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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fiji regime dumps Ghai constitution for its own draft

The real motives behind the discrediting of Kenyan constitutional law expert, Yash Ghai, have been revealed.

The regime has tonight announced it is amending the Ghai Constitution in favour of its own.

Admitting the Ghai document would not go through intact, the country's unelected prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, said a short time ago the draft presented to the illegal president before Christmas was not right for Fiji.

In a national address he said: "The Constituent Assembly will deliberate a new draft."

The draft, prepared by Ghai and four other commissioners, was supposed to go to the Constituent Assembly for deliberation but Bainimarama tonight revealed he had a different plan.

"The Government's legal team will amend the Ghai draft to ensure that the draft Constitution presented to the Constituent Assembly is one that is positive, addresses fundamental issues of good governance and will result in an enduring Constitution and guarantees true democracy."

In a similar timetable to what had already been mapped out, he said the regime's new draft should be available for deliberation by the yet to be announced Constituent Assembly at the end of this month.

He said: "Prior to that and upon my return from my G77 meeting I shall send out invitations to various individuals and organisations to particiapte in the Constituent Assembly."

The first sitting is expected to be next month and the new 'regime' Constitution in place by March.

Bainimarama said political parties would be invited to be on the Assembly and he urged them to participate, claiming it was not time for 'point scoring.'

He also said new a registration of political parties decree comes into force next week on Tuesday.

Preceding Bainimarama's speech, the illegal president Epeli Nailatikau, dismissed the Ghai draft saying it reflected the interests of political parties, a claim the regime has used to try to discredit the work of Ghai and the Commissioners.

"It has, unfortunately, perhaps succumbed to whims of the few who have had an interest in perpetuating divisions within our society."

"It would appear that it was prepared to be seen an appeasement."

Listen to Bainimarama's Speech

Listen to extracts of Epeli Nailatikau's Speech 


Anonymous said...

Now how are we supposed to know that this new Draft has what most of us had submitted during the Public Consultations? Where is the check and balance if all of those selected into the Constituent Assembly are those that Bainimarama thinks will support what they have been imposing on the Fijian people instead of what the Fijian people want?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama, magaitinamu, kawa ca!!

Anonymous said...

lolz ...barking dogs ..wannabe mountain shifters :)

Dan said...

When will theseSTOP!!!!

Vutuki Meo said...

What was the point of having all those submissions all over the country.
Why the fark have a Constitution Assembly when this areshole just does whatever he likes.

I guess 99.9% of the population now suddenly realise it was all a pointless exercise.

Fijians should stop Matanigasau and stop the Masipolo and get rid of this arsehole and his army.

Anonymous said...

As predicted, that's why they stopped the printing of the original draft because it doesn't suit their demands. Demands for immunity, what the idiot semi Meo was all for, not enough protection for bainimagaitinamu and his gang of thieves. This is getting too mich for the people of Fiji. Huge amounts of time and money were spent on consultations etc and all for nothing. The citizens of Fiji should rise and put an end to this evil man and his corrupt ways, he and Aiyarse are the major players in this because they're scared they will get done for all their thieving and corrupt ways.

But the problem is, these wannabe army guys are protecting their coward and that's understandable since they're no school bunch of idiots. Semi Maqe, there's your hero for you and all the other asslickers polluting this site. Shame on all of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure 99.99% of the population are now realizing that it's all Bainimagaitinamu and Aiyarse, Prof Ghai and the team were only hired to make it look good to the international community. Aiyarse and Shamimi have already drafted the constitution week before hand, and I'm 99.99% certain some provisions will address immunity for all of them scums. Semi Meo, you're silent on this one Maqe.

Anonymous said...

Semi meo Davis jr where are you?

Anonymous said...

Go frank go! Next abort the election plan.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ anon 8:04pm ... stop egging the guy he might just really do it!

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.07, knowing how scared Bocimarama is, he might just do it lol.

Anonymous said...

Army have destroyed the hope of fijians.
when we will have a real bati to stand up and fight the regime liars.shame

Anonymous said...

It's a victory to know we right about these people but folks I feel really sad. Sad because it's yet another sad day for Fiji. We have been here too often.

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised by these num nuts
The people of Fiji fully derive this as the Fijians are lame sona and not fighting for their rights
Until blood flows like it he Arab spring there will be no democracy
Mark my word there will be no election and the constitution they produce will guarantee their rule

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji, they are raping you right in front of you and yet you do not have the guts to stand up and stop this carnage
Where are all the macho Fijians now who took to the streets nd created riots in past coups, we need you now to riseup and hang banana and ass khaiyum

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:15pm, its not stupidity so much as it is about cowardice and refusing to take responsibility for his own actions.

Anonymous said...

It will stop when Fiji people rise up

Anonymous said...

Sad day for fiji itaukei is leader less, hope the race does not dir

SEMI MEO said...

O vela...da yali ga ni tagitagi ve ka kacikaci meu lesu mai!

Goodness!!..all of sudden Grandad Ghai is elevated to position as Fiji’s saint. Please do not make a Ghai sect out of his naughty legacy!..As we said his masquerading around the International press may be portray as guilt for breach of the Decree. That would indeed be very embarrassing for a world renown Law Professor..or did he for once thought he may be above the Law he drums into his many students!
As if a National Constitution guarantees adherence to the rule of Law and economic development and national security!!
For the millionth time, we reiterate that " why not we” be like UK, NZ and Israel who are countries with NO National constitution, but pieces of Laws to govern...and these three countries are model for best Westminster type Gov-UK, most righteous country on earth-NZ, brilliant defence/Agri-Israel..and they still all have elections!!
Even Australian Federal and a few State Government supports our pathway back to sanity and send in a dfews dollars…uh…but did Samoan PM send us at least a few coconuts!...NO!!

The 99.99% Fiji Citizens just want some form of blooming document to spell the games rules for next election!..then we progressively like South Korea, process the Military back to barracks…ok…next topic???

Anonymous said...

We should just all join them. They are just too good. We are just wasting our time gossiping with no result.

Anonymous said...

You are full of shift and your comments do not make any sense or has credibility and evn you know you are full of sheet ee but you won't admit
Please cone up with some intellectual arguments and not tinker around the edges with your nonsense

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo , what a nut Casey are

Futuki Meo said...

Semi Meo

Sa bona mai na gusumu:lai domica ga na boci nei Rear Admiral

Anonymous said...

