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Monday, January 21, 2013

Call for income and assets to be disclosed extended to include RFMF and flood funds

United Front for a Democratic Fiji

20 January 2013

Tax payers want plain answers, Mr Khaiyum- stop evading the issue!

Why is the Attorney General dodging issues we raised demanding accountability from Prime Minister Bainimarama and himself, the Leaders of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji (UFDF) asked in a joint statement today.

These two hold high government office and are required by law to maintain transparency and accountability in the management of public funds and taxpayers’ moneys.

The UFDF Leaders said the AG was being evasive by claiming that government accountability was not the issue.  It is very much the issue. The regime is demanding transparency and accountability from everyone else except itself. Isn’t this the height of hypocrisy?

The principles of transparency and accountability, as important aspects of good governance, apply equally to all persons holding high public office whether they are officials of political parties or holding executive government positions.

Indeed, these principles of good governance are even more important in the case of those in executive government positions such as the PM and the AG as they are responsible for the management of public funds or taxpayers’ moneys. 

The UFDF Leaders in their statement (Friday), asked Aiyaz Khaiyum to  answer the following questions:

·        Disclose all incomes and assets, including all properties acquired since seizing power in 2006 including  

·        Why are the audited accounts of the Prime Ministers Flood and Cyclone Relief Fund not published for the information of the people and donors?

·        Why is the Prime Minister blocking the audit and publishing of the RFMF Regimental Funds?


·        Why government accounts and finances, and the Auditor General’s reports have not been published since 2008 as required under the Finance Management Act?

The AG is avoiding the question when he says that the Public Accounts Committee is still looking at pre-2006 government accounts.. The political Leaders’ questions are about the publishing of government accounts and finances from 2008 onwards.

They are required under the law to publish these documents for public scrutiny.

Mr. Khaiyum should also tell the people of Fiji why his Aunty is handling his  salary, that of the Prime Minister and other Cabinet Ministers rather than the Treasury as was the normal practice? And how much he and the Prime Minister are being paid – reports that they are receiving some three-quarters of a million dollars each have not been denied by either of them.      

The regime tends to denounce previous governments as being corrupt but at least under these governments, Cabinet salaries were always a matter of public information (not secret) and handled by the Treasury, not a private accounting firm. 

In the interest of transparency and accountability, Fiji’s taxpayers have a right to know the answers to these questions, Mr Sayed Khaiyum. Don’t try to dodge these questions by claiming that government accountability is not the issue here.
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Ratu Jone Kubuabola                                                       Mahendra Chaudhry                   
Member Executive Committee                                        Leader
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 Mick Beddoes                 Pramod Rae                               Attar Singh
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 United Peoples Party     National Federation Party       Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions                           



Anonymous said...

Umm, no truth in the Aunty allegation. AG and PM are paid by Ministry of Finance.

Anonymous said...

Finally we are getting somewhere. I can see the light. Looks like we are starting to watch the final reel of this horror movie.

Anonymous said...

You will not get any reply from this regime. Remember they hold te power with guns.

Shiu Raj said...

This advertisement should also be placed in Fiji Sun, Fiji Times, Fiji Village and Fiji Live so the people of fiji are aware of what the illegal government is doing in Fiji.

Seize their assets said...

We want to know how much the khaiyums, Shammeems, Aziz and especially the junta cash handler Aunty Nur have made from this junta. Declare all assets and income NOW. Their assets and those of all their families must be seized and they must be brought to justice for their acts against the nation. The assets of others who have benefitted from this human rights abusing junta including the illegal CJ gates, pryde and smith johns must also be seized.

Haroon Ali said...

ATTORNEY-General and Minister for Electoral Reform Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum dismissed claims by political parties in the country that getting 5005 signatures to re-register under the Political Parties Registration Decree 2013 would be logistically impossible in 28 days.

"Five thousand signatures represents 0.8 per cent of the 600,000 registered voters in the country. That is less than 1 per cent," Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

"If tomorrow 10 political parties went out to get signatures, that would only represent 8 per cent of all registered voters. It's not even 10 per cent with 10 political parties getting 5005 signatures. So it's not a large number. If you have widespread support, then it won't be difficult to get the signatures required," he said.

"If they have the widespread support that they claim, then they can quite easily get 5000 people to sign up," he added.

Fijian Labour Party leader and former prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry said the 5000 signature requirement was unprecedented and political parties in the country would have great difficulties in collecting 5000 signatures in 28 days.

The Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party said getting the 5000 signatures would prove difficult because political parties were not able to meet freely nor have meetings around the country to garner support.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Vutaki Meo wrote this"We the people must fight back NOW. Every man woman and child must act and sabotage the regime.
Lets BURN whatever belongs to Aiyaz, Bai, the sotia ni solisona and all their supporters.Burn Tapoos. Burn Tikoitoga's house . Burn Shameem's & Gates house etc."
Vutaki Meo- In 2000 coup you and your supporters did the same. They destroyed the lives of so many people especially in Manuweni, Nausori. You guys burnt their homes, stole their crops, rapped your own women in the parliament house, etc. You havent changed. How can we trust you to lead united Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Shiu Raj

Georgie boy you have yet to answer questions asked previously. If you are a true human, you will come out clean.

