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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beddoes: second meeting with Ghai cancelled because of blackout

Commission at work. pic Fiji Times
Exercise restrain and try and stay within the provisions of your own decrees!
That's the message from the president of the United Peoples Party, Mick Beddoes, to the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama.
Beddoes says Bainimarama's almost daily denunciation and threats against people making submissions to the Constitution Commission and his attack on the Chair, Yash Ghai, is in clear breach of
Decree 57 of 2012 and in particular Section 7 (1) a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h and Sec 11 (1)  General Provisions.
He says if Bainimarama keeps it up, he will undermine the entire process and wipe out any credibility his Commissioners have managed to achieve so far.
Mick Beddoes
Rajendra Chaudhry
Bainimarama revealed his anger this week that Ghai was making time for his enemies, NGO's and political parties and had even met privately with some of them.
He said: "That is the problem that we have here. He (Ghai) is pressured by these NGOs and politicians. These are the same group of people that want to have a hand in the composition of the Constituent Assembly so that they can pressure him into doing this and to changing what they want done and in the Constituent Assembly, have it cemented before they move into elections.”
He referred to the situation as so: “What is happening is like a proverbial camel.  They come in with their head into the tent and then their whole body comes in and they kick the owner of the tent out. That’s what him and the people they are listening to are trying to do. They are trying to get us back, bring back the old statements that they have been going on with for the last couple of months." 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fiji dictator hopping mad at 'camels' invading his tent

A desert and political maxim: If you allow the camel to get its nose in the tent the rest of the animal will follow.  Illustration from the liberal American Camel Party, which believes camels work for the people.

Ghai: Under fire for talking
If there's one thing we can rely on in the New Fiji, it's that the illegal leader remains the power hungry dictator he showed himself to be in 2006.

And running to true to form, he has proven again that he intends to hang on to that power no matter what and that the Constitution review leading up to the 2014 elections is a farce.

In comments to Fiji Village, Frank Bainimarama reveals 1) that he is rattled about the way the Constitution talks are going under the helm of Yash Ghai and 2) that contrary to two decrees supposedly aimed at allowing people to talk freely, he still wants to dictate the outcome of the process.

Taking umbrage with what he sees is Ghai's inappropriate attempts to get people to engage, he reveals that he's tried to haul Ghai into line.

"I’ve said that the commissioners need to get on with the job. They have a mandate from the people of Fiji. They should listen to the views of Fijians, collate the submissions and draft the constitution based on the submissions along the relevant decree and hand the draft constitution to His Excellency the President. They should get on with the job. 

"The comments by the Chair are unfortunately misplaced. None of the laws. He has been told that time and again and the people of Fiji have heard about this. None of the laws currently in place stop any Fijian or hinder any Fijian from making any submission to the commission on any topic.”

He also reveals he is unsettled by what he reckons is the efforts of his biggest rivals and enemies to influence the process. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dirty Fiji magistrate gets the boot

Faizal Koya: Once in the midst but now out in the cold. pic Fiji Times

As tipped in May by Coupfourpointfive, the regime hasn't renewed the contract of Faizal Koya, the resident magistrate of Rakiraki/Tavua.
Koya has been sacked for taking bribes.

Sources confirm that while he started out as a clean officer of the judiciary, Koya went dirty midway through his three year contract.

The son of the former NFP leader, Siddiq Koya, started receiving bribes and favours to safe criminals in both Rakiraki and Tavua.

All of his dirty dealings were handled by a former Prison Officer, who resides in Barotu, Rakiraki.

Prem Chand, also known as Beka, would get in touch with charged persons and their families, and strike a deal on Koya’s behalf.

It's believed an anonymous letter was first sent to the Provincial Adminitrator in Rakiraki highlighting this modus operandi.

The Commisssioner Western was then informed. A decision was made to put both Koya and Prem Chand under surveillance.

Field Police Intelligence officers in Rakiraki and Tavua came up with more evidence on how many criminals were set free or had their cases nullified by Koya.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fiji's beastly dictator: Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama

Bainimarama’s catalogue of threats to kill, kidnap, and assault on anti-coup opponents 
“Don’t fuck with military” lamusona screamed as he kicked PSC chairman Stuart Huggett and hit him around the head at RFMF barracks
Bainimarama to PM Qarase’s private secretary: “You people fuck each other, your time is over.”

