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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fiji unions react to full details of political party decree

BOB CARR: Taking Inoke Kubuabola's word
FICTU says regime aiming to line its pockets with assets of parties and FTUC says it's still forming its own party. An optimistic Carr meanwhile insists there's no cause for concerns just yet because the regime's  election plans are still on track.

Fresh concerns surfacing with the release of the full decree detailing what political parties can and can't do. (see document in previous story)

The Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions says the decree will not only wipe out all of the country's political parties within 28 days but allows the regime to make a killing financially.

Under the decree, all the net assets of political parties will go to the 'state' if they're not registered after the required 28 days starting from tomorrow (Friday January 18).

FICTU's General secretary, Attar Singh, suggests this may be the real purpose behind the decree.

"Why should party assets built over years of operation transfer to State when an application is refused? Should it not be distributed in accordance with the rules or decision of the party itself?"

The Political Parties Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosure Decree punishes political parties in a number ways, not least the $5005 registration fee. There's also $10,000 penalties if offences are committed once the party is formed.

Singh says FICTU also has strong concerns about the membership requirement saying the regime's approach is misleading.

"We need to differentiate between party membership and party supporters and voters.  Not all thousands of supporters are party members. And they shouldn't be. This is so that voter can choose between parties during elections, unlike members who although free to leave generally form party branches, etc to advance parties policies.

"Secondly, a national membership requirement denies people the right to form regional or issue based parties. We have had many regional parties in the past. They will find re registration impossible. Similarly, single or narrow issue based party will find the requirements quite difficult to meet."

Singh says the requirements and the timing of the decree are aimed at diverting the attention of all opposing the new constitutional direction to concentrate on internal matters but also to make existing political parties dysfunctional and unlawful during this period and beyond.

"This means that political parties cannot be represented in the Constituent Assembly even if they wished although decree 58 entitles them representation. It is the final decree to ensure total control by eliminating all political parties and opponents."

The national secretary for the Fiji Trades Union Congress, Felix Anthony, has meanwhile confimed it's going ahead with its plans to form a political party.

"The FTUC remains committed to the workers’ cause and will commence work on the formation of a political party that is truly multiracial and adheres to the core values of social justice and democracy.

"Wide consultations have been held and a vigorous process was adhered to, which culminated in the decision to form a political party at the Special Delegates Conference of the FTUC. The will of the people must remain paramount."

Under the decree all trade unionists either elected or appointed, do not have any political rights to be a member of a political party, to hold office of a political party, to engage in any political activity or to even indicate support for any political party. 

"This is tantamount to telling workers of this country that they cannot have a political voice of their own and a direct attack on democracy," says Anthony 

"The Workers of Fiji elect their leaders, fund their unions and determine issues that they need addressed. The workers of Fiji have seen their rights not only erode but totally denied in many areas and have had enough. 

"This is precisely why they have decided to form a political movement that would champion their cause and democracy. Trade Unions are democratic institutions and can only operate fully to their potential in a democracy."

SDL, the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua, has told media it does not want to change its name and is exploring how it can avoid doing this while complying with the decree.

Australia's foreign minister, Bob Carr, today meanwhile maintained his earlier stance the Bainimarama regime be given a chance to deliver on its promise of an election.

In spite of concerns from Fiji people and criticism of Carr, at a press conference he told Australian media there was no need to change tack.

"My optimism is based on the fact that the interim government, whatever else it has done, has not departed from its commitment to an election, a democratic election in 2014, and indeed with our help has got a functioning electoral office, electoral commission and has gone out to tender for the provision of ballot boxes."


oi le said...

What optimism is this dopey talking about? What kind of democratic election is that given all the constraints demanded by this stupid decree. Carr needs to wake his ideas up.

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize that Bob Carrccould be a complete idiot

Anonymous said...

Bob Carr is an idiot.

What if these rules of registration were applied in Australia?
Bob Carr wouldn't be able top tolerate it.
So why does he thinks that this is acceptable.
He's an idiot.

Australia should appoint a new Minister for Foreign Affairs.
This guy doesn't know whether he's coming or going.

Fijiwala said...

Bainimarama and Khaiyum are strategizing to hold on to power as is very clear to anyone and everyone. Fiji is inching towards its own version of a Stalinist-like State, because the only way the two can retain control is through undemocratic and dictatorial means and policies. All this talk about elections rubbish, unless you talking rigged elections.

Anonymous said...

FTUC going ahead with a political party? Does it really have 5,000 members? Incredible. Best plan would be to form a coalition or merge

TURUKAWA said...