Anonymous said...

Frank and Kaiyum are liars. No one can trust them anymore. Why can't they answer some simple questions put to them as a matter of transparency and accountability? Are they afraid that the people of Fiji will know of their lies, greediness and corruption? Common give us the answer as we did not elected into office.

The Heckler said...

Question: Where are the regime's 5000 signatures?

Answer: Aiyaz holds 5000 "proxies" and Frank holds 5000 guns. Simple!

The Heckler said...

This is just like one of the games I so enjoyed playing with the girls. I called it: "You show me yours, and I'll show you mine."

mark manning said...

It's hilarious watching the stupid Soldiers eating the crumbs from Frank and Aiyaz plates and thinking that they are doing well.
It's like digging your own grave.

Shiu Raj said...

Two of the political parties, one of them the oldest in the country, have started ground work for registering for next year’s elections.
They are the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) and National Federation Party (NFP).
SDL, which was ousted from Government in 2006, said it would re-register to contest.
Party executive Ratu Jone Kubuabola said primary priority now was to change the SDL’s name from iTaukei to English and also have a multiracial mix.
NFP executives, meanwhile, held a meeting in Suva yesterday.
They have survived the test of political results good and bad over the decades, and plan to stand again.
Yesterday they resolved to seek Government help in a review of the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures Decree and also extension to the 28-day deadline to register.

SDL name change
Ratu Jone said because of the timeline in the Decree, the SDL would try and convene an assembly as soon as possible to discuss their name change.
“We will reregister and contest, but the time given in the Decree is very short,” he said.
“We have to act fast and try and form an assembly where we discuss the name change and discuss the decree with our members. It is important that they fully understand the Decree.”

Ratu Jone said the SDL would not have difficulty in the membership requirement – 5000 members from all four divisions of Fiji – 2000 from the Central Division, 1750 members from the Western Division, 1000 members from the Northern Division and 250 members from the Eastern Division.
He said their power base remained strong.

to chiefs
Ratu Jone brushed aside reports that SDL could merge with a party to be formed by some hereditary chiefs.
“This is news. We have not received an invitation to join another party or organisation,” he said.
Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa, was reported to be earmarked for the lead role – Ratu Jone understands the Rewa paramount chief remains with SDL.
“The Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua has not met. We are trying to meet so that we can discuss how to meet the requirements in the decree,” Ratu Jone said.

Anonymous said...

Now it is clearly evident that Kaiyum is really dogging the issue here, first without second thought of a back fire he went on to draw up his stupid deccree, look what happen now? Its haunting him big time.

Has Bainivuaka return from his acting trip to NY? He tried to tell the world that things are ok in Fiji, but in reality every single person in Fiji young and old just wanna lay their hands on him and Kaiyum.

Sa galu sara tiko o boci ni mataivalu Tikoitoga, Moji, e cava erau sa vagalui iko na nomu boso nio dau vosa tu vakalialia? Osa dau vosa oti o qai dau vakasama tu i muri, nio dau vosa tu, eda nanuma saraga ni vosa tu edua na tamata dina ka vuli vinaka, au kerei kemudrau kei Bainivuaka, drau lotu mada vakavinaka, drau kua ni tukuna tiko ni drau lotu vakarisito, drau qai bula tiko vaka musolomani,

Look whats happening in Fiji now, there are rapes everywhere, this only happens in India, murder in the highest number, what is going on one should ask? Well the bucks stops with you, Fiji is cursed because of you and Bainivuaka.

Stand up like man, as king David said to his son Solomon, "BE A MAN" kua ni vaka na vakasalewalewa, o sega tu ni kilai iko o tagane se o yalewa, ka kecega drau vakataratara, drau nanuma sara tiko ni qele e tagi, na tamata era tagi, drau na tarogi kina.

Do the right and what the people of Fiji are demading from, show Fiji what we need to know, only than people will trust u, and may give you their support.

Mr Davies, live Fiji alone, being born in Fiji from Aussie parents doesn't automatically make u a Ka Viti or I Taukei, go back to Australia you dole blugger, if your father still alive he would tell you to nick off, he really is a great friend of Fiji, and you are damaging his reputation.

Sharon Smith Johns, get out now while thete is still time for you, just pack you bags and leave, because every single person in this regime will be brought to justice or worst, so take this advice once again, pack and leave, remember your words, Fiji day last year, put down a lovo?

Last but not least, Rt Nailati ni Cakau illegal president, Sir, u are a chief, well act like one, come and join the thousands other chiefs around the country to rally against that illegal regime that you are part of. Stop signing everything that illegal AG is shoving up your nose to sign, learn to say no, think of the people of and be a true leader, lotu vinaka talega, ka qarava vinaka na Kalou, ciciva na vale ni lotu, sa rauta mada na cici tiko i vale ni ose.

God bless Fiji

Hamran Singh said...

