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Friday, January 25, 2013

Qarase support still the key to SDL success and regime downfall

Qarase: Harnessing huge support that will need to be transferred to a new leader.
Ro Teimumu Kepa
Fiji's last democratically elected prime minister continues to influence politics on the ground, even though he's been behind bars for six months.

Laisenia Qarase was jailed last August after being found guilty by regime prosecutors of the abuse of office and failure to discharge his duty as a company director in the 1990s.

Voreqe Bainimarama's nemesis, however, continues to wield influence from Korovou: his SDL party met today to find an English name as required under the new Political Parties Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosure Decree with leaders saying he's still leader.

The party has agreed on the Social Democratic Liberal Party as suggested by the party's patron and former Education Minister and Rewa chief, Ro Teimumu Kepa.

The party wants to start registering voters but say it'll wait for the 71 year old's appeals to be heard in court on February the 25th: the deadline for the political parties to comply with the new decree is February the 15th.

With the regime determine to nobble SDL, the party is unlikely to admit publicly just yet that it will have to seek Qarase's blessing to put someone else at the helm for the 2014 elections, expected to be either Jone Kubuabola or the more likely Ro Kepa.

With insiders maintaining in reports that have even gone to Bainimarama that Qarase has the support of 62 per cent Fijians, 25% Indian and 12% others and Bainimarama just 48 per cent, 39% and 10%, the trick will be transferring this backing to the new SDL leader.

FTUC and FLP tussle
As of yet, none of the parties are talking up a merger - all are choosing to fight for their individual survival despite a united call for an extension to the February 15th deadline and an appeal in the courts mounted by lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry.

All will re-register with the biggest tussle between FTUC and the Fiji Labour Party, both of whom are already fighting for the support of unionised workers.

FTUC has chosen the wrong time to start a new party, following a split with FLP and is unlikely to get the support of union members. It helped form FLP but did not get union members/workers support, leaving it to become an Indian party.

Having Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai at the helm doesn't help. Both are political lightweights and haven't done community level work, just trade union work for which they are seen as globe trotters for more than half the year.

More decree pitfalls noted
The general secretary of FICTU, Attar Singh, has meanwhile warned that none of the political parties will be safe - even if they re-register. He says the parties are essentially left in-operational with officials required to re-register or face fines or jail and there's no gurantee registrations will be approved.

"It must also be understood that given the onerous requirements under the decree registration of parties is a very difficult process and there is a real possibility of applications being refused. In such cases appeals to the High Court is allowed but that could take months."

He says on the other hand parties that succeed in the registration process will need to operate full-time party offices in every division.

"Given the restrictions of party funding and support, running a party will be a financially impossible risking de-registration. A small party will need at least $100, 000 a year for fixed expenses and a similar amount for operational expenses apart from initial setting up costs.

"All this indicates that political parties may not be around to contest 2014 elections because of the requirements of the decree."

The UPP leader, Mick Beddoes, is meanwhile challenging the regime to reveal who its political leaders are. He says if there is going to be the emergence of 'new political leaders' as the regime keeps talking about, people would like to know who these leaders are and who and what do they represent - 'coups and military intervention or the rule of law?'

Beddoes says it's time for Fiji's young leaders to step up.

Editor's Note: See C4.5's Facebook for the full statements from Singh and Beddoes


Anonymous said...

A snowball's chance in hell for FTUC and UPP unless they merge with NFP and SDL.

FLP will chug along on its own.

Anonymous said...

What is happening with Fiji First Party and other parties formed recently

Anonymous said...

fiji first just another con party like the fiji coin party and yagomate youth party,,,all of nuisance value really

Anonymous said...

Voceke has the majority support of Indians. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Social Democratic Liberal Party, clever, very clever, SDL. hahahaha, there you are Ai arse, swallow that.

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, for coming up with such a.name in such a short period of time.

Bring on 2014, Fiji, we're ready. God bless everyone.

Coup 4.5 said...

The person who says "there is evil in Fiji" ( C 4.5 blogsite) has obviously got it wrong.How can there be evil in Fiji when such saintly people are running the country !
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

The name sounds good but they have been a itaukei nationalist party with all CAMV and George Speight supporters. Get real man we isau kei are not so gullible now.

Anonymous said...

So in other words, SDL is now SDL but not that SDL but this SDL. Oilei Tatifala, what to do? what to do?

Anonymous said...

The decree was deliberately drawn by Aiyaz in such a way as to allow the regime the arbitrary ability to whipsaw, or find reasons to de-register altogether, the opposition parties at will. This was presaged years ago by the stipulation that the regime inserted in the People's Charter that sought to give its corrupt judges the ability to de-register parties who they found acting in ways "inconsistent with the spirit" of the Charter.