Guys, just ignore this lunatic semi Bothy Meo. He can't think straight because he's suffering from HBP, diabetes, gout and asthma. He's only trying to please Bocimarama but we all know he's barking like a dog that's been infested with fleas. Semi, I wonder what you're thinking when you're preaching, the words come out of your filthy mouth but inside you is all filth. Stop pretending, stop trying to comment because as bloggers above have said, you're full of shit. Live a sad lonely life and don't forget you ran away from Fiji leaving behind bills that you didn't pay. And I'm not surprised by your support of the thief Bocimarama because you're one too. Bothy.

Kenneth Zinck said...

Shame shame shame on naialtikau bainimarama, khaiyum and their cronies. They have again suppressed the will of the people and continue to buldoze their own agenda for their own protection. I am sure there will be no General Election too come 2014.I hope and pray that JUSTICE will be restored with DEMOCRACY asap in our beloved country Fiji.

Kenneth Zinck

Semi Pussy Meo said...

These crooks will do whatever they can to hold on to power and also to escape from being prosecuted for their corrupt ways. Semi, why are you supporting Bocimarama and his evil ways? You have been preaching democracy yet you staunchly support what your hero is doing. It goes to show that you're evil too, all your bullshit tells a lot about what kind of pathetic person you are. He stole from the people and you support him, so that makes you a thief as well. Stop quoting the bible and saying you're a Christian because you're clearly not, shame on you semi. Get see a psychiatrist because you're one sick man.

jumbo said...

Why have u absconded to a country that has a constitution and bark and bark from there? U sound like a bloody pup.
Pay up the money u stole, thief.
And I don't know y one has noticed ure stomach coz obviously ure mouth is bigger than your stomach.
And your bank balance obviously not yours.
Why don't you go live in a country that has military rule?
Obviously if you do then va will be going after a foot soldier. So we understand your insecurity and possessiveness to hideout in aust from the law and keep va from the boys in green.
Remember the last preacherman that tried to get too close to bainimarama got sworn at and you don't see him on tv anymore pushing his propaganda. U are a mirror of atu vulaono. Shake hands and come of the closet boys.

Dan said...

The issue is not only about the constitution ...it is about a few who think they know wat is best for Fiji...as if the Fijians are too stupid to know what is good for them...

semi meo said...

I know va still has feelings for timoci so we can't go back to fiji just now. Plus if I go back to fiji I won't have a bank balance anymore. I will be locked up and if I'm released I don't have any skills that fiji needs. Unfortunate for me that fiji don't believe in big mouths.
But frank does and I'd love to suck him when I get back.

ex navy said...

Loloma vei va noqu tagane.

Anonymous said...

Freedom by the Regime

SEMI MEO said...

@vinaka...ni sa vosoti oti kece na vosavosa ca tiko ena rara ni veitalanoa qoka....

Fiji, let’s not be swayed by the 0.01% of Fijians whose parents may have groomed them to curse, slur and profane. From the abundance of their hearts springs Lucifer’s saliva. For Lucifer may have full control of their soul.

As realists, we could only change what we could ….We could only forgive them and move on !
What?…the state of emergency and Military check points are back ?...mmmm….oh, well, may be best for the safety of us 99.99% sane Citizens!

Anonymous said...

I can't see why, the Military Govt just write the draft constitution and feed it to Professor Ghai who they hired in the first place. What a waste of good money, which could have been used for something much better like salaries and allowances for the solders

Anonymous said...

Well everything is happening just like how they want it.. The main man hia is Aiyaz... just see how he manipulates things to get it done... following advise from his muslim family like CEO vodafone,,Aslam Khan,,, who very soon will have his vodafone people running Telecom Fiji Limited... to boost Vodafone's image and also to satisfy C.J Patels motives... wake up FNPF... b4 its too late..oh forgot ce too wif Gov...just pass the draft one.. no need for an form an assembly...

Anonymous said...

I want to know what Prof Sri Yukt satendra Pratap None-Done has to say about this !---where art thou ??

Anonymous said...

V sad day in fijis history nailatikau is ulukau god save fiji ,we are Zimbabwe of the pacific jho

Luveniyali said...

Semi Meo

Ra luveni sona levu galu tu mada yani

Mafi- USA said...

Again he is saying that he will send out invitation to those who are interested to be members of the CA. this is just another futile exercise like the constitution commission. They have already drawn up the list of people whom they know will make sure to put everything that they want into the regimes constitution. A LIAR AGAIN!!!! We will see.

SEMI MEO said...

@Luveniyali..January 10, 2013 11:39 PM

Wawa...sa digitaki kemuni o Mr. Bainimara mo sa ovisa ni blog qo?


Manoa Ratu, Lautoka. said...

Where are the Fijian chiefs to lead Fijians take control of our destiny.

Where are the Vunivalu mai Bau, Cakaudrove, Burebasaga, Verata, Nadroga, Ba, and all the others.....you have not been heard much regarding the decimation of our culture, values, traditions and all that make us a people.

Only Roko Tui Dreketi has been heard a bit....but not too effective in making game changes for the illegal regime.

This critical time requires you chiefes to lead your people to battle in response to Bainimarama's supression of the Fijian's rights.

This is a critical moment which will decide our future as a people and this is your opportunity to lead, take control of the situation and rescue your people.

Many of us Fijians will watch, follow your actions and non-actions. This momentous time will provide you the chance to show up or you will completely lose our respect signalling the decline and decimation of the traditional Fijian chiefly system.....you will be blamed.

But i hope not. That you will lead us fight Bainimarama and preserve our race and the things that we love and value in our vanua and kawa tamata.

Anonymous said...

No political parties will participate in the CA. Why should they? It's already painfully obvious that the CA will be merely a rubberstamp for a Shameem-drafted version of Ghai's constitution that will be a major departure from it in several respects.

Any mainstream politician who joins the CA will be lavished attention by the regime, who will point to him or her as an indication of the CA's 'independence', but will be heavily out-voted by Bainimarama's handpicked symps.

All of the major parties have already endorsed the Ghai draft, so why should a new draft be necessary, except to appease Bainimarama, who not only wants to evade justice but to rule Fiji indefinitely?

Anonymous said...

'As predictable as a Scooby Doo cartoon' was how I think Dakuwaqa put it.

Isn't it time we unmasked this greedy villain in his ridiculous monster suit?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever happens, we know what the people of Fiji think - thanks to the Ghai Draft Constitution

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fiji airways will fail like project America in 1983, the currency will be devalued,the flag ridiculed and another coup lingers ...2013/14 a catastrophe awaits...Bainimarama will fail embarrassingly . Stand up Fiji sa Kua na lamusona..people unite and finish off this evil regime

mark manning said...

I haven't received my invitation yet!

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this but half the Fijian chiefs don't understand the constitution. Hence why you haven't heard from them.

ONLY IN FIJI said...

