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Saturday, August 25, 2012

U.S. secretary of state Hilary Clinton urged to act on Fiji regime's violation of human rights

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mara land acquired for Fiji Sugar Co-operation

Acquired by the regime: Seaqaqa estate
While identity is getting air time and being widely debated, the vanua is what the Constitution Commission has been lobbied on the most.

Chair Yash Ghai says 95 per cent of the submissions have concerned the land, telling the Fiji Times the Commission would need to carry out its own investigations 'to get all the facts right before we can make a decision' and 'ensure that land ownership and tenure became an inclusive economic institution in Fiji.'

Kamisese Mara
Commission member Penelope Moore subsequently told Fiji Times 'they had realised that there was a lot of cheating on how land had been utilised for commercial and non-commercial purposes.'

According to the Fiji Times: 'Ms Moore said from their own observations through the submissions made so far, a lot of decisions were made without proper consultation.'

It will be interesting to see the submissions and what agreements are being challenged but one recent deal involving the regime and the Fiji Development Bank is already out in the public arena - bar a pertinent fact - who had owned the land.

The regime last week revealed Cabinet had agreed for 'the Land Use Unit to purchase the idle repossessed Seaqaqa Sugarcane Estate' from the FDB for $700,000 using its Land Bank Investment portfolio.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beddoes: Fiji Islanders unless itaukei

 A small sample of some of the estimated 300 submissions that is keeping the Constitution Commission (pictured above the day it was sworn in) busy.

Excerpt from Mick Beddoes personal submission:

Chapter 1:    The State

Section 1:    Republic of the Fiji Islands
Amend to read:    The Fiji Islands is a sovereign, democratic state

Section 2    Supremacy of Constitution
Retain    (1) and (2)

Section 3    Interpretation of constitution
Retain    (a) and (b)

Section 4    Languages
Retain    (1), (2), (3) and (4)

English, Fijian and Hindi have equal status in the Fiji Islands

Section 5    State & religion
Retain    Although religion and the state are separate, the people of the Fiji Islands acknowledge that worship and the reverence of God are the source of good government and leadership.

Make appropriate amendments to this Chapter to incorporate the following recommendations from
Pillar 2 of the People’s Charter for Change:-

Chapter 2:    The Compact

Section 6    Compact
Section 7    Application of compact

Make appropriate amendments or add to the 12 points of the Compact so as to incorporate the Shared values, vision and Principals as recommended in the  People’s Charter for Change FOUNDATION FOR THE COMMON GOOD:-

Ø   Equality and dignity of all citizens
Ø   Respect for the diverse cultural, religious and philosophical beliefs
Ø   Unity among the people driven by common purpose and citizenship.
Ø   Good & Just governance
Ø   Sustained economic growth
Ø   Social & economic justice
Ø   Equal access to the benefits of development including access to basic needs and services
Ø   Merit based equality of opportunities for all

Chapter 3:    Citizenship

Section 8:    retention of existing citizenship
Add sub section 8 (1)    All citizens to be known as ‘Fiji Islanders’ and our Itaukei
Known as ‘Fijians’
Section 9 to 20    retain

Inert a new section in this chapter on dual citizenship as follows:

Dual Citizenship is permitted provided that the holder of dual citizenship is:-

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bainimarama warned Qarase still his biggest rival - even behind bars

At home the day of his sentencing: surge in popularity.
Information from the inner sanctum shows the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama is grappling with the challenges of the 2014 election and that talk of him becoming the president instead is still very much alive.

Insiders say a special report prepared for the unelected prime minister has advisers telling him that while the SDL leader, Laisenia Qarase, is out of the way thanks to the 12 month jail sentence, there is no guarantee he will win at the polls in 2014.

In a report advising Bainimarama, advisers say he has 48 per cent of the Indian vote, 39% Fijian and 10% Others. The same report says Qarase has the support of 62 per cent Fijians, 25% Indian and 12% Others.