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Saturday, August 11, 2012

43 staff complaints made against Fiji chief registrar

Judiciary sources say the chief registrar, Ganga Arachchi, has been suspended by the Public Service Commission over racist comments against i-Taukei staff members who work at the Court complex at government buildings.
Arachni is accused of saying “Fijians are like monkeys” on a number of occasions, including at a cocktail at USP, at a morning tea break at the Holiday Inn and at a dinner party hosted by a local car rental owner from whom judicial department exclusively hires rental cars.

An official complaint was lodged with the Human Rights Commission as well as with the office of the illegal Prime Minister’s office. 
Frank Bainimarama's office referred the matter to the Public Service Commission and Arachchi was suspended Tuesday this week, pending investigations. 
Our informants have also told us that at present there are 43 written complaints against Arachchi by judicial officers – all of whom have signed off in their letters of complaint against her.
Previously, the officers used to submit anonymous letters of complaint to the illegal Chief Justice but no action was ever taken.  
The letters of complaint were instead given to Arachchi who confronted judicial department staff at a staff meeting about two weeks ago and issued the following challenge: If you want to complain about me don’t sent anonymous letters – put your name to these letters, you cowards.”
Taking up the challenge, staff members wrote at least 43 letters and widely circulated them Frank Bainimarama, the illegal attorney general, PSC and the Law Society. 

SDL to front regarding the Naivalu submission

Nothing like the whiff of racism and homophobia to get people stirring the pot again but given Fiji's complicated history, it is not surprising.
A submission was made to the Constitution Commission this week on behalf of the SDL Party, by Solomon Naivalu and others.
That submission calls for: 
1) Fiji to be declared a Christian state
2) Fiji be the official language of the country
3) i-taukei to be known only as Fijian
4) References to sexual orientation removed from human rights laws.

Coupfourpointfive understands despite this presentation to the Yash Ghai team, the SDL Party has not yet made an official submission.
More to come.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Police complaint against Bainimarama not so easy to bury

Felix Anthony
While the regime is trying to spin doctor its way out of the police complaint against Frank Bainimarama, support from Amnesty International shows not everyone's taken in.

MINFO's Sharon Smith Johns is calling on the general secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, Felix Anthony, to produce a medical report if he really was bashed by soldiers.

Anthony last month finally lodged a complaint with Fiji police about the beating, and also being threatened by the country's self-appointed prime minister.

Also beaten in 2011: Sam Speight
Bloggers will recall from coverage at the time that Anthony was punched and kicked, last February and suffered a damaged eardrum and bruising.

Military thugs
QEB Goons
Anthony was picked up on two occasions by military thugs  in 2011. The first time he was threatened with death and told his family would suffer the same fate. The second time (in April), he was beaten and tortured.

On this second occasion he was first sworn at and then threatened to be killed by none other than Bainimarama. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Senior officers question why 55 year old still on pay roll

Narayan 55 but still in the job.
Inconsistency in the police revealed: one of Iowane Naivalurua's assistant commissioner's is 55 and still working - despite the decree that says he should retire.

Naivalurua still has him on payroll.
Ravi Narayan turned the magic age in June and senior officers are asking why he continues to work at Police headquarters as chief of staff.

Bloggers will recall the retirement age in the civil service was set at 55 in 2009, the regime dropping it down from 60.

Police officers who reached 55 have all been duly retired by the Police Commissioner so there's a lot of talk about Narayan continuing to be on the police pay roll.

Narayan is one of six assistant commissioners and is very close to Naivalurua.

It was on his advice that Naivalurua sent four very senior officers, including chief operating officer ACP Henry Brown (he was also caught having an affair with CO 3fir wife and was sent on leave on orders from up top), on six months leave in March.

Narayan turned 55 two months ago and was supposed to go on pre-retirement leave by April 2012, but he intelligently maneuvered Naivalurua into a one year contract until 2013.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Qarase's sentencing judge asks for police protection

Qarase at court last week.

Dakuidreketi. pic fiji times
The Suva High Court judge that handed down a prison sentence of one year to Fiji's last democratically elected prime minister has been given fulltime police protection.
Justice Priyantha Fernando requested a protection detail for himself, telling police he would need it until he felt secure. 
As of today, an intelligence officer from the Southern Intelligence Bureau has been assigned to stay with the Sri Lankan judge  whenever he is in public. A police officer is also now based at his Nailuva Road house. 
Fernando sentenced 71 year old Laisenia Qarase to a year's imprisonment last Friday, upholding a guilty verdict on nine corruption related charges by three assessors.
The SDL leader who denied the charges is, meanwhile, returning to the High court this Wednesday for another case. 
Qarase and two others from the Fiji Native Land Trust Board (former general manager Kalivati Bakani, and former director Keni Dakuidreketi) are expected to enter a plea on charges of abuse of office.

Qarase faces two counts, Bakani one count and Bakani and Dakuidreketi four counts of fraudulent conversion.

The case will be called for a mention of a plea to be taken and for any issues to be heard from the defence in relation to the consolidated information.

According to an earlier Fiji Live online report, at the previous court sitting disclosures had been served by Fiji’s Independent Commission Against Corruption prosecutors and the defence counsel had informed the court they sought further time to review all documents.

Aus Aid urged to verify regime story re clerks not getting paid

Clerks  training. file pic FBC
Registration clerks have been in touch to say there are holes in the explanation given by Mere Vuniwaqa about why they haven't been paid.

One of them says it was widely known the Permanent Secretary had told people they  wouldn't get money immediately.

"What the PS had told the workers - through the payments section in their office - was that they will receive pay after one month.

"Yet they want people to come as early as five in the morning to board transport to get to the registration centres. Those who live as far as Nausori and Korovou have to travel daily."

Vuniwaqa says the clerks who haven't been paid gave inadequate or wrong information for their bank accounts, and that some people had even go their names wrong.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Officials turn off phones and blame Aus Aid for 'screw up' of registration clerks pay

Registration clerks in Nadi.file pic Fiji Sun
More reports of registration workers not being paid with as many 50 in the Lautoka area alone believed to have not got their entitlements in the past month.

Coupfourpointfive revealed weeks ago that clerks were getting stranded out in the field because they hadn't been paid while others were being promised higher rates for some unaccountable reason.

Sources on the ground had revealed that those doing the work to pull off the regime's ambitious plan of registering 600,000 people in eight weeks were struggling with inadequate resources and working without pay despite money being pledged by the international community.

The United Peoples Party president Mick Beddoes (right) now says he was contacted on Friday night by 'disgruntled parents and a few workers frustrated by the weekly false promises of pay, which never comes and refusal by election officials to sort out the problem'.