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Monday, January 14, 2013

Voices of the ordinary Fijian coming through: boycott Constituent Assembly

"If we don’t participate, their plans come to naught. There is strength in UNITY and we must use this strength NOW. Please do not let ANYONE tell you otherwise. All other differences will be addressed once we have the key document in place."

Contributed by a Fiji citizen who made the effort to engage in what they thought was going to be a transparent process. She, like thousands of others, now knows that it was yet another lie from a regime that refuses to give up the power it stole from the people in 2006. Her message? Don't engage. 

  People in Fiji feel embittered and taken for a ride. First the military takes away our rights, then plays this cat and mouse game, saying you have a right to say anything you want, it’s your constitution and then takes it away again. The majority in the army are Christians. Is this what Christianity teaches, no it doesn’t. They must have a demon telling them what to do. They think they are infallible.
Every citizen in his/her right mind should not support this government. The fact that they speak with guns and bodyguards around them is an indication of their paranoia and spineless character. All they are worried about is going back to the barracks and leading normal lives. For the last 6 years they have been like vultures, living off the hard earned money of the citizens of Fiji. They don’t care at all about good governance, human rights, accountability etc., they don’t even know what it means.

They claim to have done so much, what have their done? If they have fixed the roads, built bridges etc.then it’s their duty and they have used our money to do so, that’s what governments do. They haven’t done us a favour. Any government has to make improvements to infrastructure. 
l other sectors, education, health,the economy have been hugely neglected and whenever there is talk of accountability, someone else is implicated ,never the military and yet so much militarisation has taken place over the last 6 years. What of all the ills within the military, who accounts for the corruption, nepotism, favouritism, over expenditure and human rights abuses.
The military has continued human rights abuses and used the media for churning out their own propaganda. Their utterances confirm their evil intentions. Any form of dissent will be dealt with force, what kind of governance is that?
People in Fiji have had enough. The military may as well have made a new constitution and shoved it down our throats, instead of taking us through this painful exercise. Obviously, they were not ready to hear from the people of Fiji in the first place. They already had a plan. This was just a gimmick and now that people have spoken overwhelmingly, they are feeling threatened. 
They have to understand that they usurped power; they are not our chosen leaders. The issue for us now is to recognise that we have a common enemy, to be united and say NO to their draft of the constitution.
If we don’t participate, their plans come to naught. There is strength in UNITY and we must use this strength NOW. Please do not let ANYONE tell you otherwise. All other differences will be addressed once we have the key document in place.
We are down but not out, hurt but not disillusioned. If anything this action on the part of the military has strengthened our resolve to challenge them now. How? Plans are underway, details which will be made available strategically. it’s only a matter of time.We refuse to be treated this way. We are people with intelligence and dignity and we will defend our rights.     
We invite the military to an open debate regarding the Ghai constitution draft, chaired by an independent panel chosen by the United Nations. If they really believe they have all the answers then they should not hesitate to come forward and participate in this forum which is representative of all people of Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope we are smart enough to not engage. I'm sure we have some that will engage unfortunately.

The Oracle said...

