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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Regime misses 'deadline' as parties fight for their lives

From the C4.5 archives: the unchanging times in Fiji.
Can't meet the deadline or changing the goal posts yet again? A combination of both, and driven of course by the concerted campaign to kill off the country's political parties.

According to the illegal leader's speech on January the 10th when he dumped the Constitution Commission draft, his legal team would have a replacement by the end of January, the Constituent Assembly sitting by February and the new Constitution in place by March.

We quote Frank Bainimarama: "The new draft should be available for deliberation by the end of January 2013. Prior to that and upon my return from the G77 meeting, I shall send out invitations to various individuals and organisations to participate in the Constituent Assembly. The Constituent Assembly is to have its first sitting in February 2013. We expect, as announced last year, that a new Constitution should be in place by March of this year."

Because of the enormity of the decision to chuck out the draft Constitution, Bainimarama's big spiel earlier this month was more for show than anything else, but there's obviously a lot of effort going into engineering the demise of the political parties and seeing out the process.

Key political parties such as SDL, now renamed the Social Democratic Liberal Party, and the National Federation Party, have started earnest campaigns to enlist members.

We anticipate there will be challenges about the numbers and their authenticity, so there are no guarantees the parties are safe, even if they come through with the required five thousand members spread out in different divisions as stipulated by the decree.

Parties and their officials that do not register or who have applications rejected could well be barred from future registration or political activity or participation entirely.

The regime will not be satisfied with just foiling competition in elections; it wants to totally bury the political landscape prior to 2006 so true to its DNA, it will manufacture other laws to ensure parties or politicians and officials who somehow manage to survive this decree, will be annihilated completely.

It has already given us a hint of what is ahead: its latest 'masterpiece', the pending Code of Conduct, which is being cooked up by the illegal attorney general and supporting judicial boffins, to help continue the illegal reign and legitamise Bainimarama's morph into elected public life.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has said he and Bainimarama's salaries will be revealed in four months time. As bloggers have rightly asked: Why not now? Because it's waiting for the Code of Conduct. Under the guise of making public servants and government ministers accountable, the Code will allow them to create the fallacy of 'opening the books'.

While some on the ground can still quip: "We have to wait and see what is happening because every other day is different. This is Fiji!" never has it been more critical for people to make a stand.

One sure way to thwart the regime is to boycott the Constituent Assembly. It will of course go ahead with its plans but at least we have not bought into the bullshit as we were forced to with the so-called Constitution process.

We have 'tested' Bainimarama as we were challenged to by those who thought they knew better and found our fears were all too real. There is only one way of regaining our integrity and dignity and that is to boycott the regime's plans to legitamise itself.

Editor's Note at 8pm: As expected the former United Peoples Party president, Mick Beddoes, is to apply to join the SDL party. Beddoes, who announced this week UPP has wound up, says he is looking forward to signing up as a registered financial member of the Nadi branch.


juluumbaat said...

Yes don't fall into the TRAP of participating in the regime's bogus CA or any other plan.
It's all bullshit

juluumbaat said...

the thug ruler is ruling fiji by his gaand!! because he has nothing between his ears!!

Anonymous said...

Enuf with the pretense and BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! the farce that is the Constituent Assembly. Let them and their advisors do what they intended to do all along.

Anonymous said...

The sum total of recent statements by Phil Goff, Murray mcCully, Bob Carr, ACTU and others on Fiji could be as follows - The constitution that khaiyum is presently drafting would be at best " A DROCONIAN" imposition on Fijians which would lack international norms and principles of good governance, rule of law, independent Judiciary, Human Rights. There is no doubt that some form of Elections would take place in July 2013 or Sep 2014. BUT as Phil Goff puts it" The real test for the regime is to prove such an elections is reflective of the free will of the fijian people, free, fair, transparent, credible" At the end of that process, the international community, EU and other trading partners would then decide if Fiji has a representative government or just another form of military junta in the democratic garb

Anonymous said...

Posted at 18:24 on 30 January, 2013 UTC

The European Union is waiting until it sees the make up of Fiji’s Constituent Assembly before it commits any more money to Fiji in the lead up to elections.

About 400,000 US dollars of EU funds has already been paid to the Constitution Commission and another one and a half million is in reserve for the soon to be announced Assembly and civic and voter education.

The charge d’affaires for the EU delegation in the Pacific, Johnny Engell-Hansen, says the EU was surprised at the recall of the Commission’s draft constitution but it is reserving its position on developments until it sees the contents of the interim government’s draft.

