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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The bad taste pics from the copter jaunt for Fiji cyclone


Is the cyclone a matter of mirth? Judging from these pics some in the regime hierarchy either don't know it's wrong to be seen to laughing it up when the nation has been devastated by a cyclone five category or don't care. 

These are the official photographs MINFO is using to promote the helicopter assessments made yesterday of the damage. 

Anyone following the regional coverage, especially that of New Zealand, would've thought it was serious time for Fiji, with reports citing the helicopter fly-overs as part of the official air and ground assessments.

Yet judging from these pics of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Sharon Smith Johns, it was a fun jaunt or chance to play up for a glam Facebook photo.

Nadi and Suva have both been hard hit  by the cyclone and some eight thousand people across Fiji had to spend the night in evacuation centres in the past two nights.

As with other floods, both New Zealand and Australia have stepped in to help, pledging several million dollars between them. 

And as with the last flooding earlier in the year, no sign of RFMF despite a MINFO report that 530 soldiers are out helping with the clean up. 

Inmates have however already been on the streets at work.


  1. I found nothing wrong with the smiling photo of khaiyum and sharon. it's who they are - big beneficiaries of the coup. they are about promoting THEIR image (so the smiling faces). They are not about the plight of the people of fiji are they? Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Well..Ms Jones may have been commenting on Mr. Aizuz smartness not to wear the adorable ‘sulu vakataga” considering the distance from the ground to the chopper floor they gazing at!! But, again, what’s unethical about having a light moment in the midst of disaster?

    Cheery smiles from our leaders are soothing therapeutic necessity!!...good ‘evans, we’re still human!

  3. Rau vicai ga!!!! bunch of useless pricks

  4. Dua la e samuraka i gusui Khaiyum e dua na i koba

  5. Bluddy kaivolos sucking the blood out of Fiji

  6. sa levu ga na i vakamacala nei Bainimarama kei na boci o Seruiratu, keimami waraka tiko na lewenivanua ka vakaleqai ena ualuvu me kau mai na kakana..
    dou kaya ga vakadodonu ni sa sega na i lavo

    sa dodoliga mai qori o Ositerelia kei Niusiladi... se waraka na Vore na nodra assesment report na i vakalesilesi vakamatanitu

    Bainimarama na nomu matanitu, sa laurai ga kina na BOIDADA

  7. Shame on them Laughing and fiji people suffering.
    god is watching you will pay for your sins/treason.

  8. Bainivuaka, keimami sega ni via raica na matamu e na yasayasa vakara, kauta ga mai na kakana ni veivuke ni keimami sa vakaleqai tu qo.

    Drau veitauri kau mada kei Khaiyum, ka vakatotolo taka mai na veivuke

  9. Can't you native Fijians say anything intelligent instead of a never-ending personal attack at your own kind????? No wonder you're such confused people.

  10. Guys ,,,Guys ...take it easy! What else would you expect from this leeches - they are doing what they were told to do . Hire a chopper, & enjoy the view, compliments of our taxpayers!!

  11. Australia and New Zealand contribute flood money and they contribute election money. That doesn't necessarily mean they endorse either the flooding or the way the elections are being managed.

  12. wow! more evidence of the "positive" kind of people running the country. looking gleeful and happy (with themselves no doubt) when the people have been hit by a cyclone and are hurting. at least they are alright (I'm Ok jack!)and even get a chopper ride to strut about. that's the more important thing,right? not the feeling of the people and their hardship. why bother yourselves unnecessarily about that. just a few token gestures here and there and a chopper ride and then back to their own privileged livestyle at public expense...

  13. Disgusting absolutely disgusting they need to be on the ground not in the air.
    Bafoons both of them

  14. eveyrthing's a gimmick in fiji, and these kaivolos use our beloved country as a playground to frolic.

  15. the happy smiling faces of kaiyum and sharon reminds of little children oblivious to a tragic situation . but of course these two regime parasites are far from having the innocence of a child with a clear conscience.

  16. So how come the majority of people around me that suffered and are still suffering have also been smiling throughout.

    Get yourselves a life critics and be 'Fijian'.

    Or do you want to ban smiling so everyone is as miserable and sad as you critics.

  17. Unbelievable, Semi licking Aiyaz' arse and balls, pathetic.

  18. this lot all show and qorvis spin. nz and australia doing the real work and providing the funding

  19. The real officials get to go by car nut these pretenders have the luxury trip. This way they can fudge the stats to their advanhtage.

