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Thursday, January 3, 2013

All eyes on Fiji over naming of Constituent Assembly

Nazhat Shameem: heading Assembly?
Fiji's neighbours are waking up to the sour end of the Constitution process but the regime is already forging ahead with its plans to establish the Constituent Assembly.

Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office, Colonel Pio Tikoduadua, has told FBC News more than 100 people have put their names forward for the assembly.

Tikoduadua reiterated that the Assembly will be handpicked by Frank Bainimarama.

“The numbers will be determined by him. I think there is a fair idea what that will be. It will not be too small or too many but it will be a fair representation of what the society is."

According to the Constitution Commission, the Assembly is supposed to start its work of debating and adopting the draft Constitution in the second week of this month and finish by the third week of March.

With such a deadline, the regime will have already decided who will have the crucial say on whether the draft presented to the illegal president by Yash Ghai will go through as it is or be altered dramatically.

From comments made by land force commander, Mosese Tikoitoga, the suggested National Peoples Assembly has already been rejected.

Chandu Umrai: tipped for Assembly
Attar Singh: release draft.
Informed punters reckon Assembly contenders are Dewan Maharaj, Vijay Chand and Chandu Umaria.

Former high court judge, Nazhat Shameem, was tipped weeks ago to head the Assembly with the regime clearly wanting a trusted ally to drive the final debate.

Those who were sidelined early include the Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, who would not have qualified under the honesty and integrity requirements because of pending charges under the Exchange Control Act.

Coupfourpointfive understands political parties fronted expressions of interests but Mick Beddoes of the United Peoples Party opted not to.

Reaction to latest developments:
New Zealand contributed $500,000 to the cost of submissions being heard and a Constitution being drafted. It's Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, who was widely criticised several months back for rushing to thaw relations with Fiji, now says he is concerned soldier's seized copies of the Constitution and burnt them. Stating the obvious, McCully says it is vital soldiers return to the barracks after the 2014 election and become a normal army.

The FICTU trade union says much of its submission to the Commission has been included in the draft. 

General secretary, Attar Singh, says: "If the reports on the draft Constitution are correct then we could see an end to draconian labour decrees and practices that continue to violate worker and trade union rights despite our protests and complaints to the ILO which has found in our favour. It will result in restoring worker dignity and respect and clear the path for collective bargaining, access to tribunals for justice and to picket, demonstrate and strike.

 "We welcome such draft and look forward its adoption without change by the Constituent Assembly as the basis for our democracy."

Murray McCully (right): now stating the obvious - army must return to barracks.


Anonymous said...

Expect to have totally different constitution in April.

tattifala said...

Nobody should recognise the new constitution because it is being made by a body that has no lawful authority to make it. End of story!
the photo accompanying this story reminds me of the three - don't see evil - monkeys.
only the monkeys were sincere in their message!!

Kamlesh Kumar said...

RFMF:This is just draft

January 3, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga

Constituent Assembly has final say: Tikoitoga


The Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) has reminded the public that the draft constitution leaked by Professor Yash Ghai is just a draft.
Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga said the military is firm in its stand on the directive given by Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama when he said:
“Formulating a new constitution that will be relevant to a new and modern Fiji will require that we unselfishly, patiently, and inclusively complete the process with integrity and honesty.
“It must be done properly. When we are done, Fiji will have an enduring blueprint for all Fijians.”


Colonel Tikoitoga confirmed a detailed submission by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces had been ignored by the Yash Ghai chaired Constitution Commission.
This had been a surprise, given the role the Republic of Fiji Military Forces has played and reforms since the 2006 takeover along with the reasons for these and the takeover.
“The RFMF submission had submitted what it wants for all Fijians and it is inclusive,” Colonel Tikoitoga said.
It is expected that the Constituent Assembly to be appointed soon will publicly debate the draft constitution, consult with people and decide the final document.
Professor Ghai’s actions leaking and trying to circulate the draft before it had been submitted to the Constituent Assembly has raised growing questions in Fijian circles about his neutrality. So have comments he has been making overseas since the end of his role.


Responding to three political parties – Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua, Fiji Labour Party and United Peoples Party-support for the leaked draft constitution, Colonel Tikoitoga said this was expected.
But he said these political parties should not jump the gun.


The Fiji Labor Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry has told Radio Australia: “The military is of course making its own rumblings. In the last few days it seems to want its way, and it made a submission to the Constitutional Commission, which of course was done in camera.
“But certain aspects of it have come out in the Fiji Sun in the last two days or so which are of course different from what the draft document stipulates.
“So there is pressure from the military and whether the deliberation from the Constituent Assembly will be free, fair and democratic, I doubt that very much.”


Colonel Tikoitoga said the military had aired its concern on the draft and the Constituent Assembly, which will have inclusive membership, will have the final say.
He said: “The military will not pressure the Constituent Assembly.”
But he said Fiji’s new constitution will be for the Fijian people and will be as the Prime Minister has stressed, “an enduring blueprint for all Fijians”.

SEMI MEO said...

A few “independent” candidates around as possible chair like Ross Macdonald…even Mr J R Reddy..may be Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi or a Judge from the Melanesian block bench.

And probably as we speak Australia and US are asking the Rear Admiral how much he needs to fix up Ghai’s blunder.

In my view, it is best the Rear Admiral, through his PS invite executives of prodemocracy movements in Fiji and abroad as they represent sections of the Fiji community. As act of good will afford these delegates the necessary immunity (if required) so they may deliberate in the Assembly without any fear what so ever.

I think it is time for all hands on the deck of the one MV Fiji!! No matter what “bilibili” we’ve been respectively paddling since that fateful day in Dec 2006.

For Ms Nazhat Shameem to chair may NOT be in our best interest given she is probaly Mr. Aiyuz chief cheer leader!

tattifala said...