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has found his voice again. This, obviously, after having completed his work on what the new Constitution will say.
And, he has elevated the President to the status of a demigod by telling us it is sacrilegious to question Ratu Elep Nailatikau’s wish to ensure that the “fundamentals” from the People’s Charter are incorporated in the draft. Following on from Tikoitoga’s military rhetoric, Sayed-Khaiyum has, with renewed confidence, warned all and sundry that: “This is not the time for political point-scoring”.
Unwittingly, he has never spoken “truer” words than these. Because, this, in reality, is the TIME for the people of Fiji to decide whether they wish to put an end to all future coups and to stem the undercurrents of hatred; feelings of being cheated; feelings of being patronised and violated; feelings that Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum are on a mission to re-write Fiji’s history and hell-bent on bastardising the identity of the Taukei.
This is the TIME for all the people of Fiji to decide whether we continue to sweep the genuine fears of the iTaukei under the political carpet and forge forward in the false sense of security that we are all ONE people. This is the TIME for the people of Fiji to give serious consideration to indigenous issues that need to be reflected in any new Constitution. This is the TIME to set in place an enduring Constitution which will take us off the path that we are currently on – bloodshed and destruction, 50 years down the road.
Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, with the assistance of short-sighted soldiers, self-serving businessmen and profiteering foreign “buzzards” - who are feeding off the stench of Fiji’s decay, are – on the one hand – using the hopes of all Fijians for a homogenous Fiji-for-all to justify their misdeeds. On the one hand, they have deliberately squashed the hopes of all Fijians to have a voice in determining their own future by shredding the Ghai Draft – which was formulated in response to the thousands of public submissions.
They have seized the opportunity offered in the shortcomings in Ghai’s Draft to thrust upon the people of Fiji their own (Bainimarama-Khaiyum) version of a Constitution. And, they’ve used their demigod, Epeli Nailatikau, to pronounce to the people of Fiji that he is not confident enough that the people of Fiji will be able to think for themselves and re-write the Ghai Draft to truly reflect a consensus Constitution.
As Khaiyum said – this is NOT the time for political point-scoring. This is a TIME for soul searching by the people of Fiji and the TIME to question whether this latest move by Frank and Khaiyum to discard Ghai’s Draft, is not so much an attempt to “right Ghai’s wrongs” but more so to ensure any new Constitution protects them from the wrongs they have forced on the people of Fiji.
This is the TIME for the people of Fiji to prevent Bainimarama and Khaiyum “getting away with murder” – literally. This is NOT the time for political point-scoring.

Kamlesh Kumar-QEB said...

Remember this is what one Mahen Chaudhry said about 1990 and 1997 constitution. However he was the first to participate in the elections. Like wise there will be many who will participate in the discussions. Respect the law of the country and the military. They have done a lot for the country. Any uprising will be severly dealt with and brought down. Ben is also reading the bloggs so Tattifala, ki-Bau and Vutaki Meo be careful otherwise you will be taken for a grog ride to Nabua. Military is always fair.

Anonymous said...

We need to engage just to ensure they don't get away with any wholesale changes to ghai's draft.

Anonymous said...

They have already rejected Ghai's draft and this is not about Chaudhry. Let him live with his ambitions and duplicity and let us be smarter than he was.

Anonymous said...

The military council along with the Pm and The Presidant are doing a great job.We sould all participate and take the country forward.Any boycott would not do any gain for the country.The PM,President,Ag and the military council are determined to take the country forward with or without the support of the political parties.In fact we need younger and new brain power and not the same old same old bull%$#@ from the politicians,trade union leaders ,cheifs or the churches.Remember guyss,you cant beat them so might as well join them.
Long Live bainimarama
Long Live ASK
Long Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Bob Carr may have been an adequate State Premier but he knows fark all about the complexities of regional politics in the South Pacific. And he knows nothing about Fiji. They will use him and discard him like used toilet paper. Khaiyum is drunk on decrees and suffering from verbal diarrhoea. It is a great pity that 'Sarka Kuto' Nandan betrayed the Commission and his oath. But this is a short-lived victory. The people of Fiji will have the last kaugh.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 14/1 2013 11.14

Obviously you are one of the beneficiaries of the illegal regime as you have already sold your soul to the devil. Frank is the son of a well known dauvakatevoro in Korovou.

Anonymous said...

Don't engage in any further discussion with the illegal regime on the constitution process after all it is an illegal process.

tattifala said...

Absolutely correct!
This regime has all the hallmarks of a rogue military dictatorship. All it has given the people of Fiji since it installed itself in power through the barrel of the gun is thug rule based on criminal intimidation.
Don't engage with the dictatorship. It only gives "legitimacy" to their Illegal rule and pretentious plans for democracy.
They are about one thing only : How to cling to the power they acquired fraudulently.
No one who believes in democracy would support these thugs in power.
DO the right thing. DON't Give ANY Support to The Thugs!