This is a world first...the first country to have a Constitutional Military Democratic Republic...only in Fiji as we often say!!
Sounds like a first year law student thesis topic...much confusion and contradiction in terms and in substance..just like this semi meo??
We graduated from a Colony, to a Dominion, to a Democratic Republic to a Dictatorship and now a Constitutional Military Democratic Republic...we should be so proud of ourselves; the muslim brotherhood, sorry sisterhood and kaivalagi poofterhood have managed to legalise a dictatorship and force it down your throat...ah sorry,.. ass!!
You weakest piss kai viti...stand up to your own dictator and have some balls like the Samoan PM..no wonder the Samoans are now kicking your asses in rugby.

Anonymous said...


The Peoples' President, some one said?
Yea sure, he knows what's best for you good dumb useless people!
What happened to democracy and the people's right to choose what's best for them?
Kaiviti chiefly leadership of modern times?
Mother says to daughter: I always know whats best for you, darling?
Daughter says: Mummy, who knows what's best for you?
Mummy says: I just know.
Daughter thinks: Wow, one day I will be just like Mummy, I will know whats best for everyone...then I become AG, PM and President and eventually GOD!

Anonymous said...


Remember the sunset clause in AGs thesis about indigenous rights?..it has come to life.

Helped along by your own kai vitis!

Shame shame shame on you kai india for lapping it up.

Go to fijileaks and read his paper..he is just putting to life his naive and immature theory of whats good for kaivitis...God bless you my brothers and sisters, when are you going to wake up??

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

This fiasco is going from bad to worse, it's bloody ridiculous. Semi, why don't you lowlife shut the hell up and stop barking like a sick dog. You're hiding away in Australia, and actively supporting this evil man and it's corrupt ways, something that Australia opposes. I hope the immigration department notices what you've been doing and kick your black ass back to Fiji for supporting this evil regime. Man how low can you go semi Maqe? Supporting evil isn't something Christians do Maqe, and for that you're just a fraud and worst of all, you're lucifer's son. Get a life you miserable piece of shit.

tattifala said...

yep it is like kenneth zinck and dan and several other perceptive people point out.
what the Illegal rulers are doing is despicable and shameful for the country but the SHAMELESS ONES feel no shame so long as they are in power and are enjoying the goodies that come their way from the state coffers.

Anonymous said...

We know this liar will never give up powers.
Shame on president and frank .
More lies from you idiots.Khaiyum is the master and you guys are the puppets.
fIJI have been destroyed by this thugs.
I have more respect for prof Ghai than this thugs.
Time fijians ask some hard questions.?
Do we want democracy or live under the regime decree.
We need to protest against the regime.
God bless

Anonymous said...

Frank now you talking about good accountable ,transparency govt and democracy.
Start now by printing all Auditor General Reports from 2006 to 2012 ,Ministers Salaries,Tender Amount given to Malay and China Company
,Natadola,Momi,and ,Tappoo City reports make it public.
Prove it to the public now.
PS i know it will never be done because it will expose the crooks.

2timeslucky said...

Fijians love pain and suffering.
God meant it to happen this way...otherwise it would not have happened.
Fijians have a very short memory...no just selective memories:
have yous forgotten that the 1997 Consitution went through a similar process and became the then peoples Constitution;
Now the 2013 Ghai Consititution went through the same process...again the peoples Constitution for a second time.
AND EACH TIME, this dictator throws it out to the cassava patch and burns it AND HIS INVOLVEMENT IN BOTH CASES cannot now be denied.
FIJI TIME just pray and pray and be preyed..what a lousy lot you deserve what you put up with..and dont badmouth the Samoans for sticking up for you poor Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Well said rajesh

Anonymous said...

There goes the draft constitution thrown out by the illegal regime.
waste of tax payers and overseas donors funds.

Anonymous said...

Australia and NZ are being taken for a ride the the Banana and his sidekick.
Elections' never happen Rule of Law never happen.
The bank is open for the Banana and his sidekick no one else.
Poor country - idiot illegal leaders.

Anonymous said...

kana loto bajaru

Anonymous said...

Also remember how Ghai lectured us not to become cynical about this so-called constitutional dialogue? Dakuwaqa warned Ghai that Bainimarama and ASK are the true cynics. He also called it "an (un)constitutional dia/monologue." An unconstitutional monologue -- how right he was, and Ghai now knows it, too.

Anonymous said...

Look at that gummy smile! Well, smile now. You won't be smiling at the end.

Bainimarama can toss out the Ghai constitution and try substituting his own, but it was the Ghai constitution that the major parties accepted, not a substitute. The Ghai constitution included an immunity clause, as undoubtedly will the regime's substitute, but if the parties don't accept it, then Bainimarama et al will have no immunity, will they?

You know the saying -- "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." By tossing out Ghai's constitution, Bainimarama may be inadvertently tossing away his last, best chance at immunity.

Nabua M Camp. said...

PLEASE NOTE THIS ONE ABOUT THESE TWO CROOKS: In 1987 Epeli Nailatikau was military commander. Few day prior to the 1987 coup this man quietly sneaked out of the country and left the way clear for Rambo to execute a coup against late Dr Bavadra's Govt.Exactly the same was done by the murderer[Bainimarama] in 2000 against Mr Chaudhry's Govt. The testimony of this is Rabuka himself and George Speight.Who can trust these two con artist,Aust and NZ it time to FART.

Coup 4.5 said...

Shazzer gets in on the kerosene action!

Darling Grubby,
You deserve a medal and I will make sure the Glorious Leader gives you one. One of my lackeys in the Minisitry of Miss Information brought a copy of the Glorious Leader’s notes for his speech on the Trash Guy Draft. You turned it into a symphony of eloquence and poetry that was mangled by Frankly Bananas. I thought at one point he had got luka stuck between his teeth.
But anyway I digress the words themselves were great and as we learnt The Glorious Leader should never give a speech without the special Qorvis dyslexic autocue.
I have sent you a copy of the notes because I would be grateful if you could sign it and your draft. I want to give them as an example of superlative work to my speech writing team. Whatever Qorvis are paying you should be doubled Grubby.

“The Trash Ghai Draft” as scrawled by Commodore Frankly Bananas.
Thank and Aknowlej that drunk idiot in my the white house. (What’s with that mouse Arch on his upper lip)

My plan to rool Fiji for 1 thou sand casino years was nearly Sah boat charged by Cash Guy (No that’s my chinky frend with the brown pay per bags) Yash Guy. He rote a consti ahhh constitoo ahhhh constitoooshun that tried to make me answerable to the will of the peep hole.
But due to a quick thinking policeman who turned Gash’s to Ashes (That’s good) Make sure to order NoValorHere that all policemen are to carry kerosene at all times.