Murray McCCully now stating the obvious - army must return to barracks. That should have been the single "non negotiable" condition put to the usurpers. And there was no real need to assist the army to return to barracks. They know where the barracks are and should have made a single file and march smartly back to barracks. Instead the army installed a military dictatorship in Fiji and the international partners started to assist the army to return to barracks - according to the army's plans. Now they realise belatedly that the army has not been genuine about returning to barracks. they plan to hang on to power and the new constitution the army is making is meant to help them stay in politics and power and to save their bacon from the charge of treason. The internationals had got it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Never trust the liars from day one.

Optimus said...

Regime has learned their lessons from Ghai incident. They will be out to spoil the party when final draft is released.

Anonymous said...

An assembly that is chosen by the illegal dictator and not the people has no mandate to make decisions that will affect all citizens. All of these pretenders should be tried by the international courts.

Are we to expect the international community to bow to the gun toting in Suva?

Yes, three wise monkey's indeed. Except one of them is an ape. A distant relative of Neanderthal species the baboon. Distinguishable by it's untrustworthy eyes and it's trademark two-face.

Anonymous said...

Chandu Umaria? The man's on his death bed at Suva Private since Christmas.

paula raqeukai said...

Fiji is in a tight situation now given the circumstances behind the draft constitution final presentation to the president & FMF's PUSH; I suggest that VB and his illegal regime should rope in some independent people like Jay Ram Reddy, Mrs Siwatibau or Rt Jone Madraiwiwi to chair and be part of the constitutional assembly so that a credit constitution for Fiji can be formulated n be acceptable to ALL the people of Fiji; Immunity to be given only to these people (members of the CA) if required;

For Ms Nazhat Shameem to chair the CA may NOT be in Fiji's best interest given her past and present illegal dealings/advises to the current regime, on top of that she is the illegal AG-AK chief cheer leader!

mark manning said...

These guys don't stand a chance against the 3 in the bottom photo!

mark manning said...

It doesn't matter whether or not Shamimi is appointed, she will be on the sidelines squeezing Frank's balls and rubbing Aiyaz', and leading them to where she thinks all Fijians should go.
I still find it difficult to comprehend how Genocide is being committed so easily and at all, by your own tribe! Thank you Soldiers for being so easily fooled and selling your arses for so little recompense..

Anonymous said...

It has to be someone of Nazhat's ilk or should I say silk? Someone like Chandu Umrai is hugely unpopular but has the administrative background for the sort of people they need to rubber stamp the Constitution the regime wants.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Whoever they are, they along with Ghai and the Commission will carry the burden of helping the regime advance its agenda.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 are you aware you're breaching the decree by publishing the draft Constitution? Yash Ghai has already left the country what are you going to do?

At a loss said...

Malaise in Fiji reflected in the story about the 11 students at Labasa Sangnam College planning to go on hunger striek because they were given zero for their marks!

Ministry of Education adding to the stupidity by saying it supports the mark - jest seems the mark of where we are today.

Anonymous said...

someone is having a go at 'town bike' Barbara Malimali on Crosbie Walsh website...something along the line of inviting her up to barracks for all the boys to have a ride...!!??
mimilevu lol

Anonymous said...

f*ck the decree... come an get us..

Anonymous said...

At a Loss,
There is something call HONESTY.

Guess who are these students -Itaukei or of Indian origins?

These practices is a sad reality and 99% of such cases are done and condoned by the Indians in this country.

Ask USP and FSM lecturers.

These students MUST be disciplined as this is a criminal offense.

Full stop.

Cut this now before they reach and propagate this kind of cancer in our midst.

Dr Rohit Kishore USP fraudster said...

Dr Rohit Kishore of USP is rumoured to be in assembly also. He was fired from USP last year for forging his CV which applying to be professor. This guy will sell his mother for money and promotion. He is a failed academic from Australia where he did not achieve anything, trying to climb up the ladder in Fiji by forgery and sucking up to regime.

mark manning said...

Chile ex-army officers implicated in Victor Jara death

Cannot play media. You do not have the correct version of the flash player. Download the correct version
30 December 2012 Last updated at 04:24 GMT Help
A judge in Chile has ordered the arrest of eight former army officers over the murder 39 years ago of well-known left-wing singer Victor Jara.
He was killed only days after the coup that brought Gen Pinochet to power, on 11 September 1973.

The folk singer was arrested and taken to a stadium in Santiago where he was tortured and killed.

His body was found later in the streets of the Chilean capital with 44 bullet wounds.

Bill Hayton reports.

Fraudster Rohit Kishor said...

@ Rohit Kishior USP fraudster

I know Rohit from our school days. He talked a lot but wasn't particularly smart. We were surprised to hear he had a PhD, more surprised that the was PS land department because this guy is not only dumb, he is prone to corruption. Looks like Rohit is still the smooth talker he used to be, and has been getting to places, but his corrupt ways caught up in the end.

Their treason bandwagon said...

Oh dear @ the aiders and abettors of Frankenstein's coup... what is that old adage about those who sleep with dogs..?

Y.P Kala.Bala Ba. said...

Chandu skidder Bimariya,sala gandu ke baap you betrayed me so many times in tender deal now wand to make more cash. sala maka soda.

Anonymous said...

Useful insight into how the regime is seeing things via Croz Walsh blog!

ABC Pacific Beat's radio journalist Bruce Hill's recent interview with former Fiji Constitution Commission chairman Prof Yash Ghai, published below, makes interesting reading, not only because of what Prof Ghai said about the police confiscating 599 copies of the draft constitution on Saturday December 22, but also because it reveals something of the emotional states of mind of both Prof Ghai and the police at that time, and because it shows how a supposedly neutral interviewer reveals his true colours.

A year ago Bruce Hill interviewed me and later phoned to ask how I thought the interview went. He asked whether I could detect his opinions on the Fiji situation. I clearly surprised him by saying yes. He was anti-Bainimarama government. Asked how I knew, I said because of the questions you asked and did not ask.
Prof Yash Ghai

No one could possibly be in doubt about his feelings during the Yash Ghai interview. There was no attempt at neutrality. He provided a grossly inadequate background, did not challenge Prof Ghai on some matters that should have been questioned, and towards the end of the interview when talking about the "burning" incident he asked a string of heavy loaded leading questions

This article does not purport to support or denounce the actions of Government, the police or Professor Ghai. It is written to correct misunderstandings and interpretations of the facts. Only when a fact is established can its causes and consequences be considered, and only then can one take up a position on the fact.

