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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Political party decree released - read it here on C4.5

Can Fiji's political parties see the big picture and make the sacrifice?

"We are not targeting anyone". 

So says the country's illegal attorney general but anyone looking at the provisions of the Political Parties Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosure Decree can see the truth: political parties are being killed off to secure the regime's longevity through to the election and beyond. (see images and link to decree at end of story)

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum insists the 'government has taken a principled approach to laws and is not targeting anyone in particular', claiming that even Frank Bainimarama will have to toe the rules if he wants to be a party executive.

Either this is a misnomer overlooked by Bainimarama and his supporters or there's another plan adrift behind the scenes. Either way, political parties - existing and in the wings - are out of the picture unless they can outsmart the regime.

The trickiest provision in the decree is the ruling regarding membership that says there must be five thousand members all up - and that
two thousand of them must come from the Central Division, 1,750 from the Western Division, 1,000 thousand from the North and 250 from the Eastern Division.

None of the political parties have such a support base on tap, either on paper or even electronically as major campaigns elsewhere in the world have used to solicit funding or rally numbers before and after elections.

The regime doesn't do anything without covering its arse first so its not whimsical to suggest it has been busy building a nest of support via the likes of its MINFO Facebook where it could stump up numbers and the a dollar a head fee.

Membership numbers on the site jumped dramatically in recent weeks going from four thousand and something to more than six thousand and it's not unreasonable to expect these could be turned into a political roll.

None of Fiji's political parties are that organised, although most have websites with SDL, the biggest party, recently launching one. They have, however, been working loosely as a coalition on Constitutional reforms issues and must consider cementing this formally to take on the regime. 

But they must merge quickly before the goalposts are moved again and they must align themselves with those fighting for the cause who have an electronic data base of support.

The Decree:



oi le said...

Cum on Meo what is happening to your party? Most people are interested to join you and contest the 2014 election.

Anonymous said...

The decree is reasonable and also
one that we can all live with.It,s
a fair decree and certainly forced
politicians to work hard for what we're going to pay them to do? If
you want to be a leader than you're
expected to work doubly hard & smart to win the election and run
the country business? You cannot
double dipps like all the Union
executives,USP Professors,etc had
previously done in past Governments
since after independence.First off
we're a very small economy,very
small nation and we cannot afford
to sustain the stupidity? We need
all foreign grant & donation to be
used to upgrates our Roads,Streets,bi-way,hi-ways,bridges
Airports,warfs,walkways,city walkways etc,etc.

Vutuki Meo said...

Thank you C4.5 for keeping us updated.
But I think the time has come for us not to listen anymore to these 2 arseholes Bai and Aiyarse.

We should strat the burning now.
Start sabotage now everyone please.
If you work with any government vehicles or bulldozers or machines then make it malfunction.
If you work in a government office then burn it.

This is it my friends. this is the end.
My fellow Fijians lets ALL fightback now.
From now on we continue Sabotage until these pricks are brought to justice.
Burn whatever belongs to Bai, Aiyarse, the army and their supporters, Tappoos, Nur Bano etc etc etc.

Fijiwala said...

This is to directly to Frank and Aiyaz.

You two have totally lost the plot.
You come across as utterly corrupt.
Your clean-up campaign stinks.
Your behaviour towards Fr Barr was shameful.
You are both nothing but common thugs.
Most people can't stand the sight of you two anymore.
You should leave the stage now - for the good of the country.
And for your own good.

Anonymous said...

Whether the Decree is reasonable or not is not he issue. The real question is why 28 days, why not 2 months, especially as the elections are not due till 2014? the regime has the entire civil service at its disposal to get it to do what it wants. Registration will not be a problem its party, but it is a different story for other parties. Second, the obsession with size will demonstrably disadvantage smaller parties which stood a chance under the Closed List Proportional system. Will that system now be discarded? No forethought, Mr Khaiyum

Moses Cakobau said...

It is now time for the political parties [Labour/SDB/UPP/NFP] to have a coalition and become one, if they/we are to take on the regime.

If the parties cement the coalition, then 6k likes on MIFO's FB page is just peanuts, nothing more.

This message is aimed to all the Political Parties in Fiji. Time to make a move or RIP forever, because even the idiots of the idiot knows bainimarama will be standing elections or plan b, take on the presidents post be fucking nailatikau, the ulukau, in the arse.

Anonymous said...

why is this moron who i did not elect nor is my chief making law for me to follow? i am waiting for a good opportunity to burn this low life

The Oracle said...


