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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fiji regime's hefty salaries unravelled

BAINIMARAMA: Enjoying the high life but denying big salary and backhanders

The regime is under fire again for its salaries but as has been its practice, it refuses to disclose how much it's paying itself and how they're being paid.

Not surprising: the unelected government of Frank Bainimarama has been trying to deflect revelations (most of it coming from insiders) for some time.

KHAIYUM: Salary and perks just the icing on cake.
Information tunnelled out in the past three years show Bainimarama and Khaiyum are being paid more than any other prime minister and attorney general ever have been in the history of Fiji: intel sources maintain Bainimarama is pocketing $700,000 a year and Khaiyum over $800,000 for handling between them at least 15 portfolios.

Others, including the minister of police, the illegal chief justice and the minister of education are all doing very nicely as well and no one is getting less than $100,000 FJD.

Bainimarama had promised in 2007 all government ministers would be paid one salary instead of per portfolio. 

Information coming out from within the regime shows this to be a farce and that the regime has managed to avoid opening its books by scrapping the Higher Salaries Commission and paying themselves via the accounting firm of Khaiyum's aunt, Nur Bano Ali.

Fiji citizens who haven't followed our salary revelations may miss the significance of the current call by the country's political parties for the regime to be transparent and reveal its income and personal accounts, as well as any government dealings involving family members.

The parties went on the attack after the regime's latest decree, clearly aimed at shutting down them down by March the 15th and taking their assets and monies.
Typically, the regime has denied irregularities, claiming it doesn't have to disclose incomes and assets as political parties are required to.

Khaiyum also reckons the parties are clutching at straws; a line similar to what was trotted out in 2011 when their salaries were first widely revealed and it was forced to defend itself publicly.

More than a year on, it's getting harder to deny the unjustified salaries first brought to light by Coupfourpointfive in 2010, thanks to a 'Cabinet' ferret who leaked Khaiyum had just given himself another portfolio and an extra $7000 per month.

Our November 15 story that year also revealed an 80 million dollar loan with a Malaysian company hadn't been tendered or seen by Cabinet and that $10 million had been put in the accounts of Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Also revealed by the ferret was the multi-million dollar plans to upgrade FBC and the claim that monies from the loan had disappeared into Khaiyum's family account.

By May 27, 2011 it had emerged, thanks again to intel sources, that Bainimarama was getting $700,000 FJD and Khaiyum $640,000 and that the salaries were being paid by the accountant firm of Nur Bano Ali at that she, too, was on the payroll.

The salary scales were later endorsed as true by former 3FIR Commander, Roko Ului Mara, after he escaped to Tonga but denied by the regime amid wide publicity.

In June that year, however, the regime introduced a decree to scrap the Higher Salaries Commission, which usually monitors and controls government's salaries with Khaiyum saying the decree was issued because: " .... the HSC lacks commercial understanding and sufficient knowledge of the market forces, and tends to apply a public service approach in determining the remuneration of these entities.

“Furthermore, the current establishment and processes of HSC are very cumbersome, bureaucratic and time insensitive. In addition, the process fails to obtain a proper independent assessment of these salaries, by professionals who have the necessary expertise in making such analysis.”
Khaiyum this week insisted the salaries are processed by the Ministry of Finance and not by any private entity. 

If that's supposed to reassure citizens, he's stepped on a landmine. 

As we said in 2011 when the Salaries Commission was abolished and the salaries were funnelled through Bainimarama's (the Minister of Finance) office it's not transparent at all.

In fact, that's the biggest giveaway yet that they're trying to hide something.

The unravelling of the regime salaries


Anonymous said...

i say the biggest crooked is ps finace[waqabaca, ceo firca[jitoko tikolevu & barry whiteside [rbf governor]

Anonymous said...

If they are hiding something than too bad because the people of Fiji can't do anything about it long live Frank!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@6.06pm. Clearly you're one uneducated lowlife who dropped out of school. Let me tell you this moron, when Voceke falls, he will bring down everyone with him. Their assets and bank accounts will be frozen and they will be prevented from fleeing the country. Ever heard of this happening overseas moron? You said long live frank, but the reality is he won't live long to enjoy the fruits of his thieving.

Anonymous said...

I believe people of Fiji should hang these two crooks publicly, and confisicate every single cent and assets in their names and that of their families.