My reading of the relevant decrees and several incidents leading up to the confiscation of copies of the draft constitution (readers will remember I was privy to the PM's thoughts immediately after he has seen the commissioners, and my impression then was that there had been a fundamental breakdown of trust by both parties) tells me that the "confiscation" may have been undesirable but it was not in fact illegal. however much it added further to Prof Ghai's frustrations over recent weeks.

Anonymous said...

There seems little doubt, from reading Prof Ghai's interview by Bruce Hill that both he and the policeman at the "burning" incident became over-excited and said and did things they would not normally do. There is little doubt also that the way Bruce Hill conducted the interview further inflamed the incident, creating what a wisecracker could say was Hill making a mountain out of a molehill. Two puns intended.

I republish the interview below with parenthesised notes in:

italics questioning Prof Ghai's statements,
underlining where I think there were errors in fact or omission, and in
bold where I think Hill's questions inflamed the situation. No pun intended.

The Radio Australia Report

The outgoing chair of the Constitution Commission, Yash Ghai, has told Radio Australia Fiji police illegally confiscated printed copies of the draft constitution, and set some of them on fire.[the police took 599 copies of the draft . It was the galley proofs that were burnt.]

Ghai says all 600 copies of the draft document were seized from the printer three days before Xmas, on Saturday the 22nd. He also told Pacific Beat he was abused by the police officer in charge of the operation when he tried to tell them their actions were illegal. Predictably the regime has not responded to the allegations.

Ghai told presenter Bruce Hill he was called when police arrived at the printers to confiscate the copies of the proposed new constitution.

GHAI: Well I decided that I would go to the printers and talk to the police and tell them that the copies of the draft constitution belonged to the commission and we had ordered the printing, we had done the report, therefore they should desist from confiscating those copies.

[Correction. With the presentation of the draft constitution to the President the previous day, the Commission ceased to exist and Prof Ghai was no longer a commissioner. The copies therefore belonged either to Government or to the Commission Secretariat that continues to exist until the convening of the Constituent Assembly in the second week of January, in which case Keshwa Reddy of the Secretariat had responsibility for the draft copies and not Prof Ghai.]

Anonymous said...

HILL: What was the response of the police when you went down there and remonstrated with them about this?
GHAI: Well there were 12 policemen there who had been sent to collect the boxes, and they didn't really know how to respond to me. And I said the police had always to act according to the law and the documents belonged to us. But they were a bit embarrassed and they didn't know what to say. Then after a while they rang someone and they told me that the officer in charge of the particular operation was going to come and explain to me the reasons. Well it took about half an hour, a bit more, before that officer came, and he seemed very angry with me and was quite rude to me. But I explained to him the background of the printing of the documents. He used language I can't repeat on the phone … and sort of brushed me aside and ordered the staff to, or the police to upload the boxes in the truck they had brought for this purpose.

HILL: Presumably the police don't make this decision by themselves. Did the officer in charge tell you had ordered this?
GHAI: No, he said he had his orders. I told him that I'd be trying to call the Commissioner of Police as soon as I heard that the police were at the printers, but I could not reach him. I wrote a letter when he I couldn't reach him setting out the circumstances of the printing and saying that he should instruct his police not to confiscate them. And I showed him that letter and said if he were to take the copies, I would be grateful if he could sign that letter so that … but he took it knowing that I thought it was illegal.
[If the copies did not belong to the defunct commission, Prof Ghai was exceeding his responsibilities.]

HILL: So was this in any sense legal? Was there a warrant to take these? Was this simply as you say a confiscation of what was officially the Constitution Commission's property?
GHAI: No there were no instructions, no written instructions. In the beginning he just said this printing is illegal, and I said under what law? He said under the decree, he meant the decree which governs the process. And I said no, on the contrary, we are completely independent and we decide how we distribute our documents. Then I said he contradicted me, abused me, then I said are you a lawyer? He said no. I said well I am, and I've been working under the decree. And then it seemed that it was a bit pointless, so then I stopped trying to persuade him.

[Correction. There are two decrees on the 'process'. The first, passed in July, set up the Commission and defined its roles. The second, passed on 31 October, amended the earlier decree and expressly forbade the Commission from distributing the draft prior to its receipt by the Constituent Assembly. The amendment was a result of increasing Government concerns that the Commission had not maintained its neutrality as required in the original decree. I shall address these concerns in a later article. I am surprised that a lawyer of Prof Ghai's calibre chose deliberately to not distinguish between the two decrees and used the original one to claim ownership of the draft copies.]

HILL: Now I understand that there was another incident just on the tail end of this in which some shredded copies of the final document the printers had used for proofing, were actually piled in front of you, soaked in kerosene and set on fire? [The general impression is of multiple copies of the draft going up in smoke when only galley proofs, that would have no further use unless a further reprint was required, were involved.]
GHAI: Yes exactly and I was saying why are you setting it on fire? You have shredded it, nobody can put it together or you can just take it with you and you can cut up a bit further, but they insisted on, they brought a tin of kerosene and spread all the papers, brought some stick with a flame at the end and started the burning of it, and every few minutes or seconds they would come and put another dose of kerosene, so the flames would rise up again until everything was reduced to ashes.

Anonymous said...

HILL: As you were watching this draft constitution that you've been working on for months, what was going through your mind?
GHAI: Well I was of course extremely upset and I thought that this was some sort of symbolic act on the part of whoever gave the orders to tell me that this is how we will treat your work. And I felt extremely sorry, not for myself, but for the people of Fiji, if this was indeed an order from the government then it shows such contempt for our work, and in turn contempt for the people who had come out in their thousands and thousands to give us their views, participate in the process. And I felt really not just a betrayal, I just felt will Fiji ever have a democratic constitution.

