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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gillard govt welcomes end of draft process and Ghai accused of being emotional

One of three photos sent to C4.5 yesterday.
No doubt there will be coverage for some time on the fallout over the Constitution process, even though the issue now is the Constituent Assembly and who will be on it and how much of the original draft survives.

Two developments worth noting today, one the Australian media report citing a Foreign Affairs and Trade spokeswoman saying the Australian government welcomes the completion of the new draft constitution despite a bitter row between chair Yash Ghai and the military government and the other, a Fiji Sun column, attacking the Kenyan constitution expert.

Under the headline 'Canberra praises draft Constitution for Fiji',  the government spokeswoman is cited as saying: "The draft constitution is a substantial document and another step along the path towards Fiji's return to democracy.

"The strong interest of the people of Fiji in the commission's work was shown by the very large number of submissions it received - over 7000.

"The Fiji police have confiscated printed copies of the draft constitution, but it is now available on websites. Some political parties and individuals have already commented on it publicly."

The same story quotes Jenny Hayward-Jones of the Lowy Institute as saying 'it is the right thing at this stage' for the Julia Gillard government to help keep the constitutional and democratic momentum going in Fiji.

Hayward-Jones is cited as saying Fiji would probably not try to do a fresh constitution saying the Constituent Assembly is likely to frame its discussions around the Ghai draft.

She described Ghai as having 'unparalleled expertise' in drafting constitutions, in often 'extremely challenging settings'.

At home, the Fiji Sun's latest column by Qorvis paid consultant, Graham Davis, was less benevolent saying the departing Ghai's actions 'smacks of emotion triumphing over reason.'

Taking issue with Ghai's original report the drafts were set on fire with kerosene and using pictures published yesterday by C4.5, Davis says: "What was burnt were some uncorrected printer’s proofs that had been shredded – yes, cut up into little pieces – and that the Police feared may have been reconstituted had they not been destroyed. Their orders, after all, were to secure the document and prevent its dissemination.

"The truth is that all copies of the draft constitution survive and are now under lock and key.

"As the Government originally intended, they will be handed over to the proper authority when the time comes – the yet to be chosen chair of the Constituent Assembly."

Davis goes on to make several 'revelations' about Ghai including the 63 year old's relationship with the National Federation party (already noted by C4.5 when Ghai arrived last year) and Ghai's aborted intention to walk away from the Commission, also known by C4.5 but not published.

On what Davis describes as the 'alleged' burning of drafts, he says: "What was Yash Ghai doing presiding over the printing of almost 600 copies a day later on Saturday December 22? He no longer had any legal authority to do so. He was in breach of the law. And yet it was Professor Ghai who accused the Police of acting illegally when he gave his Radio Australia interview six days later.

"By now he was safely out of Fiji and intent on what looks very much like a petulant act of revenge – pointing a finger of blame at the Police when it was he who was actually in the wrong.

"We now know from his fellow Commissioner, Professor Satendra Nandan, that Professor Ghai had the draft copies printed without informing him. In other words, it was a unilateral decision of the chairman’s to make the document public, not the Commission’s as a whole.

"This raises some serious questions about Yash Ghai’s conduct. First, he defies the law by continuing to perform his duties after his job has formally concluded.  Then he secretly presides over the unauthorised printing of 600 draft copies with the intention of disseminating them to selected members of the public in defiance of the Government’s wishes and the process it had set in train."

Graham's story is too long reprise here but can be found at the link provided. No doubt there will be more on what happened at the printery (where Ghai had been called by the printers when police arrived) and between Ghai and the regime. 

The United Peoples Party has meanwhile said the furore over the leaking of the draft Constitution is of the regime's own making.

Party leader Mick Beddoes says it appears the regime learnt through its ‘mole’ at the Commission the draft was shaping up to be quite ‘tough’ on a government .... and not being able to receive any further immunity if they were to consider a Coup 5.'