The Oracle said...

I have in the past advocated the participation of political parties and the people of Fiji in the Constituent Assembly. This was based on the public process which led to Ghai's Draft - as flawed as I considered it to be. However, with the blatant disregard by Bainimarama and Nailatikau of the people's right to express their views on the Ghai Draft in the Constituent Assembly - even "loaded" as it will be - I cannot see how anyone in Fiji, if they have any sense of dignity or self-respect, could now participate in the charade posing as the CA. Bainimarama and Nailatikau may have broken our spirit, but they have only strengthened our resolve to, hopefully one day soon, bring them to justice.

tattifala said...

@ kamlesh Kumari QEB
wow! I am so scared now of being taken for a "grog ride to Nabua" that I have done the brown thing in my torasese. I promise not to say any thing bad about the THUGS in Nabua anymore. No a word more from me. I promise (aside : Don't believe a word I say!)
"Military is always fair". Kamlesh Kumari you are stinking liar. and an IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

BAMAKO, Mali (AP) — France claimed new successes in its campaign to oust Islamist extremists from northern Mali on Sunday, bombarding the major city of Gao with airstrikes targeting the airport and training camps used by the al-Qaida-linked rebel group controlling the city.
France's foreign minister also said the 3-day-old intervention is gaining international support, with communications and transport help from the United States and backing from Britain, Denmark and other European countries.
The French-led effort to take back Mali's north from the extremists occupying it has included airstrikes by jets and combat helicopters on at least four northern towns, of which Gao is the largest. Some 400 French troops have been deployed to the country in the all-out effort to win back the territory from the well-armed rebels, who seized control of an area larger than France itself following a coup in Mali nine months ago.
"French fighter jets have identified and destroyed this Sunday, Jan. 13, numerous targets in northern Mali near Gao, in particular training camps, infrastructure and logistical depots which served as bases for terrorist groups," the French Defense Ministry said in a statement.
Residents of Gao confirmed that the targets included the city's airport, as well as the building that served as the base for the town's feared Islamist police, which — in their adherence to a strict version of Muslim law — have carried out numerous punishments including amputating limbs of accused thieves.

Anonymous said...

France: US helping support Mali operation

They will work alongside French special forces, including a contingent that arrived Saturday in Bamako to secure the Malian capital against retaliatory attacks by the al-Qaida-linked groups occupying Mali's northern half.
TV footage showed the French troops walking single-file out of the Bamako airport, weapons strapped to their bodies or held over their shoulders, like skis.
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the military effort succeeded in blocking the advance that had prompted the intervention. "The Islamist offensive has been stopped," Fabius said on RTL radio Sunday. "Blocking the terrorists ... we've done it."
He sought to stress that the operation is gaining international backing, despite concern about the risks of the mission in a stretch of lawless desert in weakly governed country. "We have the support of the Americans for communications and transport," Fabius said, but gave no details.
U.S. officials have said they had offered to send drones to Mali and were considering a broad range of options for assistance, including information-sharing and possibly allowing limited use of refueling tankers. British Prime Minister David Cameron also agreed to send aircraft to help transport troops.

Anonymous said...

Very quick posts from Kamlesh and Dharam. Sounds jumpy to me.

You should be. I speak to alot of people everyday, from all parts of Fiji. Even those who were pro-regime and they finally see the lies of this regime. They have jumped on board to now free fiji from this coup installed group of self proclaimed saviours of my beloved Fiji.

Now more than ever we are driven by emotions, not because of race, creed or political stance, but because we are united by our love for fiji and our children and their future. Do not think that politics is whats driving us. Forget about trade unions..and what happened in 1987, 2000. This is about NOW.

Anonymous said...

Just follow attar singh. He knows what he is doing and he is honest. We can trust him.

Chitchat said...