Enough is enough, we are sick and tired of their lame execuses, arrest eveyone, Frank, Kaiyum, Naivalurua, Tikoitoga, Tikoduadua, all of them face public floggings first, how in the world can they get paid that much for just sitting on their arses and writting decrees?

We are some stupid idiots leting this bastards walking all over us, and we the citizens of Fiji are doing nothing, we're only good at critisising, but no action. They'll suck every penny out of our pockets, kill the bastards.

Anonymous said...

There'll be people not liking talk of dealing to the regime but what do citizens do when they can't get rid of a government that put itself in power?

Let's hope the political parties have an answer.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Even President Obama is not paid that much. 700,000.00 for khaiyum is too much. He doesnot deserve that when thousands are suffering in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bawahahaha Areh yar go to ministry of finance and get salary. Don't we have a intel source there? Have we been bullshitting the public?

Fiji Man said...

Hahaha Baini laughing all the way to the bank. Trick everybody, including kaiindia into thinking this was democracy coup. Fijian elite trying to lay hands on national treasury, use Indans as decoy. All Fijian leaders good at this. But Baini take the cake, hahaha! Get over the Indian bogey and smokescreen.

Vutuki Meo said...

The money is Public money, therefore the Public have every right to know how it is being used.
Aiyaz and Voreqe must disclose their salaries.

If you are hiding it then that is just plainly corrupt.

So for these idiots to say that they were cleaning up corruption and they do this, they are worse than any other government before them.

The money belongs to the people, therefore they have every right to know.
So show them the frikin money, you arseholes!
Whats the big deal?

Anonymous said...

Why did people ever think they would be above all of this?

They threw out an elected govt and the Constitution.

paula raqeukai said...

...one day mafatu...the Lord is watching everybody...we will pay for deeds done in this world even those done in secrets....repent and seek forgiveness from the people of Fiji and most importantly to the Lord Jesus Christ...if not then they will DIE a horrible death...

Anonymous said...

No secrets ... no hiding.

Anonymous said...

Focus on the things that you can change. This is my last visit and posting on this blog because. I will focus on looking for a job, yes, that is right, I too am unemployed.

I can change the things in my home, my life, I will register, i will vote in 2014 if there is an election! Yes, I will resist the urge to come back and check if anyone responded to this posting. Please, do not. To all who felt that they were wronged by others, forgive them in your heart and move on.

Look at the things and people who mean everything to you, protect them. Make that your mission, to change the things we can, work honestly and do right to Jesus Christ. Let us do what must be done today to get to the new world, where there is promised justice and peace, Let us all seek that out. Live strong for Fiji and all our families. Farewell everyone. I will NOT log in here again.

Anonymous said...

So when will they declare the salaries? If they do I wonder how much each of them have donated to any charities?

Anonymous said...

ASK AND FRANK is the biggest chor in Fiji.
CEO /PS will have to ans to the elected govt.
when democracy returns.
So start doing your stuffs PS /CEO dont end up in jail like Peni K.
PS are accountable to the Tax Payers and Auditor General and Public Account Committee.
God Bless Fiji People.

Anonymous said...

NZ minister dont get paid like Chor in fiji.
Rambo and Frank promised to liberate the Fijians but just filled their pockets and friends.
Shame on you Army thugs.ripping the fijians and tax payers .

Anonymous said...

number one chor heading to France to check on the new Airbus for Air Pathetic. What does this Rear Admiral of Uranus know about planes?

Anonymous said...

PS for Finance, RBF Governo, CEO FIRCA Chairman FIRCA Kodakoda and the lot will be taken to task after the election for flouting the law unilaterally.They have closed eyes when Baini nd Kaiyum are involved in ripping off the country's treasures.
High flyers;Nur Bano ,Shameem and Lailun Khan will be severaly punished by the State.Waiting for the day these thugs are exposed and severally dealt with.May Lord save our coubtry from these musketeers...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ASK and BAI are consumers.They consume the money we pay as tax.Can Premila Kumar from the Consumer Council come on TV and ask ASK and BAI to disclose how much of taxpayers" money they are consuming.C"mon Premila--dont just look at tin fish and bus fares.How about this one ??

Anonymous said...

Is ASK"s father still a paid member of the NFP ??---

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to that trash anonymous 9.15, only a PHUCKING LOSER like you would encourage others to run off just when 'the rubber meets the road'... just when the moment of truth has come for the KANALOTOs and the VODOLOTOs (your junta gang), to declare to Fiji all the monies they've been paying themselves and assets accumulated the LAST SIX YEARS!