Ghai: Ruled emotion before reason 
Canberra praises new draft Constitution

Smith Jonh's letter to The Australian.
ROWAN Callick's article ("Fiji cops torch constitution draft", 8/1) is factually incorrect. No printed copies of Fiji's draft constitution have been burnt.
All 599 copies were sequestered by police on the government's instruction when it learnt that the former chair of the constitutional commission, Professor Yash Ghai, was printing them contrary to law and planned to distribute them himself without the apparent knowledge of his fellow commissioners. The police action was to preserve the integrity of the constitutional process.
The only things that were burnt were some shredded printer's proofs of the draft document, which the police destroyed for security reasons.
The printed draft copies will be made available to the public when the assembly is convened. We requested Professor Ghai to observe due process and it is regrettable that he unilaterally took it upon himself to leak the draft document. The commission's work has ended and the next process will commence in due course.
Sharon Smith-Johns, Permanent secretary for information, Republic of Fiji


Anonymous said...

Fiji's Constitution Burning Episode Wednesday, 9 January 2013, 3:35 pm Opinion: Rajend Naidu Fiji's Constitution Burning Episode Editor Sharon Smith- Jones claim that Rowan Callic's article ("Fiji cops torch constitution draft" 8/1) is" factually incorrect" and that "no printed copies of Fiji's draft constitution has been burnt" (Letters 9/1) should itself be verified for its factual accuracy . Many critics of the Bainimarama military regime in which the Australian expatriate Sharon Smith-Jones has acquired a position as Permanent secretary for information maintain the permanent secretary and the ministry of information operate like the old Soviet style Ministry of Propaganda . They therefore contend much of what comes out of the Ministry and its permanent secretary cannot be relied upon or be trusted to be factually correct. No newspaper in Fiji has apparently reported the story . The free press in Fiji is not all that free.This matter calls for good investigative journalism

Anonymous said...

Sharon was to be jail. she murdered the husband john hanging him with the support of the army boy friend.

Anonymous said...

Fark Yash Ghai. Peni Moore has said that the submission never agreed on anything and they formed the conclusions themselves on what they thought best for Fiji. That's the same thing the military said when they took over that it was best for Fiji. It's a draft and fark it the military will throw it away and put what's best for Fiji just like Yash Ghai did. He put what he thought best for Fiji rather than what everybody thought.

SEMI MEO said...

Vinaka C4.5..sincerely,why not we citizens of cyberville ( in the midst of mud and spew slinging)pause for a moment and offer silent prayers for the prosperity and good health of the editor/s and families of this historical Oasis of hope; C4.5...let's us pray.....

Another well researched and explicit commentary undergirded with patriotic intent and grace to inform the…uh… misinformed.

Now…looking ahead;…further ahead , that is!...how would be wish to compose a time line for the CA consideration on the progressive withdrawal of the Military back to Barracks.

No doubt is an imminent question, and must be an negotiable element of our journey forward to sanity and Civilian majority type democracy.

Of course, we still advocate amnestied immunity from Mr. Speight to Mr Qarase to Mr. Bainimarama.

All us right thinking Fijians, varied our political coat may be, would no doubt agree that “progressive withdrawal of the Military back to Barracks” would only be realised by this generation when we resolve to make tough ( probably unpopular) decision today!

Anonymous said...


Conman Tikoitonga says Fiji people dont want elections and present regime to stay on...

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon..January 9, 2013 9:13 PM....mmmm...so what would be your futurist ideas for our common good??

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon..January 9, 2013 9:15 PM..pls, kerekere,do not insult the intelligence of Fijians in this forum...the news read....

“But, let it be known that the people are happy with the government. We have had feedback from the rural and the urban sectors who are happy with how things are and feel that there is no need for an election,” Tikoitoga said


Election will be held!...and these "rural and the urban" sector will be given alternative Leaders and respective manifestos to pick and choose from!

Let's stay cool...vinaka

Anonymous said...

Semi for a start, stop supporting this illegal government, something that you've always done. All their lies have been orchestrated to fool people like you, and you're falling for it. The chief of police often contradicts what Bocimarama was saying, now that tells a lot. I just don't know why you're bothering when you absconded, you can keep on dreaming from Brisbane, no one cares about what you say.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon..January 9, 2013 10:05 PM.

For a start, you're absolutely Wrong again!!..what I support, like the 99.99% Fiji Citizen is the pathway back to democratic elections..for now, our hope is focussed on the 2014 elections!

For the Chief of Police to contradicts the Prime Minister as you alleges "tells a lot" and may mean the Rear Admiral may not be an absolute Dictator!.No one contradict a Dictator!...you should know that!