Mr Engell-Hansen says the EU has every hope the Assembly will be truly representative and the EU is following developments like the Political Parties Decree closely.

“Law and legality are of course important issues but it is very very important that there is an atmosphere created in which a truly democratic political debate will be able to take place.”

Johnny Engell-Hansen of the EU delegation in Suva.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Radiolucas said...

I hope that the letter has some impact, though knowing how little respect that the regime and its friends have for the people of Fiji, I am not holding my breath.

juluumbaat said...

The EU can wait and see what the make up of the CA is like ... that's its perrogative.
But anybody with any REAL UNDERSTANDING of what this regime is about will tell you that regardless of its make up the CA has ONLY one role : to rubber stamp what the dictator wants.
I can't figure out why that is such a difficult thing for the EU to fathom?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

USA really blocked Cuba.
Why can Auss/NZ do the same to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Tourist no was down last year.
Do Air Pac make money in those package deals.I dont think so.
Where in the Audited Account of FSC/Air Pacific /FNPF And others.
We will need Audited Account Of Fiji Sports Council too.

juluumbaat said...

No Need for any audited accounts. That's not how things are done in a dictatorship. No audited- accounts and no accountability. The dictator says "all good" and everyone else MUST agree! that's the way of the dictator.

Anonymous said...

FIJI Army need to do a big soro to the people of fiji and GCC.If not Fiji will keep having problem.
Fiji people need to forgive one another and move to gather as a united people.
God Will Than Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Yellow Ribbon was not meant for few people .
Why is Speight/others Still in jail.but the coup hero are running the illegal govt.
2 rule of laws hahaha.
Regime govt cannot be trusted at all.
we get lies and more lies everyday.

Anonymous said...




Meoimpersonator said...

Now you talking...
but hey gulabjamoon..havent you got something better to do?...you stealing my lime light bro...

Anonymous said...

Fiji scores 6/100 on Transparancy and Accountability. The best government ever.

Global report ranks Fiji the worst

13:05 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Ritika Pratap

An independent report has placed Fiji in the bottom category when it comes to transparency and accountability for its national Budget.

The International Budget Partnership has given Fiji 6 points out of 100 – one of the lowest in the world.

In 2008 Fiji scored thirteen points, which dropped to zero in 2010 survey.

Open Budget Survey’s independent researcher – Albert Cerelala says this was because the Finance Ministry did not publish the budget related report in a timely manner.

“For the 2012 survey we started gathering the data from June 2011 to the cutoff date December 2011. so that the was six month for the collection of data and the evidence and so forth – that is the same practice that was done in 2008 and 2010. So in the 6 months that we were collecting data there was nothing available in 2010 to show that they were publishing the six month.”

New Zealand is ahead of Fiji with 93% and Papua New Guinea has scored 56%.

Permanent Secretary for Finance Filimone Waqabaca says they are studying the report and a response will be issued soon by the Budget team


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, that's what we get when we are ruled by un or half educated peiple, all Bai's representatives almost can't speak english at all, why can't they just speak their mother tounge during interviews, the more educated journalists will interpret it for us listeners.

The'll never get accurate with their time, and they will lie to us making broken promises all the time, one thing Bai and Kai must remember though that they are dealing with humans, and we do have feelings, let me tell you all, it's starting to get hurt us to the bones. And many of I Taukei can not take it anymore.

We must do something now or never.

juluumbaat said...

Actually 6/100 is not a bad result for a regime that has zero commitment to transparency and accountability!

Anonymous said...

Frank is an opportunitist he will fail and has scared his family to be ridiculed by a nation...bless him how can he sleep at night he should be jailed the kulina does he has any majors ...university degree or masters!!! All students WAKE UP the self appointed"PM" is making a mockery of your sacrifice....

Anonymous said...

@ 1.51P.M Anonymous

Please don't insult the intelligence of Fijians.

Soro is not an issue as we, Fijians would forgive in a heartbeat BUT JUSTICE must be seen to be done, meted and served FIRST to those who've wronged and STOLEN from the people for 7 years now.

Forgiveness will naturally follow once we Fijians see that the treasonous, thieving culprits have been served their JUST DESSERTS.

Wud that gel better with your thoughts on "SORO"? Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Go and SORO in Naboro.

Paula said...