Well done SDL. You are the only multiracial party left in Fiji now. Now indians should join SDL in droves after it changes its names. You have accepted the fact that you cannot have nationalist agenda any more but fiji is for all. Make SDL party like the former Allinace Party. It is time for indians to change and not stick with indian dominated parties. Maybe NFP and SDL should amalgamate. Bring back Rabuka in this party. He is not a bad person. He was used to ovethrow the government.

Fijiwala said...

Khaiyum's evasive/hypocritical reaction to the Fiji Democratic Front's calls for honesty refers. The Front is wasting time - easier to draw water from stone.

Khaiyum: asking him and PM to disclose asets is 'personal attack'.
Rubbish: it is asking for accountability on tax payers' behalf. Trust you to try and put a spin to it.
Khaiyum:questions political parties transparency.
Is the regime transparent with no audited accounts and record of PM, AG etc salaries?
Khaiyum: questions if parties have support.
Does regime have support/legitimacy?
Khaiyum:politicians are NOT telling real story about why they objecting to decree.
It's Khaiyum not telling real story but we know why he is are so eager to force this degree.
Khaiyum: describes political parties as "so-called democrats".
Maybe they are 'so-called' democrats, but regime is beyond doubt an autocratic-dictatorship. We prefer so-called democrats anyday.
This one takes the cake:
Khaiyum: (Parties) must, in keeping with their oft-repeated calls for transparency and accountability, declare their assets to the nation...
This from a regime, which more than anyone else, has been shouting from the roofstops about transparency. But when asked for disclosure, they run for cover or make excuses. How about you disclose salary and govt accounts to the nation? YOu are eating taxpayers' money.

How can you make such insincere statements Aiyaz, with a straight face and moral indignation to boot? Let it be known that your response was as vacuous as it was morally corrupt, evasive and dishonest.

FreedomFighter said...

All law abiding citizens of Fiji should join the various parties in demanding transparency & accountability from Vore & Aiarse. How can an illegal AG & PM demand something that they have not practiced for 6 years?. Aiarse you are being paid by public money, not the party executives. You hold that position by illegal means not party executives who were voted by democratic process, this is why it is vital that you reveal your assets since 2006. You owe this to tax payers who pay you. You demand transparency & accountability. Show 800,000 citizens of Fiji that you practiced these 2 vital ingredients of good governance.Your reason for no audit report for the last 6 years is an insult to our intelligence.You a again lying. GOD BLESS FIJI

Anonymous said...

See below - a former Reserve Bank Gov, a Confederacy Chief, former University Professor with PhD, 2 former Permanent Secretaries, 2 former diplomats etc etc ,,,,,2 with PhDs.
Compare this with Franks no school chief crowd,,,,,,sa vakaloloma qai boi dada nai lala ra veiliutaki tiko qo boidada ga vaka Tu Sai.....

SDL executives that are likely to be in the party meeting on Friday include Ratu Jone Kubuabola, Solomoni Naivalu, Ro Teimumu Kepa, Doctor Tupeni Baba, Anasa Vocea, Emitai Boladuadua, Sireli Koyamaibole, Mere Samisoni and Pio Tabaiwalu.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy ! Show me yours and I'll show you mine.

What bloody difference will it make if the present government reveal the financial statistics some are calling for ?

Are these whingers, critics and haters going to suddenly change their views and anti government stance ?

Just what are you going to do whatever is revealed ?

Move on ...................

Anonymous said...

Well done Ratu Jone, you have been chosen to lead the real clean up campaign, and it start's with registering.

Anonymous said...

How can Voceke and Aiyarse said that Prof Ghai broke the law when they are not following the FinanceAct that covers auditing of accounts etc? What you say kamlesh Kumari?

Fijiwala (Original ) said...


Please stop using my "handle" and be creative and find some thing new. It is sad that people like to just thieve instead of being creative and thinking something on their own. I know that you are not under any obligation to stop. But if you are not creative type and just like to thieve, May Good Lord Bless you. I will understand your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Shiu Raj

Georgie you shameless SOB. First you sell your community, than you sell your constituents, and now you have balls to say things?? I will be in Raki Raki soon and will ask you to answer about your direct involvement in the disappearance of the sisters and Dip Chand. I will make you talk. There is no doubt about it. I know which shop you run on King's Road.

Fijiwala clarification said...

To Fijiwala 'original'

I had no idea this so-called 'handle' was taken.
You sound like a pompous moron who likes to over rate himself: there is nothing remotely creative about a name like Fijiwala you peanut brain. You can both keep fijiwala and stick it too!

Me Taliban I-arse said...

These are valid demands...ie that Vore and I-arse declare their salaries and explain why Technicolour-haired Ms Buno is handling I-arse's and Vore's salaries.

These illegal usurpers enforce their demand on us with their self scripted decrees and gun point, whereas we the people when we want to question them we have to write anonimously in blogs....this is being done to us in our own country.....it hurts and is demeaning....this should boil up our emotions and resolve to shoot down to smitherin the current dictatorship.

They have no right to be supressing us.