Wrong again!...I did not abscond as you allege. Unlike you, I make my own life choices without fear of some mythology!

Wrong again!...I could come and meet you at Sukuna Park when ever I like...I do NOT fear you, the Rear Admiral, Chief of Police...like 99.99% Fijians; we only fear God!!

What do I fear...unlike some you prefer to hide even when they're doing mundane task like finger taping alphabets..YOU!!

Anonymous said...

We should hear and believe Yash Ghai.We all knew from the begining that this constitution will end no where.Yash Ghai now realised that we Fijians know the regime's much better than himself.The regimes are the liars, the scheemers, the robbers,the murders, the wannabies.Everyone should now know that the regime had written the costituion in 2010, that's why they have to burn the Ghai's constitution. we have now the report of Hughes and will be pulished for everyone to know the real reason of the coup 2006. Keep calm Fijians, they are on their way to hell !!! with their new money.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon..January 9, 2013 10:05 PM.

For a start, you're absolutely Wrong again!!..what I support, like the 99.99% Fiji Citizen, is the pathway back to democratic elections..for now, our hope is focussed on the 2014 elections!

For the Chief of Police to contradict the Prime Minister as you allege "tells a lot" and may mean the Rear Admiral may not be an absolute Dictator!.No one contradicts a Dictator!...you should know that!

Wrong again!...I did not abscond as you allege. Unlike you, I make my own life choices without fear of some mythology!

Wrong again!...I could come and meet you at Sukuna Park when ever I like...I do NOT fear you, the Rear Admiral, Chief of Police... like 99.99% Fijians; we only fear God!!

What do I fear?...unlike some who prefer to hide even when they're doing mundane tasks like finger taping alphabets..YOU!!

Kolinitoga said...

Meo sa rauta mada na vunau...qai lai cakava ga i nomu vale ni lotu.

Sharar said...


is this true?..."FORMER" Colonel Tikoitoga??? Fiji Govt twitter page.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon January 9, 2013 11:22 PM..vinaka.


Anonymous said...

A lot has been said about the burning of the draft copies of the Constitution. The lawfulness or otherwise of what Yash Ghai did can be debated for eons but I am inclined to ask what led him to do what he did. He is a qualified legal person and could read and understand the provisions of the Decree that outlined his responsibilities as the Chair of the Commission.

It may have been that he, after having helped many other countries in drafting their Constitutions, realized that Bainimarama and Khaiyum were not sincere in their intentions to really provide a Constitution which reflected what the people wanted instead of what 'they' thought the people wanted. It could also have been that the draft that they had prepared could as easily be manipulated by the Constituent Assembly which are handpicked by ONE person only. And then after all is said and done, it would have been rubber stamped with Yash Ghai's name and none would be the wiser for it because there were no other copies available to determine the real draft that was given to the President by the Constitution Commission.

Why did Yash Ghai wait until he was in Australia to speak out about these matters? Probably because he would have been shut down before it could be printed. But all the same, I think that Yash Ghai has done me a favor. He has given me reasonable cause to believe that Bainimarama and Khaiyum and indeed the military has something to hide. They really didn't need to burn those papers regardless of what they were.

And for Tikoitoga to now say that a country was manipulating the Constitution Commission which resulted in what has happened, I say be more creative. Bashar-Al-Assad just said that a few days ago and he is just as deluded as Tikoitoga.

Anonymous said...

It is not unusual for important reports to be presented to the Head of the State. This in no way precludes distribution of the report to the public.

Khaiyum gets mastery lecture in ethics and legalism
If the overall objective of the process: participation of the people and the responsiveness of the Commission and the Assembly to their views, is to be respected, it is imperative that the Draft Constitution and the Explanatory Report should be available to the public immediately after they have been presented to His Excellency the President. It is on this assumption that we ordered the printing of a sizeable number of copies and were about to publish other material to assist the public when the Commission was told that it was not to publish any material relating to the Draft Constitution.

The position of the Attorney General is extraordinary, and hard to understand. The Decrees make clear that the Draft Constitution that the Assembly has to consider is that produced by the Commission—none other.