The major political parties can still be a force to reckon with if they combined their resources and "merge" as someone rightly pointed out above. If, they are de-registered AFTER the 28 day period, they still have the opportunity to work together and form a NEW political party, between now and when the Writ of Elections is next issued.
If this is their intention, then they need to act now - by selling off their properties/assets, settling their liabilities and transferring their net assets.
Otherwise, if at the end of 28 days they're not registered, all their net assets go nto the government coffers!!!
After the 28-day period it will no longer be a move to "merge" but an effort to form a NEW political party. Whether the existing leadership of existing political parties are prepared to go beyond they current "working arrangement" and 'morph" into a new and more powerful political force remains to be seen. In Fiji today, we can only hope for miracles.

Anonymous said...

The major political parties can not unite. Their leaders are greedy, power hungry and have their own personal agendas. If they were united, Fiji would have been a peaceful, progressive democratic nation. We wouldnt have had any coups.

Anonymous said...

The description 'kill off' is fair ... no political parties will even be able to continue to exist after 28 days - they either have to wind themselves down or be fined $50,000 bucks!

True evil is being perpetuated in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Why the big fuss about registration.If the parties have support as they claim,then I dont think that there should be a problem to collect 5000 signatures and a dollar each from those who sign.If a party cannot gather 5000 signatures out of a possible 6000000 registered voters than I dont think they should exist.Also its high time Union leaders stay out of politics.They are there to fight for the rights of workers irrespective of race,colour,creed and political affliation.

Anonymous said...

People, this is a most draconian decree. If it is not revoked, it will herald the death of democracy in Fiji. It needs to be opposed now, and its contents publicised internationally so that the world knows that a dictatorship is being created in Fiji.

Vutuki Meo said...

Aiyaz Kaiyum says the Law even applies to Bainimarama.
Is this guy for real?
What a farkin nutjob!

So what if the farkin Law applies to Bainimarama.
He does not respect any Fiji Laws.

Did he respect the Law against Treason?
Did you Kaiyum arsehole?

So whats the point of telling us that the farkin Law applies to Bainimarama.

This is bullshit!


Come on everyone. Lets sabotage any property or whatever that belongs to Aiyaz, Regime & its Supporters.

Anonymous said...

Give t5hem a chance we knew the decree was coming but being the good people we are we never think the regime will go as far as it does, even though it has proven time and time again that it won't deter from its so-called road map.

Challenge now is to organise and do something. Who will take the lead???

The Oracle said...


Political parties ACT NOW!!!! Create Facebok accounts and email membership forms to all the "likes" you receive. Encourage members who may not already have email accounts to create them and "like" the party page.
The membership forms should meet the requirEments in the latest decree - Member's name, address, Registration Card number etc. and a signed pledge to pay an initial $1 membership fee. Every effort should be made to ensure that the membership forms and pledges reflect the geographical numbers required.
If payment is not received via mail or electronic tranfer into the Party bank account, then a well-to-do party member can offer to "honour" the pledges by providing the $5005 upfront on the understanding that he/she will be reimbursed by the party, once individual pledges filter in.
This approach is not illegal - as long as it is an acceptable form of membership drive to the political party leadership and its rank and file supporters.
There is NOTHING illegal in this strategy.And the satisfaction would be - beating the regime at its own game!!!!

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple--passive resistance.civil disobedience.Just refuse to obey unjust laws.--the regime wants to fine people who are not even worth $2000---the sum of $50000.--this is the standard fine these days.what a laugh.lets fill the jail with people!!--100's and 1000's of them !! disobey unjust laws--decrees to be more correct.They are not laws.

Anonymous said...

Karavaki says...
What is so difficult in obtaining 5000 signatures from people who trully support political parties. This will also prove whether people do support their parties. It is about time we had moral values implemented in politics....We can accept the immoral values of the current regime because they are not an elected body anyway.

Julab Dean said...