  20. @ Mark "foreigner" Manning…again, as always, you’re wrong!!..unless you’re a itaukei, the “suluvakataga” joke is still foreign to you…but it’s ok..you could still hand around with us Fiji Citizen as we rebuild our nation....

    …you are a man with many talents … but, please, keep your Aussie tongue tricks to yourself..and do not forgot your Listerine or antibacterial .

    …but..may be I’ll give you brown shoe polish to assist in your poor attempt to be one of us Fijian patriots…

    ..you’re no better than you soul mate Aiyaz attempts to be a itaukei!..you,like him...never will..never can be!

  21. They're going to assess, not how much damage has been caused but how much "pingas" they can swindle out of international agencies by overinflating their "assessment figures".
    For F@#k sake, prioritise. Get people, medical aid, potable water, clothing, food, tents, blankets etc on the ground first. Or I they leaving all that to The Red Cross. Bunch of conniving, heartless bitch bastards.
    That includes Semi Meo, the blerry greaseball.

  22. While flying over devastated Fiji, Aiyarse looks down and says "Isa, look at those poor, hardworking Fijians on the ground, I think I'll throw out one hundred dollars and make a hundred of them happy!" To which Shazzer replies "Yes, and I might throw out $50 bucks and make 50 of them happy too!" To which the Chopper Pilot replies " Why don't you both throw yourselves out and make all of them happy?!!

  23. On Fiji Min of Info FB page, Baini is assuring residents in Lovu that help is on it's way.
    Of course it's on it's way dickhead.....from Aust and NZ. Kua na via lai claim tiko.

  24. Constitution Commission will hand over the draft to President on Friday now.
    Col Tikoitonga said army will be custodian beyond 2014 Election.
    So army will control the govt or sign of coup and military rule for 20 years.
    So why waste time on people Constitution and Submission?
    Frank and Army will rule bec too scared to end in jail.

  25. @Anonymous 11.14PM
    ah! the "Don't Worry Be Happy" brigade. pretend the cyclone hasn't brought human suffering and misery. pretend the coup didn't happen and everything is "normal" in Fiji. pretend Fiji is not under a military dictatorship and that "the majority of people's" democratic freedoms and human rights are being violated. yeah just keep smiling and keep the grog flowing!! Another regime lackey with his "profound philosophy" bullshit!!!

  26. An unnecessary money wasting copter ride. Funds could have been directed to purchase building materials, developing building plans to be used by villages so that village housing will be cyclone proof in the future. Another PR exercise, what a sham!! WHat a circus!! Isa ko Viti!

  27. Who is the red head bloke with khaiyum? Wonder if he got the pearly neckless from khaiyum?

  28. Just looked MINFO Facebook account and see pictures taken by khaiyum during his arial fly over central division. Looking at time stamp on the pic he was flying for 1 hr and it would seem they never went down to speak with anyone in need. Just another joy ride for the parasites.

  29. No wonder Sharon is smiling. Where she came from, she did not get any VIP chopper rides, nor did anyone listen to the nonsense she produced.

  30. No wonder Sharon is smiling. Where she came from, she did not get any VIP chopper rides, nor did anyone listen to the nonsense she produced.

  31. bahut bad taste yaar!! just like when kokoda gone off slightly!!
    both bad taste and bad smell! next time you see these two see if you can detect the smell.

  32. bahut bad taste yaar!! just like when kokoda gone off slightly!!
    both bad taste and bad smell! next time you see these two see if you can detect the smell.

  33. @ Anonymous 8.55AM
    thank you for sharing that. the other thing I noticed when these representatives of "the peoples government " of Bainimarama were flying OVER the people to " be with them " during their time of need , the people were cheering for them and waving like mad from outside their destroyed homes and teitei. I noticed the regime harlot Nabua Prince cheering the loudest from the muddy ground. I couldn't make out the other regime bajarus.

  34. They are on the chopper to assess from an Ariel perspective and to access areas that are inaccessible by road you stupid people.dont judge a picture a book by its cover gees some people are so sensitive omg

  35. Criticism of the regime is un-Fijian. But its treason, murder, torture, arson, mayhem, theft, etc. apparently are not.