It therefore makes no sense to say that the Draft cannot be released to the public. In none of the nearly 20 constitution making process in which I have been involved, or others that I have studied, has the commission been told not to publish the draft constitution. What happens to the Government’s objective of a “true and sustainable democracy” if the people are not allowed to read and discuss the Draft Constitution? The Assembly has been given a maximum of 9 weeks to consider the Draft and adopt the constitution. Inevitably a week or more will be taken up to swear in and induct the members, adopt the rules of procedure, assemble a secretariat.

The documents that the Assembly members have to read, understand and debate are long and complex. When are they going to have the time to explain the documents to the people and seek their views?

Under what moral authority has the Government changed the process more than half [way] through the period given to it? The Commission and even more the people have the right to expect that the rules and procedure governing the process as set out at its start will be respected and observed. It is on this basis that they engaged in the process.The change of rules has also seriously interfered with the independence of the Commission.

The dissemination of its work is surely a matter for the Commission, especially given the emphasis on the participation of the people. And is the printing of a decree any different from the phone call from the PM or the AG to the Commission to desist from their legitimate activities? Would the latter not be a clear instance of the violation of the independence of the Commission?

The illegal ban on the publication of the Draft Constitution and the Explanatory Report has led to circulation of legal texts purportedly as the Commission’s documents. This has resulted in considerable misunderstandings and confusion. The authentic, and the only valid, documents are those that I presented to the President on 21 December 2012. I have therefore decided on my own responsibility to release copies of the authentic documents to the public.

Yash Ghai
1 January 2013

Anonymous said...

We davis .sharon and others trying to tell us fijian what to do.
we fijian dont need trash people to tell us anything so f off ..
fijian are suffering enough by the hands of bai and khaiyum.
ghai thank you sir.but you should have known more better this crooks will hang on power for long.
army have no plans to give up power..
people will have to stand up for democracy and fight for it now.

Anonymous said...

Semi for the last time, this 99.99% bullshit you always refer to is just that, bullshit. Last time I checked, a vast proportion of the population is living below the poverty line, a large %of the population are frustrated and angry, hospital services are 3rd world standards, soldiers abusing ordinary citizens, rifle butts being shoved up asses, and the list goes on and on. Now semi, are you telling us that 99.99% of the citizens support these? Get real man and get your ugly face out of Bai's ass because you've been there too long. By the way we are waiting to hear why you ran away from Fiji. I'm sure your remaining 0.01% brain cells are enough to answer the question, if you can't then you need a psychotherapist to correct your problems because your mental state is deteriorating.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitonga said no election .so thats it people.
if you want election only one way big protest march and arrest the thugs and lock them up in prison.
fiji will only get democracy once these thugs are locked away and key thrown in the deep sea.
let them rot and die in the cell.
fiji will enjoy freedom and democracy.

Anonymous said...

Big time government supporter who turned his back on Gearge Speight once sent to prison in hot soup. Small time manager of some small time section of ANZ Bank Apenisa Seniloli who was driving George Speight when soldier shot his car at a checkpoint in the year 2000 was caught red headed screwing some fat lady at Mafi place and apparently have a kid from her by wife and people in the area. Seniloli is supposed to be studying for an MBA which by any means is one of the easiest masters to get on the planet when he doesn't even have a degree to his name. This has gotten to his head resulting in his small dick head taking action at Mafi place. Seniloli is a big mouthed idiot who likes rumour mongering about people having affairs including his relatives who are in steady relationships. Now they all laughing at him being caught red handed. Will teach him to keep his girlly mouth quiet now. The girl daughter of Koseni Waqabitu has a small Bau baby to be taken care off. Sa qai tu na daaaaaaaaaaa.

Anonymous said...

What will is that 599 copies taken will be destroyed and replaced with 599 copies that regime wants us to read. That is why things are going slowly with constitution assembly. Nothing will happen until he redoes the new version that is suitable.

The Oracle said...