HILL: Given however that they quite literally made the constitution go up in flames in front of you, can you really have confidence that this government will actually do that?
[Hyperbole! That's telling them! "Quite literally" the constitution did not go up in flames?]
GHAI: Well I have to say this is very discouraging.
[An understandable emotional, but not particularly reliable, reaction to Hill's prompting.]

HILL: Is there anything that we haven't touched on in this interview that you'd like to mention about what's happened and what it means for Fiji?
GHAI: Fiji cannot go on like this. Fiji has to return to some normality, but above all it has to make decisions about the future, about working and living together, creating national unity around certain common values, which are sketched out in great detail in the draft constitution, and which we believe is what people wanted. This is what we gathered from our discussions with them. I'd very much like to be able to encourage all the sides to work together. This is not a question of party politics, this is a question of the national interests and a constitution has to be a consensus document, otherwise it fails to perform its essential function of a kind of social contract. I have done the best I could, I'm an outsider, I was privileged to be asked to chair it. I was able to look at all points of view with some objectivity, and to suggest a compromise, not even a compromise really because I think it's in the interests of all the groups that institutions, procedures, values we have recommended should become the foundation of Fiji.
[The Commission virtually ignored the RFMF submission and may have gone too far on consensus but that will have to be the subject of a later article.]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maka Chodo Darmend Goundar will also be part of the assembly as he will be paying for his raid two years ago without any charges and he will be selling the Madrasses right with his dad.

tattifala said...

state officials standing with their country flag behind them to look important and all that diplomatic bullshit when in fact what they are doing is plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

Did Croz also detect that Bruce Hill considers him a bloody scab?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Croz, the Commission ordered the printing before its submission to Nailatikau. By your own reasoning, then, Ghai was still a commissioner.

Also, the second illegal decree was post hoc. It unilaterally changed the terms of Ghai's commission. It was at variance with the first decree. And it was never accepted by the Commission. Like all other regime decrees, it has no legal bearing in any case.

Keep The Faith said...

It is quite extraordinary to witness a proposal being presented here that it 599 COPIES of GALLEY PROOFS that were burnt by the illegal & treasonous regime hound dogs.

Galley proofs are only single copies used to assess print quality & accuracy. Only a printing press owned by Bill Gates could justify running off 599 copies of what are basically dud copies.

Bloody helll even the most cursory of glances on Wikipedia can tell you how this old school technique is outdated - even for Fiji's standards.

So. Who's on the roster to pull out the next porky debunking Ghai tomorrow? Naivalurua put up an entertaining attempt and well Thickoitoga is just 'entertainment central' with all his uncoordinated-from-Qorvis bull.

Keep The Faith said...

It is quite extraordinary to witness a proposal being presented here that it 599 COPIES of GALLEY PROOFS that were burnt by the illegal & treasonous regime hound dogs.

Galley proofs are only single copies used to assess print quality & accuracy. Only a printing press owned by Bill Gates could justify running off 599 copies of what are basically dud copies.

Bloody helll even the most cursory of glances on Wikipedia can tell you how this old school technique is outdated - even for Fiji's standards.

So. Who's on the roster to pull out the next porky debunking Ghai tomorrow? Naivalurua put up an entertaining attempt and well Thickoitoga is just 'entertainment central' with all his uncoordinated-from-Qorvis bull.

Keep The Faith said...

It is quite extraordinary to witness a proposal being presented here that it 599 COPIES of GALLEY PROOFS that were burnt by the illegal & treasonous regime hound dogs.

Galley proofs are only single copies used to assess print quality & accuracy. Only a printing press owned by Bill Gates could justify running off 599 copies of what are basically dud copies.

Bloody helll even the most cursory of glances on Wikipedia can tell you how this old school technique is outdated - even for Fiji's standards.

So. Who's on the roster to pull out the next porky debunking Ghai tomorrow? Naivalurua put up an entertaining attempt and well Thickoitoga is just 'entertainment central' with all his uncoordinated-from-Qorvis bull.

Optimus said...

@ Anon Jan 3 2013, 9:27, 9:28, 9:31, 9:33 PM

The dictator is well renowned LIAR so go f#ck your observation.

Anonymous said...

2013 started with a BANG for Fiji with the burning of draft constitution, will be an exciting year.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon January 4, 2013 12:40 AM...uh...the burning of Ghai failure was way back in 2012!!

This is 2013!!...of course it started with bang bang bang of the bamboo guns in the village.

Soo would the present memebr of the Cabinet included in the Assembly? the Military council ? Church leaders ??

soo where does that leave the mums and dads, student association, women groups, ...and grog gan in Bainiwai?

May be best to open up submissions again...just that best Ghai should never be given any credit what so ever!!

Optimus said...

Oilei Semi Meo another submission another kerekere by the dictator for funds. Those countries aren't foolish to keep throwing their tax payers money towards an insecure regime running around in circles trying to catch it's tail. From what I've read, Ghai's draft is fair. But judging from Tikoitoga's recent outburst there will be a dramatic change in that draft, expect to see completely different draft when Frank's handpicked constituent assembly complete their mission.

Anonymous said...


Thursday January 3,2013

By Macer Hall

THE military ruler of Fiji plans to remove the Union Flag from his country’s national flag – and British money is helping him do it.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama, who seized power in the former colony in a military coup in 2006, has announced that a new flag is being designed to signal a clean break.

It also emerged yesterday that the new fl ag is being introduced as part of a constitutional shakeup funded by the European Union and the Foreign Office.

There was anger last night that taxpayers’ cash was being squandered on a diplomatic snub.

William Dartmouth, foreign affairs spokesman for Ukip, said: “For this to happen under the order of a dictator, via a process designed by him and an assembly stuffed with cronies is wrong.

"That it is being funded in part by the Foreign Office and the EU just makes it worse.”

