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Friday, October 12, 2012

Regime shuts Chaudhry office and Khaiyum reported to be ill

The Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry is to present his submission to the Constitution Commission tomorrow after his office was closed down by the regime two days ago.
Chaudhry was found guilty of breaching two counts of misconduct recently and was suspended from practising for five years.

He was supposed to have until October the 21st to wrap up all of his business but his Suva office was shut down early Wednesday morning.

Sources say about 10 staff members were around as police locked up the office.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fiji Airways new brand revealed

Air Pacific's David Pflieger says branding of the Airbus A330 will be true to Fiji. Photo / Supplied
The new look.

By Grant Bradley of the New Zealand Herald

Air Pacific - to be renamed Fiji Airways - last night unveiled its new-look planes due to enter service from next year.

The airline chose Fiji's national day to release details of the Airbus A330 aircraft, the first new planes it has bought.

The planes and livery are part of a transformation for the airline which reported an operating profit of $11.5 million for the year to March 31, compared with an operating loss of $2.6 million for the previous financial year.

Full re-branding for the airline is due to be finished by the end of next year, by which time the "new" Fiji Airways brand - last seen in 1951 - will roll out across ticket offices, check-in counters, airport lounges and uniforms.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Regime turns blind eye to widow's claim over million dollar Reddy shares

New Fiji a sham: Bainimarama and Khaiyum
It looks like the regime is still playing favourites or working glove in hand with a select few despite repeatedly proclaiming it has created a new Fiji that is fair to all.

Take the case of the longruning battle between the widow of the deceased Fiji businessman Narayan Reddy, which stretches back more than a decade.

The New Zealand-based Rosy Reddy and her son Shiv Reddy have been trying to get Frank Banimarama to initiate a full investigation into the illegal transfer of shares by YP Reddy but continue to come up against resistance.

Fiji police got as far as interviewing YP Reddy but their investigation then came to a sudden halt.

The widow and son last week tried to take their case further via a submission to the Yash Ghai Constitution Commission but despite several requests, they say the tell-all material has not been posted on the website.

Ilegal trustee: YP Reddy
There is now the question: Is this decision by the Commission secretary, Keshwar Reddy, another case of collusion and the regime clamping down on information that shows it is acting in the interests of allies, not citizens?

Rosy and Shiv Reddy's battle goes back to September 1991 when Narayan Reddy died. Mother and son say former political heavyweight and lawyer, Jai Ram Reddy, and YP Reddy quickly 'colluded' to bring a caveat against them to gain control of their shares.

Acted as lawyer: Jai Ram Reddy
Jai Ram Reddy acted for Reddy Group as a lawyer so his decision to act for YP Reddy's sister was in itself a conflict of interest. The JR  Reddy caveat was defeated in the Appeals Court. Probate was then granted to Rosy Reddy and at that time, her husband's estate held 21% shares in RCCL and 25% shares in RHL, both of them Reddy Group companies.