The President and PM are working on a vision to build this country for all Fijians to be treated fairly and enjoy living in Fiji. If only the rest of us can follow on from this vision and remove the self first attitude that was demostrated by self serving politicians and leaders that are now trying their luck on this blogsite we will then be able to see and understand what Frank and his government is doing. Otherwise, just keep our mouths shut and tow the line because all this chitchat will not help.

Anonymous said...

This illegal regime is like the brain of a small child, it goes around boasting about its various development in the country. We can hardly see any new development as infrastructures are falling apart; roads are full of pot holes, the sugar industry is in a mess, etc. The country is in a debt unparalleled in its history. Perhaps the only new developments are that the illegal pm and his supporters are getting richer day by day.

Anonymous said...

Although the previous Govt was said to be corrupt.....This Regime is MOST CORRUPT with military personnel in every dept in Govt Dept. This Regime does not care about the people.The media is filled with Govt Propaganda. Those who support this Regime are corrupt just like their corrupt masters who think they are above the law.

Kaidia said...

In everything give thanks...God in is control of the situation...Before Frank and the illegal regime came into power, God was, now that the regime is in power, God Is and will be till the end....Glory be the name of the Lord...

SEMI MEO said...

@Phew!...VINAKA "Kaidia"!!

Why 0.001% Fiji Ciizens sounds as if the sky is falling!!.


The Oracle said...

@ Chitchat..
I am not a politician and in a genuine attempt to remove myself from the self-first attitude, can I ask on behalf of ALL drivers: How does one justify $442m for road upgrading to a "supposedly" NEW (NZ) company when all that's happened is new logos painted on all the vehicles used by Highway Stabilizers (also NZ company) and a continuation of the pothole patching? Could this be a case of siphoning money for kick-backs offshore where the NZ-based company simply manages its Fiji account by outsourcing to subcontractors in Fiji? In fact, there's now new pot holes and lovo pits where shallow pot holes existed before Christmas on Mead Road; and where "patching" has been done on the road at Vatuwaqa Industrial subdivision, the recent patches are beginning to bulge outwards, making for rougher rides.
Admittedly, it will take time for the new road maintenance people to begin to make a difference, but I, and I'm sure other drivers wonder when that will happen. They've closed off the bridge on Stinson Parade and installed a zebra crossing at the market - without a regular policeman or the much-needed traffic lights. Are they waiting for another "visionary" Decree before they get down to really earning the $400m plus or are they still trying to figure out how much goes to who in those off-shore bank accounts?
Why don't you leave the comfort of your ivory tower and go witness the deteriorating state of Raiwaqa, Jittu Estate, Ratu Mara Road squatter, Wailea and Vatuwaqa squatter settlements; the Suva market which has a growing (daily) population of grog swipers - not because they're lazy but because there are no jobs available; the recently-declared "beautiful" Lautoka City with its growing number of vacant shops; Government buildings in Suva and the state of dilapidation it's falling into; all the supermarket workers and garment factory workers who can't afford to buy balanced meals let alone the products they manufacture/sell; and compare all of that with the bright-looking and now-rented-out government quarters in Domain/Muanikau, and the heavily guarded homes of the well-to-do in Tamavua/Namadi Heights. Is that the vision you want us to support? That's not a vision -- that's reality -- and that's the result of Frank and the President's "blinkered" visions, thank you. You're so obviously blinded by your closeness to the "vision" that you refuse to "see".

Anonymous said...

Just writing comments on blogs like this will not change anything...changes come when few good people take upon themself make changes and act.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Oracle is right .... no one with any dignity or self-respect would participate in the regime's charade of a Constitution process. We would only be giving them what they want, our endorsement. What we supported was the opportunity to be heard by a team of five commissioners, one of which was the international expert Yash Ghai. Bainimarama and Khaiyum have gone back on that and we cannot allow them to think they can keep walking all over us.

mark manning said...