Coup 4.5 said...

part two shazzer:

That was never going to happen As I have always said the new constitution will be 1 person, 1 vote and lots of value in my bank account. That one person will be me but Aiyarse thinks it will be him. Who got the guns baby?
My Legal team have looked at the Yash Guy draft and realized that if it was ever enacted I could be sent to Naboro for the next won thou sand years. That will never happen in my lifetime.

So I ordered his Dyslexellency to order me to order my Legal team to write the consti ahhh constitoo ahhhh constitoooshun draft ver shone 2. The new draft must be:
• Positive about ME
• Ensure good governing by ME
• will result in an enduring regime that will last won thou sand years and beyond
• Guarantees true dictatorship.

In this ver shone, I will be made King and my son and his sons after him will rool Fee gee for the next 994 years.
As His Dyslexellency has highlighted, there are a number of key provisions in the Ghai Draft that are most valuable, in particular to do with counting my money, transparency for others and enforcement of human beings.

To those who have been commenting on the Ghai Draft, you have just wasted your breath as it is dead and burnt.
The new draft should be available for your viewing by the end of January 2013. Prior to that and upon my return from GOD (Group of Dictators) meeting, I shall send out invitations to various friends to come to a party called the Crowning Assembly. The Crowning Assembly is to have its only sitting in February 2013. We expect, as announced last year, that I will be King by March of this year.

My fellow Fijians, by Tuesday next week, we will put in place the Registration of Political Parties Decree which will set new and internationally accepted standards of how politicians should host parties in my honor.
My fellow Fijians, we are now on the verge of holding elections to make me and my family rulers of Fiji in perpetuity.

This is a time for thinking only about MYindividual interests, now and in the future. It is a time to think about MY country. To think about MY children. To think about developing more palaces. To think about improving the lives of MY family. The army will ensure a smooth transition to true dictatorship.
As King I choose all the peep hole in the top jobs. After all his good speeches I am going to make Thickoitoga as my prime minister. He is the only man in Fiji who makes me feel erudite and eloquent.

The End
Darl, I don’t know how you did it but you managed to turn that ill thought out rubbish into a coherent speech. Congrats again

Just a little warning. I know you are sitting pretty on the 4th Floor now next to the PM and feeling on top of the world, but don't piss me off. You really do not want to piss me off!
Hugs and Kisses

This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. However, some of the people and events mentioned are real.

Fijian Dictionary Definition of Democracy. Frankly Bananas with Guns
After the Announcement The President drank 21 gin & tonics, 5 Stubbies, 2 bottles of Black Label and went to bed singing For he’s a jolly good fellow.

Anonymous said...

Read my lips: There will be NO elections come 2014...and if you believe otherwise, you're only deluding yourself and you need to wake and smell the coffee...!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If they can do this to the constitution draft than same will happen at Election Day, it will be scraped come Election Day.

Anonymous said...

Question? Who painting is hanging in the background?

Bring back Daquwaqa said...

False hope being peddled by new zealand's foreign minister again. he saying new zealand will continue to help where it can. Oilei McFuddy!

The Oracle said...

The puppet President’s Address to his subjects:

“My fellow Fijians, your unelected yet Glorious Prime Minister and I, in our combined wisdom and with much “prodding” from our foot soldiers in Nabua - and acting on the “whims” of an elite and “enlightened” team of advisers who have no better wish for our beloved country than to promote their own self interests - have much pleasure in advising you, our people, our subjects, our countrymen, that unfortunately, we cannot trust you to think for yourselves.

“Acting on our combined wisdom – and, most importantly, in your interests – we have decided that because your views expressed in the Yash Ghai draft Constitution, fall far short of our own expectations, we will abandon the Ghai Draft and produce one that we - your beloved and glorious leaders - guarantee will not only be a lasting document, but one that will erase our past and take us confidently into the future with your interests - as determined by us – fully enshrined in our new document.

“My fellow Fijians – countrymen and subjects - as you know, your unelected yet much loved Prime Minister and I have been saddened by the suffering you have had to face in the wake of that awfully devastating catastrophe, Cyclone Evan. We have determined, therefore, that your ability to think for yourselves has been further diminished and we have – in our combined wisdom and with much benevolence - decided that we should alleviate your burdens by further delaying the Constitutional process.

“Given your incapacity to think for yourselves, I will not dwell on the contents of the Ghai Draft except to say, while it contains some valuable provisions which include safeguarding your own Human Rights, it lacks the key ingredients which we, your beloved and glorious leaders, have been promoting since 2007 when 80 percent of you, in your temporary sanity, saw fit to endorse our People’s Charter.

“Your unelected yet much loved Prime Minister and I are indeed grateful for your temporary lapse and can assure you, that our new Draft will incorporate all of the objectives contained in our own People’s Charter which you so wisely and enthusiastically endorsed. It will also contain, in all humility, provisions for immunity to recognise the sacrifices we – your much loved Prime Minister and I and our team of elite advisers – have made for our beloved country and specifically in your interests.

“As your much loved and glorified Prime Minister will tell you, our new Draft will be endorsed by the Constituent Assembly in the not too distant future - once he has decided which of you has the capacity to appreciate all that we have done for you and our beloved country. And, to further ensure your valued views are given the attention they deserve, we will forward them to a Tribunal which will edit out your views to ensure our new Constitution is truly reflective of the views of ALL Fijians.

“My fellow Fijians – as my subjects – you will appreciate that we have willingly and wilfully wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on an internationally recognised constitutional expert who, unfortunately and in total disregard of our explicit instructions to him, consulted widely with you in what was obviously an exercise in futility. We cannot allow that to happen again. So, as I said at the outset, we will now do your thinking for you and we have every reason to believe you will see the benefits to you – and especially to those of us who are the “chosen few” – in endorsing without question our new Draft Constitution.

“May God Bless you – and Bless us chosen few even more – and may He also Bless Fiji – the way we – your beloved and glorious leaders - have decided it should be. Vinaka.”

BATI NI TANOA: Oi, Ratu, Bainimarama has on several occasions betrayed the trust of the international community. Now he has betrayed the trust of us, the people of Fiji, whom he has arbitrarily and with military backing, chosen to purportedly lead.
TREASON AND BETRAYAL, is there a difference?

Anonymous said...

We had enough of your con speech . .
we the people have made our view known to CC headed by Prof Ghai so respect it.
We dont need your and Frank regime to make our destiny and future.
So resign now .

Anonymous said...

Hurray to C4,5 .Keep the Good Work Up.
close down all your Fiji media .Puppets now for the Regime.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

@anonymous 11:37
None-done is asleep under the mango tree after non-stop sarka kuto when he heard Baini's announcement.