We should all get behind the combined political parties to put an end to the current dictatorship

Vutuki Meo said...

@Kamlesh maichod Kumar.

Honestly Kamlesh you are such a dikhead , I don't want to waste my time answering your questions.

I wasn't even in Fiji in 2000. So go fark yourself!

Use some bloody logic in your discussions.

Anonymous said...

Before ASK and FBaini can take Fiji further to democracy...how did Francis Kean become PS when he was found guilty of manslaughter(????)...shud have been murder and life imprisonment..before we take fiji further can we clean them up and take out military personal for government and private institution and all those nominated by Military e.g Qetaki, Ayrse, his brother, the judiciary, Epeli the horse (Grants Waterhouse Live In Patron)..can Fiji do that..or we are too lame..

Anonymous said...

Thank you Political parties, go on and demand the truth from these thugs.All citizen of Fiji will support you, they have had enough of these liars and robbers.Yes they have to show their transparency first, otherwise the people will not support them.They will loose the election, it is obvious now.Hold hands together Fijians.Tikoi-idia oops, tikoitoga, close your mouth and go to your village and plant tavioka if you can, you big fat
bully !!

Anonymous said...

Someone..please get a fresh list of those thieves from the two Epelis, Voreqe & all their cronies in Fiji & abroad...Seize & sell all their assets for those in Fiji...teach them a lesson...so that the younger generation know that the illegal takeover of government is not right......We are sick & tired of them trying to justify their existence in government.....it was illegal and will remain illegal...

ASK AG redefines Cabinet Post in Oxford Dict said...

Its a real circus and we the spectators are not laughing. VB and ASK are gatekeepers to the public purse; the highest authorities of Government therefore the buck stops with these two. let me remind the pro regime followers on this site

VB holds the following ministries in Prime Minister and Minister for Finance (cabinet post), Strategic Planning, National Development and Statistics; Public Service; People’s Charter for Change and Progress; Minister for Information (cabinet post), National Archives and Library Services of Fiji; Minister for I-Taukei (cabinet post); Minister for Sugar Industry (cabinet post), Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources (cabinet post).

ASK holds the following ministries Attorney-General and Minister for Justice cabinet post), Anti-Corruption, Public Enterprises, Communications, Civil Aviation, Tourism, Industry and Trade (cabinet posts)

Persons who take up these positions are cabinet ministers by definition. A circus I say.

Anonymous said...

The pig Khaiyum thinks it is right that the members of the public declare their assets which they earned through their sweat and tears but it is not right for Frank and himself to show the people of Fiji how their tax dollars which Frank and Khaiyum stole through the barrel of the gun, how it is being used!

Is this fair in the eyes of Frank and Khaiyum? Clearly Khaiyum you are just growing extra skin to evade the real questions! The extra skin is also growing around your boci you bloody kulina!

Anonymous said...

SDL new English name:Fijian people
United Party; United Fijian peoples' Party; Organization of Fijian United Party;Those of you with other names please help and
contribute to this move?
Fijian(s) can be use according to the new decree as we're one new family.

Anonymous said...

28 days is durable and we can do it? Start the campain of signing up
membership in all the provinces?Get
the numbers required,don't make excuses go ahead and do it now?

Anonymous said...

Bring the high chiefs into the ring
and people will follow-let the chiefs picks who they want to run
for the new parliament.But it might
be safer for them to stay in the background but pick their educated
citizen Indo,Fijian,Kaivalagi to run?Lets beat these thieves and

Anonymous said...

If that's really your opinion -- that it should make no difference -- then you should have no objection whatsoever to your so-called "government of the day" meeting the democratic opposition's demands.

Another thing -- our stance is not "anti-government" at all. It is pro-government -- pro Fiji's elected and lawful government. What we oppose is treason -- your treason and the treason of the thugs you support.

This is OUR COUNTRY we're defending here. If you don't like it, crawl back to your grubby rock, Horowhenua, or wherever you came from.

Anonymous said...

ASK claims he actually took a pay cut coming into the regime to work for Frank. Amazing, then, that he should not want to prove that by disclosing his income. Also amazing how many more properties he's been able to acquire since taking his claimed pay cut.

Anonymous said...

The Gone Marama Bale should stay with SDL, and Fijians of all walks of life should rally around her.

Anonymous said...

Heckler, good to have you back.

Angry Kaiviti said...

Talking if the two Epeli's, where is the fence-sitter Ratu Tu'uakitau Cokanauto? Living off the crumbs that fall off his brother's table? if ever there was a useless chief and politician, he was one. He has made zero contribution to his people and the country, just living off his chiefly status. Must be quietly sucking on Frank's teats, talentless as he is.

Anonymous said...

Grab the proverbial bull by the horns, bite the proverbial bullet and answer the straight forward questions Arse!! Simple as that!!
Practice what you preach and be bloody TRANSPARENT!! By side-stepping the issues at hand proves yet again, that you are as usual, being selective, secretive and to put it bluntly, telling lies, yet again!!
I used to be of your ardent supporter, but alas, that is no more!! You see, I thought you people were God sent when you first started off!! I now see that you were ALL Lucifer sent!!
I am yet again reminded of that famous saying : "POWER CORRUPTS, BUT ABSOLUTE POWER, CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY".
Isa my beloved people and Fiji!! How I grieve for you!!