Mr Bob Carr..time to resign from your portfolio mate in aust and come take your idiot sister out of fiji the minister of infromation... What the hell and does ASIO in aust give a heck about whats happening in fiji real time?

Those damn politician and the same wannabes in suva have no idea really on whats happening on grass root level..come down and smel some daru ni moli or coboi tea..too much milk!!

as quoted on todays fiji time by illegal AG " FIJI'S new draft constitution which is being amended by the government's legal team is one that will be enduring and not need amendments within three, five or 10 years."

10 bloody years is what this illegal govt going to rule fiji again..phewww..what say Semi Meo??


Anonymous said...

It time for the people of Fiji and all political parties to stand up and fight against this decree
How much more will they take and keep on accepting such decrees
Organize a massive rally in Albert park by the thousands and lets se how many people will the military arrest
If politics parties do not come together and organize this massive rally then kiss yourselves goodbye as Baini and sidekick will stamp thie grip on Fiji for sometime to come ad rule with an iron fist for next 20 years

Anonymous said...

What a joke Bob Carr. Like most of the labor party members all on special medication.

Keep The Faith said...

Can we really blame Sen Carr for being completely blase about this whole charade? I mean this bloke never had to campaign to win voters for chrissakes.

He is however, completely out of step with regional politics and in order to avoid a big serving of egg-on-face-much when dealing with Bainimarama, he should really be taking his cues from McCully & Tuilaepa who've had much more experience in dealing with the wilyness that is Voreqe. More's the pity however if Carr is hanging onto every empty morsel that drips off the forked tongue of Kubuabola.

It will come around & bite him in the ass. He aint got nothing on KRudd. Q

Anonymous said...

Is she really Bob Carr's sister? That explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Attar. Only you could make such analysis of this stupid decree. Now we know what it really means. And why the boci ask not come out more openly about the hidden bits.

Anonymous said...

It is going on for the last SEVEN solid years!! The MASSES here in Fiji have been crying out aloud about the brutality, the rape, the murder, the decimation, the lies, the issues that are being shoved down our throats left, right and center, yet the so-called International Community, including Australia are still patting the Pig on the back!!
Bob Carr was have his head buried in the proverbial sand!!
The man is guilty of murder, of treason, of abuse, YET they still patronize and recognize him!!
I just cannot, for the life of me fathom where they are coming from!!

Anonymous said...

When are you going to change the badges of rank that you are ALL still wearing Voreqe?
It is after all BRITISH!!

Anonymous said...

Bob Carr--you are an Aussie Idiot.Whats the use of talking about elections--when you are decreeing rules that will eliminate political parties.Why cant I have a party that only focusses in the West.Why all these silly idiotic rules??--10 yrs or $50000 !!!---have these people been talking to Adolf Hitler and Goebbells ???

mark manning said...

I think bob has delusions that he will be Australia's next Labor Prime Minister, God help Australia if that ever happened, the man is a fool and was years before making these comments.

Anonymous said...

Should have included;

Registration Fee - $5,005
Deposit - $50,000

Deposit non refundable if less than 5% of overal total of votes recieved by any party at elections.

Stops the time wasters.

Julab Dean said...

Senator Carr is right. Give the regime the chance to prove about election. The latest decree by ASK is the best in the history of fiji. The Trade Unionists in past lived luxurious lives including overseas trips and very good salaries. There was always corruption in the union movements. It was all click way and how the same officials were elected time after time.

Anonymous said...

The people of fiji shouldnt follow any illegal decree of khaiyum. maichod.




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Frank please remember that if all the decrees linked to the 2014 election are aiming to destroy all political parties and their members you are fearing about, I want to remind you again that you will loose the election, unless if you and the election supervisor (ASK) rigged the process. I am sure there will be some political parties will contest the election. My advise to you and all your advisors to find a way out from Fiji as soon as possible. My assessment today you only have about 20% suport of the rgistered voters. If the 2014 election is free from rigging and fraud, the results will be against your wish.

Ganesh Chand said...

Bainimara is cleaning the mess left from past culprits (beneficiries and opportunists )and now they are crying as they are hurting. Well done Bainimara for your good clean up campaign. You have cleaned up GCC, SDL, Unionists, nationalists and opportunists. After his overseas commitments he will soon restart visiting villages and rural towns and places to find about people's welfare.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Kevin Rudd. This Carr guy is off the rails.

Sharar said...