  36. I'll bet the helo trip wasn't even paid for out of the PM's Emergency Flood Fund. That's because it's a slush fund. That's why it goes unaudited, like everything this government does. No accountability whatsoever. Even the Chinese stopped donating to this fund and started giving to the Red Cross instead.

    But who am I to criticise Bainimarama's gulag archipelago? Never mind that our democratically-elected multi-party government has been overthrown by a pack of no-school, thuggish traitors. Never mind that they've stripped us of our human and political rights. Never mind that they're plundering the treasury and our retirement fund, destroying the economy, and dragging Fiji's reputation through the mud.

    Forget all that. Criticism is 'un-Fijian'. The important thing for rape victims is just to remember to keep smiling.

  37. The picture says it all..........a professional hair dresser and a librarian enjoying VIP treatment. Never would one day they dreamt they will be flying over suffering fijians, as they scavenged for food and tirelessly trying to put their lives back together. Of course the rides are compliments of NZ & Aus Funding.

  38. During past emergencies when there was an elected government,how many Prime Ministers were seen on the ground with the people.Can anyone highlight please.FB has been on the ground meeting people from the disaster zone.Its not only this time around but previously as well.To this bloggers can you also please print some positives of this regime.Also where the champions of people these days on the likes of Chaudhary,SDL members,Felix Anthony,Daniel Urai,Attar Singh and the list goes.Sre they busy writing out a theseis on what the current has missed out during the disaster.If you are so concerned about Fiji and its people than please move your ass and go on the ground and provide assisatnce to the people of the affected areas.Volunteer yourselves to the regime and say "yes we are here to help and together we can do it".And to the bloggers rather than displaying photographs of SK and SJ go and look for your so called champions of democracy.We need them now.Or are the bloggers of this website another set of hyna's in sheep clothing.If you care about Fiji and its people than this is the time to act.Get hold of these advocates of democracy and ask them to go on the ground and assist FB with the relief work.Otherwise shut your trap.Any takers!!!!

  39. @ Anonymous 8.43 AM
    who is the red head bloke with kaiyum?
    looks like some kailoma from kasavu!!

  40. Fat Pig of the Year Awards:

    1) Frank Bainivuaka
    2) Aiyarse Said Khaput
    3) Sharon- Smith n' Jones
    4) Elizabeth Jowly Powelly

    For their outstanding contributions to their girths while most of Fiji's population go hungry. Kana vakalevu Vuaka, you're days are numbered!

  41. Fiji is cursed-3 cyclones in 2012 preapre for 4 next year....

    You build things up it will collapse like a pack of cards.....in your face...the circus will continue until U all humble yourselves & give the leadership of the country back to the people..

    The Fijian people are deeply hurt-those who really love their country not the wannabees... We will watch and continue to pray that the country is led by those who are genuine, loyal to the bone...IF IT TARRIES..HE SAYS WAIT & WATCH.

  42. UniFiji Sex ScandalDecember 20, 2012 at 8:11 PM

    UniFiji Sex Scandal

    on second thoughts do not publish the scandal --- we do not want another suicide on our hands.

  43. Ok Fiji, lets be sad and miserable because we got hit by a cyclone...Hellloooo you dumb pricks this is not Fiji's first cyclone nor will it be the last...you know the drill...batten down and be ready, you snooze you lose...this was one strong cyclone but you know what? Nobody died. The material things can be replaced. Smile and enjoy the beautiful weather while rebuilding..All you negative commenting faggots who weren't here...Shut you trap unless you willing to come home and help out..

  44. Khaiyum says: "Ohh, Sharon shall we use some of the taxpayers money and fly around fiji and look at the aftermath of the cyclone??? instead of using that taxpayers money on helping those severely affected."

    Sharon says: "Yes why not? Our evil leader Bainivuaka would'nt
    mind us doing that because he is corrupt anyway and does'nt care about those affected in this cylcone."

    Khaiyum says: " I love abusing taxpayers money, the people of fiji loves our Illegal Evil Corrupt Government. LONG LIVE THE EVIL DICTATOR OF FIJI BAINIVUAKA."

  45. @ Semi
    good, at last we agree on something.