William Dartmouth

The current flag was adopted when Fiji gained independence in 1970. Fiji has received cash from a £1billion EU fund for encouraging democracy and human rights and has had backing from the Foreign Office.

But its slow progress to democracy led to suspension from the Commonwealth in 2009.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “The appearance of the Fijian flag is entirely a matter for the interim government of Fiji.”

Anonymous said...

In last night's TV news, it was disgusting to see National Federation Party's senior members Praveen Bala and regime appointed Lautoka City Council Administrator praise the soldiers for the clean -up of the sugar city. He cannot not hold back his blackend lips sings praises for the goons in green what a shame for NFP. looks like NFP would dominate the constituent Assembly and approve the constitution of Nazhat Shameem.

Anonymous said...

They get dogstyled

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo you're clearly mad, go into a mental institution because you need help. When all of his started you were praising Prof. Ghai, and when the draft was presented to the pisshead illegal president, you were singing, but now you're saying the opposite. Geez your Alzheimer's is getting worse man, please go and seek help because you're insane. What a joke you have become pussy Meo. Don't bother responding because all you'll give is shit, as usual.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nazhat Shameem has nice hairy cat..

Anonymous said...

Anon@7.54AM, which one? I hope you're not referring to semi meow lol

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 8:17 Bai has 2 hairy cats too. Both losing hairs too because Semi has been rubbing them hard.

Vutuki Meo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Rohit Kishore now running Cezars palace ,hotel suva and bar,back to his old trade pros

Anonymous said...

Who is Rohit Kishore?

Anonymous said...

300 want in

Nanise Loanakadavu
Friday, January 04, 2013

ABOUT 300 applications have been received by the Prime Minister's Office from individuals and organisations hoping to become members of the Constituent Assembly.......



Anonymous said...

Let us not give any importance to Santa Maharaj since he is in Auckland collecting Workman's compensation and conning people.

Santa get a life. Stop trying to make yourself look as if you are important. Stop blowing your own trumpet.

You are nothing but a "scumbag".

Anonymous said...

Calling for applications is only a front to disguise what Bocimarama and Aiyarse have in mind. Read what Naivalurua had to say....the members of the assembly will be handpicked by the dumbass Bocimarama. And I'm 99.99% sure semi will never ever be considered because he ran away from Fiji leaving behind thousands of dollars, so that makes him ineligible.

One thing for sure is, the ass-embly will be dominated by those loyal to Bocimarama and Aiyarse. Nothing has changed, nothing will until Bocimarama and Aiyarse are put away for good.

Anonymous said...

Suresh Patel(Automart fame),and Bipin Patel(reg no. 777) want to be in the Assembly desperately--together with Wella Pillay(Gecko).

Anonymous said...

Apart from selling defective cars Suresh Patel of Automart also sells defective vegetables fro his farm for export--shame on him !!!

Observer said...

Note the arrest of 8 former army officers in Chile and being taken to task after 39 years for the murder of left wing folk singer Victor Jara arrested, tortured and killed then dumped in the street so far away from where the murder was done in 1973...very interesting!

This is what democratic Fiji should be planning and preparing for...all records and information systems kept up-to-date ready for the big day when all the thugs from 2000 and since 2006 are to be taken to task gto face what they deserve, including those who have continued to benefit in whatever way.

SEMI MEO said...

Now another thought, why not the/a "Fiji Government in exile" (if there is one who should have been ready to take over) or these prodemocracy guru, draft its own constitution, then give/sent copies to members of the Assembly..

Don’t you think that that may then justify the final product be the document ALL of us collectively ordain? Why not, as now we have about 3 different versions of the draft floating around. ..may be the more the merrier?

Just that we all barking ready to shred the Rear Admiral’s draft, while none of us care put up an alternative constitution!!...or would that be the similar trend pre-elections in that we keep vilify and profane while he sails in , probably, uncontested as your Prime Minister for the next 8 years!..or is there a worthy alternative PM out there???....please put your hand up now!!

...oh, and we are sooo blessed to be memebers of respective families and proud of the name we're honoured with...what ever throw at us...we stand united as a family!!..and I am sure 99.99% of brave Fijian do concur. let's not be too concerned with the 0.01% low life of Fijian breed whose own parents may have taught them to profane all things that move...as tonite they print a copy of all their post in blogs and read it as bed time stories to there loved ones...that is there choice...an we can not do anything about that!!..God bless and favour the 99.99% of the rest of us brave and sane Fiji Citizens...moce joe..

Julab Dean said...

Fiji: New constitution ready within three months

8:49 AM Thursday Jan 3, 2013



Fiji's military coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama. Photo / Dev Nadkarni

Fiji's military coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama said the country's new constitution would be ready within three months, paving the way for a return to an elected government next year.

In his New Year's Day address to the Pacific island nation, Bainimarama also said the country would get a new flag to "reinforce a new Fijian identity".

Bainimarama tore up the previous constitution in 2009, three years after seizing power, and said a new charter protecting a corruption-free state was essential before democracy could be restored.

"The new, modern and enduring constitution will be ready by the end of the first quarter of 2013," he said, adding this would "set the scene" for the 2014 elections.

"A constitution that must ensure common and equal citizenry and a constitution that must ensure that any representatives of the people in the new parliament must be elected under the principle of one person, one vote and one value," he said.

Bainimarama drew widespread international criticism and Fiji was suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum when he scrapped the previous constitution and replaced all judges with hand-picked officials.

He rejected all pressure for an early return to democracy, saying the new constitution must be in place first.

A draft of what will be Fiji's fourth charter is currently with President Epeli Nailatikau before being reviewed by a special assembly.

The former British colony recently removed the image of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II from its currency and Bainimarama said it would soon get a new flag.

"All of this is to reflect a sense of national renewal, to reinforce a new Fijian identity and a new confidence in being Fijian on the global stage," he said.

The current flag features the red, white and blue Union Flag of Britain in the top left-hand corner with the shield from the Fiji coat of arms on the right side.


