your comments? You have mistaken me for someone else who may actually care. You do a good job as it is embarassing yourself. Boy you are fooling yourself here revelling in your newfound status as a superstar blogger attacking all and accusing anyone who disagrees with you as a coup sympathiser. Grow up little boy, quickly now. the world hardly revolves around you. Yeah no, i am not embarassed by your comments. How you made that connection is beyond me. More attention seeking from the little man. I guess you spend virtually the whole day on blogs and no useful contribution of meaningful work. Grandma's pension must take a beating. Semi Meo has been brave enough to use his real name and photo. how about you come out of the shadows coward and do the same. Or are you gonna use the excuse that the army may come around to visit with gifts of fists. Easy i guess to boast and be arrogant. You attack Kenneth Zinck for his former role as a Minister. at least he stood for something and suffered for it. And you, a simple coward hiding behind an anonymous name or is that your real name? Either way, its suits you very much so.

  62. One who spews rubbish has obviously being ass banged by Bainimarama as he did with Dharam Lingam!

  63. This police report has also revealed that there may be plans for the other important personalities to be abducted.A nice effort.Surveillance equipment

  64. With all the crimes and things like these happening around, once can't help but feel unsecured. This is primary the reason why I had security systems installed in our house so we can feel safe.


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