I hope the villagers begin to understand that they are being taken advantage of by a bunch of petty cowardly criminals when they come bearing gifts in return for their parcels of land and fishing areas etc.

tattifala said...

@ chitchat
tumaar gaand "The president and the pm are working on a vision to build this country" They are both UNLAWFUL holders of power in Fiji. They are the self-serving "leaders" who won't give a damn if the country goes to the dogs so long as they are president and pM etc and can continue to have their hands in the national kitty!!
Don't give us the bullshit about these "leaders" serving the country.
They are serving Themselves. And you are an IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

A sad sad day for Fiji... Surrounded by thieves, who are idiots, with a gun in the hand to move people backwards...

Anonymous said...

@kaidia 1:22
I hope that you are a Christian.
If you are then I'd like to enlighten you on what other passages in the Bible say.

Please note that the Bible inteprets itself.

If you read Isaiah Chapter 1, you can see that the God's people were Praying and doing Sacrifices and saying Hallelujah! etc etc but God says He was fed up with them.


In :13 He says STOP bringing to Me these meaningless Offerings, prayers , Sacrifices.
In :15 He says when you Pray I will hide from you.

Huh? God hiding?

The answer is there in :16 - 17
God says:

God is not talking about future-justice on Judgement Day. No. God wants us to carry out the JUSTICE Now.
Otherwise , He says, Don't bother Praying. I won't listen!

Are you doing this Kaidia?
Are you pleading for JUSTICE for Rabaka and all those that the Regime have unjustly dealt with

Are you Fighting for the Oppressed?
Are you going into Defense and Pleading the case of the Oppressed.
Fijians are being Opressed at the moment under the gun.
Are you pleading for them?

As Christians we cannot just sit here and pray.
God wants us to do something!
The LIST is written there in Isaiah.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, who says what, the clipping of chiefs interfearance and Methodist mindset of self benefit to themselve and goons, Banimarama's government has done far better than all previous government put together. By the way,tell that fat Samoan idiot to mind his own business. He would be better of do something good for his people's obeast.

The truth said...

Until we in Fiji UNITE and MARCH nothing will happen. Sadly a majority of people in Fiji don't care what's happening at the political level. Don't care or are oblivious and worried about putting food on the table. You just have to see their facebook pages, no one is talking about what's happening in Fiji. The young people are not bothered. University students, where are you? You can make a difference too. I suggest you leaders, youth leaders, women leaders, trade unions, NGOs, political parties ....UNITE and go out and talk to these people ...just like you do electioneering door to door ....except this time educate them about what's going on and why they should care. Get everyone on the same page then MARCH.

Fiji media ...stop being lamulamus and stand up to the regime. If you go to jail, at least you will be remembered in Fiji's history. Editors, journalists, stand up and make a difference because that's what a media is supposed to do. Stop sitting around the kava bowl wasting your time talking. Stop hiding and find courage to stand up.

Get the momentum going, start from somewhere!

Anonymous said...

All the journalists in Fiji are all bunch of Lamusona's
No one cant even write and broadcast negative News against Bainisona...
What A SHAME!!!

Anonymous said...

Semi Sona, you're the 0.001% who are supporting this evil Voceke and his gang. You're a disgrace to Fijians, disgrace to your family and a disgrace to maqes.

Anonymous said...

no right minded person in fiji should join the consitutn assembly a rubber stamp.

time for lamusona people of fiji to rise up and force the junta to naboro for good.

Coup 4.5 said...