There's no way in hell a Gates-dominated court in today's Fiji will ever find in favour of Qarase. So stop putting any faith in due process. This regime hasn't allowed due process for years, and it isn't about to start now.

Anonymous said...

All parties must unite and work together if they want to beat the
AG with his smart elkes decrees?
Stop the infighting,come together
and show a united front,forget your
individual party and call your new
party as the United Fiji Party?Put
Beddoes as leader just for the purpose of the election.After we
form the Government then we'll go
back to normality,only after we
throw Khaiyum in Jail-first?

Just Saying said...

Young people don't have the nerve to emerge with military in government and they have seen current leaders get done over too many times. They are also disillusioned with one coup after another.

Anonymous said...

Again anyone who puts faith in due process and courts allowing challenge to legality of decree will be just wasting their 28 days.

We need to get busy forging alliances and mobilising on the ground.

We know this much and it's enough: decree designed to exterminate unless parties clever - no point looking at the fine points.

Anonymous said...

Co-leaders is the way go....being done in NZ by the Green Party and the Maori Party and works alrite.

C'mon political parties don't get caught with knickers down.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


t said...

Fiji No Dictatorship Party .
This is the name under which all opposition political parties should unite to get rid of the ruling dictatorship in fiji. Such a party espousing democratic principles and values of governance would give the people of fiji a clear choice at the polls. It's either THEM or US. You the people of fiji decide.
I of course assume here that a free and fair election will take place to give the people that choice. Personally I am doubtful a dictatorship will allow that to happen.It's political suicide for THEM!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Mahen 'the treasonist' chaudhry said...

Do not trust 'Chorwa' mahen chaudhry.
He destroyed multiparty with SDL.
He pushed knife in SDL's back by supporting Baini coup to hide $2m he pocketed - money was meant for coup victims.

mahen is both a traitor and a treasonist.
SDL is nothing: he has already thieved from and sold out his people. He can sell his mother for money and power

Aunty Asha & Uncle Mahen said...

A big joke is recent FLP Statement on ‘super-salaries’ of PM and AG.
What about mahen chaudhry’s ‘super-secret’ $2m Aust bank account? What about interim finance minister mahen approving Bainimarama’s $150k ‘super-back pay’?

FLP is utterly self-serving bunch consisting of father, his mistress and son running the show. They take us for fools.

FLP media person Asha lakhan pontificates: “The Fiji people are entitled to know the truth.” Yes, asha, they are entitled to to know the truth about $2m stashed by Fiji ke Robin Hood, aka mahen.

The man who made a career out of rhetoric on transparency and accountability is FLP Dictator and High Command, one mahen pal chauhdry. But he never practices it. He defied party directive and appointed in-law Sachida as senator.

Because of nepotism and mahen’s $2m stash, FLP is known as ‘Ali Baba & 40 thieves party’.

I am no regime supporter, but Aunty Asha Lakhan, as part of the old guard, needs to move on.

Her hypocrisy is unbearable.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For everyones information,FTUCs new party will rise above all.

Anonymous said...

I bet Bocimarama is shitting his pants because he knows the people are against him. He has no show except in the wannabe army, he thinks that the people are stupid, him and Aiyarse are. I can't wait for the day when these two assholes and their fellow thieves are brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

To anon 5.11pm - You must be an idiot and a real moron no brainer.

Spear said...

The onus is on general and indians voters who will they side on, at the moment they're divided between the regime and free society. The red herring offered by regime is what pulling most of them plus the thought of revenge against taukei for past coups. Frank was responsible for the racist 2000 coup, the reason he carried out 2006 coup to save his big sona and destroy 2000 coup evidence. The truth will set us free. It's now or never we give a united response to this coward conniving dictator and bring him to justice for 2000 and 2006 coups.

Anonymous said...


t said...

I don't know what is the nature of the evidence that "Frank was responsible for the racist 2000 coup" and the claim that "the reason he carried out the 2006 coup[was]to save his big sona and destroy the 2000 coup evidence".
But two things point to something very odd about frank at that time.
1. the initial quite scandalous role of the army under his command at the time of the Speight storming of the parliament and hostage taking.
2. the handpicked selection of Lasenia Qarase to be the interim PM by Frank. It was a case of carrying on from where Speight left off but in a more "legitimate" way .
Remember the falling out between Frank and Qarase happened much later after Qarase tried to politically eclipse him as the mainboy!

Anonymous said...