Anonymous said...

So the question should be how can they hold multiple positions when party leaders cannot. Is the regime going to pay them wages whilst they wait for the illusive election in 2014? What guarantee have the regime given to ensure election will take place? None just verbal and nothing in writing. These party leaders are being forced to resign and hope that election will take place. And whilst waiting they are suppose to finance an income from where? ASK and VB already have their hand in the purse so happy as food will be on the table tonight.

Keep up the voice.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's a circus!!
What with a mixture of clowns, morons, nitwits, liars, losers, bullies, murderers and what have you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ask and bai are the biggest chor.

Anonymous said...

It is about time the CEO of FIRCA, FICAC, Auditor General investigate the PM, AG, Nur Bano, and other Ministers and PS appointed by the Head of the Illegal Regime. Come on Nur Bano, it is about time you get your tax manager to disclose all your assets and the assets of all government officials you looked after their salaries and tax returns.

Tangatawhenua said...

Hot News Item: 9.30pm Monday 21/1/2013

The Fiji Police Band had been OKed by Naivalurua last week to fly over to NZ to entertain at the Auckland 7s Tournament, in response to Tailevu people invitation from Auckland.

But alas we just heard this afternoon that Naivalurua has just reversed his decision and banned the participation of the band in NZ. to the disappointment of Fiji people all over NZ.

The Fiji NZ communities and Air Pacific would have paid for their expenses.

It is bilieved that this may be related to ban placed on Fiji Wellington 7s players by the NZ Govt. If true its a silly childish petulent reply by Naivalurua....but we have got accustomed to such childish behaviours by the illegal Govt.

Fijiana said...

Vutuki Meo Said

Kamlesh maichod Kumar I wasn't even in Fiji in 2000. So go fark yourself!

What a colorful language you talk. It certainly goes to proof that you are very uneducated and do lack vocabulary.May God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

We can all talk and fart and then talk and smell hot air again, but let me tell you guys one thing Frank is here to stay. Three Cheers for Voreqe Bainimarama the savior of Fiji. May the good GOD richly BLESS HIM and HIS family. Keep up the good job this people posting are just hot Air. Oh do you smell that, Nah....People on Coup4.5...Thanks Frank.

Observer Returns said...

Please Khaiyum, stop bullshitting thje people of Fiji. Though you and Bainimarama are illegally holding on to power in the Fiji Government, you are still accountable for the safe-keeping, utilization, etc of Fiji's finances, capitals and other resources.

You are public figures not a shitty lawyer anymore tucked away in your lousy pigeon hole CMLA.

Be honest for once and do the right things for the sake of the nation and its people. The UFDF are 100% correct in demanding public scrutiny of your finances, capitals and other assets since 05/12/2006, for accountability and transparency. These are the real issues that each one of us including yourself and Voreqe Bainimarama are accountable for.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for job well done Frank. We fully support you in these endeavor to get rid of corruption and the 99% of Fiji supports you. Continue with the good work Mr. Bainimarama the future of our nation we lay on your honest hands.GOD Bless You and your family. Mr.AG marvelous job. Thank You. All these politician's wanting to get back in had their heads stuck in their own ass's.GOD BLESS FIJI.

Anonymous said...

Every time we hear this two Bainicici and Ai-asolo, the cabinet has approved this, the cabinet has approved that, well, they themselves are holding five potfolio each, thats ten members of parliament alone.

Oh no wonder, so they are the cabinets themselves. The rest are stupid followers.


sean said...

What a mess do elections and vote these people out

Anonymous said...

On the disclosure of assets and liabilities, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the Prime Minister and the Attorney General are not officials of a political party. Then why are they calling themselves PM and acting PM? You cannot be a Prime Minister unless you belong to a party. Therefore disclose your financials including all audit accounts since 2006. What's farking problem. Or unless there is a problem with how much u may have taken and the books are over cooked! He he he he! Then u really are up creek without a paddle.

KAI GAU said...

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji should write and write and THEN MARCH! Action is needed now. Aiyaz keeps churning out his stupid tyrannical decrees and he will not stop ever! If the UFDF cannot get their 5000 signatures in the 28- days left they should get the numbers they can and MARCH through Suva or coordinate for marches in different towns of Fiji.

It's about time some street presence is seen because writing these letters to the IDIOTS will just keep encouraging them to churn out their tyrannical decrees.


Anonymous said...

Boycott Constituent Assembly, Boycott Decree, fly the flag and march.

ghekko said...

Commodore Voreqe has not formed a political party, yet. he may not form it all as it begins to dawn on him that he does not really have any support except 10% of the army. Aiyaz will have to engineer another decree to call off election, signed by Rt.Epeli.
this regime is bidding its time and carefully weighing its options. for this regime, the most important thing is to survive and not end up in naboro. by the way things are going, they may find themselves there sooner then they believe.