FOR THE RECORD – part one
Let’s all step back from the mudslinging , including from Graham Davis-QORVIS and take stock of where we are:
FACT ONE: (UNDISPUTED) – Yash Ghai was appointed, by the Bainimarama Government , Chairman of the Fiji Constitution Commission.
Background (Courtesy of Crosbie Walsh website): Crosbie Walsh extract – “Kenyan-born Yash Ghai is the chairman of the five-person Constitution Commission set up by the government that will do much to shape Fiji's future —and he is no push over. In 2004 he resigned as head of the Kenya constitution review commission over delays brought about by that government; in 2008 he resigned suddenly as Special Representative for the UN Secretary General in Cambodia after bitter arguments with the Cambodian government, and last year he called for the impeachment of Kenya's President for lobbying against the genocide trials of his associates by the International Criminal Court. His appointment put an end to the speculation that the Fiji Government would dominate the Commission. Professor Ghai is a world-renowned constitutional scholar with special expertise in human rights in non-western societies. He has helped constitution reform in 15 countries, and has researched and taught law at a number of highly regarded universities including Yale, Harvard and the National University of Singapore. He is no stranger to Fiji having been an advisor to the Fiji Labour Party when it was preparing its submissions on the 1997 Constitution, he was in Fiji immediately after the 2000 Speight Coup, and more recently he was the guest of the Citizens' Constitutional Forum for the launch on Constitution-Making and Reform, Options for the Process, a handbook he had co-authored.”
My “Bystander’s Observation”: The Bainimarama Government, in particular, was keen to give some credibility to its roadmap back to democracy and hence, acting on advice from the interim Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, opted to appoint his mentor, and internationally-acclaimed, Professor Yash Ghai as Chairman of the Constitution Commission. In announcing the appointment, the Bainimarama government trumpeted with great fanfare, Yash Ghai and the Commission’s independence.
FACT TWO: (UNDISPUTED) - The Bainimarama Government gazetted the Fiji Constitution Process Decree – No. 57 of 2012.
Background (Partial credit to Fijilive.com): Decree No. 57 of 2012 became the enabling legislation which provided Yash Ghai and his fellow Commissioner’s their mandate to begin work, including public hearings, with the desired end-result being the publication of a Draft Constitution for a new and modern Fiji. Fijilive.com extract - “The original Constitution Commission Decree No 57 made provisions (for) the commission to present the draft to the people and keep them informed of the progress of debate and adoption of the Constitution….”
My “Bystander’s Observation”: Decrees No. 57 and No. 58, were in fact off-shoots of what Yash Ghai claims was a single Decree he had himself authored. The separation into two Decrees, according to Yash Ghai, came at the instigation of the interim Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. Yash Ghai’s claim, in a posting on Fijileaks.com, has yet to be denied by the interim AG or by Graham Davis-QORVIS.

The Oracle said...

FOR THE RECORD – part two
FACT THREE: (UNDISPUTED) – The Bainimarama Government gazetted an amending Decree - Decree No. 64.
Background (Partial credit to Fijilive.com and Fijileaks.com): Decree No. 64, in Fijilive.com’s report “rescinded” the provision in Decree No.57 for the Constitution Commission to “present the draft to the people”. Fijileaks.com also provided Yash Ghai the conduit to advise the world that Decree No. 64 was never discussed with him or his fellow Commissioners. Yash Ghai expressed grave concerns at the amendments which as Fijilive.com correctly reported, “rescinded” the provision for his Commission to “present the draft to the people” and seek their views.
My “Bystander’s Observation”: If, indeed, the Constitution Commissioners were not consulted in the drafting of Decree No. 64, which impacted greatly on their original mandate, the obvious question is: Was the Bainimarama Government acting in good faith”? Graham David-QORVIS, has since claimed in an Op-ED piece in the Fiji Sun (9 Jan, 2013), that the amendment decree (No. 64) was the Bainimarama Government’s response to Yash Ghai’s wayward ways, including his fraternizing with Bainimarama opponents. Graham Davis-QORVIS and Crosbie Walsh, in their combined effort to discredit Yash Ghai, have conveniently neglected to mention that Yash Ghai was also seen, on countless occasions, to be “fraternizing” with pro- Bainimarama supporters. They have also conveniently omitted to point out the obvious – that Yash Ghai’s mandate afforded him and his fellow Commissioners the freedom to “fraternize/socialize” with people from all walks of life in Fiji to assist them in obtaining the widest possible observations on how Fiji’s new Constitution should be shaped.

