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Friday, November 23, 2012

Aussie magistrate bundled home after challenging neutrality of Fiji judiciary

Khaiyum lackeys: From left: Siromi Turaga, Charles Ratakele and Ro Alipate Maitaitini. Mohammed Saneem, who was singled out by Greg Bullard, is at far right.

An Australian magistrate, who was a former legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, has been dismissed after just a month with the Fiji judiciary.

Greg Bullard, who was also a solicitor at the Law Society of New South Wales, has revealed he was 'terminated' and bundled out of Suva after challenging the independence of the Legal Practitioners Unit and the abnormal practice of judicial officers being beholden to the Chief Justice.'

In a letter he says: "The judiciary, the legal profession and the ILSC are all under the direct or indirect control of the Chief Justice. This is a dangerous precedent. Justice cannot be done in Fiji until this is remedied. How it came to be like this can only be answered by the Attorney General and the Chief Justice."

Budget 2013: Sweetners and ironies

Investing in Our Future or preparing for the 2014 elections?

$1million renovation for first sitting after elections.
The illegal leader Frank Bainimarama revealed the regime's 2013 budget yesterday and as expected there was a whiff of Chinese dollars, sweetners for voters and blanks.

He didn't detail spending on two key areas - the military and salaries for government ministers, including himself and the illegal attorney general - but used the budget to again justify the 2006 coup and extolled the virtues of a government that wouldn't tolerate corruption, tax evaders and welfare cheats.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Controversial mahogany player singled out for U.S. award

John Wagner left with Bainimarama and Khaiyum last year
The sham in the mahogany industry continues with the company formed with 'insider help' this week getting shortlisted as an industry leader in a U.S. State Department award.
Bryce Seru (left) of Northern Forest Resource Ltd.
Sustainable Mahogany Industries is one of 11 finalists for the 2012 US Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence. 

SMI is, of course, the company established with the help of Nur Bano Ali, the accountant aunt of the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who drew up the decree that has allowed the industry to be revamped.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sawmillers: Mahogany 'reforms' give foreigners upper hand at local's expense

Today, the real story on how Fiji's Green Gold has been divvied up by the illegal regime.

While Frank Bainimarama last week announced an American company, the Forestland Group, would manage the billion dollar industry, he failed to reveal his officials locked out the long-established Fiji Sawmillers Association, from the inaugral meeting of the Mahogany Industry Council.

The Sawmillers Association, which employs almost 13-hundred people and represents $60 million worth of business, was originally invited to take part in the meeting.

But while individual landowners were included in the pivotal discussions, officials withdrew the Association's invite at the last minute, without explanation.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fiji's top brass fawning over diplomats while prisoners roam free

Naivalurua with British diplomat Martin Fidler. pic The Jet Newspaper
What is the Fiji police hierarchy doing?

At least three prisoners are still roaming free while Fiji Police seniors play the role of high flyers and entertain dignitaries instead of fighting crime.

We've been told police officers don't really care about recapturing the prisoners. They have been disillusioned with the current police commissioner for some time and have made several failed appeals to Frank Bainimarama to change the police leadership.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sick son prompts Driti reconciliation with Bainimarama

Pita Driti: sick son and hard times
Is Pita Driti back in the Fiji army receiving full pay?
Has he been reinstated to full rank?
Is he doing special operations and data - gathering information on the illegal attorney general and FNPF?

Sources say Fiji's former land force commander, who was charged with sedition and inciting mutiny alongside the runaway 3FIR commander, Roko Ului Mara, is back in with the illegal prime minister Frank Bainimarama and is doing special work for the regime.

MARY BAINIMARAMA:  Stepped in to help Driti's son.
They say he even presented a paper on FNPF to Bainimarama two weeks ago.

Coupfourpointfive has established there is some truth to the revelations Driti is back in the fold.

It appears a reconciliation of sorts was sparked by his son's illness and the boy's transfer to New Zealand for treatment. According to what we've heard, Driti's wife, Amelia, made the initial contact with Bainimarama's wife, Mary.

Bainimarama then stepped in along with the Ministry of Health as did Driti's friends in New Zealand.

Driti, who has been in hard times, has apparently said he never went to see Bainimarama, his wife did, and that one day he will go and thank him but that's where it ends at the moment: no more and no less: "I will stick to my principles. Only Amelia and Mary talking."

It is unclear where the charges of sedition and inciting mutiny that were laid against Driti are at. Coupfourpointfive understands the last time he appeared in court in August, regime prosecutors did not make full disclosure and the case stalled again.

It's understood Mara is still in Tonga, involved in land development projects there.