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will resign from his post as Commander of Republic of Fiji Military Forces if he wants to stand in next year’s general elections.
This appears to have been lost on those such as trade unionists who are now criticising the just-announced new rules for political parties.
Attorney-General and Minister for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum confirmed provisions covering military officers and public servants include Commodore Bainimarama
“Of course the Prime Minister would need to resign,” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said of Commodore Bainimarama’s role as commander if he goes into politics.
Republic of Fiji Military Forces Land Force Commander and military spokesperson Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga reinforced this. Colonel Tikoitoga said although Commodore Bainimarama had made this clear before, this was conveniently forgotten by those who wanted to criticise him.
Colonel Tikoitoga said: “This has always been the stance of RFMF and this is not a new announcement.
“If the Prime Minister wishes to contest the general elections, he will have to resign (as commander). This is something that the Prime Minister had also made clear previously.”
The Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosure) Decree 2013 was announced

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Vutaki Meo (ex Ki-Bau) you are inciting violence on this blog. I am suprised that coup 4 and half is censoring your blogs. As a general rule on any blogg there should be no swear words or any criminal inciting or intimidation or bullying.

Fijiwala said...

Should anyone doubt that 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely', look no further than Bainimarama and Khaiyum. They are the poster boys for this saying. Thanks to them, we actually saw this unfold and manifest before our eyes!

Anonymous said...

Of course the regime is saying Frank would need to resign to contest the elections. That's all a smokescreen to make this look on the up and up. It also said he was returning to the barracks, remember? Frank's already made the decision to become president. Nailatikau knows this and is resigned to it. Frank won't even need to stand in elections. He'll be selected by the Cabinet, which of course he controls. It's happening just as Dakuwaqa predicted.

paula raqeukai said...

...the BEST OPTION for ALL the people of Fiji (respected citizens) including ALL the political parties to form ONE UNITED PARTY for all...we MUST put ALL our differences aside and unite as one people under one name that has been forced to all of us....UNITED FIJIAN PEOPLES PARTY (UFPP)...lets all work together peacefully under the illegal decrees to restore people's democratic power in our beloved Fiji....God will HELP US if we united peacefully and fight this war peacefully together...I SUGGEST THAT THE MOTTO FOR THIS UNITED PARTY SHALL BE "PEACE, UNITY AND HUMILITY"...

Anonymous said...

kamlesh jutia
you should be banned from this blog because youre assisting criminals and murderers ie frank and comp

Anonymous said...

may be this is a good idea. mahendra chaudry is the general secretary of the farmers union and also the Fiji labor party . he has to make a choice , one or the other. felix anothy is general Secretary of ftuc and union boss of FSC and member of vuda open in fiji labor party ticket. government has been pouring millions of dollars and this two genetle man have politicizing the sugar industry for there own benefit . its time to stop the politics in sugar industry and the infuluence of people like this two , who will do what ever they can to remain in power in the sugar cane belts. another 120 million loan from anz last year , we the tax payers cannot be paying for the childish action in the sugar industry and the laziness of the farmers . its time to clean this mother fuckers . felix should not be crying because , he and dan urai , have been milking fnpf and ath board fees and natadola project and introduction of digicel and got F$250,000.00 as board fees . come clean , stop lieing to the poor people.
chaudry senior has been taking the farmers all of a ride this time , and they all look to him like a God or saint. sory poor farmers . no more politics in the sugar belt.
it is good to have some rules , so that to stop people who hold key position in manipulating people and stealing from government coffers. a good example is felix, urai, agi deo singh, rajeshwar singh . too much butako. time stop all this Indians from butako in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

But its not your blog kamlesh kulina.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 6:09
Also same rule should apply to Bai because he butako from the government too.

We want to see government audit from 2006 so that we can see where the money all going.
Millions of dollars more than what Chaudry stole. Bai & Aiyarse stole millions.

Anonymous said...

Mary Bainimarama butako $1.4million to buy house last month.

Where she working to earn all that money?

Anonymous said...

Whoever registers their names will be regime targets. This is the fear that is upon us idiots and mentally engraved in our minds from 2006. If I am working for the public sector will I register as a member; not if I want to put food on the table........WE ARE DOOMED... and I admit " I am a man and I hide under my lady's skirt". DOOMED I say. DOOMED DOOMED DOOMED. BTW, does anyone have a solution???????????

Anonymous said...

Let's see who signs first.

Felix and rajeswar singh will not leave their pushy union exec package.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:13pm Semi Meo, the answer to your question is written above.

Anonymous said...

So Frank can be in RFMF and be PM today but no party wishing to be in 2014 can be in union and leader of party. Does this mean once the election is over a PM can once again be leader of the union? ASK hasn't thought this one thru too well has he.

Lets see if he has the balls to put out another decree forcing PM to resign from RFMF today.

I can feel another coup coming on!

Anonymous said...

PM you must declare your financials today. No more waiting. Set an example to the future PM how and what you expect.

Anonymous said...