FACT FOUR (DISPUTED BY THE RFMF AND Graham Davis-QORVIS and noticeable silence from the Bainimarama Government): The relevant Fiji Constitution Process Decrees (No. 57 and No.64) only required the Constitution Commission to present a copy of their Draft Constitution to the President. Decree No. 64 as explained earlier, “rescinded” any discussions by the Constitution and the Fiji public on the Draft Constitution. Apart from reference to “a copy” of the Draft Constitution being handed over to the President, there was no specific language in either Decrees, restricting any other dissemination of copies of the draft by the Constitution Commission – either in hard or soft copy.
My “Bystander’s Observation”: If, indeed, there was an intention to restrict distribution of copies of the Draft, then that intention was assumed, rather than legislated. Graham Davis-QORVIS and the RFMF’s attempts to now infer a “caveat” on the distribution of copies of the draft are no more than a desperate attempt to divert attention after the horse has already bolted.

FACT FIVE (UNDISPUTED): Copies of the Draft Constitution, printed on instruction from Yash Ghai, have been “confiscated” by Fiji police and are now “in safe-keeping”. The lingering question: “Did Yash Ghai act in bad faith and outside his mandate” by printing hard copies additional to the one his Commission handed to the President? Did he further breach the trust placed in him by the Bainimarama Government when he disseminated (through Fijileaks.com), an electronic copy of the Draft Constitution? The answer to these questions will depend on whether one is either a supporter or opponent of Bainimarama. And in the case of Graham Davis-QORVIS the answer has been quite explicit including a revelation that the interim AG now “regrets” having been part of the process leading to Yash Ghai’s appointment.
My “Bystander’s Observation”: There appears to be a concerted effort to discredit Yash Ghai thus negating, in the public eye, the contents of the Draft Constitution. Interestingly enough, the same smear campaign is not being leveled at other Commissioners, one of whom has publicly stated that she was party to the decision to make the Draft Constitution available to the Fiji public.

The Oracle said...

FOR THE RECORD – Part three
CONCLUSION: The above undisputed facts are based on information that is publicly available. All other interpretations of these facts are just that – interpretations (including my own) – and in some cases, manipulated conjecture. The remaining unanswered question are: Where to from here? ; Will the Constituent Assembly get to debate the Yash Ghai Commission’s Draft Constitution, or will it discuss a different version?; How is it that applications are still being “received for appointment to the Constituent Assembly when in fact Expressions of Interest (EOI) closed on 31 December 2012? How is it that the number of EOIs jumped from 100 announced by the Bainimarama Government in the first two days of January 2013, to more than 300 a couple of days later?
FINAL OBSERVATION: In spite of the fact that Bainimarama’s roadmap to democracy is now enveloped in controversy, the Bainimarama Government has chosen to remain silent throughout!!!
ALSO: Mosese Tikoitoga’s insistence that the Constituent Assembly now has the final say on the shape that the new Constitution will take is indeed CORRECT. But so is what Yash Ghai said and which is provided for in the relevant Decrees (No.57; No.58; and No.64) and that is without question: That the Constituent Assembly will debate the Draft Constitution prepared by the Constitution Commission. NO OTHER. So, while we can expect changes to be made, we should not contaminate the system by having only the RFMF publicly voicing what they want the new Constitution to say. The Fiji Sun newspaper is doing this country gross injustice by publishing only one side of the various views for and against the Draft … it should allow other opinions to be voiced – pre-Constituent Assembly hearings - as it is doing with Tikoitoga and Graham Davis-QORVIS.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is within the people and no one can take that away from each of us.
We the people have to fight for freedom and democracy if we want fiji free from this regime thugs.
People have lay down the life for freedom and democracy.
how many of us are ready to do that?

Anonymous said...

Homeless and hopeless in the aftermath of Cyclone Evan last month, a family of Seniyaya Place in Lautoka can finally escape the distress of uncertainty after Government finished rebuilding their house at the weekend.
Madhu Lata and Shiu Sami were forced to shelter with neighbours with their three children after their single bedroom corrugated iron house crumbled to the force of Evan on December 17.
Two days after the ordeal, the family was among the first cyclone-affected people personally visited by Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, who commissioned the reconstruction of their house.
Construction firm Nasau Builders of Suva finished work on the house on Saturday and the family of five was pleased to move back home, which was rebuilt on the site of the original home in two weeks.
Expressing her gratitude, Mrs Lata said she was happy because it was a huge burden taken off their shoulders, particularly as her husband, a carpenter by trade, was out of work.
With two of their three children preparing for school at Lovu Sangam Primary School on January 22, the family is pleased to return to some sort of normality after sheltering with neighbours for two weeks.
Neighbour Shalochna Devi also had her home rebuilt through Government assistance

SEMI MEO said...

everywhere govt goes they hear what they want to hear.

they know this.

if they put it to the test, they know they will be elected out of office. 99.9% do not want this goverment.