Sarita Devi, Saru, Lautoka. said...

Touchy, touchy, betrayal of trust you say, what about the betrayal of trust by the elected leaders of Fiji from 1970 may have to 2006. Anyone can comment on that for a change??? This government may have assumed power by illegal means but they are doing exactly what the common people of Fiji had wanted since post independence. Rabuka took power only in the interest of one particular race and so did Speight.
Qarase was put into power by Bainimarama to correct those wrongs but sadly enough he was worse than both Rabuka and Speight because as an elected representative he chose to implement the very policies that saw this nation divided according to racial lines. More benefit was given to the Fijians than any other race in Fiji.
Now, when we see Bainimarama himself taking the helms of power to correct the wrongs and unite the races of Fiji under one identity where all are equal irrespective of race, people still criticize him him based on the means by which he took power.
Never mind the accountability in terms of the salaries of the people currently in power, this government has for the first time made this nation feel united as a people, slowly eroding the fears of racial disharmony and bringing about about a better future.
It seems that some people on this blog are here only for their self interests and not for the common good of the nation. The government development programs are working and the common people are witnessing these plans come into reality, unlike the false promises made in yester years by elected representatives.
So if the government sees fit that Professor Ghai's draft constitution will not serve the people well in years to come, then changes must be made so that we have a constitution that benefits all the races in Fiji united under one identity, ie FIJIANS. Sounds good doesn't it??? FIJIANS, no more Indo Fijians, Kai Loma, Kai Idia or Qalo Mai but Fijians, Equal Rights for all...

Anonymous said...

Lookey liek some patriachal woman in gold....Hmmm Peta or Mere

Anonymous said...

Sarka Kuto Nandan kept supplying Khaiyum copies of The Commission's papers who passed them on to Nazhat shameem who began amending sections even as they were being finalized by the Commission. After submission, Sarka left for Delhi to curry favour with Indian officials, hoping for a Pravasi award. He is trying to get back to Fii to 'assist' the Constituent Assembly. God Blass ylou, Blerry Sarka.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

@tattifala. How come only 1 comment from you.
All talk, no action.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonn 9:55 you're a dumbass commenter, patriarchal my ass, the woman's right in some sense. So shut up get out of here dumbnut.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Sarita Kutia Saqamua Devi.
Obviously an arsehole Bainimarama sympathiser.
Sarita you too much saqamua you got syphilis in the brains.

1) Government from 1970 to 1987 built all the schools, hospitals,main highways.
So you obviously syphilis has affected your eyes too. You blind idiot.

2) Secondly Speight coup was ochestrated by Bainimarama and that is why he is asking for Immunity for 2000Coup

3) Bainimarama does not belive in racial equality.
You must be dreaming bajaru!
How many Indians in the Fiji? Is that racial equality.

So Sarita go and join Pratap None-done and sarka maro under the mango tree, you lowlife vegetable!


@ Sarita Devi ... Have you been reading postings on this Blog or are you Graham Davis-Qorvis or Sharon Smith-Johns in sari?
By all means change the Ghai Draft Constitution if it needs changing. But that's where the problem is .. it's now no longer Ghai's Draft (and hence the people's draft) but one that will be FORCED upon the Constituent Assembly.

@ MICK BEDDOES, CHAUDHRY and any other aspiring political leader on this blogsite .. IF EVER THERE WAS A NEED IN FIJI'S HISTORY TO MOBILISE THE PEOPLE, IT'S NOW!!! IF YOU FAIL TO DO SO, THEN YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO CLAIM TO REPRESENT ANY CONTITUENCY. You need to take the lead NOW, in organising demonstrations; promoting the placement of placards in prominent public places; managing an onslaught of protesting emails to the widest possible audience; displaying banners at the entrances to Nadi and Nausori airports. All this needs to be done NOW to put a stop to our speeding decline into TOTAL DICTATORSHIP. PLEASE, WE NEED TO TAKE A HOLD OF OUR OWN DESTINY - EVEN IF IT MEANS CIVIL UNREST. All a fire needs is a little spark. As Russel Peters would say ..."Be a man". Act NOW or forever be condemned to the pages of political history.

Anonymous said...

Chief shyster Madam Nazhat Shameem must be working furiously in the background to save her treasonous toads from doom... temporarily, I should add. lols....

Anonymous said...

Please Bob Carr, if Fiji wants to install the Pacific's first military dictatorship, let them do it, but don't get Australia to support it. They will come to you with the begging bowl. Chase them away. Otherwise, you will have blood on your hands. Already you have shyte on your face. so much for trusting Kubuabola to deliver the goods. The bugger is a nobody. What a farce

Sarita Devi, Saru, Lautoka. said...

To Vutuki Meo,

Judging from your comment, it is suffice to say that your are a half schooled spoilt individual and obviously a supporter of the previous regimes in Fiji. Due to your half schooling, you certainly failed to note that schools, hospitals and highways were already built before 1970. Those additional developments were a continuation from the colonial era development programs.
The high emotional feedback in your comment also suggests that you're very critical of the idea of equality and yet cannot grasp the basic idea by which the thought is being mooted. Equal rights means that there is no segregation whatsoever, irrespective of the demographics or to put it simply for you, how many Fijians of Indian descent are there in Fiji as compared to other races in Fiji.
So stop swearing and get an education before commenting on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Sarita, sounds like you're benefitting from this illegal regime. Sit back and digest what's been happening in the last six years, and ponder what the next few years will bring. This illegal government is all about ego and greed, filling their pockets before they find ways to escape the law. You need to think very clearly because you will always be known as an Indian, period.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.54am Painting is of Queen of England.

Anonymous said...

Both with fake laugh pretending to be comfortable with what they are about to say. Must be shitting under the sulu!

Anonymous said...

NZ says step backwards and Frankie boy says step forward. Who do you believe?

junta thieves said...

The regime was super fast to take out the Queen of England's images from the notes and cents, so why is her portrait still hanging in Govt House?

So rua na tamata veilecayaki dina, vakamadua ka vakasisila na nodrau i tovo!!

Apisai Tora-Sabeto said...

My fellow country man and woman.
This military government is a disgrace to us the iTaukeis. It is time for all of us the iTaukeis to stand up and fight this regime. I am going to organise a march next friday starting from the market and ending at the President's place. There we will hand a petition to the President asking the Military to go to the barracks and the interim government to be announced. I will suggest Ratu Inoke Kububuloa to become the interim Prime Minister. I want people like Rajesh Singh, Vutuki Meo to help me. I am prepared to face the military bullets. Please country men join me next Friday. Lets restart the Taukei Movement to overthrow the Bainimara Government as we overthrew the Bavadra and Chaudhry governments. Fiji is for the fijians and indians have to go back to india. This is our land godgiven as India is for the indians. Because of indians our country is now destroyed.

paula raqeukai said...