  46. Smith is a ugly mama ,the thieving is showing on the pls go back to your convict colony

  47. Levu ga na gusu kei na sona vei kemuni na tamata dau kakase va buinigone ni vosa tiko qo.

  48. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ok Fiji, lets be sad and miserable because we got hit by a cyclone...Hellloooo this is not Fiji's first cyclone nor will it be the last...you know the drill...batten down and be ready, you snooze you lose...this was one strong cyclone but you know what? Nobody died. The material things can be replaced. Smile and enjoy the beautiful weather while rebuilding..All you negative commentators who weren't here...Shut you trap unless you willing to come home and help out.. -comment edited

  49. Reading between the linesDecember 21, 2012 at 9:11 AM

    Ity will be good to get regime's spending on the cyclone apart from the fancy air jaunt.

    From what I can see most of the support coming from NZ and Aust.

    AFTER giving $731,841.11 to Fiji as flood relief aid on Wednesday, the New Zealand government provided an additional $2.9 million for recovery works in the country yesterday.

    The announcement was made by Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully.

    Mr McCully said the situation was severe as Fiji was still recovering from January's floods and many response agencies would not have fully replenished their supplies.

    "New Zealand's funding will be provided to the Fiji Red Cross, and other non-government agencies well positioned to respond. New Zealand always stands ready to help the people of Fiji when disaster strikes," he said in a statement. "We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will consider further support based on the needs of relief agencies who are working with flood-affected communities," Mr McCully said.

    Fiji's Ministry of Provincial Development and Disaster Management permanent secretary, Filipe Alifereti said the Fijian government was grateful to its New Zealand counterparts for their assistance during Fiji's time of need. There were no specifics on how this funding would be allocated, but allocation for assistance would target priority areas.

  50. Ok lets not forget the help of the Australians even though both Bob Carr and Murray McCully have both been hoodwinked.

    Australia Announces Humanitarian Aid to Fiji

    Relief Supplies t Arrive Today
    19 December 2012

    The Australian Government has announced a A$1 million (F$1.85million) aid package to assist Fiji’s response to Cyclone Evan.

    The Australian High Commission in Suva is working with the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) on the details of this assistance.

    The Australian assistance will include a shipment of relief supplies which should arrive in Fiji today.

    The relief supplies will include a range of water containers, blankets, tarpaulins, family hygiene kits and shelter kits.

    Australian funding is earmarked for restocking humanitarian relief supplies that are being mobilised for key organisations assisting in the response.

    The aid package also includes A$100,000 (F$185,700) for use by the Fiji government for use in damage assessments and evacuations.


    Media Alert: West-based reporters may wish to check with Nadi Airport officials to confirm arrival time this afternoon of the Australian C-17 aircraft carrying supplies. Also on the ground in Nadi are the Acting Australian High Commissioner, Mr Glenn Miles and AusAID’s Minister-Counsellor, Mr John Davidson.

  51. C4.5 A lot of people getting a laugh out of the FBC story about RFMF's role in the cyclone clean up. Riyaz's team published a photo that belonged to Mike Field from 2006 coup I guess making out thisa the real army preparing to get to to work when in actual fact it picture of Frank's son and co ready to do Qarase in. Funnier that the picture has since been taken down. Talk about a spin gone wrong. The now got pix of windswept coconut trees.

    Fiji News
    Armed Forces ready to assist in Cyclone Evan

    10:00 Sun Dec 16, 2012

    Taken from/By:
    Report by: Mika Loga

    The police and military have called on service men and women to be prepared for deployment as cyclone Evan moves closer to the Fiji group this morning.

    Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga says they’ve been briefed by DISMAC Officials on the expected arrival and strength of Cyclone Evan.

    He says the military is now ready for deployment in all parts of the country to help in search and rescue operations.

    Police Commissioner Brigadier Ioane Naivalurua has stressed the need for all Fijians to refrain from unnecessary travel and activities.

    Police will do all they can to make sure that the public is safe during this disaster period.

  52. expect more of god wroth to come on the wicked rulers.
    feel sorry for the poor and needy.

  53. The Director DISMAC is now a Lt Col.......what the fark happened to all the civil servants???

    These unqualifieds are stealing jobs etc etc ,,,,,,,sa qai laurai ni coup ga ni vaqarai lavo kei nai tutu a caka qo,,,,
    tamata kocokoco kana loto ra sona lelevu

  54. @ Anonymous 9.59AM
    Don't Worry Be happy. The "civilianisation" of govt positions will happen after the new constitution is put in place and an election takes place to return the country to democratic rule - atleast that's what the australian Foreign minister Bob carr believes.Meantime the military rules and military personnel are taking over top civil service posts. No military personnel will benefit from this coup we were told remember? How can we forget? So many lies!!