Kua ni o rai kivi mai ena levu ni rere.. Na qai qo ena qai ga.

C'mon Fiji, nail them!!!

Anonymous said...

Heard from a reliable source that frankie bought the ex Govenor RBF house on Princeess Rd and rented it to air pacific ceo.

Where did he get his money from....

Anonymous said...

who is :
jitoko tikolevu
barry whiteside

Anonymous said...

the winners in the money game hia is soldiers..play touch rugby..have brkfast..play touch rugby..have tea brk...play touch rugby...lunch..ptr...t/brk...snooze...ptr..dinner..dance..fuck each other..sleep..get paid friday....hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Its no use talking Fiji, its time for action, we don't need to plan for a march or protest, bring back the qiri kava boys from Lami, they can lead us in the streets of Suva, at least they have the guts.

Tu Peni, Sir you said you're using your brains, how about some actions? We live this two rapists Bai and Kai alone, than we are gone forever.

They are two scared shits, their balls must have been sringking by now, the military in my view can't do anything, we can only wish Mr Butadroka is still alive, Kaiyum wouldn't have been where he is now.

Lets work together and help one another get rid of these two poofters. Take back the country which is for everyone, and not just them.

Anonymous said...

the fiji media should publish this let tax payers know what they paying frank and kiyum

Anonymous said...

Wait! PLEASE take Semi Meo with you!

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 9:15
"...change the things we can..."

Yes you too my friend can find employment in burning whatever is close to you that belongs to the regime.
If its an army truck, burn it.
If it a soldier's house, burn it.
If you a close to Shameem's house or Aiyaz or Gates house then burn it.

Whatever you are close to; If it belongs to the regime then sabotage it , whether its vehicle or their food or water bottle(poison it) or Tappoos or whatever.

Anonymous said...

The question is where we're you sonalevu's when we went on the Qiri kava. Anyway we went on new years celebration Qiri kapa and not some bullshit protest you talking about. We support the government. You go plan on your own Qiri kapa or sit on your kau ni Qiri kapa.

Anonymous said...

They can't be trusted even if they open the books as you say.

Regime here to stay unless... said...

Bloggers. If the above is true and it looks that way. Let me tell you all a secret " THE REGIME IS HERE TO STAY" by hook or by crook; and there is already evidence of this happening with the latest degrees. As some international author wrote " the Fijian people need to take the Regime out from inside" or its over for democracy.

Anonymous said...


PM authorizes renovations to Naitasiri schools
Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has directed that immediate renovation works and assistance should be provided to Nairukuruku District School, Vunidawa District School and Vunidawa Sanatan Primary in Naitasiri......


I thought the cyclone damaged schools in the West. What's he doing in Naitasiri?
Scared or What?

Anonymous said...

@REGIME HERETO STAY. Of course you are right. The question is what are the people prepared to do.

oi le said...

someone in the know should be able to smuggle out some paper evidence.

Anonymous said...

Kai Naitasiri qoi,

Even if he renovated all the schools and houses in Naitasiri, o rau na bokala qo erau na cici ga ena dua na siga qo...Nomudrau mai soli maka tiko ena sega sara ni veisautaka na yalo ni kai Naitasiri..drau kawa ca...

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Fiji, where happiness finds you
Fiji continues to suffer from stockholme syndrome!

Felix Chaudhary
Thursday, January 24, 2013

LOCALS will soon be able to see how Tourism Fiji plans to market the country as a holiday destination when a brand new marketing campaign is launched later this year.

'Fiji, where happiness finds you' will replace 'Fiji Me' as the global marketing tag line and Tourism Fiji's newly-appointed CEO Rick Hamilton said the campaign truly reflected Fiji and its people.

"As soon as you step off the airplane you feel relaxed. The genuine warmth and generosity of the people just overwhelms you and the scenery and properties are absolutely stunning," he said.

"So, I feel that the new campaign captures the very essence of Fiji as a holiday destination and this is what we will look at using to bring more visitors into the country."

Tourism Fiji chairman and managing director and Air Pacific CEO David Pflieger said the rebranding and the new slogan were a sure winner.

"'Where happiness finds you' as the new tag line is a true reflection of the comprehensive view of the world that we want people to have about Fiji," he said.

"It's absolutely a stunning country and has absolutely amazing people. But at the end of the day what people look for when going on vacation or honeymoon or dive trip is they want to go to a place where they can relax and find happiness.