Fijiana said...

What a BULLSHIT!!!! This poor students should be asked to wait till end of this year to retake the test. It should be done NOW!!!

11 students may re-sit paper in November

Publish date/time: 22/01/2013 [07:03]

The 11 students of Labasa Sangam College who were given zero in the Fiji Seventh Form Examination biology paper will have to re-sit the paper in November during this year’s FSFE.

Acting Minister for Education Viliame Naupoto confirmed this saying there will be no special biology paper for them.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

One of the student’s parents, Rajesh Lal said they will not take the re-sit option as their children will have to wait until the end of the year.

Lal also said other doors have opened up for the students and that they will just waste their time re-sitting the paper.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

He added they will still take legal action against the Ministry of Education.

Anonymous said...

sa qai kete ga vaka boto o tikoisona ena kenai taba ena pepa nikua.
Sega ni macala na cava era cakava tiko kina na veiqaravi vakaturaga na sotia sona qo vei ira na kai Jaina ni ra sega ni via doka nai tikotiko vakaturaga.
Sa qai sona na tamata sona,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

ASK earned 150K at CML and he is probably banking around 700K now given the amount of work that needs to be done with the many portfolios he holds A very good speaker, intelligent too compared to others in current and past governments. What I cant figure is, how does he get to speak so freely? About matters that concern the common man? About FJs future and responsibilities? The enigma of life and the demon in full play. Is he in control? The demon I mean.

Anonymous said...

Who is this United Front for a Democratic Fiji? Just a few politicians who had heir term to run the country but instead made a mess of it.
This govt has done for people not other govt had done before.
This UFFDF members should realise that they are expired goods now.Just get out of politics and enjoy your retirements.
Good job Mr Prime Minister Sir along with the AG.

Long Live Bainimarama
Long Live ASK
Long Live FMF

Dharam Lingam

Reply to ANON 1:40am said...

@ anon 1:40am thank you for your feedback , FB and ASK. Now can you both declare your earnings, assets and liabilities from 2006. ASK I asked Oxford about your definition of Cabinet Ministers and they wrote back saying you must be raving lunatic. Also advised me that it was my duty to report you to the metal institution authorities. I wrote back and said I will not, let ASK self destruct.

Anonymous said...

10.10am, Yup pup, devious demon military council is in full control and raking it in too while duh sun shines..

Anonymous said...

all their money is in chinese, islamic banks. very hard to trace

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam,get a life ,you sucker...supporting demons

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam why are you so supportive of this madman Bainimarama. I am a Indo-Fijian and am so sorry about you. This man has never spared anyone in this country. I am disgusted at his swearing of Hindus when he said we worship TEVORO MOTHER FUC..ERS. Aren't you being upset by this, you have relatives in Fiji who have been suffering economic hardship under the current regime alongside others. Please have some heart..

Vutuki darafala lingam ke aurat said...

The families of the 11 students from Labasa Sangam College are experiencing, first hand, the dictatorial ways of these military wannabees in PS positions. That's the only way they know. They spew out orders, from arsehole to breakfast, like they would to their "yes sir, yes sir, three bags full" dickhead foot soldiers ni soli sona. Good communication, diplomacy and achieving win win situations are not part of their mindset. Apathy and self preservation sure are their strong points. Yet, they wouldn't be able to organise a piss up in a brewery. Blerry wankers.

Anonymous said...

The rise and fall of political parties
January 20, 2013 | Filed under: Opinion | Posted by: newsroom

Attorney-General and Minister for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. Photo: RONALD KUMAR.

By Mahsood Shah

Fijian-born Mahsood Shah, originally from Bua, is Principal Adviser Academic Strategy, Planning and Quality at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Shah is also an adjunct with the Faculty of Education at the University of Canberra, Australia. The views in this article are his own and not the views of the University. Email: shah_mahsood@hotmail.com

The year 2014 will determine the future of Fiji’s political landscape.
It will be a critical year in the history of Fiji with future developments yet to be seen.
The current government although unelected has made significant progress with limited financial aid from neighbouring countries.
The policies introduced by the current government have had a big impact on people of all socio-economic class.
The impact ranges from education, social welfare, tourism, investments, infrastructure development, agriculture, and new diplomatic relations. Government policies have also been felt by many because of a lack of democracy and freedom, the rise in the cost of grocery with inflation rate at 5.5 per cent in 2010 compared to 3.7 per cent in 2009, the increased divide between the rich and the poor, and limited innovative developments in key areas of public service such as health.
The Government has most recently outlined the rules of engagement surrounding the formation of political parties.
It is clear that some dominant parties who have traditionally represented the voice of many poor and middle class people may demise.

The demise is because of a number of factors including leadership of the party and the trust from the general public.

Anonymous said...