Contrary to the claims of the expatriate Australian Graham Davis - the self-style "independent" journalist who is working as a paid propagandist for the Fiji Military Regime - Fiji will not have a "genuine democracy" if the Fiji Military continues to have its arbitrary and dictatorial rule by decree way. ( Graham's letter 'what Fiji needs' the Australian 14/1).
This is the view even of some erstwhile staunch supporters of military regime and its purported plans to build a " better Fiji " and a "true democracy".The six unchallenged years of its arbitrary rule show very little evidence of that. Instead there is now a widespread conviction that the military rulers are entrenching themselves in power and merely paying lip service to returning the country to democratic rule. Most independent observers and fact finding missions to Fiji have drawn this conclusion. (This is why subsequent fact finding missions have been denied entry into the country).
Graham Davis clearly does not qualify as an independent observer. His views are predictable. He is on the regime's payroll.
His praise for the Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr is misplaced. He wants us to believe it's to Mr Carr's "credit that he appears willing to listen to his Fijian counterpart's explanation" on the trasing of international constitution law expert Professor Yash Ghai's draft constitution..I would contend Mr Carr has a duty to listen to the voice of the opposition and the voice of the people of Fiji to get a proper explanation on things. Listening to his "Fijian counterpart" is tantamount to behaving in the way third world African and Arabian leaders have dealt with the dictators in their midst. Their behaviour almost invariably did more harm then good because it helped to prop up the dictators.
How is the situation in Fiji different?
Is Fiji still not under a military dictatorship six years after the takeover to create a "genuine democracy"?
Graham Davis is trying to sell us "castles in the air" with his talk about "first genuine democracy in Fiji's history".
People with their feet firmly on the ground will not buy what Graham's selling.
It's counterfeit .
Rajend Naidu

Ki-Bau said...

A founder of the original multiracial Fiji Labour Party has emerged a surprise possible replacement for jailed Sosoqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party leader Laisenia Qarase.
Tupeni Baba is increasingly issuing statements on behalf of this party ousted in the 2006 military takeover amidst its rule being described as corrupt and racist.
Dr Baba’s reemergence comes with former prime minister Mr Qarase in prison after being found guilty of corruption.
Dr Baba and a former finance minister in the Qarase government, Ratu Jone Kubuabola, have stepped to the fore speaking for the party.


Party president Solomoni Naivalu – who had said Mr Qarase would continue as party leader despite being in jail – has been silent.
The Sosoqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua along with other political parties from the past will have to meet registration requirements being announced this week.
But significantly it is Dr Baba who has now put his name to the party’s latest statement.
This is in response to changes being made to the discredited draft constitution of Kenyan academic Yash Ghai and his commission.
With controversy growing over Ghai Draft proposals, the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, had announced Thursday night that it would be modified by legal experts before being presented to the Constituent Assembly.


This is to ensure it reflects the push for true democracy, equality for all, and better governance outlined in the People’s Charter and follow on Bainimarama Government reforms.
The Constituent Assembly is expected to publicly debate and consult on this modified draft next month. It is hoped the assembly will present Ratu Epeli a final constitution by March to take the country into general elections next year.
In response to the changes to the Ghai Draft, Dr Baba issued a statement on behalf of the Sosoqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party board.


It said the decision to amend the Ghai Draft is totally unacceptable.
Dr Baba said the party would determine its participation in the light of the broader interest of all the people of Fiji. But he said the party will not be involved in what he called rubber stamping any self-serving interest of a small group.
“The reasons provided for such extraordinary actions were allegedly about ‘the neglect of fundamental principles’ by the Ghai Commission,” Dr Baba said.
“This is nothing more than an insult to the intelligence of men and women in this country who had followed the Yash Ghai Commission’s work and who, by now, know that it is one of the most innovative constitutions ever written for multi-ethnic communities.”
He said the changes being made were a slap in the face of all right-thinking people of this country.


Dr Baba was a deputy prime minister and foreign minister in the Labour-led government of Mahendra Chaudhry deposed in the Speight coup of 2000.
But he had a bitter falling out with Mr Chaudhry, saying Labour was no longer the multiracial party founded under the leadership of the late Dr Timoci Bavadra.
Dr Baba then launched what was called the New Labour Unity Party, but failed to win a seat in the 2001 general elections.
He went to New Zealand where he worked as an academic.
He caused surprise when he emerged as a candidate of the iTaukei nationalist Sosoqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party in the 2006 elections.
A former colleague, Poseci Bune, told the Fiji Sun at the time: “He used to be a liberal left-winger but now he is back to nationalist. The SDL must be desperate for candidates.”
After again failing to win a House of Representatives seat Dr Baba was appointed to the then Senate by Mr Qarase.