Boycott or no boycott, we will have Khaiyum's sun set plan for everything Fijian cast into the new 'constitution' which will be rubber stamped by an assembly of regime stooges. Should somebody step out of line the CA will be ditched as quickly as the Ghai draft. And don't expect any help from AU, Oz or NZ. They want to move on, become friends with the regime again. Their thinking is simple: If there is absolutely no resistance against the dictator in the population, why should we bother? Realpolitik as with numerous other dictators such as Ben Ali, Mubarak, Assad, Gaddafi, Mugabe, Idi Amin etc. Only if and when there is visible resistance in the population the western powers start to think about the future and support a winning anti regime movement.

Paula said...

Boycott or no boycott, we will have Khaiyum's sun set plan for everything Fijian cast into the new 'constitution' which will be rubber stamped by an assembly of regime stooges. Should somebody step out of line the CA will be ditched as quickly as the Ghai draft. And don't expect any help from AU, Oz or NZ. They want to move on, become friends with the regime again. Their thinking is simple: If there is absolutely no resistance against the dictator in the population, why should we bother? Realpolitik as with numerous other dictators such as Ben Ali, Mubarak, Assad, Gaddafi, Mugabe, Idi Amin etc. Only if and when there is visible resistance in the population the western powers start to think about the future and support a winning anti regime movement.

RhymingSimon said...

I like the rhyme...soro in naboro.
julumbaat please dont fart..
baiyaa you know nothing about these ratings and say 6 is not bad...stfu, u sure you not this Meo dude from brisbane?

Anonymous said...

6% is farkin low, if the reserch says so, thats how damn this regime is right now, low low low, now they are going to find way to prove them wrong, they are coming up with all types of exercuses.

I believe Bainimarama will swearing at these money making in his government to prove everyone wrong, I wonder if their bank balance will with their bank books.

mark manning said...

Seriously you guys, come one.
wouldn't it be cheaper and quicker just to pay some mercenaries to come into Fiji and remove Frank , Aiyaz and their cronies?
Or is that already in the pipeline I hear you saying!

Anonymous said...

Elected government nationalise corrupt and coup supporting business interest in Fiji come 2014 starting from-
- Nur Bano
- Naz shameem
- CJ Patels
- Ragwhan Constructions
- Quality Prints
- Kelton Investments
- Golden Manufacturing
- Charan jeath singh holdings
- Reddy Group of Hotels
- Niranjans
- Lords Jewellers
- Tappoo Group
- Tebera Group
- A Jaan Group of Ba
- Dayals group
- Akbar Engineering Ba
- Turtle island Resorts

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


FB said...

I will release the new draft Constitution when it suits me best. First I need to see the political parties registered then I can draft the Constitution accordingly. I might even decide then to follow Musharraf's example in Pakistan and go for a President rule-all Constitution. And I can still put in the Constitution new rules that can stump the efforts of the political parties to launch good campaigns. The goal is to stay in power and if all you bloggers cannot understand that, then I can't help you. I make the rules as I go along and no-one can do anything about it. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Mosese you have to prove it to the Fiji public .
Army will support the Govt of the day.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news - bainimarama has a new bitch from overseas. you can see her photo on Graham davis website. she has founded the ilesa delana foundation appointing nazhat shameem as trustee. oeliee...the two bacharus together fighting for nut case baini...her email address is here..please feel free to abuse the new white bitch....julie@iliesadelana.com

Vinod Singh said...

Fiji Labour Party and NFP should both be disolved or get deregistered. All its members should join SDL. FLP and NFP dont have much support among indians.

Apisai Tora said...

I am not going to register my PANU Party. I will advise all its members to join SDL.

Anonymous said...

That's right. Those of us in other countries want to help you, but we must first see you helping yourselves.

Anonymous said...

The regime is now fully embarked on a campaign of regime-slaying.

Anyone who participates in the CA is at best a fool and presumably a traitor collaborator.

Foreign governments should not waste their taxpayers' dollars on Bainimarama's fraudulent election process.

Australia should embargo Fiji as a tourism destination.

The US should honor its WTO commitments by suspending Fiji's GATT privileges.

Labour unions around the world should take collective action vs the regime.

All parties in opposition to this illegal regime should unite in the new SDL and nominate Ro Teimumu Kepa as its standard-bearer.

When Bainimarama disallows her candidacy, all Fijians should be prepared to march at The Lady's word.

fiji tv tops said...

the tv station the illegal government wanted to shut down has made a huge profit. good on you fiji tv.