Made over but still a crimina
Threats and absue: Bainimarama. pic: reuters

Larry Dinger, the former United States ambassador to Fiji, observed that that “a psychiatrist would have a field day with Bainimarama”. In 2004, the Minister for Home Affairs Joketani Cokanasiga had to grab the dictator by the scruff of the neck and throw him out of his office as he threatened to kill Home Affairs CEO Jeremaia Waqanisau.
We, therefore, should not believe Bainimarama that he neither threatened nor ordered his military goons to assault trade unionist Felix Anthony.
CRW soldier Selesitino Kalounivale: Bainimarama murder suspect
As I have repeatedly pointed out, the cassava patch runner Bainimarama is a fugitive from the long arm of the law, and has refused to give any police interview for his role in the killings of the Counter Revolutionary Welfare soldiers including Selesitino Kalounivale, who had played no part in the 2000 mutiny that day. 
For the full account, see my earlier posting under the headings, “Dictator Frank Bainimarama’s violent paroxysm of revenge against innocent CRW soldier Selesitino Kalounivale following November 2000 mutiny at Delainabua barracks; Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz stopped police interview when soldier confessed to killing CRW soldiers on dictator’s orders; Kalounivale’s post-mortem report went missing from Police and DPP files”  at http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2012/03/details-of-death-of-crw-soldier.html
In the above account, I had also written as follows: “Bainimarama had cowardly escaped with his bodyguards by bolting through the cassava patch, and later took refuge at the naval base in Walu Bay, clearly shaken and frightened for his life. Worst, he had arrived at the naval base emitting an odious wafting body smell – according to some of the naval officers who received him that day the dictator had defecated in his pants from sheer fright.”
In fact, his violent behaviour stems, partially, from the trauma he suffered at the barracks following the bloody mutiny.  In his affidavit to the Fiji High Court in 2007 the deposed Home Affairs Minister Josefa Vosanibola had claimed that before the 2006 coup he had also advised the President that the future dictator be sent on leave with full pay to enable the dictator to undergo trauma counselling but his advice was not acted on by Government House.
Lt Col Jeremaia Waqanisau threatened with death
The late Lieutenant-Colonel Jeremaia Waqanisau had refused to carry out Bainimarama’s coup order and took a new job as CEO at the Ministry of Home Affairs. In a file note at the time he recalled in January 2004 Bainimarama barged into Home Affairs Minister Cokanasiga's office with several bodyguards, accusing Waqanisau of raising an army against him.
“Bainimarama further said had it not been for the minister I would have been dead already, and next time the military came back to finish what they started he would personally lead [them] to town and make sure I would be the first to die.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SDL party statement regarding controversial submission

The following SDL statement was sent to us by Mesake Koroi with the note: 'attached our SDL Party Official Media Release in response to Mr Graham Davis.'

SDL Party Official Media Release

The illegal regime's apologist Graham Davis has worked himself into frenzy about what he thinks is the SDL Party’s official submission to the Yash Ghai Constitution Commission.

But that is typical of the likes of him shooting from afar pretending to be an expert on matters that are uniquely Fijian in nature.

Despite efforts by the SDL to clarify and correct the erroneous assumptions that the submissions made by individual party supporters are not necessarily those of the SDL as a party representing all the people of Fiji, Mr. Davis continues to ignore basic facts.

But that is no surprise considering that he is a well known apologist of the Bainimarama regime.

But be that as it may, let him be assured that the documents he referred too and not the party submission to the Commission.

The SDL Party submission is yet to be completed and indeed yet to be presented.

Regime still lying about Bainimarama being the subject of a police complaint

Felix Anthony. pic Fiji Village
Proof the regime is worried Felix Anthony's police complaint about Frank Bainimarama will hurt his carefully crafted 'clean' image for the 2014 elections.
Robert Khan
For a second time, the regime has tried to distance Bainimarama from the complaint, this time using the Auckland based Radio Tarana to put it about that Anthony has withdrawn his complaint against the dictator.