CounterCoup Solutions Pty Ltd said...

My advice is for the people of Fiji citizens and their representative political leaders should draw up an Immunity Decree to give immunity from prosecution to any Fiji soldier, citizen or foreigner who ovethrows this illegal government for the sake of democracy.

After all, we are trying to get rid of the Bainimarama/Khaiyum criminal syndicate from our midst so this offer will be the correct path to take.

I might add that a $1000m bonus reward for their efforts will be the best money spent during the past 7 years of illegal rule.

Lets put out a Tender immediatley and circulate throughout Fiji,overseas, QEB and other relevant places.

Anonymous said...

Karavaki says to Semi...c'mon Semi Meo...a man who appears as learned as yourself...can you honestly resign yourself to the events unfolding in Fiji and believe amnesty and boycott of Ghasi's CRD is the way forward for Fiji...

Anonymous said...

@ semi meo

a hero , true son of fiji.loyal to the nation,loyal to viti . qaqa ga o tui namuka . ni kalougata tiko mr semi meo. vanuinui vinaka na yabaki vou.this guy should be a minister , lets vote for him. come on .

People of the land said...

Can those people raising Bainimarama's flag state what he has done for this country compared to previous governments.

We need an honest answer from Bainimarama's camp.

Focus on the following below.

1. Human rights and governance.

2. Economy

3.Well being of the people in terms of security, employment, job security

4. security of Fiji's overseas markets

5.Fairness and equity-CEOs and PS were they handpicked or fairly selected?

6. Corruption -Is the level of corruption increased or decreased.
What about corruption at higher places?

7. Cost of living compared to the pre 2006 era.

9. Security of identity etc of the First nation of this country and its institution.

10. No of deaths within the 30 to 5o age group and what does this show?

11. How many unresolved cases of money, drugs etc disappearing in police custody?

12 How many people dies having been brutally beaten up by the law enforcement agencies.

Try just to focus on the 12 please.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, Minister of Lies, Fraud and Cons. Seriously, the pro-regime bloggers are losers who have been ordered to come in here and spread their propaganda. They've been conned and manipulated by the evil elements in this evil government. But it doesn't matter how long it will take, they will be punished for their evil deeds. Semi don't bother responding because you've run out of lies.

Waiting on Fiji said...

Military too gutless to participate in a forum...tis not how they play the game.

Anyway we need to stop being so polite and negotiable.

We are not dealing with a normal government we are up against people who have squandered power for 6 years and who are facing their demise under the Ghai draft.

They are fighting for their survial and there is no reasoning with them.

If peop-le have a plan let's hear it.

Anonymous said...

Sega na isa? Boycot se sona na qai qo ena qai ga ni veivutusona kei Yash Ghai.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis-the beloved son of a preacher man-is fooling himself.No one takes him seriously.His arguments are all flawed.He is biased-one sided.Dr Goebbels was much cleverer-more convincing than Davis and Sharon Balls.

Anonymous said...


Look back at NAZI Germany Hitlers idea of master race and the medium used is the SS and the mass murder of jews, communists, people with disability etc.

Thank you Professor Warden for speaking boldly and all our prayers are with you and your family.

Do you know that every time you write this kind of brilliant work -the Chief master planner Khaihum wets his undies and pretends that he just split his Fiji water.

We are all supporting you Warden.

Maukili said...