Mr t do some research before you blindly open your mouth..its all over the net..otherwise go and see george and tim at naboro..thats the problem with you fijians,,,even when the shit hits your face you just take it and pray that one day it will stop

Anonymous said...

SDL will clean these bastards up and the evil deeds they have committed..Bainimagaitinana your day of reckoning is near asshole.

Anonymous said...

I say to all parties do whatever it takes to become a party and win the election. Once you get into power kick these regime dogs hard and strong. Clean the shit up.

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu for President.
Mick Beddoes for PM.
Joni Madraiwiwi for CJ.
Graham Leung for AG.
Attar Singh for Labour.
Wadan Narsey for Finance.
Bainikhaiyum for the gallows.
Their supporters for Naboro.

Anonymous said...

Members of the RFMF please note the present situation in Fiji and the majority of its people who against you leader will have a major impact in your future career. Expect the worst will come against you after the 2014 election. Most of you are better qualified than your Commander in terms of qualification and battlefield operation. My advise to you it is about time to find a way out and enter into a career that will help you and your family in the future. Today the RFMF is totally miss out its 2006 original plan. The only big beneficiaries are Frank and his family members, Aiyaz Khaiyum and his family member, Nur Bano and his family members, Nazhaat Shammem and his family members, Land Force Commander (Col Aziz) and his famly members, Esala Teleni and his family members, Commissioner of Police (Iowane Naivalurua)and his family members. So for you other army officers who got the ability to excel outside the RFMF you better think twice before the new government come into power. Remember the PEOPLES POWER AND DEMOCRACY FOR FREE SOCIETY WITHOUT THE POWER OF MILITARY RULES WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. Thank you and see you later.

Anonymous said...

please no more poofters in the judiciary...

Anonymous said...

You got it Spear!!
the kaiindias love Frank because they believe his bull..despite the illegality...no truth and honesty in your custom, just paisa paisa and more paisa, thats why kaivitis will do you in again and again until you show respect

Love for money said...

To anon 12.42:

Everybody needs/loves money, not just kai india.
The sooner you accept this, the better.
Love for money has politicised and destroyed your church, greed for FHL A-class shares has put your PM in jail, love for money has led to coup by your army commander, and love for money has seen many i-taukei supporting Baiminmaama.

Love for money is destroying your youth - many of invade others homes because of greed for money, turn to drug trafficking, sell their bodies even, and fill up Fiji's jails.

Regardless of you sanctimonious and holier than thou stance, love for money is destroying every echelon of your society my friend. The sooner you wake up to it, the better.

Fijians are humans like everyone, not super humans. They love money too, but their leaders brainwashed them into thinking they somehow above the rest of the human race, pretending they do not love money so leaders can fill their pockets undisturbed.

God hates hypocrisy, so stop pretending you do not love money.

Anonymous said...

Army intel got your ip address kai india from akl nz.
Come to fiji than we will take you to the barrack.
Rajesh is already on Army intel watch list.

Komai said...

Anon you are wrong. Try again. I am very much in Viti. Try again and the intel has all my ISP info. So take this and eat it. Hehehehe Kaila!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.56PM. You wannabes are cowards, you think you're tough, but take the gun away and you will run for your lives. Fuck the army intel, where were they when the Tongan naval sailed in and out again? You're full of shit asshole.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mark manning said...

I propose " The Kava Party" or "Let's Have a Party, Party" or "The Clayton's Party", the Party you have, when you haven't got a Party".

Manning piece of turd said...

Manning , fuck off of you racist, nazi pig.
Australia has bigger problems with its aborigines who are treated like shit. Take your advice to your government where it is needed more instead of trying to lecture us you piece of turd.

Anonymous said...

Returning to Democracy...I believe @ what is happening thru the past 7 years, the people of Fiji have spoken silently..I believe the two races have agreed to live under military rules as it would be beneficial to both races i.e the Fijians and Indians..for most common Fijians its the chance to get rid of chieflydom..for the indians its the only way to get rid of the pestering landowners and their demands for more rental money and also to soften the draconian laws of the itaukei trust board..all in all ..the non response from the majority of the fiji citizens living in Fiji for a return to democracy..shows that majority of the people have accepted the coup by Voreqe & the military..

Anonymous said...

sona levu,,,,,not much has changed,,,,chiefs are still in charge and land still owned by the natives...
go back to india pakala

Anonymous said...

It is best in the interest of the young people, that all existing parties should wind up. After all, FLP and SDL only fought in the parliament but did not discuss issues that affected the people. It is time for a new party with new politicians who can serve the people of Fiji and not fight like cats and dogs in the parliament like what FLP and SDL did.