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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Attack on NZ tourist prompts regime to vet all international conferences


An admission by the regime tourists are not safe in Fiji.

This circular was sent out to all permanent secretaries and department heads warning the Ministry of Defence National Security and Immigration must be notified of all international conferences or seminars, regardless of whether they've been organised privately or with donor agencies, so it can 'conduct a security survey in advance'.

The priority circular discusses 'Security for International Conferences' and says 'intruders' have been targeting hotels in Nadi. 

It cites the attack on a New Zealand tourist at Raffles Hotel as the 'most violent and recent incident'.

"To avoid the repetitions of such gruesome and unwelcoming incidents, it is necessary to inform you that any Conferences/Seminars organised either independently or in conjunction with donor agencies in which international participants are to attend that the Ministry of Defence National Security and Immigration be informed to conduct a security survey in advance.

"The recommendations emanating from the survey must be seriously taken into account by the organizers of the Seminar/Conference to ensure safety and security of all participants."

The New Zealand tourist had tried to fend off robbers. He had to be airlifted home after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Lautoka Hospital.

Four men have been charged with the assault and of aggravated robbery and theft and were found to be in possession of a .22 rifle. 

The regime has been gun shy about publicity of tourists getting hurt or having bad experiences in Fiji because it depends hugely on the tourism dollars and has boasted about increased tourist numbers. 

Several incidents involving the deaths of tourists have previously been kept out of the news by the regime.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mining company head funded controversial Lowy poll

Mark Johnson
Spotlight on two other foreign companies doing business in Fiji today.

The chairman of one of the companies given exploration rights to Udu Point is Mark Johnson, who funded the controversial Lowy Institute survey that claimed huge support for the illegal regime.

Bloggers will recall the Lowy Institute Tebutt Opinion poll was launched at the Pacific Leaders Forum in Auckland last year in a bid to push support for Frank Bainimarama.

Lowy claimed 85 per cent of Fiji citizens supported the unelected government of Bainimarama, opinion challenged by the pro-democracy movement, democracy advocates and this blog and others. (http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2011/09/narsey-gillard-govt-needs-to-ask.html).

Johnson, whose family had a business in Fiji, heads Dateline Resource Limited, which has announced a joint venture agreement with Australian company Conto Resources that will help finance an expanded exploration and drilling program at Udu Point through 2013.

In stories about the venture, he is painted as a son of Fiji returning home to fulfil a long held dream.

"My father was also born in Fiji so I've had an association (with the country) for some time. Because I knew Fiji, that was how the opportunity first occurred," he told The Australian.

"I've always felt happy operating in Fiji because I grew up there and went to school there. I'm happy dealing with the Fijians and landowners and understand how things work."

Dateline, also located in Australia, through its Fiji company Matai Holdings Fiji Limited, is the owner operator of the Udu Point project and has been exploring for copper and zinc deposits at its lease holdings since l996.

Under the terms of the agreement, Conto will contribute up to F$6.2 million to Dateline, money that will fund the ongoing exploration and drilling programme. If the exploration programme were successful, the companies would then merge with Dateline shareholders holding 50% shares in Conto.

Regime spin doctors, Qorvis, are also benefiting from its unholy alliance with the regime.

Sources say Qorvis' pay has been pumped up from $25K a  month to $150K a month because of the work it is having to do to help the regime save the duty free deal it has with the United States.

A hearing in Washington gave the regime three weeks to come up with submissions proving why it should be allowed to keep the privilege in the face of a petition by unions that it is abusing worker rights and is not entitled.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Disquiet over companies and Khaiyum accessing Fiji citizens info

Suva based Pacific Technologies working with India's Yalamanchili
Why has the illegal government of Fiji allowed two companies, one of them foreign, to access the private information of citizens?

And why is an IT crew from India working secretly in the illegal attorney's office?

Pacific Technologies and Yalamanchili Software Exports Limited are currently taking the personal details of citizens including dates of birth, marriage details, dates of deaths, residential address and passport information - details usually only held confidentially by government.

Yalamanchili is based in India and according to the website of its associate company, Pacific Technologies, specializes in providing Card Based solutions (Debit, Credit, Pre-Paid Cards), Customer Delivery Channels (ATM, KIOSK, Point of Sale, Internet, Phones), E-Commerce Payment Interface Systems and Enterprise Application Integration. 

Insiders say government departments were told by the offices of both the illegal prime minister and illegal attorney general to release all Fiji data and information to Pacific Technologies and Yalamanchili Software.

A team of six to eight Indian nationals have also been working in Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's office secretly, apparently on giving him access to all government departments and important information.

A source says the long time objective of the Indian crew is to take over the government IT department and the team is currently collecting information and making proper design work for handover and takeover.
There has already been a backlash. Sources say the take over of ITC has already begun and that its deputy has been reassigned to another department after objecting to what was happening. The manager, Eliki Salusalu, is however staying on because he is following the directive.

"Apparently, there have been lot of complaints against the government IT department, including the way the $20 million funds given by Chinese have been used for their so called e-gov project. 

"The money was given with the condition that all projects should be given to Singaporean and Chinese recommended IT companies. But the intended work has not been completed and e-gov project is a complete failure.

"$20 million was a soft loan and has to be paid by the govt. But the IT companies have charged the Chinese directly and it is well over $20 million so far."

An IT specialist believes it is not only the bio data of every citizen that is being handed over to the two companies and Khaiyum, but the new EVR information.

"The information could be easily used for what we call in IT terms 'people profiling'. Usually, this is done in every country, but in a secret manner by intelligence agencies. Usually, too, government's keep a close tab on the process. But in Fiji's case it seems that all the info is connected to AG/PM's office where they could manipulate it all. 

"The best example would be that they can trap a person who only has access to certain information. It can then be claimed the person committed a fraudulent act. 

"On the other hand they can also use the information to access land titles and manipulate it in such a way to transfer ownerships etc.

"In summary, they can do anything when they set up a database with all information and then have direct access to it. This is not done in this way in any other country so why is it being done in Fiji?"