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Friday, September 7, 2012

Suspended police officer: 'Take the rank and shove it up your ass'

Abdul Khan
A senior Fiji police officer has been suspended after a nasty exchange of words with a fellow senior officer.

SP Abdul Khan, the deputy director of Operations has been indicted for uttering the words “take the rank and shove it up your ass” to SSP Ravi Narayan, the Chief of Staff.

Eye-witnesses at the Police HQ say SSP Ravi Narayan summoned SP Abdul Khan to his office to question him about a text message that was sent to the Force.

Ravi Narayan
A woman had complained SP Khan was rude to her at Albert Park during an incident during the Hibiscus Festival.

In normal routine work, Narayan should have referred the complaint to Khan’s boss, the Director Operations SSP, Rusiate Tudravu, or the Chief Operating Officer, SSP Henry Brown.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Samy the hypocrite: more Indians for the RFMF, an end to coups and death to those who commit treason

REVEALED: Samy's controversial Peoples Charter. Image: Wadan Narsey blog. http://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/the-charter-charade-the-fiji-times-23-december-2008/

He fronted on the controversial Peoples Charter but he has been a shadowy figure behind the regime, helping to kill off the 1997Constitution. Said to have been one of the ones who convinced Frank Bainimarama to carry out the 2006 coup, John Samy cashed in on the spoils and went on to become a poisonous but a well-compensated key advisor. With 12 others from Auckland, he is now telling everyone there should be no more coups and the new Constitution should make the death penalty mandatory for acts of treason.

This submission is from us Fiji people and who constitute a part of that diaspora that has grown significantly in number following successive coups in Fiji since May, 1987.

We continue to care deeply about Fiji, its overall situation and about the welfare of its people. We do so because Fiji is our motherland.

We are dismayed by the fact that for too long, Fiji has remained at a critical cross-roads, mired in a deep rut in regard to its political, social and economic governance.

We believe that the Constitution Commission has been entrusted with a responsibility that is not only gravely significant but also one of great historic importance to enable Fiji now to go forward: for it to not only restore democracy but also to be able to sustain it; to rid the country of the coup culture; to regain lost opportunities ie for the country to achieve growth and progress and to lift its people out of deprivating conditions of poverty; and for Fiji to fully re-integrate into and restore its rightful place as a member of the international family of nations that is committed to adhering to the rule of law and to ensuring and safeguarding the fundamental human rights of its people.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fiji regime's registration programme fails to enrol desired 600,000

Queues but not enough: pic Fiji Times
Our blogger who has been tracking the electronic registration process finds the regime's big spend and big talk on past weaknesses are not reflected in the numbers

After making bold predictions it would register 600,000 voters in 60 days, the regime failed to achieve its target even after extending the registration period by a day.

As shown in Graph 1 below, it registered just 488,734 people leaving a shortfall of 111,266.

By division, as shown in Graph 2 above, Central (as expected) recorded the largest share of registrations at 40% followed with Western next at 38%, rhen Northern at 17% and Eastern at 5%.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aussie legal eagle Fiji's new deputy DPP

Could Australia be the regime's new recruiting ground?
It's latest acquisition is an Aussie citizen, who has taken up the post of Deputy Director of Public Prosecution.

There's no doubt about Ruth Ellen Townsend's credentials and experience judging from her bio which has led to her joining the DPP’s office, headed by the unpopular Kiwi, Christopher Pryde.

She moved into her new home on Catalina Street a few days ago and bought a brand new vehicle.

Since Pryde moved to the position, the Fiji DPP’s office time and again has been accused of working in cahoots with the illegal Solicitor Generals’ and the illegal Attorney Generals’ office. 

Since the 2006 coup, the DPP has been changed three times. The previous DPPs were removed as they were not seen to be singing the same tune as required by the AG’s office.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Name touted for Bainimarama political party

National Unity Party Afghanistan.
Fiji One Party or National Unity Party?

National Unity Party Myanmar
Insiders say Frank Bainimarama's camp have  settled on a name for a political party for its planned 2014 election.

Fiji One Party was touted several months ago but the latest information to make its way to Coupfourpointfive suggests the illegal leader's strategists have agreed on the National Unity Party.

Insiders had said the regime was aiming for a name that would bring the nation together and get people behind it, something like Fiji One Party.  

Whispers suggest those giving advice to Bainimarama have chosen the National Unity Party, a name they reckon has the potential to capture the nation's imagination and thus support.  

It's a name that has been used by other political parties in a number of countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, South Africa and Canada. It was chosen by the military junta in Burma when it contested the 1970 elections for the country it renamed Myanmar.

Samoa's PM keeps Forum honest on the issue of Fiji

OUT ON A LIMB: Tuilaepa (far right) at the forum.
It seems the illegal leader's bete noir from Samoa has bested him again.

In a story by journalist Tupuola Terry Tavita, it is revealed the regime leader Frank Bainimarama could very well have made it back to the Pacific ACP leaders table if it wasn’t for a strong stand by Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, at the Pacific African-Caribbean-Pacific (PACP) meeting, on the sidelines of the Pacific leaders’ forum in Rarotonga.

NIUE SUPPORT: Toke Talagi.
A paper endorsed earlier this year by Pacific Island trade ministers was tabled in the meeting with a recommendation to allow Fiji representation at all PACP levels, including the political level.

The recommendation for Fiji participation was supported by the leaders of Tuvalu, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea who spoke on the matter.

But it was Tuilaepa who reminded fellow leaders that the Forum had already made a decision on Fiji, pointing to its suspension in 2009.

“In Tonga in 2007, we sat at this Forum and listened to Colonel Bainimarama tell us that he was going to hold elections the following year. I was one of those leaders who foolishly believed him.

“The Forum had had made a decision on Fiji in regards to its strong position on the democracy, good governance and the rule of  law. The Forum has to maintain the integrity of its decision.