Ratu Voreqe Bainimarama,Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Aiyaz Khaiyum, and Nazhat Shameem, please note that you cannot stop any old politician from forming a new party or reactivate an old party to contest the 2014 election. If you want to put pre-conditions to bar them, then you are violating their human rights and citizenship rights of Fiji to contest in the general election. However,if you may bar on criminal offences, bankruptcy, etc, but your preconditions should not be very rigid and complex because you are fearing tha, if they contest and win, they might take legal actions against your coup or how you mismanage the government finances since 2006 when you came into power. Please note that, after the 2014 election the Judiciary system will also be there in the Government to enable you to defend any allegations or criminal charges against you. Please calm down, improve human relations for all your enemies and friends, respect the laws that promote human rights and freedom to allow all our people to live peacefully in the beautiful island of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers any names to moot for next Govt from the Fiji Citizens living in Fiji??? This may help form a Party that c4.5 bloggers could support for elections (if it happens....BIG if!!!!). This also could give the regime a dose of reality that there are good recognised Fijians able to take the. Country forward!!

Kaidia said...

At Anon 3:08pm, I am not a Christian but a Christian friend told me that your Bible says "In everything, give thanks..so whatever is happening and whatever will happen, a true Christian will give thanks. Correct me if I am wrong but by giving thanks, aren't you placing yourself in the right position by being on knees in prayer and letting God fight your battles for you? Just a thought from a non-Christian.

Loyal Fijian said...

Forum doesn't work for me and there's no need to relitigate everything. the facts are clear: regime is unelected and is resisting all efforts to get army to barracks and coupmakers out of government. they will keep resisting because they can't let go

Anonymous said...

chitchat's nose is buried deep in franks bum crack that he can't see reality.

moderator can you please for once stop deleting my posts!

Anonymous said...

Frank has put electricity in home that have been dark since independence. More kids are going to school now. Disaster management has been efficient. Military has been deployed to help people rebuild in the west. Suva Nausori is a two lane road now. So much investment in Suva local and international. His mission is of one Fiji. Yes he had to shock the people to reset the people's mindset in order to remove it from racism. I think this blog does nothing but ignites upheaval. I think this blog is propaganda. Throwing out the draft would be incorrect. Has anyone seen the edited version? It is taken for granted that the interim government is doing it for their own good. What if they are making changes that benefit all and has a long term view?

Anonymous said...

Anon@7.51. It's you who have fallen for the propaganda and bribes of this evil government. Wake up idiot and realize that this is the beginning of the end for Bocimarama and his gang of thieves. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's getting worried -- a good sign! Shows we're doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a fool! You'd be voted down. The entire CA is a farce. We ALL know that now.

Anonymous said...

You join them, you traitor. Then we'll beat YOU!

Anonymous said...

God bless the French, Americans, and Brits. Now come save us from the Taliban terrorists who have seized our government!

Anonymous said...

We see perfectly well and understand what Frank and "his" government are doing. That's why we're going to tear them apart, limb by limb.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear if only we had a France!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Preach it, brother!

Anonymous said...

This is easily the WORST "government" in Fiji's history.

Anonymous said...

"Appears learned"? LMAO

Anonymous said...

What was so wrong about the idea of everybody taking your lunch at Ratu Sukuna Park, day after day, until we start building critical mass? It worked in Egypt. Best simple and specific idea I've heard.

Anonymous said...

PM - Savenaca Narube (apolitical)
Minister Finance - Inia Naiyaga
Minister for Economic Planning - Wardan Narsey
Minister for Agriculture - Peter Drysdale (Lautoka)
Minister for Public Enterprise - Joji Koroi (Fijian Holdings)
Minister for Labour - Nesbit Hazelman (FEF)
Minister for Sport - Ratu Timoci (FRU)
Minister for Education - Amraia Naidu
Minister for Trade & Commerce - Florence Samy (FTIB)
Minister for Tourism & Civil Aviation - Nalin Patel
Minister for Women - Virisila Buadromo (Daud)
Minister for Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation - Kevin Barr
Minister for Justice (AG) - Jon Apted (Munroe Leys)
Minister for Defense & National Security - Ratu George Kadavulevu
Minister for Foriegn Affairs - Kalopate Tavola
Minister for Health - Dr Daryl Tarte
Minister for