31st January, 2013, Suva, Fiji Islands- Fiji Television Limited today announced a profit in it’s un-audited financial results for the six months ended 31 December 2012.
The Fiji TV Group recorded a consolidated net profit after tax of $2.95 million for the six months ended 31st December 2012.
Announcing the group’s result today, Fiji TV Chairperson, Isoa Kaloumaira, said that the Group had maintained similar profit levels despite the current financial period being a non big event year compared to the Rugby World Cup in 2011, registering a slight decrease of 5% on the same results in the previous financial year, when the Group recorded net profit after tax of $3.09 million. The Group’s total operating revenue increased by 11% or $2.11 million to $20.76 million from $18.65 million in 2011.

Sill Father Barr said...

Story in the Fiji Sun today about C4.5 and Michael Fields by Graham Davis friend shows bloggers and democracy movement were premature in their concern for Father Barr. Seems Father Barr was never in an real danger. The silly Aussie 'clergyman' has told pro-regime blogs that he did not seek protection at the Aust High Comm and that his letter about the Chinese was never meant to be critical. Oilei Father Barr you timewaster.

Anonymous said...

The original and staunch supporters of the former SDL are still wondering where to register to join the new, dynamic, and party to be reckoned-with, to be as a financial member of the revamped SDL here in Lautoka!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you cuz Mick!!
We have had Fijian PMs, an Indian PM, a HALF CASTE PM [the Pig], SO.... what about, this time around we try a full blooded Part EUROPEAN in the form of the HONORABLE Mick Beddoes as the next PM!!
As the saying goes: You never know till you try it!!
Give the Pig a well deserved run for his money Mick!!

Anonymous said...

Any 'news' from Fiji Sun and Graham davis is suss for obvious reasons. More so if the spun 'news' is in relation to a controversy involving the junta as in the Barr incident.

Not sure too why people still bother reading junta paid propaganda from those 'news sources'. I haven't bought a Fiji Sun paper for over three years now and I don't feel I've missed out on anything.

Anonymous said...

The regime hasn't taken its own medicine. Frank wants to run but hasn't formed a party. Does this mean he intends to disband all parties and force candidates to run as individuals, whilst he uses the army like it's a political party?

flk bnmrm said...

all those supporting coup say aye!!!...how about we all vote for bainimarama for Prime Minister as it is now 7 years he has ruling with great support from the Fijians...we have the elections and make it legal..and we no more blogging but have a democratic voice...

Fiji United said...

This is what the dictator is known for testing the waters before it formulates a plan to prohibit opponents from contesting next election.

That so called new constitution should be called 'Frank/Kaiyum constitution'. It doesn't reflect the will of the people and it wasn't prepared by the people. Let the people decide what they want. Not some half wit failure, with a gun, who thinks he know's it all.

It has become clear as day that this coup wasn't about corruption as claimed by Frank; this coup was done for the sole purpose of protecting Frank's coward ass. we see all that's done is to safeguard the regime. It's the wishes of a few against the masses.

Fiji United said...

Laughing out loud at picture; 'Frank Orders Lau villagers to Love him' That's classic ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

Mick can you advise the netball forum. Why you wanted to take WNC to Court .Mick Chairmen/ CEO of WNC and awarded the Contract to your own company.
Mick was paying himself 100k plus.

Anonymous said...

Fiji set to be expelled by the Commonwealth in April. The fun starts in few months time from now with US sanctions on Fiji duty free access and then ban on Fiji goons from existing UN missions...hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Paula and C4.5 are right engaging means supporting regime. They will go ahead with their plans with or without us participating: the only thing we're doing in participating is showing the world we going along with it. Resist, boycott, non-violent protest - we have to consider and do all.

That's Fiji Today said...

That Sun story is Improper Ganda spin. Total spin.

And who is to know where Father Barr really stands he might be in a corner worried about being deported for all we know.

Shame though that he turned on bloggers the people who showed most concern for him at his hour of need.

Anonymous said...

Carzy for political parties. NGOs, church groups ... yes, even the Methodists....to want to be on the Constitutent Assembly.

You will be just letting Frank use your ass, man.

barrbarrblackship said...

father barr two faced like kranky..he was never in trouble

Tomasi said...

Mick just retire bro. You are expired by date of use. Go sit under a cocoanut tree and have your kava. You Qarese and ChoorDhry can have a good talonua.

Anonymous said...

Next thing, missed the election date oops.

Under the coconut tree said...

you rite their bro tomasi..these pollies and unionists are just full of lamusonas..no guts no balls only paisas...u greedy gutless souls

Mirage said...

did you hear about the conspiracy between barr and kranky...yea to make both of them look good...and the fijians fell for it including you antiregime gutless bloggers.