Mohammed Azum said...

Who is this Santa Maharaj?

tattifala said...

Fiji on the Global stage!! Wow!! Fiji can't even get its house in order. Fiji can't respect its Constitution. Fiji has a rogue army and Fiji is currently under a Military dictatorship. So what would Fiji be doing on the Global stage?
The megalomanic dictator imagining himself strutting on the global stage!!
What a joke!

tattifala said...

the flag "issue" is just a diversionary tactic to draw attention away from the main issue for the people of fiji : THE Fiji ARMY's RETURN to BARRACKS NOW!!
the flag issue is an irrelevant issue. Did the country need a military coup and a military dictatorship to change its flag ? It's a sad indictment if it did. But I don't think it did. Remmember Fiji got its independence from British colonial rule without lifting a finger!! The flag issue is a bullshit issue.

Anonymous said...

From Semi Meo's contribution we can see that he is trying really hard to be recognised by Bananas and be called by him to the Constitution Assembly. We know you Semi. We know that you have an insatiable desire to be famous. So you will stoop to a very low level and are willing to say anything.

Anonymous said...

Chief Justice to have a hand in the Constitution!

Constituent Assembly formation

07:03 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Mika Loga

The Constituent Assembly is required by Decree to ensure that their views reflect those of all Fijians when it deliberates the draft Constitution.

With no word yet on when the members will be appointed, the Fiji Constitution Process Decree stipulates discussions should begin from next week and the draft document to be adopted before the end of March.

Mika Loga reports.

“The Consituent Assembly has about eleven weeks to debate and adopt the draft constitution. The number of people to constitute the Assembly will be decided by the Prime Minister."

“The Decree requires the Assembly to debate the draft Constitution, as well the Explanatory Report of the Constitutional Commission before adopting the document."

“Their views are to represent the view of all Fijians and keep the people informed of the progress of their debate.”

“The Assembly is also required to have an open media policy, and its debates open to the public. When adopting a provision of the draft, the Assembly is required to take a vote with at least two thirds of its members present.”

“Once it adopts the draft Constitution, the Assembly must present it to the President within seven days – who will then forward it to the Chief Justice who then appoints a five member Tribunal, to consider whether the draft complies with the principles and values of the Fiji Constitutional Process and Adoption of Constitution Decree.”

“If passed by the Tribunal, the President will give his assent to the draft constitution… the country could see its new Constitution by August this year.”

Dr Rohit Kishore fraudster said...

To Anonymous said...Who is Rohit Kishore? 4, 2013 9:50 AM.

Dr Rohit Kishore is former USP lecturer sacked for forging his CV while applying for professorship. After failing as an academic in Australia, this regime sucker accepted position of Permanent Secretary lands in illegal government. He is crafty person with no morals or principles taking advantage of the situation on Fiji.

Jangli Mircha said...

Hundreds want to be in assembly


There is overwhelming interest in membership of the Constituent Assembly to decide the constitution, with hundreds of applications now confirmed.
The assembly will also include representation from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.
Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga reminded members of the public the changes experienced had been brought about by the military intervention in 2006.
Colonel Tikoitoga said they wanted to see it through and their voice had to be heard at the Constituent Assembly while finalising the constitution.
Prime Minister’s Office Permanent Secretary, Lieutenant Colonel Pio Tikoduadua, said by yesterday they had received more than 300 membership applications. But more were still coming by mail.
The constitution will provide the platform for next year’s general elections. It will also provide the guiding principles and laws for a modern Fiji which is a true democracy where all are equal.

All the main political parties from the past, Soqosoqoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL), Fiji Labour Party, and National Federation Party, had applied for assembly places.
So had small parties like the United Peoples Party.
Mr Tikoduadua said Constituent Assembly membership would be decided by the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.
The Prime Minister had already told the media that the Constituent Assembly he would appoint would represent the broadest possible cross section of Fijian society.

The Prime Minister had stressed that to qualify as members of the Constituent Assembly, individuals and organisations need to demonstrate that they represent a significant constituency. “
They must also be guided by a commitment to the interests of the nation and the Fijian people as a whole, he said.
Speaking at the opening of the Attorney-General’s Conference last month the Prime Minister said Fijians could not allow a narrow band of elite to again determine the country’s future.
He said: “We have already had a handful of men determine what our constitution would be after independence, we have already had the 1990 Constitution imposed with almost no consultation at all, and we have already had the key recommendations of the Reeves Commission overturned by a joint parliamentary select committee. This will not happen again.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Tikoduadua said Yash Ghai’s Constitution Commission had handed its draft constitution to the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.
This now goes to the Constituent Assembly to debate and decide.
It is the Constituent Assembly, Lieutenant-Colonel

Rameshwar Lal-NZ said...

I dont know why people are so anti Banimara. He is following the process as he outlined before. Give this man a chance. Wait for the announcement of the assembly. As a neutral person I think the army should go back to the barrack for a fair and clean election. The President should appoint the Assembly, a care-taker government and oversee the election of a democratic government. Any future election should not be allowed on racial lines. No party should be allowed to be formed on racial basis. Multiracialism is the key for fiji. However the fear of fijians losing their land should be enshrined in the constitution. Fijians should not fear Fiji indians any more because indian population will become smaller and smaller in future. The people of fiji deserve a higher standard of living. The country has gone down the gurgular in the last 23 years. Both poor indians and fijians have suffered. May god bless fiji.

tattifala said...

people can apply to be in Bainimarama's CA (DON"T FORGET it's Bai's CA) . apply? we heard that bullshit before, haven't we? apply for positions in Bai's "govt"! remember? But he had already lined up the people he wanted on his "team" then. it will be no different in the bogus CA I bet

Anonymous said...

I have been reliably informed that the last one on one meeting between Professor Yash Ghai and Bai. Did not go too well. As a matter of fact when Bai got so frustrated with good Professor, he got up and started to walk towards him and was going to assault the Professor. Man what a Junglee attitude the PM has!!!

tattifala said...