We know that. but let Bainimarama and his 0.01% supporters continue down Shalen Prasad's Wheel of Change path. the result is waiting, we just have to get to it. Bainimarama 50 votes, Mick 50,000, Mahen 100,000, Qarase 150,000. SEMI MEO 1 vote..


i wonder who the people are behind this Nasau builders.
From left pocket to right pocket.

Kamlesh Kumar-QEB said...

Why big hue and cry about burning of the draft constitution? Prof Ghai shouldnot become emotional because he may have saved the draft constitution on his flash drive, CD Drive, etc. He already gave a copy of the constitution to the president. If 599 copies were burnt another 599 copies can be easily printed or emailed as the constituion can be easily retrieved as the saved copy will be on Professors CD Drive/flash Drive etc. I think those people against the Military are making a big issue out of it just to discredit this Government. The same people in 1987 were signing praises about the Military in 1987 and 2000 coups. The Military Government has done goods things for Fiji since 2006. But in my opinion it is time for them to hand the power back to the people of Fiji.

Semi Meow said...

Semi Meo@9.28AM, I agree with you 99.99%, and the other bullshitter Semi Meo I agree 0.01%. It will be interesting to know how much progress has been made, or this is another spin by bainimagana to divert the attention away from Mary's recent $1.5m purchase.

Anonymous said...

It is unbecoming of commissioners now to pout their own opinions about what happened. The fact is that the Draft Constitution is a consensus document; everyone signed off on it. Despite people like the Regime Mole, Sarka Kuto Nandan, let us think a bit more and react less. the ultimate question is: What was there for the regime to hide? What was the intention of 'burning' a thoroughly shredded document? Can anything be kept secret in these days of open communication?

Gilla Julab Dean said...

1987- The Nationalists were saying that the Military was God sent. Indians go back to India. Fiji belongs to Fijians. We love our soliders. Sevusevu was presented by many iTaukies to the Army. The soldiers were adored by people.

2000- The Nationalists were signing the same tune as in 2000.

2006- 2013 The Nationalists are against the Military.

This is all hypocrisy. The nationalists are hypocrities.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumari, can you tell us what good things the military have done since 2006? I'll start off, a rifle butt up your arse isn't one of them, unless you love being prodded by your wannabe soldiers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Oracle

Your opinions have substance and yes all who have contributed whether for or against the burning of whatever papers they are, are all interpretations only of the facts that are available publicly. And it is important that people speak their minds on their interpretation of these facts whether it is Qorvis or Graham Davis or Crosby or Semi Meo and we who will always remain anonymous. All interpretations are valid.

But equally so I think that each of us have to have some grounds for believing what we have chosen to believe and for me personally I think that once a government institution such as the Fiji military forces thinks it is legally valid to overthrow a democratically elected government, everything on from there becomes illegal regardless of how you dress it up.

I also think as I have said before that its a case of damned if you and damned if you don't. Any process or person involved with this military administration since 2006 becomes a part of this damned if you or damned if you don't scenario and unfortunately Yash Ghai falls into this category as well. If he didn't produce those other copies for public circulation or leaked them to the blogs he is damned anyway for participating in the drafting of a Constitution for a military dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis
If you reading this let me tell you that I as a Kai Viti totally detest you and your type. I detest and look at you and the regime with total repugnance/ revulsion every minute because of the following:
- overthrow of govt I elected;
- treatment of my chiefs, lotu and vanua;
- behaviour totally foreign to the respect and culture of we the Kai Viti;
- lack of humility;
- disrespectful words ie viavialevu
- arrogance ie dokadoka;
- lack of morals;
- lack of justice and fairness (kilavata syndrome and veivakaduiduitaki);
- zero concern for environment;
- zero respect for our history;
- zero respect for UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
- treating us as if we stupid and lacking independant thought;
- zero consultations in anything and everything;
- drunkard immoral behaviour;
- no respect for Jesus Christ;
- supporting immoral acts and degradation of our youths with 5am closing of nightclubs;
- Bollywoodisation of our media and culture;
- theft of our identity;
- no respect for the Queen and Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna;
- corruption of judiciary and young men and woman in security forces;
- brainwashing the nation into a state of inability to distinguish right from wrong;
- forcing on us a leadership which is the worst ever in our nation (a bunch of wannabees, pretenders, fraudsters and criminals);
- bringing into Fiji those pretending to be Fijians like you (via $3000 fee dual citizenship) but really just exploiters with no regard for us and our cultures and peoples;
and the list goes on.