Like a chained animal when you taunt and tease it...what happens?..when that chain breaks or it is let loose..you better have a head start and be somewhere safe or be far away or that animal will rip you to shreds....Fijians are known to be humble but we can only be taunted so much...For their own sake and for the sake of peace, Don't bring out the animal in us....I only hope they realise this sooner than later...

Anonymous said...

Have no issue with new decree as long as both ASK and Frankie declare all assets they have acquired since 2006 and income received since 2006. What is the chance they may come clean?

Anonymous said...

Communist country around the connner for Fiji a mixture of military junta n communism unique ONLY IN FIJI.

JOJ said...

DECREE 99 Who Should NOT Contest The 2014[proposed] General Election.

Lasenia Qarase
Mahendra Pal Chaudhry
Tupeni Baba
Mick Beddos
Mere Semosoni
Ratu J Kuboabola
Rajendra Pal Chaudhry
Filex Anthoney
Attar Singh
Pramod Rae
Raman Pratap Singh
Wadan Narsey
Jaganath Sami
Biman Prasad
Shamima Ali
Lavenia Padarath
GCC Members
Senior Trade Union Members
Active Political Party Members

JOJ said...

DECREE 100 Who will Contest The[proposed] 2014 General Election

All Chamchas [puppets] of the ILLEGAL Regime.

JOJ said...

Bob Carr what democratic election you talking about?tell me is this system practiced in Australia??????.

Anonymous said...

Stop playing by the regime's rules.

Decrees? They have no legality. They come from a group of choros with no legal standing.

Anonymous said...

Eating my packed lunch down at Ratu Sikuna Park. All who want this regime to disappear, come join me.

Anonymous said...

This political party registration decree is completely unreasonable, unfair and high-handed. It has no legality whatsoever.

Even if the major parties manage to jump through these new hoops, this regime will steal the election anyway.

The main parties should boycott. FICTU should form its own party and run. When FICTU wins, and Bainimarama, negates the results, then the main parties will be in a better position to take action.

Potblack said...

hey you fijians dont rubbish old Bob, you are all as naiv or lamusona like him..expecting someone else to fight your fight.
You fijians clean up your own mess you slackers!!

Anonymous said...

Well thought out decree and can not understand the moaning from the unionists.

Unions and their officials have their place and purpose in society as well as politicians.

What society does not have is a place for union officials to play at politics at the same time.

Do these unionists want to represent ALL the people or just the Workers they have been representing.

There's a choice make it.

Realise that the taxpayer pays for politicians in the government and no tax payer should have to pay for a politician that does not spend 100% of his time working for and representing 100% of the voters.

Make an honest choice.

Anonymous said...

Ganesh Chand, yes you're right. He's cleaning up the treasury and moving it to his bank accounts, and his close friends. Yes Aiyarse's aunt is helping with the cleaning up. He's so busy with cleaning there's no time to audit government accounts for years. Tell you what, you go clean Voceke's ass.

Anonymous said...

@Ganesh Chand Where did Mary Bainimarama get her $1.4 million to buy that house last month.
I think she cleaned the people's money. ie govt money or public money.

Unfortunately you Ganesh, Kamlesh Kumar and Jaleb Dean are all stupid.

Thank God you not leading the country.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

If Bainimara Government is so bad, anti-iTaukei, corrupt, people are sufferring,high inflation, no jobs, hospitals are third grade, poor road, etc than why are people not revolting against this military government. The military cannot shoot thousands of their own people. Why will Bainimara let his own fijian people suffer? How can the army which is 99% fijian be against their own people and make its own people suffer? My hundred million dollar question is why the people, The Taukei Movement, the 50% soliders in the army who are against Baini are not revolting and throwing out this government. Why people are not listening to Tattifala, Vutaki Meo, KiBau, Apisai Tora,etc to burn the homes of ASK,AZIZ,NUR,BAINI,etc.

komai said...

JOJ @6:24 AM

No one from your whole list has anything to contribute to Fiji. They all are HISTORY and a thing of a past.

We need new leaders that can lead Fiji to a "New Beginning". Fiji is in this situation because of ALL those in your list. So please do not bring up their name in future.

Fijiana said...

Bob Carr has gotten his ssa (ass) backwards. The issue of Draft Constitution is what he need to condemn not the Party Registration. Party Registration DECREE 99 is just and fair. This is aimed to keep all those that screwed Fiji over away from doing any further damages.

NONE of the past leaders deserve to be around anymore. All I say to them is "MOCE", ta ta, tum jatta, hum atta.