@ Rameshwar Lal ,NZ
if you "don't know why people are anti Bainimara" then you must be a stupid fellow.
what is the difference between a democracy (in which you are living) and a dictatorship (which Bainimarama has imposed on the people of fiji)?
Do you know Rameshwar?
Don't stay in NZ and say silly things! Get Real Man!!

tattifala said...

@ Anon1231PM
not surprised to hear Bai was about to assault ghai at their last "one on one" meet.threatening to assault people he doesn't agree with has been the"PM" Bai's trade mark style of "leadership"!winning arguments with the fist and guns. what a laudable leadership style!!

SEMI MEO said...

@Coward wanna be assembly member of January 4, 2013 11:45 AM.
Gonei...the Assembly membership has been finalised IN NOVEMBER LAST YEAR!!

Though I offer to re-assemble your thought processes to sanity level and pump in a bit of patriotic zeal..if ever you decide jump out off the slimy slippery low life you now prefer…your call bothy!

Anonymous said...

Rameshwar Lal should come live in Fiji to get a taste of living under dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! @ Hundreds want to be in assembly.

The effing circus has already been selected by Bai. Who you're trying to fool Bolatiki.

tattifala said...

only one hundred lining up for a spot in the CA?!
the regime can easily bus in a couple hundred more from the villagers that were falling all over themselves to offer "traditional apology" to the dictator!! Better still just round up some no school people from the numerous squatter settlements . That will give you a far bigger number vying for a place in the CA!!

Anonymous said...

Ignore the idiot. You're only encouraging him.

Anonymous said...

So, comparing the foregoing postings, we now know that 'Paula' is really Semi Meo writing under a different name.

Anonymous said...

Yes we should all ignore the idiot Semi Maqe.

mark manning said...

Australia and New Zealand should demand our tax dollars back for this pathetic and predictable charade.

mark manning said...

I suspect Semi might even be Graham Davis in disguise!

SEMI MEO said...

@Mark Manning...heee....hee...heeee..I like you man!

Anonymous said...

Semi Maqe should be sent back to the zoo.

Anonymous said...

Joni Madraiwiwi is going to chair the constituent assembly to fight for gay rights. What say John and Graham? We can punter together!

Anonymous said...

Mark, Semi and Graham are best mates, they often visit gay bars. Semi is a strong advocate of gay rights, so he's well qualified to be in the assembly.

SEMI MEO said...

@Sodomite of January 4, 2013 11:03 PM....so that was you hiding behind the bar when we visited to rescue married men like you in the cave!

Semi Meo for president said...

Semi Meo for president of tatti ghar (vale ni veka or toilet).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Agree with Mark Manning on regime paying back Aus & NZ tax dollars. Frank should pay it from his millions in Hong Kong bank account.

Anonymous said...

Semi Maqe for Minister for Gay Affairs. It is widely known that the pig bainimagana has a healthy bank account due to his corrupt dealings, yet people like semi Maqe are praising him. To praise a thief semi Maqe makes you a thief, well it takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

Mark I think you have hit the nail on the head saying semi is Davis in disguise. I think it's time he starts using Semi Davis Jr as his call card! What do you think folks? Lets have first general election vote right here on C4.5.

Anonymous said...

I like that name, Semi Davis Jnr.

SEMI MEO said...

(Re-posted after numerous request...thank you all brave 99.99% Fijians..)

Fiji; WAKE UP!!...Why are we so desperate and eager to cook up some pieces of papers to call a Constitution???

And very hypocritical for other sovereign (who do NOT have a national constitution) to demand and shout down on us to quickly draft and finalise a blooming constitution!!

Fiji has survived for about 50 months without a constitution!! ..and did well before 1970!

Hold your guns…Form 5 student will confirm to the rest of us that the State of Israel has survived for FIFTY YEARS probably without a written constitution!!...and survived with fulying colours in Defence, Agriculture, Technology and conservator of the Christianess.etc

Form 4 students (who may still be taught British history as we did in late 1970s,) may confirm that the United Kingdom have NO written constitutions…OH..and is the home of Westminster kind of government the democratic world craves!

Form 3 students (who may still be taught NZ geography as we did in late 1970s) may confirm that the “realm” of New Zealand, the least corrupt country on earth…DO NOT HAVE A COUNSTITUTION!!

Of course, the 3 sovereign nations adapt various legislations, precedents and borrowed a bit of the Magna Carta and The Bill of Rights rules to govern to be the one of the proudest defender of the faith and model country ever!

No coup culture!...

We believe we were doing just fine before big cousin Charles delivered that book in Albert Park in 1970….could that have been the book thrown at us to our gradual detriment!

Did our original members of the Constitutions Assembly in the late 1960's foreknew that we would be walking on a tight rope thereinafter balancing on itaukei x factor when they agreed on what we know later learn to be a Coup prone constitution, after the itaukei x factor tipped the equation?..

..why didn’t the junior UK foreign Minister coordinating that event admit then to our leaders that that…uh…”look gentlemen we in the UK do NOT have a constitution and why not, like we do in the UK invoke traditional norms and government of your indigenous lot and in consideration of the assimilated cultures.”

But..typical colonial master….preaching and lording the democracy and constitution gospel on us colonies, yet giggling that yet another bother is no more in their greedy empire!

We say!...how dare!

Now, lets learn from the “righteous state” of NZ, Westminster inventor UK and “Christianess of the State of Israel!.

..after all ,we’re no more than a million souls to mould to unity under the Law with NO constitution!

Anonymous said...

Semi Davis Jr gets my vote.

tattifala said...

@ Semimeow
yes let's have no constitution. who needs a constitution when you can have a diktator who can make the laws whenever he feels like it!
decree this and decree that...
semimeow, you no the drill!!

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon...January 5, 2013 4:01 PM...so you're saying the Rear Admiral will be PM forever in successive generations?

Your fear may be baseless!!