...Another SAD day for Fiji...we did our submissions to the CC with clear science despite the illegality of its existence in a hope that VB and his illegal regime will remain true to their words that the draft CC will be the basis of the CA...now it was another lie just like before....I urge all the people of Fiji to please seek the Lord Jesus Christ in their prayers & fasts to LOVE and HELP Fiji at this challenging time of our history...if we are to take the street to show our opposition to the regime then it should be done in a peaceful way and we must obtain a permit to do so....God will Help Us if we put our faith in action....God Have Mercy on my beloved Fiji...

Sarita Devi, Saru, Lautoka. said...

At annon 10:49

I have been sitting back and digesting what has happened in the last six years and I know what will happen in the next few years to come. This government has foreseen that also, an unacceptable constitution based on the interests of a an elite few will not, I repeat, not be beneficial for the people, irrespective of race.
I am a Fijian of Indian descent, yes, and I will always remain that, but, I am a Fijian nonetheless, period. My Indian heritage, customs and traditions will remain with me and so will my I Taukei, half European, Chinese, Rotuman, Tongan and Rabi brothers and sisters.
But the idea of having a common identity, a common goal, unification of different cultural groups under one nation is the real true democracy. The I Taukei will always be the owners of the land and no one disputes that but the idea of a common identity is already bearing fruit. Leases are being renewed to the I Taukei themselves and other races as well and economic activity is on the rise and rising. The I Taukei have finally realised what great assets they own and are now standing on their own two feet, instead of waiting for the government handouts, as was politically utilised by the previous governments.
It is good to see that the number of locally owned businesses increasing by the day, especialy the I Taukei, this is one area that was dominated by Fijians of Indian descent. This government has opened the eyes of everyone irrespective of race, that in order for this country to be built up, we need to hold hands as a nation, together as one and not Indians only or I Taukei only or Chinese only, etc,etc.
As for the ego and greed, and filling up their pockets and escaping the law, please, bring up something better than that. All across the world, successful and fair democracies did not just come about in day, it took years of pain before it blossomed. The US for example did not become a democracy in a day, its illustrious history also had its fair share of a darker side where treason, coups, slavery, mutinies and assassinations, before it became the nation that it is today.
Fiji only became a nation in 1970, before that it was a colony of the British Empire, so therefore its political life is still very young. What the Bainimarama government is doing is trying to bring about a system of government that is fair and beneficial for all and that includes a constitution that enshrines the very idea of a true and democratic system of governance.
And for your information, I am not a beneficiary of this government. I am a fourth generation Fijian of Indian descent and my family worked hard to get where we are today before this government came into power.

Vanita Kumar said...

Ignore that Sarita whatever peeps. She's trying to divert attention with race and equality issues when the real deal is that her champs - the self-imposed junta is all about self-preservation, refusal to submit to the rule of law and enrich oneself illegally and unethically.

In other words, they're CRIMINALS at large..

Anonymous said...

Stay in the kitchen sarita

Vanita Kumar said...

Let no one fall (but fools) for that Poisonous Sarita's bait. She's trying to entice you all into her web of deceit and trap you all into discussing her NONSENSE. Oh what a web we weave, when we first set out to deceive!

Get some help Sarita, it's so long overdue..

Anonymous said...

@ 11.54a.m Anonymous

Just wondering why our Fijian Bravehearts are not doing more to save us all? Would you know why?

Anonymous said...

At Annon 12:04

She already mentioned that, who's the moron now NUTCASE.

Anonymous said...

You can put lipstick on a PIG but its still always gonna be a pig.

Anonymous said...

Nutcase@12.15, go back and read what she said moron. She said she's Fijian of Indian descent you nutter.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Apisai Tora, what did you achieve by overthrowing Bavadra government. You should be equally blamed with your friend Rabuka for Fiji's mess. You will burn in hell for destroying so many people's life. You are a disgrace to your own community.

The Oracle said...

@Sarita Devi of Saru... where have you been my dear?
Saru has become so torn-apart in recent years that one really can't distinguish anymore where the real Saru is in Lautoka - Field 40? Kashmir? I remember all the cane farms that used to be there before. Sadly, Bhaini, the area's been turned into housing lots where homeowners are crammed together like sardines - so much so Sarita, that if you fart in your own home, your neighbour is sure to get a whiff - with or without his/her consent. But I digress My dear.
Looks like you've just woken up from your six year slumber, without realising that Fiji has been falling apart with the concerted effort of a small band of local usurpers and a sprinkling of foreigners - who have since 2006 now become Fiji dual citizens (like Graham Davis and Sharon Smith-Johns). Or, having woken from your slumber, you're maybe now sleep-walking without realising you could well be Graham Davis or Sharon Smith-Johns?
My dear, I'm so glad to read that you acknowledge the right of the indgenous Fijians to their land and to their identity. Just as you are entitled to your own culture while still being one of the 800,000 or so Fijians - right? Saache bhat nah? If only the Constitution and your favourite government would also acknowledge this.
Unfortunately, while your glorious leaders' efforts to create a Fiji where there is equal citizenry might mistakenly be assumed to be genuine, their lack of trust in the capacity of all Fijians - including you and me, my dear - to decide for ourselves, what is Constitutionally best for us is rather patronising, wouldn't you say?
My dear, wouldnt you agree with me that their attitude is not just arrogant and self-serving, but also very deaminging to people like you and me?
Are Wah, - they're telling you and me that we have no intelligence and that they have do do our thinking for us! Imagine that! Aab bhatou - isn't that absurd, Bhaini? Ka kahrio yar? Or have you decided to jump on the bandwagon and be corralled into your favourite PM's Bai-ni-marama? I hope not, Bhaini, because Saru would be the poorer without you.
Oh, and if Raju or your neighbour Tukana, ask to see what the glorious leaders have said tell them what the ad on Fiji TV says: It's in the Sun!!!

Vutuki Meo said...

@Sarita Kutia Saqamua Devi


You are a dickhead!

Was that road a nice sealed highway like it is today?

Then which government sealed that road?

Tell me Mr Know All?
You farkin useless prick!

You musrt be farkin Davis. As usual you are a misninformed atrsehole!


Anonymous said...

@ Sarita

All that you've mentioned to glorify this regime was already there I believe. The previous Constitutions acknowledged the very human rights you are talking about - discrimination against race was unlawful and this was guaranteed in the 1997 Constitution. This was all a perception only on your part and on the part of this deluded government.