The 2014 election will witness the emergence of few new political parties whose members were part of the dominant party; however individual differences and self-interest has resulted in members forming or joining new parties.
While politicians move around and form or join a new party, it is clear that the product is the same with a different sales pitch.
None of the existing or new parties have outlined their key policies which may attract voters.
This is because of the fact that the current government has not encouraged political campaigns leading towards the 2014 election.
At the same time, many, including the young generation aged between 15-39 who represent almost 50 per cent of the population, are not interested in politics. However they are interested to find out if policies and principles of the party address issues facing our country including:

Gender equality;
Increased use of drugs and alcohol in our society and its implications;
Creation of jobs and employee mobility;
The role of trade unions to fight employee rights;
Agricultural developments in remote regions and outer islands;
Access to national broadband and other technological developments;
Modernising public health and other essential services such as transport;
Access to education and scholarship in a wide range of disciplinary areas;
Renewal of our relationship within the Asia Pacific region, and
Issues around climate change and environmental sustainability.

Another important area none of the political parties have focused on in the past is research on contemporary issues facing Pacific Island countries to position Fiji as a leader within the Pacific in research and innovation in tourism, agriculture, mineral resources, marine science, public health, and climate change.
The current and new political parties will be dominant with former members of Parliament who had the opportunity in the past to influence national policies. However, history suggests that most have focussed on self-interest rather than the needs of the broader society.
The focus of politicians has shifted from patriotism to egotism.
As the people of Fiji wait for policy announcement and membership composition of the parties it would be interesting to see if new or existing parties provide opportunities for underrepresented groups such as women and young people to participate in politics.
The 2014 election is very important for the young generation who represent almost 50 per cent of the population and their choice of the party is critical on issues that matters to the young generation.
Maybe it is time for the old horses to rest and give opportunities for interested young people to enter into politics.

Anonymous said...

to Anons @ 11.35,1.22 and 1.24
You guys are talking about democracy,well i am excercising my democratic priviledge.
what you guys rather do?hand the country back to the racists policies of the past politicians where they thrived on the divide and rule policies?
Changes are not easy to accept but we have to change our views on these issues.They should not be any room for racism or religious discriminations.That is the very thing this govt is getting rid of.
This govt is more focused on the beneficial changes than to be worries about racism and religious crap.
It is more focused on the future generations and a beter future for Fiji.

Long Live Bainimarama
Long Live ASK
Long Live FMF

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Come on SDL, just do something, change your name in Engliish, just any name you can come up with, we can't wait to vote for you.

We can't take this life threatening leardership any more, the illegal pm bad mouthing one of Fiji's well known priest, who was forced to help this illegal shit over some affairs which they couldn't find someone to do at the time.
Kaiyum is recruiting all the taliban shit into their government so they can all get to the general election and win.

Thats their whole idea, Muslims and Army to run the country from 2014, what a mess will that bring, come on common people, enough is enough. Lets fight this thugs spiritually, thats the only way, cause I don't think we can do it physically. So get on your knees Fiji and pray anf fast against thieir bushit concept. God bless our paradise.

Anonymous said...

Setiseti @ chiiingmaaiiiyooooonng dharalingam. Beneficial changes la to your kanaloto kabaloto vodoloto pocketes. YUK......

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingham you troll

Anonymous said...

How can you exercise your priviledge when you can't even exercise your rights your stupid fool, just grab their tools and all go jump in the ocean.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Dharam Lingam you like Kamlesh Kumar forever lost in your own delusions.
How many times we are going to tell you that all Bainimarama cares about is not going to jail.

Everything else he does whether its building roads to the villages or whatever is to make sure these villagers are kept quiet.

What the villagers don't know is this guy is taking his cut of millions of dollars from Chinese, Malaysians etc and the Debt is accumulating for these villagers to pay in the future.
So to you Dharam, Kamlesh and Fijiwala, dou lako sara dou lai veivutusona vakaukauwa. Yavu kulina.

We will burn bainimarama's properties and all his supporters properties.

Get the men in white suits said...

Dharam Lingham - Time for men in white suits to visit you and haul you to St Giles. I assure you unlike your heroes VB and ASK, you will be at home there and you can rave all day and even all night to patients there and the good thing is they will all appear to care and listen to your raving garbage. St. Giles is a place of make-believes, a place where you seem to think you are living in. Another plus, the way things are going you may have a roommate; your hero ASK; He is also a make-believe person.

Anonymous said...

SDL/FLP/NFP/UGP/ should all allow their party to be deregistered and then register a sible party which will be a coalition all of them. The new party can be called ' Fiji Democratic Front (FDF). There can agree to a parliamentary seat distribution formula as follows;

SDL - 55% of all seats won
FLP - 30%
NFP - 5%
UGP - 5%

Then we compete with Khaiyum/Nur Bano/ Shameem/ Bainimrama party and see the fun.

Anonymous said...

NFP needs to be VERY careful with ChoorDhry. If they have not learnt there lesson yet, they would be suckers for some big surprise. Choor is not even faithful to his wife. How can one expect him to be faithful to others????

We are working together - Chaudhry

Publish date/time: 22/01/2013 [14:55]

The Fiji Labour Party, SDL, United People’s Party and the National Federation Party, who could not see eye to eye on a number of issues in the past which resulted in public disagreements, are now working together.