Have been proved that constituions do NOT gurantee peace etc!

..YOU know the drill!

Anonymous said...

Sem Davis Jnr, you need a drill through your thick skull to release all the filth thats clouding your few brains cells.

tattifala said...

@ Semi Meo
yeah constitutions do not guarantee peace etc but the military can.
in fiji that has been a proven fact since 1987!!

Chandu 'the chor' Umaria said...

Beware of Chandu 'the chor' Umaria. He already raid Suva City Council once. he will do it again.

Vasu said...

Another opportunist is Inoke Kubuabola. He was very much part and participant of 1987 as well as 2000 coup. He was a member of Alliance, SVT, some what with SDL, and now with Bainimarama.

He also is like a whore who will his mother to highest bidder. A good friend of one Himmat Lodhia.

Next to Apsai Tora, Kubuabola is someone that needs to be monitored but not given much importance personally. He only was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs to keep a peace with Ratu Josefa Iloilo. Josefa Iloilo was God Father of Kubuabola and after the events of 2006 Kubuabola went and visited the President Josefa Iloilo. He asked for a ministerial position with the government. In order to keep Josefa Iloilo happy Bainimarama and the military council had to accommodate the instruction. Thus Kubuabola landed the position.

Inoke Kubuabola fellow is an extremely unpredictable. He will change his allegiance to anyone where he may benefit. In other words I would classify Inoke Kubuabola as A "Political Whore".

Sharon Suaniu said...

The military inteligence should be fair and cast it's scope within the regime as well starting from the dicktator Vore himself. Stop spying on harmless citizens like us.

tattifala said...

@ Vasu
I don't know if this Rat U Inoke Kubuabola fala is a "Pacific Whore" but he certainly is a political scoundrel of the first order seeing as he was a key player in the first military coup of 1987 and is still around in the "current government" as a Minister - and even accorded respect by democratic leaders from foreign countries. But all the respect he gets on account of his official status cannot hide the fact that he is a political scoundrel.

tattifala said...

Oh another thing . How come this regime and its vociferous supporters maintain that the regime's objective is to get rid of "old politicians" who have harmed the country but has retained Rat U Inoke Kubuabola?
Isn't he an "old politician"?
This simply confirms you "clean up"campaigners as a bunch of power grabbing LIARS! There is no mistaking that fact.

SEMI MEO said...

The dignity, diplomacy and grace of Ratu Inoke Kubuabola has appeased ruthless politicians of the outside world who’re determined NOT to negotiate with the Military elements in the Fiji Government.

If any, Fiji should be thankful to seasoned diplomat and tactful politician like Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

..or are these few cyber thugs just envious of the Cakaudrove Chief’s ability to bring the serenity of the “tagimoucia” into volatile mix of things!

Mimica said...


me mica ga a gusumu o Inoke Kububokola...me qai mici au ga o Nazat

SEMI MEO said...

@Mimica January 6, 2013 7:32 PM...qai tabaka na ka o vola toka qo ka laki wilika vei iratou na nomu veitinani kei rau na nomu tubutubu...wilika vei iratou..

Kaimami na sega ni kurabuini ratou na biutu iko mo qai mai mimica daudua voli!

O nanuma ni sega ni dua e kila na yacamu kei na vanua o tiko kina qori??....isa...keimami sa loloma tale!

Mimica said...


Lao ga mai meu mica a gusumu

vtukimeo said...


Soso mada ai voco i qa ni bulu

Anonymous said...

Military Government of Fiji is taking Fiji to a new world of lawlessness, and low or zero economic growth. The taxpayers and the business community will feel the impact soon and the cost of living is very high because of continuos military coups. Nation Building is not an easy job and as a former civil servant it will be more tougher when there is lawlessness and no qualified leader to take us through. Frank is only a soldier and I am sure that by now he would like to retire peacefully to his home or abroad. The new elected government if election is going to take place on a new constitution will have to work very hard to improve the current status of our legal, socio economic and racial harmony for all Fiji citizen. Fiji need a new leader, and I suggest we should get someone from England to guide us again into the right path and to bring peace to all races in Fiji and ultimately to introduce a fair and just legal system in our country. The heads of Military, Police, PSC and the Legal Judiciary Commission should be from Englnad, and not from Australia, NZ or the USA. Let us start with a new page of solving these on-going problems in the beginning of another new year. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Reposted after numerous requests that he shut the F up.

SEMI MEO said...

Oh..who are these flies flying around this highly esteemed column…they feast on “tattifala”, fly over to sodomy’s chief, back to their own family and back to C4.5.

Oh boy..they love to blind side 99.99% brave Fijians, just like those large menacing “lago levu ni tatti”…bzzz…bzzz…bzzzzz…oh…dive to another “ deni koli” of an story, back to "tattifala" and Sodomy chief to report.and on...and on....

OK…jokes aside…look guys..it may NOT really matter how much you demean, profane, slur me and my name…for you see…like us 99.99% sane Fijians, we know our defensive and attacking weapons in the spiritual stratosphere of evil elements like your breed…so…yawn…right now, all you profanity are coming back your way in many forms!!...waraka!

My advise is stick to the topic!...even if you remain anonymous, but doing so with dignity like a true Fijian!

Right now...phew!!...C4.5 may need to call the Fire Brigade to hose off all you guys tatti posts!!

tattifala said...

@ Semi Meow
check mada the phew!! might be emanating from your dakumu!!

Meomeo said...

Meo is speaking through his tatti ole...thats why all the flies are buzzing around

Anonymous said...

It will not be a level playing field if the "Assembly" is going to be hand picked by the Vore!!
Just where is the the justice, where is the transparency, where is the independence, where is the freedom that we and the outside world are being ear-bashed with??
Do these illegal thugs really, really think we are so stupid and gullible??
Where are you Gillard and Key??
But then again I guess Fiji has really, really nothing to offer to your bigger pictures. We are simply just a drop in the ocean, and are very, very insignificant in both your foreign policies !!