Anonymous said...

@ mirage

Yeaaahh, we heard about the conspiracy alrite, goon sucker.

Go sit in ur naughty corner till yoru eyes uncross themselves. ho ho ho....

Anonymous said...

I had said it from day one, that there will be NO elections!!!!!!!!!
This lunatic is here to say! He has dug in and is still digging in!!
The idiot and murderer has blood on his hands!! WHEN, OH WHEN IS THAT FACT GOING TO SINK IN!!!!!!!
The man is desperate.
Ok, come election time and he loses?? What next? ANOTHER coup, just to save him and coy from going to Naboro??

Anonymous said...

In the very, very highly unlikely event that we will have elections, and we go back to democratic rule, then that is the time when people like Captain Shane Stevens [ex CRW], Major Ilisoni Ligairi [ex CRW], Major Joe Savua [ex Engineers], Lt Col Tevita Bukarau [ex Military lawyer], Colonel Alfred Tuatoko [[ex Commander Land Force], Lt Col Viliame Seruvakula [ex CO 3FIR], Lt Col Filipo Tarakinikini [ex spokesperson],
Colonel John Baledrokadroka [ex Chief of Staff and Commander Land Force], and Colonel Henry Manulevu [ex Commander Western and Brigade Commander TF Brigade], to name a few, should do the honourable thing and testify and provide tangible evidence of WHY really the PIG did what he did!
They should come clean and tell the us the REAL truth!!
We demand that, we deserve that!!

Anonymous said...

I am confident that the honourable, professional, confident, respected and "Officers and Gentlemen" that they are will come forward to do just that!!
I "Stand fast" and salute you my "SIRS".

Anonymous said...

Deafening silence...

rajend naidu said...

the Al Qaeda linked Muslim extremists who took over control of several towns in Northern Mali ruled over the civilian population in a cruel, unjust, ruthless and inhumane manner - for 9 months. They applied their version of the Sharia laws and chopped off the hands and feet of many civilians who they arbitrarily found guilty in their kangaroo courts. many women were given a public flogging for not behaving like pious Muslims. ( eg not covering their heads or riding a motorcycle etc). They bullied and cowered the civilians to submit to their repressive rule.
But what happened when the Mali government forces with the aid of the French (their former colonial rulers)mounted a counter-offensive to retake control? within a week or so the occupied towns fell back into Mali government hands because the Muslim fundamentalist rulers took off in a hurry with their tails between their legs - confirming they were cowards who were good only at bullying an unarmed civilian population.The people of Mali received the Mali government and French soldiers as liberators. Their reaction is understandable. Nowhere does any people want to live in fear and tyranny. Historically the Muslim rebels might have a case for what they claim is their rightful homeland . But why subject the civilians to such brutal rule?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Okay so Australia can see what locals know as truth: whatcha gonna do about Bubba Carr??

Fiji misses its own draft constitution deadline
Updated 1 February 2013, 11:53 AEST

The Fiji interim government has missed a self-imposed deadline to present its new draft constitution.
Interim leader Frank Bainimarama had promised to make the new draft available for consultation by the end of January, to replace the one prepared last month by the Constitution Commission. (Credit: ABC licensed)

The Fiji interim government has missed a self-imposed deadline to present its new draft constitution.

Interim leader Frank Bainimarama had promised to make the new draft available for consultation by the end of January, to replace the one prepared last month by the Constitution Commission.

There's also been no word on the appointment of the Constituent Assembly, whose job it would be to debate and approve the new constitution.

Charge d'affaires for the EU delegation in the Pacific, Johnny Engell-Hansen, has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program the EU is weighing its options regarding financial support to Fiji for election-related purposes.

"I'm not sure that I'd say we've lost faith, but we are a little bit confused by what's actually going on right now," he said.

"We see various developments and we hear various statements, and what we would really like to be reassured of is that the process is on track, and that there is an irreversible process that will lead to those free and fair elections by 2014."

Anonymous said...

Guess wat whose in town Mr Welknown Moti was seen boarding a flight from Sydney tjis afternoon heading for the Fiji Islands Has the PM got some brains finally to get a specialist in plenty fields to get the judicialy back in line

Wel done PM seems you are takinjg a positive approach now to judiciary but get rid of you alie The Soo called uneducated AG and you left and right ball

Mr Moti is the very right choice for fiji ok goodluck and good on you sir