"And the unique thing about Fiji is you don't have to look for it very far because it's right here."

Anonymous said...

oi le. Dont take us there. We may find a decree that makes it illegal for Regime salaries to have official documents. Salaries from Petty cash. That way phuck the income Tax!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

People there will be decrees coming for a while yet. The transfer to power as an 'elected government' will have to be made smoothly.

Imagine if people don't vote or say they didn't vote for Frank - what are they going to do?

Turn to a decree of course.

Anonymous said...

Wow--loo00k at the size of the cake---four stories high. !!!!Where is my share of the cake ??????

Anonymous said...

The contributors of this blog are talking high,roiugh and feeding all the bull$%&# but none have them have the guts to even put their real names here.
The United Front created by political parties and just the individuals from different parties (failed and unsuccessful) who want to try their hand in politics again.This govt is doing a good job.

Regime supporters are dumb said...

Anon at 12.21pm.

If you so proud of this bullshit illegal government why don't you sign your full name and address.

We got reason to be annonymous but not you.

Anonymous said...

@Regime supporters are dumb
Because like all Regime supporters; they are hedging their bets both ways. They are all luimuris.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.21pm. You're full of shit, people posted anonymously because they don't want to be identified by these cowards in government. The challenge has been issued to you, of you truly like what these thieves are doing, then sign your real name...if you don't then you're a bloody coward.

Anonymous said...

@Jan 24 : 12.00am

The house at Princes Rd still belongs to RBF. It is not being sold.

Anonymous said...

@24 Jan 1:21.
Where's your cunt???

Anonymous said...

only 2 oprion to stop the coup in Fiji.

1) no party to stand on the lecetion, let them run it and pay of their loan from other government.

2) election to go ahead and the lected govt should not pay the illegal govt loan.Other nation to hunt them down for payment.

mark manning said...

The size of the cake is nothing compared to the size of the parcels of land Frank and Aiyaz are carving up between themselves and the Chinese.
Wake up Fiji!

I remember seeing a Chinese man chatting to his mate, laughing and getting excited as they looked in the Suva sky;line at some of its buildings and I wondered at the time, were they contemplating a take over of some of those properties in Central Suva!
That was in 2007 or 2008.

Radiolucas said...

I like the new slogan: 'Fiji, where happiness finds you'.

It should be 'Fiji; if you speak out, Frank's friends find you'.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1.08pm

Your share of the cake is between the grooms' thighs!lol!

Anonymous said...

What's with full military uniform?


Anonymous said...


How quick has politicans like chor chaudary diverted attention from themselves and their assets. If they have all the confidence that gthey have the support, they have nothing to lose.

Or maybe they do have a lot to lose if they reveal all their assets, properties etc.

Calling a kettle black.

I want change but not this con politicans.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your loot and high life while you can cos as they say in my village...na qaiqai balavu qo gonei..o drau na warai ni bula qaciqacia tiko me tawamudu..na gauna ni tatamusuki ena yaco ga mai ena kena siga...

Matavaka Sona said...

Oilei if you put your name in here the sodomy squad in Nabua will come looking for you.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone believe the regime after what happened with the draft Constitution and the new political decree?

Anyone who believes we can speak publicly and freely, beyond Facebook and blogs, is ;effing kidding themselves.

These aiyarseholes are playing to win and have broken, mained and killed people to get where they are.

Remember what |Yash Ghai wa dumb enough to tell bloggers -test the regime. Well, he did just that and found out he was wrong and arrogant to have suggested it at the time.

Anonymous said...

yeah....! when one is famished for money..he has to seize power first...once he have power in his hands he could control everything like money, judicial system,political system etc,etc, claiming to make progress towards a higher social order all things/goods/properties are shared equally by the people... we are nothing to them and they see there enemy as little worms..but in terms of development..they're doing great ..but behind the scene is totally a different story altogether..

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

does that mean that this money that the govt. is using to travel locally n internationally is apart frm what they earning.....
how do high school drop-outs becomes well adversed with a financial statement of a country even some degree graduates can't understand iiit!!

salvation said...

Getting paid that much to do what? draft more unlawful public policies, watch the citizens of Fiji suffer on wages that can't even fully pay the bills and put decent meals on the table? travel locally and internationally at the taxpayers expense? And the list goes on...well, enjoy they might as well enjoy it while they still can because the good things in life don't last forever!

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