Have you really seen the statistics of indigenous Fijians who have started businesses? No one is disputing that Indo-Fijians are as Fijian as we are but please do not mistake confirmation of your status to support an unlawful and illegal administration that overthrew a democratically elected government just because ONE MAN - Voreqe Bainimarama was not man enough to take responsibility for the death of those CRW soldiers.

All Bainimarama has done is flip over the race argument to justify his take-over but the country is even worse off then it was in 1970, in 1990 and in 2000. Just check your FNPF and don't be fooled by the numbers you see on your statement, just ask them for some of your money and hear the response from them. Check your bank statements and calculate just how much fees and charges have been arbitrarily imposed by Banks for simply being a customer in their bank. Go to the supermarkets and check out the prices of basic food items and calculate how much a low-income family has to fork out to pay for one of three meals. Look at the advertisement sections of the papers and see how many vacancies are advertised. Look outside and see the state of the infrastructure in Suva. Try sending money overseas to your children and see how much you can send without consideration at all of the needs of my children and how much they will need in order to survive there. Ask the beggar on the street on the single mother trying to make a living on the street how much they need to put a complete meal on the table. Check out the government departments like LTA, the Title's Office, FIRCA, FEA, WA and see how many more taxes and fees have been added SINCE 2006 only so that we can feel the largely empty coffers. And if you are a government worker you will know of the small talk about how the cost of living has been increasing steadily since 2006 and how people fear for their jobs!

Anonymous said...

Join Apisai Tora and see whether he has real balls to march!!! After the march both balls will be missing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga blames the Ghai Commission for being influenced by Australia because AUSAID funded a large part of the Commission's work. If Fiji had any pride, they will not go back to Australia, or any other country, with a begging bowl again to help the country move to elections, if and when they are held. God help Fiji if the officers of RFMF are of Tikoitoga's calibre.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:01 PM

You of course are correct in your statement that there has been a financial decline in Fiji for a long time now.

You give excellent examples of this decline which all add up to a reduced spending power of the Fiji people.

What I will say is that the examples you have given are simply the same as the average person in just about any country in the world will also give. Fiji is not unique, the world has gone through a recession.

In the UK the anuity pension you would have got if retiring in 2008 was double what you will get now retiring at the same age with the same amount. Just one example that shows Fiji is not the only place that is/has suffered.

Perhaps there are far too many that blame the financial position on this goverment alone and are blind to what is happening worldwide.

I am not condoning how your government came into power but wonder if any alternative government would have been so fantastic that it would have performed financially better than other stable countries.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:38pm

Oh yes other countries have suffered and the state of some of the EU countries is well-known. I'm not saying that Fiji fared any better but what is being said is that this administration made it far worse then it would have been.

The volume of financial assistance and aid which would have come to Fiji from the various sources did not eventuate simply because we had an unlawful and illegal takeover of government. This resulted in Fiji looking North where we have received aid from China for instance but by golly, have we lost out in other areas like labour and sale of local materials and not to mention the $$$ we have to pay back.

And then we have mismanaged projects like NAIM whose KPI to maintain the roads is missing somewhere in the great blue. This is but one of them which also includes the loss of the lucrative project at Momi. These are the money wasting things that this government has participated in and of course using people's hard earned funds in the FNPF to fund themselves.

Anonymous said...







Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 1:38 Another farking moron!
You must be Sarita Kutia Devi.

Do you know what Bainimarama did to this country?
Do you know how many people he just sacked overnight because he didn't like their face?
He did wholesale sackings in government and private enterprise, Fijian Holdings FSC, FNPF; Air Pacific; LTA etc etc.
The guy is a farking moron.

These were people who were in employment?

Do you know the cost of trying to recover lost ground in business?

If you look at all the overseas government whether UK or USA ( Quantitative Easing) Australia ( Financial stimulus) etc etc
They are trying to recover lost ground.

Of course these countries caused the GFC but Bainimarama multiplied it, BECAUSE HE HASN'T GOT A CLUE!.
He is an idiot.

And you need to go study some more.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:38pm

I guess when you are the author of the illegal and unlawful takeover of a democratically government, it means that all your actions are by and large without LEGAL mandate.

The global economic events would have happened anyway but Bainimarama and his cronies have worsened the situation in Fiji through their illegal and unlawful actions.

tattifala said...

@ kamlesh Kumar
why one comment only from me?
because the speeches by your heroes the thug rulers - constipated me. no more tatti coming out at the moment. but be patient. tatti will happen. big one in line with the big tatti being made by your thug rulers!!
meantime read the other sensible comments from other Anti-regime bloggers. they have some nice things to say about the thugs you worship!

Anonymous said...

Sarita, are you the Sarita I know that's been very accommodating to the soldiers?

Anonymous said...

You cannot perform a citizen arrest with guns pointing at you from the other end. Start the petitions!! We only have a year to the elections...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:49 PM

Quote "" The volume of financial assistance and aid which would have come to Fiji from the various sources did not eventuate "" Unquote

Perhaps you need to consider that the rest of the world has their own problems and is sick and tired of giving aid to wasted causes.

Fiji has and had the oppurtunity for many years well before 2006 to improve itself but poor politics, infighting, selfishness and greed produced a country that stayed stagnant and relied too much on handouts.

How much aid and assistance has Fiji ever given to the many countries where the people are far worse off ?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, freedom to do whatever the goons with guns and gummy smiles tell us to do.

Anonymous said...


Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Some truth to what's being said. Fiji sucks the support financially and otherwise yet most of its people, young and old, getting their thrills on Facebooks over pictures of themselves. Why should everyone bust their guts for us when we like being under regime's spell and too gutless to speak out

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:14
The rest of the world have their own problems of course. Assuming that you are taking the viewpoint of Australia and NZ? Is Fiji Afghanistan, the Middle East or some of the despot African nations that have civil and sectarian wars which the rest of the world have to bear the brunt? Is Fiji Iran and Iraq where the US has countlessly lost billions of $$$ and lives civil and otherwise? Is Fiji Syria where to this day more than 60,000 have been killed with not a single solution in sight? No we are not, we do not have guns to fight the regime maybe to the amazement of US gun lobbyists: yes our founding fathers did not factor in a second amendment. We are riddled by natural disasters year in and year out and oh wait did someone forgot to mention the labour and resources that AUS and NZ have benefited from since post cession? Our economy with the current regime will take years to improve but don't you dare lecture us about our struggle. The resource race is on!

Anonymous said...

Not only the way Frank took power but the way he's held it is what we find objectionable. The man could have allowed dialogue. He didn't have to strip us of our rights. And he didn't have to lie to us every time he makes an utterance. If he's brought unity to Fiji at all, it is unity in opposition to his thug rule.