Anonymous said...

Karavaki says...what do we expect in Fiji....Australia funds the due electoral process...they are watching and not seeing the people do anything and probably assume we accept Franks leadership accept for bloggers and 4.5...when will we stand up? NEVER I SUPPOSE.

SEMI MEO said...

Psst!...Psst..Anon January 18, 2013 at 7:36 AM…I here with my BBQ near the YWCA bench…oh..that’s you peeping 3rd floor Vanua House..oh, well I guess under you table qualifies as Sukuna Park vicinity!
Please…kerekere…let’s not incite any violence as only our loved once will be innocent victims!..vinaka

TURUKAWA..January 17, 2013 at 8:00 PM...sega ni mai veitalanoa ena bai toa qo,ie!

Laivi keimami na Ikeli vakatabana me keimami sarava na vuravura raba i levu...vinaka

Anonymous said...

@ semi meo...God is watching...God bless your family

Anonymous said...

Mr Carr why can't you smell the coffee. You seem to be an idiot. The promise of an election is not the question here. It is the process that is being employed to arrive at the elections is the issue. Look at the terms and conditions, the decrees pertaining to the electuions, they are undemocratic and are designed to favour the regime's plans to form a party and fight the elections. Please PM Gillard get yourself a better Foreign Affairs man, this guy Carr is a fool.

Anonymous said...

at jan 17 9.29pm....good one

Now that the British ranking id and order has been replaced, lets assume the new fiji order will consider :

1. coconuts to replace the pips
2. fans to replace the crowns
3. bananas to replace the swords, and
4. tanoa to replace the general's laurels...

some combination, what say, for a truly new order of an army...at least the cultural identities fiji are so proud of have been preserved...

say RFMF Republic Fruit Mix Forces

Anonymous said...

Carr probably don't give a shit on what's happening In Fiji, why because the population in Fiji not doing shit about the problem them selfs.


Anonymous said...

So what about the current illegal ministers? When will illegal PM and his illegal acting PM publish their financials. If they have nothing to hide, then nothing to worry about!

tattifala said...

It's not coffee. Bob carr needs a good lump of tatti under his long nose to bring him to his senses!!

Anonymous said...

Bob Carr will of course support the unelected, because he is unelected himself, for a man his calibre to support the bulshit from Bainimarama and Kaiyum, and back them up instead of the 7,000 submissions is something the people of Fiji should take very seriously.

Is he speaking on behalf of Australia, or just himself? I think he is still in shock after given the potfolio by his boss the prime minister Ms Gilliard, realy he doesn't know wether he is coming or going.

He is now creating his enemies in the pacific region. Come on Carr, act responsibly.

Anonymous said...

Can you please use more recent picture of bob Carr?

Anonymous said...

Good question! They SHOULD be!

Anonymous said...

By the same token, if this regime is so popular, why is it afraid to have fair and open elections?

Anonymous said...

..if there's no election cum 2014,senator Carr relinquish his true blue(citizenship) & rt.inoke gets deleted from vkb & both cum live in a shq down jittu est..don't worry will ask komai vunijaina for his palace since he had abandoned it for the bright lights down circular quay, that is ofcourse if they're still around..

Anonymous said...

Well said they Felix Anthony and his family lived and is still living luxury lives, trips for the family every week, month, one member of the family is traveling, his son mark has a big mouth, full of s..t , his son Adrian comments is what his father is telling him to say. Felix anthonywill not win now or ever. Get rid of him , he is not a gd unionist, put his money where his big mouth is.

Anonymous said...

What has Felix Anthony really and truly done for the people of Fiji, he is always traveling overseas that is just about all he does, truly can someone really tell us here in Fiji what is Felix Anthony doing for us people in Fiji, I think he is doing sweet nothing, on

Anonymous said...

Felix please explain what is your real job, you want help from Australia and around the world, show us what have you done for us the people of Fiji.
All I can see is you enjoying a luxury life , nothing gd for the country you will never get the votes you want , sorry man not you , people had it with people like you .

Anonymous said...

Definitely not Felix Anthony his went to Aust, with his union mates, mouthed off all the union guys were all fighting and arguing among them selves for the position of the new party what a joke hahahah , he think no one knows this we here in Fiji hear things about his trip to Aust all the time

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more, well said, what a joke these unionists are doing, they have robbed us for all our money ,we worked hard, and Felix built his home, travel with family etc. wat a f...in joke, wake we the people here in Fiji should wake up to f. Anthony and his mates