The FTUC national secretary has been forced to issued a statement rejecting the news item as mischief making by both the regime and Tarana. 

It is the second time in recent weeks the regime has twisted the facts regarding  Anthony's complaint. Minfo's Sharon Smith Johns had earlier publicly denied Bainimarama was part of the complaint, saying no one from the regime upper ranks were involved.

Frank Bainimarama: implicated
"The fact is that I have neither withdrawn nor changed my statement given to the Police in Lautoka on 19th February, 2011," says Anthony.

"I stand by the statement I gave to the Police which states that PM Bainimarama abused and threatened me at Rarawai Mill in Ba on 18th  February, 2012 and later, my two union colleagues and I was assaulted by the  Military  personnel in Ba and later at Nadi  RFMF  Western Command Centre."

Monday, August 13, 2012

SDL victim of bad reporting and bloody minded coup apologists

Independent sources have confirmed to Coupfourpointfive that Fiji Village journalist, Vijay Narayan, and Australian journalist, Graham Davis, jumped the gun regarding the so-called SDL submission.

Sources say Narayan confused what was the submission of SDL supporters for that of the party. Coup apologist Davis was only too happy to use it to stir anti-feeling against the party and build support for the unelected government of Frank Bainimarama.

Narayan wasn't the only one at the hearing where the submission was made. Fiji TV was there as well and its newsroom has confirmed the person making the submission said he was a member of SDL, not a party official.

"The person making the submission said he was a member of the SDL. This didn't mean it was a SDL submission. Several other people have since appeared at other hearings to say the same thing."

This is in line with what Solomone Naivalu said in a media statement released yesterday. The full statement is published below but we include a relevant extract here:

"The views expressed and quoted by Vijay last Friday August 3 are those of SDL supporters. 

Chaudhry gets short reprieve

Sydney property at centre of Chaudhry millions.
The pre-trial conference for the Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, has been deferred for five weeks.

Chaudhry the fundraiser. file pic
Chaudhry's son, Rajendra Chaudhry, today formally asked the court to reconsider the three charges made against the former prime minister under the Exchange Control Act.

The Director of Public Prosecutions wants more time to consider the request, so the pre-hearing has been rescheduled to  September the 21st.

Chaudhry is accused of salting away $1.5 million dollars in overseas accounts without the consent of the Reserve Bank. 

He is also accused of lending money to others without due permission and of failing to collect debts having allegedly invested in financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand, and allowing money to be re-invested.

New Zealand court puts Suva lawyer straight

Renee Lal (left). file pic
An Auckland high court judge has rejected an application from controversial Suva lawyer, Renee Lal, to dismiss a claim from an Auckland woman over an unpaid $500,000 loan.
Lal blamed the coup and Fiji's Reserve Bank for devaluing the dollar for her and her sister repaying just $70,000 of the money.
The Lal sisters also tried to get the case heard in Fiji but the New Zealand judge dismissed the suggestion, citing the Nigel Dodds report that said Fiji has no rule of law.

IV-2011-404-5601 [2012] NZHC 1264

AND    RAINA LAL First Defendant


Hearing:    23 April 2012

Counsel:    E St John for the Plaintiff
R Hollyman and K Simcock for the Defendants

Judgment:    7 June 2012


This judgment was delivered by me on 7 June 2012 at 4:30 p.m. pursuant to r 11.5 of the High Court Rules 1985.

Registrar/Deputy Registrar


Mr E St John, Barrister, Auckland
Mr R Hollyman, Barrister, Auckland
Instructing Solicitors:
Mr S Palmer, Palmer & Associates Ltd, Solicitors, Auckland
Mr T Mullins, LeeSalmonLong, Solicitors, Auckland

BELL V LAL HC AK CIV-2011-404-5601 [7 June 2012]

[1]    The plaintiff claims that the defendants are indebted to her in a sum of

$430,000 plus interest as the balance owing on a loan to the defendants of $500,000. The plaintiff  obtained  leave under r 6.28  of the High  Court  Rules  to  serve the proceeding on the defendants in Fiji.  The defendants have appeared under protest to the jurisdiction of the New Zealand court.   The defendants have now applied under rr 5.49 and 6.29 for an order dismissing or staying the proceeding.