  55. Truncated Lounge strikes again!

    Darling Grubby,

    You were very wise to weather the storm in Sydney. It’s much easier to cope with a natural disaster watching it on TV with a remote in one hand and a Goblet of red in the other. Actually the TV news coverage was very poor. About the best it got was people posting pictures of bending palm trees shot with their i Phones. Due to the risk analysis you did on the Ministry of Information, I was not allowed to send any of my staff out to get some good pictures.

    Still they made up for it on Tuesday with some great shots of me and the True Leader, Aiyarse, as we did a damage assessment tour. He called me that morning, a bit too early if you ask me, to invite me on the trip. He told me there was a spare seat as the Glorious Leader, Frankly Bananas, was too scared to fly in a helicopter. (I don’t believe the courageous commodore is scared of anything. He probably does not like helicopters because they do not have 1st Class seats and Blue Label whiskey on tap) I of course said yes. I was really pleased it was sunny because I needed to wear my really big sunglasses. I was not looking my best because I had a bit of a session on Monday. I worked really hard on Sunday and made some pre-recorded messages urging everyone to get ready for the cyclone and then get ready for a storm surge. No one was in the office on Monday so I just went home and got stuck in. I had ordered an expensive mixed case of red wine from Victorias Secret, No I mean Victoria Wine. You will be able to open your Victorias Secret Stocking when we meet over Christmas. Anyway I put up the hurricane shutters, closed the blinds and started with a nice light Pinot Noir. As the day wore on and it got darker and windier I moved to a meaty Cab Sav and then finished off with a pretty heavy Shiraz. I was so pooped by the end I thought I was saying Shiraz but my daughter gave me a funny look and asked “Why are you saying that’s a really heavy Shazzer?”

  56. Sorry this letter keeps meandering. I think I am still hung over from all that wine. I managed to drive to the camp where Aiyarse and I got on the chopper. We flew to the Mamanucas to assess the damage on the resorts. Some Captain in the engineers asked me what qualifications I had to make damage assessments. I gave him my killer look and stalked off. Made a phone call to my BFF Colonel Thickoitoga and before we had left Suva air space the impudent officer had his epaulets ripped off and was back in the ranks.

    We had a look at a few resorts and villages on the islands. It was very helpful because Aiyarse and I were wondering where to spend Christmas. We decided on Mana Island because that had the least damage to the presidential suite. That’s why everyone is smiling in this picture because they are so excited we will be back for Christmas. I felt like the First Lady I can tell you. Everywhere we went there were crowds of smiling faces to greet us as we stepped off the helicopter. The smiles soon disappeared though as they realized all we had brought was a camera crew and no essential supplies.

  57. One rude and sullen native even had the gall to ask me what was the point of coming, if we were only taking pictures. I told him it was important for people back in Suva to see how the people were coping with the disaster. I asked him to smile at the camera to show courage in the face of adversity. He said “Magaitinana luveni kawa ni butabutako” and then told me to F*** off from his island and never come back. I was upset and in tears and I asked the manager of the resort to sack him. The manager groveled suitably and said he could not as that man was the chief from the local village and his land owner. The sooner Aiyarse has his way and takes all the land from the natives the better for all us Frankly Bananas supporters. By the way I think I have spotted the perfect secluded bay for our secret love nest and if you agree I am sure I will have freehold title before the New Year.

    I have to say your flowery contribution to the military submission to the Constitutional Commission was markedly different from the normal concise military style. I thought your introduction was fantastic. “There is a sigh of happiness and a stream of sorrow amongst us as we recall the sacrifices made by numerous Fijians and members of the Armed Forces in their endeavors to achieve this milestone. Lives were sacrificed by our brothers and sisters at arms in an effort to steer Fiji on a new course, to happy and prosperous times, towards a better Fiji.” Grubby, only you could have made all those butch soldiers sound so gay.

    Talking of gay soldiers Major Ben NeverLeaveHereAlive, the torturer in chief, has asked for some new equipment. He wants to fix a dildo to his rifle instead of a bayonet. He says it is better for when he wants to anally abuse prisoners. The commodore has given him the OK and a crack team of POOFTAs (Purchasing Officers Only Field Trip - Asia) are prancing their way to the red light district of Seoul to test the most suitable models for size.

