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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Constitution ammendment decree formalises regime control of process

Today's newly released Fiji Constitutional Process and Adoption of Constitution Decree empowers the president Epeli Nailatikau and dictator Frank Bainimarama to make any changes they want to the Ghai constitution draft. 

Last Thursday the regime dumped the Ghai draft saying it was not right for Fiji and claimed it reflected the interests of political parties.

The process initially announced required the Constitution Commission's draft received by the  president to be handed over to the Constituent Assembly for debate. 

Any amendment to it required a 2/3 majority of the Assembly failing consensus. 

The president was not empowered to make or authorise any changes to the Commission's draft outside the Assembly.     

The regime will now appoint a majority of its supporters to the Constituent Assembly so that they are unlikely to have the 2/3 majority to effect any  amendments to a draft prepared by the regime. 

Attar Singh
The Constituent Assembly will just become a rubber stamp of the regime, which the Fiji Island Council of Trade Unions predicted would happen last week. 

FICTU has called for people to boycott the Constituent Assembly and not participate in the process.

Mick Beddoes
The trade union has also voiced its concern over the Australian Foreign Minister, Senator Bob Carr's decision to endorse the changes made by the regime to the Constitutional process.

FICTU says the issue in debate is not the substance of the Constitution Commission's Draft, it’s the unilateral changes to the process to debate the draft.

“Senator Carr should have advised his counterpart to follow the initial process, not endorse such a substantially changed process which has the potential for serious consequences for the people of Fiji.” 

Pramod Rae

UPP Leader Mick Beddoes says Carr’s endorsement of the regime’s decision to ‘scrap’ the Draft Constitution suggests he has confused the need to ‘engage’ the regime with ‘embracing’ the regime.   

Beddoes says Carr's statement is a mistake and he needs to step back from it if Australia wants to stay on the side of supporting and upholding the rule or law.

He says if Carr doesn't, he will be seen as ignoring the majority of the people of Fiji by appeasing their oppressors and creating a new Australian foreign policy laced with ‘hypocrisy’.

The general secretary of NFP, Pramod Rae, says it has long held view that the regime has no intentions of relinquishing power any time in the future.

It says the regime has also confirmed beyond any doubt that its rhetoric of true democracy and equal citizenry is a fa├žade.

It says it issued a statement on November the 7th forecasting the fate of the following the regime’s decision to amend the constitutional process through the promulgation of Decree Number 64.

"The amended decree confirmed the regime’s fear that the Commission would not bow down to its demands and instead finalise a draft constitution in conformity to international standards on democracy, human rights, fundamental freedoms and have mechanisms for free and fair general elections."

Rae says the regime has been shifting the goalposts since the coup  and has no definitive timetable to hold free and fair general elections to return the country to genuine democracy, parliamentary rule and constitutional government.

"Throughout the last 6 years, the regime has been falsely accusing those who negotiated the 1970 and 1997 Constitutions of being elitists. They were elected representatives of the people, and not a bunch of un-elected individuals who have been enforcing their rule on the people through force."

Rae says the NFP will not be party to a process, which is compelled to ride roughshod over the people, and ultimately rubber-stamp a document entrenching the rule of individuals who have put self-interest above national interest.


tattifala said...

another decree under the rule by decree imposed on the people . nothing too surprising.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum decree are illegal like him . regime is illegal govt.
regime are liars and wont live power.
they are too scared to end up in jail.we have the legal 1997 constitution .
people should force this bastards out of the office.
the election and the new constitution are all illegal like them if its not done under the 1997 constitution because it is a living constitution..
they been liars from day one and it time they do what is right .
Bai want to be President
Khaiyum -PM
Aziz -Commander
Bano-Minister of Finance.
They will use Mosese and Army/Police to be the personal body guards.
They will try to get rid of all Political leaders and any one who oppose the regime .
I hope Overseas Countries are looking at the big Con jobs thats been given by the illegal AG/PM..
Time Fijian are all united and Vote This idiots out if Election Happens.
God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bob Carr favours dictatorship because he is unelected himself.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum Puppets are just rubber stamping all his evil Illegal decrees.
Shame on the President and Regime for talking about good govt,accountability and transparency.
Why Dont you start from the top publish all AG audited account from 2006 to 2012.
Tender awarded to Malay/china company .Housing Contracts .Waila City.
All fnpf reports on momi.natadola,and tappoos city.and Ministers Salary and Assets.
Action speaks louder than the word.
I have asked so many time but no ans given.