Anonymous said...

Sounds plausible.

Anonymous said...

Sarita, I'm so happy for you. I'm glad that you've found a home in Fiji, and I share your vision of a Fiji for all people of Fiji, irrespective of race or religion.

I believe you're terribly mistaken, however, if you ascribe to Bainimarama any motives of seeking to achieve a multicultural ideal for Fiji. The Bainimarama I know personally is no more pro-Indian than Inoke Kubuabola or Filipe Bole. He just stumbled into this formula after the nationalist coup he orchestrated in 2000 went awry, and he had to portray himself as the hero to the rescue in an effort to explain away his treasonous actions. This new narrative wouldn't hold up to the scrutiny of a board of inquiry, so he simply refused to appear before the board.

Bainimaramay should have been arrested at that time, but Qarase dawdled, even as Bainimarama never stopped plotting coup. When Bainimarama launched that coup, he used his phony credentials as defender against iTaukei chauvinism to appeal to Gujerati businessmen like the Tappoos and opportunistic politicians like Chaudhry.

So don't look for an enlightened multicultural, multiracialist Frank Bainimarama, because he just isn't there.

Anonymous said...

You see the number of iTaukei-owned businesses growing every day. I don't. What I see is a steady exodus of kai idia, the growth of (mostly Muslim) crony capitalism, and growing Chinese economic penetration.

Apparently the regime's greed and lawlessness don't phase you. You seem to have a higher pain threshold than most of us. I'm guessing you haven't been taken to a camp and had a boot pressed against your skull.

Anonymous said...

You cite the American example, saying it didn't become a democracy in a day. Take a closer look at the American experiment, because it's instructive. The United States had to endure revolution, a bloody civil war, and years of domestic struggle to progress -- unevenly -- to where it is today. But it has always been a democratic republic, with republican government guaranteed by its constitution.

Washington could have been America's Bainimarama. At Newburgh, some of his officers offered to make him America's monarch. But Washington flatly refused the idea as the antithesis of the American ideal.

Sadly, when Fiji needed a George Washington, it instead got a Benedict Arnold.

Fijians can tolerate much but should never settle for treason.

Anonymous said...

You thugs threatened us before Operation Jericho, too, but then didn't do sqwat.

Anonymous said...

What a bullshit argument. Then why didn't the regime just provide Ghai's dunding itself?

Anonymous said...

The illegal president and prime minister are two of a kind, both ulukau, kanaloto and lasulasu.

Anonymous said...

I work for Telecom and can confirm that mr. Khan is in PNG and has been spending considerable time there . Yes he will be ideal person to fix TFL but I don't thing it will happen as FNPF will want him & Pradeep to focus on PNG investment as they putting $150m in there .

Anonymous said...

My info is that Aslam spends lot more time in PNG. FNPF is betting on his team to make PNG investment work for them . I wish khan sorts TFL as he is the best man to do it . Given his track record at vodafone . But FNPF investment will be a red herring as politics inPNG will frustrate their efforts ? Another botch up by FNPF ? When will they learn .

Anonymous said...

Frank the illegal PM is now again showing his lack of experience to stage a Coup to throw out an elected government by the people of Fiji and to form a new government with a new constitution. He is scared to hear the voices of the people of Fiji who respond well to the call of Ghai and his team. It is also clear that the illegal President is only a rubber stamp. The illegal AG Khaiyum is an idiot and want to fool the people of Fiji by not not givng correct legal advise to Frank, Nailatikau. The way he is going now might end up in no election in 2014. I am sure the if election is going to be on in 2014, Frank and any political party that support him will definitely loose the election.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seriously unfunny.

Where is The Heckler? We need a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:14pm

Wasted causes - are you for real? The have's in the world are always philanthropic no matter how sad the state of affairs. You only have to look to Afrian sub-saharan states to see the level of continued and unabated economic and social assistance being offered to these countries even though they are a haven for paramilitary groups and Islamic extremist figures.

Take the present Syrian crisis and the Libyan revolution. The state of affairs in these two countries was catastrophic but the powers still provided that level of support not because of WHO is or was in power but because of THE PEOPLE!

Australia has a much bigger responsibility now towards human rights and the protection of human lives because they have a seat in the Security Council and they are our next door neighbors. They cannot do right by the world if they cannot even do right by Fiji.

Mind you, Fiji was the best in the South Pacific before Bainimarama decided to unlawfully and illegally takeover an elected government. We scored the best amongst the Pac Island nations for accessibility to do business and for your information Fiji has done its fair share in contributing to its neighbors during natural disasters and is a gateway for the receipt of imports destined for smaller island nations. So yes Fiji has done its fair share.

Anonymous said...

No need to rise up when you can sleep.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:37 PM

Oh yes I can assure you I'm for real.

But I have to wonder about the reality of bringing such places as the African sub-saharan states, Syria and Libya into a discussion on aid for Fiji.

Aid of course will continue to help the people in those places due to the catastrophic affect and consequences to the innocent people there.

But Fiji and it's people are hardly on the same level which anyone living here would admit.

Be assured that the aid will dry up as those with the money have to tighten their belts and cut back by only giving where it's really needed.

Anonymous said...

No!No!No! The caption should be : " Heh!Heh! We pulled it off on Gillard and Key again, didn't we, the nitwits!!???

Fiji Army Officer said...

Commander and his supporters dont have an exit strategy for after an election. when are you people going to realise that they will sit there as long as it takes, as the day will come when they will have to face the music for the deaths of our CRW brothers. Even as I type we're all confused in Nabua, as they're are men who act and think like monkeys (go with flow) and those of us who wish to end this, but this place is so small and mixed up, when cant even trust each other. The whole situation is Fucked within RFMF, so it'll have to be up to the civilians to take matters into their own hands. One things for sure, there are quite a number of us that support the removal of our commander.


Anonymous said...

Fiji Army Officer, your commander ordered the killing of those soldiers, and it only takes a single bullet to return the favor. Bocimarama has done irreparable damage, he is taking orders from Aiyarse and the sad thing is, Bocimarama doesn't even know it, because he's bank account is growing by the day. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And when that happens, people like semi Meo will jump ship as usual.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Major, sounds like you guys created this monster but are now too frightened to fix it....its you guys who must fix it, dont pass your shit on to the civilians, you cowards...even the majority of you cant fix it...unbelievable...you guys heroes????

Ref said...

Funny reading through all the comments, Sarita seems to have pushed some buttons there, look at the responses. Good on you Sarita.

Anonymous said...

by by Sarita...jao suto !