    Did you hear about Ana Takeaway at the Style Fiji Fashion Show in Nadi. I know you know who she is because you are always staring at her with your tongue hanging out whenever she walks by on her sexy little heels. She works for Her Royal Highness Madam Nazihat Von Shameonme. She was either very drunk or was making a political statement, I am not sure which. She went to the smartest table and sat on RearArse Khaiyum’s lap (I feel sorry for the boy, what parent gives a child a tautological first name). She lolled around in a very drunken manner and he being the gentleman he is not gave her a great big shove on the backside. She fell on to Aunty Nur and in a bid to stop herself falling to ground, she grabbed Auntie’s pearl necklace. It could not take the strain, broke and the pearls went everywhere. What’s that saying about casting pearls before swine.

    As I said she was either very drunk or making a very pointed political statement. We all know what Muslims think of swine.

    I hear that when she reported for work to Nazihat’s bunker, The Legal’s Nest, she was in big trouble. As punishment she was made to run around Albert Park in her stilettos and do 50 star jumps opposite the courts. It was quite a distraction for most of the judiciary but Queen Antonia, the CJ, did not rise.

  58. Aunty Nur is very generously leading the donations to the PM’s Cyclone Appeal. As you know she got the exclusive contract for money laundering for the regime. Her normal fee is 25% of whatever she sends overseas to the tax havens. She will donate 5% of her December commissions on transfers to overseas bank accounts in Switzerland, Caymans and Vanuatu. That’s big money because all the officers and ministers are busy transferring their Christmas bonuses at the moment. I also hear both the glorious Leader and the True leader will each donate 1 of their ministerial salaries for the month of December. That means they will only have another 12 to buy their Chrissie Prezzies. By the way what do you think would be a suitable donation by us? I was thinking instead of giving cash you could do an inspirational lecture tour around the evacuation centers. You could give that really interesting talk on how a Fiji boy won a Logie

    Grubby I need you to come in and give some media training to the military. The Land Force Commander Thickoitoga really lived up to his reputation for stupidity on Radio Australia. He came up with the following statement. “The role of the military, certainly, is to make sure that the country is ahhh, ummm….that we have a country.” I am sure I heard Bruce Hill sniggering in the background after he said that.

    It may be a sex thing but the boys in green don’t really listen to me and I think if you give them some training with your deep BBC World Service voice they might take notice.

    Hugs and Kisses


    This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. However, some of the people and events mentioned are real.

    Mana Island survived Hurricane Evan but will it survive Shazzer and Grubby’s drunken Christmas Celebrations?

    The Ministry of Information has put in a request for a helicopter in this year’s budget. It is the only way to travel unless you are an easily scared paranoid dictator.

  59. @ Pacific in the Media
    you sure the smiles did not disappear as swiftly as they appeared when the crowds of smiling faces recognised the two regime parasites disembarking?!!

  60. Aiyaz and Sharon can't help but smile -- they find each other such scintillating company!

  61. This new blog format doesn't work well. Preferred the last one.

  62. No matter what, Fijians response to Evan is proof that the Military is the best organiser in times of tragedy. Way to go!

  63. Wow, Khaiyum is packing on the weight! The Squealer is really starting to look the part.

  64. @ Anonymous 7.49PM
    The Fijian Military is the best organiser - of coups - in Fiji . that is the greatest tragedy in Fiji.
    All the military in every country is called upon to assist during major natural disasters. The fijian military's role in this regard is nothing special - although you want to make out it is. What is special about the fijian military is that it has had a hand in every coup in the country. No matter what praise you pile on the Fijian military you can't cover up the dirty part it has played in sodomising democracy in fiji and straying from its professional constitutional role.
    Today the Fijian Military has imposed a Military Dictatorship on the people of Fiji. You want to talk about that?

  65. Canberra's South Pacific proxy militia

    Fiji-Australia Defence Co-operation (DC) Talks

    Defence Cooperation Program (DCP) talks between Australia and Fiji were held at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Nabua, on Wednesday 18 June 2003.