Their group is known as the United Front for a Democratic Fiji.

FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry said at the moment, the group is just looking at common issues, however, this group may develop further as they come closer to the elections.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

When asked by Fijivillage on how Chaudhry can work with the same people and parties who he could not work with before, Mahendra Chaudhry had this to say.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Chaudhry has had many political and even some legal disputes with the parties in the past.

Stay with us as we will speak to the other parties later today.

Anonymous said...

Instead of UFDF it should, may I suggest that it be either PFLF [POPULAR FRONT for the LIBERATION of FIJI] or DFLF [DEMOCRATIC FRONT for the LIBERATION of FIJI].
In Israel/Lebanon, the oppressed Palestinians had both the PFLP [POPULAR FRONT for the LIBERATION of PALESTINE] and DFLP [DEMOCRATIC FRONT for the LIBERATION of PALESTINE].
The Palestinians, like us are being denied their GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!! We too are being given the same treatment!!
Run parallel do we not??
Just a humble suggestion people!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good one! Yes it should either be DFLF or PFLF. OR like the Palestinians, have TWO sister parties:both DFLF AND PFLF!! My preferred option is to have TWO sister parties. That is strategic strategy if I can call it that.
Militarily, by having TWO and not ONE objective makes things more difficult for the opposing force!!
The name[s] itself has[have] a 'punch to it', it has[have] a CONNECTION to what is happening, and more importantly one we can identify with and rally behind!!
What say you cuz Mick Beddoes and the rest of you TRUE leaders we can bank on? It is 'Now or never'!!

Anonymous said...

Take note you ILLEGAL thugs. Things are now heating up!!
U have been dishing out left, right and center!!
Be now prepared to ACCEPT whatever WE dish out to you ALL!!

cold blood sea god said...

Frank and Aiyaz Khaiyum will be in deep problem if Mahend Chaudhary lead the United Peoples Party. He will be the next Mandela of the South Pacific. Come on Mahend use your experience and work with Ratu Jone Kubuobola, Mick Beddoes and Attar Singh to bring back a Government elected by the People of Fiji under the 1997 Constitution. Use the result of the Court Case against the SDL to justify that the 2006 Coup is illegal and to make it worse the burning of Yasha Qhai Draft Constitution by this illegal regime. Frank, kakua ni ko vakalialia iko kei ira na nomuni sotia na vakarorogo tiko vei Aiyaz Khaiyum na AG ulukau qai bush lawyer. He got no experience to become an AG for any type of government. May be he bought his law degree from one of the unregistered law school in Australia or Hong Kong. And for you please note that you dont have the academic qualification and the experience to be Minister for Finance, the financial issues stipulated in the Decree for all party officials and political parties to disclose their assets will back fire on your government. If you are paid by the taxpayers for holding top excutive position in government at public service and political level, you are oblige to disclose your accounts (personal tax return)and governement departments operations to the FIRCA and the Auditor General Office. My own observation, your government is non transparent and highly corrupt particularly when you use Nur Bano's accounting firm to handle some of the core funcions of the Ministry for Finance. Please Frank it is about time you sack your AG and get another good AG. Secondly you appoint a new and experience Minister for Finance to replace you. Last but not the least you should immediately transfer back the Ministry of Finance core functions currently handled by Nur Bano's accounting firm to the government (Ministry for Finance).

Anonymous said...

cold blood sea god please do not insult Nelson Mandela. Mahen Choor is now where close to mandela. The only similarity is that both are humans.

Mahen 'the treasonist' Chaudhry said...

mahen chaudhry played big part in what has led to today's mess by supporting Baini in early, crucial days. He did it for personal power and to hide secret $2m bank account - donations meant for poor farmers. mahen snatched roti from poor farmers' mouth.

mahen is tatti aadmi (shit fellow) who messes all over the place.

Mahen 'Tatti aadmi' Chaudhry said...

@ mahen the treasonous

Tattifala is nothing. the real tatti addmi is mahen. In all these years mahen has achieved nothing for his own people, let alone the country. He has nothing substantive to show for all these years politics, except $2m stolen from farmers donations in his Australian bank account. He is a bina pendhi ka lotta who supported treasonist Bainimaraa and is now opposing him. Charge him for treason.

He really is a tatti aadmi with no moral values.

Anonymous said...

Who is this United Front for a Democratic Fiji? Well, at first blush, it looks like nearly EVERYBODY, except for you, Frank, and a handful of other traitors.

Anonymous said...

Any demise of the political parties will be by illegal chicanery at the hands of this corrupt and unlawful regime.

Anonymous said...

Any economic progress was achieved by borrowing enormous sums at higher than market interest rates, and was morenthan offset bynthe staggering economic costs associated with the coup and this illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines, the author supports the regime's illegal actions against the leaders of Fiji's political parties and is an apologist for the regime's ridiculous and unfair political parties decree.

Anonymous said...

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji embraces all races and religions. Where is that kind of diversity in the RFMF or this puppet regime?