FreedomFighter said...

The decision to amend the Ghai people draft constitution and reason behind the amendment provided by the illegal President, Vore & Aiarse is full of crap and is an insult to the high level of intelligence of the people of Fiji. The lies just keep on multiplying. The president is a disgrace, has no credibility, and he just rubber stamps what Vore & Aiarse demands. I thought he would do better than the last president , in terms of standing his ground for the good of the country, but it has been proven wrong too many times by stamping decrees that grossly took away the basic rights of the citizens of Fiji. Let’s analyse the pathetic reasons they provided the nation for the amendment of the Ghai peoples draft constitution. The President said, Fiji needs a constitution that is enduring and will sustain the tide of time. Mr President the only constitution that will be enduring and sustain the test of time is a constitution that will reflect the voice of the people not the ideas of a few lawyers with ulterior motives. The President goes on to say that the constitution must have fundamental principles of democracy, good governance, accountability, human rights and democracy. He adds we need a non –corrupt government. You begin to wonder whether the president understand every word he says because for the last 6 years he has been part of a government that fails to adhere to every single principle he mentioned. The army raped our democratic rights and ruled by decrees that restrict our basic human rights of freedom of speech. Good governance, the government is littered with army officials who have no qualification to be earning what they are paid as either Permanent Secretaries or Government ministers. Accountability –this government has stopped the Auditors report since 2007. Fiji citizens therefore have no idea how governments money have been spent. Vore & Aiarse have not been paid normally through the Finance ministry but siphoned & deposited to the company of Aiarse aunty. Human rights – our human rights were taken away with our democracy and replaced by the “army rights”. We need a non –corrupt government- what??, this government have been corrupt from day one. Mr President you can’t be that ignorant .The reasons are so pathetic that it is just plain dumb.
Vore ‘s states that the amended draft constitution will address the fundamental issues of good governance and guarantees true democracy . Then he said some individuals tend to act only in their own interest and ask us to think about the future, about our country. What are load of rubbish. The two illegal wannabees dress up respectably in their coat & ties, took prime time of TV to arrogantly lie to the people of FIJi. The people of Fiji can see through your lies. You have become so ignorant that you don’t realise that it is you that have acted only on your own interest for the last 6 years, you have economically ruin our country and destroyed the future of our children. You have trashed every foundation of good governance and replaced it with illegal decrees that serve your self interest and self-image. The people of Fiji ask you to think about the future of our country and go back to the barracks where you belong. Friends let us all get ourselves well acquainted with Ghai people draft constitution so we can be well informed of its contents and we will be able to identify the changes that will reflect Vore & Aiarse self-serving interest. GOD BLESS FIJI

tattifala said...

Bob carr filling in Kevin Rudd's shoe as foreign minister. It's a poor fit!!

Anonymous said...

I knew this IG/AG Kaiyum was way too frieken smart for FTUC assholes including Chorro Mahen Choddo and
anyone else that tries to get into his BIG SHOES!!! The Decree finally
removes the continuous misused of the Labour Union organization & their funds, by the heathen hindu community in Fiji,with their attempts
to control the economic,social and political power in the country.Our new decree definitely put this dicrimatory ideals on the shelves and may even get all citizens to be
more helpful & forthright with each
others? Many thanks to the AG for
a job well-done!!!

Anonymous said...

UN should take action enough of talk.
why did UN endorse military action in iraq/libya/others.
why not Fiji.
why UN still deploying fijian armies.
Fijian have to fight its own battle seems like.

Anonymous said...

Canberra's Fiji policy keeps swinging back and forth, like a window shutter in the wind. Why can't it be consistent, like the USA's? Australia's vacillation is the natural outcome of policies decided on the basis of partisan politics and personal predeliction rather than principle.