Kai Viti and yes hundreds of thousands feel exactly the same as I do.

Anonymous said...

If Ghai were still in Fiji, he'd have been given an early morning perp walk and been publically denounced by ASK before being hustled onto an airplane to be booted out of Fiji. And that's if he was lucky!

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa correctly warned Ghai on numerous occasions exactly how it would all go down. Probably Ghai should have hired Dak to be the commission's consultant instead of Madraiwiwi.

Anonymous said...

Can Shazzer please explain how shredding and burning the printer's proof of Ghai's draft constitution was necessary for reasons of national security, especially if the members of the Constituent Assembly would soon be receiving printed copies, anyway? The only explanation that makes any sense is that the regime planned to substitute its own different version to the CA.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is right. Yash Ghai is too emotional about all this. He's not a manly man at all like the soldiers of our glorious army. Our soldiers can burn constitutions faster than Ghai and his sissy commissioners can draft them. Ghai is an academician, not RFMF -- he probably doesn't even know how to handle a gun, much less shove its barrel up an ass for sport.

Anonymous said...

Sa qai dua na tamata boci o la ra boci qo o Apenisa Seniloli. Sa qai tu Dina na da.

Navosavakadua said...

Tools of the propaganda trade 101. if you run out of arguments, just smear your opponent.

The 'independent journalist' on the Qorvis payroll, uses the throwaway line that Victor Lal "passes himself off as an Oxford academic", implying that he is not an Oxford academic.

However, a quick check of the Oxford University website can easily confirm that he is a researcher at Oxford university.

Anonymous said...

@ Navosavakadua

Well it is well known that certain persons doing the smearing are actually on the pay-roll of the military administration ... they can fly and low but the truth is the truth.

And totally apart from this, I can see that Epeli Nailatikau is running down the Ghai Draft from top to bottom.

I think Oracle and Dakuwaqa's prophesies have indeed come true. Another draft will appear at the Constituent Assembly.

Anonymous said...

Me rau veivutusona la kei Ratu Jope Seniloli o ra boci qo o Apenisa Seniboci.

Anonymous said...

Or take it up the bung hole without flinching, like Davis.

Anonymous said...

Davis can only pass himself off as a journalist by defending the despotic regime controlling a country with no press freedom. What a despicable POS.

Anonymous said...

Professor Ghai, the regime told you that the CA would only work off of the draft constitution created by your commission, and yet you emailed copies to various groups and tried to print off 600 copies.

Can't say I blame you. But whatever happened, mister know-it-all professor, to the advice you gave all of us, which was to try taking the regime at its word?

Anonymous said...

Ghai should have listened to Dak. We all should have.

tattifala said...

ghai had advised the people of fiji to test Frank bainimarama . we did not have to do that because we knew he was a usurper who was holding onto power through his guns, his henchmen, his threats and his unlawful decrees.
when ghai himself got around to eventually testing the illegal prime minister and his purported commitment to democracy - what did he find? He found him terribly wanting!! Terribly!! I feel sad for Prof.ghai - a well meaning chap who got screwed by the thugs in power in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Calamity Davis looks downright silly complaining that Yash Ghai didn't follow "due process," when the regime he supports has systematically violated due process ever since April 2009 and before.

In fact, had the regime observed due process, it wouldn't have invited Ghai to Fiji in the first place.

tattifala said...

@ Anon 7.47AM that's a really good one ! Calmity Davis can chew on that for a good while. You have exposed his shallow fallacious thinking . when he talks about "due process" it's like gobbaar/cow dung coming out of cows tattihole.
gobbaar of course has more value then the tatti coming out of Davis' mouth!

Anonymous said...

Put you money where it belongs Frank and give us all an audited account of Ghai's team's expenses. That would be transparency that you have been harping about. That would be accountability that you have been harping about. Va'cava Voreqe - game??