    The talks were opened jointly by the Commander RFMF, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, and the Acting Australian High Commissioner, Mr Richard Ryan. Both noted the traditionally close ties between Fiji and Australia and marked their satisfaction in the return in January this year of the four Australian Defence Force advisers whose positions were withdrawn following the events of May 2000. Australia now has a total of seven Military Adviser positions in Fiji.

    The Fiji and Australian delegations, led respectively by Commodore Bainimarama and Ms Carla Day, Director Pacific, Strategic and International Policy Division in Canberra, undertook to cooperate on a range of programs to the mutual benefit of both nations and noted that many challenges still lay ahead.

    At the conclusion of the Talks Australia agreed to provide financial assistance and a consultant to Fiji in the conduct of its Defence Review.

    Australia also confirmed that F$600,000 has been allocated under infrastructure support to the upgrade of armouries, and kitchen and ablution facilities at various Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) establishments. This is part of a long term Masterplan for the upgrade and support of development of facilities for the RFMF.

    A key element of the Defence Cooperation Program is the Pacific Patrol Boat Program. Australia will continue to provide assistance to the Fiji Navy to maintain and operate the three Australian-built and provided patrol boats, RFNS Kula, Kikau and Kiro. Australia has also offered to support the conduct of a multinational maritime surveillance exercise involving Fiji and neighbouring countries in the next year.

    Australia will also sponsor a week long regional Peacekeeping Seminar and a Humanitarian Assistance Exercise (involving RFMF, police and government representatives) in Fiji later this year.

    In addition, RFMF members will continue to have numerous training opportunities with the Australian Defence Force and civilian educational institutions both in Australia and locally in Fiji.

    Also, exchanges of personnel will continue next year with two RFMF officers posted full time to the Australian Army training establishments in Queensland. And three senior officers are currently undergoing one year command and staff training at the Australian Defence College in Canberra whilst four Fiji cadets under training at the Australian Royal Military College in Duntroon will be joined by two new cadets in July. Two of these cadets are due to graduate in December 2003.

  66. isa the salulu maga sharon smith-johns and kuntyum lapping it up while fiji suffers. the ride was all for show because they wont help the people. and that fat ass elizabeth powell, the con-artist know it all lesbian. the three of them show how stupid bainimagana is to have them as advises to his illegal govt.

  67. Fiji's military is the best organiser OF times of tragedy.

  68. RFMF officer corp taught well at Duntroon.

  69. Semi you're full of shit and yes we knew all along that you're one asslicker. Don't forget to answer that question moron.

  70. One thing for the certain with the PS. She has got style! NOT!!

  71. Anon 22, 837 So should they, that is what they are paid to do, train, train, train

    Anon 23, 909. What FJ see is arrogance and ignorance, definitely not Duntroon ethos

  72. dodonu mo ni madua na kaiviti o ni dabe tiko waraka tiko na matanitu me vakani iko.sega ni solia mai na matanitu na cagilaba.nomu matavuvale nomu leqa matanitu qai veivuke ga.dodonu moni madua na levu ni vucesa kei sega ni mamaroroi ena vuku ni leqa tubukoso.always hav back-up plan for the family.sa rauta mada na dusi da vosavosa tiko vaka na buinigone da cakacaka mada...

  73. These pictures are from the aerial assessment flight over the coral coast and the mananucas, there were other aircraft tasked for yasawa, viti levu and vanua levu. All aircraft had camera crew and DISMAC personnel. On this flight the AG and PS/INFO also took the flight to get first hand information. Whilst it is easy for those of you to make comments whilst sitting in your arm chairs, it is nice to see our leaders support and join the effort. For those of you who remember the past governments, the difference now is that we get the people who manage the DISMAC operations up in the air before the politicians. A feat I find excellent and this shows through the way operations are managed and deployments organised. Please direct your sarcastic comments to other stories. This one is clearly for the people with the people. All politics left aside. Vinaka

  74. lol!!....Helicopter Ride for a piece of White-Trash!!!!.......Look at that smile!!

    You've just won the lotto Bitch.

  75. @ Sodomite of December 24, 2012 10:46 AM...phew!...you must be using a lot of listerine to clean you mouth..given your expetise in "oral" stupidity!!

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  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Oh...and us the 99.99% Fiji Citizens believe Ms Sharon Johns, who is someones daughter and sister is doing a might good job as PS Information!

    Cowards who proface her are probably envious of her proffesional ability!

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